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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 29, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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morning while everyone was sleeping on westwood or luckily no one was hurt the people inside the cap pretty shaken up. >>will tran: the trade report elicits on city property it should be out here sometime this morning to inspected and to cars and up and seeing who will some of the pay for this you could see part of the tree snapped a home owner not interbedded the most important thing in was not raining overnight and we're here a lot of going on with
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another friend could be coming and going throughout the day as well as possibly rain next week a lot to do with and not this time can be saved and how much of a home with actually damaged
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>>james: 81 the were not track and already we're seeing in all some of the traffic jams which means it is really no sneaking into the loretta and it sure you keep that umbrella close at hand and show you the shock the richmond san rafael bridge want to start driving through its starch to collect on the when should you have to run wipers here at the ready for school forecast again expected chance
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in my rain temperatures and low 50's not very cold by noon time for lunch and on will have month's inside as well as recess for >>robin winston: in the british cruisers to respond and to look at the backed up coming out of hayward is creeping along is backed up to the toes almost the nimitz freeway of the drive time to 40 minutes with
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keep it updated of what an oral form commit was 92 at this problem. >>mark: tear is video from the scene had happened ride into santa rosa airport around 7:00 last night we spoke to someone who lives in the area and heard the crash no word on what caused the crash but this is a n the
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child was one of the house to say goodbye to her that those already in his truck when he hit her police after a week-long search found the body of a missing san jose man his body was found in santa cruz yesterday afternoon in an area of the johnson creek road.
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>>mark: he follow through with not showing up to the republican debate he said he held his own televised event before the iowa caucuses what we don't know yet it is was he a genius by pooling of the stunt or was this a petty thing that he did we know that even though republican front runner did not participate he still dominant part of the debate. >>reporter: donald trump is chosen not to attend this event
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also and i knew donald trump on the event that the only veterans of the governor and senator dixon to form in his absence in the main debate the spotlight for loss in the tech proves the of the canada is try to take the focus away from the circus and back to their own appeal to voters in iowa and beyond we need a leader that
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will fix things and approve the record to do with. >>mark: reagan's iran the gop debate scored a point for writing about four times more viewers than watch networks in a portion of trump's even for the first time we are getting and look at the shootout that killed one of the protestors who sees the federal wildlife refuge in origin they're released this for the special the by the competition to tonight some of the more graphic arts have been edited out of the video the deadly confrontation occurred on a desolate stretch of highway in oregon avoid an unskilled and while the protest leader were
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arrested he was one of the more vocal protesters who to call the wildlife refuge earlier this month law for some official said the officers opened fire on him when he reached to his waist and were easily done. >>mark: test reactor at the cameras inside the the german opera center in mountain view this would establish to john and blasted local and federal law- enforcement agencies corniche and any possible terrorist acts that will keep an eye after and the drums in the air during to the ball related events the fis
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says it will not allow drawn to fly over chabot city as well. >>darya: the tourism the tests will be monday's opening day at the fdp center in santa clara
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people trying to cash in on the chaos to others are just renting out the parking spaces for friends when person listing a spaces and the tribe for $50 each those spots of just over lafayette street near the stadium the most expensive stock is to on the dollar's the parking options will be by stadium start a $60 shocking video of the chalk flyoff an
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overpass and exploding will tell you where happen and how the driver and passenger are a major hope alive for inspection mothers look of the risk of the fire spreading to the united states.
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>>james: we have some voice ensemble the linz's which means the heaviness and drizzle was out there and will be making you and forcing it to run the wipers and the non then.
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>>james: even for the evening commute to keep the umbrella handy you might need it in may hang on to the first few hours on saturday but by if the clock it could be out of the area and will begin at dry conditions heading to the rest of the afternoon sun did the chance of rain comes back again another level system that cost and not a lot of the very slight but it will be when the so it will be the most prominent feature of that system on sunday if you
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leave now you have to sit and slow traffic from the shore come from the five in the connector is about 30 minutes from the foot of the maze to downtown san francisco. >>robin winston: we also had one near the portion of the bridge to separate issues loss of slow traffic has not picked up as creeping along and were this morning pushing up the drive times before the two minutes to thicken the of the 101 this is the ride is very slow normally packed with banks to the two earlier stalls is a little bit heavier than normal a quick
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check of the ride to solve the of minor crash lapin that. >>mark: happen to medicine was a five part will commit 25 firefighters them to graduate in this evening at the san jose city hall council chambers which is on santa clara st. the ceremony starting a 4:00 this afternoon. >>darya: a hundred will employees in the next 90 days off and hiring 25 mechanics will be working on the buses to
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happen now the fire was continues to spread the world health organization called an emergency meetings to address mounting concerns expected mothers are particularly at risk because of possible birth defects linked to those of the virus case of the console problems on the rides and the illnesses with of the central and south america and now that are fair to the virus spreading to the u.s.. >>reporter: 3 to 4 million kids
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of the mosquito borne illness estimated in the american and the 12 month period is mounting in the u.s. to medicine of those infected are not even filling its own.
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>>darya: michigan state senate has unanimously approved $28 million to up the city of flint recover from the talk to the water crisis for many of them and will be used to treat children affected by lead poisoning the rest on to things like painted before bills on replacing water system infrastructure the governor ricks' 9 appraise the legislation but the governor is under fire for dragging his feet on this crisis he said offices open and complying with ongoing investigation.
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>>: he directly contributed to this kid with the three inmates and write a critical planning tools that aided in the preparation for the escape. >>mark: look into whether or not they're brought tools to the jail for them to escape to their provide them with a guided to the collapse of preparation. >>darya: truck plunged off the freeway in san diego and happen yesterday burst into flames and crashed onto the freeway below
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is a little after 5:00 or in the middle of rush hour two people were in the truck and it was good news for them do it to climb out without serious injuries the burning truck did sat in on fire but they put out pretty quickly a lot of attention in this when she wore.
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>>mark: officers picked up the animal at the elementary school in fremont on thursday morning the goat appears to be well cared for and is not any danger to them information about the scope you can call the tri-city animal shelter. >>darya: the only thing she had to make was a sweater because it was sold out the dollar
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television her mom were better so she asks her fans on the internet who wore a better and they found that in a faint wore a better saturday night live had to make one but the bigger thing in she was firing off of the internet because she's upset among is the month facebook maybe looking into ticket on offer and left a patent application colors yesterday orville social media giant to
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try to get into ride sharing idea and expansion even feature this feature would hope user share of vehicles and find travel body to get we dance. >>mark: it to connect to someone you control when facebook patent is yet to be approved the news comes weeks of the fifth announced partnership to allow users the book facebook messenger at--application.
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>>james: the radar not showing all locked traffic cambers doing a better campaign of some of the drizzle because it is so thin out there in terms of moisture
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will look for that to continue throughout the day to day and go on for this will expect on all shower to walk the dead men drawn to satisfy the afternoon would dry things out of the for most of friday sundown we have another little impulse come through in the system will be on the light side in terms of the rain for us. >>james: it will bring strong winds look for this condition sunday afternoon.
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>>robin winston: drive time from any out to 1 01 pages but to 15 minutes tech west and to stick with the dunbarton bridge loan much better of 84, of fremont and of to menlo park.
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>>reporter: is for the demolition is already begun the owner of the home is here to make sure the work of the and properly contract is efficacy they're here with their equipment taken apart the home it will be a very track demolition them to make sure the house doesn't fly backwards the $2 million home was just purchased in october the senate is preparing to move but never got to.
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>>reporter: uc he is to talk with contractors again seneschal the work done properly he wants to make sure that everyone in this area is safe to people in the neighborhood on into this morning san francisco has axle home owners to call building inspectors out to mature at their homes are structurally
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sound there's a lot of concern in this neighborhood is going to be a lengthy process to get this first the mawson make sure that it is not a danger to other people and then his want to work on finding a cause and seemed to there's anything that they can do.
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. >>mark: after attending a racist thing part of the principal said the college prep call and heavy and susceptible to this is not represent the san francisco catholic school some concern about what happened to their
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control of the schools of the party as well renown the only said that there taken action to suspend students starting to mom the embarcadero station entrance to market street near spear street is wrong to be closed almost all day every day until after the super bowl. fifth off
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>>mark: you and try to find a good place to watch and and and they're going to put a 200 and tv we have you covered when comes to the condensable plans will watch the game hard and to drive around where you parked car you want to go if you have
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the type of money chickened out >>darya: monday as the back to bark back to pay more to park at 3 east of the stations the did a parking rate is not going to be $2 and a work at this hike is necessary to convey we are in line usage pact. >>mark: a lot of the outside into san mateo bridge where i stand still with an update for a lot coming of.
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>>mark: one of the gas used by a pope france's will be auctioned off today at the city's also show it can assemble the proceeds from the auction several cafeterias in philadelphia every to us will 25,000 but there's no telling how much it will fetch at an auction.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: steph curry will have company he will be with his teammates at the all-star game.
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>>gary: he's playing it out but he deserved to be in their. >>darya: absolutely he is on the charter of bus for 20 of his family or to go from michigan to the game in toronto.
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>>darya: it is 204 mi. is a for a half hour trip with drayman to mom.
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>>gary: i might do into different languages. >>darya:.
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>>darya: on a you watched it it was. really was >>darya: how they picked the panthers to win and my dad loved lady in the bell i'm a fan i get pectin.
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>>darya: he is a football player he convict 51 and what have a reality show with 50 women. >>gary: time starting to like
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need me and i'm getting to know them but this is pretty interesting. >>darya: he hasn't played since 2013 with the raiders and he was in the stands and the game he is at the game what are the opposite them calling him a lawyer at the broncos game we has said if he hasn't played in
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the league in two years. it is punching that years >>darya: he played all 16 games with oakland and then the their write nasty things about him about a year ago he bought the paper and fired everyone. >>gary: he was the cabinet and he paid to close all the money
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>>darya: football will stay away from gambling >>darya: remember you did not like the baby being born to distract we were always seen it
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up here and then they really should down to it looks a little weird but it is a lot of work to stick into the arena.
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>>gary: michael phelps what are you doing? >>darya: that was ok in the second baby born is not o.k. but this is ok? . >>darya: sealed letter have a great weekend.
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>>mark: are still people forming during the show. >>darya: this little baby in in 2016 to join and they have a
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hundred and 60 the company have a tradition since 1933 the original budweiser is the family gift given to celebrate it is perfect for the company. >>darya: a star is born good news from the gross cost to be kicking off their cookie season early in time for superable 50.
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>>will tran: breaking news on wall muckrake the huge street tree toppled and fall on top of the home will tell you with the have to say about the tree coming up and live report.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: this is the video we have after the can down around
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1:00 a.m. the noise will promote the to no one was hurt and we have been live the king and what they're calling to do now. >>will tran: the home owners did not want to speak to us there okaying it fell on the roof but did not break through it at the portion of their bedroom that is why they said it felt like an earthquake walnut creek public works out here they're going to talk and up and is their problem who was responsible they said was since it is our proper we're the ones for stood for most we need to remove it and home owner will have to file a claim will also ask when was the last time this tree was inspected he told us he did not want to go on camera but he says they've been gore from
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walnut creek to inspected he does not know when this tree was last inspected but they do plan to bring out some of the letter to find out what the calls of this tree going down fortunately no one was injured from the back and looks terrible but inside the like minimal damage of of and that they seem to be ok.
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>>james: that will be the case all day long today although it does look terribly bad here is the bay bridge approach and looks dry am but the clouds are cutting off the east bay hills is even lower you can't even see the north tower is pretty stock then there was no active rent at the moment to see him from close at hand will keep the raincoat nearby more on the extended
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forecast coming up now we will send it over to. to >>robin winston: no major hot spots still very slow this morning heading over to sam must francisco--san francisco >>robin winston: it is still backed up leon west grand at the foot of the maze is a slight improvement earlier more stop and go traffic over all not a
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bad ride 23 to 25 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco the drive times hitting from the east bay is a little bit of stop and go traffic was 24 out of lafayette to oregon and approaching the caldecott. >>: i was inside and i heard hollywood noises of what you
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would expect an airplane tumbling out skying and shortly after that only about three of four seconds after he was found in santa cruz yesterday afternoon and this is heaven following up after they received early in the day they received and identify the body is my rock police last week arrested there remains in custody without
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bail and his schedule for a plea hearing in three weeks. >>darya: the rights organization has called an emergency meeting to address the mounting concern over this is buyers >>darya: cases of the volatile problems are on the rise as the illness is with the central and south america their fears about the spread into the united states fell to 4 million cases- illness estimated fifth of month. the concern is growing here. >>darya: about 80 percent of those infected corporate not
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feeling ill as all there is no medicine to treat the virus and no vaccine to prevent it although clinical trials on a vaccine can be given. >>mark: check in with the gop presidential debate as it goes on without a doubt trout but he was still a big part of the conversation. we will have a recap coming conversation
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on grumman >> reporter: traffic is looking better here. you drive time now is down 20 minutes. i'll come back with more from asian and on the bay bridge. >> darya: nissan has just announced a massive recall. is it is a latch problem with the hood. it has to do with the 2013 and 2015 models. if the main
8:12 am
latch is close than the second latch may not be closed either. it will start next month tab prepared for free. but >> james: we will have more information about the weather coming out. ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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>> darya: will keep some wine that is falling. good >> james: cameras are showing as the damp conditions. here we have the greater showing no big front of rain. today will be hit a mess when it comes to rein. it is hard to predict exactly who will get the rain. the shows a lot of activity that is happening to our north. the 9:00
8:16 am
hour we may have some rain. by noon time the same story. not a lot of activity but we may have some light rain. by 6 tonight it will send out more. there may be some showers on the peninsula. >> james: nothing going on overnight. we're looking for a quiet weekend when it comes to whether. 11:00 the super bowl city experience will open. it will would be when you able to participate in all the fun that they have their. the
8:17 am
temperatures are nice and should be and whether she fairly dry. there may be at a slight chance of showers before 3:00. temperatures are just local and saturday. but >> james: here is a lively look people sing. today will be in the '60s. 3 outlook breeks stance of sour saturday morning and a low but when the and that's how we can shape. boren corrupt >> reporter: if you have fast saccule sable the time. in the
8:18 am
8:00 hour q looks much better. the traffic is thinning out right now. it's less than 20 minutes from the maze to downtown san francisco. use extra caution. police said been responding to minor crashes. the road to a slick. coming at a south bay you have the normal slow build a 30 minute san jose . no major problems from the summit. 20 minutes from the santa cruz mountains. it's all a
8:19 am
little crowded throughout san mateo. 25 minutes for the total trip >> darya:. here's a video of the shootout that killed the one person in the siege at the wildlife preserve in oregon. they have removed the more graphic arts. the confrontation happened here in oregon many were arrested outside. a lot more fortune official fired when the deal with the person throw
8:20 am
out a scud. >> mark: dawdle trump had his own event last night while the other republicans had their own debate. >>: del tromped chose not to attend i am a maniac and everybody on the status at nutley. now that we have the donald trump portion out a way. he's an entertaining guide the british owners. >> reporter: donald trump had his own event. my cup to be and
8:21 am
rick santorum also there. the other kennetts tried to take away the focus away from a circus. >>: is no reason why you can't stand for principle and get things done government. there's the establishment lady not establishment's line and also the key sickly. i would like to confess that i am the only one that does not have a political office. this election is all about a pedigree is about a country that is really hurting. we need somebody who can fixing
8:22 am
has a proven record to do it. >> mark: >> darya: cafe gets desk for heard sarah pailin performance. his looks better at that p.m. or fair or sarah. there's a little bit of weight at the bay bridge and are some clouds sort. we will be right back.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment,
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and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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>> darya: bristol pailin has criticized cafe for her impersonation of her mother. >> mark: officials at the present all at the elementary school in fremont yesterday. if you have any information about this little boat silicon reunite
8:27 am
them with their he needs to be. saddam's good >> james: wilson ranked on the horizon. we are expecting some more rain for the weekend and will talk about that smart. correct perhaps correct >> mark: wheeler here's a picture of the golden gate and you can see the rain.
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>> darya: how are the town's got a fair this morning/ >> reporter: we had a number spin-offs' this morning so be
8:30 am
careful. but >> james: i told my wife to make sure that the kids bring up their raincoats. you concede this wet conditions it's not raining now but it is wet out there. all the activity is happening to the north. everyone now and then we get away by a wet weather that comes a direction. the rain is not widespread right now it is comes in spots. the roads are slick though and you need to be careful otherwise you'll spend out. but >> james: today we will see a light rain widespread throughout
8:31 am
the bay area. you have a shower and a retinal dry up and then i come back. most of the day tomorrow will can most cloudy conditions. after 3:00 p.m. on sunday we should be ok. make sure you bring an umbrella for going out to the super bowl experience. >> reporter: there's fog at the golden gate bridge. coming from north bay you'll be dealing with reduced the visibility. now this
8:32 am
is back at the limits here. and south won a one at center fell is considered a pretty big good drive time. it is still packed here. if you leave now will take about 35 minutes. >> mark: a. emergency demolishes going on at a house and severed his co in san francisco. >> darya: is a picture of a man is fine at his house these be torn down. they worry that the with the wet weather the house
8:33 am
may fall that. >> reporter: contractors are looking to take down this wall. it could take an hour have to get the home demolished. they now house to fall backwards and down to the hill. it was purchased in october. the homeowner was at a town when he found out that the home had been right at because of erosion. he's here to make sure all the work gets done properly. >>: were looking up fairly
8:34 am
lengthy process. we want to see if we can rebuild. for californians and we build and sometimes. >> reporter: there is great concern because i want to assure the house are all our structurally sound. >> darya: to bar worry about one to know where the water's coming from. you were wondering what might be and to their backyard.
8:35 am
>>: it's a tragedy this situation. everybody's interested to know what the source water areas. >>: giving its water mains or water pipe. >> darya: people in the area should have that their homes inspected. >> mark: these prisoners are still used. they had helped five people have already been arrested. >>: body has been arrested he was an accomplice to and the prison escape. >> mark: investigators are
8:36 am
looking to how he brought tools. police say that he denies all the claims. >> mark: a. skip last friday and consider violence. >> darya: the symbol has a ready-made for a lot of changes downtown. starting tomorrow the thing embarcadero will be closed. the shutdown for the whole rest of day and night. or will have more trains and stations and police.
8:37 am
>> mark: this restaurant is announcing there are giving away free hdtv. they're installing it in the restaurant. if you are more reformation of sorely in good or what the kron 4 box. >> darya: oakland raiders >> mark: davis is merely meeting with casino owners in las vegas >> darya: she is proposing a $1 billion stadium where both the raiders and the u.n.l.v. faulting apply. they have
8:38 am
looked at other locations such as san antonio san diego and san luis. >> mark: he has been named to the all-star game. clay thompson is also on the all-star roster dream on green. the and be austria will happen on a separate 40. >> reporter: an answer and to stab me i'll have this on the next edition of people behaving badly. >> darya: information about the
8:39 am
party that and what happened what's more when it comes when >> darya: information about the party that and what happened what's more when it comes when we return. and at again! again! again! no artificial flavors. no artificial colors. why? so you can love our cereal. again!
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>> mark: plea scientists are showing more photos applaud this point. on pluto. new capture has no data has been captured. there's some water
8:42 am
ice is sexy on the surface. the ice is made out and nothing. >> reporter: it's backed up here at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's getting better at their. you'll return after the break
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8:44 am
could are >> darya: ready is talking about today? >> reporter: here's a photo that's been going around. if you'll stop the motel late picture of a hallway. she sang
8:45 am
this is coincidental. to beetle walked right into our they thought. i cannot for the motel 6. this is milo right here. you're a sports fan and love basketball. at the scene is that you that they're going to make? this is a great statue ever. it is going to hang like a basketball hoops. >> reporter: advance to have to give the staff corita a statute
8:46 am
here. >> darya: the statue would be currey with his mouth guard. >> reporter: they have a different version of barbie. >> darya: what about ken? white is and have one of a spare tire ? >> reporter: when we played
8:47 am
with captain america the dollar hit six backstabs are we now have in beef fat? >> darya: nobody looks like that. they made it so the party hacks and flacks rather than heels. good >> james: this is kind of hang
8:48 am
in there. the moisture is collect on the windshield and unsettling and the roads. there been several spinoffs this morning. here's what we see on the satellite's radar. every now and delegable rain. it has not been impressive and has not had a lot of rain. saturday morning we make a quarter inch and most . keep the umbrella had all day long because you never know when rami command. but
8:49 am
>> james: is a picture of that life yet the be bridge. this is bringing some pretty swells. we have a deadly recurrence and monterey. stay away from the beaches all day today. here is the visibility are we do have a fog. peddling have to miles of his ability. eddie spay and here rencontre also. but >> james: wright of the temperatures are mild we're in the low 50s. 58 to 60 degrees here at the bay. i would keep up your umbrella with you early in
8:50 am
the morning as we may get some rain. sunday another system will come through and burdensome morally strong winds. we might be a bill moving toward the drier pattern. you consider whether updates online at kron 4 and also on our mall will happen. >> reporter: the standard tale bridge is looking better. the drive time is going down at 11 connector. we do not have any major trouble spot china. at the center phil bridge it is nice and light. it is still a free
8:51 am
into the plaza. the lorry sure freeway is older crowded. from hercules to the maze it's not bad. it's clear out to 238 here . going into san francisco it's the normal jam 411. it is will sluggish heading out of the city but no major problems. >> darya: super liberal city is ready. there are rumors about where the homeless have been moved.
8:52 am
>> reporter: while shooting this demand with a red forty- niners jersey friend is that may. security detail was right on it. i ventured over to a city street. people believe that because of the super bowl the city is moving these people over here. he says that he got here because of a few wrong choices he made. >> reporter: she has been homeless for more and six years . keep in mind this area has
8:53 am
been more like this for more than a year. it is making an unsafe and their new restaurants to use. here they do not mind to the amusing that in mind the homeless using the street but there are some problems. >> reporter: back to the man with a 49ers' dirty. he followed me and continued a verbal assault and said they had a weapon. he kicked my vehicle as
8:54 am
i was living. >> mark: the students have been suspended after attending a racist themed party. the minister stated they do not represent catholic schools in san francisco. >>: if this to 30 years ago we would not have kids showing up here. even talking about this
8:55 am
with striving and buzzing around school. >> mark: there were soon from us several other schools of the party as well. this is the only school that has taken action and suspended the sentence. here at the san detailed bridge traffic is moving a lot better web more details when we come back
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>> darya: this budweiser clydesdale family has a new member. born in missouri. you could tell he will be giant. he was the first clyde stillborn this year. budweiser at more than 960 of these clydesdales. the original budweiser pice of iraq's the family gift given to them. i hope to use it in a new super bowl ad.
8:58 am
>> mark: will have more news a wall street was happening. it is way down and we will have the best with the answers. >> reporter: we have breaking news about a nest tree falling down and break putting on a home. >> mark: we have some drizzle in the area and here is a great day at the embarcadero will have more news will come back.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> mark: revenues of the trees crashing down onto a house in the walnut creek area. >> darya: this but it was sleeping the people on the home were awakened by. >> tran: crews will be here all day this was a massive tree that fell down. the family is fine. the treated not crasher ceiling but the crash against the walls . it was very scary. they said
9:01 am
it sounded just like an earthquake. they will to determine what exact cause the tree godown. it is on city property so they're the ones who are responsible. the public works department of law in a creek is looking into it. >>: it was inspected about three weeks ago. the tree was inspected. >> tran: what caused the train the tree down. the home owner was concerned that was leaning will to close to home.
9:02 am
>>: there had been an appointment that had been made to have the tree checked out. one of our contract arborist was going to come out and look at. >> tran: they're not scared to come back and inspected yet. there's several different causes that could be. they'll be looking into what exactly happened. >> mark: we've got the double the amount of rental use again in january because of el nino.
9:03 am
but >> james: woolsey more this as winter goes along. there is a source in its system that will be impacting us. it will bring a lot more when on sunday. it could lead to power outages so be careful. the and activities mainly toward north. >> james: did he do in supreme . we do have the fog your. people have been spinning out on the roads this morning because of the slick roads. >> robin: has been checking out all this morning could >> james: the temperatures and
9:04 am
i will be in the low 50s. today obi the mid fifties to low 60s. there will not be much change keep your umbrella handy all day long because you may have showers coming in. as a quick overview of a forecast. >> robin: traffic is getting better. heading for may 80 into san francisco. there is back up . earlier was tracking delays and other places no longer right now the commute is going good.
9:05 am
30 minutes from downtown and across the bridge. coming up i will check up more what is going on in traffic. >> darya: a plane crash killing both people on board. this new video is and of the crash. it happened at 7:00 last night. we spoke with a witness to describe what happened when miss the >>: i heard somebody screaming and the type noise that you would expect here for a plane crashing. i hear the noise of the airplane engine.
9:06 am
>> darya: the plan was going to palm springs. investigators are looking into it and we've not identify the victims. >> mark: this man was found. visitors have been looking in to what happened to the victim. they arrested steve levo last week's. levo remains in custody and is for a plea hearing. >> mark: last night at the presidential debate for republicans to not have donald trump. all this just before the
9:07 am
iowa caucuses. he still dominated our debate because that is what they discussed. >> reporter: they had an extra podium just in case donald trump showed up. he did not. >>: and say i'm a maniac everybody on the stage is to cut fat and ugly. now that we have the donald trump portion out but get on with the debate. >> reporter: in the absence of trump can it tried to have a
9:08 am
more civil tongue. they discussed a leadership and other things. bell trumpet allen at had a competing events. my custody and rick santorum showed up at the event. he had already made up his mind, trump had. >>: you have to stick of rewrites. >> reporter: de tennis seem to have more of an eye on the new hampshire voters. bush and
9:09 am
christie are among decanted to spend a lot of time there. there will be making closing arguments to the voters said reading debate supported the mark >> mark: the dow is up to 35 after being up under 25 yesterday. we'll be right back
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>: the faa says this is a no drones on this is tim grace restriction which will restrict most drones and private aircraft from flying anywhere near the stadium santa clara city has also after local ordinance that convinced drawn the hottest car
9:12 am
enthusiast from blind roms anywhere near the stadium during an event that is not just a bubble but in the event in the by stadium no drones on. >>darya: no drawings will be allowed to fly over super bowl city in san francisco either. >>mark: it will be heavy in a wide ranging hunters a local state and federal offices already on the job it report to dogs also be a part of the details if not possible explosives. >>reporter: among the two to canines working the events in the by steady to the airport are these for san jose police stocks to is sniffing out explosives in luggage watch this dog there's
9:13 am
real explosive residue in the purple suitcase second back from the and the black labrador was set when he finds and the size lettuce the dogs are expected to be called.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>robin winston: you may be dealt with reduced visibility to the rules were a little slip just the extra cost of driving around the bay area this morning 70 minutes from highway 37 and novato across the bridge and over to the toll plaza on the san francisco side.
9:17 am
>>james: that this was going to keep us in the chance category
9:18 am
let's see what we're expecting in the future test for we have the clock set for new look upon as a light rain it will be more active the for the north to go. >>james: size for all the 11:00 the next morning you can see more crowded than anything else a slight chance of the spring but that is about and we just
9:19 am
talked about and the super bowl city forecast it looks like the rain chance is going to pretty much peter route but again unsettled weather still with us on sunday storm will have on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >>mark: watching today's winners and losers. >>rob black: 7 tenths of a person is not very goldilocks is on the call side and is not just ride is not too hot for fall 2015 a group of about 2.4% 3
9:20 am
would be just right to 24 a little more call sign says hiring has picked of what should people took to 25
9:21 am
>>rob black: they're making it expensive for banks to keep cash the negative interest rates hist they have to pay to
9:22 am
keep their money in the bank. >>rob black: i have an all rebalance online so every six months an automatic three balances in the workers of the story well with the 401k is a word about the stock market and 90% stock down a 80% to 9 1/7% one of the comfortable is you can balance and bonds.
9:23 am
we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
9:24 am
9:25 am
my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. >>darya: we take a look at what to look for it get you the best deal >>gabe slate: your sony tvs on
9:26 am
the market so many shapes and sizes and detailed first this talk about the tv do you need it for a tv most tvs right now and not broadcasted and forte the super bowl when the broadcasted in for can for a table at the least $200 to the purchase price of your television. >>gabe slate: that was to be a thousand or more not yet a big 60 n tapis before a little as 4
9:27 am
9:28 am
$500 allotted information with your tech trends.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>robin winston: we're still tracking drive times when no hot spots. >>james: not a lot of activity from this view the wider view from space with of the the satellite imagery keep the
9:31 am
umbrella handy we've been saying that all morning but it is good advice to follow because house are some point today in your neighborhood is a live you from mount tam you can see in the stockton with the clout to the bulk of that motion will be a to the south will see some of them in the wins this one to be off the dusty keep that in mind one
9:32 am
the forecast coming up in 15 minutes. >>robin winston: the sector ride to the richmond san rafael bridge right now 580 west is looking for an extended the sea from the live shot that the road are what it will build a separate room to bay area so your role watcher speed you could easily spend out of so far so the. >>robin winston: in both directions north and south heading to and from the 580 split no hot spots in the committee in the south by. >>mark: fifth and is a heartbreaking story of a man who lost his father last week to investigate foster's home they had to tear down..
9:33 am
>>reporter: they're going about the demolition the have to make sure the house does not slide down the hill and onto the home was the kind of mature the contacted their work and to pull out a lot of the debris and poland as close to the sidewalk as possible.
9:34 am
9:35 am
>>: is a sad situation and of course everyone is interested in is a water main or water pipes the city is some people who live in that area they should have their homes and backyards inspected. >>mark: the coast guard issued a warrant this is residence to do with mass of erosions we're and pacific of this morning with the co-stars are worried about. >>terisa estacio: the coast guard is worried about this way is there supposed to serve the 13 to 16 ft. will be back with
9:36 am
more and a couple of minutes just off into the water near the studio and you can see it's a little bit hazy would like to much rain would track the we can forecast in just a few minutes.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>>robin winston: approaching the pace a little cloud on the new eastern span and the suspension the scare to drive times a little high of 17 minutes at the foot of the maze into downtown san francisco of from a bad ride. >>darya: happening today the raiders on mark davis will be meeting with the casino executive they're proposing a $1 billion stadium on vacant land near the campus of u a l v their reporting the checkout the side letter today their negotiating short-term lease in oakland and meantime considering where they might go religion should alert
9:40 am
the all-star game is on valentine's day.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
>>mark: heat is on not the dog
9:44 am
enjoys corn for walk and second in all the beauty and some of the outdoors contact lifeline and sonoma >>reporter: she announced the sheik in boy friend eric heart paris to less arrogant opposed to this picture cleared are the
9:45 am
capriole may share an interest in environmental causes. . >>james: in the tech the hills right between emeryville and lafayette let's put it that way again that is all we're tracking and is in the form of active rain a lot of is collecting on the role of the show you the wider view and again the system to the north has been awfully active from
9:46 am
ukiah north fork is giving us an hour and a little wave of what weather we just saw room teresa and will give the story of how the conditions of on today constructed and that is the other bid the we are tracking when my visibility of the palo month to of the santa rosa is the no. biggest in the heaviest with the exception being half on their portion of the peninsula
9:47 am
would have more visibility or less at times to the to match upper 50s were on to warm up made it through four more degrees expecting a high for 58 to maybe 62. >>james: ministry to bring an umbrella with you in case it comes over and. >>robin winston: your drive time
9:48 am
only 11 minutes from the 880 connect across the bridge of out to highway 101 is the nicely the ride come from the north is an easy commute the traffic is at the limited both directions on 101 southbound truck to a new direction right now as cocky and 16 minutes to the toll plaza on the san francisco side checking drive times you have to try to disrupt the 237 west just a little crowded.
9:49 am
>>mark: 50 stood up he is already 4 ft. you're running alongside a sam sometimes little
9:50 am
dogs can be is very vocal.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
♪ >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: while
9:54 am
shooting in san francisco a man running a red flannel jersey with san the pocket and to stab me what area is harassment 13 she made a few wrong choices like before you jump to conclusions the assume this
9:55 am
larsen city is in the super bowl is an like this for more than a year it is not hard to find line on the sidewalk but nearby is a street food part with they don't mind home is using the rest room except.
9:56 am
>>darya: she thinks that a saturday night live skit she says is not funny and she looks nothing like her mother she
9:57 am
wanted to know who were better cerro or tina surprisingly on her block 87 percent set in a fare war better over 10,000 votes. >>mark: it started in 1933 there is the budweiser sales were family gift giver to celebrate will see you back here monday in the meantime stay connected with our web site facebook and twitter have a great weekend.
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