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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :now at 11. the denver broncos now say, they are "moving on". after one of their players was caught and questioned in an undercover prostitution sting. this is exclusive video of the sting. from our partners at "inside edition." ryan murphy-- who is an oakland native -- was detained by sheriff's deputies last night in san jose. he was released and he was "not" cited. but he was sent home by the team. good evening, i'm pam moore. those at the forefront of the anti- trafficking battle say, this incident should serve as a glaring reminder that human trafficking can happen anywhere
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and involve anyone. tonight, kron four's philippe djegal spoke with a trafficking expert. who is not surprised by this high-profile case. >> phillipe :a week in the bay area for nita belles, a far cry from a vacation away from home. >> : i absolutely do believe the super bowl leads to an increase in human trafficking. >> phillipe :though, the oregon- based human trafficking expert was not part of the sting operation, which led the santa clara county sherif''s human trafficking task force to a motel six tuesday. >> : ryan murphy's brother was cited -- and, um, ryan murphy was with him, we have to wonder why. >> phillipe :belles says knowing that a pro-athelte in the denver bronco's ryan murphy was in the area and questioned by police should sound the alarm. that no one is immune to this crime >> : last year, we had warren sapp that was arrested. um, years before we had eugene robinson. >> phillipe :managing director of the anti-trafficking non- profit "in our backyard," belles has also authored a trafficking
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book under the same title. and, even handed copies out last year at the freedom summitt hosted at levi's stadium. while in the south bay during the week leading up to the super bowl, she's spreading the word about what she calls an epidemic and works closely with law enforcement to turn victims into survivors. >> : fbi, santa clara county sheriff's office and some other law enforcement agencies -- they're doing their very best to help the victims. belles says simply making people aware of the issue may save lives. >> : if we're quiet, they can keep doing what they're doing. the more we talk about it, the less trafficking we'll have. >> phillipe :in san jose, philippe djegal, kron four news. >>:power of the people >> pam :protestors rallied along the embarcadero in san francisco tonight. they wanted to use the superbowl to call attention to the homeless people who were kicked out of justin herman plaza. for super bowl city. organizers say, thousands of households are waiting for public housing. and more than 3-thousand of the homeless population in san francisco, are children.
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they are asking mayor ed lee to invest 5- million dollars in housing. and health service programs for the homeless. new at 11. the east bay municipal utility district is searching for a leaky pipe. which may have caused a landslide in the oakland hills. it happened around oak hill road last month. a surveyer taking samples in the area was stuck. and had to be rescued by firefighters at the time. crews are using equipment- including sound devices, that can detect water in the hillside. in their effort to track down the leak. once they find it. they can start making repairs. neighbors are still concerned... almost a week after a san francisco home had to be demolished... after sliding down a hillslide. a water main break that was repaired saturday... is thought to be the cause of the unstable hill.
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engineers say, the homes surrounding the demolished house on casitas avenue. are not in imminent danger. but crews are still working in the area. city officials including mayor ed lee... toured the damage earlier today. as for now... the city is still trying to figure out if the break was in fact the cause of the problem. wet weather is rolling through the bay area. this is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. a high surf advisory is also in effect through tomorrow. kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the storm system. brittney. what can we expect for tomorrow? >> brittney : light rain will linger for the evening then we dry up and clear things up for the end of your work week. super bowl weekend looks super! just a few light showers and a chance of light showers in till we go into tonight
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try and stay away from the water and do not turn your back to the ocean lots of sunshine and it will continue arming up >> pam : police are investigating an explosion in a vallejo mobile home park... which left one person injured. it happened around 8:30- tonight. at 'the olympia of vallejo' mobile home park. on the one- hundred block of catalpa street. one person suffered first and second degree burns to the hands and face because of the explosion. there was no fire. three neighboring homes were damaged in the blast but the source of the blast is still not clear. officials are still investigating.. celebritiess and n-f-l all- stars are descending on the bay area this week for super bowl festivities.
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and tonight. many of them are gathering at the "suits and sneakers". super bowl kick-off party at the new cruise terminal in san francisco. kron 4's j-r stone joins us live from the party tonight. where tommy lee is performing. j-r. >> j.r. :he chose not to speak to me and he rushed by my camera and all of the other cameras here but you can hear the music in the background super bowl week is in full swing and let's pam off into the distance to show you who we have in here some of those players are coming and nevertheless we have recognized some of them on this red carpet and take a listen are you going to be eating with
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bronco gear on? >>:oh i am a raider so i will not >>:i am the old guy but it has been a lot of love if i have met him and talked to him he goes to parties with his jersey on the worst thing about super bowl week is all the interviews thanks and my that bad--am i that bad?
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>> j.r. :so we had good times all around and honestly do you can see tommy lee making his way in and i do not know if you are aware but one of the lady's next to me says that his flight was open-- fly and a famous dog came in and did all kinds of tricks and to come also see he has a tailgate party and hundreds of people are in attendance for now some readers and some 49ers but there are players this is the place to be tonight on sentences go--in san
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francisco >> pam :our coverage continues online on our website. there. we have a complete schedule of super bowl parties and events. as well as a detailed map of road closures. coming up. police investigating a brutal beating at a popular mall parking lot. we have an update on the victim's condition. plus. a cabbie kidnapped by escaped fugitives. is speaking out tonight. we hear his story. and a meningitis outbreak in the south bay. how officials are working to prevent the spread of the virus. ♪ ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me ♪ ♪ as long as you love me, it's alright ♪ ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me ♪ shape the best sleep of your life.
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>> pam :santa clara university
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and county health officials say, two undergraduate students have tested positive for meningitis. both are in the hospital. officials say, the infections appeared with little warning. they are now working to determine if anyone else may have been exposed. and if so... officials are prepared to provide antibiotics and vaccines where needed. the school and health department are working to set up vaccination clinics... so that measures. still ahead. a cab driver held captive by fugitives. we hear his chilling story. and it's not something you see every day. how a car landed on top of a house! announcer: during sleep train's presidents day sale
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get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same day delivery. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now. >> pam :police are releasing a new picture tonight. of the suspect behind a brutal beating and robbery. in parking lot of a popular mall in fairfield. the victim is in the hospital--- fighting for her life. kron 4's jeff bush talked to police who say, the suspect is the same person who committed a similar crime today. jeff. fairfied police say a 63 year >> jeff : old woman was walking in the parking lot of the solono town center mall around noonbroad daylightpolice say she was beaten and robbed and they say the suspect is the same person who robbed a woman in vallejo on tuesdaythe two cases had similarities.
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fairfield police put the word out to surrounding agencies and vallejo police arrested 19 year old william david king vallejo police say he is the same suspect in the vallejo case. police say they are sure they got their man because the woman's property was found in king's possession. >> sgt. jeff osgood : the victim's purse was stolen and it was also recovered when the vallejo police department took him into custody in their case. >> jeff :fairfield police say they are working with vallejo police to figure out if king was involved in any other robberies and they say getting king off the street was important to public safety because of the violent nature of the robbery. i'm jeff bush in fairfield, kron four news.
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>> pam :happening tomorrow. crews will start bringing down a major section of the old bay bridge. it will take two- days for cal- trans. to remove one of the five "504- foot" truss spans. the so-called "504s". extend about half a mile. and weigh about 25- hundred tons. tomorrow, crews will focus on severing the truss from its towers. and lowering it down towards the bay. then on friday. crews will set the truss down on barges. and transport it to the port of oakland for disassembly. the process will take about 12- to-14 hours both days. light rain will linger for the evening then we dry up and clear things up for the end of your work week. >> brittney : it does not look likely but there is some light rain and light snow through the area but tomorrow there is just a chance of showers in the morning it will clear up
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and we're going to have more sunshine and warmer temperatures after that we still have a chance of showers as we go to tonight and most of it sticks to the north bay some maybe a few sprinkles for santa rosa and in napa you will even notice most of our clouds will go away and we will see lots of sunshine as we pushed into friday and also into saturday's so a pretty good forecast overnight lows will drop into the mid-40s and then as we head into tomorrow you notice '60s on the map which is just the beginning of a warming trend with temperatures pretty close to '70's especially on superbowl sunday and lots of sunshine expected your seven day forecast shows as we go into the next couple of days the temperatures will climb not
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it is a little warmer in santa clara temperatures throughout most of the area in the high 60s and low '70's >> pam :a cab driver kidnapped and held captive for a week. by the three escapees from a southern california jail. is sharing his story. driver "hoang ma" says, he picked up the men outside a restaurant. around the same time orange county sheriff's officials realized there had been a jailbreak. as the manhunt for the escapees was just getting underway. the inmates took ma hostage. he says, they took him to hotels across the state. and two of them were discussing whether or not to kill him. he said, the fugitivies would sleep against the hotel doors. to prevent any chance of escape. >>:even when i was in the car with them he told me that he
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would not kill me i did not believe in till the moment that i was told to leave i knew was going to live >> pam :all three fugitives have been recaptured. hossein nayeri and jonathan tieu were captured saturday in san francisco. the other inmate, bac duong, surrendered friday in santa ana. take a look at this. a car lands on the roof of a southern california home. it happened in palos verdes this afternoon. police say, the driver suffered a medical condition. that caused him to lose control of the car. the driver hit a car in the home's driveway. launching his car onto the roof of the house. he was taken to the hospital with injuries. the car was eventually lowered by a crane. on a heavy-duty tow truck. in sports. three 49er hall of famers. make their super bowl picks. and only draymond green could cool off steph curry tonight. in our nation's capital. gary has the highlgiths. and all the sports. coming up
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>> gary : white house. steph curry came out of fire from the start curry 3-pointer 15-8 warriors he made 13 of first 14 shots curry another 3 to make it 21-8
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warriors he scored 25 points in the first quarter!!. 36 in the first half john wall kept it close for the wizards he had 41 points and 10 asists but curry was too tough weaving his way past defeders for the floater 4th quarter curry hits his 11th three- pointer with 4:22 left one off the nba record but with the warriors up big he didn't attempt another three i could have looked that information up myself but it is easier to ask mike final: 134-121 warriors after the game only draymond green who had his 10th triple double could cool curry off >>:here comes the water and it is cold >>:i hope that is what he gets about four days >> gary :your being doused with
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cold water and you are thinking four days down the road about the carolina panthers i want to thank mike for doing the research use their staff-- he's our staff he can for direct and he can do research and he also could be doing sports soon so that is just one of those things he could do news to o and we have to do this every night the players don't want to talk and the poor media get some some free sandwiches so they have to sit there first oup peyton manning meanwhile with the nfl awards to be given out sunday night gave his thoughts on cam newton for league mvp
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>>:if i had a vote i assume he will be the winner of and --mvp >> gary :cam newton looks like he is already growing weary of al the same questions daily from the media >>:how can i reword questions i have been asked so many times it hasn't been--thing has changed since i saw you guys 24 hours ago >> gary :those news people have kids they're turning go through college and they got started in debts and they have to sit there and listen to a 26 year-old to tell them that they are peons being in the media is a tough job
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that is the one thing i like about you pam is that you would not fake a laugh or do anything you do not believe >> pam :i tried not to. we're off the air in a few minutes and then you are going to have to answer to me >> gary :i've got you tonight simon and walk extras look to my car--abd i'm going to walk exra slow to my car the great will tran was on radio row this monring and got some super bowl picks from three 49er hall of famers. ronnie lott. charles haley and a non- committal jerry rice >>:carolina >>:i think the team with the fewest mistakes is going to win and i think it would be great to see peyton manning gets his second win but i think it would be awesome to see can newton--
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casm --cam get his first >> pam :good night everybody see you
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super bowl hotel horrors. >> oh! toenail clippings. gross. >> imagine paying $1,000 a night for this. >> eww. >> down and dirty rooms priced sky high for the big game. >> people are going to be paying $600 for these rooms. and exclusive --the super bowl rookie caught in a prostitution sting. >> i'm lisa guerrero with "inside edition." can you tell me what you're doing here today? and -- trump's smackdown. >> donald trump. >> the just uncovered video. then -- >> he killed two people, he's going to prison. >> the real o.j. simpson prosecutor breaks her silence about the tv movie. >> for me it's reliving a nightmare, every bit of it is awful and hard for me.


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