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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 12, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> grant:now at 8. >> grant:a local woman is devastated. after her husband dies trying to save her from strong waves. >> grant:and tonight the coastal danger is still out there. >> grant:a high surf advisory is in effect. >> pam: costs >> pam: now at eight. al
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ullman is devastated after her husband dies try to save her from strong always print and tonight the coastal danger is still out there. a high certain buyers the rate is still and that pretty good evening i am pam moore. >> pam: kron4 justine waldman said down with the pacific a woman who says her husband sacrificed his life to savers. --save hers >> justine: she lost her soul mate. >> i lost all orientation of where i was. >> justine: larry came back
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and the water after try to get help to save par. >> he said i cannot lose you. i cannot lose you. i sit down and not worry i careful. -- i can float >> i saw the helicopter that was overhead. >> justine: paramedics tried to say to larry. but he did later died at the hospital. -- tried to save >> justine: now she tried to picture her life without her love. claudia want others to know not to understand how powerful the ocean is.
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>> justine: and pacifica, justine waldman kron 4 news. >> pam: the danger is not over along the coastline yet. a high surf advisory is still in effect. >> pam: meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with more on the warning. brittany? we have to warn you >> brittany: have to warn you that the zero large will state and until saturday. --we are tracking dangerous rip current and sneaker waves. you have to be careful we are also tracking warmer temperatures. as we head into the weekend or record highs for sunday and monday and possibly tuesday. with a chance of rain
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showers on wednesday because as a storm system. >> brittany: now we dropped into the 60s for vallejo. , 57 degrees at half moon bay. >> brittany: mostly sunny skies are expected with temperatures in the high 40's. and are attracting more that will come up and the 7 day forecast. >> pam: a smashed in car. abandoned in the south bay. police on the hunt for the driver. who they say. hit and killed a bicyclist. >> pam: it happened in san jose this morning. >> pam: kron-4's scott rates joins us live from scene of the hit and run. scott >> reporter:six deadly vehicle accidents in six weeks here in san jose, and now police are working on tracking down who was responsible investigators taking pictures, and collecting evidence. that was just after midnight friday morning, on winchester boulevard.
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>> reporter:police say the driver of on bike, and took off. the collision killing the bicyclist. this car wasn't found until hours later victor bailon, own victors taquria. friday morning as he was opening his restaurant he noticed something strange >>"we saw a red car" >> reporter:friday morning's crash marks the sixth traffic death in san jose this year, the as evidence, and while investigators say they do not believe the car was stolen, they are still driver.
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>> reporter:in the east bay. >> pam: a seemingly sensless crime.police say a young man.killed his dad.with a knife. >> pam: grant lodes is here with new video from the scene in san leandro. .. >> grant:the coroner didn't arrive until late today.because all day. investigators were still working the scene.preserving evidence.trying to piece together what happened.and why. >> grant:it happened at about 5-30 -this morning, in the 900 block of juana avenue in san leandro. kron4's dan kerman has been on scene.and has the latest on the investigation. >> grant: >>police responded to 911 calls of a man screaming for help saying he didn't want to die >> grant:police say the
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victim lived at this juana avenue apartment complex with his 21 year old son that son is now under arrest for allegedly stabbing his father to death. police say it happened about 530 in the morning. >>lt. robert mcmanus/san leandro police -- when the officers arrived on scene and were able to isolate and which apartment this was coming from they knocked on the door, there was a 21 year old man covered in blood >> reporter:also inside the apartment complex his father who was pronounced dead at the scene as for a motive, police don't yet know >>police detective are here at the scene now and also at the san leandro police department speaking to the suspect and interviewing witnesses and trying to answer a lot of those questions that right now are unanswered for us in law enforcement. >> reporter:throughout the day relatives of both the suspect and victim began showing up at the apartment complex, but due to evidence gathering going on inside the were forced to stay outside the complex on the street.
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>> reporter: dan kerman/san leandro >> pam:a three- alarm fire broke out in pacifica earlier today. in a red tagged homekron four's jeff bush is live tonight with the details jeff. >> reporter:the call went out around 2:30 when firefighters arrived on scene a second then a third alarm was shooting into the sky. neighbors say the whole thing happened fast. >> reporter:you could see that there was smoke coming out of the attic and that is when we called the fire department. the palmetto avenue home was red tagged a while back because of the crumbling cliffside to the backyou can see in this video from our helicopter partners at abc 7 the foundation is compromised because of the erosion and the sheer cliff. >> the girl cried caught on fire and the next think everything was on fire. --
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the garage caught on fire an dnext thing, everything caught on fire. >> reporter:it took more than an hour to put the fire out.even with more than 80 firefightersextingushing the blaze was a challenge. >>klaus zalinkskis there were downed power lines and the upholds that work toward the front of a lot. and of course, it was a bridge attack building. -- red tagged building >> reporter:north county fire authority the difficulty involved some downed power lines and there were also vehicles that were toward the front of the lot. and, of course, the building was red tagged so there were structural considerations. >> reporter:the house is located at the back of a business called big guys towing.
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>>klaus there was a crew that worked at the tow yard at the time of the fire and they confirmed that there were no other individuals in the building at the time. >> reporter:the good news is that nobody got hurt the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> reporter:i'm jeff bush, live in pacifica, kron four news. >> pam: this time, is the first time that he has won the entire contest today >> was a good day. i feel a little bit sore but other than that it was a good day. >> pam: under water for quite some time, but when he came up from there a 20 ft. wave came crashing on his head but a few minutes later he was back on the water
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looking for the next ride. >> pam: heartless in moments of at a woman--ahead at a. harlan to mama's with the family and loved ones of bay bridge and a police officer, killed in a domestic dispute in his own home.
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>> pam: new tonight at 8. >> pam: tesla continues to push the boundries of what an 'all- electric car' can do. a new feature called - "ludicrous mode" - is getting a lot of buzz. >> pam: our tech trends reporter gabe slate. got in a tesla to show us what that feature is all about >> gabe:"one of the complaints we always hear about fully electric cars is they arethey don't have good acceleration. >> gabe:tesla overcame that. they are fast. and now they are even faster. a new feature was recently added called "ludicrous mode" that will let you hit a button and take the car from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. >> gabe: werelet's test it out. " >> gabe: werewe took the tesla to the country away from traffic and buildings so we could fly our quadcopter 4 drone to help us capture the aerial view. >> gabe:it was a beautiful day perfect for a fast drive
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this ludicrous mode is a setting you turn on through the tesla's dashboard touch screen. >> gabe:once you have it on whenever the car is at a complete stop and you press your foot its thing. blasting the car to 60 miles per hour in under 3 seconds. >> gabe: whenbefore we did this i placed a small action video camera pointed forward on the dash with heavey duty gaffer's tape. it wasn't enough. >> gabe:here's what happened to that camera the first time we tried ludicrous mode. >> gabe: - "whoaaaaa" >> gabe:it went flying off the dash i was not prepared for how fast the take off is. here is a look from our drone above straight on when we activated ludicrous mode . >> gabe:- me - whoaaaaa that's fast and here's a view from behind from our drone as we take off with ludicrous mode >> gabe:- take off car -
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weeeeeeeee "wow, it's crazy fast i've never had a car that accelerated this fast." >> gabe:the tesla model 's' is now the world's fastest- accelerating four-door vehicle ever built. this feature really pushes forward automotive technology and electric cars. would wear >> gabe: withthis puts an electric vehicle on par with big engine muscle cars and high end luxury sports cars like ferraris. 0-60 in 2.8 seconds is actually faster then most muscle and sporty cars. >> gabe:like most people i can't afford a tesla. not even close. but by them making their car this fast it pushes the other electric car makers to beef up their electric cars and that is good for the whole electric vehicle market. and we do know that a more $30,000 is coming to market in the next two years. >> gabe:"here is quadcopter 4. the drone we used in that story it helped us get some good shots. >> gabe:tesla also recently added an auto pilot feature that let's the car drive by it's self. a self parking feature.
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>> gabe:and a neat thing called "summon" which will bring the car to you on demand. for a closer look at those look for my tech page on kron 4 dot com or on our mobile app. with your tech trends gabe slate. in the east bay. >> pam: a grieving family is remembering veteran richmond police officer. gus vegas. he was shot and killed. yesterday at his home, while off-duty. >> pam: his family. stunned by the events. which involve the father of vegas' grandson. that man is in custody waiting to be formally charged with the killing. >> pam: but today, the focus is on gus vegas. kron 4's haaziq madyun talked with the vegas family today. >> reporter:the pain of losing her husband of 30 years could be seen in every tear flowing from eyes of sandra vegas. the wife of slain richmond accompanied by many of their children, grandchildren and friends here at the family's sanctuary the church on the hill in vallejo >> reporter:there wasn't a dry eye among his children, all consoling each other with warm embraces on this dreadful day >>"through god and family and friend we will get through this"
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>> reporter:officer vegas's son joe took the podium standing strong, speaking on his family's behalf for the first time since his father was shot dead in his home >>"on behalf of the family.that he ultimately sacrificed protecting his family" (crying) with we (crying) >> gary:pastor scott peterson has had a close brotherly relationship with officer gus vegas for the past 25 years >>"our prayers continue to go out to the family, only god can reach the depths of the pain and suffering that they feel right now, i just want to ask everybody to continue to pray.continue with the support" >> reporter:sandra vegas was
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too overwhelmed with grief to speak on camera. however off camera she and i spoke, me offering my condolences and saying she married a great which she replied with a huge smile on her face and said.i thought he was great.that is why i married him 30 years ago. in vallejo haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam:a mid- winter heat spell around much of california. has people asking "where did el nino go?" >> pam:there's been no significant rainfall for many days and people are starting to worry about drought conditions all over again. >> pam:earlier storms this season helped bring much needed rain and snowfall. but temperatures are now near 90 in southern part of the state. and are approaching the 80's here. >> pam:climate researchers acknowledge. el nino has not yet brought the powerful storms expected >> pam:the national weather service says, it is normal to have some long, dry spells even during strong el ninos. and they haven't given up hope just yet for more rain. despite the record highs in much of the west.
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>> pam:and the beautiful warm weather continues into next week. but there are a few drops of rain in the forecast. >> pam:brittney is here with the full forecast. >> brittany: that is right it will now happen until next wednesday and thursday were we may see a system coming in with more rainfall. >> brittany: you want to be very careful near the water occurred we are tracking in warmer weekend for you. the warmest days will be monday and tuesday creek we are at the beginning of a warming trend and you would definitely feel it by sunday. we the start to track a chance of rain showers and cooler temperatures by wednesday and thursday of next week. the only thing that we have seen our cloud. and we have tried patterson with high pressure system.
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>> brittany: 40 to cash shows us that as we go into saturday morning we will see a lot more sunshine. and what we saw today. even as we approach sunday. with a beautiful conditions, but we will still see temperatures climb as we go into the next couple of days. with a comfortable evening i had to rid-- ahead >> brittany: for tomorrow, similar conditions are expected with temperatures in key up as we head into the weekend and to 70 degrees. fremont as 64, daly city most sixties and half moon bay. santa rosa as 73. >> brittany: mid-70s for sunday and monday for presidents day. tuesday will be the warmest day of the entire week. as we head into
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wednesday with a chance of rain showers. you will notice a big difference between tuesday and wednesday with a weather disturbance breaking up a few rainshowers that will last until friday morning. >> pam: coming up. scientists have been trying to find a way to earthquakes. now there may be an app for that. >> pam: an accident involving several vehicles. also slams into a muni bus. >> gary: more and the broadcast with sports! so get ready for that. the all- star game is a big weekend for the war years, the first time in 40 years to rid of the top more on it later in this broadcast. -- we will
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>> pam: emergency crews responded to a multi- vehicle crash involving a muni bus this morning in san francisco. >> pam: ofthe accident happened right before noon, at ocean avenue and phelan avenue. >> pam: it appears one vehicle rear- ended a truck. which was pushed onto the side of the muni bus. no major injuries were reported, but the area was closed for a short time. >> pam: trains are running again on the m-ocean view light-rail line following a derailment this morning near 19th avenue that halted service for more than six hours, according to the san francisco municipal transportation agency. coming up >>we drove from huntington beach five hours yea five hours only to be told we can't be here right because people got hurt sliding off a cliff 4 years ago
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>> stanley:yes people can from all location where they're not supposed to be i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly return
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>> pam: a 30-year-old missing persons case in canada. is solved. police say, after suffering head trauma three- decades ago, a man forgot his true identity. >>this is the missing person picture of 21-year old edgar latulip. back when he disappeared. >> pam: police received reports of the man being spotted in different areas, but he vanished every time they
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went to look for him. >>last month, a social worker in saint catherine, ontario. said, he remembered his full name. after a head injury from decades ago. >> pam: a d-n-a test today confirmed. he is edgar latulip. latulip is still waiting to be reconnected with his family >> pam: his mother says, she is absolutely overwhelmed by the bews-- news. >> pam: presidential candidate said crews pulled one of his assets after it
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featured a bracing star. -- ted cruz pulls ad after it features a racy star. >> brittany: we will be
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. the dollar years. the mother of one of >> pam: for the first time in 17 years. the mother of the columbine shooters, is breaking her silence after. and now she has a new book. >> pam:from our partners at cnn. here's carol costello. >> reporter:the mother of
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one of the columbine shooters is breaking her silence after all these years. here's cnn's carol costello. >> reporter:nearly 17 years after the deadliest *high school shooting in u.s. history -- the mother of columbine killer dylan klebold says she's still haunted almost everyday by the memories of those who needlessly died. >> reporter:dylan and classmate, eric, dylan and his classmate, eric harris, killed 13 people, and injured 24 others at columbine high school, before committing suicide. >> reporter:in her first television interview since the shooting, sue klebold says: >> reporter:she feels like she rationalized possible warning signs in her son as normal teenage behavior. >> reporter:she says she never imagined he would do anything so horrific. >>i just remember sitting there and reading about them, all these kids, and the teacher, and i keep thinking, constantly thought, how i would feel if were the other way around and one of their children had shot mine. i would feel exactly the same way, i know i would. >> reporter:sue kelbold shares her story in a book to be released next week. she says she hopes it will help other parents spot potential signs of trouble with their kids.
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>> pam: a california police sergeant says, he cannott stop thinking about that day three- months ago. when 14- people were killed. and 21 others. injured at a community center in san bernardino. >> pam: grant is here to tell us about the man's memories of that day. >> grant:the shooting at the inland regional center for disabled people triggered a massive manhunt, it ended hours later and a surrounded the two suspects. >> grant:tonight you are going to hear from the first officer on the scene. confronting a pair of heavily armed and very dangerous killers. >>sirens >>"i was able to get in behind them. i saw them putting on what i thought was ballistic, bulletproof vests. they started shooting. the back window of their vehicle shattered." >>"i saw the muzzle flashes and thought, they're shooting at me."
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>>"i grabbed that rifle, i ran, scrambled from the door to the back of the car." >> reporter:"would you do it again?" >>"in a heartbeat. but hopefully i won't have to." >> grant:the two bodies found in the bullet riddled s=u=v were isis sympathizers tashfeen malik and syed rizwan farook. farook had worked at the san bernardino community center. >> pam: petaluma police are asking for the public's help. in identifying and locating suspects from a violent home invasion robbery. one of the suspects is believed to be trey wilson. here are some pictures of him. he is reportedly living in the concord area. >>on feburary 9th, police stopped a vehicle in petaluma which was stolen. the four men inside the car fled and began jumping fences in the area. >> pam:police say, the car possessed items from a home burglary. on the 800- block of rancho way, earlier that evening. in the burglary, the suspects tied up the victims. and slashed one of them with a knife. >> pam:if any one knows the whereabouts of wilson, or others allegedly involved in the home invasion, they are asked to call police. return
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>> pam:in antioch, tonight gunfire takes a backseat to peace. this evening, some 300 people marched the streets of antioch, calling for peace. and an end to gun violence. >> pam:the "cease-fire" walk. started at the "most holy rosary" church. the group walked to a major intersection down the street, before returning to the parish for prayer. >> pam:with two homicides recently reported in antioch, neighbors say, enough is enough. similar walks have been held in richmond and in oakland. >> pam:and organizers say, another "cease- fire walk" is scheduled for next month. >> pam:after a sleeper wave injured more than a dozen spectators at mavericks surfing contest, near half moon bay a few years ago. spectators have been barred from lining up along the coast side or the bluffs to watch >> pam:but does that stop them. you probably know where this is heading.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>people behaving badly, can't set up for a surfing contest >> stanley:what's that let me see it no hahaha i'm not letting you put me on tv like that man so you brought a chair so i brought a chair thinking there was going to be a contest held for mavericks and there was not trail access for the surfing contest which is why would you have a surfing contest if you can't have public viewing >> stanley:people flocked from all mavericks up close and personal . oh wait not up front and not personal . let's just say from a remote bluff >> stanley:it's 20 miles off shore, you got binoculars 20 mile binoculars? >> stanley:well it's not really 20 slightly. however the mavericks people told the puiblic that there is no place to watch so please watch the surf competition on tv or on the web >> stanley:and in the bay area when you sell someone not to do something, that basically be honest i thought that was a bay area thing only until i met these
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two >>we drove from huntington beach yea 5 hours to be told we can't be here right cause people got hurt sliding off a cliff four years ago i mean give me a break really >> stanley:well it wasn't actually from falling off a cliff it was more like a sleeper wave >> stanley: >>so what some people got wet oh well it's like taking the fun away yea >> stanley:and these dudes from san diego >>i mean we figured we have ans excuse just to you know be here cruse up to san fran and then i don't know work out way down the coast on saturday >> stanley:now to be fair there were signs posted that read restricted access no event viewing . which meant you could walk on the trail you just could not stop and spectate and there lies the problem, people showed up in droves to the point where rangers were trying to keep people moving and that was like tying to stop water from flowing >> stanley:then we noticed toilet paper uner the trees and we all know that that means . not only were there people on foot this guy took to the air the only problem he entered the restricted
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airspace of the pillar point air force station which also happened to be the command post for local state and federal law enforcement >> stanley:this guy got half the memo, he was watching it on the web in the restricted area >> stanley:at pillar point near half moon bay stanley roberts kron 4 news return to index >> brittany: you want to be very careful as we head into the weekend because we do have a certain advisory. sunday may be better but please check back with us because we are keeping a close eye on what we can expect especially, closer to the ocean. >> brittany: temperatures
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are above average even time a record at the airport at 73 degrees. >> brittany: the dangers with current and sleeper waves are all expected so please be careful >> brittany: 111 in trend that will continue at least until tuesday occurred we can make another run at a few records continued into tuesday. next week, we are tracking a change in the rain pattering. >> brittany: temperatures are at 55 degrees and vallejo and 58 in san jose. we will mail its stake in the '50s by tomorrow morning dropping into the 40 degree temperatures for inland locations. with a lot of sunshine expected for the start of the weekend. that will be pretty nice.
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>> brittany: what action see a little bit more sunshine than what we saw today. we will have that talent for as until wednesday of next week, that is when things will change. 74 and napa but and 64 in redwood city. >> brittany: pam? >> pam: you have not seen people like this before. a more festive had he is winning. -- the pope like this before. he is wearing a more festive hat.
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four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth-- [train horn blares] ... to the continent... [claps] ... a new nation. announcer: why not celebrate presidents day with a better night's sleep? through presidents day at sleep train get up to four years interest-free financing
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on tempur-pedic, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, plus same-day delivery, and sleep train's love your mattress guarantee. hurry! this special financing offer ends presidents day at sleep train.
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>> pam: the latest on the road to the white house. he is running as a christian conservative, so you can imagine ted cruz's embarassment, when he learned an actress in one of history of appearing in erotic videos. >> pam: the ad featured a mock recovery group, of what are supposed to be former supporters of marco rubio. >>does that make you angry? >>angry? it makes me feel dumb for trusting him. >>maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time. >> pam: the ad was pulled. after the actress amy lindsay. was also in a number of steamy sex videos.
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>> pam: it is the ultrasound seen 'round the world. edward james watson. is an unborn baby seen punching himself in the face. mom and dad. vanessa and dave watson say, they could not believe their eyes. >> pam: the specialist told the expecting couple. that this 20-years of reading ultrasounds. that she had seen something like this. the watson's were worried as they awaited results on whether the baby would suffer a concussion. but they were reassurred, he is perfectly healthy. >> pam: being fans of ultimate fighting. they say, maybe e-j will end up a u-f- c or boxing star. return to index >> pam: it's unavoidable. when you're the pope, the type of hat you wear is kind of a big deal. >> pam: on friday, pope francis doffed his skull cap for something with a little more pizzazz -- a sombrero. the pope put on the hat briefly. as his plane left cuba. for mexico. >> pam: the moment created some laughs and a lot of smiles. it was a light-hearted moment in what is a very serious trip for pope francis.
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>> pam: coming up, gary is joined by the lovely alicia. as they respond to viewer emails. live here on set. >> pam:
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: pam has two plants out here visiting-- pam hess to france out here visiting. -- friendsnds >> gary: i am packing 64 in.
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and everyone... >> grant: is that a punching bag? >> yes. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: >> you keep saying kobe bryant will be and the peak of the all-star game trip what about curry?--mvp >> gary: because these guys are being so cold. i don't know unless they set them up in the fourth corporate-- being so cool. >> gary:read that again?
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>> gary:we have to see it again. >> gary: you are a nice guy but you look better on the air? >> pam: coming up after the break! (laughter) (laughter) >> pam: a story about love
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>> grant: you guys remember
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your first kiss? make your stomach feel a little weird? well is valentine's day weekend. we are going to get down and dirty. (laughter) >> grant: >> grant: >> grant: if you are addicted to drugs when you are head over heels. like euphoria. it makes you feel like you are a drug addict for it because you want more and more in the beginning such as the honeymoon period. >> pam: it is the love machine. >> brittany: while--wow
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>> grant: someone breaks up what you it does not feel good. >> brittany: your heart is broken. >> grant: everyone out there accurate test your partner. >> grant: you hear the joke that to let yourself go. at least, young women gained 24 lbs.. >> pam: do not believe that. have a good night a >> grant: have a good valentine's day. >> pam: we are back at 11!
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