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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 29, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>will tran: 80 for joining us tech alive look at the storm tracker 4 radar this morning showers light showers expected all war across to the area especially when we were driving in.
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>>james: next week during all of the principal activity is keeping to and will keep you updated as to what we're seeing right now we still expected to
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drop the than total storm accumulation other managed to cornish this bank on the bill would allow of it to make things too dangerous will expected to last than into the afternoon who have the sea to cast it will get to the time of death so netizen
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indication and what the traffic shall. >>robin winston: you concealable drizzle accumulated and so far is very quiet in san francisco it to 10 minutes of the commute
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on san mateo bridge no problems on city's street their part presidio boulevard in san francisco a hot spot pot of for now and is looking for this. >>will tran: breaking news overnight to people are dead after a crash and some accounting the plane down at around 7:00 in the airport the
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pilot and passenger died at the same the have not yet been identified jefferson airplane went from the bay area to get a national record contract there knowing that like white rabbit and 74 years old police have found the body of the missing san jose man his body was found yesterday afternoon
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investigators had been following up. >>will tran: ride to house yesterday and he has been identified as a 33 year-old man whose name has not been released so far happening today the resume and house of san francisco we were the first on
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the same factors that the demolition will wrap the scene on the house he has the latest from the demolition this morning. >>phillipe djegal: nobble forever even moving into it his dream home crushed torn down before comes crashing down until this weekend when a neighbor's home < no that the driver was separated from the sidewalk he was at his father's sure at the time on monday inspectors and engineers with the city department of building
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inspection the biggest immediate danger he says after a couple of trips to the homes inspectors recommended it be torn down the building director signed off in the meantime he his wife and kids are staying positive despite losing their new home
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>>will tran: there was a tremendous amount of water runoff from the hills they said it may have been a part of the movement. >>will tran: now their fears to
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the virus is spreading to us. >>reporter: the level of alarm is extremely high we need to get some answers quickly visit the virus is now spreading explosively--zika. >>reporter: with three to 4 million cases estimate of them american 12 month period in month in the u.s. and the 80 percent of those suspected not even filling il pregnant women and their children in areas with the virus arrived there is an influx of and normally small heads the early development
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issues and sometimes deaf man no matter senses secured the once infected and no vaccine to prevent it. >>will tran: the gop presidential debate goes on why the republican presidential front runner was still a big part of the conversations + security stepping up 10 days from sabol 50 the dos and don'ts of super bowl week.
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>>james: that is the nature of the rain this morning, i ran to my rent is san francisco at 03 or a merger in that and see anything but i just drove through with some of it is really low bring the umbrella
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and bring a jacket you might get caught in a light sprinkle. >>james: it will be enough to make it the way to becoming an 13 fidgety until 4:00 a.m.
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tomorrow to stay away from the beach today will be pretty dangerous. is given as a farmer by the respective symbols of the most of the morning hovering in the low fifties 57 and san jose in mid 52 in san francisco and oakland renown--right now.
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>>james: the chance of the sparkle or to more on that come. >>robin winston: is was this slick ride at the golden gate bridge picture you want to speed the headlines and wipers so far
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looks good coming out of the north may you to see the cameras are a little wet and the roads out there so far at the limit from the east shore freeway to the toll plaza of this should be a to 10 minutes pick
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>>will tran: he says dolls start of the detested the now possible explosives along the 20 canines
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the super bowl week you vend from levi stadium to the airport >>rob fladaboe: watch this all work guerrilla disposals and a food chemist from the end the black lab will sit 25 injured.
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>>will tran: and decision 2016 just days before the iowa caucuses the elephant not in the room donald trump who held his own event cnn explains why. >>reporter: the outcome of
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putting on the event he says on as veterans to other republicans for the japan defense who also won past iowa caucuses were in attendance governor markup of being introduced absence from the main debate.
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>>will tran: the for said presenters have announced will let you know who is heading of the award at this year's show here is a live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza like this are traffic rain and temperatures and open right now 58 degrees with high expected today of 64 we will be right back.
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>>reporter: the best present we
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work so hard for is finally here she is not see on one celebrating have a brief flurry thomason is a new dad he sent out the first floor of him and his son if. >>will tran: you can watch hollywood today following rightism a the raiders still
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looking for new home will show you the possible site of the raiders' new stadium.
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>>will tran: off this to some old harrison oak tree that came crashing down on 1:00 this morning he is scheduled for
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three weeks from now. >>will tran: happening this morning to listen continues for
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house in san francisco doesn't call has a to public safety. for >>james: the drought had the inside of the tree and now they have the damage and that is one to be miserable today.
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>>james: following the showers early and then control you to see benicia and stretch enough to areas like the little the few scattered showers out and widespread just yet will expect that to change throughout the morning will see the most out of the storm system in a bid is possible and and and half the rest of the bay area according to maybe a third branch the bulk of the energy is stationed was to the north and the wet winter the comes to track and those for you throughout the morning but throughout the day your problem
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notice that your neighborhood and we have water droplets all over the when should we headed out this morning the forecast for today is today part brickbat that is the key time frame for you in the kids to get into school. >>james: temperatures in the upper fifties to low 60s will keep in the low 60s. >>robin winston: we are hot spot for is a little crowding on the bay bridge toll plaza piquancy of-slowdown check in the matt
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the very quiet on the east bay here drive time for westbound 24 for about to leave the creek or another and that is just under 20 minutes from the 446 is the heading into the maid's 242 south 6 aided the ensure the nimitz and macarthur freeway all the scum of the east. bay this east >>will tran: no football this sunday it is next sunday's super bowl sunday the good news is will city will be open tomorrow in san francisco. >>will tran: living up to the
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big gain lots of police officers and fbi and local they're all the out there, sure we're safe the anticipation of this opening is also building.
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>>reporter: they're not allowed by the size of all the people taking and posing for pictures to tell their fired up this is an event not to mess it opens on
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saturday at 11:00 a.m. and is free and san francisco. >>will tran: and ease to bay stoughton's under arrest after they discovered the drugs and the gun on him at school the resource teacher the teen was escorted to the office the raiders owners will continue executive of a possibly moving the team to los vegas he is proposing a $1 billion steadied on beacon lamb campus team officials are reportedly later today in their current negotiating.
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>>will tran: if you live in the east bay taken bird is about to get a little bit more expensive more than a dozen students the off-campus activity in schools says perhaps it will be unacceptable.
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>>gabe slate: it will help you do at least a few hundred dollars to the purchase price
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for now avoided you can go for l e d the hot flat screen tv and efficient super lightweight in the great bright picture the good when used to be a thousand dollars award not you can get a 60 in. a day for as little as four to $500.30 tvs and is not like the move appeared experience first right now is
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you do go that the great deals you can jump on and a lot more information to decide on what type of tv you should get. >>james: coming over want to talk about rain that is falling and how much more will expect trout the course of the day.
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>>will tran: after this will be
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headed to on a creek in getting that information from the location of driver of a truck size of the image of a pass in california and explodes this amazing the bill coming up in the next hour. >>james:.
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>>james: minute to minute show you will live look can surface of dr. you see out of san rafael and other portions marine county we have some large sprinkles off a little bit of a wireless they're picking up showers you may very well drive through some have been missed in drizzle. >>james: by midmorning will switch to the forecast and that means it a little more steading here is a shower activity to see a lighter view on this issue
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yesterday will expire 5:00 p.m. today it is like it will stay active enough light showers and drizzle at the golden gate bridge to conceive of a beautiful we do have some reduced visibility in petaluma here as temperatures on the mild side were starting off in one note and yesterday by this afternoon should map but in the upper fifties to low 60s. >>james: the temperatures will
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stay flat if the rain will track it it might give some light rain for sunday put the chances of popple thunderstorm but it really is more rouyn for that weekend the extended forecast less settled to the traffic center. >>robin winston: it is going to be a separate commute so be careful you concede maturity use extra caution 101 looking good
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into and out of san rafael out to highway 101 and a quick check of the map. >>robin winston: no major hot spots right now in the south bend >>will tran: 14 to suspend after setting a racist party so they're saying then carpenters or san francisco called the behavior and acceptable. >>j.r. stone: after learning that ministers attended a party last weekend one where race was
4:51 am
the theme that goes to pitch is about up on social medium at the party now black students 57% of the catholic high school is a white and some are deeply concerned tutors faculty in many parents here said the times has changed and they don't believe there is a race problem the
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principal tells nine there were several other students from all the schools at this point they're the only ones would been suspended. >>will tran: the civil was a relentless change for drivers around san francisco safe.
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>>will tran: it will now be $2 and haywood to 50 in richmond and $8 and west oakland bart officials say the program we evaluate parking light usage in as full and lord there was a three telecasts on daily parking fees except that the west oakland bart station coming up with bird and left and getting some new competition.
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>>will tran: this will be the second season for washington state university klay thompson that killed some three all-star skull and that includes the main man in the p steph curry he's the starter for the game the nba all-star game sunday february 4th. >>will tran: facebook plan has yet to be approved the news comes four weeks after they announced the partnership to allow users and facebook
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messenger application coming up to the breaking stories we're following this morning. >>james: miscalling at the bay bridge and the golden gate will have the full cut the forecast coming up. ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: it sounded like another quick a tree fell on the house this morning the opec tree crashed down hard on 1:00 this morning in walnut creek no one was hurt the people inside severe pretty shaken up
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>>darya: lead one to back out on the property to begin the work of moving the tree off of the house. >>james: this is the bridge then this the cost of its work this morning it is a damp wind you can get the showers come down right now is a listing on the visibility map track is my fault to small visibility and oakland have from visibility out near half moon bay the majority
5:01 am
decision off to the north bank-- bay >>james: you to see for yourself my own for the morning commute but how the rain should play out. >>robin winston: shows the will comes up when the water get to the road you can easily spend now the drive times a quick a to 10 minutes total for was to bomb '80s out to the sky when san francisco.
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>>darya: invested back to the breaking news from overnight a plane crashed in north bay killing both people on board this story we brought you last night here shield from the scene the crash to sonoma county it was at 7:00 it happened in the sensible to import. >>darya: the plane was headed to santa rosa from palm springs and was on the final approach and went down to investigators from the f a a will be checking on
5:03 am
what caused this crash the victims have not been identified. >>mark: one of their original members of the rock fan of the he died last night and hospital in san francisco and jefferson airplane of the fresco of the bay area to get the national record contract. >>darya: the family should this emphasis of famine and not only can they not move into their home the one they just bought but now is being torn down an emergency order was issued to destroy it the home before it to slide down the hillside the other home to drive there was suffering from the sidewalk and they said the decision was made
5:04 am
to take it down rebuilding as all of the question of the have to figure out exactly what happened that the strong house are saying that they're getting a tremendous amount of water runoff on the hills and they live on the thing that may play a part in the movement this is
5:05 am
some people will give an ad. to have their homes and backyards inspector. >>mark: investigators have been following up early in the day in the official said identified the body as my room that already arrested steve last friday on suspicion of killing them they identify and the building next to the workplace of san jose your majesty without bail. >>darya: expected mothers are particularly at risk cases of
5:06 am
the elements of problems hauler arius and their next week the central and south america and now fear is about to spread in the u.s. with three to 4 million cases of the mosquito borne illness estimated in america u.s. official said clinical trials on vaccine could begin this year this is a 2016 news
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it was donald trump vs. what news. >>mark: even the republican from learned not participate he still dominant part of the debate. >>reporter: donald trump process' our veterans to other republican presidential candidacy who want has i will call percent were in attendance
5:08 am
in his absence and the main debate the spotlight falls to an attack cruse fee the of the canada is try to take the focus away from the circus and acted on appeal to voters and i watt and beyond taste.
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>>mark: president obama is weighing in on the sabol that make a prediction on who will win here saw the cheerfully answered. >>: i think it is a great story for peyton manning to go toward the end of his career in the superbowl again the sense they have is unbelievable but carolina looks tough. >>mark: according to the espn there and six point favorite to beat the denver broncos >>darya: mark davis will be with casino executives and nevada about possibly moving the team to las vegas shocking video and
5:10 am
slide off the overpass and exploding will stay where this happened in the driver and passengers survived tim a fait get this for her sarah perron of performance by the person is saying the performance is pathetic.
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>>james: this morning we're doing scattered showers for you to see on the radar of a few little bits of green with that is about and the zoo manager you we're cast in the rain let shower activity going on heading toward what a career had to track in from left to right on the screen will have to shout out their martinez track of the benicia bridge you to see continues to clear a few showers up near piccadilly by the time
5:15 am
biggest of the tomorrow morning that is when the activity will die down and is now been pushed back to 4:00 a.m. tomorrow the advisory last fall to the day- to-day into early tomorrow. >>james: there were some fog expressed in the no. 3 on the to ma visibility map petaluma
5:16 am
fuselage spec for the short-term forecast heading out friday to talk about on all showers lingering into some for some of early saturday.
5:17 am
>>robin winston: to the golden gate bridge cameras the road to where the care for driver from the bay area pitcher you watch a speed the driver of the truck crashed into this and to divide the left lane as close above of the drive times to 23 minutes from the summit heading out to san jose the 88280 split a little slow but not bad like the rest of the south is doing just
5:18 am
fine with no major hot spots we are rissole north on 17. >>mark: security will be very tied the fbi and the cameras inside of the operations center in mountain view this is what is the and local and federal law enforcement agencies all or-that any possible terror attacks.
5:19 am
>>darya: including the san francisco police dogs people trying to cash and and they're running their homes in the and efficient running of the parking
5:20 am
spaces fans going to the game for nine and nine each in those spots of just and reduce stadium for the most expensive spot. >>darya: there was a graduate in this evening at the san jose city hall council chambers the seminar begins at 4:00 this afternoon. >>darya: 80 chance will be hiring hundred new employees in the next 90 days it was the hiring never supported the
5:21 am
district expansion plan which would increase the service by up to 14% this to make the service more reliable and convenient. >>mark: this video to show you san diego the truck burst into flames as it crashes onto another freeway below after 5:00 guest today just as rush-hour getting in the way to the board in the truck when the accident happened to ashley kind out of the truck without any serious injuries the burning trucks started a small fire on the highway is there were able to distinguish the flames before they spread.
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>>darya: we are going to have of some showers this friday night will be right back. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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>>mark: to the allies on the radar and is the of light rain and drizzle showing up in the fourth pass is starting to look a little bit-dryer is in into the next week. >>darya: she writes in her block that this sounds nothing like my mom she thinks the kid is not
5:26 am
funny and she says it is getting pathetic the costume and the parma recreated it.
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>>james: we will be back off more news weather and traffic. brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
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>>mark: it was an old heritage that crashed into a house on 1:00 this morning on westwood court no one was hurt a different side were shaken up police out on the scene of the have the damage to the home into the fenced city official who back on the profiting the have the supplies of pork of moving the tree off of the house.
5:30 am
>>james: is to take a quick look at the radar view not only shower sticking to the north but the wider view we have a lot on the rain in fact you see the over san francisco the portion of the east the bank we are picking up to my showers today
5:31 am
we're looking for whites for lybrand kind we just saw it will last all day long without impacting your said and they will have some lingering showers in the morning and most of driver and the afternoon by sunday and then let it ring pass to another system pushing through it will be windy and every now and then more on that come saturday evening for the evening broadcast. >>robin winston: traffic is picking up and blow to their slick bowsher speed me finally
5:32 am
make it out real hot spot free eight minutes for the total drive west 580 from the toll plaza out to 101 to santa cruz mountain where still tracking minor crash to help of the 17th: when the last line was close of the have two lines there tech. >>reporter: you can see what the
5:33 am
left of the two million-dollar home on concede this avenue after demolition came through to tear it down and never notice a large crack in the backed-she notified the home owner who just purchased the home and they called the city this is asking that neighbor surrounding area that the building inspectors to see if the owners are structurally sound.
5:34 am
>>mark: this silverman at the facility this morning they been occupied since january 2nd. >>reporter: they're putting the finishing touches on a suitable setting construction teams have
5:35 am
made broken their chicken twice with a sure everything is still nice the anticipation of this open this all the fun and games security is then taken seriously in the interest they were into the metal detectors and that that will be searched at the upper hand if possible city including alcohol coolers or containers folding on lawn chairs weapons no bikes
5:36 am
skateboard's rose case or hover boards drawn to another law until the fans are fired up this is an event not to mess they're also restrictions on what to the backs to the brink. >>mark: their selling of 200 in. tv is to the summit tv if you
5:37 am
want to watch the big game on the tv this will be the largest indoor tv and the city of san francisco. >>mark: the simple or has changes alarm san francisco starting tomorrow the embarcadero station and choose the market street will be closed almost all dame until after the shippable it will be open on weekdays from 645 to 945 in the morning when a lot more on a to the blows the section on our web site at >>darya: you have to pay more to park at three east bay bart
5:38 am
stations them daily parking rate is now going to be $2 and pay what to 50 in richmond and $8 the west oakland bart officials said the hike is part of a program to evaluate a parking lot usage the fees are raised their full and lower for lots the downfall of this is a $3 cap on the parking fees except that the west oakland station. >>mark: this the first all-time apparel for draymond green this will be the second straight season for klay thompson that gives the warriors 3 all stars to the scare was reluctant for the all-star team and it is sunday february 14th.
5:39 am
>>darya: san francisco high school is in trouble this morning because of racist party what did they do and after the break we now know the first round of presenters for this year's oscars.
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>>darya: we're tracking the explosive spread of the virus that made a lot 10 women were really. >>darya: this is to about 25 surface you cannot have a back to shore.
5:46 am
>>james: the rest of the bay area comes later on today we're walking through the system that we have yet to take a look at the showers of the golden gate bridge portions of san francisco right now is a matter of fact the live picture shows we do have what rain coming down on the golden gate bridge and to speak with the constant threat
5:47 am
of afternoon showers sticking with us all day long keep the umbrella handy. >>james: that will linger into the first few hours on saturday and then it will stop will with the most address saturday afternoon to great news for you
5:48 am
some of the model all over the place and you might see some showers some say it will be tried all week. >>robin winston: the drive times on the incident 15 minutes from downtown oakland to the west bombs skyline is just under 30
5:49 am
minutes from san leandro to get to fremont and milpitas and out to the 237 split we also have of my class in san jose no. 101 and open world of very slow backing the 28680 split the rest of the trip looks great to downtown san jose sunny veted to milpitas and as a five minutes from the 11 split to the 237 split $4 million of the money will be used to treat children affected by level playing in use within the pain people water bills and replace in the water system the
5:50 am
state governor praised legislation and the government is under fire for dragging its feet hisses the offices opened in complying with the ongoing investigation. >>darya: isn't subpoenaed of a water crisis a woman who taught english as a second mine was in mr. behind bars on suspicion of helping three violent criminals escape from southern california maximum-security jail last week. >>mark: the three inmates may be living in a van that was stolen they're still believed to be in california so far to the fifth of the arrested in connection with the breakout and the search for the escapees continue this morning police investigating a homicide into into office to say about it was discovered a home on perry would wane the woman arrived home just after this
5:51 am
from the men dead from gunshot wound. >>darya: he was sharp with murder and lewd insidious acts on a child under the age of 14 he raped and beat and suffocated the boy while the child's mother was sleeping in the next room he did not enter a plea he's been held without bail in santa clara county jail in the next court appearance this their recent and. >>mark: the principle of a college prep call the the id unacceptable and says it does not represent the san francisco catholic school.
5:52 am
>>darya: asking you the taxpayers to prove this funding 60 percent of people that polled agreed in that need more money it will be two-thirds of votes to pass the most it feels to a place to track and repair tunnels more rain on tap it
5:53 am
looks a lot drier ahead will have details coming up a live look from it what embarcadero insuperable city on this friday morning.
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i've smoked a lot
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and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose >>mark: of a suspect of the
5:56 am
animal at the elementary school in fremont this morning to to an animal shelter he appears to be well cared for and is not in any danger in with information of the united with his mom and owner should call the tri-city animal shelter. >>will tran: and we're following breaking news on one of a creek
5:57 am
is a huge tree from on top of a house will show use in will this injured in a live report. hehey's miatur.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: a big tree coming down overnight crashing into a home in the east than there is a tree
6:01 am
right behind me and is a little dark red nine you might build to systemize of the distance that is the home became toppling of toppled home a little bit less than five hours this trade bill the home owners attila's the cancer inside. >>will tran: the on never knew about it they were in a different part of the house which is why they're sick this morning fortunately no one was injured but it is a big tree pretty much the border the front
6:02 am
end of the home and that is why it also took up part of a fence the roof is well gregg want to go inside this stuff. >>will tran: will show you a different perspective once the sun comes up. . >>james: crocodilian fairfield
6:03 am
the stretch and 80 if you happen to come to the city from that direction it should not last too long but to my shower between san will fill in richmond is over to the water is heading over the direction of canola. >>james: you see there was a lot of activity in and still more of sure that is was born to the impact and to tim bell handy cannot express the rain falling in some point is best have a close by.
6:04 am
>>james: hopefully will become a little more substantial by noon the forecast for the noon hour temperatures and a perfect isn't that point keeping with a light rain warmer off with the low 60s. >>robin winston: this is what we expect the backed up is from beyond west grand is read the five in the westbound connector still fairly smooth and quiet on the bridge about 15 to 20
6:05 am
metric over to the map where track to a minor crash the drive time for northbound 13 minutes of san jose.
6:06 am
>>darya: tragedy in the east bay in a richmond police acting as to the afternoon on south third fifth street the child may run out of the house to say goodbye to her father and that's when she was head.
6:07 am
>>mark: police found the body of the missing san jose man after a week of searching it was founded santa cruz yesterday afternoon in the area of damson creek road it was already a man of rested accuses this matter on suspicion of killing the south of a motorcycle mechanic.
6:08 am
>>reporter: the donald trump put it on and then he says, as veterans to the other republican presidential candidates who also won past i will cox's were in attendance the governor michael kirby and rick santorum the of the canada strike tech the focus away from the circus and back to the on appeal to voters in iowa and beyond.
6:09 am
>>mark: ago was the cult's founder of the debate but according to cnn the most awards during the debate the oakland raiders could they get lucky and the guest hefts is proposing a
6:10 am
$1 billion stadium. >>darya: and now with the war's two matches to both events open this weekend in san francisco everything you need to know is coming up a major health alert for expectant mothers with the rest of the virus spreading to the united states. the united states. ♪ take the time
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♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go
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>>james: again added that
6:14 am
widespread rain we seen the storms and passed today in respect to stem the allied side in fact most of the interagency well to the north installed over nigrosine instead of sadness stuff is more horizontal left and right every noun in use in the house will give a few impulses to come on through and that kid was on the west side
6:15 am
were checking fall out net open at 9 and concord and looks like half from bay along the peninsula coastline was below the down to a half mile a lot of low to mid '50's right now will warm at maybe five to six degrees getting to the upper fifties to low 60s today temperatures unlike on to the whole bunch of moving the of the flat-on that front is really the kind of their tracking.
6:16 am
>>robin winston: traffic resumed their will on the peninsula in both directions and had into san mateo when one is going to be
6:17 am
slow and to downtown san jose this morning a minor crash. >>mark: and there you see the
6:18 am
confrontation on the stretch of highway or in it was shot and killed during the incident the virus continues to spread the roots help organizations expected mothers are particularly at risk the official stop short of directly linking a kiss of the bottom of the problems and a bronze on the rise as the illness is sweeping through central and south america and now there are fears about it.
6:19 am
>>reporter: pregnant women and their babies aren't risk in areas with the virus is alive and increased the big board abnormally small heads which can cause severe development issue
6:20 am
he avoided jail time after the lawyers argued he did not understand consequences. >>darya: will learn more about how the and meant got out five people have already been arrested included the present teacher in this is a looking
6:21 am
into whether she provided items she denies all the claims police believed in a system in california and then apparently stole a white van and loss and loss of the weekend this sick last friday from a maximum- security jail. >>darya: this have been a san diego and burst into flames on the crash on to the other freeway below this happened long 5:00 in the afternoon just a rush hour to people working in that truck when this happened and they were able to climb out and were not hurt seriously the burning trucks set the scare of divorces and it just off fire.
6:22 am
>>mark: no jobs will be allowed to fly answerable sitting in san
6:23 am
francisco the divers group of presented that will be at the oscars after all the criticism.
6:24 am
6:25 am
>>mark: it was the first open the bay. to get the national record contract there were known for the flights someone to love like rabid miracles it was born in san francisco and he died last night in san francisco artists will be performing during a show of his lady that and sam smith the art directors
6:26 am
is still excellent production design award among the movies nominated are star wars the force awakens and the zeroth bridge espies in the revenue received nominations. >>james: how much will arrive across the bay area of we will talk about. coming about
6:27 am
6:28 am
>>mark: not for people but for banks.
6:29 am
>>james: who we have some bad weather out there to lead long would expect some rain to come in it will be on the allied side with the system that is coming into the data satellite view of this and all the heavy
6:30 am
things are falling well to john norris my rain struck today what the consisting you have pockets of clearing and drying and then maybe an hour later fueled another system to push on through it looks like this pullback but rose to kick them as they were after our call very light widespread fraud the afternoon saturday and lingering showers potentially the we think after that it will be fine after hitting into san francisco and should be doing ok bring an
6:31 am
umbrella just in case. >>james: women of the system as amended to the south but you may get some rain kicked up in our direction. >>robin winston: it is backed up into the maze on 580 into the east shore freeway for those of you are heading as all the berkeley and various others across the upper deck in the sky with just under 30 minutes off the drive times dropped from the made to the north on sky with tracking the traffic alert of the westbound 80 in america came to issue a special chapter
6:32 am
been rising for the crash have a spin-off in the rosa slick this one of the driver crashed into the center to left plans to block it is crawling on the westbound 80. >>darya: overhead at the demolition began yesterday this is all because of of the damage that the home could have cost had a slowdown the hillside and damaged more homes. >>reporter: tear on consists of
6:33 am
order you to see what is left of the two million-dollar home that is already began the demolition the building cruise san francisco building officials calling it unsafe it all started when a neighborhood noticed a large crack in the backyard she notified home owners who just purchased a home in october in the call the city is sent an inspector will call for an emergency demolition we were able to speak to the home owner who prepare to move in the city is asking surrounding neighbors to call building expected to see if their home are structurally
6:34 am
sound the definitely have a lot of concern the demolition of going to start again at 7:00. >>darya: people and the neighborhood say they were very concerned about this the total debt getting a lot of water runoff on the hill that they live on and they think maybe that played a role in and move motherhouse local and federal
6:35 am
law-enforcement are ramping of security measures at the big week we explain the rules from of excited fans heading of a to justin herman plaza. >>reporter: that are hammering away putting this finishing touches on superable sitting construction teams have made the list and checking it twice in a pitcher everything is nice synthesize my makes some people sit this one all extra police
6:36 am
officers and guards will be watching at its entrance they would and could do metal detectors and bade us will be searched at of them are prohibited from sabol said it includes a call colors or containers. >>reporter: by distensible the people posing for pictures until fans are fired up this is an event not to mess.
6:37 am
>>mark: the embarcadero station opens in the have the use of the interest alone can increase trained there also have more station agents and police patrolling each station will a lot more coverage on our web site we have a special section. >>darya: this is the first all-
6:38 am
star appearance for draymond green it will be klay thompson second straight time he will be an all-star to give the warriors three all-star players counting steph curry how much more ride this will be paying for parking in the east of the stations. >>gabe slate: 50 when the market for the big screen tv state- owned.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>>robin winston: is pretty much at a standstill just west of the toll plaza there on the way to get it cleared the is bumping of the drive times 25 menace to get
6:42 am
from 80 to 1 01, after it will definitely slow will let you know when they're having it out of the way. >>darya: happening now 14 stones are suspended in space and disciplined for after attending are resisting party as the principle of the college prep school cause of the head and acceptable it does not represent the san francisco catholic school some concern about what happened they said times have changed and they don't believe there is an average problems on campus. >>darya: kids from several of
6:43 am
the close schools of this party right now it is the only school that is taken action. >>james: we're tracking what weather in southern california will show you the satellite view and have a more look coming up in just a minute.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>darya: 40 to tell you how you can get your hands on a
6:46 am
>>james: because the moisture is so low were getting a lot of the cliffs and not allow shower activity here in shonas possibility of widespread use it
6:47 am
is pretty much done will have a few light scattered showers on saturday but at 11:00 things look that this was supposed to the festivities get underway in san francisco.
6:48 am
>>james: temperature still and allow to mid '50's temperatures this afternoon very mild upper 50s low 60s that will be is one is against the extended forecast shows saturday and sunday on into next week.
6:49 am
>>robin winston: we're tracking the drive times to about 42 minutes more drive times for the west to bomb heading to the
6:50 am
caldecott 154 walnut creek to the anus the usual jam for the southbound entrance to san leandro and heywood union city for 36 minutes to get to san leandro 101 the san jose still recovering from minor crashes and the drive times is about 25 minutes from capital to montague expressway better news for those of you or about to leave the level of traffic is cleared >>mark: the deadly part through the $2 and hayward to dollars and 50¢ in hayward in richmond the fees are raised and the with footballs to the will of the is a $3 cap on daily parking fees except for west oakland station.
6:51 am
>>gabe slate: if you are in the market in use big screen tv for the super bowl that may help you it will be pretty intimidating.
6:52 am
>>gabe slate: you will see the new curve tv they claim to make
6:53 am
it more immersive we find that they do not epidemic in the school but is not worth the money you can see the videos and go into any store and you can get a great deal be sure to visit and the whips and.
6:54 am
>>mark: the u.s. economy's slow down this past quarter growing 0.7% we will be right back on the morning news continues.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
>>will tran: overnight a tree toppled on top of what home will tell you with a home owner has to send
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: the gigantic fog tree
7:00 am
came down about 1:00 this morning while everyone was sleeping on westwood or luckily no one was hurt the people inside the cap pretty shaken up. >>will tran: the trade report elicits on city property it should be out here sometime this morning to inspected and to cars and up and seeing who will some of the pay for this you could see part of the tree snapped a home owner not interbedded the most important thing in was not raining overnight and we're here


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