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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  January 23, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>reporter: we're going to keep scattered showers in the forecast leftover for noun that is pretty much what you can expect for most of the day he was what looks like a broad scheme of things was lighter for participation from last night basically what is left over are those winds 55 oakland 54% and cisco 54 percent fell we're
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talking partly cloudy and drizzle and freezing the continues got a kick for clock as well good news is you would not have the dogs during job for less complex on these >>marty gonzales: city workers county try to prevent the high surf eroded and more property for placing boulders and place them decide whether to confirm the the cars and emergency at a meeting on monday night to announce the super bowl festivities the are ramping up from the bay area this weekend
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starting this morning major role clothes are in fact. >>reporter: began when i played it will be played in santa clara possible city in the nfl we're at the intersection the washington street and embarcadero crews already have the barricade and officials closed the street and they're not going to open back up until february 11th which is well after the superbowl is over market street east of bill and davis and to retrieve four market street to down to weighing will all be closed to traffic starting today starting now that is all for the super
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bowl city which will be at the ferry plaza the nfl experience is at the moscow center will close the streets at howard tree from third to fourth street and some of the lines of howard street. >>reporter: again will be here on washington street as they continued to close the street here will be here to update your proper warning as free have any more information. >>marty gonzales: if you want to know the best ways around road closures or you have to do is visit the super bowl section on our web site we have a complete list of road closures and some of the tour route that you might want to take advantage of the confined all >>marty gonzales: hosting the super bowl is not come cheap, to cost taxpayers and why some said the city is paying too much a number of active boycotting the oscars over the lack of diversity with the people
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>>marty gonzales: the chips in up to when will there no longer needed the help the senses and eliminate the need for large boat person to the mall to render the system to lead occasions hon. to infection and bleeding. >>marty gonzales: after the
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>>marty gonzales: traditional
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response will for bring down a tree in south carolina >>reporter: a few showers up on the far hills that something will be dealt with today later on the republican every fire up again.
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>>reporter: 10 to is very mild mid-50s we're not even dipping into the 40's we have and and and breezy conditions keeping the numbers and to the team's and nothing up to advise reliable. >>reporter: there was scattered schaller seems to be concentrated in the east bay in you people in the south of st. and the little wave around sunset or so timber to remain
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mild and then you saw up to the north of the north riveras the little shop of libya shower notice out to the jews wore some lower 60s happen for the far east bank the overnight low start to pick up in the low 40's is well >>marty gonzales: $3 million will be going toward various reports related to what the protection the works expected to be completed by the middle part of this year it will be paid for
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existing the area told the refunds the new span of the bay bridge has a is no express a number of issues requiring repair since it opened the system works in richmond san pablo also rebelled in kensington when they tested the system and restore it to just 16 seconds for it to reach dispatch consent of after police responded asking for an address if you need help is still better to call we should all text if you're in a situation where that is the only option. >>marty gonzales: the new technology comes with the down side of course this is not the
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game and is not like to extend a friend the system knows the location of your phone and in its tax receipts by police means that they're all the way. >>marty gonzales: the lead to some hollywood had these they approve shut or changes it is hoping to double the number of women and of course members of the family. >>gary: the warriors' home with steve kerr on the bench for the first time this year also the 49 dead see a letter to pretty well known assistant coach.
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♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go >>gary: the pack steve kerr returner hidden nice ovation and a steph curry draymond green doing their business and the
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warriors to print and death occurring at a voter to all-star team yesterday for the third straight time in what he meant the half-court shot and 9.10 rebounds closest the steph curry he was chris steve kerr is returned is a 122110 when they're now 44 golden state and
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nine points you watch steve kerr he is the only negative and they will tell you is that he is going to have to stay on at all times were just hoping that the migraine headaches to the come back and grab, and some juncture if. >>gary: his 30 and 11 record of the best record ever get you fired the 49 is probably knew a few days ago because he has been
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head coach in the lead foil to occasion they did one to have him if lumped into the mass exodus of 10 executions that a saturday morning sports. >>marty gonzales: golden gate bridge this time around a clearing skies that is a good sign for the weekend is the london this attack as a celebration and santa clara county could shut all star performances to bring in a long and hear this topic of north side branch from 10:00 today we
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will be right back.
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>>reporter: since about two or guest is everywhere we are here in washington and all across the mid-atlantic region the snow certainly fun to look at what it
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is still dangerous this on the city of washington decided to tell people if you can stay inside for what we consider from our vantage point those people getting that advice and they're sticking to an we saw an emergency services were doing their best job to build to keep the operation going but in this type of whether it is simply not easy. >>reporter: that is a quick look of what we're saying in washington >>marty gonzales: you really get a sense of just how big it does look the clout of letting the
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eastern seaboard stretches from georgia >>reporter: attention to the gulf of mexico moisture and you have cold canadian air from the polls in his winter sun not you have this huge contrast to allow the system to bill like this
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where the wanted to stray showers and are forecast for the remainder of today here is the heavy rain, up to our mountain concealer the letter on for today will continue on with this pattern of a build for scattered showers later the call mild these temperatures are because of the pattern of bristol stock and we look for drying out phase in the next week but mild temperatures continuing today the plans mild breezes will call by noon some variable clouds of public showers and thundershowers for possibility is isolated spots. >>marty gonzales: superbowl excitement building in the bay area but as all know host and the big game is not cheap.
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>>reporter: to police to fire that is to accommodate the estimated 1 million people that would take part in the week-long series of events new orleans was
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generated nearly $500 million in the 2013 super bowl semis and francisco supervisor jan kemp opposes it is spending $5 million of the general fund for suitable 50 vince. >>reporter: that means really
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would not know for possible and to bring in the city revenue are costing quite a bit of money pick. >>marty gonzales: this in a man unconscious in water on wednesday that he did try to bring in to shore a large wave separated the trio of their labor to locate again the search for the missing surfer was called off thursday evening at the two unsuccessful days of searching mexican drug lord of
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chapel as back in prison and will explain how mexican retailers are making the profit from his capture you and also severalfold is all happening at the ferry build from 1030 this one to 11 and is free to attend.
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>>marty gonzales: great ski conditions we're taking a look at the saturday morning forecast. >>reporter: we've been looking
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at this no trans we have for your forecast to let you know it is snowing as we're speaking and what will happen today but the good news is tomorrow and will be suffering the local storm track career a couple spots and still know it will be a lot more buildup again here is a history last and always a move on to bay area late yesterday it is not lost a produce a force as we speak now or to store one it is still in effect until noon today are so. >>reporter: the stick to the part of the forecasted very to the number starting to jump around allowed back the next
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system will move form to sunday night and then monday tuesday wednesday is going to go try and stay mild today and scatter shower some afternoon clouds a possibility but as ours in your brain press will stay to the north bank to stop the
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temperatures are for 52 got on tap this the seventh forecastle talk about their we have a thirst and the fried it looks like some scattered showers try to build look how will we get 65 was largely shared in mid to low of 40 free lulls. >>marty gonzales: canadian authorities said a gunman opened fire of high-school and another location and the aboriginal community a suspect is now custody this morning police said the demand for a shock to of the siblings before going to school >>marty gonzales: that is according to a national news poll was released on friday cnn the has the latest now on the republican front line from
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trying to brush off cruise continuing to be raised over the coals by establishment republicans
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>>reporter: as both men tech and come from the party they continued to put serious blows on each other and from unloading on a cruise releasing his negative tv act that now hammering companies on at all and let the main they're shooting back in response " without it there was a warning
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not about certain this one of the cdc is to look abroad for its impact made by dole and one person died and another dozen others were second from a mysterious outbreak linked to packed salads made at a processing facility in ohio. >>marty gonzales: he's back on
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the big screen as a bad grandfather after the break was a glut is some and was moving to head the fear this weekend.
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>>reporter: analysts don't see
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the on eric, we ride along to an revenant touche in this. >>reporter: the low-budget horror flick started walking dead hist.
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>>marty gonzales: in these eight people are dead and the severe winter storm blankets the east coast to take lie with the capitol building in washington d.c. 85 million people in the
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carolina major power to this more on the lower right of the screen take a look at new york times where no one of virtually no one inside covered in snow
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>>reporter: i were said and in some way it will be almost worst and freezing rain you're getting all lot of snow
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>>reporter: this is what looks like when entire went to work the snow comes down all but once visibility in the sea is really pour we're just a little bit more than a foot of snow on the ground by the time it is all of which we should have double that the historic and crippling storm is pounded much of the eastern u.s. the blizzard is expected to continue creating dangerous condition through saturday night in intensified over n.c. and could bring more than a foot of snow to new york city and twice that for the nation's capital in these eight people have died with lead acid as a kentucky n.c. in virginia about 85 million people are in the storm's path. >>reporter: more than 130,000
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customers are without power mostly in north carolina to states to clear stance of emergency in a snow emergency in washington d.c. and kentucky the national guard and restoring driver track of their vehicles on an icy interstate highway some chopped 112 hours--12 >>reporter: more than seven is 600 flights cancelled this weekend.
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>>reporter: people seem to be heeding the warning for the most part right now the priority is to keep the main roads are clear for emergency vehicles until all the snow finally dissipate. >>marty gonzales: and is not listed baltimore washington international and the great international airport and not far behind a number of canceled flights as much of flights canceled or cut the country including here in the bay area so far supplied to the castle from sfo another 13 flights was plus or private sfo have been cancelled as well so far no flights to the castle of oakland or san jose and as you might expect will have more for you throughout the morning on this huge storm that is not only affecting the east coast but
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right here in the area as well in terms of flights. >>reporter: in variable cloudiness will be handled on tap this out with starting the day off with that and we will see the firing of a few stray showers and work probably the afternoon the east bay hills and 50s across the board mid-50s to lows not that the continual mild uptrend the check the down for today by noon the so-called verbal cloud follow that but still within a couple of raindrops happen as we speak by
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4:00 breezing the sixth round pretty much all day to the late afternoon to pick it in. >>marty gonzales: pacifica's under state of emergency the city made the declaration last night because of recent storm damage and high surf and heavy rain has damaged the city sea wall and pacific appearance as well as private property city workers trying to prevent the high surf from the road anymore property and equity holders of place to try and prevent an erosion and to define a more permanent solution to the council decide what to confirm the declaration of emergency and a meeting on monday night. >>marty gonzales: starting this morning major road closures are in fact
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>>reporter: proportional already under way here for the super bowl 50 is a see behind me the crew was here in washington and the embarcadero already have their kids out of the streets about here are closed forceable city here is what you need to know if you're going to be driving a truck the city southbound our peril to washington street to a fair reply as some market street east of build and david st. and still would st. for market street the daunting way will all be closed to traffic and the start at about 7:00 this morning near the nfl experience in moscow center. >>reporter: from third to fourth street those streets will not reopen until well after the shop was open and as of february 11th but now on the trip-and a your bike you can get through here a
8:08 am
share driver you have to find your way around at a dili storm heading the east coast the tech the look of a new video that we're getting into the news room. >>marty gonzales: coastal flooding is being reported in parts of the drawers you were going to have the latest for you coming up also will have one of our reporters to a strand of the east coast that is coming up. short
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>>marty gonzales: he is willing to increase in birth defects eight new countries have been added to the list is been linked
8:12 am
to cases of rare neurological condition called micro for the weekend is beer we can san francisco you could take and use ingredients to help the mac a professional a home.
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>>marty gonzales: we have more new video into the newsroom of coastal flooding in new jersey that is on the left are the screen in washington d.c. snow is blanketing the white house and the national mall in south carolina a massive tree is down persius and in york. >>reporter: children are out from school for the weekend and a lot of focus of off from work today especially the snow as the coming down about 2 in. every hour of the great thing is
8:17 am
they're taking the time out here in driving pretty slow a part of the reason is that the snow is so thick they have no choice the snowplows have been driving around icing and trying to plow that's no we can't with a few folks from out on the street wondering why they're out here when in this knowing this hard
8:18 am
and there was a really big one for the state of new york and so we will see how bad it is by tomorrow. >>marty gonzales: this note should be completed by tomorrow there will have the streets ready to go into the back-to- school and adults can of course go back to work
8:19 am
huf >>reporter: there was a lot of warning about this we think about the paralyzing over the phone on getting idea we driver on downtown san francisco which
8:20 am
alexian purple that as the buzzer storm warning it will be a little bit of snow happen but that would take four to the afternoon will be get their the timing on this will be probably on sunday after that is a drying phase a little bit of daytime heating grate getting it is the cold air laws cleared to nine the number is like another that compiles probably not
8:21 am
precipitation make a bid of to the north bank. >>reporter: upper 50s and the 74 task of trying series to get off until friday it does return and even important that we may be revisiting this and set a pattern >>marty gonzales: $3 million to be going to various repairs the work expected to be completed by the middle of this year it will be paid for existing the area told the refunds if you need
8:22 am
help is still better to call and should only taxed when you're in a situation where that is the only option the new technology does come to down size some teenagers and played a prank that is on the same this is not a game is not like tax and a friend. >>marty gonzales: san jose wal- mart all my highway is closed next week and everything must go according to our partners and
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selling just about everything 50 percent off not everything along sell discount dodd applied to guns and mention prescription jury lottery tickets or alcohol the also don't qualify for discounts.
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>>marty gonzales: the academy emotional pitch as are some signs of troops of the changes
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>>marty gonzales: major one to storm hitting the northeast and the live pictures the washington d.c. we also have to live your from times square in new york with you to see people out and about taking pictures not a whole lot activity other than what you see there.
8:31 am
>>reporter: most people getting bad advice they're sticking to their not having any cars on the role of the first thing this morning when we run out there we saw an emergency services bring the best job to build a king
8:32 am
>>reporter: you get the yellow of a soap we have all scatters thundershower isolated and the four cats with the scattered showers still with us today will but the most of it and at that day a little bit better tomorrow all the calls were returned here is the view from the satellite and radar most of the petition you heard upon the roof
8:33 am
yesterday overnight is not move off to the mountain is even taper off their >>reporter: san mateo bridge and the back or we a part because disguised even from the new our getting with maybe a little ice to lead this part or shower
8:34 am
>>dan kerman: the city plans to new orleans which funded more than $2 million in sales she is
8:35 am
also improving san francisco torres economy is something i san francisco supervisor opposed the city's spending $5 million out of its general fund for super bowl 50 vince these
8:36 am
costs as well as the revenue or all testaments that means really will not know for a couple of months what the super bowl and to bring in the city revenue will cost of quite a bit of money >>marty gonzales: they try to bring him to shore and they weren't able to locate him began a search of a missing sorcerer was called off on thursday evening and was well known in the area is being remembered this morning as a mentor to young surfers. >>marty gonzales: 4 people are
8:37 am
dead to others in the fall of the school shooting and canada the authority said the gunman opened fire at high school recruits for our move and store early this war will have the latest video from some of the hardest hit areas that is coming up.
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>>marty gonzales: we have more live pictures this morning to some of the headlines a washington d.c..
8:45 am
>>marty gonzales: the airport scheduled to shut down and we're getting new reports of coastal flooding in new jersey. >>reporter: happened to the ball high and will taper off the to the afternoon hours >>reporter: you will see some slow going on and had nice thing
8:46 am
to the next recovering a heavy rain that we have last night so half moon bay is about four
8:47 am
temperatures for high peninsula would like mid 60s for the coast some of the drying out in the bay the most of these systems will miss us. >>marty gonzales: their brimming with unique spirit that will help them on line is all the
8:48 am
wonderful way for a couple of hours will start with lafayette in the east bank. >>reporter: let off for the shower treatment but they do it is the do the same sort of hydrotherapy but they do and friends without the water so paired with the massage also had these water jets about six of them and stimulating the immune system and i didnt the scan it has all sorts of health benefits. >>reporter: after treatment action give you a nice our meal
8:49 am
ended the four front spa experience hundred and $30 for a body scrub the height of their previous irish and some hydration therapy on top of that. >>reporter: emersion spot against the reviews on yelp of their career and inspired spa the one thing they're really famous for the the full body scrub that something you want to make an appointment for if you
8:50 am
could handle the hot and cold back-and-forth their spas' ride from 60 degrees freezing 220 degrees in the hot spots >>reporter: from the north bettis the clear winter this is out and freedom around and as a total waste as howe out in western sonoma county the fullest different urban life and the thing that no four people travel from miles around to do it this year and design math you
8:51 am
can rest and filled hammock you conceding it is a lovely area that whole japanese zen garden the chicken and joyce and 30. >>marty gonzales: that is a sonoma and for some go in a move to san francisco.
8:52 am
>>reporter: were the favorites and the knicks got expenses that action have three locations and salema there each offer and other slightly different approach to time slot they would definitely get you into some areas. we will be right back
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>>marty gonzales: the have to make room at the box office and cnn is taking a look at the new movies and appeared as this weekend.
8:57 am
>>reporter: the others took my brother and i'm calling to go get him she battles and invasion based on the young adult novel is expected to battle for fifth prize with the other new wide released low- budget horror flicks star and the walking dead who discovers and charge of the life-size doll, actually be a lion >>marty gonzales: we continue to follow bacchanals from the east coast that the region has hammered by a big storm this morning to alive the can washington d.c. 85 million people are in the storm's path.
8:58 am
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>>marty gonzales: the breaking news in least eight people are dead this morning and a severe storm hit the east coast for ticket live the to washington d.c. 85 million people in the region still in the storm's path washington d.c. the congress of emergency and take a look of some of the hardest-hit areas on the left part of the screen. >>marty gonzales: >>marty gonzales: new york city is under a blizzard warning today
9:01 am
>>reporter: it creates a very strong northeaster that is what we're looking at for now there your consent is about 15 minutes
9:02 am
will to turn to cnn in washington d.c.. >>reporter: asked this is what looks like when a tire which is where the snow comes down all at once visibility here in d.c. is the sit atop a building like down strict today right now we're just a lot of more than a foot of snow on the ground by the time as all of what should have more than double that. >>reporter: the historic and crippling storms pounding much of the u.s. is expected to continue having than the condition of the saturday night
9:03 am
>>reporter: there the rest when drivers track convict on icy interstate highway some trapped within 12 hours meant to the evacuation of an order and some coastal areas like this town and a jersey and the country's air traffic the virtual standstill with a 7600 flights cancelled this weekend.
9:04 am
>>marty gonzales: is not listed on the screen here baltimore washington international and reagan national not far behind with closures.
9:05 am
>>reporter: committee and some thunderstorms will have a good shot for you at the golden gate bridge to look at it will carefully. >>reporter: focus back to attend
9:06 am
were down to about five earlier in the currency hey would one- and-a-half and spots there is a problem with this building-- visibility of the block of the seven forecastle covered just. >>marty gonzales: starting this once a major road closures are not. >>reporter: the preparation for super bowl 50 are in full effect wears canada into section of washington and the embarcadero you conceive the crew started out here with barricades and
9:07 am
even directing traffic away from the closures and some lines of howe street between fourth and
9:08 am
third street brawls the clothes and all those clothes will last until february 11th with his long after the super bowl will be over >>reporter: we talk to woman who said some of the sharing status will be moved as well people are trying to figure what they need to do to get around the stinson minutes
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>>marty gonzales: about the side with the grain of rice and the chips walk away when they're no more need it will open the car does the job in front of people but is still a few years the white
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>>reporter: or ross day and weekend ahead speaking of the snow and have to keep the snow on the wrong today for the
9:17 am
mountain at tak stanley. >>reporter: tomorrow.
9:18 am
>>marty gonzales: if he started to slide to give up just yet because they have
9:19 am
>>reporter: your mood will stay the same and everything test complete the to to we plan with the premier of the day when treat one snack we find,
9:20 am
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decision time and that is what for each day. >>marty gonzales: what we have here an example something on the shop in west. >>: lawson and accidents and vitamins this is not about new
9:22 am
year's this is something you can revisit and march in the summertime right before holidays to restart how we spent about. >>marty gonzales: we are looking at the richmond bridge not a whole lot of traffic stops with pavement for the weekend it is a nature hike with the family and san carlos.
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>>marty gonzales: fact if this action, and that the backlash of the lack of nominees of cloth and acting categories and some hollywood heavyweights like spike lee wilson and jeff to protest the work shift and unanimous boron 39 academy of merchant austin sites approved several changes is hoping that will double the number of women in the first members of the academy within four years
9:27 am
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>>marty gonzales: in the tech the parking lot with a lot of car to the stranded for hours
9:30 am
that is how bad is right now the snow has been come down about 2 in. and hour and that is expected continue to propagate and this evening for dinner which had brought in to cook tonight and tomorrow and expected to be released after the date and if the worst. >>reporter: trucks have come now befoul the street you can barely tell because the snow keeps coming down and it keeps coming right back on but the city is out here they're trying to keep the streets plans to people can get around.
9:31 am
>>reporter: were getting the
9:32 am
storm surge happening along the beaches and the beach community that is a problem across problem the good thing about this it least we're having this on the weekend to the to say middle fifties is what we had we don't
9:33 am
really did urge until this happened after sunset not tomorrow we start the on a note like that of more call intrusion for the afternoon but probably won't have much of a print. >>reporter: the beginning of toward the north of by catching a switchers temperatures 4 to save the city of with to the east and shoreline upper fifth is expected and is targeted different and more stand now.
9:34 am
>>marty gonzales: she said to you will kill she's been missing since 1035 morning $3 million will go toward various prepared related to weather protection on the bridge the workers expected to be completed by the middle of this year the new style of the bay bridge expand the number of issues of hiring appears to have an open among them the significant nonperformers the boat to boat on a return on the pier east of near one island.
9:35 am
>>marty gonzales: 01 this one at all certain solid the city sees some of the probe is impacted sows made by poland one person died about a dozen others a
9:36 am
second from the listeria outbreak of the packets alice met at the door processing plant in ohio this does was sold in various brand names including dole for selections of the troops and market size the main factors: the practice starts with a letter and in customer should not eat the salad and those bags and have a story posted.
9:37 am
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9:40 am
>>marty gonzales: our battle of bolivia and ecuador guadalupe hussein martin >>: take verde and small 14 latin american countries also flat by the cbc the virus have
9:41 am
been linked to taste of rare neurological condition host and the super bowl does not come cheap will explain how much could cost taxpayers and weiss, the city is paying too much.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>reporter: and there is some corn happen to you to see in the foreground of the hill the particular and is raining and that will be the case of this afternoon of the it is the time reading this of the crown which in terms of our above the crown
9:46 am
have the trip there and that means dry yet another shower or tub and shower happen later for today to say but the daytime heating will start to flare up as luke as lettuce can showers and thundershowers in higher elevations and recommend the east bay hills that continues to about 7:00 with a little clearing phase only temporarily because tomorrow the return yet again
9:47 am
>>reporter: that were not without cost the san francisco tax payers to suggest it was panetta $5 million in general from the vessel, with the
9:48 am
estimated 1 million people that will take part in the week-long series of events this city points to borland's was broader and more of a $10 million in sales and hotel.
9:49 am
9:50 am
these costas will of the revenues of all estimates that means you really won't know for a couple of months >>marty gonzales: the cinema and unconscious in the water near the beach on wednesday when they tried to bring to shore a large or separated the three and a they're on it what to locate the mccann a search for the missing surfer was called on thursday evening after two unsuccessful days of searching the body was found near surf meyerbeer beach about 11 1/3 friday morning it was well known in the area and because remember as a mentor to young surfers
9:51 am
>>marty gonzales: a gunman opened fire at high school in another location in a regional communities the statue on.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>>reporter: for i can tell my
9:55 am
kids is how i walked up to score both ways with we have is more scattered showers and our afternoon today tomorrow really shaken off in earnest this have
9:56 am
to unlock this on the night showers possible his unstable forced to end the type of a break. >>marty gonzales: things a lot for a joining us see you tomorrow stay dry.
9:57 am
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>> this edition of bay area bargains is sponsored by russell's fine furniture. >> music >> henry: it's alive. >> henry: yes, welcome to bay area bargains where russell's fine furniture in santa clara with richard russell who says this is a living table. >> knocking >> richard: it absolutely is. but you know who's more qualified to talk about it? >> henry: uh! i am, ladies and gentlemen. >> richard: no you're not. >> henry: i'm sorry. >> richard: my grandson, josh. >> richard: josh, tell them what we learned about this table. >> josh: so, this table has a beautiful living edge. you see how it is right here? >> henry: yes. >> josh: it's not perfect on the edges. it has a nice little curve to it. like the natural wood. >> henry: so, this reflects what the original beam looks like? >> josh: yes. >> josh: it's made out of paroda, whic


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