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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 29, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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pushed onshore will continue to see light rain continuing into tonight we do expect the rainfall to come down in lake tahoe fed sitting over the snowfall in also tracking another round of showers closer to the weekend to go over all the details: iran will stick around coming up in the full forecast. >> pam:this just into the newsroom. police from several different departments are searching for the person or persons responsible for breaking into an f-b-i vehicle in benicia and it happened early this morning in a residential neighborhood in benicia the sacramento f-b-i is now information leading to an arrest. three f-b-i badge.credentials and other f- b-i property were among the items that were stolen. any one with information is being asked to call the f-b-i sacramento office
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>> pam: crews continued to demolish a house that was red -tagged and in danger of sliding down a and now we are learning. more inspected. kron 4's dan kerman joins us live tonight with the details. >> reporter: now listen tired top level has been demolished a hell of the debris and silt margot remember their two levels below that all that still has the clout. demolition crews take on the top level below the two million-dollar home in san francisco shorewood neighborhood at the structure was deemed unsafe homes lower to ever lovell's them to be taken down. they've run the north
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side hasn't won a five homeowners the city test firing engineered a to their homes were sledding as well. stephen watch as the house next door came down says that so far engineers have told him that his house is not in danger he will stay put city says by monday you should hear from the five homer
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homeowners policy tombolo and then find out from their engineers if their homes is moving in me with the city it will discuss decide what needs to be done to those five homes that if anything in the meantime bono work order: what the cause of this is and several coming up on tonight news at 6. >> pam: were out in full force, putting the finishing touches on super bowl city in san francisco. at embarcadero. f-l experience at the moscone center. will open to the public tomorrow morning. and both locations are bigger today we got a preview of both. kron 4's justine waldman joins live from super bowl city tonight with more. justine?
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>> reporter: is free events at justin herman plaza behind me the and the moscow center to check out the nfl experience it is awesome. bobbins tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and still a work to do we have an open and time fl the only happens when the terrible is going on take some the must-carry its weight expect the lombardi trophy will be there. encouraging people live pictures share loss of the media asat tons of players there who will be signing autographs for free and all interactive games also lots of places for kids to run around the above all safety the they know be really
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popular encouraging people to come early and often. tickets for them here is $35 for adults 25 for kids and there is a link on our web site and to
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the events section in this troubled city behind me is free on everything open tomorrow hopefully no rain than coming up tonight at six more what i thought that the nfl experience including the cool cat stuff that's happening to this year. >> pam:the first in a series of protests during super bowl week. will happen tomorrow in san francisco. it is over the san francisco police killing of mario woods. he was a stabbing suspect killed in a hail of police bullets last month. protestors want the police chief fired and the five officers involved charged. protests over woods death. the march tomorrow will begin at union square at eleven in the morning. and end of market street at the foot of super bowl city. another protest is planned for homeless rights. one organizer told the s-f gate.
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with all the media attention for super bowl-50. and "the millions of eyes on san francisco". it is an opportunity to bring attention to social causes. the week of festivities leading up to the big game. will be kicked off with a bang. a big fireworks show is planned for tomorrow night. in the bay waters off super bowl city in san francisco. kron 4's maureen kelly went to pier- 50 where the explosives are being assembled. to find out what we can expect. >> reporter:morters are being wheeled out.and loaded with tons of's all happening.on top of the two barges that will eventually carry the fireworks out to the bay saturday night.the 35 pyrotechnians that three days the show's designer says a lot of work goes into a display of
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this size. this is the pyrotechnic team that is responsible for san francisco's new year's eve display but they say this one will be different.they've been shopping for new effects for about a year leading up to 15 thousand aerial shells emminating up to 1000 feet.what makes it different is the duration of these fireworks ifs the music whether it's the upbeat tempo sounds of uptown in fact he's holding the shell that will be blasted up during that iconic song. the bay lights are expected to saturday night.the 12 minute fireworks show will go off not long after. really cascades have struggled and of them. the be really nice complement. .if you miss this one.a second fireworks show is planned for next friday at 10pm
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to kick off maureen kelly kron4 news. >> pam:crews are working hard on super bowl preparations. at pier -70 they are setting up for some of the main events. for the "super thursday night" celebration on febrary 4th. the dave matthews band" is performing at the pier 70 waterfront. tickets are available online starting at 138- dollars. performing on stage friday night. will be pharrell williams, as part of the direct t-v super bowl party. tickets to that event are online for 80- dollars. there will be a number of celebrations taking place over the next week. many of which require purchasing a pricey ticket. to stay in the loop with all the super bowl events taking place around the bay area. just log on to our website kron- four- dot-com.
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there you can find a map of road closures. a list of super bowl it's all on kron- four- dot-com. the raiders and chargers stadium saga. grant is here with what's going >> grant: areas of the deal in place for the chargers to join the rams here. charter's owner insinuates he does it deal and san diego in the team will play there this season to the beacon get a good deal in san diego to be of all sets of inglewood to join the rams and the charter stay in san diego writers have next dibs on invalid. but without a viable option in the area that would appear to be a slam-dunk. mark davis' raiders
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owner meeting the law's biggest casino under the the potential deal. the project to build the indoor stadium appears to be moving forward regardless of the raiders or any other nfl team might join that keel in vegas. the nfl all major proteins have been reluctant because of a whole gambling issue. are currently negotiating with oakland vitally 6 extention for release the 2016 season the
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raiders to have any place called home. >> pam:there is much more ahead at five. next. one of the escaped inmates in southern california. is now back behind bars. plus. find out how a community east bay little league, did not miss opening day. and the new best friend a penninsula police officer made
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shooting a young san francisco woman. wants his clients murder charge dismissed. the lawyer claims the killing. which sparked a national debate the judge in charge of the ruling cancelled today's hearing saying, he wants more time to consider the issue. juan francisco lopez- sanchez has pleaded not guilty. to second degree murder and other charges for the july- 1st death his lawyer says, the charge is too harsh because the shooting was inadvertent. the week - long search for 28- year-old motorcycle mechanic kyle myrick. ended late thursday in the santa cruz
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mountains. the news broke as myrick's friends were holding a vigil for him. outside the san jose shop where he worked and was murdered, say police. they arrested this man, 39- year-old steven douglas hlebo, a co-worker, who is thought to have hidden myrick's body in a ravine, off jamison creek road near boulder creek. myrick's family thanked the hundreds of people who helped search for their son this week. they say they want steven hlebo to answer for his crimes. police say there is strong evidence that hlebo killed myrick as they
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worked on motorcycles together last friday. hlebo is being held without bail after he was arraigned on murder charges earlier this week. one of the three violent escapees from the orange county jail is back behind bars tonight. catherine heenan is here to tell us about the recapture of bac duong. >> catherine:the 43 year old duong was the oldest of the escapees, a reputed vietnamese gang member with a long rap sheet. duong, jonathan tieu and hossein nayeri tunneled and rapelled their way out of a maximum security jail exactly one week ago. at about eleven this morning, duong entered an auto repair shop in santa ana, and announced he wanted to surrender. "approximately 25 minutes ago, bac duong contacted a civilian
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on the streets of santa ana and stated he wanted to turn himself in." authorities have made several other arrests in connection with the escape, including a woman who taught english as a second language at the jail. they believe she provided google earth maps of the facility and had an improper relatioship with nayeri, the alleged mastermind of the breakout. nooshafarian ravaghi is being held without bail. she is due to appear in court on monday. >> pam:earlier this month kron-4 reported that the fremont cal- ripken baseball league had their snack bar vandalized. putting opening day in jeopardy. but thanks to volunteers and many generous donations they'll be ready. today a shopping spree donated by smart-and-final means they'll be well stocked. the entire baseball community came together to repair the damage and replace many of the stolen items.
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the season opens for the league the heavy rains we've had continue to impact us in unexpected ways.
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imagine a tree as tall as an house. >> britteny: look outside how about you is what roads after this is the scene after the next couple hours storm tracker checking other rainfall here in the north the east bay close to concord satellite radar shows little closer for the rain is in seeing light rainfall coming down right now san mateo outset of half moon bay you'll see light rainfall in places like that of vallejo richmond with the light rainfall in the cast. we see into tonight i and of showers expected it with another round of rain this is going to
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maintain and to saturday and sunday so another round of showers expected for sunday's one thing we've been watching closely the for the system news and sun. ... stay mainly to the self in places like san jose next of fremont even and livermore could see a pretty steady light rain 4:09 a.m. the rest of the day this is one thing we watch for you in the seventh forecast coming. >> pam: the small brown and black dog was found in fair condition abandoned the car of the officers couldn't help but step then they turn him over to the humane society no one yet has heard of possible voter the dog. the concerns about the
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spread of guevaristsnext at 5. new concerns about and later actor will smith talksthe concern over the dreadedto serious birth defects.
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catherine heenan is here with the latest. including fears that zika may be linked to 'another' health >> catherine:we know that the virus can cause terrible birth defects leading to babies with abnormally small heads. now 2 south american countries are investigating whether zika is also linked to a rare syndrome that can cause paralysis. both columbia and venezuela say they're seeing a jump in cases of guillain-barre syndrome. it's rare - and sometimes
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paralyzing. a week ago they reported a dozen cases which could be linked to the zika virus. as of friday morning - that had jumped to 41 cases. brazil's president, meantime, is declaring an all out war on the mosquito that carries the virus. brazil has been ground zero of the outbreak - and now its citizens are being asked to take steps including eliminating still water in puddles. meantime a top researcher in brazil tells cnn that the zika virus might 'not' be carried we know the 'aedes' species spreads the disease, but now it's feared that a much more common type - the 'culex' mosquito - might also carry the zika virus. if so - it would be bad news for the u.s. "the most common mosquito in the americas. including the u.s. and canada? yes, including the u.s. and canada." at any rate, the number of zika cirus cases has jumped in the u.s.
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the c-d-c says there are now 32 cases across a dozen states and the district of columbia. it's important to remember that the virus is not spreading locally in the u.s. -- it's coming in through travelers. there's also concern about the fact the upcoming olympics are being held in rio.since brazil the international olympic committee sent out notes to all outlining the latest medical advice. >> pam: >> grant:coming up. police in the east bay looking for a suspect responsible to stealing mail. the video of who police are looking for is next at 5:30. and donald trump says he's gald he skipped last night's republican debate. but was it a brilliant move. or a big mistake? the latest in the race for the white house is next.
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someone is stealing mail from residents in an east bay neighborhood. police tell kron4's haaziq madyun they now have a lead on a possible suspect who was captured on surveillance video comitting the crime
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>> reporter:a mail theft suspect caught on camera "he looked at his video surveillance and actually caught the suspect coming up on his porch" it happened thursday around 4am here on the 2900 block of atlantic street in concord. concord police corporal "this is happening in the early morning hours, you gotta think about it, there is this suspect walking around, looking at cars, looking at peoples porches" he says in this case several envelopes were clipped to the mailbox "they don't know what's inside of the letters, they're looking for money, or other personal items, anything they can sell or some residents here are concerned their mail may have been stolen "there has been a couple of days where we've had no mail so maybe i will look into that, i will be definitely checking my mail for now on and looking at the area" this woman, who asked not to reveal her identity, says she often leaves her mail clipped to the mailbox "i put it out but i don't put it out the night before, i put it out in the morning for the mailman to pick up" but not that you know there is some guy around around.?
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"i will go to the post office and mail it" "he is a white male adult, 20 to 35 years old, wearing a very distinctive sweater with a cartoon character on it, he is out there at 3 or 4 oclock in the morning, creeping up on peoples porches and taking their mail he is probably doing other things like breaking into cars" investigators say this man maybe responisble for other mail thefts in the area. concord police are increasing patrols trying to find him before he madyun kron4news >> britteny: a great ride home for you but rain continues i'm often tonight and also a chance of showers saturday and sunday for the rainfall is close to the walnut creek into vallejo outside of napa fairfield and then here's another record satellite airshows some oyster cove come under redwood city.
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>> pam:donald trumop held his own event show up.
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be >> reporter: trump, texas senator ted cruz, stood front and center -- taking spotlight. presidential candidate gosh, if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave happy with his decision to take a pass. presidential candidate cruz is in second place, he got really i'm glad i wasn't there. in fact, iowa voters woke up to this cover in the des moines register friday. "rough night for ted cruz". it would have been a great debate eight months ago, but it almost is irrelevant now in the era of trump because, the fact is they're going after each other, and donald trump is still leading in the polls. he was the winner in absentia, of that debate last night defense. he did take some incoming, but while cruz was fending off attacks, donald trump took his show -- and loyal supporters -- down the road in des moines, holding a fundraiser for veterans charities -- confident his absence wouldn't hurt him presidential candidate i don't even think i have to campaign anymore. why am i even wasting my time? i don't have to campaign. i could leave here right now, they're going to vote
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for me. with candidates making one final push in iowa, donald trump is letting his seven-point lead do all the talking, spending his day instead in new hampshire. reporting. >> pam:president obama is intensifying his push to get equal pay for woman. he's proposing a new rule that will require companies with 100 or more workers to report pay data by gender, race and ethnicity. it's aimed at helping investigations into employers that are "unlawfully shortchanging workers" who are not white males. the president made his proposals at an event marking the seventh anniversary of the lilly ledbetter fair pay act.which gives women more time to file fair pay and discrimination suits against employers. a mechanic with egypt air is suspected of planting a bomb on the russian jetliner which crashed in the sinai peninsula in late october.
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catherine is here with the latest developments. that mechanic has a cousin who investigation say an isis questions.and to get it on the plane. and a baggage handler suspected investigators are trying toor simply weren't doing their jobs properly. an official with the airline been detained. and the egyptian government continues to insist that the crash was not an act of terror. all 224 people on board were killed. >> pam: than a week away. and it you are in the market
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for a new big screen. our tech reporter will have some tips on what to look for. will smith sounds off on the oscar diversity controversy. on wall street. stocks soared on the last trading day of january, led by big gains in technology companies after microsoft turned in a strong quarter. the dow jumped 396 points. the s and p shot up 46 points and the nasdaq climbed 107 points.
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>> grant: of the missing inmates involved in the southern california prison escape could be in either san jose or fresno. a closer look at the three individuals the guy and metal was arrested earlier today. the guys on either side of him have not been caught they are full of standing in police just announced minutes ago there is reason to believe that those two on either side may be hiding out in san jose or fresno. yet look out for those to they escaped a week ago rappelling down and 80
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ft. wall after climbing through a half inch metal fence the to are wanted for murder and kidnapping torture dangerous criminals and they could be in the south bay we have crews set that is heading to south bay to get more information as we know and we continue to be posted. >> pam: the "oscar-so-white" controversy now actor will smith is speaking the insider's louis aguirre in story. >> reporter:pam, will smith sounding off today. as hollywood's growing oscar-so- white debate. rages on! reporter; where are you now in will: i was very please with how quickly and aggresively the academy responded we need to step forward now and talk about what we've actually have been doing behind the
5:41 pm
scenes for awhile i feel that diversity is america's superpower i think thats what makes our country great and special taking his oscar boycott international. will smith sat for multiple interviews in london with a clear message about his motivation. will: it has nothing to do with me being nominated ro not or wanting to win wards or not that is so frivolous will: tthis has nothing to do with awards thats a really frivolous reason for me to put my hand up and make a statement we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm
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super bowl 50 is now just nine days away. and if you are in the market forour tech reporter gabe slate how to find the best deals. >> grant: by the practice of the season to squads at panthers in charlotte last time i had a quotron and carolina panthers getting leads the broken bone as forearm. the team to come in the
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bay area two days from now flying in the san jose airport and landing sunday a new tree the team's landing at should be a lot of fans out there cheering them on welcoming them to the bay area. if you're >> pam: the market for new big screen television for the big game is you need tickets to go we show you what to look for in-the best deals.
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>> gabe:right now it's all about led. these are the hot flat screen efficient, super light weight, they have a great bright picture affordable. good ones use to be $1,000 or more now you can get big 60 inch ones for $400 -$500. you will see new curved tvs out there that claim to make the tv watching experience more immersive. i find that they don't. i think it's a gimmick and something that looks estecally cool but not worth the money. i say avoid them. 3d tvs same thing it's not like the movie theater experience it's gimmicky just avoid it.
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richet by your tv's prices go down goethe any retailer costco
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feel good deal of on amazon. visit our text page kron4news- dot-com obligation great applications. and willis have great deals for tv's a lot more information on how to decide what kind of tedious right for you >> pam:olympic legend michael phelps showed up at an arizona stategame last night. and as catherine shows us - he >> catherine:this got the biggest crowd reaction of the night. michael phelps stripping down to his speedo to help distract rival oregon state -- as a player was trying to make two free throws. he'd been hiding behind a-s-u's
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famous "curtain of distraction" - jumping out on cue. and they did it all over again -- for the second free throw. and it 'did' work -- because the guy missed both shots. phelps wore his gold medals around his neck and a yellow swim cap.and not much else. he's training at arizona state for the 2016 rio olympics. soggy commute ahead and friday >> britteny: it shows where the
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rainfall is parts of on the creek. concord vallejo and satellite rainfall of flow close to their checking into the north of redwood city san mateo. and the north of livermore and parts of richmond the layout to the north neff also seeing with light rainfall seeing is to continue going through the night on of showers for another round threats of francisco closer to 2:00 a.m.. this surf
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will continue high surf advisory in effect for 4:00 a.m. when gus 25 m.p.h. and then winter storm warning in effect. as far as and its concern you notice the light rain continuing and then we start see a little light showers the supplicants. 74 cast all the changes >> reporter:coming up nats: i don't want you taking of not at super bowl city , nats: got the out of here and
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don't come back more like the homeless super tent city in san francisco .a man threatened to stab me, i'll show you what lead up the incident in the next edition of people behaving badly
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with super bowl city about to much of san francisco's homeless population have been displaced. they have been moved. or some
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festivities are over. kron 4's stanley roberts investigates fact from fiction. and got a little more than he >> reporter:while shooting tent city in san francisco a man wearing a 49er jersey with his hand in his pocket threating to stab me i'm not hostile luckly my security detail was right on it .i'll come back to that in a moment after receiving numerous emails and messages to kron 4 i ventured over not to a field .but a city street two city streets to be exact one area is harrison and 13th people believe that because of the super bowl. the city is moving the homeless here and some believe the city is talking about pushing us to bayview all the way to bay view this is kasper shaving his head out on the street he says he got here because he heroin addiction but im going to walden house next friday ashantie .shown here painting bicycle tires with a brush has been homes for more than 6 years has more to say
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the mayor says he wants all the homeless of the street before the super bowl arrives now before you jump to conclusions and assume that this large tent city is a byproduct this are has been like this for and now it isnt hard to find uncapped syringes lying on the sidewalk and according to some residents fighting making it for the m to use so they use buckets nearby is the soma street food park where they don't mind the homeless using the restrooms except some of them my stay for a long time, some of them shoot up ans other negative activity many of the homeless say the police are trying to arrest them so they can be put in jail and be off the streets but to be honest while i was there i only saw one police cruise r and it was simply passing by now back to the guy wearing the 49er jersey that was at 9th and division nats: ambiance dispite me leaving he followed me and continued his verbal assault and making threating moves with his hand in his pocket as if he had a weapon in the end the even spat at me
5:58 pm
nats: ambiance and kicked my vehicle as i was leaving. i thank my security detail for his quick thinking because had it not been for im i truly believe i would have been stabbed my advice if your coming to the san franciso for the super bowl festivities come see for your self but do so at your own risk in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news
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a pair of big breaking news stories we're following tonight. first. person who stole three guns and other items from an agent's vehicle here in the bay area. thousand dollar reward for arrest. grant lodes is here now with a closer look at when and where >> grant: three inmates who escaped from a california jail last week and we are now learning the search for northern and central california. >> grant: psa the locks lock
6:01 pm
boxes used to secure a gun here is what we know was stolen to 40 caliber blocks both taken all taken from the vehicle also f.b.i. badge credentials other fbi property again fbi offering that $5,000 reward for any info leading to an arrest he'd beckon july high-profile murder case and then baker 14 in september. >> pam: police arrested one of the three inmates escaped from a california jail last week. now learning though the search for their to had turned the northern tip of california. >> catherine:
6:02 pm
catherine heenan is here with the orange county sheriff's department says the remaining two inmates may be together in the san jose area in a white van. investigators say the two were in the san jose area as recently as thursday morning and could now be headed to fresno. given the violent reputations of the three inmates. including 43-year-old bac duong.most people were surprised when he simply walked up to someone on a street today -- and said he wanted to turn himself in. this is duong's new mug shot. he was arrested today by police in santa ana.the same city where the men made their escape from the county jail.
6:03 pm
stranger.announcing his plan to on the loose. visiting any bay area beaches. sunday >> britteny: if your to the south of san francisco in a better chance to see another round of rain take a look right now radar shots and exactly where the rain is coming down a little heavier close to the concord fairfield we saw more rainfall in marin county and then even a nation half ended close to the san francisco san mateo you probably only saw bartend of an inch of rain in
6:04 pm
close to a fifth of an inch satellite radar shots also helping to fill in where these light scattered showers are. redwood city to the south of hayward to another part of napa steady light rainfall coming down of six san jose cerros the taking little bit of a break right now and then again into the rest of tonight we're expected reconditions continue the wind gusted to 20 m.p.h. and then r-revised three will stay in effect till 4:00 a.m. that expecting another round of this note to 9 saturday sunday evening the monday in the planning and heading up there definitely to easy driving on of showers that by 2:00 a.m. we see another round of rainfall in san francisco and san mateo center
6:05 pm
fell and that will set us up for mostly cloudy start on saturday expect another round of rain and. public and for you coming up next forecast. >> pam:officials are warning people to be on the lookout of sneakers waves that can sweep you out to sea. high winds could also pose a problem we spoke with some people francisco today and they preferred to take in the scenery from the parking lot. the coast guard is also warning people that plan to go out on for up-to-the minute weather alerts and forecasts in your
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neighborhood. download the kron your number one source for news demoliton continued today on a san francisco home deemed unsafe because it was sliding down a hillside now residents are starting to wonder why this is happening now they say simply attribututing it to el nino is too simple of an answer. kron 4's dan kerman is live on casitas avenue with more >> reporter: running right now has been most the day never say the amount of rain that had so far this year here is less than last year that saw this say all the new campy they include manhattan in this house is moving in what others in this area of might be fighting demolition crews at the top will of that $2 million home been unsafe because soil underneath was moving to the point where
6:07 pm
house could slide down a hillside ronald thises and on the new year there hasn't been enough rain so far the call the soil underneath his home to move that much. and martell isn't the only one asking the question next door neighbor also speculating as to what the cost could be neighbor's son of a cause but hoping to get some answers one
6:08 pm
of five homeowners the city is tasked with hiring an engineer to see if their homes are sliding down as well. >> reporter: web now begin to tell you those homeowner engineers are the report and by monday to determine what they found out city engineers will meet and decide if anything has to be done to these other properties the this one here it's been demolished the buzzer went there looking at.
6:09 pm
officially kicks off in san francisco. kron 4's justine waldman got a >> reporter: that there's a lot of activities virtual pet themes very popular these the the full cost of so vertical jump and 40 r-also autographs from players all week long before yawners raiders players for locals to come take part also of the places for kids to come around and not the act of all the time.
6:10 pm
>> reporter: favorites the coolest 13 minute video highlights everything happens all year long it is one of those things. >> pam:days leading up to the big game promises to be jammed pack with events drawing an estimated million people to the city. it all kicks off tomorrow night with a big fireworks display. kron4's maureen kelly talked to the organizers who promise that it will be spectacular. >> reporter:35 pyrotechnicians are hard at work setting up the mortars on the barges that will be the launching pad for the explosive the fireworks themselves are being loaded.and the electronic cables that help set off the blasts are being wired up.
6:11 pm
we've got two barges 15 thousand effects 20 thousand pounds of equiptment on those two barges, the show is really going to be stunning this team has been working for three days on this show.but it takes more planning than that. we really put our heart and soul into the show.a year to find all the fireworks.the fouth of july in january the designers of the show are the same that are responsible san francisco.but don't expect a repeat.
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bite from gary the colors are different big materials going thru the sky and fireworks shows back east. monumentous occasion of superbowl's 50th goldenit's the countdown to the gold.and gold is going to come to life.50 bursts in 50 seconds look to the sky above above saturday night.if you miss this one.a second show is planned forthe fireworks show is set to go off right after the re- lighting of the bay lights on the bay bridge. the art installation made up of taken down after a two year run last march. but a group called "illuminate four million dollars needed to make the 500 foot high display permanent. on kron 4 dot com. we have an super bowl 50. still ahead at six. a mother demands justice in the death of her adult son whose body was in southern california. and.what will the raiders that the charges are staying san diego.
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kyle's family wants to thank the hundreds of people who helped them search for him this week. a graduate of westmont high school, kyle myrick loved motorcycles, second only to his family, says his mom, who wants in the east bay.the body of a a
6:17 pm
week, has been found in the authorities are investigating a went missing five straight leading positions behind that her job. the deaf not immediately known. >> pam: investing in north bay fl plane crash fatal plane crash two miles from the charles schulz-sonoma county airport. the pilot and passenger were
6:18 pm
killed when the small plane went down last night, roughly two miles south of the airport while landing. the f-a-a and national transportation safety board are names of the pilot and passenger have not been released yet. a mail theft suspect is caught on camera in the city of concord. the incident happened earlier this week around 4am on the 2900 block of atlantic street. concord police investigators say the suspect is possibly linked to other crimes committed in the early morning hours in that area "he is out there lurking the streets at 3 and 4 in the morning.invest into a locked mailbox" investigators say the suspect is described as a while male, 20
6:19 pm
to 35-years-old, wearing a grey jacket with a large cartoon type of logo on the back. if you think you recognize him, you can contact concord police since these el nino storms arrived.the bay area has seen its fare share of fallen trees. the latest example has damaged a home in walnut creek. catherine is here to show us what happened. the wet weather - after such a long period of drought - has been blamed for dozens of fallen trees. it may also be the reason a huge oak tree came down in walnut creek overnight. the couple inside was not injured.but the tree buckled some walls and took out some gutters. it happened at walnut creek's lancaster park - near lilac drive. city officials haven't yet confirmed exactly what caused it
6:20 pm
to come crashing down. the home owners had scheduled an appointment with a city arborist for 'today' -- because they said the tree seemed to be leaning. he says the tree had appeared healthy - and was inspected about three years ago. walnut creek's 20-thousand trees on city-owned property are checked on a 5-year rotation. >> britteny: with more rain chances ahead in the saturday a better chance if the push in the sunday and then for certain cities alive with a side right
6:21 pm
now what roads out there and then as a handout from midnight it will continue on and off showers for the rest of the seething another chance of showers as we head into tomorrow the storm triggered shows for the rain is in heaviest amounts to a concord little more clear world's the light rain in the north of san mateo also tracking some scattered showers offensive francisco now but live right now at said rosa offices and continuing to move in transition to a self the continue to track rains tonight and conditions when does of the 20 m.p.h. dangerous surf still in high supervisory saturday 4:00 a.m. could extend for the rest of saturday also into sunday and coastal wind gusts of 25 m.p.h.
6:22 pm
another round of snow expected finally tonight but moore's no chances saturday sunday even in to monday that will stand to effect tonight heading into saturday as well tonight's planner more on and off showers the temperatures by 9:00 p.m. 52 degrees for an and locations 53 same thing or along the coast the new as of tomorrow morning run around 7:00 a.m. we noticed the temperatures will be little cooler than the past couple days in the '60s and then and amid low 50s saturday sunday in the feature cast for shows as we go on to most of my on and off showers close to the 2:00 a.m. and unfair said it will keep the chance of showers the most right now that the level of rainfall for saturday probably what you're our umbrella handy as with and the sunday with the other system moving from the
6:23 pm
west mainly of to the southwest close to the livermore fremont and also into san jose. the closer look at your 7 if forecast. >> pam: >> grant: the traffic here on the lessons town of bainbridge be more. newton king jr. day that group some of whom will be being used for tomorrow and a sign that read all the vested in
6:24 pm
their the demonstrators warning to point racial inequalities in the bay area and minorities targeted profiled by officers. that is the cause the demonstration is looking for right now an entire section dedicated disapproval 50. pine city events road closures on the buy stadium also compiled atop several place of all time. kron4news-dot-com >> pam:next on kron-4 news. a monday morning parking fee hike for some bart riders. we'll tell you where.
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪ bart parking fees are set to rise at three east bay stations
6:27 pm
the daily parking rate will increase to 2-dollars in eight- dollars in west oakland. the hike comes as part of a parking lot evaluation program that tracks lot usage every six months. fees are raised 50 cents for lots that are full and are lowered for lots that are less than 95-percent full. this is the second raise in two months.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
>> reporter: 2 to $35 for adults 25 for kids coming miserable city as free. >> reporter: memory of of motorcycle mechanic burns bright his family comes to terms with
6:32 pm
their loss of assets visual still a light here in his workplace after week-long search for a 28 year-old when his body was found thursday. 39 year-old steve was charged in a murder after police say the two got into a fight all working together is mired smother it calais to the discoverer of her son offers closer now and refers to levo as a monster >> reporter: militiamen crew successfully remove the top level of what was the two million-dollar home. the structure deemed unsafe when this will move under the ground creating risks from might slide down into the homes below the neighbor on the north side that one of five homeowners who the city task of hiring an engineer
6:33 pm
to see if their homes or siding is well. city is expecting to receive the engineering reports from the father homeowners by monday their engineers will review them and decide if any action needs to be taken to those homes. >> reporter: electric family is ok could have been badly with this massive tree that toppled in their backyard are around 115 a morning hot water concern the tree was leaning too much toward their home they were scheduled come out for today for a.
6:34 pm
richmond all dealing with allied say rainfall this evening. >> britteny: ago and the rest of tonight we continue to see the on/off showers on. so tracking of whether as they head into saturday sunday if you notice mostly cloudy skies here on the feature cast and besides the
6:35 pm
rain at 2:00 p.m. the wake of to mostly cloudy skies a chance of showers and then the sunday if we see another system that's gonna be a better chance of rain may. lead to the south of san francisco clustered hayward free lot over livermore and also in the san jose. this will continue throughout your morning hours and to wait 20 hours as well and then fill be a bit more clear as we head into sunday evening the seventh of 49 that price conditions monday most. the sunny skies and another chance of showers back in the forecast as we head into tuesday this week and. also crueler than temperatures in the past will days. >> grant:
6:36 pm
20 homes their white and was completed in martina's end of as part of the kron 4 crew then in september tried to be productive at that site of a year from today reasonably priced homes families.
6:37 pm
>> grant: and roofing wasn't counting on el nino and sure how five months from now the dulls the move into these homes actually help build families and then five the day dealers on the philip. unhand volunteers always welcome and today kron 4 is back out and oakland's working on a habitat project there. the space the mallee the khmer rouge. ec
6:38 pm
construction right there and they will let stanley have a saw >> pam: multistage next to near hollywood minute
6:39 pm
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6:41 pm
>> reporter: the presenters are investors have announced the the focus of the mentors they include will be kohlberg of taro tina fe kevin hart artists performing in the show they will
6:42 pm
be hosted by chris rock. in other words the directors given an excellent design award nominations among the nominated star wars force awakens and a bridge of spies read in. variety reports that he would try and read in be entitled. film north africa and during world war three. >> pam: and sports mr. mrs. read niche for small of your e-mail is right here
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6:46 pm
>> reporter: >> gary: another day if another liberators 7 employee here in 2016 starts last from san diego. x w is maybe something from down there the charter the nansen left his club will be staying in san diego for the upcoming season appears as if there will be moving to los angeles in 2017
6:47 pm
meanwhile cut about last night orpiment newspaper in town and fireroom. and then met with him today that they're offering to the company to build zero $1 billion stadium they have the property and. nfl does a one of the association legalized gambling city. another long story ahead of the chargers will move in 2017 raiders will have the option of moving to san diego super bowl time heather's
6:48 pm
broncos will arrive in the bay area sunday they will resign in san jose practice in san jose state the broncos will be stationed at santa clara then practice the stanford. >> gary: party the hoopla and severance cisco will be staying in the south bay.
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
now what"jean meserve will only rich people contend. "if a fall of antalya, no drinking in the two-party a measure vidal for get enjoy it have a party house don't get turned off because these guys out there to monday for a dollar." >> gary: just anyone who thinks that that the mba everyone
6:51 pm
knows the players run the show even if read to put their kids and a sky box for your games/ "yet great time push came to shove might put my foot on the stand. "he's a get a kick out of our trump?" >> gary: watched the debate last night not say advil forum but the one guy lays on the screen
6:52 pm
you can't turn it off. arguing of more than one of the senior newscasts with about? "but the eaten feed the do i lig the dog.'
6:53 pm
♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry.
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it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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olive back with a new sports that as a clot of the sea than. that's it for sports tonight that we hope to see you later tonight.
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"the insider hollywood, your 24/7 celeb conversation. >> i want to be very clear, this is far beyond me, this is about diversity and inclusion. >> will is grilled about the oscar race controversy. >> that is so frivolous. >> and those that weren't invaded the to hollywood's biggest night. and did netflix just force a new investigation into "the making of a murder" case? >> i think that he was innocent. >> nancy grace disagrees, sounding a off to us. >> the theory that that was all planted is ludicrous. plus we're counting down "the people versus o.j. simpson." we ask the stars, where were you during the infamous oj bronco
7:00 pm
chase. then beverly hills housewife kim richards in family therapy after rehab. >> it's been a hard, hard time. >> reality mother-daughter on the brink. >> is this therapist trying to help or just trying to grab ratings? >> what kind of mother would do this to her daughter? now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> hello,everyone, and welcome to "the insider." is the oscars so white controversy really bigger th will smith. as oscar's growing oscars so white debate rages on. >> where are you at now in relation to theoscars? >> i was very pleased at how quickly and aggressively the academy responded. >> we felt that


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