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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 30, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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to get you ready for the big game coming up. good evening, everybody. yes, it's opening day for super bowl city, and there's lots of festivities going on all around san francisco. that is why tonight we are bringing you team coverage of all the events. kate is live for us in san francisco where she just spoke with people attending opening day. it was mighty crowded. then at 8:15, hear from scott, who was live on the embarcadero at the chris isaac concert going on, but first, we want to start with alisha reid, who joins us live now from super bowl city. what is the city doing to keep those large crowds safe? >> i'll tell you, vick i, it's chaotic out here, but i'll say it's organized chaos chl there are a lot of people, lots going on, but security, super bowl 50 security is very tight. >> have your cell phone, keys ready for the metal detectors chl welcome to super bowl city. >> everyone entering super bowl city has to go through metal
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detectors. that includes children and dogs. >> definitely feel safe with all the police officers. >> i feel very secure being in this environment knowing that they're here to take care of us. >> lines were long, but people were getting through pretty quickly. >> about ten minutes, but, yeah, not too bad. >> lines move smoothly. very smoothly. very professionally. very nice. >> it was great. we didn't -- no problems at all. just real swift and quick. >> then there were these guys, patrolling the area with oozies. >> look at what happened in paris. so, no, i think the security is great. it -- it's -- it needed to be done. >> feel comfortable knowing that we're being watched, trying to be protected. >> it's the first time in america i think i've ever seen out at an event. >> it's different, something that i'm not used to in the u.s., but i feel safe. it's a real county now, i guess bin -- big guns around. >> they got it down pat.
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>> it was weird when you see some of the police officers have gear on like they're going to war or something. >> folks came from near or far to celebrate the kickoff to super bowl 50. all this protection started outside of the city. >> from oakland, and we saw that the -- the coast guard was on a -- on a boat behind us, which was really nice because we knew that we felt safe. >> felt safe. it was good to come in and see the coast guard sitting on the side, so it was good. we knew when we came in we was gonna be protected. >> now, some people were taken aback at first by the level of security, but i must tell you that in some of the video that you saw, there were people trying to take pictures with the guards, but the guards themselves, they kept their focus the entire time. reporting live on the embarcadero, kron 4 news. >> all right. yes, thousands of people are pouring into the city attending super bowl city.
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kron 4's kate caught up with some of those folks attending opening day, and, kate, what has the opinion been so far? >> people were having a great time out there today. now, this is the first time that the nfl, the super bowl that actually open super bowl city a week early, the whole idea is to give us locals a chance to go and dhek it out. super bowl city, that opened this morning. it is completely free. it's full of interactive games. there are booths highlighting the bay area's culinary, and long lines to get in there. now, across town at the center are also in downtown san francisco. that's the nfl experience. that will cost you to get inside, but that's where you can see more of that nfl memorabilia like the lomba rshsdi trophy, and i did talk to quite a few people today trying to get their advice so if you're thinking about coming out here tomorrow, here is what they had to say.
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>> it's amazing. lifelong broncos fan. haven't seen very many panther fans, but i'm proud to be one if that's all there is. >> i think it's a good vibe here. i think really excited. >> everybody wants these bags. the bags are at mosconi center for a quarter. >> lines everywhere. prepare to walk because my feet are killing me, and our car is, like, six blocks away or something like that. >> now, the free musical performances all week, those are happening at super bowl city, but as you heard that gentleman saying right there, parking is difficult. the biggest advice i heard today was to take public transportation so you don't even have to worry about it. reporting live in san francisco tonight, i'm kate, vicki back to you. >> all right. kate, even on a normal day, parking is tough. wouldn't you know it super bowl 50 signs are already being
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vandalized throughout san francisco. check that out. those graffiti wipes not doing any good. this sign on twin peaks apparently changed up to read up your bowl. in front of city hal, the sign now reads sup bro 50, and another one reads superb owl 50. interesting. stay in the loop with all the super bowl events taking place around the bay area. all you have to do is log onto our web site there you can find a map of road closures, a list of super bowl city events, where to find tickets, plus you can watch the super bowl 50 commercials and i give you some tips on some of the best restaurants to hit. it's all before the game, and it's all on well, it was a sunny day, and it was also a very clear night. bryan standing by. bryan, unlike 4th of july, you could actually see those fireworks. >> yeah. beautiful. visibility out there for this evening, although you might not have noticed a little chilly and completely cloudy for tonight.
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those clouds are so high in the sky that the fireworks didn't even come close. in fact, the clouds are up around 18,000 feet. so good visibility below the cloud deck, and here is a shot of the embarcadero and san francisco on this saturday evening. temperatures still in the 50s so relatively mild, but we will see some cold nights coming up the next few nights, especially for tomorrow night. right now, san jose checking in at 53 degrees, and for tomorrow, for the first big day of super bowl city, we are going to see perhaps a few rain drops in the morning before it starts. it starts at 11 a.m. so before then, maybe a passing shower, but clouds clearing by noon. we'll see mostly sunny skies as the afternoon, but it's going to be kind of cool with highs just in the low 50s and pretty gusty winds by the evening. the winds could gust possibly as strong as 40 miles per hour. we have a weather system approaching the bay area for tonight, but it is taking a
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track more into southern california so i think the bulk of the storm is going to remain to our south, but there still is the chance for a little bit of light rain, especially south of san francisco through tomorrow morning, and then colder temperatures coming up as we go into next week. i'll have the rest of the forecast coming up. >> the two outstanding inmates who escaped from an orange county jail last week. they were arrested today in san francisco. this just a day after the third suspect turned himself over the police in southern california. and today, police were tipped off on the wanted fugitives by an alert citizen. kron 4 takes us through what happened. >> a nine-day man hunt launched from the orange county central men's jail and near san francisco's historic golden gate park. >> wasn't no tackling. wasn't no abuse. >> larry gray witnessed the conclusion of a foot pursuit just before 9:00 in the morning between hussein and two san francisco police officers, alerted by another man minutes earlier that the stolen white
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van wanted in connection with the escaped inmates was neern, and so were the suspects. >> officers located the suspects at waller and streets where a foot pursuit ensued. >> officer says he led the cops on a chase around stadium and the police substation around the corner before eventually giving himself up. gray says it ended peacefully. jonathan was arrested a short time later. police say he was found inside the stolen van near this when he will foods parking lot at stanon street. police say they also found several rounds of ammunition inside that van. >> we did find 380 roundings inside. we did not locate a weapon at this time. >> this comes just a day after the third suspect surrendered to police in southern california. we also learned friday that he had rent add room at the alameda motel in san jose from tuesday night until thursday morning. police say the two have ties to san francisco, but their
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connection to the city is unclear. >> any association with gang ties will be investigated. >> were taken to the san francisco county jail before being transported back down to orange county. in san francisco, felipe, kron 4 news. >> a sigh of relief. that's how the sheriff of orange county describes today's news. she held a press conference to address the arrests of the three escaped inmates. >> my fear was that someone in the community was going to get hurt because they really had nothing to lose, in my mind, and that's why i considered them armed and dangerous and put that out to the public so quickly. i am very relieved that they are back in custody and can breathe a sigh of relief today, along with everybody else. : in the south bay, campbell police are on the lookout for two suspects who stole and crashed a police car while injuring an officer. it happened this morning in the 700 block of sharmon palms lane. officers were called to report of an auto theft.
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when the officers arrived, they found the suspect's car -- suspects in a stolen car. police say that the driver that accelerated and rammed into a police cruiser causing major damage. two men hopped out of the car and ran. one of them was eventually arrested, but a woman suspect, she stayed inside the stolen car and then stole the unoccupied police car. one officer attempted to stop her but was dragged by the vehicle for a short distance. he suffered minor injuries. >> when i go to see in the window, i see the cop with a -- with in the hand, and if they stop, stop, and the guy don't stop. >> the patrol car was eventually located. the female suspect has been identified as 26-year-old of san jose. police are also looking for the male who escaped the scene known to be 35-year-old christian hernandez. anyone with information about the incident is being asked to call campbell police. police are trying to track down
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the known suspect responsible for the fatal shooting of a santa clara man. officers responding to a call on thursday to reports of a deceased male in a vehicle. they found that he had died from a gunshot wound. through witnesses and evidence from the scene, they were able to identify johan castro as the murderer. castro seen here has not been tracked down and should be considered armed and dangerous. he was last seen in santa clara. anyone who has information should call 911. on thursday, police arrested a suspect connected to a 2014 homicide of a san jose man gino leslie pastori has been arrested on suspicion of murder of 46-year-old anthony thompson. thompson was found unresponsive on a sidewalk in san jose on january 11th. he suffered a fatal stab wound chl police have identified a killer as pastori. he was booked into the santa clara county jail. authorities have recovered a body believed to be that of a man who jumped off a bridge in an attempt to save a fellow base jumper. a search and rescue team found
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the man's body today in the creek by bridge in big suhr. authorities learned of two missing base jumpers last weekend after finding a camera mounted on a helmet showing katherine safely landing and then being overtaken by waves. officials believe the man who was wearing the helmet cam jumped off the bridge to try to rescue her. an autopsy is planned to confirm the identity. coming up at 8:00, the lights shine bright on the city or so the song goes. we will show you the new lights on the bay bridge. plus, a super bowl 50 protest. what organizers are hoping to draw attention to. and it's down to the wire in iowa. we'll show you what the candidates are doing.
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well, the clouds are on the increase for tonight. you can see that here from this time lapse from the golden gate
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bridge this afternoon. the high clouds beginning to increase ahead of a weather system that is just offshore. it's getting closer to the bay area, but instead of a direct impact, looks like this is going to favor more southern california so we're really going to almost miss out entirely on the system. live at the bay bridge tonight, and it is cloudy out there for this evening, and through tomorrow, look for the chance for rain in the morning. now, the best chance is going to be south of san francisco. san jose, good chance for some light rain for you, and then points to the south gilroy, monterey bay, and southern california. won't hang on too long until about around 10 a.m. then we'll watch the skies clear in through midday and into the afternoon. how now, as the storm departs, it is going to kick up some winds in its wake. those winds could be pushing 40 miles per hour by this time tomorrow night. future cast midnight. there's all the cloud cover, and this first ban of rain that arrives to the system does actually make its way into the bay area. there it is about 3:00 to 4:00,
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but all of this wet weather is largely to the south of the san mateo bridge so light rain to the south bay, the peninsula, also in toward fremont, hayward a possibility. at sunrise tomorrow morning right around 7:00 a.m., light rain, san jose and points to the south. this whole ban is going to begin pushing southbound through the morning so that clears things out. 10 a.m. skies beginning to clear. still some clouds, and then mostly sunny, i think, by noon and into the afternoon, but it is going to be a cool day with temperatures struggling to even get up out of the upper 40s and low 50s. in the morning, readings pretty much in the 40s. coolest in santa rosa in the mid 30s, and then for the afternoon, a fairly chilly day. low to mid 50s, just 54 for san francisco, 52 into pleasanton and livermore, and we have cold nights coming up as we go into next week. isle have the forecast for the rest of the week coming up later on. next, it is a final stretch for the presidential candidates. what they are doing down to the
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wire in iowa. coming up. >> i don't want you taking a picture of my [ bleep ] >> i'm not [ bleep ] hostile. >> super bowl city. >> more like the homeless super tent city of san francisco. a man threatens to stab me. i'll show you what led up to the incident in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪ just a couple of days before boaters head out to caucus as the first electoral heads -- karen reports. >> with very little time remaining until the iowa caucuses, candidates are stumping all over the state saturday hoping to make a final push. in his first rally in iowa this weekend, donald trump spoke to a crowd. >> we have a chance to do something so great, make america great again, all these hats, make america great again. we're losing on trade.
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we're losing with obama care. >> but even before trump took the stage, he was the topic during several of his counterparts' rallies. >> as a result of the disastrous citizens united supreme court decision, as we speak right now this moment, on your television set, billionaires are trying to buy elections. >> jeb bush also took shots at trump. >> you are not going to win by insulting the disabled. you are not going to win by insulting women. you are not going to win by saying pows were losers because they got caught. shame on donald trump. >> but the business mogul wasn't the only candidate getting attacked. marco rubio took his aim toward hilary clinton. >> there's a reason why hilary clinton and her super packs spend more time attacking me than any other republican, because they don't want to run against me, but i can't wait to run against her. >> and while they passed on clinton and the e-mail
8:21 pm
controversy continues to haunt her on the campaign trail, she's keeping her focus elsewhere. >> if the republicans want to use this for political purposes, that's their decision, but i'm going to keep talking about what the voters in iowa talked to me about. >> in des moines, iowa, i'm karen. >> the bloomberg politics des moines register poll, it's the most likely the last major poll ahead of the iowa caucus coming this monday. numbers for the democratic race are pretty close. clinton is just three points ahead of bernie sanders. on the republican side, donald trump is five points ahead of his ted cruz. marco rubio is 15 points behind trump and that poll was conducted among likely caucus voters in both political parties. coming up at 8:30, president obama to make his first visit to a u.s. mosque, plus the sad ending for the search for a missing man.
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and continuing our coverage on super bowl city, all the fun kicking off ahead of the big game. scott joins us live from the em m where all the action is including a isaac concert going on now. >> chris sigh sack just took the stage. i heard san francisco nights, the song he opened with, and the bay bridge lights are back, back permanently. take a look. a live look. oh, yeah, the crowds out here, they are huge. you could see the -- the lights
8:25 pm
up on the bay bridge. they're back on. so beautiful. and all the people out here. let's pan over to the right. look up on the building. got these giant projectors out here projecting all kinds of video all night long. we move over here. that is super bowl city. but i want you to look at this. fireworks from earlier. the fireworks display was incredible out here. what a show. thousands and thousands of people gathering down by the water to enjoy those fireworks. you can see them reflecting off the building. they were loud. they went on for another -- i would say about 10, 15 minutes, a good long fireworks show out here. everybody really taking it in enjoying this. let me tell you something else. security out here has been very, very, very heavy. i am seeing all kinds of police officers, law enforcement officers, federal ajents. i've seen the bomb squad out here. they are not taking any chances on security anywhere all other
8:26 pm
super bowl city. let's cock back auto. chris isaac on the stage right now in the middle of one of his songs. he's doing a set. that's over in between drum street and washington. >> well, all right, we are going to have to cut scott off. we'll get back to him a little bit later. still ahead, more super bowl city. how people from out of state are enjoying the event, plus not everybody is happy about the super bowl and the events happening protesters the streets to get out their message. thanks man.
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with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag. two united club passes. priority boarding. and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news continues now. we are now just eight days away from super bowl 50, but the festivities for the big event, they are now in full swing, especially tonight. kron 4's avery harper catches up with a few fans who are
8:29 pm
definitely enjoying the free fan village. >> hard to believe just a week ago, absolutely nothing was here, but now stands the ultimate free fan village here in justin herman plaza for all the fans coming from in town and out of town alike. there's going to be lots of free activities for them to partake in, lots of interactive activities for the family. also, lots of food. this is all in effort to showcase the bay area and what it has to offer as well as celebrating super bowl 50. i was able to talk to some people about why they're excited to be here today. >> we're here from the boston area, and it's sort of like getting everyone charged up for a big event. we were hoping the patriots would be here, but thaw didn't -- they didn't make it. >> it's exciting. i lived here all my life. i missed the last super bowl when it was at stanford so just to see all this that's going around, it's really exciting. >> the fun part is making sure we are part of this in san
8:30 pm
francisco. >> in san francisco, avery harper, kron 4 news. as thousands flock to the opening of super bowl city, protesters also took to the streets to use this opportunity to get their message across. kron 4's jeff pierce brings us that story. >> several hundred demonstrators gathered at union square in san francisco saturday to exprez their outrage at the shooting of mario woods by police last december. they hope to gain attention as thousands gather in the city to attend the opening of super bowl city. >> super bowl city, they must know a young black man by the age of 26 was shot down. >> demonstrators called for the rez dig nation of police chief geg suhr. the arrest of the officers involved and an independent investigate into the incident. >> elected civilian police, which would have the power to fire, to discipline, and to
8:31 pm
independently investigate. >> what do we want? >> when do we want it? >> now. >> demonstrators marched down market street with the goal of entering super bowl city. a goal stopped short by a large contingent of san francisco police who forced the group off the streets on to the sidewalk. >> can you return to the sidewalk you are subject to arrest. >> we are on the salk, and we will continue to march. >> ultimately, they were not allowed to continue to the entrance of super bowl city, and demonstrators turned to claim at least a partial victory. >> for your own safety, we have made our statement here today, that this issue will not die until we get justice. >> they decided they wanted to contain us, but even though in their containment of us, shrt of super bowl city, we did make our point, and the point is we won't stop. we can't stop until justice rains down on our community.
8:32 pm
>> the demonstrators disbursed as crowds continued to flow into super bowl city. in san francisco, jeff pierce, kron 4 news. >> got some friends heading in from out of town. they've got to go see super bowl city. >> yeah. i've heard it's pretty cool. >> what the hubbub is all about. what can they expect around 10:30 tomorrow morning? >> 10:30. hmm. let me think. there could actually be a few rain drops tomorrow morning. >> oh, dear. >> i think by 10:30, it'll be over. the best chance for those rain drops is going to be south of the san mateo bridge. this next storm system is staying pretty much almost entirely to the south of the bay area. southern california getting the brunt of this with some heavy rain and strong winds. for tonight, cloudy skies. the clouds have been increasing all evening long, and we could see a little bit of light rain again south of san francisco, south of san mateo bridge around 3:00 this morning, and stick around through about 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow morning. so that's what we've got through the morning. chance for light rain, then for
8:33 pm
the afternoon, skies begin to clear and the winds are going to intensify. the winds could pick up maybe gusting 30, perhaps even 40 miles per hour by tomorrow evening as the storm goes by. so see a lot of this green right here off of san francisco. this is evaporating before it hits ground. the actual rain that is going to hit the ground is still back here, and notice this storm is now beginning to point a little bit this way into southern california, but nevertheless, there is going to be a lot of snow in the sierra as this thing kicks up into the southern sierra for tomorrow night and into early monday morning. a winter weather advisory in effect, and with this system, some very cold air coming in, some arctic air and lower snow levels from the sierra down to 2,500 feet toward tomorrow night. monday we get a break, and then a few more clouds on tuesday with just a slight chance for snow showers, but from this fair system, possibly 6 to 12 inches of snow for the higher
8:34 pm
elevations in the snowest places at the highest elevations may get more than a foot. back here in the bay area, tomorrow morning some showers in the morning and, again, the best chance is going to be palo alto, an san jose, fremont, locations south of the san mateo bridge and into the santa clara valley. clearing for the afternoon. we'll see the sunshine, but it's going to be cool. temperatures just in the low 50s, gusty winds for monday. we have a cold morning to start things off. look at the temperatures in the valleys. like santa rosa and towards san ramon could be below freezing with gusty winds, a sunny day, but a little bit on the brisk side. tuesday, chance for a little bit of light rain. the storm that's coming in tuesday is really falling apart by the time it gets here so a few drops from that, and that's about it. a few hundredths of an inch a break wednesday, maybe more light rain thursday. another system saturday. barack obama is set to make his first visit to a u.s. mosque in his two terms as president. officials announcing today that
8:35 pm
he is scheduled to go to the islamic society of baltimore on wednesday. mr. obama is expected to attend a meeting with community members and deliver remarks. he will also, quote, reaffirm the importance of religious freedom to our way of life. the trip will celebrate the contribution of muslim americans to the nation. police are investigating a robbery at a vallejo safeway that left a woman with a gunshot wound to the head. authorities responded at 6:45 p.m. after getting reports of a shooting in the grocery store parking lot. the victim was near her car when a man approached from behind and demanded she give him her purse. officers found the woman conscious with a bullet wound awe cross her forehead. she was transported to the hospital in stable condition. the suspect fled the scene before police could arrive. i only refer to him as the monster. that's how the mother of a murdered campbell man described her son's alenled killer. kyle's parents spoke to kron 4 calling for swift justice in the case. the week-long search for the 28-year-old motorcycle mechanic
8:36 pm
ended thursday night when police found his body in the santa cruz mountains. the news broke as a candle light vigil was being held. >> liked having fun and being with family and friends, and it's just, you know, sad that his life was taken away from him, and now i'm just hoping the court ing system does their job and puts this man away for life. >> the 39-year-old steven douglas, a coworker, is being held without bail in the murder. he was arraigned on murder charges earlier this week. this day in san diego or not in san diego. find out after the break whether the chargers are moving to l.a. for the 2016 season or staying put. avo: and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf! craig: great. client: better yet, how about over tennis
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looks like we'll have the wait a year before knowing if two nfl teams will be in the l.a. market. chargers owner dean announcing that the bolts will be staying in san diego for the 2016 season, but it's not known where
8:39 pm
they'll be after that. according to multiple reports, the chargers and rams have agreed in principle to team up in inglewood if the chargers can't reach a long-term deal or a stadium deal in san diego. >> the passion and the support, the support of this franchise for 50 years, you can't get that in inglewood, can't get that in l.a. that's san diego. a lot of work that we have to be doing, but we've said from the very, very beginning. we've rolled up our sleeves, come together, sit down at the table and really a good faith effort, limit to what you can achieve. >> chargers have until next january to decide if they'll join the rams. and in the meantime, the raiders are in the market for a new home. the las vegas sans tweeted out this picture of its owner sheldon add lson with mark davis. the two sides reportedly met to discuss a potential home in the sin city. now, if they reach a deal, a stadium would likely be built on this plot of land. the raiders have no long-term lease at odot coliseum, but if
8:40 pm
the chargers decide to stay in san diego then davis has the option to move to inglewood. : feeling like getting fancy for the super bowl? coming up after the break, we show you a few tips on how to flip into some of san francisco's hottest restaurants. reporter gabe here. i'm getting a sneak peek inside 70. that's where some of the biggest concerts super bowl week are being held, dave matthews and red hot chili peppers. it's amazing what they are doing here, transforming this old dusty warehouse into a high-tech world klass concert venue. i'll tell you all about it next on kron.
8:41 pm
8:42 pm
pierre 70 in san francisco is where some of the biggest concerts are going to be taking place super bowl week. in fact, dave matthews is on thursday, pharrell williams on friday and red hot chili peppers playing on saturday.
8:43 pm
gave a sneak peek with a look inside. >> inside pierre 70 they looked immediate in today to get a sneak peek. it's pretty incredible what i'm witnessing here there transforming this old dusty warehouse full of wood and steel into a super high-tech world klass concert venue. they are going to have some pretty amazing going on for this show. >> at&t, direct tv and pepsi up to throw one heck of a party in this space super bowl week. the structure will hold 9,000 people for these shows. there won't be a bad spot in the place. it's mostly standing. people will be on different levels surrounding the stage. here are some artist renderings parts of the venue will be almost like a bar or nightclub. fancy leather couches, a lounge-type atmosphere. >> what we are going to do is transform this 80,000 square foot warehouse in a historic
8:44 pm
part of san francisco and turn it into an epic music sound and light experience. >> see this guy right here. he is blocking out each window pane of this giant warehouse with special filter paper. they are going to turn the front of this structure into a giant video screen. >> we are going to have 30,o # 00 square feet of imax video mapping we think will be incredible beacon to the fans to see this amazing party that's going to happen inside. >> we'll have two 20-foot digital social walls outside there so in realtime, guests can tweet their experience or whatever it is posts going on on stage, their favorite drink, a selfie with their friends. >> if you are an at&t cell phone user, they want you to know they have invested billions of dollars and built up their network to handle all the extra people in town. they have deployed mobile cell phone towers like this one that can quickly beef up signal strength to a heavy populated area like super bowl city or
8:45 pm
levi stadium. your tech trends. >> if you'd like to connect to gabe slate, add him on facebook, follow on twitter or e-mail for the million or so people expected to come to super bowl 50 good luck trying to get a reservation at the city's restaurant hot spots, but give it a try anyway. >> can i get a reservation? >> wow, seems like super bowl is super difficult to score a table in this town. >> we've got a couple different buy outs, some corporations, some teams, some players. let's take water barn at the groetsz house. >> we even have the nfl officials that are going to have dinner here one night. >> okay then. how about the famous house of prime rib? they always roll out the welcome mat for fans of football. >> super bowl week is going to be very tough to get to the house. we are -- been booked out for almost four months now. >> what? >> yes. >> everybody is full.
8:46 pm
there are a million people coming to visit the city in the world. >> but i've got pull at the ever-popular. this is a must do for diners. >> oh, gosh, i'm so sorry, but we are fully booked for next week and all through super bowl, i'm afraid. would love to accommodate you. we'd love to try to get you in, but it's going to be tough. >> who is eating up all the resis? >> barry bond was here last night and greg popovic was here the night before and steph curry the night before that. >> look who we ran into. former 49er great. >> hey, man, like a super bowl moment. >> not such a super idea for trying to squeeze in. >> hi, this is mrs. jed york. >> you are not buying it? >> you would have to actually be mrs. jed york. >> here is my tip. grab a seat at the bar and order up. okay, you may not get a full meal, but you can certainly soak
8:47 pm
up all the scenery. in san francisco, kron 4 news. >> there's lots to soak up. if you can't make it out to a restaurant, there are plenty of other super bowl activities to take part in. head over to for a complete list of the entertainment lineup heading this way for super bowl week. facebook and instagram are cracking down on firearm sales. the world's largest social media network will stop private individuals from advertising or selling firearms via the web site or its photo sharing service. licensed gun retailers will still be able to advertise their businesses, but they aren't allowed to accept orders or transact sales on the site. the new policy drew praise from the gun control group called every town for gun safety. it has been fighting to stop gun sales on facebook after finding felons could illegally purchase guns through the network. netflix is bringing back the beloved series gilmore girls. the show aired on the wb and cw from 2000 to 2007.
8:48 pm
main characters lauren graham and alexis bledel -- i don't know how to pronounce her name -- will return as mother and daughter. this thing is really popular. several other actors are confirmed to return, as well. the -- edward herman, who played lorelai's father, died in 2014. the show will be produced by warner brothers television. it's unknown whether it will premier or what its title is going to be. with super bowl city taking shape, many in san francisco ice homeless population have been displaced. there are rumors as to where they have been moved or some say hidden until the festivities are over. stanley roberts investigates fact from fiction and got more than that he bargained for. >> here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> while shooting tent city in san francisco, a man wearing a red 49er jersey with his hand in his pocket threatened to stab me. >> i don't want you taking a picture. >> luckily my security detail was right on it.
8:49 pm
i'll come back to that in a moment. after receiving numerous e-mails and messages to kron 4, i ventured over not to a field but a city street, two city streets to be exact. one area is harrison and 13th. people believe that because of the super bowl shth the city is moving the homeless here, and some believe the city is -- >> talking about pushing it to bayview. >> this is shaking his head out on the street. he says he got here because he made a few wrong choices in life. >> heroin addiction. but i'm going to house next friday. >> shown here painting with her paint brush has been homeless for more than six years had more to say. >> want all the homeless off the streets before the super bowl arrived. >> now, before you jump to conclusions and assume this large tent city is a by-product of the super bowl, keep in mind this area has been like this for more than a year. it's just grown. and now, it isn't hard to find
8:50 pm
unkept syringes lying on the sidewalk, and according to some residents, fights making it very unsafe. there are no restrooms. they use buckets. nearby is a food park where they toent mind the homeless using the restrooms except. >> some of them stay for a long time, you know, may shoot up or something like this or some negative activity. >> ticket them so they can put them in jail and be off the streets. be honest. while i was there, i only saw one police cruiser, and that was simply passing by. now, back to the guy wearing the 49ers jersey, that was at 9th and division. despite me leaving, he followed me and continued his verbal assault and making threatening moves with his hand in his pocket as if he had a weapon. in the end, he even spat at me. and kicked my vehicle as i was leaving. i thanked my security detail for his quick thinking because had it not been for him, i truly believe i would have been stabbed. my advice? if you're coming to san francisco for the super bowl festivities, come see for
8:51 pm
yourself, but do so at your own risk. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> it is now that time of night for the cute animal video. coming up, a baby tiger by the tail.
8:52 pm
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the newest edition to zoo miami made its first awe peerns yesterday. this adorable tiger cub was born at the zoo back in november, and he's been gaining strength and getting all his shots before finally being introduced to his new habitat. while fans watched the little cub spent some time eating and playing and doing what cubs do. also had a quick photo op before saying good-bye. the zoo says that the cub won't be living in the exhibit just yet but needs to be introduced to it. you know, get a sense of his environment. very cute. this is sont about 7:30 tonight, the fireworks display absolutely crystal clear night. it was cold out, but you can -- those rare occasions you could see the fireworks. >> well, yeah, and the summertime, we're always worried about the fog, where's the fog going to be, the fireworks going up into the fog. not tonight. there are actually clouds out
8:55 pm
there just up about 14,18,000 feet. the fireworks don't quite make it up that high. maybe about a thousand feet and that's about it. here is a look at future cast. midnight tonight we have a storm system coming in. the clouds will be with us at midnight and through the overnight hours we have some light rain beginning to move in. now, this is a fairly decent storm, but the -- the deal is it's all going into southern california like monterey and salinas and points to the south. we will get a little bit of light rain here into the early morning for tomorrow morning, and it'll be mainly south of the san mateo bridge, perhaps as far north as livermore. there might be a few drops into san francisco, also. by 7:00 a.m., this is already beginning to depart. rain san jose and into the southern part of the santa clara valley, morgan hill and gilroy, and through the morning as the system departs, we will see the skies begin to clear and eventually mostly sunny conditions coming up for the afternoon, but it is going to be a cool day because we are going to be in an arctic air mass here. temperatures only in the low 50s
8:56 pm
with gusty winds, maybe on the order of 30 to 40 miles per hour so kind of a brisk afternoon for the first big day of super bowl city. temperatures low 50s, then we'll have a breezy day for monday with sunny skies. a little bit warmer. there's another system due in for tuesday, but this one is sort of, you know, just sputtering out. we're looking at a few hundred dretdths of an inch possible. nonbringing any substantial rain fall. >> i know this is going outside your window of projection, but super bowl sunday? >> well -- >> might it rain? >> well, it could rain on saturday. hopefully that rain out of here by sunday, but we'll have to keep watching and keep you posted. >> all right. keep your eyes on it. we are going to return to those fireworks as they were so beautiful. that's it for kron 4 news at 8:00. stay connected, get the latest news developments at kron
8:57 pm
our next news cast coming up at 11:00. hope to see you then. good night, everybody. ♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry.
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