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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :now at 11. the super bowl season is officially over. now. crews are working to clean up the aftermath of the festivities across the bay area. this was the scene at levi's stadium. and the moscone center earlier today. good evening, i'm pam moore. alecia reid joins us now with more on today's clean up efforts at super bowl city. alecia. when are streets expected to reopen to traffic? >> alecia :people can expect a few more days of parking bans and traffic detours. street closures will remain until friday. moscone center will reopen tomorrow at 5am.
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crews are working to get things back to normal as soon as possible. the elaborate stages and barricades are being taken down. super bowl city will soon be a thing of the past. >> : ive been coming for two weeks and we're so excited it'll be gone >> : we live around here and next time they should have it in the desert like the burning people. >> : i am conflicted, it was a good experience no more security issues to get to work on time but it was a good experience goalie shiamore than a million people c >> alecia : visited super bowl city, the nfl experience at the moscone center, and the 50th mile on market street. the crowds are now gone, and now all you can see are construction crews hard at work. and they're moving fast. >> : because i am that much closer to getting home >> alecia :the super bowl host committee and the n-f-l agree
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super bowl 50 was a success. the host committee is working on possibly having the super bowl back in the bay area in a couple ofs years. we'll see if they can make it pam >> pam :problems at levi's stadium this time for employees who just wanted to go home. at ten o'clock last night. super bowl- fifty has been over for hours. but the employees who worked twelve to fourteen hour days. to make it all happen. were left stranded. thousands of contract employees. security guards guest workers and more were left to wait for hours for a shuttle back to their cars. their cars. were parked more than six- miles away. >> : my feet were swollen. at that point it was going to be a painful experience." "only 5 buses and ten thousand employees. >> pam :kron 4 news reached out to levi's stadium management and elite services - the employer - for comment. so far they have not responded.
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statement regarding last night's transportation problem. "we apologize to those employees who were delayed in getting home last night. we are looking into why there was an insufficient number of buses available at that time." new at 11. authorities uncover more than 40 -potential human trafficking victims in santa clara county. in the weeks leading up to the super bowl. sheriff's deputies stepped up enforcement for three- weeks. as the game approached. during that time. deputies found 42 potential human trafficking victims, and put more than 20 of them in touch with social workers. deputies also cited or arrested 30- men for soliciting prostitution. most victims were from outside santa clara county. denvers bronco player ryan murphy was stopped and questioned during a sting last week. but was later released and was not cited. san francisco residents of the duboce triangle neighborhood.
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are not happy. a sex offender rehab clinic is , moving in. residents say, the deal was quietly made without any outreach. kron four's jeff bush is live tonight. where a community meeting just wrapped up on the issue jeff. >> jeff :they say is not welcome in the neighborhood sharper future treats sex offenders who are required to attend rehab at their facilities as part of the terms of their parol or probation and have been operating in a building at van ness and market street for decadesbut, they have to move and made arraingements to take over this spot at the corner of church and duboce at the end of the monthresidents say they were not informed of the deal until after the appeal window closed. >> devin kortt-thomas : if it weren't for the breaking article in hook line news the neighborhood would definatly not know about it. it was a huge shock and there was actually no visibility and no
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tranparency or outreach that i am aware of to date. >> jeff :residents say that sharper future has put profits above community safety and say the company should not move into the duboce triangle neighborhood because if the clinic's proximity to homes and child daycare facilities. >> devin : i actually started a petition on change dot org when this became known. currently, there are 900 petitioners who believe that the brakes should be applied. there should be a pubilid dialog and this should be explored before they bring high risk sex offenders to the neighborhood. >> jeff :sharper future says the center will not be as bad as people think.and, is farther than the required distance of 250 feet away from those daycare facilities. mary-perry miller : we hope to continue to do outreach and community education and hopefully help people understand that they are not at risk in the ways that people think they areand, hopefully, be able to bring the community around to seeing that they are better off with us watching these guys in the community than not. >> jeff :sharper future says
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it's clients wear anckle monitors and will not be allowed to hang out near the centerand, say those treated there have a low rate of re offending. i'm jeff bush, live in san francisco, kron four news. >> pam :record breaking temperatures swept across the bay area today. this was the scene in san francisco's washington square park. where people were out enjoying the sunshine. kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the forecast. brittany, how long will this warm weather last? >> brittney : here's the breakdown all the record highs for today
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the oakland museum pushed to 81 degrees satellite radar shows a huge ridge of high pressure this will be true as we go into tomorrow as well the night planner shows that as we go on to tomorrow morning by our temperatures are back in the '60s and '70s and i will have your seven day forecasts later on >> pam :coming up. a surprise protest at this year's super bowl. how the death of mario woods. made its way into the halftime show. plus. the first votes of the new hampshire presidential primary are in. who is in the lead. gunfire erupts on an east bay interstate again. we bring you the latest on the investigation. investigation.
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>> pam :police are investigating another car shooting along interstate 80. it happened sunday near the appian way exit in pinole. police say, people in one car opened fire on another car along the freeway. one 30-year-old victim was wounded and is expected to survive. a third car not involved in the shooting, was struck by a bullet. but noone was injured. there is concern because this is the latest in a series of car to car shootings on interstate 80 in richmond, san pablo, and pinole. that have left a number of people injured or dead. so far. there have been no arrests. just ahead. the very first
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votes in the new hampshire primary are already in tonight. and you may be surprised by who took the early votes. the controversy surrounding the shooting death of mario woods. made its way into last night's halftime show. details next. >> gary :and later in the broadcast super bowl 50 seems to be hit for the bay area put the game was not one of the better ones here we have some of the good and bad super bowl commercials >> brittney : and i am tracking clear skies tonight that will give way to lots of sunshine and i will go over how long will want will stick around in the seven day forecast--how long the warmth
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>> pam :mario woods. the 26 - year old man killed by san francisco police two months ago, was the subject of a surprise protest during yesterday's super bowl. alecia reid is here to show us how the protest made its way into the halftime show. >> alecia :beyonce was center stage during the halftime show. and while the t=v cameras focused on her. one of her dancers was posing for a different video. >>:of justice for mario woods
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>> alecia :the dancers also posed with beyonce's mother before the show, wearing berets and giving the black power salute reminiscent of the black panthers in the 1960s. on the field, they formed an x, and that was taken as a reference to black muslim leader malcolm x. some are blasting beyonce on social media, calling her performance infuriating and inflammatory. >>:i thought it was really upgrade is that she used it as a platform to attack police officers to protect us-- outrageous that she >> alecia :former new york mayor rudy giuliani blasted the singer on fox news. woods' death was captured on a viral video. today protestors gathered on the steps of san francisco city hall to repeat their demands for changes in the s=f=p=d. >>:i think he should be fired or be forced to resign >> alecia :woods is accused of stabbing a man before his encounter with police. officers say he refused to drop
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his knife. the justice department is conducting a review of the case. >> pam : new at 11. a car is damaged. from a 2 -feet chunk of concrete. that broke off in the east bound tunnel of the bay bridge. it fell into one of the eastbound traffic lanes last week. a cal-trans spokesman says, they just don't know yet if water damage was the cause. however. cal-trans has started an investigation. the bay bridge tunnel is now 80 years old. >> brittney : now but warned all the way to 78 degrees new hampshire primary are in. it is not going to be as hot as we saw today
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we are going to be tracking another bit of maine's-- rainfall for tomorrow are temperature is in the mid '70's for santa rosa and 71 for san francisco we will slowly start to cool things down on wednesday and will start to notice a lot more sixties on the map and lows '70's by wednesday then in mid '60s return and by friday we track a chance of rain and mainly for the north bay and then be expected dry conditions with temperatures in the mid '60s about fiber six degrees above average--five or six degrees above average
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>> pam :is the very first ballots in the new hampshire primary are inon the democratic side - bernie sanders won all four votes in dixville notch. while ohio governor john kasich beat donald trump, 3-2, among the republicans. meanwhile. the rest of the new hampshire voters will head to the polls during the day on tuesday. from our partners at c-n-n. karin caifa reports from manchester. >> reporter :the candidates' biggest challenge in their final full day of campaigning here -- the weather. snow and messy roadways on a day packed with rallies and town halls. donald trump and bernie sanders enter primary day with strong leads in the polls -- but there's much more to both of these races. the new hampshire republican contest looks a lot different than iowa's last week -- which was largely about the anti- establishment, and a battle between trump and ted cruz. the focus here has been on a trio of governors -- former florida governor jeb bush, ohio governor john kasich and new jersey governor chris christie -- vying for more moderate voters. their closing arguments have
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touted executive experience, and the ability to mount a campaign that can beat hillary clinton in november, if she is the nominee. they are hoping to hold off the surge marco rubio started with a strong third-place finish in iowa -- especially after he faltered in saturday night's debate here. on the democratic side -- polls show a double-digit lead for bernie sanders over hillary clinton, but he's not taking anything for granted. his final full day of campaigning included multiple stops. the clintons, however, know new hampshire, and know primary comebacks here. bill clinton did it in 1992, hillary clinton rebounded here after losing iowa in 2008. it was a family affair for the clintons here in new hampshire monday -- with daughter chelsea joining. the snow that fell steadily throughout monday, is expected to be gone by the time most voters head to the polls.
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new hampshire traditionally has a high turnout on presidential primary day, and with the interest and enthusiasm that has surrounded the race so far -- they expect the same, for this 20-16 race. in manchester, new hampshire, i'm karin caifa >> pam :if you missed seeing beyonce live at super bowl fifty yesterday at levi's stadium.not to worry! you have another chance! she is set to return to the santa clara stadium! and it's just one of the many stops she'll be making on her new world tour that was announced with this ad yesterday.that ran during the big game. the "formation tour" will kick off on april 27th.with a total of 40 concerts.and one of those being in the bay area.back at levi's on may 16th. tickets go on sale next week. you can use vo of her in the super bowl yesterday. we should have it from yesterday.
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this ad premiered during the commercial break right after she performed in the super bowl halftime show. in sports. gary talks super bowl commercials, with advertising guru - bob dorfman. he gives his favorites. as well as what he didn't like . and why did cam newton walk away from the super bowl postgame press conference? gary has that story. and all the sports. coming up has that story. and all the sports. coming up again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
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>> gary :steph curry banged the panther's drum with pride von miller set the tone with
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this strip sack that resulted in the first bronco's touchdown by malik jackson. peyton manning is getting mobbed by the media and his teammates john elway hoist the vince lombardi trophy panthers quarterback cam newton walked off stage during the super bowl post game news conference. newton was named the league's mvp on saturday night but struggled in the big game. bronco's cornerback chris harris jr may have provoked newton's walk off harris jr's voice could be heard
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above everyone else's from the panther's interview area harris jr's remarks were. peyton manning headlined a parade in disneyland today. with his 2 four year old twins beside him , manning stood atop of a float with mickey mouse and more disney charaters to celebrate the broncos big win. over 5 thousand fans showed up the event the bronocs official parade will be tomorrow in denver eariler tonight we had the great advertising executive. bob dorfman. from baker street advertising on our program talking about super bowl ads. one of his favorites. something called puppy-monkey-baby from mountain dew. our floor director has nothing against anyone on screen in diapers and he hated the commercial
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>>:i like the weird stuff and it is strange and funny and very polarizing but it got people talking and either loved or hated it >> gary :if you get half the people to love that half the people the heat it and you are a winner --hate it and then he was turned off by this commercial about toenail fungus just the idea that it was toenail fungus >>:dad that is a subject you do not want to breach during the super bowl--that is the subject >> gary :also talked about diarrhea and why did someone
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decide to spend money on it he says that if you're paying $5,000 for an ad, i mean 5 million, then you would rather have someone almost dislike your ad and then just not feel anything about as long as you can get someone to respond to it but somebody in the planning meeting said that diarrhea will draw a crowd warriors center festus ezeli has undergone arthroscopic surgery to remove debris in his left knee reevaluated in 6 weeks
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ezeli who is averaging 8 points / 6 rebounds / this season . is expected to return to the >> pam :have a good night everybody will see you tomorrow
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beyonce steals the show. but did she have a secret message to america? the black power salute. and what does the x stand for? plus, megan alexander and special correspondent miss universe show you what you didn't see on tv. >> celebrities everywhere. >> taraji p. henson and amy adams. >> hey, how are you? >> and what happened moments after lady gaga's star-spangled triumph? >> i'm just so happy. >> and say cheese? the most hated woman in america, casey anthony. >> her new job? she's a photographer. then what are you really eating when


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