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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 28, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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now at 8:00. tear it down. their dream home is uninhabitable because it is dangering other homes. we have 14 students that have been suspended. >> students attend a party mimicking a negative stereotype. intense confrontation as stanly roberts gets to the bottom of a problem. locked and loaded. what you need to know when visiting super bowl city. this is a full hour of your choice of prime time news. this is the bay area news station. kron 4 news at 8:00 starts now.
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a local family told they cannot move into their new home after that home was in danger of sliding down the hill and crushing another home. this is video from our helicopter partnership of abc 7. good evening, everybody i'm pam moore. we were first on the scene. tonight kron 4 was first to be there. charles clifford joins us live. will the crews finish up tomorrow? >> reporter: they want to get this house torn down. nobody was living here but the owner was here today watching it get torn down.
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thursday afternoon a demolition contractor began tearing. ronald has just purchased the house. his family dream home is torn to the ground. >> it had wonderful views. this was going to be the home. >> reporter: the problem started last saturday when the neighborhood notice the crack in the sidewalk in front of the house. ronald contacted the city. they took soil samples all they found was bad news. >> the conditions were such that a recommendation was made to the building director to demolish this building. >> reporter: believing it could slide down and dangering other homes. >> our biggest concern at this point is everyone's safety. >> reporter: only one home has
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been red tagged thus far. it will be testing the homes downhill. >> there is soil instability. >> reporter: ronald and his family are renting a house in the neighborhood. they do have a house to stay in this evening. charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> thank you. another part of this story. the home is directly beneath the demolish property. it could also affect their homes. kron 4 spoke to neighbors. how are they coping tonight? >> reporter: there is a lot of concern that this could be a widespread problem. this home shares yard space. when you go into those homes you
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could get significant evidence that those backyard are sliding. those homeowners spent the evening at the home trying to get inspectors as soon as possible. the ocean views are spectacular. if you look straight down you will notice something alarming. a crack, the house next door is sliding. >> that is a tragedy. that is a sad situation. >> reporter: a mystery. >> everybody is interested what is the source of that water. >> reporter: he lives on the streets below. all that water is running off under his zen garden. >> my guess is it is this water pipe here. >> reporter: you can see it pushed the rocks up, almost the
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height of this dollar bill. it continues on the sliding house. behind it a massive pole. behind that the home of baseball player. >> it is about two inches. >> reporter: these three homeowners aren't worried on top of it. they are worried what is underneath. >> i think we are pretty sound but the city has asked us to verify that. >> reporter: and of course the fact that there is rain in the forecast for tomorrow is not welcome news for everyone in this neighborhood. reporting live in san francisco
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i'm kate. kron 4 news. >> kron was the first to tell you about the demolish. on to other news now. tragedy and heartbreak for a family in the east bay. a 2-year-old was run over and killed by the family truck this afternoon. kron 4 jeff bush joins us live where it all happened. jeff? >> reporter: it happened early this afternoon. the girl's father was out in the truck getting ready to go to do errands. she was accidentally runned over and killed. the police arrived near south street and found the 2-year-old little girl in her mother's arms, dead. the little girl ran out of the
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house when she noticed her dad had left. he accidental ran his daughter over with the family truck. she died instantly. >> the child was, you know, a little kid and very small in stature. the vehicle is rather large and possibly couldn't see what was in front. >> reporter: police say it is not uncommon for young children to act impullpuls sievely. >> there is a syndrome called good-bye syndrome. >> reporter: police are classifying this as a tragic accident and no charges will be filed. reporting live in richmond, kron
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4 news. 14 students are suspended and facing suspension. they called the behavior unacceptable and does not represent the san francisco catholic school. >> i was shocked. i was shocked and i remain shocked. >> reporter: that is the reaction from the student body nation from the college nation preparatory school after many students attended a party last weekend where race was the theme. they posted it on instagram and snapchat. >> where students dressed inappropriately that promoted
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black stereotypes. >> reporter: nonblack students dressed up in that clothing. 50% is white and some are deeply concerned. >> this should not be taken lightly. i feel it did affect the community as a whole. >> just 5% of the student body is black. >> it is disappointing. >> reporter: times have changed and they don't believe there is a race problem. >> if this were 30 years ago we wouldn't have kids angry, we wouldn't have 500 kids showing up. i haven't done a thing today. we were supposed to do a million work sheets this is what is driving and buzzing around the school. the fact that kids want to change this, that's what different. >> reporter: the principal says there were several other students from other schools at this party. but at this point those here are
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the only ones that have been suspended. now to the super bowl 50. local and federal law enforcement wrapping up security measures ahead of the big week. >> left and right. >> the elite s.w.a.t. team behind the scene look. the team is part of the emergency response called the emerge unit. canines are trained to sniff out explosives. it will be the primary focus during the super bowl. a special command center has been set up in mountain view. there will be more than 100 people from law enforcement here working 24 hours a day until the
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day after the big game. the fbi says it's main challenge is the lone wolf attack and asking the public to stay alert. the super day is almost here. super bowl -- kron 4 is live at super bowl city. she explains the rules. >> reporter: security will be tight at all super bowl events. there are rules on what side bag you can bring. it can't be bigger than 18 by 18 inches. what you put in it also matters. crews are hammering away. construction teams have made lists and checking them twice
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making sure everything is nice. >> i was like whoa, what is that place? >> reporter: the anticipation of it is growing. >> it is a once in a lifetime experience. >> it's san francisco at its best. >> reporter: while this will be fun and games security will be taken seriously. >> i prefer not to be in crowded areas for big events right now. >> reporter: extra police officers and guards will be watching at each entrance. fans will enter through metal detectors and bags will be searchs. items prohibits alcohol, weapons
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no bikes, skateboards, hoverboards, no pets. leave your pets at home unless it is a service animal. >> i love football a lot. >> reporter: this is an event not to miss. >> yes, i'll be back. i may try to enjoy it a bit. >> it will be mardi gras san francisco. >> reporter: and to keep fans safe, there are these boxes around san francisco. they have been placed by homeland security. they are air sniffers. these boxes can smell out weapons like an thrax. as we come back it opens saturday at 11:00 a.m. it is free tomorrow and getting
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a behind the scenes tour going on here. i'll be sure to post lots of pictures on facebook, twitter, and instagram. live in san francisco here at super bowl city. is your place for super bowl. we will have a complete list of what you can and cannot take into the stadium. ahead tonight at 8:00 spreading an explosive -- a dangerous virus that cannot be treated. plus, threaten with violence. a visit to san francisco's tent city. next, neighbors evacuated. now the surf is at the peninsula
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once again. we have an update in 90 seconds.
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happening tonight a surf advisory is in effect along the peninsula. scott is live with an update for
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us. >> reporter: another -- on the edge here on sharon way. the sinkhole has been a problem. and then, of course these apartments that have been vacant and the ones next to it police are warning people and asking people to move out. but definitely hanging over that cliff. as we get another storm here and more waves there is more of a concern out here. we come back here live. that advisory will last the next couple of days. tomorrow it's supposed to get stormy -- >> all right. there is problems with scott's live signal.
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right now weather experts say large breakers are predicted south through the central coast. brittany has the specifics of what is ahead. brittany? >> that's right. dangerous conditions. we will still see wind gusts at 30 miles per hour as we head into tomorrow. here is a live look at our stormtracker 4 radar. it shows light showers into parts of our area. it will start mainly in the north and slowly transition it's way. it's going to affect the entire area as we head into tomorrow. so for tonight, we are starting to see a few scattered showers as we moved in. here is what we can expect with the next system. rain will continue pumping in overnight. wet commute in the north bay.
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the entire area -- we have a dangerous surf. we have an advisory that will stay into affect through friday. we are tracking showers both on saturday and sunday and expect temperatures to drop down a little bit. we've been seeing above average temperatures. that's going to change with this next system moving through. as we go through time we continue to see a few more of these showers on and off tomorrow night. by tomorrow morning, more rainfall expected slowly transitions to the south. still dealing with light rain. more lingering showers for us and we maintain a chance of showers as we go into the weekend on saturday and sunday. coming up i'll go over your seven-day forecast and track more changes. we will have a closer look at
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some of the snow totals in the sierra. that's coming up. just within the past five minutes we have learned a deadly plane crash near santa rosa. two people killed near wood ranch road. we got the call about ten minutes ago. both people on board have died. we don't know about any other people. the type of plane also unknown. we are reaching out to the faa right now. fire officials have confirmed to us that two people died. we don't know what caused it or if it was approaching or leaving a local airport. we will bring you updates as we get them. pam? staying home to watch the super bowl show down. we will tell you where you can snag the best deal on a new tv. three people leave police in
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a wild chase. coming up later on this broadcast. if you are a warrior fan, good news. three all-stars. president obama gives you a super bowl pick. and a little bit of super bowl chat as well. broncos and carolina will be coming out here this weekend, a little bit later in the broadcast. ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪ spreading at an explosive rate. the new warning about the mosquito born virus called zika. it can be transmitted to babies. it has been tied to babies being
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born with small heads. it is already in 33 countries in the western hemisphere. grant is here now with a quick look where the zika virus came from. >> for sure. 60 years ago when this was discovered in africa. it wasn't an issue in this part of the world. in 1947 it was found in uganda. it had spread to asia. it exploded in the last few years. 2007 it was in the south pacific east of the philippines and went
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to the west polinisian area. it spread to various countries also mexico and getting closer and closer to the u.s. just this monday cdc issued a travel alert. it is spreading explosively. the man accused of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old was in court today. he has been charged with murder. police say the investigation into the death of the child found evidence that lopez had raped, beaten, and soft indicate ed suffocated the boy. three burglary suspects are
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under arrest. investigators are checking to see if they were responsible for a robbery. the suspects from the armed robbery matched the description. three people were taken into custody. all three have criminal backgrounds. still ahead tonight at 8:00. a california teacher now under arrest. her connection to the violent inmates. police break down the door thinking they are responding to domestic violence. you won't believe what they found instead. coming up. >> [ bleep ] >> i'm not [ bleep ] he or she still. -- hostile.
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>> i'll show you what led to the incident in the next edition edition [♪] ♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go
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police kicked down a door. after neighbors thought they were hearing screams of the apartment. when they arrived it turned out to be a man who was singing opera. the man was able to laugh about
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the incident afterwards. he was singing along out loud. there is no indications if he is taking singing lessons. what donald trump said at his own event tonight. if you are in the market for a big screen tv for the super bowl stay tuned. i'll show you how to get the best deals. that's next on kron. from a site of an emergency demolition. a home torn down because it was threatening other property. more rain and snow is on its way. i'll give you more details what you can expect coming up on the forecast.
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this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now. construction crews rush through this san francisco home today for an emergency demolition. that property posed a dangerous threat to other homes. charles clifford was first on the scene. he joins us live with an update. charles? >> reporter: crews will be back in the morning to try to finish tearing down this house.
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they want to get it demolished before it rains. there are homes below this structure. this could damage those homes. this whole thing started last weekend when a neighbor spotted a crack. the city determined there was a danger of possible slide. the owner of the structure or of the house hired a contractor. about 2:00 this afternoon they started tearing down this building. no one lives in the house. the owners were here watching their dream house get torn down. they are renting a house in the neighborhood. hopefully that contractor will finish demolishing the house. charles clifford kron 4 news. >> we just got an update on the
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breaking news minutes ago. we just con information from the faa it was a single engine piper engine. it was in the final approach into the sonoma county airport. it was headed to santa rosa. just two people on board. both of those people lost their lives. the faa and ntsb investigating and that is all we know. if you were with us earlier in the show this is right near wood ranch road. it turns out it was trying to land at the airport after taking off in paum spring palm springs. >> we will change gears a bit. new tonight at 8:00. if you are in the market for a new big screen television, what to look for and how to get the
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best deal. >> there are so many tvs now on the market it can be intimidating. there is so many shapes and sizes and different types of tvs. if you are just looking for a good big screen tv for the super bowl, let me help break it down. first let's talk about atv. do you need a 4 k tv. it won't help you with the big game. it will add you a few hundred dollars to the tv. right now the best stuff is on netflix and youtube. i would say -- you should go for an l.e.d.. they are razor thin. they have a great bright picture
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for football. now, they are very affordable. the good ones used to be a thousand dollars or more. you will see these new curb tvs out there. i think it is a gimmick. i say avoid them. should you get a smart tv? that is a tv that lets you access the internet through the remote control. you can see netflix streaming and different apps. they can be difficult to use. i think it is better to hook up like a streaming box if you want the internet on your tv. where should you buy your tv?
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prices have gone down so low. you can go to best buy or costco. be sure to visit my tech page or on our mobile app. i have great information on tvs if you are shopping for the super bowl. i looked on great deals for tvs you can jump on and scoop up online and a lot more information on trying to decide what kind of tv is right for you. with super bowl city taking shape, many in san francisco homeless population have been displaced. there are rumors where they have been moved or some say hidden. he got a little more than he bargain for. >> reporter: he found people behaving badly. a man wearing a jersey with his
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hand in his pocket threaten to stab me. luckily my security detail was right on it. after receiving numerous messages i ventured over not to a field but a city street. 2 city streets to be exact. people believed because of the super bowl the city is moving the homeless here and some believe the city is -- >> pushing them to bay view. >> reporter: he says he got here because he made a few wrong choices like -- >> heroin addiction. i'm going to -- next friday. >> reporter: ashonte has been homeless for more than six years. before you jump to conclusion this large tent city -- this area has been like this for more
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than a year. it's just grown. now it isn't hard to find them. there are no restrooms they use. they use buckets. >> some negative activity. >> they can be off the jail and off the streets. i only saw one police cruiser. now back to the guy wears the 49er jersey. he followed me and continued his verbal assault. >> [ bleep ] >> in the end he even spit on me and kicked my vehicle. had it not been for him i actually believe i would have
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been stabbed. if you are coming to san francisco for super bowl festivities do so at your own risk. we want to get an update on our weather. so what about the morning commute? >> it's going to be a wet one especially in the north bay. that's where the rain is going to move in first and slowly spread. right now we are tracking a little bit of rain moving into parts of cloverdale and head into the rest of the night we know that rain will start to develop as we continue to watch this weather. we will have a separate weather disturbance. let's time it all out for you. our futurecast shows that if we go to the rest of tonight we will see those showers on and
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off. santa rosa stretching to napa, vallejo. at least the system is only going to bring light rain. some higher amount if you are closer to santa rosa. we do expect another round of snowfall as well. we will keep chance of showers on saturday and into sunday although the model is not showing it. once we travel we have a winter storm effect all the way into saturday morning. white out conditions a possibility. we could see 6 to 16 inches. we saw warmer conditions. we will cool things down. monday we get a break. a chance of showers back in the forecast for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday of next week. stay with us. you are watching kron 4 news. pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment
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is our partnership with habitat for humanity. our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california.
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just days before the caucuses the republicans -- noticeably not present donald trump. grant is back with more on the gop. >> the front runner said i'm not going to show up. seven republican candidates did. the gop front runner mia. that did not stop them from mentioning trump's name. senator cruz thanked the candidates. meanwhile, senator marco rubio
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talked about stepping up security. >> i believe the world is safer when america is the strongest power in the world. i believe only with a strong america we will defeat this group. >> the american people are terrified that's why we have this abnormalnormal situations. >>. >> tonight trump headed a separate rally for veterans. he announced he would boycott debate with a running feud with fox news and one of the moderators. he said he had more cameras at his event than he did at the debate. >> we let them start and, you know we want it to be about 15 minutes into that hour so by now they are tuned. look at all the cameras, this is
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like the academy awards. this is the academy awards. >> you won't have a bunch of media at the fox debate. when you are treated badly you have to stick up with your rights. he added americans have to stick for their country if they are being mistreated. the debate and other things, he said no way did this change much. it will always be remembered for the split screen debate. voters will have their time to way on monday. that's when the iowa caucus is underway. pam? >> coming up in 60 seconds, what we are learning about who may have helped the california inmates escape. steph curry in the nba
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roster. what was michael phelps doing at this game. gary has that coming up.
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we are following breaking news in sonoma county where two people have died in a plane crash. they were killed on the approach to the airport. the plane taking off from palm springs. it was pa 24. no other injuries to anyone on the ground. we do have a crew headed to the scene. we will have the latest at 11:00. a woman who taught english as the second language is accused of helping three violent criminals escape. the 44-year-old may have supplied those inmates with map.
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they maybe living in a van that was stolen on sunday. so far close to ten people have been arrested as the hunt for the escapees continues. it is now time for gary. >> reporter: the all-star game is going to be juicy. almost received enough votes to start. he is headed to the all-star game in torrent. let's say klay thomson. one of the great shooter in all of basketball. klay will not start the game as he did last year. getting a lot of minutes coming off the bench. i'm tired of this story. pam is tired -- the raiders story you will hear on kron.
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they are moving every day. >> yeah. >> when i see it show up then i know it is a story. i have a side bar that you will find fascinating. a guy name shell don is proposing a $1 million stadium. you want a good story there grant? the story has always been he had ties with the fellows back east. >> true. like mafia. >> he bankrolled -- he got upset. they thought that this -- they
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thought they were uncroupous reporting. check out the great sheldon. >> i did not know shelldon. i got a couple hundred dollars. if you were really good he -- i had the complexion to make the connection. time now for the ultimate highlight. >> distract somebody for a free throw. michael phelps at the arizona state game. look at him. he came out and started doing this and the power free thrower missed both shots. no joke. michael phelps didn't go to college so mike is getting his
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jollies off in his early 30s. arizona state went on to win the game. 18 times olympic golden medalist. he wanted to distract a college free throw shooter. >> that's a college story for sure. >> it is funny but don't you look at him and say jooez, mike. panthers, super bowl. they will be doing their business against the denver broncos. both teams arrive in the bay area on sunday. traffic hasn't been too bad. >> so far. >> just wait until people start honking at you. >> the official car for the super bowl. >> that's exactly why i used it.
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i'm not driving no hyundai. here is ron rivera. >> he is going to attack you the best way he knows. he is a very smart, bright football player. he will anticipate and do things based on what he sees. you got to make sure you are holding a disguise. >> he is a hell of a nice guy. peyton manning, that's what's great about the media. let's try to get attention for ourselves. so gary, the starting quarterback is being investigating because he took human growth pills. leave this guy alone. he is 40 years old.
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president obama is getting in there. the bottom line he denies it fully and the media is getting excited. you are ready for president obama talking loud, saying nothing. >> i got to see a little more information. i think it is a great story for peyton manning to be towards the end of his career in a super bowl again. and, you know, the defense that the broncos have is unbelievable. carolina looks tough. it's going to be a close one. >> thanks for that. we have a super bowl show here. pam and i have been doing this for years. i will asked the audience, pam, don't watch the game. turn to kron 4. we took photos with our entire staff. it will be good super bowl coverage. do you have the graphic? where the hell is the graphic?
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you can't see any -- trust me they are working on a graphic. they told me we have a big graphic and it should be ready a week from sunday. they are working on it. and there it is, you are darn right. >> you are strutting. that's like a cam newton pose. >> i always strut. see pam, if you yell loud enough the barking dog gets the bone. >> apparently. >> is that graphic up there? you are damn right. we will blow the roof off this mother -- >> all right. coming up tonight, if you can take anymore. barbie. the doll you will be able to purchase.
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all right. real quick. barbie, all new. not just the classic, unrealistic. we have the tall, petite, seven skin tones, 22 eye colors and 24 hair styles. barbie hit shelves in 1959. a lot of criticism about how barbie was made. >> i think that is a positive step. >> a good move for little girls. >> have a good night everybody. we will see you at 11:00.
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