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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :breaking news we are following tonight. one person is dead. following an f-b-i standoff with armed protestors in oregon. the group had been occupying a national refuge facility for several weeks now. good evening, i'm pam moore. at least 8 other people were arrested during the incident. grant lodes has more details on tonight's deadly standoff. >> grant :the deadly shooting was during the rest of the armed group that has been occupying a wildlife refuge. it was part of a long-running dispute over public land
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he is the son of the controversial nevada man over grazing rights while the rest were being made this evening at least one person suffered a non-threatening injuries and was taken to hospital and that is in addition to person killed investigators have not said to started shooting first--said who shooted first >> pam :the victim of tonight's shooting has been identified as lavoy finicum. officials say, they pulled over two cars during the incident. and that, finicum and amman bundy's brother, ryan, refused to obey orders. shots were fired, but it is unknown who fired first. finicum was among those who were very outspoken when they took over the national wildlife refuge. earlier this month. he said he would rather be killed than arrested. more breaking news we are
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following tonight. two people are dead and three others are injured. following a shooting at a homeless encampment in seattle. it happened earlier tonight. just south of downtown. roads are closed. police are searching for at least one suspect. seattle mayor ed murray. is calling the shooting an active crime scene. and is urging people to stay away from the area. the dublin unified school district has a big problem. overcrowded schools. families are working with the school board to come up with a solution. kron 4's alecia reid was at the meeting tonight. she joins us now. are they anywhere close to a fix for the problem? >> alecia :the have a long way to go before a permanent solution is done voicing their concerns parents fear the worst for their children and they are sitting
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down with parents to come up with a solution >>:we have another that we are repairing and we have discussions about a second high- school that keeps the student teacher ratio at an average she says the east side of town needs its own high-school >>:we are such a small city to have won high school with 5000 students i do not even think that should be an option >> alecia :at the rate that is growing the amount of children being admitted is skyrocketing it parents hope that it will be
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sold sooner than later >> pam :a san francisco supervisor is calling for a crack down. on bus safety regulations. supervisor norman yee announced today he wants to hold a hearing. his call comes less than two weeks after a man was struck and killed by a tour bus... as he crossed the street in the lower pacific heights neighborhood. yee is asking officials to review existing regulations... and present proposed solutions designed to increase safety. one law passed in 2014... required tour buses to have separate drivers and tour narrators. crumbling cliffs in pacifica are forcing residents from
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their homes. this is a drone's eye view above and along the coast. several apartment complexes are teetering on the edge of bluffs. and have been deemed "uninhabitable." kron 4's charles clifford spoke with some residents packing up and others relunctant to leave their homes. that what the residents of 310 esplanade ave were left with after the city of pacifica yellow tagged their homes monday evening. >> : the cops called yesterday and said i had to move. >> charles :juliette took the day off from work and started packing up her belongings even though she doesn't have anywhere to move to. >> : not at this time but i have a lot of friends who offered a place for me. >> charles :johnathan levine has been looking for a new apartment for awhile but will stay here as long as he can. >> : if the time comes when they shut off the power and gas and i have no access i'll just put stuff in storage and couch surf. >> : i was surprised yesterday when these yellow tags went up. >> charles :bart willoughby is the property manager at 310, he also lives here. he's filed an appeal with the city challenging
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their decision to yellow tag the building. he says engineers have told him the apartments aren't in any immediate danger. >> : no. there's not. not at all. if it was unsafe i would have been the first to leave. >> : they said you have to go >> charles :monica montoya stayed in a shelter last night but says that's only a very temporary solution. she, like many of here neighbors, doesn't know what to do next. >> : it's tought. you only get three nights in a shelter. >> : it's frustrating. we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. >> pam :new at 11. a man is recovering tonight. after falling down an 80-foot hill in the oakland hills. this is cell phone video from a neighbor. it happened just after 2-30- this afternoon. along oak hill road near sequoyah view drive. officials say the worker was surveying the ground following a recent mudslide. when he fell. he was stuck in knee -deep mud.
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it took crews about 15 -minutes to free him. fortunately. he suffered no injuries. a person is in custody following a fire that broke out earlier tonight in san francisco's bernal heights. it happened on the six- hundred block of anderson. around 7:30 tonight. san francisco police first received a call from a mother... who claimed her son had a kinfe. s-f-p-d then called on firefighters. after learning a fire was also ablaze in the home. one person has been detained... but there are no further details on the incident tonight. coming up. homeowners are not the only ones hoping to cash in on renting their homes to superbowl fans. boaters are getting in on the act too. the latest on a new reward for the dangerous three escaped inmates in southern california. new snowpack totals from the sierra. and what they mean for califor nia's water supply.
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>> pam :drought- striken california is seeing more snow. than it has seen in five- years. officials say, the water content of the sierra snowpack is at 115- percent of its average. that's the highest reading since 20-11. the sierra snowpack contributes nearly one- third of the state's water supply when it melts. water officials say, although this year has seen a boost. the snowpack would have to be at 150- percent of normal by april. in order to ease the drought. coming up. stunned by a jailbreak by three prisoners. a new reward issued tonight. and details on their dangerous
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pasts. in case hotel and air- b-n-b prices for the superbowl are out of your range. there is another rental alternative to consider.details ahead. >> gary :and the star forward for the clippers' punches out and equipment man and on the other side we have curry working with kids later in the broadcast >> brittney : and i am already tracking our next storm system all coming up in my full forecast
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>> pam :new at 11. tens of thousands of people will descend on the bay area in the next two weeks for the superbowl. and most will take up lodging in a hotel or an air b- n- b rental. but there is a third option. one with a little adventure built in. kron four's jeff bush explains the new service called - 'get my boat.' >> jeff :get my boat has been around less than a year and already features more than 45,000 boats for rent in more than 100 countriesincluding right here in the bay area. the service is similar to air b n bowners rent their boats for a certain amount of time and the price is dependant on the size of the boat. private owners as well as charter companies participate and get my boat officials say it is a nice alternative to
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traditional lodging. >> kira maixner : anyone who is looking to book for the superbowl has had to deal with high hotel prices. sleeping aboard a boat is a totally different, brand new way to go around that and have a really unique experience. the boats are rented by the day or by the hourdepending on the owner. i checked in with the modern sailing school and clubthat company offeres several boats for rent. you can see the cabins are cozy but quite spacious for a boat. >> leigh hunt : you charter the boat for the day and you can spend the night on the boat. you can spend the night on the boat on the docks or you can take it to many of the nice anchorages in the bay and spend the night on the hook. >> jeff :the boats can be found in a variety of marinas in the bay area and the charter price really isn't all that bad if you split it with a few friends. i'm jeff bush in sausalito, kron four news.
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>> pam :new at 11. vista point-- one of san francisco's most popular tourist destinations-- is implementing major parking changes for super bowl festivities. cars will not be allowed to park at vista point. between 11 a-m and 5-pm starting this friday, january 29-th. the closure will remain in effect through sunday, february 7-th. tour buses will be allowed to park at vista point. taxis and rideshare services can pick- up and drop -off passengers at the welcome center lot. at the south end of the bridge. bridge officials say, the changes are intended to reduce traffic. on kron 4 dot com. we have an entire section dedicated to super bowl 50. there you can find super bowl city events. and a detailed list of road closures in san francisco and around levi' stadium. we have also compiled the top ten super bowl plays of all time.
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it's all just a click away. at kron 4 dot com. >> brittney : here's a closer look at what to expect with stridor and mild conditions continuing and will warm up into the '60s you also see windy conditions with rain totals not that incredibly impressive but will keep a close eye on the situation in pacifica with more of the beach erosion the which always happens with strong waves and high tides so that is something we have had with these amino fuelled storms--el nino fueled we are already tracking and
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development of our next system which will get here thursday night into friday by friday we start to see some changes with a chance of showers for the weekend and temperatures back in the '50s and said it >> pam :three men accused of incredibly violent crimes -- are still on the run tonight -- after a bold escape from a
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southern california jail. now authorities are offering a 200 -thousand dollar reward. for information leading to the fugitives' capture. from our partners at c-n-n. mary maloney has the story. > >mary; the alleged crimes are horrifying. murder -- attempted murder -- and torture. three inmates awaiting trial accused of those crimes -- on the run -- after escaping from jail. the orange county sheriff calls the escape sophisticated. he says the men cut through metal -- crawled in plumbing tunnels -- and cut steel. once on the roof -- the sheriff says the men used braided sheets -- and rappelled about four or five stories down the side of the maximum security jail. guards determined the men were gone more than 12 hours later. leading some to wonder if the fugitives had help. >> : the sheriff is extremely troubled by the length of time it took to determine that the three inmates, housed in a maximum security jail, were unaccounted for. >> : immediate steps have been
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taken to address that specific concern. > >mary; -- attacked a man four years ago -- doused him with bleach -- set him on fire -- cut off his genitals -- and dumped him in the desert. jonathan tieu is charged with murder and attempted murder. investigators say he and fellow escapee bac tien duong are affiliated with vietnamese gangs -- all have pled not guilty. now police say the rap sheets of these three escaped inmates will only get longer -- if they aren't caught soon. >> : these three are extremely dangerous felons and need to be apprehended and brought back into custody immediately. > >mary:i'm mary moloney reporting. >> pam :and gary has all the sports coming out
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>> gary :the hottest team in hockey. the san jose sharks. sharks up 1-0 goes on and on sharks win 6-1 their longest streak since
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2011 jim o'neal is the new defensive coordinator at this point in time oyou take what you can get, apparently crews are working on scoreboard displays the 49ers have reportedly reached an agreement. a 36-person crew. is busy at work preparing the turf for super bowl 50 two sundays from now a levi's stadium everything from painting the logos to seeding to rain contingencies in addition to the field crews are also working on scoreboard displays & graphics expanded
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seating and even both team's practice facilitites after last sunday's afc championship win over the patriots peyton manning gave pats coach bill belichick a hint about his nfl future manning was saying that it might be his last rodeo manning will be playing in his 3rd super bowl 2 sundays from now his broncos are currently a 6-point underdog to the carolina panthers steph curry was also at manzanita community school in
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oakland along with the u.s. surgeon general vivek murthy. helping 250 kids get fit as part of the nba fit "get healthy" week the stations included dancing with steph and the surgeon general getting down with the kids as well as basketball, speed& agility and nutrition afterward curry was asked about the dancing dole wil >>:we had a lot of fun but the surgeon general has more better dance moves than me
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>> gary :and will end on this sour note to blake griffin will be out 4-to-6 weeks. after fracturing his finger punching a clippers assistant equipment manager in an off- court altercation griffin reportedly puched matias testi who by these photos looks like a good friend of griffin's multiple times after a disagreement at a toronto restaurant griffin underwent surgery to repair the fractured finger on his right hand this comes just as griffin was nearing a return from another injury
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>> pam :could then everybody-- >> pam :could then everybody-- good night everybody ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. how could anyone survive this? down and down she goes. she can't stop. can can you believe her name is angel. >> when you are going that fast, you can't do anything. >> and, duel in the sun. bat versus club. >> what should you do if someone comes after you with a baseball bat? >> then, sarah palin's bolero jacket. the inside story of how they scrambled to make one for tina fey. >> plus, blizzard of heart attacks. even a young pregnant woman. >> the body of a 64-year-old woman found by school kids still holding her snow shovel. >> what you need to know. you don't want prolonged


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