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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 25, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> reporter: traffic is looking pretty good it is showing some spots. >> anny: we're looking gent at generally dry conditions and may last for a few days. no delays the sfo. we should more we should see more. right now does have clout skies. maybe in north bay shower as possible. it's partly to sunny most conditions . it should be like this the next few days. >> anny: there may be a slight
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chance of showers later in the santa rosa area. >> darya: a state of emergency has been declared. this happen because the storm damage. " all wrapped >> reporter: here pacifica piquancy the whole right there. it took about half hour and happened about a week ago. the way to see in the background is what ought is what offering the danger. this is one of about half a dozen spots that have serious storm damage.
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>> reporter: this is taken a big toll on the property around the area. they're hoping for some financial help from the state. erasures on the pier and also on the boardwalk. on palm and other issues and issues and other places also. they have the boardwalk closed. people who live on the street have been putting a plywood to protect themselves. >> reporter: they're hoping for some dry weather to make silicon fix the problem.
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>> mark: is super bowl countdown and we have roke closures for to beetle to build super bowl city . it could have an impact allow people. a million people are expected to show up at the event. >> darya: we have you covered so you cannot get around. robyn >> reporter: and i would recommend staying away from the area. they'll use a substitute shuttle to run from casper. i
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will have a whole area so you know where to stay away from. that area in market street will have limited access to security for the super bowl. stay away from a par wirtz's word is orange on the map. correct >> reporter: consider using bryant to keep away from mission. you cannot use market street to get to embarcadero. i
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say it stay over jackson or maybe pacific. the whole area will be slow. in the busy streets the area for traffic has been taken away because the construction. going into san francisco it is the normal traffic conditions. >> mark: the closures may be a big headache for those traded in work. they are excited about the festivities begin. >>: i'm very excited about this
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and does an early dinner while. >>: when is the next would happen so this is our chance. >> mark: officials hope that they enjoy the super bowl festivities. >> darya: if you want to go to the football game. several tickets are reselling for $5,300 that is the average. the cheapest to confine is more than $3,300. the most expensive will be about $21,000 staff
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curry once again. >>: i'm from north carolina animal panthers fans. i want to go the game but tickets are so expensive is have read likely i will go. >> darya: people are very excited about just have the store also co-starred. >> mark: in santa clara but they are getting ready to host the broncos and the panthers and the stadium they set out a welcome to the team's. the city of santa
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clara will host kickoff committee vance. kron 4 has recovered with a suitable. so you can know about root closures and about getting tickets to the game. >> darya: john french is in the hospital. he is described as hispanic at the time he was wearing white teachers and hospital plans. he is considered a risk and is a transient. >> mark: to kayakers i have been
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risky this morning and a recovering at curbing cove is were there found. they got ashore and call my one offer help. the coast guard says they've been were were in their life jackets. >> darya: we're just at weekly from the 2016 primary and i want. democrats are having a town hall meeting tonight in iowa. did to morning register in dorset and for the republicans they endorsed >> mark: rubio. >> darya: and beckon doors ted crew. after hearing that michael
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bloomberg might be running donald trump welcomes the competition. >> mark: a. are going to announce an initiative to clear unexploded u.s. bombs. an estimated 30% of the bombs did not blow up on impact. president, is-is a special is expected to bring about the initiative. >> darya: jack dorsey announce
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that they will be along with many others will be leaving twitter. dorsey is the co-owner >> mark: twain stock has gone down 4% on that news. >> darya: mexico's currency has fallen to record low. the peso is worth more than barely 5¢ in american dollars. american mexico is suffering from the crash in oil prices and other things.
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>> mark: isis has announced a new propaganda video. they are announced and there could be another attack. we also tell what a flight from florida to italy why that led to a side trip into canada. what more we come back
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>> mark: we're watching the weather. people in batiste after the big snowstorm are being courage to be patient. in philadelphia flights resumed again. >>: we have not operate these trains for few days now. it may be a slow start we will get people going. >> mark: bill defazio is
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recommending people not drive in new york and use the subways and mass-transit. in washington d.c. the federal government and the maryland state government are closely because of the bad weather. the offices are closed. >> anny: what we will have some we may have some rain in a few days but for right now distract. there will be sunny skies in your city did which will be relief from last know that they felt. you can see it was a giant storm. from the area down to the mid-atlantic states and into the south. the storm
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surge caused an awful lot of damage. it went out to the planes and also the wisconsin area. >> anny: sunny skies right now in new york but it will be chilly. in washing the seed warm and also you could see some shares at the chicago. the walnut creek camera will still low but the shower activity. there'll be a little bit of light rain. where is a cloudy conditions out there for the day. galenic any >> reporter: you could see the moisture is kind of north and
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west of santa rosa. there's a slight possibility of rain here . for the most part is mostly cloudy conditions. tuesday were looking a dry conditions and in the afternoon the lots of sunshine. 46 and san jose and livermore generally upper 50s. our next three days monday tuesday and wednesday will be mild. he should go out there and enjoy the sunshine. >> anny: week later this week we are looking forward towards of what was wetter weather.
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>> robin: lots of slow traffic and no particular hot spot. between december sfo there's a slight lead. your baby dried into san francisco is holding steady. is less than 25 minutes for the poll right. not much changed. here at the richmond san rafael bridge with a stalled truck in the middle lane and that has been cleared.
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this is if this is your commute its slow but not that. rahman >> reporter:. disannul cited 25 minutes from dublin. this is a quick 50 minister pierre into 85 and cupertino. >> mark: isis launched another propaganda video. it appears to be the attackers files messages . in the paris terror attacks over 100 people were killed. a terrorism analysts suggested the u.k. could be the next target.
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>> mark: e. relatives a victim are claiming negligence against samper and dino and shooting victims the place for their work. >> darya: american airlines jet what from florida was often gone but they stopped in canada because of turbulence. they had had to make an emergency landing because. >>: seem like a big dip. other people were passed out. it was
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scary. but eric >> darya: paramedics were on the scene to help out once it landed. harvard is out with a retirement years will lycee be a nicer person. harvard says all people should all colleges should revamp their mission statements. forget the brag sheets the say don't fill pressure to list them. show how
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you have tackled community problems. do something to help out your own family they also suggest. don't overdo it on the p class is also. >> mark: the movie business has a long way to go succumbs to diversity. diversity has dominated come for station when it comes to the oscars. the academy said that they will have sweeping changes for the voters
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. they will try to make a more diverse. >> darya: as the future of the raiders hold and the bounce. mondesi will happen. over east bay they're getting great for baseball while others are getting ready for the super bowl which is coming. we'll have more details only compact
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>> darya: today to be a big day for greater asian. raider officials will speak with city officials about says extending their stay at the coliseum. >> mark: there was an event at the coliseum about the athletics baseball team they spoke about their goals will be. there's a lot of excitement for 2016.
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>>: i is one-to-one >> mark: >> darya: these might be the world's worst fetus the fugitive's needed to be rescued . >> reporter: we may all need to be rescued to the traffic mess. we'll show what's going on in a live report next.
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>> darya: we will talk of a traffic >> anny: people are enjoying the dry weather i'm sure. would attract a little light rain. the school bus stop forecast at 8:00 p.m. mostly cloudy skies temperatures in the 40's and '50's. by 3:00 p.m. look for more sunshine. here is a look at the radar and satellite picture . this could produce some light showers up north. also and wine
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country. i do not believe will go farther south than the golden gate bridge. i will let you know how long the dry weather will last. robyn, >> robin: will be a challenge keister city streets. if you have to hit i would leave early to get in the san francisco. all those areas and yellow be either blocked off. southbound embarcadero and washington and the ferry only southbound enclosed. traffic will be diverted over to washington
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street. the areas highlighted in blue if you live there and that's for a special brand that is the way you can get into that area. we are expecting some delays in mission also. grumman corp. robyn >> reporter: the entrance and exit from 635935 will be blocked. it seems like commuters are handling pretty well. as you get in the san francisco that will get a little more rough.
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there'll be closures and reroute in the financial district. >> tran: it took me 15 minutes to get your. now it would take about 30 minutes. as the morning goes on it's much worse. the construction orders cannot around 630 this morning. the
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construction workers are very busy. this will be open on saturday for millions of people to enjoy the super bowl experience. this is for the sponsors here. you and see the main stage and the 50 super bowl batter. that is where they'll have a concert. trent >> tran: the other side you could practically lay down in traffic because it is close. it's good to stay away from this area. i was ill that by a woman
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. they seem to be feeling the pressure of getting the job done. later the woman came back saying don't talk to me i have a knife. insuperable city they are
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very serious. we had this been trading conditions in position and this woman polis to get out of her way. >> darya: will be out there to look at things as to consider very serious. if you want to avoid the crush of people the best way to find out but if you want to go also is on our mobile apps and also our web site. download the at its free.
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>> mark: rogers for the grateful garment project. it's to help survivors of human sex trafficking. groups say victims were rescued in the health. the backpacks that they are going to help a long way contains a complete set of clothing and other supplies to help them out . it also includes a blank kids and a comfort item. sac items and also a the backpack will
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make it so it's easy for them to take route. there will be distributed by law enforcement agencies. the program will run from the and the >> darya: environment group are asking people sell phones with help for help with the mapping out the damage after the storm. this would be the amniote mapping initiative. they would like to have so this helps to get 3d images to help the authorities know more about the damage the storm. >> mark: this man wants to put
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the property on the market. it includes 12 and its cable. >> darya: investigators are looking for three inmates who used an elaborate plan to get a job. it was out of the orange county jail in santa ana. the man some household tools and through still bars and then rappelled down four stories they are considered armed and dangerous. they were all in bald with cases of murder and attempted murder and kidnapping.
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>> mark: christian preston and donna or hiking in a wooded area and almost died of cold conditions. two fugitives are being looked for and they do they had called 91 for help because they thought there were going to die they were treated hospital and returned over to the police. >> darya: we're expecting a lot of people the bay area. we will help with the traffic. like as
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prices could be going up.
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on the alcohol makes all the help you give updates on a symbol that. bills have a super bowl twitter page >> mark: the average price of gas has dropped another 40¢ for the past week. analysts say that this bill was a scene in seven years. the lowest prices are in poll so-called. here in the bay area prices are two 54 gal.. >> robin: if you have enough gas to get into san francisco that sure you do that because it there is a lot of traffic there. we'll back with more
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information when crime for news returns
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>> darya: we're talking about this horrible the broncos will be playing along the panthers. the panthers are favored the quarterbacks are very different . we have the old versus the new. peyton is not done his time brady did not win yesterday. the broncos' defense was fantastic dissident. manning game was all
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about the game management.
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>> darya: this talk about camden he is flashy camden is young and flashy. >> reporter: my wife and 50 year-old think he's great. >> darya: we look at how place any plays very physically he is not pay manning.
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>> reporter: tom brady and p. manning are different from camden. the forty-niners not that capper neck was the same type of player that nunez. they are five and a half point favorites. >> darya: if campeau wins a super bowl he will have an awful lot of honors.
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>> reporter: is a traffic really bad down pan downtown. >> darya: there are ways a gentle round of gatt to run a long way. surrounding our station have to follow many detours. their pictures of a key clean as he was trying to high
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five-year money. to see the san . >> reporter: on the marquee will develop better have brady going gets and. >> darya: it's the broncos are round pay and better making the team great. it's a story of the team and more just a quarterback. >> reporter: we have a lot of
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scientists at the superbowl and also the warriors weekly in spurs. they're getting ready for the game. the warriors applying its oklahoma city. >> darya: steve kerr is back. deceit any of the east coast now? west virginia got the most
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. >> reporter: and make sure preacher it where we lived. >> darya: we have video year of these people must know. to see the pander rolling? this is mussy video. to assert national zoo and the snow. it is adorable. i grew up on the east
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coast and axa had to shovel off the roof. i miss subtle little bit but i do appreciate whether . i would like to be there about 10 minutes but that's about it. >> darya: we will talk to to mark.
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>> mark: authorities for morgan releases-can video. they came across a toddler and a highway. the child was returned the parents were frantically blurt king for the child. the shares office share the opinion.
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travers' the distiller to all times >> mark: the-game video of police and plain basketball with kids. chicago now try to keep it secret because he tried to help out. >> darya: we have more informational to whether we ever break in the bad weather. we'll talk about the massive blizzard in the east and how much know the guy. there's also a danger in pacific we all along the
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reporters street. taught him but for on
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>robin winston: the financial district may be hot spot lead with all the coal is related to the super bowl will highlight what you to stay away from >>anny hong: a little cloudy start an office monday morning but other than that fairly quiet here is a live look at the golden gate bridge on the crowded conditions where track a little better frame and santa rosa inventor in the 5:00 hour but now in the tech things have tried a quick check of the forecast the kids off to school during the 8:00 paulo from the can of most the cloudy skies and the slight chance for the bay shower. >>anny hong: look for a partly to mostly sunny conditions hi
8:01 am
topping not generally in the lower 60s for most of the area's cities to the quick check of the satellite radar we have a weak disturbance that could produce a light shower activity mainly in the north but today for the wine country napa and sonoma county and santa rosa area you may encounter little shower to the other nine.
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>>jackie sissel: you concede this office about we can have to go to concede it is completely collapse not only the boardwalk of the sea wall itself this is one of about half a dozen locations here within one to do is work out a sick can they take some time for them to do than to have to come out with the plan because the commission have to be involved with an they're hoping as they did state of
8:03 am
federal money to help out investors said earlier you can't talk about live this to take weeks is not month's to do but is not only here the ec this is private property. >>darya: it is good that is not running for their they're building suitable city right now park races are on the way getting it up and running on saturday this could have a major impact of the commute for the next three weeks to many people are expected to pour into superbowl city over the next few weeks it expects a lot of
8:04 am
traffic will have you covered with team coverage. >>robin winston: take a look at the map this whole stretch anything that is highlighted in yellow will be impacted you should stay with southbound embarcadero that have blocked off washington in the ferry building if and only takes talk about embarcadero you may be forced over to washington that
8:05 am
will be open but slow jackson is an option the northbound embarcadero lines will be open is on the southbound side that's going to block off. >>robin winston: if you're driving into san francisco for the first time the with the closure leave a little bit early because the slow traffic may start to spill over it is enormous local traffic and, if you have to deal with all the clothes on city streets.
8:06 am
>>will tran: a quick update we talk to a supervisor in he said he will take care of the and
8:07 am
don't get in the way to forget about dropping it is going to be tough getting through here not going to happen because they need so much room to put all this together across the street that is the embarcaderos talk about any other time these people will get killed but it is closed you have a free pass across the street from 11 to
8:08 am
10:00 at night and then every other day on the week they open to the 11:00 and closes. >>will tran: they have so much work to be done in five days we're days away of the iowa
8:09 am
caucus like donald trump is question and the loyalty of his supporters will take a look at the latest conditions we have little dry bread before the storm rolled back and more on the timing coming up.
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>>mark: they're kicking of the bid i will push with cnn town hall tonight in the morning and republicans are heading the campaign trail hard they're going after key endorsements over the weekend the divine registers and have a recurrence of the democratic side in marker rupiah for the republican side that come back to the doorstep proudhon's truck raised eyebrows with the comment about the loyalty of his supporters >>mark: meantime a recurrence of breast of notion of the she would feel threatened by him running.
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>>mark: region and a strong washington d.c. with the latest. >>reporter: it will not be business as usual monday as east coast cities like baltimore and philadelphia and new york and
8:16 am
washington d.c. area continues to the got from the of the weekend blizzard on sunday the mayor stephanie said that the clean-up will take time, in philadelphia or four will resume service on sunday in the official said most mass transit will slow to get back on line to block the day pick although they did not give much know some residents along the dutch insurer said they saw the damage from the storm worst in come to the storms and the and 20 12th here in washington d.c.. the
8:17 am
federal government as well as maryland and virginia state government are close to dan today officials continue cleanup efforts. >>reporter: >>anny hong: ice is still concern the coastal flooding the big storm that had is even worse to superstore sandy we do have snow for the plants appear midwest but for new york down to d.c. and midlantic that
8:18 am
looking at generally sunny conditions and no more snow for now we are seeing snow for part of the chicago area by the afternoon and interline temperatures rise into the low 40's there was a look at the san mateo bridge i did concede we have overcast skies will see more sunshine for the afternoon. >>anny hong: convict to sunlight shower for the north but we saw it it in with something of a chance for some shower activity
8:19 am
here is the fifth to cast a concealed 9:00 dry conditions all across the bay area and lunchtime was to because cleared out for the east bank and also for parts of the livermore valley by 3:00 p.m. going for high of 63 in the south bay that includes sunnyvale 62 of oakland the warm response will be santa rosa and not but at 64 degrees checking up the next three days the drive past and continues through tuesday and into wednesday in fact some of this will be a little milder for winston and into thursday and then comes the changes.
8:20 am
>>robin winston: is bumper-to- bumper heading over to the peninsula no major trouble spots or hot spots on one would is packed in both directions into and out of san mateo the nimitz coming out of hay with jim the connecting with a spa 92 when you finally get on the bridge is barely moving this is considered an almost no one to commit fraud at a clock tower 101 south of the heavy from san rafael heading into law expert or drive times if you're commuting out of the east bay this morning it was the ride was
8:21 am
about 24 so when go from lafayette store and getting to the caldecott and a 25 minute trip for westbound 24 if you have to use the nimitz the south about come to san leandro haywood union city 47 minutes to get from to 38 to 237. >>mark: the 18 men shows what appears to be the attackers final messages and some of the militants be heading hostages 130 people killed in apparent
8:22 am
terror attack in this bill there is footage showing britain's prime minister a terrorism analysis says that suggested that the kingdom could be the next target prices the family of a woman who was killed and the san bernardino terror attack is seeking to launch a new $4 million in damages against accounting 27 year-old sara claiborne was on the 14 people who were gunned down by a husband and wife on december 2nd. >>darya: her family is claiming negligence wrongful death a hostile work the firemen and headed to provide a safe workplace against san bernardino counting their the second family to file a lawsuit after the shooting more than a million people expected to flood in san francisco for super bowl city over the next few weeks with a lot of people looking for a place for the super bowl one persons renting out their tree house will show how was it was trying to get for the super bowl, not to ally of the outside
8:23 am
with the backed up at 822 didnt update from robin on the drive time to get to the toll plaza in the metering lights. [♪] ♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go
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[♪] ♪ here we go
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>>darya: now is 18 to one that
8:26 am
goes along with you're going to mexico for $10,000 a night and stay in a different from the square foot home in san jose and also listed near sapporo city
8:27 am
1500 if you're looking for a hotel the options are pretty limited 50,000 hotel rooms the nfl started but nearly half of them for players and fans and officials and employees >>robin winston: a lot of folks are heading to san francisco the bay bridge is backed up some mysteries of the fed and the district on top cause of the closures related to support all sitting will check the drive
8:28 am
times and all the spots coming up after the break.
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>>darya: take a look at weather and traffic and where shipping of all road is so all around the area they're back the super bowl city is a hot spot >>anny hong: here is a lithe and sfo we have overcast skies starting off your monday morning which have the look of the shower activity out toward the market early this morning as the cancer headed to school at this hour talk to start in the for this madness time the gap partly cloudy skies 3:00 partly to mostly sunny tampa to talk
8:31 am
and not on the '60s that was a chance to the system morning fog has not been all the dense but in santa rosa we're down to 4 mi. visibility seven and cattlemen of the problems all across the bay area will let you know how long the dry weather last before some more showers are returning to bay area. >>robin winston: this is already a bad spot heading to and from the bay bridge those areas always backed up during the rush hour so all the streets blocked off because of super bowl city expected to be even worse ride in reports of delays the lost city streets throughout the financial district and everything that is highlighted you should stay away from
8:32 am
southbound embarcadero from washington mission that would normally be on market we forced of the to mention that this market street card that is going to be running but the substitute shuttle from the castro over to the embarcadero.
8:33 am
>>will tran: if you consider this the cab and the clock is ticking back to get everything in place they're putting glass panels that is just one flight of super bowl city will move the camera and that is the fan and cheese on your complaint virtual game of football take pictures with trophies and that needs to be in place as well look at the cargo container that will be the faces of 50 superable in bp and there's a lot of thing is to protect it is of yourself and
8:34 am
superimposes across the street that as the taste of sonoma wine and cheese they want to bring all local experience towards who become into san francisco and directed across matt that is the sponsor both a backhand to can they need all the space that they can possibly get their hands on because it will be happy equipment the time for the superbowl sitting 11:00 to 10:00 at night and that is on friday and saturday every other day is from 11:00 to 9:00 is
8:35 am
going to be so busy in that they have people helping people cross street southbound embarcadero on the other side traffic can move that brought out san francisco police officer >>will tran: they're telling people don't chances knowing that the people might be frustrated in traffic a lot of
8:36 am
work to rid them of a lot of fun when it opens this weekend of forget to down load the mobile application if you want to know traffic conditions. >>mark: ceo jack dorsey posted
8:37 am
the product chief shares of reaching all-time low fallen 20% in january and started in southern california are looking for three inmates to use an elaborate plan to stem from a maximum-security jail. >>darya: the down all the details about how they got out of the on county central jail in santa ana but they know that they did it friday morning after headcount to the provinces and a couple metal screen in the dorm and for steel bars before the republican down for stores with a homemade rope that considered armed and dangerous to all jailed a separate cases involving murder kidnapping and attempted murder and that is often a $50,000
8:38 am
reward for information that leads to the rest of the volunteers are helping out survivors of him to traffic in how they're playing a role in how the organization/ we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
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my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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>>mark: the price drop might and and as the crude prices started to walk on the lowest gas prices >>robin winston: still packed at the bay bridge toll plaza looking a little bit better the stretches across to the west about sky with just under 20 minutes for the total track.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
>>anny hong: start off called the pretty much across the bay it to see the storm track no red returns but we did see out toward santa rosa a little bit
8:45 am
of light rain early this morning will start to see some coming out there by lunchtime or expecting are crowded skies will see even more sunshine by 3:00 p.m. public are the to moscow for the north to bay you can see dry conditions tomorrow morning in this like 7:00 to some clouds out there maybe some areas of fog and the two plants in sunshine by tuesday afternoon
8:46 am
the low 50s and san francisco and oakland and and a box of 39 in santa rosa high today will see a lot of low 60s 61 oakland 63 in san jose. >>anny hong: with the exception of the slight chance for nothing showers looking at dry conditions to tuesday and wednesday talking their mid-60s by the middle of the week.
8:47 am
>>robin winston: we been telling you about the close of drop the financial district in san francisco because of superbowl sitting there not and have been the ride on the bay bridge that is excellent news there was nothing go on on the bridge will one of the is his bridges 42
8:48 am
minutes for one on one ticket to san jose headed north in sunnyvale that is normal for 17 and 880 north pish. >>mark: the environmental group was recording john howe villas' the group was what with the private company with us this deal tech images and revamps its investigation also shared with the door is concerned about the impact to see the rise this winter is binding calif. the stronger storms in years
8:49 am
>>darya: investigators believe in christ and the southern indian ocean but only one piece of debris has been identified as coming from the plane that as a slab of when the watt to shore minyan island off the african
8:50 am
coast last july president obama is supported trying to tackle one legacy of the cia so-called secret war during the vietnam era that began is being launched use for the big game and called the package for often and without money full of water during the big event of the super bowl.
8:51 am
>>mark: 2 of the distributive law enforcement agencies and community groups to victims on the bay area where run to the end of the here. >>darya: ride under from all you have to do is taxed to 8777 that
8:52 am
is taxed and services being offered through an axle and if you're subscribed you can get superable specific updates it was is over the group will be deleted the santa clara police department has critics special super bowl package s.c.. >>mark: minds of people with autographed the team spent part of the answering questions despite a rough season and only 68 games last year and had a problem showing their pride.
8:53 am
>>darya: the meeting happened today will see if anything comes of it and report at all my letter broadcast carter listened the secret to getting and they say it is to be a nicer person also the day to is a great guy and help your own family tutors who work to bring additional and come to the famished be valued more than volunteer service
8:54 am
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>>mark: this is video from last year and this is the first time this season the top two teams are playing each other they're riding a 13 game winning streak come into the iran and they're determined will extend a 38 game regular-season home winning streak the movie business has a long way to go when it comes to diversity on friday the academy of motion are picked to sciences announced a doubling the female and minority members by 2020
8:57 am
this is that the movie is a wonderful source for steppers just a first up the deputy came across the towel on highway 101 and a port or an it is returning to paris to find the research for him will charge for filed a sick boy from his paris during a gathering at a nearby community center.
8:58 am
>>darya: here we're talking about the weather and the fact we're not getting any rain now.
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
9:00 am
>>anny hong: we have generally most cicadas guys out there but places like san jose already now reportedly called conditions and mrs. jack of the forecast for the rest of the day today.
9:01 am
>>darya: a lot traffic for sure and we have you covered to mature able to get around it.
9:02 am
>>robin winston: all the way over to the ferry building was happening is traffic that you to go down southbound embarcadero diverted over to washington it can't use marquetry remember howe street that its corn to be open to the embarcadero to expect major delays and also expect delays on her street. >>robin winston: compared to mission and how would cut try
9:03 am
harrison. >>will tran: this is the 2 minute warning that the drive to do it opens on saturday and is free and get out of the way in the meantime they're so busy this is the set for the nfl
9:04 am
network and 7:00 in the morning the embarcadero that shut down southbound chris isaac more than and we know you'll be there they're telling people with for five seconds left in the crosswalk don't gonna the reason why they're scared the people might be so impatient that they're behind the wheel and they might gonna it and you can
9:05 am
get hurt. >>will tran: wanted opens there something for everyone i was sick a drop off use barred use muni don't driver forget about it is wanted crazing >>reporter: is exciting to see it from the neighborhood and the does not really get in the way in the expected to be completed
9:06 am
by saturday morning when it opens the hope that locals will enjoy a solid superable it is about the game the actual superable at levi stadium if you're going to go one talking don't have tickets but now it's on reselling for more than $5,300 per ticket. >>darya: the cheapest seat is the added $300 we have every
9:07 am
principle of our and on our website where is the ticket from the traffic which it get there if you want to go it is on our website check it out. >>mark: given foreign builders out to prevent the erosion and to define a more common solution it costs $700 million that the third most talked-about
9:08 am
fire instead history of allow fire is causing an estimated 300 million in insured losses if killed two people and destroyed more than 800 thinking it the seventh most destructive fire in california history i system is the propaganda of the claim to show nine of the man behind the november terror attack in paris he was a still video is a 18 minute tape that shows what appears to be the attackers final messages and also some of the militants the heading hostages >>darya: 0 hundred and 30 people were killed in the paris tareq attack is a foot a strong british prime minister and terrorism and others said the backed the suggested the u.k. could be the next target the t-
9:09 am
bond the the second family to file lawsuits ack-ack and. >>mark: police a looking for when you're the conference he went missing he was wearing a white t-shirt and blue hospital payments police and is considered at risk is a transition really visit the park tree business district democrats and republicans are kicking off a bit was before i knew as the countdown to the first caucuses find out who's endorsing home with and talk about the super
9:10 am
bowl all morning long after the break will take a look at how the area residents are looking to cash in on the 1 million visitors expected. pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment is our partnership with habitat for humanity. our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful.
9:11 am
we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california. >>robin winston: if you're about
9:12 am
to hit into san francisco state away from batteries will have the complete of the coming up in just >>darya: for $10,000 a night it is an 85 _ for a home in san jose for $5,000.90 there was a minimum six night stay you have to stay the week and spend a lot of money if you want something to the different for players and
9:13 am
canada officials that have have a hotel room the helton and baddest two blocks away from levi stadium
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>darya: we have been looking at domestic comes with the super bowl
9:16 am
>>robin winston: the fun and the district of the place to avoid altogether people are going off on twitter from broadway to market montgomery awful so few have disclosed to the financial district the surrounding streets that are all messed up and is
9:17 am
the bit tough ride south about embarcadero from washington all with over to the ferry building that is close enough down off the northbound traffic southbound traffic on the embarcadero is over to washington that is backed up in a direct impact on battery which is absolutely awful from the
9:18 am
point. >>robin winston: this history san mateo getting better but is still celesta to five minutes from 880 to the 101 connector is going to be hot spots from the afternoon and and to the evening commute >>anny hong: here is a quick
9:19 am
check of the satellite radar picked to we have a little weak disturbance that the potentially bring some shower activity to points south and east of looking at dry conditions the future of past shows us for the 9:00 hour will have continued partial clearing expecting dry conditions to concede the moisture of trying to maybe make its way into by 3:00 p.m. the in for par to mostly sunny conditions in the east bay mud overnight to tomorrow morning things are looking drive we do see a few clouds and along with the patch of fog to your tuesday morning more sunshine expected for to the afternoon.
9:20 am
>>anny hong: will talk more rock extended outlook in the piano when the rain is in the forecast. >>rob black: this week is really serious apple is important and one is going to be nitpicking the report but they're looking for is not current were looking for future apple is farm income
9:21 am
which all about markets and new phones in china is going to be acquired their broken into affidavit they're going to come in and the stocks are down and not upon it was once required there for five people have the redesign and leave for everyone to send people come in the woods
9:22 am
with their own staff on the company seven to percent say
9:23 am
they received no education about credit-card most people 75 percent say that could make a film that as a human being >>rob black: metal device to parents we should be educated as a nation about credit can because retirement savings calculators
9:24 am
>>rob black: the problem is to we don't know our own data and how to think it is the human error that makes the type mechanically is wrong that a factor in inflation and support to the factory to million dollars today is a lot of money but in 23 years it may be a price of a car.
9:25 am
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>>darya: yes today in the boston globe endorsed clinton a conservative endorsed had cruse that look trout raised eyebrows with the comment about the loyalty of his supporters.
9:28 am
>>anny hong: we're checking at the airport delays including sfo on san jose wicking up to the
9:29 am
crowded conditions more details on your forecast coming up after the break.
9:30 am
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>>robin winston: we made it the hot spot because it is much heavier than normal use of live look from traffic along the embarcadero and broadway you
9:32 am
concede traffic control officer stationed at the middle of the intersection their giants a helps it to the map with have adapted from a to-along the embarcadero expect a nasty bathtub getting reports of off of delays in washington that the back of some long have restricted also getting to the financial district and get to the embarcadero that is why
9:33 am
washington is so battered or felling of the to battery st. is an absolute standstill stay away from battery but all have a chapter come awful market and mission street we recommend using howard is also hairstreak. >>anny hong: most other
9:34 am
locations are most crowded conditions for some fifties at lunchtime expect more caring is part of a copy to the lunch hour of the fifties to low 60s by 3:00 p.m. the full 06 is pretty much all across the bay area and partly to mostly sunny conditions. >>jackie sissel: a huge chunk
9:35 am
of sea wall that has completely failed this is one of about half a dozen spots up and down the coastline and the support of that had serious damage from the high tides is been rolling through for the last couple of weeks in fact hear some other video from over the weekend of the other locations in fancy houses teetering on the edge the sea walls given way on the promise not also up the coast a little farther we have places basically happen to have emergency crews come in and put rocks down to be trouble. >>will tran: because of all that the issue the local state of emergency with their open for is a state of federal dollars in his senate and get some of these repairs done the good news is we were just talking about what we expected to see dry weather to
9:36 am
the next couple of days the of the bid of good news for the first time in many many days the boardwalk in the peer out here on our back open the headed close when i had a king ties also would like to walk out on the pier. >>mark: in hopes of the images into the deck with the french coastline look like the concern since launching the phones and on spending a lot of the group
9:37 am
is working with a private company in the deal tech images there is a ski resort for sale mount rose the honors among rows of putting it up for sale the majority of my close 95 is soap the property our market now was the right time to sell especially since last season was successful with their real snow where mix of private property and leaks from u.s. for service to all hon to ski the lakers have monopolies in southern california of the for three inmates they got out of a maximum security jail and here's how with the content is so far
9:38 am
that the whole to to the death couple metal screen and then it cut the still bars the got up on the roof and they propelled four stories down by using homemade rope that concession on in the interest of the they're all gelled as separate cases if you want to get into harvard been nicer person will explain the changes coming to universities.
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>mark: the university says the mrs. process folks too much on personal success rotted that concern for the public good of all colleges to revamp the
9:41 am
emissions process and of the plan failed to release the report on how students can beat this new definition of achievement avoid a black sheet in not feel pressured to list more than two or three extra curricular activities don't overload on advanced placement courses some students benefit more by just taking one or two were attacking cloudy conditions more sunshine expected for the afternoon here is a live look at the bay bridge.
9:42 am
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>>: amend named to joan and it was absolutely renounce in the car industry really one and serving in the community no one could find an enemy on the night of the disappearance use acid preparing to do what he did every deliver a bunch of tourists to needy in disadvantage and best for children the next morning he was found brutally murdered bludgeon and shot to death in his car that mr. arad a loss not just
9:46 am
for a motive but also in terms of suspects it was some initial suspicion which was cast on his ex-girlfriend who he planted to leave at the time she would never formally named a suspect she did refuse however our request an interview police request for an autograph you get to hear an exclusive interview little later today with the family what they think really happened and who they think may know more than they are letting on also ahead today copper we have some vision of a can apply this is extraordinary police-can which was captured and would not begin as an ordinary road side >>: they approached the car and then the driver choose a particularly on orthodox tried to leave the vehicle but that is not the most bizarre part of this road stop something one of the passengers does in the back seat will blow your mind will show you the today.
9:47 am
>>mark: alive the curb for giving your eyes with a beautiful looking dame this disturbance here is what can make a produce a migraine for the north bank here's a look at
9:48 am
the future has expecting some pretty nice afternoon by lunchtime. >>anny hong: we have some clouds and patchy fog but try and is even more sunshine for tuesday afternoon temperatures on to a generally in the '60s were some 50 in san francisco 54 oakland low fifties for san jose and also for our friends in livermore to cop-today a lot of low 60s it will be a pretty nice looking afternoon in the strike on wednesday and thursday timber just popped out in the mid '60s but thursday reduce the chance for some showers to arrive to fighting saturday and sunday.
9:49 am
>>anny hong: we will cut what rentals quite yet here is a quick check of traffic. male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 news weekened starts now >>robin winston: that the traffic if you have to drive me back through the more rain on the financial district prepare for some heavy delays in homage
9:50 am
to hot spots for 101 or respond 80 you to see it is clear approach and the toll plaza little slow for 680 in fremont overall not that 20 minutes from dublin to fremont slow on of from 280 of san jose and and to cupertino.
9:51 am
>>mark: officials and exited the baltimore philadelphia new york and washington d.c. the mayor of baltimore with texas time in the zero received 16 in. in philadelphia to receive the 20 in. and resume service to the thick of 22 in. of snow the federal government is one of the maryland and virginia state governors are closed again to
9:52 am
an a large chunk of metal that was the sure and southern thailand >>darya: the malaysian airline authorities are cautioning and the government is saying that the connection we're not positive to fight the spread on march of 2014 after lost communication amid a sharp turn away from his destination and officials believe that a crack in the southern indian ocean on the one piece of debris has been identified as coming from the plane is expected to announce a major initiative to clear unexploded u.s. bombs and a country of laos a sitcom this nation of vietnam is targeted by u.s. aircraft during the war
9:53 am
president obama is expected to announce the initiative during a trip to lost this fall >>darya: the average price of gas and 14% it is a $91 of the gallon nationwide the lowest price isn't also oklahoma with a pang of book 40 a gallon we will
9:54 am
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>>mark: controlled closures and full of fact as the city is building of the super bowl city for super bowl 51 to commit for the next few weeks and the disclosure is a southbound side of the embarcadero for washington's strict the fare applies of the tourism friends and have a taxable city open on saturday. >>darya: pitcher manning and the denver broncos tech on kim newton and the carolina panthers is to be the path a second to the ball passed in franchise history and it will be paid tens for possible appearance in the broncos' 8 in franchise history both teams will be taken to the filled febris seventh and santa clara there instead of merging
9:57 am
pacifica making the declaration friday night because of recent storm damage. >>mark: city workers applaudable is out to prevent any more erosion. >>darya: best tackle looked there's nothing to cover on to lead you looking at the santa >>darya: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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