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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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breaking news at eight. two violent escapees from the orange the bay area tonight. just hours after the surrender of a third fugitive, authorities jonathan tieu and hossein nayeri california. we have information that mr nayeri and mr tieu may still be together in the san jose area as recently as yesterday morning or yesterday afternoon. >> pam:we are following breaking news as the manhunt for two remaining escaped inmates shifts from southern california. to the bay area. kron-4's philippe djegal joins us live from >> reporter: the alameda motel manager says he definitely saw one of the suspects. and, says after police paid a visit today. investigators confirmed to him that both suspects stayed here for at least two nights. the manager says the men stayed in room number fourteen. he says they checked in tuesday evening and checked out yeserday morning. the manager says he only saw one of the guys.
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but at the time didn't know he was the focus of a manhunt. the manager also says the man wasn't alone -- presumably with the other wanted man. it wasn't until today when police stopped by and checked the records that the manager says he realized who indeed had checked into his motel. jonathan too and and hossein nayeri are the two escapees believed to have stayed at the motel. this after the third suspect turned himself over to police earlier today in orange county. all three men are wanted for breaking out of a maximum security jail in southern calfornia last week. the manager also tells me he did see the white van law enforcment says the men stole down south a day after their escape. the day's dramatic developments
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>> reporter: will have more on this type 11 here live in san jose. >> pam: the day's dramatic developments began just before noon at an auto repair shop in santa ana.grant lodes is here with team coverage of the events in >> grant:fugitive no longer. bac duong wearing handcuffs and sunglasses as sheriff's deputies escort him from one week ago today. despite a history of violent crimes, he surrendered peacefully. "approximately 25 minutes ago, bac duong contacted a civilian on the streets of santa ana and stated he wanted to turn himself in."
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it all happened here at auto electric rebuilding. owner lee tran says duong walked in around 11 a=m and said he wanted to see tran's sister. he said she had known duong for many years. tran says his sister called 911. officers in body armor arrived within minutes, taking duong into custody and searching through all of the cars in the lot. they found no trace of the other duong escaped from the orange county jail one week ago along with another alleged vietnamese gang member, jonathan tieu and the suspected ringleader, hossein nayeri. nayeri was awaiting trial for kidnapping and torture that included rubber hoses, a blowtorch and sexual mutilation. jail officials say he developed a relationship with this woman. nooshafarian ravaghi taught english as a second language courses at the jail. detectives say she smuggled google maps and books to nayeri. she was arrested yesterday after police raided her home. "can you say if you found
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anything else in your searches this relationship at her house "i don't have that specific information. all i can tell you is, they feel strongly that there was a personal or a close relationship between the two." reporter " indicated a romantic thing to it?" ravaghi is facing a charge of accessory to a felony, and prosecutors plan to seek that she be held on 500=thousand dollars bail. she is due to be arraigned monday, >> pam:rain returns to the bay area. and it is going to be around for your weekend. this is a look at the wet roads in marin county today. kron-4's charles clifford joins us live from the north bay which saw the most rain. but first meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the latest round of storms. brittney how long will it last.
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>> britteny: as we head into the rest of tonight dealing with soggy conditions what roads light rainfall suspected to continue, most of tonight we transition into the weekend and we get a chance of showers saturday but that sunday expect a heavy strain to be south of san francisco. it will depend on where you live a closer look at our future cast for it shows for the rain is going to be coming in from as we head into a week and you notice by 2:00 a.m. saturday mostly cloudy skies and then at least for you we get closer to 7:00 a.m. that the only service see that chance of showers sticking around and more detailed and the timing of that coming off. bay, which so far this rainy season has recieved more
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kron 4's charles clifford is with a look at conditions and charles.... >> reporter: would now stay on the northern end of the golden gate bridge pre nice right now forest and turning all day in the north face things looking pretty nice 55 degrees traffic on a friday night villas presold 11 northbound heading out of san francisco from behind the seats moving pretty well all the way north from grandstanding after a long day of whether. the total >> reporter: the problem got off a little bit since then to the people spoke to for in to be moisture.
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i think it's great. i hope we get more. fill up our recent storms have sent water gushing into the seven reservoirs managed by the marin municipal water district. on average, the reservoirs are now at a little over 97 percent of full capacity and holding 119 percent of the average amount of water for this time of year. >> reporter: 8 today a little more rain tonight the next few days probably dry out here in the north that other parts the bay area could see rain. >> pam:friday afternoon, demolition crews finished taking down the top level of what was a 2 million dollar home in san francisco's sherwood forest neighborhood the 3 story structure was deemed unsafe when soil started moving under
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the ground, creating the risk the home might slide down the home's lower two levels still need to be demolished. we'll have this house out of here by monday but i am concerned about the other neighbor on the north side, seems to be a real issue at this the neighbor on the northside at 250 casitas drive is one 5 homeowners the city has tasked with hiring an engineer to see if their homes are sliding as well
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kron-4 was first to tell you >> reporter: monday should hear from the engineers as to whether the soil is shifting under their homes the city engineers will meet with their engineers and decide if any action needs to be taken. >> pam: and this matter of hoursahead at eight. >> pam: today for the first time we get a chance to see inside the nfl experience interactive theme fall apart at the moscow center just been waldman taxes on the two were.
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there are lots of interactive games with this football tossed the vertical jump 44-technology is a big theme here this is definitely place for self pictures room for kids turnarounds' learned about football + nfl players will be here signing autographs all week long this is a football fan is a dream come true. tickets to the
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experience to $35 for adults 25 for kids in the. and find a link to purchase them on our website. kron4news-dot-com if you come to the civil see behind me is free. >> grant: 38 is key the finishing touches being put on a city within a city. to attend their with that and the
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construction insuperable city started last week and the crews worked through the rain today changing of a host of concert dance at the dj gospel choirs you name it tomorrow saturday better day of the weekend because saturday night will be on point with this lineup starting 4730 the bridge allies will come back on fireworks then chris isaac performs its all several city and these go to 11:00 saturday and sunday all day into the night. and we're scratching the surface so much going on for the next week + felicia keys. kron4news-dot-com go to the sports section click on civil city evidence. >> pam:
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the f-b-i on the hunt for plus. san francisco police activate special security measures ahead of super bowl week. and next. a local family calls for murdered by a man they say is a monster.
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"i only refer to him as the her son's alleged killer. kron-4 today.calling for swift justice in the case. the week long-search for the 28 year old motorcyle mechanic ended last night when police found his body in the santa cruz mountains. the news broke as a candlelight vigil was being held for myrick. 39- year-old steven douglas hlebo, a co-worker of myrick ----is being held without bail in the murder. .he was arraigned on murder charges earlier this week. subject involved. >> grant: shoes walking near the
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virus hit that hold up a four- door blue car direction offered the of the girl declines in what ways departments are searching for the person or persons direction >> grant: one read of links the suspect here described as hispanic and a four-door blue car.
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responsible for breaking into an f-b-i vehicle in benicia and stealing f-b-i property. the sacramento f-b-i is now information leading to an arrest. three handguns. an f-b-i badge. property. were among the items anyone with information is being beach goers are being asked to be careful this weekend due to a in affect unitl four tomorrow morning. officials say there is an which can sweep you out to sea winds and large breaking waves can also pose threats to those boating out on the water. the high surf is expected on the coast from point reyes all the way down to the big sur area. some home owners in walnut creek when a massive oak tree came crashing down overnight on to their house. luckily no one was injured when the tree toppled over at the lancaster park near lilac drive.but it did damage the home
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it fell on. the park is owned by the city and officials are still trying to determine what caused it to 20 thousand city-owned trees in walnut creek are inspected new developments in a fatal san >> britteny: the tough call we do need it but it is causing us problems and we saw another high surf advisory that will stand until tomorrow morning we see pri's strong wind gust of the area that will continue into tomorrow preconditions expected a closer look at the storm tracker light rainfall still moving in the concord fairfield even into stockton charge will continue for the rest of tonight we made him a chance of showers into tomorrow and another in the latter show use satellite read our shot if shows up will more
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clearly where the rainfall is. redwood's the hayward oakland all seen rainfall again will continue as and to the rest of tonight closer look at the feature cast china's by 11:00 p.m. the will still be dealing with a cloudy skies and then after that a few showers expected and they continued on and off into the rest of tonight also see the chance of showers and to the rest of your weekend and here's the what to expect tracking rain a light rain is expected preconditions' wind gusted and offer our dangerous surf continues right along the coastline the c&s closer than 25 m.p.h. and another round of self the snowfall will be coming down alleys there monday that a few different systems that will move through you can see the satellite rate are all the moisture rainfall that pushes through the pleistocene were still developing like tahoe
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closer look into a week and expect closer to 74 1/2 he noticed the temperatures dropped down a little that pushing into the weekend if you plan a heading of to the sierra where storm warning that citizen to affect snow moving in through tonight lasting to saturday the saturday forecast shows temperature at 55 degrees sunday and a better chance of rain to the south of several cisco 52 grees into next week would we drought monday and more rain chances as we push in the middle part of your work
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tonight at 8.
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pier 70 in san francisco is where some of the biggest taking place.
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dave matthews is thursday, pharrell williams is friday, and red hot chili peppers are playing saturday. our gabe slate got a sneak peak stand up - >> gabe:i am insdie peir 70. they gave the media a sneak peak and i'm whitnessing a pretty amazing thing they are transforming this old dusty wharehouse into a cutting edge high tech world class concert venue. at&t, directv, and pepsi and partnering up to throw one heck of a party in this space super bowl week. the structure will hold 9000 people for these shows. from what i can tell there won't be a bad spot in the place it's mostly standing. people will be on different levels surrounding the stage.
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here are some artist renderings parts of the venue will be almost like a bar or night club fancy leather couches a lounge type atmosphere. we are transforming this 80 thousand square foot wharehouse in an iconic san franciso location into an epic music sound and lights experience with our partners at directv. see this guy right here. he blocking out each window square of this giant wharehouse with special filter paper because they are going to turn the front of this structure into a giant video screen. side note if you're an at&t cell phone user they want you to know they have invested millions of dollars and built up their network for super bowl week to handle all the extra people in town. they have deployed mobile cell
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phone towers like this one that can quickly beef up signal strength to a heavily populated area like super bowl city and levi's stadium. announced today by the state >> pam: teacher the tapes show at the children sang as a game. top-seeded nation on an unsecured server government e- mail scandal connection to the president department.22 emails
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from former secretary of state hillary because they contain top secret the revelation comes just three days before the iowa caucus and could provide opponents more fuel to speak on the issue, especially republicans who are sure to make a note of the email's classified contents. the total 37-pages were sent without being marked they are being upgraded to protect the information. ap-right now lead receive council unit tonight how california legislation will change of the news public restrooms + face of changing the policy will no longer post about firearms on social media site and the possible week is almost
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here protesters say they are not taking a day off
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>> grant: we know of one high- profile protests planned as for research what voting just. and my words the man-about place less month bayview marchers handout possible city also on plan to house the homeless problem in the city police admit they don't know exactly how this vote plan out levi stadium back the bridge and groups on and i'm ok
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>> pam: center will go on-line tomorrow jeff bush live tonight at the super bowl city with details on what will be going on behind the scenes.
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>> reporter: virus continues to spread such as the concern and especially those for pregnant at. believe it or not the think a virus has been around for a long time. john short spurt is a clinical professor at cal berkeley, and no fair to about infectious diseases including as a good virus is transmitted.
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beatty' aided"person of the people by confected never even know film gets sick plan% get infected appears this just a mild illness. fever rash of recent aspect it may cause can general damage. the damage to the fetus and once a month pregnant a/. lot of evidence that appears to cause small brains. in the brains the disease has not been found in america get.yet >> reporter: doctor tells me we
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could start seeing cases of the virus here the u.s. as early as the summer.zik- >> britteny: it will continue with a light rain all through tonight and in the week and more rain chances and the good thing is more snow as we head into a week and more rain chances storm trackers shows for the rain is right now fairfield concord and north of santa rosa more charts to the satellite radar shot showing most of the rate is currently in livermore and then also east bay satyr rose a net
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of seeing some light showers and same thing in vallejo. the fairfield and that will be the trend fairly heavy rainfall city light rain as the heading down for the past of flowers to. reconditions some ground as well the feature cast shows us we continue to see the light showers on enough this model shows us mostly cloudy skies. then friday evening we see a few more passing stray showers and then for said it by sunday we see it but more interesting film movement and then the system focuses mainly subarea. the more searching into san jose agreed chances seem rainfall as we get into saturday afternoon when a light rain continues and dangerous search continues for us in affect at least till tomorrow morning and then another round of snow was locations like tahoe in this
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winter storm warning 3:10 a.m. tomorrow because we do expect to see heavy snow coming down tonight heading into tomorrow. >> pam: baseball league had a snack bar vandalized preopening day in jeopardy the volunteers made generous donations will be ready in today at a shopping spree donated by a smart and final means that the team will be well stocked. the entire baseball community came together to the replacement of the stolen items. " all the damage there was we
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cleaned up and got everything up. in up" >> pam: and opens for the league's march the second store furs brought to our attention by a viewer the few of the story like us to look into we want to hear from you submit your idea on kron 4 kron4news-dot-com under the might kron 4 story section. coming up urinating in public where in the bay area is actually illegal meet quasimodo
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the pub with the recognition looking for home the puffball popular yogurt maker says he can say that the ever has therefore still hold. my name is kieran griffin. i work here at five star auto care in rocklin california. a lot of thought was put into the change to solar and we couldn't have done it without pg&e. pg&e is very committed to clean energy. working with five star auto care we looked at how we could make their business more energy efficient and save them money in the long run. with solar we have saved about 85% on our energy cost. with this extreme drought we're using the savings from our solar system to save every last drop of water.
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if you are looking for ways to save energy, your first step is to call pg&e. together, we're building a better california.
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>> pam: judge has ordered the ads called simply 100 because it did take the biggest debtors using artificial sweeteners and preserve it the artificial preservatives are not dangerous the had the lead consumers to believe the biggest competitors general mills makes you play bad and wolf. the decision there still free to promote its use of natural ingredients. bill proposes state legislature will make all single person
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restaurants in california gender neutral. evans's " proposed bill said the make restroom access more convenient more fair. those opposed is pushing an agenda in the face several else. the bills introduced in new york and vermont last year did not advance. then francisco aquatic park is now home to the city's first open air concrete calfa on the open. and the park has three toilets before selling million- dollar renovation but many people believing relieving them of the bushes. the park's first upgrade in six years. and coming up in 60 seconds late no longer post of this book and next a child played with the nightmares that the teacher duct tape children in the classroom
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the peak >> pam: churn texas facing possible criminal charges she's been fired for allegedly plotting to take over the miles of more than 20 of her first grade school students the juvenile detective struck protective services are investigating to determine what if any criminal charges may be filed. winston's mother says her child still seems traumatized.
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he reportedly said it was zero game further says that she is planning to file a lawsuit against the school. this book says that it is cracking down of fire arms sales for the largest social media network will stop private individuals from advertising selling firearms the website. the license could read palace roof be able the advertiser businesses but all of the expect orders or checks that sales on the web site. >> gary: if you're one of those fans that says to study with the head next year who knows what the future may bring chargers and san diego this year raiders
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will be 95% in oakland. owner of the chargers announced today that yes they're considering moving to inglewood fisher the stadium he ran so with the new franchise but there's multiple reports will have to say something to keep our jobs may be the raiders will be interested in the on the road moving to san diego sheldon adelson telling the story worth billions somebody writing bad about him he but the paper and fired the guy in showed mark davis the room he has to build a
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brand new $1 billion stadium and again less biggest is not attractive to the nfl for the record raiders visited las vegas with likely be back in oakland of the chargers stay in santiago teams vertigo there in the bay area said sunday that there's and denver broncos at work and then they're going to stay in the south bay for out the set of such a state in the denver broncos will stay in santa clara worked out at stanford stadium third as the
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big story line hearty stop kevin newton. "the super bowl does nothing for a local football fans can afford to go to the game." >> gary: alone don't let price tag i take it ruin your fund at a party at home go from there.
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anything that could slow down the warriors from another title. clyde johnson gets hurt and that's about it but i think maybe overreacting they're just ahead of the field when lawyers are shooting for a few points they each are shooting to point.
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hopper >> grant: leaders cannot with golf clubs. >> gary: bankthat india= they'tu >> gary: like money the power they like fame and within this. guy this a lot from what trump
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says. i've seen athletes and what no-trump obviously personally the young athlete would look at trump and say wow. "are you given special treatment for having a beautiful wife before the show with you?"
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>> pam: he may look different but has a heart of gold the story behind quality motto
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♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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>> grant: does he have a good home. purebred german shepherd
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has short spines syndrome taken in by animal shelter it does need a good home one of the 13 known dogs in the world with short spines and drum cannot turn its head. "to call on the couch full on.
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faced a page dedicated and people trying to bring awareness to his condition. >> britteny: rain at the end has a chars in a move to more chances on sunday.
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guard: prisoner on the move! guard: ready to transport! news anchor: an angry crowd is gathering downtown where prosecutor-turned-killer heather taffet is expected to arrive at the courthouse for a final appeal. officer: pull out! news anchor: also known as the "gravedigger," taffet was sentenced to death for a single kidnap-murder, after escaping conviction for a string of similar crimes. are you nervous, dr. sweets? you seem uncomfortable. i'm fine. i'm merely here to comply with your request for psychological counseling during transport. are you comfortable? right. i do appreciate the company. on death row, one spends so much time alone, it... tests the sanity. oh, i assure you, you are sane, technically speaking.


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