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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 2, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: most of this should be out of the way by the end of the morning he found nothing to organize butterfat swears vorticism good rain falloff it is for defense move enough >>james: if it is only overtop for 15 minutes you when i get too much out of it for a brief time it feels free intense
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outside latch show you what we are seeing you concede right along 37 between the legal and novato and some off vallejo rain to moderate rainfall and the darker area in the orange or is this coming down about 1/2 inch from orff less like the map you can see if off in the oakland hills we are seeing some of that moderate rainfall as it works this way to the south of the showers are moving in that direction from the top left corner down to the bottom right this may travel along highway 15 on to 580 as it continues to move off in that direction here is a quicker live look outside where track and some showers the bridge is on the damp side this morning did the sea bass we're picking up and turns of thread are right now coming up in the next update will have the future past four and map out how the rain should develop over the course of the day and.
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>>james: the satellite perspective is more clouds and all the showers are moving in that diagonal direction from the bottom right corner of your screen, we're not seeing of the 30's just yet but some places like the war it is 42 and center was we could drop to the of the 30 before the most are were looking widespread mid to upper '40's was on the forecast coming up in 15 minutes. >>robin winston: traffic coming out of hey were heading over to the peninsula and if so it is not bad at all on the nimitz is in good shape no major trouble spots for foster sitting that connection on 92 between the nimitz and the bayshore freeway is going to be just fine the rosa walesa watcher speed has
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were few whereon the and this when you encounter some slick roads and should be dry and reduced the the so far traffic is doing just fine heading from the east bay to the north to bay your saliva and traffic on five a new west approaching the richmond toll plaza in a slippery so the extra cost is on is to work your way around the area no hot spots, to problems looking at the drive times will try to commit in the south bend >>will tran: more than half dozen people in the hospital after freeway shooting in concord and and in a multiple car crashed during rush hour the cars are piling up for chicago concord with more on who the shooting suspects are >>reporter: 05 car pileup damage so severe to vehicles ambulances
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on rotation transporting victims to the hospital took off starter on westbound highway four chp said someone inside disney sought out, started shooting at another vehicle on the freeway and office of driving by saw in all. >>reporter: it came to a halt here at the base of what smarm highway 4 at the chicago intersection seven people left on stretchers luckily with minor to moderate injuries which looking at what is left of these vehicles it is hard to believe if men arrived almost he immediately three men arrested at the scene of charges are pending there is a lot of damage the witnesses say the yellow, have the green light when the car sped off highway for android into it he tells us
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that the hummer flip over twice in that the driver made it out with only a broken arm he says added another to the vehicle that was not as tough the outcome may have been very different. >>will tran: a man was hit and killed by car were trying to hit the street police said the driver immediately stopped in remain at the scene to help the man died at the scene however >>will tran: he was hit on the
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track just before 8:00 last night there establishing the bus bridge between hey would park and del monte people back and forth of five young girls in the hospital this morning it was the story that happen immediately as talk with people talking about did just then maybe the next couple of minutes it was the reason ride to team buses carrying players was an accident in the south bank that happened yesterday afternoon.
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>>will tran: in the area plans for make sentences will football for less a snapshot with the big gold and a ferry gold in the background to the top attraction as a global city people waited in long lines to just about every experience.
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>>reporter: the lines also wants to get to the metal detector you cannot turn around without setting up police presence.
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>>will tran: the events continue all week long leading up to the big game here was a look it was going on today in super bowl city opens up again san francisco at 11:00 this morning the music group for bocor rush to be performing at the city stage also the nfl experience opened at 3:00 this afternoon more suitable information
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coverage begins a 7:00 in the morning right after the game we have live reports from the super bowl champion. >>will tran: what both teams star quarterback had to say before super sunday a two million-dollar home in san francisco drive for now but they
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said they should be ran all of the bay area are really more than the height of the morning commute.
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>>james: this car system is
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pushing to the citicorp. >>james: we have sporadic showers you concede that for yourself for the to the bloc's high with 13 still delude moderate showers and as you make your way you 580 is what we're seeing some allies hours for the
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afternoon you can see 5:00 a.m. most debtor showers in the north man. >>james: that isn't the peak of the morning commute as we fast for by known to the dutch for a sweater off to the south by three in the afternoon the kids are coming home the evening commute should be dry as well another shot of bring tomorrow before we start drying out in time for all of the festivities
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come of this weekend the rosa went watchers speed around the area this morning on the slick road and easily spin out traffic is looking good so far on the golden gate bridge at the limit and one out of san francisco of for a quick check of the lost all stop and friends are doing fine 1785680 has the drive times northbound out of south san jose from 85 split of which up to the 237 split in sunnyvale no major hot spots the drive times a quick 20 minutes. >>will tran: we're following the
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news is one of san francisco with the army is now under investigation they're not investing in the mariel woods itself but it is looking into as of pd policy training practices in relation to stopped searches in the use of force the san francisco police officers association released the following statement in regard to the investigation the use of police policy with in the sf pd will have nothing to hide and officers with or forcefully they believe that the doj has the authority and capability to
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conduct such a review. >>reporter: the has been watching his neighbors to million-dollar home in the demolished the city's top
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building inspector said the strong was sliding so quickly to fit in as many days is been the mollah there still are questions and outdoor stairwell is broken. >>will tran: the man who bought a home he just bought and never had a chance to move into before it got demolished hundreds of
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media organizations from all round the world they were there.
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>>will tran: he also got an opportunity to speak to the media and also got to greet fans sunday is the type he wore those zebra pence there were much more understand words that he and the rest of his team led the way to the floor therefore to nfl gear this rodent if he sees his shadow of the main six more weeks of winter the 130th
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annual this year of sears of prognosticator was awakened from the tear the office sound and the face if followers. >>: and groundhog he directed a president in a circle to the precise predictions which translated read into a circle goes to great end to keep me abreast of the latest trends down and wrote and never did before writing on my howe record and i sure have fun
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flying my drawn with the weather forecast is my comfort zone is his current warming trend discovered whether more than the trend heard chants this winter has come to an end there is no shadow to being seen in early spring is my forecast. >>will tran: the rodent said the winter is coming to an end we
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will be right back.
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>>reporter: she is in this musician to remind politicians did not give him permission for campaigns campaign use rolling in the deep the several rallies pull france's movie star varieties says it will make his acting debut playing himself and beyond the son of family
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adventure based on the gospels were universal orlando held a celebration hundreds of fans and many in was a rope held their once aloft and assign to build up who will be the last and always.
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÷h,z/ >>will tran: 7 in saddle car
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started shooting at another car on the freeway. >>will tran: in the nfl could start to blow open the night last night thousands submitted all role pact at the center in san jose one of the most talked- about player was paid to a man enough because sunday could be his last time playing in the nfl
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zukofsky after the panthers hamilton answer questions about his our bridges pence--out rages pence >>james: let's zoom lens he would rain falls at the moment
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we have to moderate rains fallen you to see a part of yellow the bay bridge itself under a light rain that should come out we have to more modern rain over the bay itself is moving off in the direction of the east bay also on the dumbarton bridge impacting those he specialized communities like a worm in union city. >>james: the richmond san rafael
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bridge show you will have a pocket of orange over top of the richmond site data to in the slot on the ground rules scattered showers and start to brigham and then by 3:00 this afternoon when it hit the mid fifties we should be the in a partly cloudy skies and things drying out from that point on. >>robin winston: is looking pretty good way means now you can beat the 5:00 rush knowledge of farms and open is pretty quiet and san francisco the drive times quick end to 10 minutes average from the foot of the maze to the west about sky when the rosa went around the
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the error you can see should be driving at reduced speed and use extra caution on the on and off ramp it uses the not on the wet weather and is at the limit on was about 90 to all the way out to 1 01 checking some travel times maybe pat used insure free wedding. >>will tran: republican ted a cruise or unexpected win over donald trump who came in second
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marker we'll also coming in a close third hillary clinton on the democratic side bidding running sanders by a nail biter the cab politicians guessing into the early morning hours the nation's first are unable to place just next week. >>reporter: this was the speech he is looking ahead and more than a thousand miles to the east where new hampshire all the nation's first primary in just one week.
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>>reporter: other top contenders for and i will hi telling it to the granite state some of them arriving in the dark of night other signal hampshire altogether rick santorum was for or new hampshire, the focus on south carolina opened his third place spot in 2012 will happen during the state's primary and in this month. >>will tran: bill caused expected to be back in court in pennsylvania to ask a judge dismissed a criminal charge alleging he sexually assaulted a woman he said the encounter with
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university employee it was consentual an issue since he made a decade ago with the former district attorney of montgomery county if he testified fully in a deposition in come stands 2005 civil suit he would never be used against some prosecutors say there is no such evidence to such an agreement this of the deposition was hill for the past decade but a federal judge. >>will tran: the virus is a public health emergency of a global concern there could be at least 3 million and factions in the next year there was no
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conclusive link between the zepa and that. >>will tran: hear the live look outside we cannot tell you the exact location we can tell you they're are going to extreme to get ready for the week in an enormous amount. >>will tran: here is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge.
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>>will tran: they're hosting the super bowl is a major way for anyone with the phone all the work they do to improve the network. >>gabe slate: they're preparing for the,game in fact all the
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data come from the phones and tablets to come through here we talked at&t sprinting mobile
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strongest signals all of the bay area. >>stanley roberts: people behaving badly coming up next.
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>>will tran: welcome back hear
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some of the stories we're working on for you on the 5:00 hour is been a little overweight since three dangers and may sustain from a jail in southern california laws and the top to share their views are looking for murder suspect that accidental release from custody. >>will tran: rain expected to hit the bay area all morning.
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>>james: it is just about almost down in the south in the north may get a chance to dry out that is our chance to move in the first line of showers we are expecting more on 7:00 as to the rain falling right now if you shout out your paulo that is all we are tracking a rally in the north to the oakland and san francisco doing ok for now light
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showers there san mateo on the san mateo side of that bridge were looking at the moderate rain falling at the moment as we move the matter further you to see the entire stretch of 880. >>james: all the way down past union city looking at some pretty intense showers and that attracted a highway down to the south bank in the peninsula side we see almost the same thing here is what we're saying at the san mateo bridge on the hayward side we have some light showers nothing to intense the wider view shows we have more.
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>>robin winston: nothing to worry about the drive times looks good eight to 10 minutes from the maze to the west about skyway no major problems and a little trouble spots and a tingling out of san francisco to the peninsula take it easy watch
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your speed the nimitz is in great shape will come from the east bay heading to the south bay 880 south 22 minutes from 238 to 237 your south of the commuter now about 101 looks good and to downtown + quick 10 minutes from cover to express with two months to get expressman fifth is a week-long party ending with the broncos and the panthers the block party taking place right here in san francisco at justin herman plaza. >>stanley roberts: welcome to
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superable city turf for the their signs that read the not touch the beer and we all know san francisco it is always out the to date especially when it comes to a giant hand holding of football made of kansas some people lean on and some people never read the sign this guy's is in the nile faugh my
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favorite 95 is diachronic practice round of growth for very long time despite the fact that two of the ems wants to buy pepsi to will find a coke bottle. >>stanley roberts: with a splash of tennessee--henny. >>stanley roberts: this guy had a side letter read axing--ask
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me. >>stanley roberts: one of the most protected events i have ever seen.
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>>will tran: if you think you like cold pizza we will be right back.
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>>will tran: police responding to a burglar alarm and pennsylvania made unusual discovering the break-in occurred at the business office in pittsburg the company had a pizza party on friday the intruder mussels found out came
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inside looking for leftovers he was the formal for fresno charged with burglary and will have to answer why he loves pizza so much a freeway shooting cause of multiple car pileup guest today during the rush of the evening commute what we know about the suspect the children + it was opening night for both super team yesterday as a peace center and san jose and look it was on the agenda for today and we are track is a moderate to heavy showers falling in areas like union city and north now on the forecast coming up.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning
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news starts now >>mark: thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. >>james: to quickly was zone in here and start off in the north we have some showers of the richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge on the other side of we have some showers north of stinson beach but is one to be tracking off to the south toward the golden gate bridge not too much activity out to the east wall of a creek on to my rent a little pocket of march hours from right near pleasant hill. >>james: you can see on the west side more ran right over top of dublin moving the map for the we
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have some more impressive showers right pass a note great that part of the morning commute is awfully wet with intent showers the dumbarton bridge the entire span stockton right now are soaked with moderate to heavy rain showers of hayward beginning to move off in union city on was in the clear that as you move the map over to the peninsula we have a light rain at the moment from places like san carlos and of their foster city and does get impressive from about ease paulo also along 101 as a head down into the santa clara valley a pretty decent down for happening at the moment is a sense of over the south bay in san jose has a mix of light rain and moderate alum rock that stretches 680 getting picked for hard. >>james: all this will be tracking all of this to the rest of the south but over the course of this hour will be tracking them pretty carefully a lot of the outside show what road here
5:02 am
today part forecast it o'clock school commit we're still looking for a light rain at that point it will back off just a little bit and scattered showers will low 50s by 3:00 it will be partly cloudy >>robin winston: we're hot spot free but you do have to drive on slick roads this morning make sure you're on the best behavior a live look at traffic approaching the bay bridge toll plaza west bound 80 doing just fine another 15 to 20 minutes to get into san francisco to beat the backup it starts right along 513 it will start getting slow come in while it is nice and smooth into downtown san francisco checking the map coming out of the east bay a
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quick drive time west for 50 minutes from antioch to concord will be a little sluggish will continue to track your drive and the travel times around the bay area >>mark: democratic party officials have yet to declare a winner the democratic party chairman of i was sitting results in last night's raids were the closest entire democratic caucus history the latest numbers could and 5050 bernie sanders is given his campaign the kickstart and shows if he can when martin o'malley barely made it down with 1 percent of the vote the republican side ted approve the clear winner in iowa caucuses followed by donald trump and more real than repel by an said it won a candidate who share
5:04 am
their values accord to interest people the people at the caucus sites to third worn in questions is a favorite among that group here to the have to say after the result of pouring in. >>: i am honored to stand in the long line of all american reformers who make up our minds that a status quo is a good enough a standing still is not an option and it brings people together define ways for that would improve the lives of americans. >>: i will has sent notice that the republican nominee in the next president of united states will not be chosen by the media. >>mark: the focus turns to new hampshire that is the new nation's first primary vote takes place this would bear on their way to new hampshire some already there to get ahead of the snowstorm chris christie was
5:05 am
not an item yesterday been kicked off his campaign in his new hampshire torres. >>darya: breaking news of overnight a major victory over isis' american and afghan official said it conducted air strikes on almost eastern region of afghanistan to slang already a station that was operated by the islamic state group the confirmed early this morning that the strike destroyed the voice of the radio which was near the pakistan border it was broadcasting a living in the region an attempt to boost. >>mark: by a freeway shooting called oz and multicar pile up half a dozen people are recovering from their injuries this happen in concord on westbound highway 4 the sea its recess somewhat inside and the son of thomas parachuting and other cars, and there will pass
5:06 am
world he got off the freeway in the process' highway and crashed in the for the parts seven people hospitalized with minor to moderate injuries three men in the nissan were arrested two of them are 21 years of the other 19 does not yet known if anyone in sight of the car that was shot at was injured. >>darya: they are getting up and running after the deadly accident in san mateo about five underpass a just war on the train at the time this is the first deaths on couch train tracks this year is under investigation. >>mark: we learn that a man has died after he was hit by a car trying to cross a street in the late home and have as a force of the last nine the senate driver stopped the man who was had died there at the same.
5:07 am
>>darya: the driver of the brown sedan hit the child in the middle of the street and then drove off. >>mark: some of the team buses were involved in a crash and the south bay this happen yesterday afternoon on a southbound 101 in sunnyvale a when the shattering they say it was a chain reaction crash it was headed back to the hotel santa clara after the practice and out of the car made unsafe maneuver the buses will not able to stop and iran and each other the never sees fit motorcycle officers was hit by one of those
5:08 am
buses no one was injured. >>darya: up in the game in the suitable and >>jackie sissel: this is exactly where they will be six days not only by stadium principal 50 and this is the first of the we've had an since they've closed down the area and getting ready for the preparation for super bowl 50 spectacularly lit up this morning but last night it was the denver broncos in the carolina panthers who had to go in front of the media for the first time traditionally it was known as media than last night they called it an opening night that was taking place at the escapee center in san jose hundreds of media representatives not only from around the country but around
5:09 am
the world were topping questions. >>jackie sissel: to players and coaches in their homes and to take the poems were the denver broncos afc champions out is the a lot of the question for the star quarterback peyton manning whether or not this will be his last game how he feels going into his fourth super bowl if you're like the panthers and the second super bowl in their star quarterback camel to answer all types of questions this is peyton manning for possible is not new to this but obviously the question was how deceitful going into his fourth and camels and was asked about those pants when he arrived. >>jackie sissel: you conceive he
5:10 am
talked about those pencil he was wearing as he got off the plane on sunday afternoon obviously it is also a big deal for him this to be his first super bowl the questions were from the pants to the super bowl. >>: by the time you see us on sunday it. is just a it >>jackie sissel: talk about preparation that is exactly what both teams will be doing today in the denver broncos will be
5:11 am
practicing and paul also at the stanford facility the carolina panthers will be in san jose state both teams will cactus and both teams will meet with the medium obviously will not be extravagant as it was last night it was great to see everyone out there we're still six days away the we are starting to wrap up. >>darya: we have you covered with the big game we have the team coverage on sunday we're all going to be here bright and early from 7:00 a.m. covering the morning news on the weekend with crews stationed across the bay area with all the angles on the big game sunday and then you can watch the news and ended in the evening after the game and tune into sports night live for our full day in the coverage. >>mark: we're learning more about why $2 million home and started sliding down the san
5:12 am
francisco hilton had to be demolished the recent rain has been a good for the sierra snowpack were we stand this one will let you know it is made a dent in the drought of live look at the storm track and a very heavy rain moved into san jose right now the heavy rain and sunnyvale cupertino and it is heading into millepede shortly.
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the use ck oher et. d gi herhe sengt d engy tstayealt. who'withe?! y! thcompte bancenutrion
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of gat ttingnsur th 9ramsf prein an26 vaminand nera. suretakeife ! >>mark: the numbers are expected to show the californians missed the man to a 25 percent water reductions state regulators are still confident that will meet the long term staving.
5:16 am
>>mark: the snowpack accounts for nearly a third. >>james: you can see what looks like in realities some moderate to heavy rain coming down right now in his shot inside levi stated in the south you believe
5:17 am
in the house over the next 1015 minutes. >>james: come your direction looked for that sausalito in the line of fire as well it is going to be the store with this early morning shower will sit on top of them for five to 10 minutes and move on pretty quick moving in terms of intensity it will
5:18 am
pick up pretty nicely we have moderate to light rain for 101 and 280 activity in 4680 at three in the afternoon is just a cloud will start the drying process for the 6:00 p.m. drive home you'll be in good stead in that is pretty much of driver arrived in is this morning
5:19 am
temperatures mild a lot of mid- 40s right now. >>james: we have another what system for wednesday that would impact the to the second half wednesday thursday and beyond the skies and line shifted of 96 this upcoming superbowl weekend it shows you the weekend coming up about half an hour tested to the traffic center. >>robin winston: no major problems not yet the early morning commuters on the road not encountering any major problems or hotspots the toll plaza is getting a little crowd along the flat section of the so far and is looking good on 880 the drive times a holding a quick 15 and is not bad at all
5:20 am
from the nimbus of the bayshore freeway if you have to use of 101 it is less to 20 minutes from novato to the toll plaza on the san francisco side. >>mark: the department of justice is not investigating the shooting itself with the consent francisco police department policy training and practices
5:21 am
when it comes to stop searches and the use of force in san francisco police officers association released a statement on this investigation will have nothing to hide in the officer was cooperate fully they have the authority and capability the city of san francisco could be on the hook for the two million- dollar home the sled down the hill. >>darya: was sliding so fast it had been torn down last week over the weekend from a water main break for houses of the street from a sliding home this is saturated soil was to blame for the problem the building inspectors try to figure out how much damage the brick caused the have no idea how long the watermen had been leaking the
5:22 am
pump water out from under of the homes as well independent inspector say those homes are not at risk of sliding. >>mark: 3 inmates to state some maximum-security jail or to county they say they spend as many as five nights in the bay area before to the recall and san francisco.
5:23 am
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talko yo docr abtblor reiraty o nuvi when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me. >>mark: he was known for the
5:26 am
catch will be serving drinks to local fans at the coffee shop in this very building this afternoon all you have to do is open the application and see a new icon that says ku being your requested like you would you be picked up and taken to a secret location in san francisco and that is where you will meet the players and get to play a little flat football is free and up to six people can ride in the special ride the day it runs
5:27 am
from 930 until known. . >>james: the heaviest is starting to move far more on the weather coming up just the health organization said the virus is international emergency tips to keep you in your family safe.
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>>james: you to see it as a what ride along the bay bridge howe
5:31 am
out to oakland was lost math there's sfo and as a move away down from one to one it pretty much covers of all should get down passant itself fog along the coasts if we have a self pretty heavy rainfall if this is moving off in the direction of half moon and monterey event was not going to impact the two months faster slide back over to the bay shoreline nicosia redwood city san carlos and forces of the dumbarton bridge under heavy rain moving in the south bay it is enormous we have pockets of clearing adjutancy was also some pockets of heavy rainfall rarely in their places like alum rock down to evergreen >>james: a line of heavy rain moving through san jose right there and write about their.
5:32 am
>>james: 13 called religious of our recall the condition should drying as a head toward the pick temperatures in the mid fifties. >>robin winston: it is one to be offered on to west grand tour the told out toward treasure island the drive times less than 15 minutes from the oakland a's to downtown san francisco bought 23 to two to five minutes from
5:33 am
the oakland a's as a from the solicitor pretty good ride and leave little early this morning with silicon of the bay area bridges will check back in on the golden gate in the san mateo bridge. >>mark: the share of the parma's realized the mistake for 24 hours later on sunday night he had been behind bars since san jose police a sign a civil cause the tree to fall over in the park killing a man who was track and if fifth half of this after 3:00 in various creek park
5:34 am
firefighters from the man penh under the tree it was about two to 3 ft. in diameter it killed him is unclear how long he was under the tree they have not yet been identified two members of news crews and the guard recovering this morning after a tree came crashing down while they're covering a story about storm cleanup. >>darya: their rush to the hospital and in the middle of their morning live shot yesterday when the tree came down he broke his leg and his into much more severe and she's going to need a while to recover that said the winds had died down and he did not believe there is any danger at the location that there were doing the live shots on the cleanup on the tree fell down. >>mark: the virus is a public health emergency of global concern the skin of one virus is spreading rapidly there is no vaccine they said last week that there could be three to 4
5:35 am
million infections in the americas over the next year it is an to burst a said the cause babies born with small heads in his concerns that could be a link to a series of neurological condition of the debt is yet to be proven.. >>darya: we're counting down to the super bowl and there's plenty to do as we get closer to the big game.
5:36 am
>>will tran: you bring young and old we see old people do and in a very john three years ago and it is the place you need to come to to get closer to the nfl that will open a little bit later this is mosconi there was another hall just like this if you love nfl this is your heaven. >>: you look at the super bowl
5:37 am
ring from the four unanswerable to dave do anything one autograph from players it is amazing if you love football or disliking this is the place to be. >>: there were so much to do here is a record $35 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and under is a grace friends and to allow.
5:38 am
>>darya: follows on facebook you will to face before our pays off in italian and enter an hdtv plus a 14 month old baby can
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>>robin winston: no major problems or hot spots in san francisco is jam the 15 minutes from the waist towards dawn sky when. >>mark: president obama will host warriors stirred the afternoon they still dominating in the late 444 record that person on track to break the 99596 carl boyle's character for the most wins ever in the nba season. >>james: the good news is it is
5:42 am
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5:45 am
>>mark: it is bigger than the game itself will have a sneak peek in some of the new release add to fifth. >>james: is going to move on in
5:46 am
the direction of berkeley san francisco librarian of brought the city same for all come out on long alameda we have to moderate rain heavy rain at times fog of the places and thus of the down toward moss beach.
5:47 am
>>james: nicosia big giant swath of moderate to heavy rain falling we still have more activity of sure how much of that and at the rest of the morning ride seven to 10 when the of the things to pick up once more
5:48 am
>>james: the clouds will open up will see some sunshine this afternoon once the remo's soft will be a part of a cloudy day to a very mild conditions we have a pretty good weather for that on to traffic. >>robin winston: it is definitely slow of their the back of the bay bridge toll plaza continues to grow it is now beyond west grand is into the maze full of the five any heavier traffic heading into san francisco this is what we expect off and on heading into treasure island so far no major trouble
5:49 am
spots in the east bay or in san francisco just in case you've got a head over to the san mateo bridge is a little slut is approaching the toll because of that activity is going to be crowded so far no major problems on the peninsula on the bridge but its staff and the crowded switching over to the traffic map track and the ride on an immense maybe half ahead through hayward union city fremont or into the south of getting a little crowded. >>robin winston: drive time when up to 29 minutes of 238 to 37 track in the south back to me on 101 north leading san jose a little sluggish the 2680 and 800 from a bad ride to to five
5:50 am
minutes from the 1185 split to 37 in sunnyvale. >>mark: the county approves of her prose of because of the associated the long term storage eight months ago the pipeline rupture pretty the large coastal still in 25 years spreading the ethical will the 400 mi. away. >>darya: they want them to lower the legal limit from 0.082. 0560 official said it would reduce the number about carbolated road
5:51 am
accidents one-third of all highway deaths and last 15 years involve alcohol school and san francisco are considering giving out condoms to middle school students they say the concern is the same as it is an older students and one to prevent the spread of fastidious. >>darya: >>mark: their talk about the policy change could make a final decision soon they might even get rid of the exemption option for parents to do not want their children involved there are replays for high-school there will still be notified about the program every year. >>darya: they're going to make exceptions based on the
5:52 am
department is currently closing is night deposit boxes for people to surround animal during off hours from 280,000 passengers used barred this said that the second highest number ever for saturday from sounded nearly a hundred and 90,000 passengers. >>darya: you could watch the evening news will have live reports with the champions of sports night live two n to the game they coverage.
5:53 am
i have ahma. ..nem fe. sohen asta sytomseptcomi bac on mlongerm ntro mecine i talked to docr an fod a ssinpiec in my thmareatnt. onceailyreo even asta sympms. eo ifor ults wi asta nowellontrled on lontermsthmcontl medine, liken inled rtictero. breoon'tepla a rcueinhar for suen bathi proems. breopensp aiays hel improvbreaing r a ll 2 hos. br conins typef mecine thatncrees t risof dth fromsthmprobms and may ineasehe rk hostalitionn
5:54 am
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5:55 am
>>: there is no shuttle to be cast in early spring is my forecast. >>mark: thank-you punxsutawney phil he did not she his saddle this morning we do not have to build another six weeks the prediction was made we're
5:56 am
forecasting a hundred and two times and 17 time for spring and early this is the pleasure of. >>darya: she is learning to snowboard 141 so apparent starter off at no. so let city in the backyard on friday she hit the slopes.
5:57 am
>>darya: tells of livelihoods showing you that is to stock of san jose he's back in court this morning fighting back against allegation that this is also to women the charges he once dropped ahead.
5:58 am
one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: rain coming down heavy in spots of the bay area and we're watching the traffic center of the back of building where track and heavy rain will of the parts of the bay area and. >>james: it is moving from a top
6:01 am
left corner of the screen door to the bottom line following the diagonal 101 into it and the peninsula as the storms continue to track of the direction of the south bank we have san senses coasting for the most part migraine that include the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge to the open side of than under a light rain at the moment nothing to intense is the persistent shower things are different for the lower portions adjutancy from about san francisco 101280 as head down in the direction of foster city and import self we have moderate to heavy rain falling in time to continue to move its way off and the direction of the south bend. >>james: some down in san the oriole in and out their patrol the valley san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge will not see too much activity just light rain at the moment of hayward
6:02 am
side or the foster city side of the hayward san mateo bridge where since a moderate to heavy rain fall on right now the south began a nice little bird of the what were the two north a strapping a direction you'll see just like showers nothing much fallen at the moment it is enough it wanted to run the wipers on your way into san francisco. >>james: is one to back off considerably by 3:00 today looks like it is all gone.
6:03 am
>>robin winston: if you have to get into san francisco you have to sit in the slowdown the drive times of to 17 minutes to check in with the flight if you're heading of sfo reporting delays of to one hour and 10 minutes. >>mark: the democratic party officials have not declared a winner the democratic party said the results of last night were the closest and i will caucus the rise again, this is due in the campaign kickstart and shows if he can win.
6:04 am
>>darya: a second look at the rest of the vote coming and on the republican side to consider it is a horse race between donald trump and marked for build one percentage point, but ted accruals with 28% in the iowa caucus. >>: i am honored to stand up in a long line of american reformers if it brings people together the find ways for that will improve the lives of americans.
6:05 am
>>darya: many other top contenders on the way right now and some already there chris chris it was not even an idle yesterday and said he kicked off of the hampshire condensed and more numb ballet have low turnouts in iowa and then decided to drop out of the president's race. >>mark: the victory reported home prices this morning as right now americans said they conducted air strikes and a remote eastern region of afghanistan and it assured iraq is a set of operated by the islamic state group the u.s. military confirming they destroyed the voice of the realm of the resistance was broadcasting in legally in the region and attempt to boost recruitment some schering home
6:06 am
to the denver broncos to their team bus was involved in the crash and the sock and luckily no one was hurt it was opening night in the replacement to media day we have more on the highlight of the players talk into a media. >>jackie sissel: 2 of the super bowl with the players will take
6:07 am
to the field last night took to the fore of the escapees center it meets not only the country's media with the world medalists face it is a global events and you concede peyton manning of four times to the ballplayers 6. >>jackie sissel: we did have a chance to talk to pay to manning this is nothing to him after that we talk to kim newton it is his first time here of the support all he is excited. >>: i am happy for the guys flying in their first on is an
6:08 am
awesome situation. >>: a lot of guys and have played with were all caught we believe in ourselves and coaching and we believe our preparation by the thai and you guys see is on sunday if this is just a rehearsal. >>jackie sissel: there be no rehearsal there will be a practice for both teams.
6:09 am
>>mark: 21 n kron 4 for a full four day coverage. >>darya: violence freeway shooting in the east because multiple our pilot there recovering from injuries happen in concord on westbound highway 4 about 3:00 is to the afternoon sun and nissan out to mr. shooting another car on the freeway seven people were hospitalized with minor to moderate injuries three man for arrested two of them are 21 years old the other is 19 years
6:10 am
old and is not known if anyone in the car that was shot at was injured it happened last month on a tour was walking to score from 745 in the morning the man pulled of next to the 12 your girl and she was walking near tucson have known. >>mark: he sped off in an old gray ford or toyota with peeling paint this as to describe this thing around 20 years old. >>darya: they're trying to figure was called to tree to fall over in the park killing a man who got trapped underneath and this happened around 3:00 yesterday afternoon and various of creek park is on the mend and under a tree to tree was about to 3 ft. in diameter the man died at the scene is unclear how long given under the tree before the crews that there. >>darya: 2 members of the news crews tended recovering when a
6:11 am
tree and crashing down on them they were during live coverage of the air for the cleanup of the storm the reporter marie and her photographer mike were rushed to hospital in the middle of their morning live shot yesterday the photographer brokers led the reporter andreas were much worse of the issue's going to need a while to recover the winds had died down and he and one of the not believe there any danger of their reporting the trip came down retire please also forced to fight to keep his canine companion out of the minister came together to help get a jack's home of the given during the game they're taking it interesting town this year will have a premier will track and heavy rain in the bay area right now is very heavy on the peninsula along foster city.
6:12 am
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>>james: those areas indolence zoom in and began start small town worker went down the richmond san rafael bridge and the sea under some light rain nothing much else beyond all the
6:16 am
wet weather we saw four of the screen that is coming down in the direction will keep the umbrella handy and if you're planning on leaving in the next half hour does nothing is on to get what wants to sell goods down in your direction things are tense for the moment that will move off in the direction of my diablo and then they'll the ground is damp from the earlier showers there still more on the way will get wave after wave of it throughout the morning most of it will be pretty quick moving. >>james: it would get intense but no and 10 minutes it will move off in effect the next town over you can see it dies down a lot only a few sprinkles in the south of that by 3:00 when
6:17 am
looking at we do have showers on tap for tomorrow it will affect most of the afternoon the evening time frame. >>robin winston: argive a spa not run off the road into a creek that is all gone never anything block the backed up traffic they're having this a shot west of the toll plaza and happen before the pain and also impacted the commute on the nimitz freeway it is called all
6:18 am
the way across the flat section of the bridge heading out toward the high rises the share offer and reduce your speed. >>mark: the double the norm for
6:19 am
january and a state official would decide whether they would extend emergency water conservation orders the water resources control board will reduce the water service numbers today that will meet the long- term overall savings go which ends this month. >>mark: the owner of the capitals got a seven find a system of water during the drought she is the owner of the open eyes and she stated no contest to trespassing and still the water she repeated diverted water from a section of a local crack the she did not own she was sentenced to probation from a $500 fine and for restitution to the mid peninsula open space district. >>darya: san francisco could be on the hook for the two million- dollar home this led down the hill on casitas avenue this is
6:20 am
saturated soil was to blame for the problem. >>mark: they're trying to figure out how much damage the break calls the have no idea how long the water main was leaking the pump water from of the other homes an independent inspector say those homes are not a risk of sliding. >>darya: the department of justice is now officially investigating the sentence as the police department it comes in the wake of the dead a police shooting of mario would this is a 26 jules black man who the suspect in the stabbing and his death sparked riots calls for the chief resignation and independent investigation the arm of justice is not investigating the shooting itself but is looking into san francisco police department policy training and practices when it comes to stop searches and the use of force. >>darya: the association released a statement on the
6:21 am
investigation the san francisco police officers association welcomes the review by the department of justice and the use of force policy within the department will have nothing to hide and officers are fully cooperate they believe that the doj has the authority and the capability to conduct such a review and we look forward to their on by its conclusion. >>mark: investing in said the inmates spend as many as five months before to the recall of san francisco over the weekend to believe in this plan their skiff for about six months this id and is kidnapped the taxi driver after they escaped forces to drive part of the way to san francisco the argued over whether to kill him a woman who taught in the gel suspected of helping the man has been released from custody there isn't enough evidence to hold her the d.a. said she had a love letter that appeared to have been written by one of the inmates.
6:22 am
>>darya: bill cosby is back in court in pennsylvania this morning expected to ask a judge to dismiss a criminal charge that accuses him of sexually assaulting a woman in his home that the 2004 the issue is a promise that cause the says he made a decade ago with a former district attorney and the gum accounting he was told that if he testified in a civil suit about the case it would never be used against him there's no evidence that that agreement was ever made protesters are staying put them to continue occupying the wildlife refuge in oregon. >>darya: retire please also
6:23 am
built to keep his canine partner after raw >>mark: 1 he recent retire from the force he could not just by him and take him home under ohio law he was considered city property and had to be sold auction the store to call for social media calls to the to raise $60,000 for him to buy ajax but the police department managed to recover on solution that appointed him as an auxiliary officer allow him to keep him. >>darya: some say it is bigger than the game itself the super
6:24 am
bowl commercials will have a sneak peek and some of the new ones that out and they don't disappoint you a live look at the san mateo bridge is not like the works we showed you most of the bridge is the smart are what at this moment we will be right back.
6:25 am
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>>mark: they're kind up with the winning as we have a preview. >>mark: it appears to be mayor tomorrow this is a mix of time a baby and a monkey the space alien what is this mrs. heinz's
6:27 am
of all commercial the winner dogs running across a filter to families of times, the immense the to see the whole play lists and is on the web site under the super bowl section. >>james: we have some rain on the map behind me this is all the creek and six in the quarter
6:28 am
down to san ramon and elsewhere were broken down in details coming up. >>will tran: you to commit part of the nfl will go to the details and show you all the goodies in a live report in just a few minutes. announcer: during sleep train's presidents day sale save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same day delivery. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now.
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announcersave up to $300train's on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same day delivery. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now.
6:30 am
>>james: will have some showers and the south with starting to pick of to live with and how this will affect the morning drive to take a look down the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge moderate to heavy showers and action to put some of the san mateo and headed down to san jose and we have some light rain falling and for some of the peninsula. >>james: that is with the live camera shows a gypsy on the
6:31 am
street lights some of the light rain coming down and picking up is the spring and all the cars that are on the back and in from around county into san francisco that is what you're going to be encountering here is a quick look at the ready for school forecast will have classes beginning we also have the peak of the morning commute looking for timber to still be allowed to bid for this is one to be chilly. >>james: no rain in the more it will be well off to the east of to the south of that point we should see peak temperature is right in the mid fifties it is not bad for today.
6:32 am
>>robin winston: we're tracking delays on 92 in the southbound immense we had earlier crash was 92.
6:33 am
>>will tran: you will have their chance to play reporter as well to the moscow center here is what you need to know to a mass of calls it opens at 3:00 this afternoon will give you a peek when you imagine you come and you're with the raiders he is retired you can come in and you can grab your pass this in your need has and your pants in your helmet get ready to go the new england patriots this is exactly how his locker looks when he rose and them.
6:34 am
that will move over here will show you their jumble tom four days you can get so close to tom brady this was a week in a half ago the afc championship game and not a lot of things for sale at this location and the nfl shop for the next time you see me i will be there.
6:35 am
6:36 am
>>will tran: the wilson factory when and open the people from the wilson factory who make the football they shipped about 12 of them down here and they have little platform this guy did a great job i have the football sitting on my shelf to the price of 150.
6:37 am
>>mark: he has been behind bars since april 2011 there is no vaccine the devi in tulsa last week that could lead three to 4 million infections in the americas over the next year they
6:38 am
will all among people well recently traveled to an infected country. >>mark: could our eyes on wall street this morning they're watching games to the industrial average ended down 212 points right now down 1.3% it is sitting and 16,000 to 37. >>stanley roberts: people behaving badly coming next.
6:39 am
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it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >>mark: pox is tommy steele did
6:42 am
not see his shadow this morning the prediction was made in this about 65 mi. northeast of pittsburgh--punxsutawney phil >>mark: it is rare mourn for mid february 2nd and half a point of winter will have rain falling right now across the they will. talk more of that coming will
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>mark: who had an arsenal in the sierra. >>james: off the cold weather this is atop mount hamilton may
6:46 am
be invalid obligatory will give the camera to show you through the clouds. >>james: as we move the man of the rain picks up as we headed south their id is we have some heavy rain falling that will be a span if you're leaving the house in the next 10 minutes this is quickly moving down in the direction of the dumbarton bridge.
6:47 am
>>james: as traffic is stacked up heading into san francisco during the umbrella you needed for the entire morning commute here was the satellite radar views embedded in that will be lost in the morning commute temperatures not as cold as yes to the a lot of mid-40s 46 degrees of oakland 47 in san francisco 44 in san jose switching over to the afternoon high 1 and up about 10 degrees. >>james: under partly cloudy skies and again trying conditions as you get into the evening.
6:48 am
>>robin winston: it is backed up on to the nimitz freeway out and to hey were spilling over to 238 and san leandro you were stuck in the backlog of an earlier crash was was very minor a westbound it started the backed up it spilled over to an immense now they're finally making it over to the san mateo
6:49 am
bridge it is stop and go here west 580 from the castro accent of what across 101 less than 15 minutes it is jammed the 232 south 680 about a 10 minute ride from convict of the 682 to four split it is backing up on the guadalupe parkway if you have to get into downtown san jose from 85 all the way up to the 280 split.
6:50 am
>>mark: >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: welcome to super bowl city where it was called $10 a pop despite the
6:51 am
fact that they're sponsored by pepsi and we will find a coke bottle. >>stanley roberts: with a splashof henny not a sponsor either.
6:52 am
>>darya: the 1 states to lower the legal limit half from 0.082 0.0 5¢ a official said that would greatly reduce the number of alcohol-related car accidents that want to turn away
6:53 am
new animals for about a month they just don't have any room they're going to make some exceptions base on health and aged animals and also the except strays and injured or abandoned animals the department is permanently closing will have the rain coming down and a big tobacco would also have more on the drive time tracking the heaviest falling right now. dude, dude, dude. (group chatter) this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (group surprised and laughter)
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>>mark: the writer should result of superbowl and happening around the bay area nearly half a million people world bird of the weekend on saturday, 280,000
6:57 am
passengers there are super bowl events happening this week but stick a look at what is happening today and it opens at 11:00 a.m.. >>darya: and there are events all day on the fan stays including a fan stage tech rally will find a full list any time on our web site we have everything super bowl >>mark: the democrats also not declare a winner one can is already declared themselves we
6:58 am
are tracking rain in the bay area the commit very having coming down over the dumbarton bridge. >>darya: web wanted tickets to the super bowl circus that called open mind let's see what he has to say about the pants and will show you how you could play football with hall of fame quarterback of your favorite team wins the super bowl if you celebrate in bed with your loved one apparently a lot a super bowl babies.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: thank you for joining us is tracking the storm and a very heavy rain mainly in the south of and snowfall on some of the bay area thinks that comes along with some car accidents. >>darya: we have full coverage of weather and traffic. >>robin winston: the bridges in the bay bridge is slow traffic is at a crawl but no major hot spots we are tracking drive times. >>james: take a quick look at the radar at the dumbarton bridge getting hammered over the san mateo bridge the bay bridge oakland and the golden gate bridge and not so rough with ryan it is light but is not coming


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