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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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dashed as they now had enough shelters to house these individuals. people are being forced out of super bowl city grit and there are organizers, waiting for public housing of three dozen of the homeland-judge homeless community our children. (cheers & applause) >> it is a great city. but this is a huge part of our city permit is not ok for you to just move the homeless and so you can show off your city. there are real issues that we cannot ignore and cannot be pushed under the rug. for however long. because you want to have a big party. >> reporter: you will not be allowed to put any tents on the ground. the moment a hits the ground the police,
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will jump back and pick them up. so far, and has been very peaceful. the crowd is getting bigger. there is one-tenth being held up and an usher at the are planning on putting more tense up. that is the latest from here in san francisco. back to you pam. >> pam: the city says the shelter will operate 24 hours per day and they are opening the shelter now because of the el nino weather and not because of the super bowl. it will be at pier 80. >> pam: with any yvette that captures the attention of
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the world, security is on top important spirit especially these days. >> pam: at a news conference earlier today, federal, state, and local law enforcement assured those gathered that everything is in place, to keep things safe during super bowl 50. >> pam: kron 4's dan kerman joins us live tonight in san francisco with more. dan? >> reporter: federal authorities this law and that's just as well as state authorities said they cannot do it alone. >> at this time. we know of no specific credible threat directed as super bowl yibin spirit-- super bowl events >> we have no credible threats at this time. >> reporter: after the other there are no credible
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threats at this time over super bowl 50. >> we try to anticipate things that can happen from most directions. >> reporter: heavily armed officers can be spotted at the national football league experience and super bowl city. there is much going on behind the scenes. >> that our intelligence teams that are looking for suspicious activity. we have numerous there is-just terrorist team spirit available. stop >> reporter: the terrorists before a happens is not something that can be done without the public health. - held-. -- help
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>> if you see something. say something. >> reporter: dan, they are ready. everyone is in communication with each other and they are hoping and planning for a safe super bowl yvette. --event. >> pam: if you are going to the big game on sunday. kron 4 dot com is your resource for everything super bowl. >> pam:log on to find out what you can and cannot bring to levi's stadium. >> pam:plus, the restrictions if you are taking public transportation. >> pam:and details on when the n-f-l says you should get to the game. it is all at kron 4 dot com. backslash. super bowl fifty. >> pam:anyone hoping to get a view from above during super bowl 50. could face a
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hefty fine. >> pam:the federal aviation administration is reminding bay area residents, that the airspace about levi's stadium. has been declared a "no drone zone" for sunday's super bowl. >> pam:that means. drone operators are prohibited from flying their drone within 32-miles of the stadium. between 2-in the afternoon and midnight. >> pam:anyone caught violating the "no drone zone"--- could face a hefty fine. >> pam:the denver broncos say they are quote 'moving on' after being embarrassed by one of their team members, who was caught up in an undercover prostitution sting operation in the south bay. >> pam:kron four's rob fladeboe brings you up to date now. with some exclusive new pictures of what happened. >> reporter:it was here at this motel six near the san jose airport where the denver broncos' ryan murphy was detained and questioned tuesday by a sheriff's prostitution sting working the area. >> sgt. james jensen/santa clara co sheriff's dept. -- during our investigation we wanted up ryan murphy. as we
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see here in this exclusive to kron 4 video from 'inside edition,' whose crew was with the undercover cops, murphy was said by the sheriff's to have accompanied another, unidentified man, who was cited. rick suter works next door at the gas station. >> rick suter/witnessed incident -- they called in there. it pulled over and that right behind them. and let them in so they could not pull out. >> reporter:a member of the broncos practice squad, ryan murphy was put a plane back to denver. yes >> there is disappointment. but it has been dealt with and we have moved on. we are focused on what we have to do, football why spirit going to work this morning and get on with our routine. so we have moved on. >> reporter:the murphy afffair was the first question put to broncos coach gary kubiak this morning. >> reporter:the sting that
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murphy got caught up in is one of several underway amid an expected up tick in human trafficking associated with the super bowl. >> reporter:the incident involving broncos. no doubt had a ripple effect with the carolina panthers. head coach ron rivera said, he spoke with his players about the news this morning. and is using it as a teaching moment going forward. >> reporter: in santa clara rob fladeboe kron4 news. >> pam: the incident involving broad goals and no doubt had a ripple of fat with the carolina panthers. had coach said he spoke with his players about the news this morning and is using it as a teaching moment going for it. mark carpenter spoke with detained and about the report some pastors headquarters. >> reporter:the ryan murphy situation with the broncos re-inforced an important moment in the panthers journey to here. >> reporter:before the team
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left for the bay area, they got a talk from former atlanta falcons player, eugene robinson, who was in a similar stuation 16 years ago. he was arrested for soliticing a prostitute the night before super bowl 33. >> reporter:his message-- be mindful of the distractions and stay aware of the task at hand. >>ron rivera "it's an unfortunate set of circumstances and that's why we talked to our guys hoping we could stay ahead of something like that and prevent it from becoming a distraction. it's something they got to deal with now and hopefully, we can maintain and stay focus on what's happening." >> reporter:the nfc champions don't need any more reason to be on heightened alert. >> reporter:all season long, players have followed a system of holding each other accountable. >>cam newton --rivera puts so much, not stress, but want to in his players to be able to police, not only ourselves, but others. and there's no experience, there's no age that allows a person to have more leadership than another person."
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>> reporter:and with today's first full practice of the week, the panthers are sending a message they are locked in on the broncos. >>rivera --"back when i met with the players today and when i did my presentation, my powerpoint presentation was all based on we are starting from scratch. and that's going to be the approach. we are putting it all together now. we are putting it into a nice little bow and getting ready for sunday." >> reporter:a straight line approach world championship. in san jose, mark carpenter, kron4 news. >> pam: for all your super bowl coverage--- kron four has got you covered. join us game day. this sunday. for our 'super team' coverage. >> pam: our coverage begins with mark and darya at 7 a-m for all the news. before the big game. >> pam: then. join us after the game at 8 p-m. for all your bay area news and game highlights. >> pam: and at 9 it is - sports night live. sports director gary radnich will be here with a special guest. a former raider. >> pam: happening now. >> pam: a special meeting between the oakland- alameda county coliseum authority--- and the raiders--- got under way about an hour ago.
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>> pam: the two sides are meeting to talk about renewing a lease agreement for the team. raiders owner, mark davis, is at the meeting. >> pam: but davis is not happy with the coliseum. and has made it clear he would like the team to move. back in january. the raiders had an option to be relocated to los angeles. but withdrew the application. >> pam: we will stay with the story throughout the evening. and bring you updates as they come into our newsroom. >> pam: boston university doctors announced today. that former oakland raiders quarterback kenny stabler. had the brain disease known as c-t-e. linked to concussions. >> pam: catherine heenan is here with the news on the n- f-l legend -- who had requested that his brain be studied after his death. >> catherine: and, he was aware of them and that is why he made the arrangements. >> catherine:stabler died of colon cancer in july at age 69. because of his concern over c-t-e -- he'd agreed to have scientists dissect his brain - looking for clues which could help thousands of others.
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>> catherine:their findings - stabler had 'high stage three' c-t-e -- it's the degenerative brain disease believed to be caused by repeated blows to the head. >> catherine:doctors found serious damage to the areas of his brain involving learning, memory and regulation of emotion. >> catherine:the disease has now been found in former n- f-l players who played every position except kicker. >> catherine:and stabler is the 7th former quarterback to be found to have had it. >> catherine:broncos quarterback peyton manning says he was a friend of his father's. . >> i got to know him fairly well over the past year spirit and, national football league quarterback returned lost a great. we lost a legend. i reached out to them to inform them that they were in my thoughts and prayers creek i have not had time to process any other information. but what a
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great guy and a great leader. >> catherine:the left-handed stabler - nicknamed "snake" because of his ability to escape from defenders - >> catherine:was voted m-v-p in 1974. and led the raiders to victory in the 1977 super bowl. he's a finalist for the pro football hall of fame - with the results being announced this saturday. >> pam: there is much more ahead at five. >> pam: tonight, there are growning health concerns at santa clara univeristy. after a second student contracts meningitis. >> pam: how the school is responding. next at five. plus, a dangerous high speed chase on the bay bridge. >> pam: tonight the good samaritan who helped police. and we'll take you to the moscone center. >> pam: we will continue to monitor this situation. and we had at reporter on the scene and we will review the updates as needed.
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>> brittany: like a line will pick up on mount the bay area. we would talk about how long we can't expect the rain fall. coming up! announcer: during sleep train's presidents day sale
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get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same day delivery. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now. >> pam: a bay bridge toll evasion. leads to a dangerous high speed pursuit. that was captured on a motorcyclist's go-pro camera >> pam: this happened back on january 21st of this year. you can see on the video.. after the driver loses control and crashes
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the vehicle, he takes off on foot. but without putting the vehicle in park. >> pam:that is when the motorcyclist got off his bike, and jumped into the car as it was starting to roll. >>"yeah it was almost like second nature, i really didn't question it. i really i do this or should i not? i was like this car is moving and if it keeps moving its of the bridge, i saw a problem and i saw that i could fix it" >> pam:the c-h-p officer caught the toll evasion suspect, who they say was driving a stolen vehicle. the man was arrested for felony evading arrest among other charges. >> pam:the car he was driving hit at least two other vehicles during the pursuit. however no one was injured. >> pam:the c-h-p says, an officer who was attacked in san francisco's south market neighborbood. is now in stable condition. >> pam:the incident happened yesterday morning. when officers were called to the essex street on-ramp to the bay bridge. for a man walking in the street. >> pam:while investigating. the c-h-p says, the man suddenly attacked one of the officers with a knife.
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>> pam: the officer suffered life- threatening injuries. but is now recovering and remains in the hospital. police were able to track down the suspect. 44-year- old noel corpuz. he was taken into custody. >> pam: a san jose teacher is behind bars tonight... after police suspect him of molesting a minor. police arrested san jose resident 35-year-old jose gonzalez this afternoon. >> pam: police learned he allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student at james lick high school. officials were told gonzalez was involved in sexual behavior the suspect was booked into the santa clara county main jail. >> pam: a warning tonight for women in palo alto. >> pam: police say, a woman who was walking her dog downtown. was sexual assaulted. >> pam: the incident happened last night around
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6:30. in the 500 -block of emerson street. officers say, a man approached the victim through a parking lot. >> pam: according to police. the man was yelling. as he walked up to then victim and then grabbed her. the victim then yelled at the man. as he walked away. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> pam: santa clara university is dealing with two students who have contracted meningitis. >> pam: catherine is here with the latest on what the school and county health workers are doing. >> catherine: we know that both students who are sick are undergraduates. both of them have been hospitalized -- one on sunday and one monday. >>the santa clara county health department is working to identify >> catherine: any other students who might have come in contact with the two who are ill. they've met with roughly 500 students. >> catherine: they're being offered preventive antibiotics.and there will also be free vaccinations offered thursday and friday. >>health authorities say meningitis can spread easily - but only by close or prolonged contact.
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>> it is transmitted through this accretion, oral secretions. that could mean anyone that is in close contact patrick example a remit, 18 make a good friend and an household member. one who may share cigarettes with or drink and spent a lot of time with them up close and personal or you are exchanging aerosol. that the the potential for transmission. >> catherine: symptoms of bacterial meningitis can include high fever, a stiff neck, vomiting and confusion. the symptoms can develop >> catherine: over the course of several hours - or up to two days. >> pam: a lot of state reservoirs are still far below their historical averages for this time of year. but things are looking good for folsom lake. it >> pam: it is at 104- percent of average for this time of year. thanks to the rain in the sierra and the sierra foothills. folsom lake has risen 44-
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feet over the past month, but it can still hold a lot more. >> pam: it is at 54-percent of total capacity right now. more rain this evening might help the reservoirs just a bit. brittany is here with details. >> brittany:light rain will linger for the evening then we dry up and clear things up for the end of your work week. >> brittany: we are going to try things out after that and warm things up as we head into the weekend. super bowl weekend looks super! >> brittany: and trecker for is picking up some of the rain. we are seeing a light rain and sprinkles moving through parts of the area. closer to richmond and vallejo. fairfield and to the north of santa rosa here is a close-up of the satellite's radar. here is what its next accurate tracking the light rain at the continues tonight. again, it will clear up as
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we head into tomorrow. >> brittany: i am tracking and dry super bowls for you with a lot of sunshine. i will have all of the details on that and the later forecast. >> pam: ahead at 5. we go down to the n-f-l experience. our grant lodes and justine waldman have been competing at several events. >> pam: we will show you who came out on top. next at five. >> pam: and later. >> pam: former 49er legend ronnie lott. on the impact super bowl 50 will have on the bay area. long after the game is over. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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>> pam: super bowl- 50 hype is building. and one of the main attractions is known. as the "n-f-l experience".
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fans get a chance to throw, catch, kick. and much more. all in san francisco's moscone center. >> pam: our own grant lodes and justine waldman spent the afternoon yesterday *competing in several events. they are live now there now. with a look at how it went. >> pam: hello, you to? >> grant: pam how did you think it went? >> pam: i think, justine won! (laughter) >> grant: i knew that you were going to say that. >> reporter: this is not easy. there is a lot of people watching. i think there is a lot of pressure to make it. >> grant: come on peyton!
5:25 pm
you got it, baby! >> grant: is more pressure of competing against your wife and losing. >> grant: we competed in how many events? 7? >> reporter: yes. >> grant: i was getting cocky >> grant: you already won one. >> reporter: i know. >> reporter: that is what happens when you start to show off a little bit. it is
5:26 pm
not as easy as this thing to make the shot. i believe that you will be surprised. and i did really well. >> reporter: you had no chance on that one. >> grant: we did cut it out. and we are still speaking. -- we did hug it out >> reporter: pam, he has a sore neck and a bruised ego. >> grant: i am in bad shape. i am. (laughter) we are >> grant: going to be moving all around through out the show today showing you different activities and there are thousands of people here. people are so happy. >> reporter: there is a lot to do here. invest your
5:27 pm
time and allies to move quickly. for a family to come out and be a part of something that may not happen here again in san francisco i think it is worth it. >> grant: we had a board we are having a great time for it and a half hour we will show you the lombardi trophy actual one. >> reporter: is the most popular attraction here. and i will show you more as well. >> pam: that is what i want to see, justine! we will speak to both of you later. >> pam: security across the bay area. has been tightened for super bowl 50. >> pam: coming up at 5:30. a look at the measures being taken on public transportation. like bart. >> pam: plus. another first for president obama.
5:28 pm
the visit he made today. and the message he delivered. next at five.
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>> pam: people who take public transportation can expect to see the presence of a lot more law
5:31 pm
enforcement through the superbowl celebrations. >> catherine: and not just locals such as bart police. >> pam: kron 4's maureen kelly agencies are pitching in. >> reporter:the men and woman who normally go under cover on airplanes as federal air marshalls have been re-deployed to bay area transportation hubs.including bart, muni, vta and the ferry system. >>.31:39 our goal is to detect and deter any terrorist activites or any activities that would pose a threat to the area >> reporter:so bart riders can expect to see teams of law enforcement stopping bart trains for spot inspections.including bombsniffing dogs from around the counrty.this k9 team is from la county sheriff. >> reporter:the coast guard and border control officers will also be here to lend a hand.joined by an increase presence of local bart police.who are working longer shifts. >> reporter:federal officials say this is not because of a particular threat.but because of the huge number of people arriving. 33:01 we've done a lot of national security events, the superbowl is a national security event, we have a lot of experience in
5:32 pm
it, and it's been sucessful, we've been involved in everything from the pope's visit to the inauguration to the state of the union >> reporter:bart says they are happy to have the extra help >>36:41 that speaks to the event in our backyard and therefore we have extra people coming in from our parts of the country to help us stay safe >> reporter:riders who witnessed the increase presence of armed officers had varying responses. >> reporter:the tsa says these federal law enforcement officials won't get involved in policing protests. instead. they'll leave that for the local police to handle. >> i think it is great to have the extra security and that they are protecting people cared-protecting people. >> is a sad state of affairs of how we are living. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news >> pam: the super bowl is more than just a game. it is also a community event. the host committee created the super bowl 50 legacy
5:33 pm
fund. and that will have an impact on the bay area long after the game is over. >> pam: former 49er ronnie lott >> says. we've raised over $13 million dollars and that why he is so excited for the super bowl to be held here. >> reporter:former 49er ronnie lott is a leading voice for the "super bowl 50 fund". it is helping to build playgrounds. rebuild homes. sponsor youth programs. including a program called summer search. it received $500 - thousand dollars to help support low income students going to college.
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>> brittany:light rain will linger for the evening then we dry up and clear things up for the end of your work week. >> brittany: as we go into the 7:00 hour there is some light rain stretching down to livermore. up to santa rosa and and two san francisco by 10:00. even, into the 7:00 hour tomorrow, we could still see some lingering rainfall. and to thursday afternoon and evening. but, by friday we will see a lot of sunshine. and it will be even better for the weekend. ask our conditions improved every day. >> brittany: temperatures pushing back into the sixties which is the beginning of the warming trend as we head into the weekend. i will have the 7 day forecast in just a bit. >> pam: super bowl weekend looks super!
5:35 pm
>> pam: president obama says. an anti -muslim bias is hurting the u.s. -- and must be tackled "head on." >> pam: catherine is here with details of his visit to a mosque today. >> catherine: the address to the islamic society of baltimore - was his first visit to a mosque as president. president obama used the occasion to reach out to muslims in the u.s. he praised them as a crucial part of america's history. >> catherine: and he pushed back against what muslims say is a bias that's been on the rise - since the terror attacks in paris and san bernardino. >> first thing i want to say is that muslim americans do not hear enough, thank you. thank you for serving your community and lifting up the lives of your neighbors and helping keep the us strong and united as one american family. (cheers & applause) >> catherine: without mentioning names, the president implicitly criticized the republican presidential candidates for what he called "inexcusable political rhetoric" against muslim americans.
5:36 pm
>> catherine: he said americans should not be bystanders to bigotry. >> pam: with iowa in their rear- view mirror, the presidential candidates are in new hampshire. ahead of tuesday's primary there. >> pam: in about 30 minutes. >> pam: democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton will square -off in a town hall debate in new hampshire. >> pam: meantime, republican ted cruz is attacking donald trump. >> pam: c-n-n's andrew spencer has more. fresh off his victory in iowa, ted cruz is embracing his momentum. >>presidential candidate "conservatives all across the state of iowa came out and stood together. they put the country on notice that the media is not going to pick the republican nominee." >> reporter:a dig aimed at donald trump. who accused cruz via twitter of fraud, and stealing the iowa caucuses. >> reporter:trump wants either a new election or to have the results nullified. >> reporter:meanwhile, the g-o-p field of candidates continues to narrow.
5:37 pm
>> reporter:rand paul announced he was pulling out of the race today, after a fifth-place showing in iowa. >>kentucky "it has been a privilege to give voice to the liberty movement in this race, and i believe we have broadened the debate by being part of it." >> reporter:two republican sources tell cnn, rick santorum will also end his campaign wednesday night. >> reporter:on the democratic side. clinton and bernie sanders will be grilled by new hampshire voters in tonight's cnn town hall meeting in derry. >> reporter:they'll also face-off tomorrow night in a traditional debate. which almost didn't happen. >> reporter:sanders threatened to pull out unless the clinton camp agreed to three more debates. >> reporter:clinton agreed to two. in michigan and california. but not in her home state of new york. >>presidential candidate"i am a little bit amazed that secretary clinton does not want to have a debate in the state that she represented." >> reporter:i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> pam: still ahead. who will win super bowl- 50?
5:38 pm
>> pam: some bay area hall of famers make their picks for the big game. >> pam: plus, a california priest accused of being a phony. >> pam: how he allegedly ripped off parishioners for years. next.
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>> pam: a man accused of posing as a roman catholic priest in los angeles for years, is now facing charges. today, l-a police took the so-called priest - erwin mena into custody. >> pam: police say, mena began posing as a priest at the saint ignatius of loyal parish.which is northeast l-
5:42 pm
a. back in january of 2015. but according to police. he had been doing it for years. >> pam: he even officiated masses, confessions, funerals and baptisms. >> pam: but police say his latest alleged scam --- was last year's sales of bogus tickets to see the pope in philadelphia. >> pam: it was what spearheaded the investigation. >> he was real good at being a fraud. >> pam:mena is accused of impersonating a priest and swindling various churchgoers out of thousands of dollars since the mid- nineties. >> pam: next at five. >> pam: we head back to the moscone center. as justine waldman and grant lodes test their skills at the n-f-l experience. four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth--
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>> pam:the super bowl has people picking sides. who will win the big game? >> pam:are you rooting for the carolina panthers. or will it be the denver broncos? >> pam:we caught up with some notable athletes today. and checked their pick. >> pam:thousands of people are getting a chance to experience the super bowl in one way or another. >> pam:some are at the moscone center. for the n-f- l experience. and that's where kron 4's justine waldman and grant lodes are right now. >> pam: and they are having
5:48 pm
way too much fun to be at work. (laughter) >> justine: 81 to hoist that up and say that we are the champions. people are in line to take pictures i am not sure why he did not want to take advantage. we are right where we are. --they want to hoist that sign up to say that we are the champions. >> justine: this is a very family appropriate environment.
5:49 pm
>> grant: all right? >> grant: imagine you saw me throw 30 yds creek and kick a field goal. and we are and beast mold. look at justing catch all three balls while running. >> justine: was one of the hard ones. i had to say critic took a lot of coordination. which i do not have a lot of. >> grant: or a lot of skill sets that were tested yesterday. >> justine: dan you think your strength are? >> grant: in general? i am a good cook. >> grant: and fast and can't jump. at this they complement each other. i do not know?
5:50 pm
>> grant: did have a lot of fun and tonight at 8 we will show you more of the rundown. >> grant:-- we did have a lot of fun >> justine: i think everything was fine yesterday. we are still speaking. >> justine: ok, say cheesed grant! >> grant: cheese. >> grant: see, we are working together again. >> brittany: how cute are they? i can watch that for another 15 minutes. >> pam: yes, there are so cute trick you have to tune in for that we have more
5:51 pm
coming up tonight. >> brittany: you are going to see a little bit of light rain showers that will continue on and off tonight. lingering into tomorrow and then things will clear up. for the work week, down from heading into the we cannot things will become nice and dry with a warning conditions. >> brittany: light rainfall headed toward santa clara and petaluma. -test santa rosa and petaluma. >> brittany: may have a little extra time so be careful because there may be some slick spot out there. we have rainshowers stretching up into concord in santa rosa 10 + san francisco, off and on until 10:00. and we may see may
5:52 pm
bring showers. you would notice it will be closer to the santa rosa area. as out of san mateo, near san jose. >> brittany: will see a lot more sunshine friday, saturday and into sunday. the purchase will head into the mid to high sixties. even closer to the stadium by sunday. it should be on route 70 degrees. >> brittany: by 7:00 a.m., we hope to see dry conditions with a lingering showers. in certain areas. your super bowl city forecasts, mostly sunny skies on would 60 degrees. at 3:00 p.m., temperatures are at 69. so close to 70 degrees. >> brittany: partly cloudy skies are expected for the rest of the day. mostly
5:53 pm
sunny skies and warmer temperatures. pam? >> pam: the real-life family set the record straight after the movie the blindsight review.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> pam: since then, there's been many reports that michael oher wasn't happy with how he was portrayed. >> catherine: >> pam: but is it true? the insider's debbie matenopoulos has more from hollywood. >> he is 29 years old and they still want to talk about when he was 16. >> it is mine? i never had gone before. >> inland to yourself?-- what, a room to yourself? >> it does not mean that michael need to talk about it. >> we are very humble. >> just come out become and
5:57 pm
enjoy the moment. and take it all >> and, take it all entered --all in >> she cried every time he called out. >> she cries every time he comes out. >> reporter: is a very proud mother and she should be. >> reporter: back to you pam? >> pam: new tonight at 8. >> pam: n-f-l greats joe montana and drew brees. were part of a press conference super bowl city. >> pam: we will check in with a lee still read to be
5:58 pm
at the rally. >> pam: what the mayor told the residents about the home that needed to be demolished on his tour of the area this afternoon creek we have more at 6:00 coming up next
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
>> bells ringing (cheers & applause) >> reporter: dan are blocking the street with their case as well. protesters are on one side. since it started around 430 this afternoon. they did pitch tents. but they are holding them in the air
6:01 pm
because if they put them on the ground they will be cited. this is a peaceful protest creek people are stating that they will get excitations when they sleep on the streets but they have no place to go, and the shelters are full. >> reporter: and they took today right outside of super bowl city to speak out. >> seems like there's one shelter bed for every one pipeline five homeless individual sleeping on the street. there are over a hundred people on the list to get into the shoulder. so it is not that people do not want help rid they do want help derrick is a complex issue with many different factors. >> reporter: is people are united. asking for housing solutions. they are already facing adversity. rally
6:02 pm
organizers say they are waiting for public housing in more than 3000 of those are homeless population. our children. reporting live on the embarcadero. alecia reid, kron4news >> catherine: it depends on who you speak with. there is one that strike. or a large scale to hide the homeless during the super bowl. it is happening inside pure 80. workers are finishing up on shouters in restaurants with more hundred and 50 people being able to stay here and bring their pets and finding storage for their
6:03 pm
belongings. the executive director says, there are plans to scatter 60 more smaller places threat san francisco. >> what our teams were telling us was that people did not know to come in for one night or to correct if they had too many things and did not want to break down their attack. so once that became known to us we decided to work on a permanent winter shelter that will hold a hundred and 50 people on a 247 basis. with the meals, showers at is a full-service shelter and that is working through out the winter. >> catherine: is one of the up and running for a few more days. it is not close to the central part of the
6:04 pm
city which is considered a drawback. however, there will be transportation provided and you need tokens will be provided as well. - uni tokens >> pam: the secretary of home as security is seen no threats have been issued for super bowl 50. state federal and local authorities have acted to keep the environment safe during the activities of the super bowl. >> pam: lot officials is that are pulling out all the stops to keep people safe during super bowl 50. with more on this story. then?-- dan? we're >> reporter: 2 can see is
6:05 pm
behind the scenes to rid they do have people checking out tips were looking for any suspicious activity. law enforcement is the when all they can to keep terrorist for those who have pressed in my on their radar and keep anything from happening. >> reporter: this week heavily embossed officers have been inside and outside superbowl city grit and the experiments. it is part of the agency effort to keep those inside the bay area and those that are visiting safe during super bowl 50 week. >> investigating all operational activity in response to any at all directorate of information that we do receive. >> reporter: so far they have now found incredible odds or threats of terror. >> in addition to all the
6:06 pm
hard working men and women here today, in law enforcement and homeland security. >> reporter: regard to this amber had been no attack, home a security officer says if you see something, say something which could be very happy and very helpful and those type attacks. >> the public has the most important role when it and it involves any suspicious activity at regarding terrorist acts. someone, some radicalizes or turn to violence on their own and someone who is close to them that saw the signs. so, we promote public awareness and public vigilance, to help us in public safety.
6:07 pm
>> reporter:, cars have been in contact with and paris to see if there is any thing that it is system what happened in paris. that would be of benefit here to insuperable 503--during super bowl 50. >> pam: agency released this video on you too. tube >> the irresponsible pilot and make the game say for all of us. the stadium is a note drone zone. league your drones at home. >> pam: federal law enforcement and clothing, air marshals and border control agents will also be
6:08 pm
patrolling transportation including bart connie ferry terminals and more during the super bowl celebration and that includes a number of k nine teen spirit-- canine teams >> reporter: loading a back pack with a fake explosive net for training dogs. she put the dogs on the garbage cans and the embarcadero station at two of the dogs are here with their handler supporting the bay area transportation system to show what they can do. they are trained to sit down when they hit a target for it hit the see the first one do when he is supposed to do and get a reward which is a squeaky toy. and, the second dog does the same thing. all of these dogs are trained for one thing only. >> no drugs. we have a lot of people ask if there dole
6:09 pm
perfect disparate know is only bombs. >> reporter: also k-9 units as far away as richmond va and honolulu hawaii. as well as local dogs helping out. there is one unit out on market street as super bowl city. would ferry riders seen the docks grant inspections as they make their journeys. many times, they will be joined by homeland's security agents and their martial spirit this is not because of a particular threat but because of the super bowl is a national security yvette. --event >> if you see something out of the ordinary, definitely enjoyed it definitely reported the still have a good time and enjoy the game. >> reporter: maureen kelly,
6:10 pm
kron 4 news. >> pam: enforcement will be out in force this weekend looking for dropped a driver's permit the marin county d u by task force will be up on saturday and sunday. in addition, a checkpoint will be held in stellar fell on friday reminding individuals draw the big game to designate a sold-this sober and driver. >> pam: 80 to list of road closures in san francisco and are round the stadium is just a click away. -- a list >> pam: dark team will be fan out across the bay area of super bowl city creek
6:11 pm
with live reports of super bowl champions and sports night live. with director gary radnich at the complete day a big game covered all right here on kron4. >> pam: well, we have rain tonight half are neurologist here, brittany--we have our meteorologist >> brittany: have a lot out- of-towners' that will get close to our beautiful ocean but you want to stay awake and do not turn your back to the ocean. stay off the rocks please. as we head into friday, things will change. we will be tracking the light rain of that is headed towards us. again, stay away from the rent-to- stay away from the water.
6:12 pm
>> pam: >> brittany: you can see what storm trackers that is made and the north bay, with light showers and i was sure you are futurecast and break down the timing for you as we get close to the 7:00 hour, we are expecting a light spread of rain showers street pushing up to santa rosa else to fairfield, with san mateo expected to see light rain fall off and on. a lot of people are headed out and you will find what role ways will be affected. >> brittany: we will still be dealing with some scattered showers but things will clear up as we head into friday with a lot of sunshine, saturday and sunday creek with temperatures close to 70 degrees. >> brittany: acolyte rate are showing up, it will
6:13 pm
break up light rainfall and i will let you know more about the 7 day forecast coming up and just a minute. pam? >> pam: plus, a wild car chase on the bay bridge all caught on camera for the winter from the man behind the wheel. with a story was the on kron 4 news spread-- kron4news (scal): good day, m'lady!
6:14 pm
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since >> pam: >> pam: denver broncos' head coach says his team is disappointed and the behavior of a player who was caught up in an undercover prostitution sting on tuesday in san jose. >> pam: ryan murphy is a member of the broncos practice squad. he grew up in oakland. he--we have obtained exclusive video from inside addition, which had a crew with the undercover police. the video shows murphy been detained and questioned by sheriff's deputies. >> pam: outside a motel near the airport. murphy was
6:17 pm
released, but the unidentified man with tam was cited for solicitation. >> pam: myanmar's he was put on a plane back to denver. he will not be in of in the super bowl. his coach, who is said to have marked his players that it would be held accountable for their actions. amid the distractions of the super bowl, sift the broncos are quite moving--are " moving on. >> pam: police are on the lookout for a man who sexually assaulted a poll of to one in paris and happened on the 500 block of emerson street are ross is the last night. police said a woman who is in her 20s was walking her dog on a man walked up and rafter. the beckham yelled at the met as he took off with no word yet of a description of the suspect. >> pam: new video of a high- speed chp pursuit. across
6:18 pm
the bay bridge, is what the suspect crashing his vehicle and running away. the incident was recorded on a camera mounted on a motorcycle following the action. at one point, the motorcycle is get into the action himself and tells kron4 haazig monument out it all unfolded. >> reporter: so you are writing their motorcycle on the bay bridge during the morning commute was suddenly this happens. a cargo speeding by on the left shoulder, to loss' been broken right there. then you notice a seat h-p motorcycle officer on his tail. >> i could clearly see the civic was trying to get away from the officer. >> reporter: the high-speed pursuit unfolded right in front of solomon. last month while he was headed to work. he just so happened to the video recording his ride
6:19 pm
with a camera mounted on his handlebars. he described the danger is past he this describe this as a dangerous situation. >> he would get close behind other vehicles, he would go to other vehicles and space is at i--and spaces i as a motorcycle would have gone, he hit a box van semi truck and spun out there. i was able to see the top dropped his motorcycle and take off running. i saw the guy took off running to. >> reporter: this aspect of the car, motor still running, the car still moving. there was a lot of folks to stop their cars, more on last witness what happened but choose back into action creek >> you always question what are you going to do when the scenario comes? are you going to play the hero or sit back and let somebody else the wood? i chose the
6:20 pm
former. >> brittany: it will look good as we head into the weekend would super bowl sunday. temperatures will be 70 degrees. down in santa clara, you see that the roadways are still dry. we are tracking some rainfall already that developed in the north bay. showers will linger on and off as we go into the extra--as we go into the rest of tonight. >> brittany: storm trackers shows us that light rainfall will move in and at santa rosa right now, fairfield and outside of concord. it was slowly transition itself. so tonight, it shows by 9:00 p.m. we are still tracking light rainfall. tomorrow morning, we will have 20 condition is moving by. and where temperatures will be in the lower
6:21 pm
forties. for the bay 3 and 45 degrees for the coast. >> brittany: to cachepots by 7:00 p.m. tonight, we are dealing with like rainfall. antisemitism and off to san jose. by 10:00, which are still dealing with the on and off showers. as the rainfall comes down. sixth of an inch. by 7:00 a.m., the legal and showers will stick or round but as we go through the day it will begin to clear up and become dry. friday, with more sunshine as we head into the saturday and sunday. >> brittany: tomorrow, you will notice a difference it will be few degrees warmer. >> brittany: closer to the mid-60s and on super bowl sunday, 70 degrees. here is your 7 day forecast, we are
6:22 pm
getting rid of the link rainshowers by tomorrow morning. temperatures, will continue to climb as we in to the 70 temperatures. the gaullist to university students have contracted meningitis and may have exposed hundreds of other people. catherine is here with the latest on how the school and county health workers are dealing with the problem. >> catherine: school officials have met with roughly 500 students in response to the health crisis. and provided any treatment needed. it has been confirmed that both students who are sick are under aggressive and have been hospitalized. one of them was admitted on sunday and the other monday. >> catherine: the focus not is on identify any of the students who may have the
6:23 pm
infection. ms. jarvis is spread to secretions from the nose and throat. it can't easily spread between people, but only by close or program content. today the county public health director said that they will be ready for any thing. >> we will have to promote a vaccination campaign to make sure that is being provided. in circulation. >> catherine: vaccinations are being provided to students thursday and friday along with preventative and antibiotics. a large campus catherine set for saturday, called super community celebration, will go on as doctorate that the cody said there is no reason to make any changes. >> pam: up next, getting a hotel and the bay area during the super bowl is born takashi. but you might
6:24 pm
be surprised what our partners at the inside addition uncovered in some rooms that will make your skin crawl. the hotel wars. next.
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>> pam: knew as six separate motel nearly pisidian charging big money for a nice day during the run up to the super bowl creek bed and at inside edition investigation brit reporter lisa borrow discovered instead of restless sleep, you might be checking into a hotel of corporate-- hotel of horror >> reporter: but that is it does not take time for me to discover pretty gross stuff. there are still bugs
6:27 pm
on the bathroom floor. and here and beat sheets. i also show the manager what i found. >> reporter: often are these blankets washed? >> the whole thing is washed lactate guest checks out. >> reporter: are charging people $1,000 per room bring the super bowl. aren't you? >> reporter: the regular rate is $69 but this hotel is charging $350 during the super bowl. look at all of the dead but spirit and a bit? they're working and spirit inside the sheets. so i called the manager. >> reporter: 1 to point out things in this room for it
6:28 pm
and she agreed that this was unacceptable creek but, she rather not checked. but people are spending hundreds of dollars in the super bowl. >> you now have my permission to have me on camera. the end. >> pam: but that is not the end of the story creek you can see the rest of leases investigation tonight on inside edition. area right here on kron4 at 11:00. >> pam: next at 6 thirty did you have what it takes to be at pro football player? grant lotus and justine waldman but their skill to the test at the nest of the ball league experience. they are live next.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: at every super bowl what is known as the super bowl experience is it attraction for the fan. this year the yvette is at the mosque on the center and san francisco. and that is where we find a couple of fans who are part of the kron4 family. grant lotus and justine waldman you guys completed against one another in various yvettes--
6:32 pm
events!!! >> grant: have had a lot of replay reviews. >> justine: are you on teen- team justine or team grant? >> pam: i told you that i was on one team justine! >> grant: and that nummi urologist that i thought i like named brittany says she is also on teen-- team justine >> grant: the meterologist
6:33 pm
>> grant: there is another run for it-- there is another one. >> justine: oh! he got it! >> grant: look at the other events. it's so many. >> grant: justine catches ... ay 8pm tonight ht we will have more >> i have to go with the
6:34 pm
lady. >> soli a solidarity. >> i always go against the last guy you just interview. i have been friends with him for 30 years. (laughter) >> grant: he has been run since we were detained for it--since we were teenagers. (laughter) >> and he is still want. -- and, he is still wrong. >> team justine!
6:35 pm
>> grant: you seem very adamant. how did you know you have not seen us. >> i just know! >> grant: are looking at a cool area where they are showing you how to make the ball is to use in the national football league. >> grant: you are excited for a clot. -- 8o' clock >> grant: i am interested to see how well we did. >> grant: he is so embarrassed. >> he is so embarrassed. we will seek to come out on top. i think the ladies who
6:36 pm
are voting for team justine will be pleased. >> pam: i want to know if you to have read this year in its own dance? -- practiced your inzone dance >> justine: should we do it? anyone to see it?--you want to see it? >> grant: we are going to make you wait, pam? >> pam: oaky, guys! 8
6:37 pm
>> pam:okay, guys! >> catherine: as for the concert come up most is happening as separate as the scarlet super bowl city stage, it is going to showcase van slyke republic. a more accurate align up is impressive from metallica to the days mackey band and alecia keys. -- the dave matthews band >> catherine: you can find superbowl 50 with a detailed list of road closures in san francisco and at lee by stadium, all of that just a click away at kron4 dot com.
6:38 pm
pam? >> pam: crews, it is claimed that he stole the iowa caucus. announcer: during sleep train's presidents day sale save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same day delivery. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now.
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announcersave up to $300train's on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same day delivery. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now. >> pam: another war of words
6:41 pm
between donald trump and tech-- ted cruz... trump accusing the texas senator of stealing the republic iowa caucus. now he is calling for a new voting there or the results to be nullified. >> what kind of people are we dealing with, up with these politicians? >> catherine: >> reporter: tram on and terror against ted cruz. >> reporter: >> he and salted ben carson by the way he did to ben carson that was a disgrace. >> reporter: today, spanning
6:42 pm
the plans to the controversy over what plasmid tactics of the campaign used and i will accused of trying to shift those away from ben carson to cruz. >> reporter: declaring fraught trump tweeting that he did not meant and i know he illegally stole it and calling for results to be nullified. then crews responding suggesting trump go back to iowa and joined the democrats still selling their side of the results. at issue after see in and accurately reported that carson was stopping in florida for a few days after his i lost before resuming campaigning. the campaign tried to push out its own version to i will call besides suggesting carson was quitting the race. >> reporter: like the tweet that night from cruise national co-chair. carson looks like he is out islands
6:43 pm
need to know before they vote. most will go to approves, i hope. >> reporter: cruz has apologized to ben carson, who told the lead with jake tepper it was a low blow. >> i think whoever is responsible for blatant lie should be dismissed absolutely, unless that kind of behavior is unacceptable in your campaign culture. >> reporter: but today, approves tried to downplay it. >> our political teen pass on that public news report what my team did not do is there was a letter said the store where cars and campaign say they are not suspending their campaign. and our political team did not for that statement to our supporters as well. i was disappointed that an impression had been left that was incomplete.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: good evening everyone! >> gary: the warriors and the nation's capital taking on the wizard's the day before they go to the white house. right now. earlier today family or his great rick barry gave his thoughts on peyton manning and his possible swan song at super bowl sunday. >> in his career, being an outstanding player. but as did the other day if i had to vote if you x mean, i am assuming that he would be the manner. >> gary: that was paid to manning, with the national football league awards to be given on sunday night giving
6:48 pm
his thoughts on cam 10 for lead in b.p.. --league mvp >> gary: kim looks like he is already grown wary all all of the same questions daily from the media. >> i am going to have to walk away and talk to my parents, with a couple of video games. with the up and brushed my teeth, obviously and go to another meeting. depending on what the breakfast looks like i am going to eat it or not come back to you guys, talk. >> gary: new realize how many of these companies stand to listen to camden and talk about brushing his teeth? >> gary: by popular demand.
6:49 pm
a young couple, grant and adjusting competing against each other. what are you going to do for us?-- grant & justine >> justine: gary pool team are you on? teen grant 14th just seen?-- team grant or team justine? >> gary: i get enough of grant. >> gary: i a on tea-- ii m. on team justine
6:50 pm
>> grant: i do not know how you would fare with your wife. because you tend to shy away from things like this. am i right? >> gary: alecia did not marry older man for this. >> grant: to you what these activities out here are fantastic. talk about a bruised ego. my wife beat me. >> grant: that little kid is probably going to show me off right there. this is a great thing, we are going to have the whole story tonight at 830 print so we are looking for to that. but first, pam? >> justine: i will take this one. here is grant,
6:51 pm
touchdown dance. >> justine: all boy. >> justine: not bad. no one is cheering for you. >> grant: think you sweetie. -- thank you, sweetie >> grant: why are more people cheering for justine than me. >> justine: because i put it out there. i was mortified. >> gary: i told this for all people in the kron4 demographic creek love conquers all. the sweat all you want but at the end of the day love each other and respect each other. >> justine:awww
6:52 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: justine and grant two hips in ten seconds. >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: cute couple >> pam: super bowl weekend is almost here and have the weather with the incoming of next we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe.
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>> pam: rainfalls are already headed our way in the bay area? >> pam: are back tonight, at 8:00 and we hope that you join us then creek we always stay connected with us at kron4 dot com. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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the "insider" f hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> never even told me as married couple that you were taking hormones. >> i was very honest with her. i had to i was a 36b. i love they're fabulous. >> a he shed she said. caitlyn's claim that kris always knew about her transition. >> i actually had my boobs removed. >> then halle berry breaks her silence on the racecontroversy. >> knowing that another woman of color hasn't walked through that door is heart breaking. >> racism, sexism, atheism. halle puts hollywood on blast. >> men get sexy. we g old. >> and did mellencamp by the
7:00 pm
uptown girl an engagement ring? plus, counting down to the super bowl with the "blind side's" michael oher. but did his movie penalize his nfl career? >> he is 29 years old and they want to talk it like he's 16. i think he just doesn't want it tal it. >> halle berry won a best actress award for "monster's ball", only african-american woman to do so. now she is sounding on the oscars so white controversy. >> we will get to that but we start off with jenner versus jenner. caitlyn revealing in the '80s she was a 36b and got her breasts removed claims that kris knew all along. >> kris has always denied that. now after last night's "people vs. o.j. simpson: american crime story" premier another question. what did kris and then bruce exactly know? lets a he go inside caitlyn and robert, the tail of


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