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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 15, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> robin: traffic is much lighter than usual. >> reporter: here is the latest numbers its local or the whistle last hour here. it's a 68 for napper write-down. the only place you'll see breezes up in the old dresses called. weir's being sprayed by a few clouds that won't do much of. it says is going to be later in the week that we get anything. up
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afternoon high to beetle in the upper seventies today. san francisco will hit about 74. >> robin: here is the right into san francisco. is wide open right here with no known problems oakland. he sure freewill it's good. will be a nice little right across the upper deck. it's a good time to get out to the traffic now we don't have a hot spots. barton
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caltrans will be operating on a saturday schedule today. >> mark: to people are dead and one person is recovering after shooting. >> reporter: em here at the apartment when peaks. many people do shove affect hundreds douche appear on a daily basis. here's video from early this morning the seventh fiscal police say this happened earlier in the call the shooting. they discovered three people had been shot. one is listed as a 20 year-old man who is dead. the two other victims one was 22 and the other is 18.
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the 22 year-old is dead and the team is still alive. >> reporter: said the police are not releasing very much in the way of suspects they're still doing their investigation. a devil chance if she could people who were here earlier. >>: use its very serene i'm not worried this doesn't happen very often. i like to hang out here. this is a beautiful area. >> reporter: this happened also a month ago here there was an
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incident. please sit there several surveillance cameras that can use see people going in and out of the parking lot. the alaska anybody who may abandon their. >> darya: people are mourning the death of a beloved bishop. that's where they found 21 year- old isaiah the son his father died of multiple stab guns and they believe the sun may have done it. he was the pastor senior at menlo park. >>: ioc members sunday he would
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never think would happen. it's a big shock to everybody. >> darya: place is still looking for the motive is why this and killed the father. >> mark: as three alarm fire in this neighborhood. several people were forced from their homes corp. >> reporter: this allows a terrifying sight. flames ferociously devouring the home. on sunday the fire department show kron 4 they fought the fire
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and the crew was safe. when this witness >>: to consider as wires out and the fire was caused without. we'll have more information about other causes. >>: this is replace. operating as a unit. >> darya: police are investigating homicide. the victim had a gunshot wound. it
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was in vienna monday the police, of the demand a crash into this car. he had been shot and had not identified the body at. police in fairfield recover data loaded gun. shots and fired their they could defy anybody been shot. did cnn look into the bushes and then they found the loaded gun. >> mark: supremes court justice died over the weekend. present a bomb but says he intends to nominate a supreme court justice. republicans are you
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putting up roadblocks. >> reporter: did not take long for the death of the supreme court justice to scrip controversy. one by one the gop can that's predicted that any potential bomb would make to some two put and a new supreme court justice would be unsuccessful. he warned republicans not to place politics over the court. the witness >>: we would like to have a and
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a fair hearing. >> reporter: republican city obama 90 nominee will have a tough time getting through/as the president and senate leaders squabble it will go into the presidential election. hitter lakeland rush to support obama >>: it is the rate is the republicans as the senate are pledging to block any type of nominee that the president brings. >> reporter: the republican said they would put in once they're elected a conservative judge.
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>>: we need somebody with the character and judgment to nominate a justice and that's what i will do. >> reporter: the feature of the supreme court and the white house are in the balance. >> darya: people in the northeastern getting battered by snow. will have local and national forecast only come back
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>> mark: rejected cold weather across the nation. the northeast is getting hit was no hard. york is going to have a interest of snow. you see the steam forming on the harbor at boston because the cold. there at the bottom right ec chunks of ice in chicago. there's record-breaking
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cold throughout the northeast coast. strong winds brought windchill to well below zero. >> reporter: we have a low in the east and not high in the west as which is typical. what you see there and what is the winter and there is also freezing rain there and is very difficult drive-in. you could see there is a winter storm warning there in western new york. they'll have yet more
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winter weather as the days go by. >> reporter: these areas will have low temperatures in the 30's both thirties and up of upper 30s. california will be a different story we will have lots of 70. he did see a record highs but we are anticipating. center fell may smashed high. we have several possibilities of records been broken for high temperatures today. we'll have the low seventies already by noon and by 3:00 we will have
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upper '70's possibly in the '80s also. we see the cold out for literacy may and will be into the 50s and tell tomorrow morning at dawn. tomorrow we will not get as warm as we are right now or later today. in the 74 castings will change. wednesday will have a chance of showers. and also on friday to have said. >> reporter: was the traffic. >> robin: wright that we do not
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have the major trouble spots. add northbound 1 there is a small problem is now under control the. three lanes in both directions with no problems. it is less than 20 men from a bottle to the toll plaza. it is a trip of eight minutes from the coals out to 101. travel times are looking pretty good all around. the nimitz is much lighter than usual. ross but free of these areas also.
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>> darya: the pope came to give a mass at mexico city to 31000 people. he give a message of hope. >> reporter: told france's helicoptered into the most dangerous part of the city. it's a sprawling suburb outside a mexico city that is notorious for crime. the people who went to the mass were thrilled to see him. they wanted to give a glimpse of him. the mass itself was surprisingly critical. he
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called on mexicans to create a land of opportunity. >>: i want to tell you to be on the front line in this effort. i want to make it so this blessed land in mexico is a land of opportunity. it did not wonder the people to be exploited and have a chance. >> reporter: there several tender moments and give a lawyer rosary.
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>> mark: police officer is in critical condition. it happened just across for a police station at a convenience store. the story been robbed by two masked men. investigators looking service will. the officer drew up to a group of men at second the store and one of the people draw a gun and shot him. >> darya: immoral for a officer was killed will be happy at o'clock this friday. the service is open to the public. he was shot and killed last thursday
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police believe that the officers tried protect the citizen. the mark >> mark: former governor stretcher was a is a rain forced sexual assault. the 25 rural women also said he had been stalking. he resigned from office in 2008 because of his party high in boston and. >> darya: >> darya: this man won a lottery in california. the tuck it is 35 1/3 thousand dollars. was purchased in sunnyvale at a wine
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and liquor store. he's a sure what he'll do the money. >> mark: this german company will try to track earthquakes with a whistle flap. they're run silently and provides information about earthquakes. the worldwide goal is to build a worldwide seismic network. if the server receives which mothers for phones dillard others. >> mark: the earthquake didn't tie water now over. complex collapsed. 96 victims are still
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the hospital, rescues also found three people used to work for the company have now been arrested. >> darya: this set in fremont was at his car hit. he was on a much drive he looked out and saw the hat across bolero and his car. >> mark: firefighters tried to figure out what happened to this car. the car what inflames and david st. in san leandro. firefighters will be allowed to put it out before it spread caused major damage.
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>> darya: the nba all-star game last weekend. we will look at how the warriors played. >> mark: later tonight are at it, broadcast we will go into san quentin as death row. it's the first time tellus in germany and louder in 10 years. this level scott peterson later tonight.
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>> reporter: here is a rookie temperatures we have before you got to dig. the tender will be warm today. >> darya: the nba's best gathered in toronto for the all- star game. this would be kobe bride's last all-star game. they brought out the small fishing. the west wind 196 to 173. said
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cory to emigrate and also play thompson played. he was honored to play in france last. with this witness what this. there is recalling contest clay beat courier. the next game will be against trailblazers for the warriors. they're trying to break the chicago bulls single season record for victories. >> mark: look to this right
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here. there was no rain and all . it's a missing the par putt. to the 16th hole and that is a shot of the day he's got the birdie for. he's trying to push the time. he goes to 16 under. natters on taylor at the 18th hole he tapped in. phil mickelson trying to force a playoff and one of the left. taylor with his wife and baby and his first-ever tour event when. nicholson got second
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place. >> darya: with the supreme court justice dying there is now a political firestorm going on. this is happening about replacement. >> reporter: will talk of the weather on the kron 4 morning it
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>> darya: he could see help tom brady celebrated valentine's day. this was life made. >> reporter: we may have records broken today for temperatures. we have 56 evoke and renown 64 half moon bay. there's still some swell's going on and 55 of livermore pleasanton. here's a live look at the bay bridge. your in oakland and the temperature of 77. afternoon
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high temperatures center fell will be in the '80s. looks like lower seventies will be going on here will be having a great afternoon. from the bay area with 7775. >> robin: the traffic is light . the ride in the san francisco is still riding a very well. it is not changed. if you're driving in december today with several things that will not be in force today. a chicken and 90
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to deceive us the credit. >> darya: lot of people have presidents stay off today. we'll see how people are enjoying the warm weather. >> reporter: couple of women just off. could see people here jogging. these feeble came from union city because it was so beautiful. it won this event of a gorgeous day. >>: we saw this pitiful weather today. because that we decided to come to san francisco. we
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were inspired by the weather. we get for 40 mi. away to enjoy the weather. >> reporter: everybody should be out today. it is nice to have this great weather we do need rain but for today it is good to have the good weather. >> mark: to the hospitals and a school building where it struck this morning a least 20 people are dead as happened after their
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strike. any >> anny: errors children and women who were killed. winners in the two hospitals in the school building bombed. was also housing displaced people. 40 other people were wounded. the road and complex for struck twice and people were attacked when their turn to get out. they do not know was responsible for the attack. turkey say the rush of was responsible. russia is
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responding to the accusation. >> darya: with the passing away of the supreme court justice. that this where he went his body went to every died. he went to bed on friday night and was found dead on saturday. we spoke with a professor of pursuing the the judge. >> reporter: the professor is a lot to say about the supreme court justice who died. for this
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is a picture of him with scalia's daughter. >>: he was charming inside out of the court. >> reporter: he argued that the constitution is not a living and breathing document. he was the original regionalist. >>: there are some people who say that the judge to be exact think exactly escalated. >> reporter: some for some 54
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decisions will become tied. cases on abortion and voting rights are all coming to the court. it may not happen with a republican vote. >>: this term is shaping up to be one was consequential terms and years. >> darya: con u.s.-made a bombshell announcement today will have more information about that. >> reporter: we have and the report about an all electric vehicle and now pushes the boundaries. we'll have more from asian we come back
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>> mark: pushing the boundaries of what electric car can do it is getting a lot of us. our reporter will get into tesla and show you. >> reporter: when the complaints of the electric cars is enough fast. this one is fast the goes into blue christmas. it goes from 0 to 62.8 seconds. we took
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the tesla into the country. and we fought flow are drawn to see how fast the car would go. the car has a touch board. the car goes very fast. i put a small action video camera and secured it with tape. here's what happens to the camera. that was way too fast. i was not prepared for how fast a takeoff as.
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here's a view from behind as he took off. that is crazy fast. it is the fastest accelerating four-door vehicle. this puts the other car on par with big gas powered cars. here is adroitly used for this story. the car also is an autopilot feature which let the car drive by itself. this car will be brought to you on demand. you could find out more verve asian on our website or are mobile at .
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>> reporter: we have 80 and center fell. 74 in downtown san francisco. we are mentioning some possible rainshowers later this week. what's more when kron 4 returns.
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>> darya: weather is the big strategy is shipping to be very nice. >> reporter: we have record- breaking temperatures today. he should go out and enjoy it. the beach looks good and so the hills. rhino '50s a litter the board all over. right now and
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san francisco is 59 degrees. here's a live look into at sfo. we do not have much in the way a fog. and nearly half realistic will be in the upper '70's. will collect the 65 erratic o'clock. if the south bay in this dilaudid coverage here he will go back down to nine. we don't have to tell his with coverage. it will warm to raw afternoon is what will look like. these are the two warmus days before
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things change again. in the south bay rookie in upper 70's. then we will see the change on wednesday. will get some rain showers and then for the weekend. >> robin: we may have some tragically this afternoon to the beaches. is much lighter than normal. at the santa mateo bridge additional problem of all. 40 minutes from 8211. we have excellent news with the traffic. is wide open here approaching the toll plaza. we
7:49 am
have low travel time starting in the south bay here is 80 minutes. 50 minutes here from the summit to 80 split. trouble- free. >> mark: coming at the airport is supposed to convenient if you pick somebody up. >> stanley: this man is driving while recording. which is a big no-no but i will give a break.
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twill lead our conversation was this telling me could not be. this is sexy ad business. a self lodges for people were waiting to pick up people. unless you have a new burkhart you did they have their own parking lot. not everybody obeys the place of the signs where they tell you where to park to the airport. this 1¢
7:51 am
for transportation or company. even after the announcement this super driver stay put. the sign says know your and your support year. with this these are neither ueberroth left their exit long-term parking. this tuber driver held up the peace sign and was in the wrong lot. >> mark: did pull said a few
7:52 am
records for rated r movies. in $835 million. it is about a foul mouth super hero. it beat out 50 shades of gray for the record. it also passed out the matrix we loaded to. at a single came in third. >> darya: connie west announced it is releasing his new album and that he is also $53 million in debt. in my bed a joke as he did it at saladin alive. it is unclear if he was serious and not. people respect are
7:53 am
skeptical that rios that much money. he asked market sector bird to invest $1 billion in this artist. he says is the greatest artist of all time. bu >> mark: we will be back from the commercials at kron 4 newest. will look at celebrations a valentine's day and also of report of the
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>> darya: newborns yesterday were wrapped up in red and pink at a pennsylvania hospital. that this is the special deal over the weekend. will have some big
7:57 am
funds within to celebrate. the mark >> mark: they had a wedding ceremony up above the york empire state building some were married others were distributing their bowels. people in the northeast were getting public with snow. the death of fiscally and is turning into a fierce debate about replacing him. thus the picture people who lost homes to a fire
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>mark: we have team covers to make the most of the president'' day holiday. >>reporter: in the tech early for today with these numbers already 63 going on for napa at this hour >>reporter: in the tech it is a player for release today is some of the modest numbers tell and.
8:01 am
>>reporter: 77 for some and temperatures 75 for those eight spots and 70% at the beach we are mentioning this comic actor. >>robin winston: it has been like this all morning is been so quiet headed into san francisco if you do have some driver to do or maybe westbound 80 is looking
8:02 am
good were hot spot free moment the problems coming out of oakland is remembered you have to feed the leaders in san francisco commuter tollways sounds as president a parking permits money to fight the street sweeping will not be forced to have to pay the parking just make sure you check the signs will for the park into san francisco. >>mark: 2 people are dead and the purser recover after the shooting in san francisco their live this one of the latest. >>jackie sissel: patched we're at the parking lot of 20 pick this place is full some the most spectacular views spend the entire bay area because of the hundreds of people come appear every day and to look at the view unfortunately it turned deadly for two people east
8:03 am
unfortunately a 21 year-old male was pronounced dead here at the scene to others who transported to a local hospital included a 19 year-old and a 22 year-old should now directing your was pronounced dead at the hospital live from one is 19 year-old renee and more of the other one is 221 year-old east khalil problem east. >>jackie sissel: they have a chance to talk to people this morning they were removed after the shooting took place. >>: we just heard about the shooting as it pulled up it was awkward but i still feel on the safe as far as a suspect in this
8:04 am
case they do not have a lot of identification for the suspect they do believe that the three people that were shot were targeted and there are lots of of surveillance cameras here in the area should ask. >>darya: they are mourning the death of a beloved the bishop and they responded to reports of a disturbance at an apartment on friday and then from 21 your eyes them covered in blood and his father dead had multiple stab wounds he was taken into custody and booked for murder his father the 54 your bishop
8:05 am
tamed by six senior was the pastor of mount olive church a menlo park police are still searching for more of in the stabbing. >>darya: it started shortly after 8:00 on saturday night at home near folsom and bake of st. just the tip about an hour have to get under control and 25 people are not displaced because of this fire in a levee your child caught her foot and there were getting away from the fire the red cross is upon the families lost their home in the call to the fire is being investigated. >>mark: the passing of supreme court justice each has sparked a fierce election-year battle of whether president obama should appoint a successor.
8:06 am
>>reporter: 6 the republican presidential candidates are all too during saturday's debate president obama acknowledging salina's death such surrender mcconnell and democratic counterpart already at odds but, in a statement saying the american people should have a voice in this election of the next supreme court justice this
8:07 am
said the senate has a responsibility to fill vacancies as soon as possible. >>reporter: the democrats would need a handful of republicans to break rank including some facing tough reelection bid this year the democrats already sharpening the line of the tax the senate is in recess the president has vowed to wait until it is back in session before choosing a nominee there have been so long delays before but nothing like the 11 months this some republicans want to wait now. >>darya: still had hope francis is visited mexico.
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>>robin winston: so far is looking pretty good of live look at track approach in the richmond san rafael bridge is
8:11 am
going to be a good ride no major problems connecting with 101 to 8 minutes. >>mark: all-consuming and york has 8 in. of snow from the top left a heavy snowfall in cincinnati that is the steam rising off from boston harbor with bitter cold temperatures on the bottom left for the cars involved in the pile up third pick for engine and crashed the bottom right is chunks of ice floating and lake michigan and chicago about 20 major cities during a record-breaking cold is - 1 in new york city strong winds and the north east creating windshield below zero from pennsylvania to men--0 mainly
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>>reporter: back with more news weather and traffic in just a moment. ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>>reporter: the wind except for the hills of one of the next couple of days look at the precipitation down to the southeast it will play out for today and meanwhile to look at the west that is what we have on tap for numbers to really climb the tech look at the projected high as compared to the record high as center fell 78 that is the record 84 test time will bridge sfo 7875 to 72 rickles and striking range san jose at 80 but some get in our forecast
8:16 am
again everything is fairly close. >>reporter: you see the or are just getting up a new color and also to the south bay as well going into tonight there is 6:00 p.m. the cold out of the green the blues we see populate the entire region not so much by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow expect of a warm start as you head out and then the one of the 2:00 p.m. as far as temperatures schlesinger back of this is what we may seem san fell about 80 napa 80 as well that is the possibility in the forecast taking a look at the 74 cast before touch and measures for wednesday thursday we have showers on tap and a much cooler forecast as well.
8:17 am
. >>robin winston: meters on port of san francisco property including the embarcadero at fisherman's wharf will be enforced we do have to feed those leaders of the tollways owns residential parking permit area where tracking drive times they look great salt 681 of the
8:18 am
bourse commission, out of contra costa county during the morning is open and clear seven minutes from concord and walnut creek. >>darya: happening now preferences is in mexico part of the five day trip he delivered a hopeful message to carry her to thousand people at a mass in the suburbs yesterday and outside of mexico city to plead with mexican to turn the country into a land of opportunity so that they do not need to emigrate. the decision ruffled more than a few officials feathers they're
8:19 am
thrilled of hundreds of thousands who lines up hoping to catch a glance at the francis. >>reporter: that in mexico city visit a children's hospital and of the patients suffer from
8:20 am
cancer to in a moment is when he gave one boy in the rose relax and to pray for him search and rescue operations in taiwan are over more than a week after a deadly earthquake 160 people were killed when an apartment complex collapsed 289 people were rescued 96 of them.
8:21 am
they'll look into since video the showed the officer driving up to a group of men outside a convenience store they believe there were trying to question them and one pulled out a pistol and shot him. police said the 50 you're a veteran officer was shot last thursday by his grandson's father please leave office of vegas was trying to protect the grandson and daughter at the turn of the shooting. >>darya: the nba it gather in
8:22 am
toronto for the all-star game will hear what they have to say about playing in kobe bryant last all-star game a live look at no traffic and lots of sunshine at the approach to the bay bridge. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. share it with yourself. freshly cracked egg with ham and bacon, or sausage, get two breakfast croissants for four bucks.
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>>mark: it is coming up near 80 degrees apart seven is and the more the nba's best gathered in toronto over the weekend for the all-star game it was his 18th and final all-star game the west to beat the east 196 to 173.
8:26 am
>>: the highlight moments when you have some nice plays and now obviously the curtain call at the end that you knew it was coming but did not know what part of the game that the crowd was going to give.
8:27 am
>>mark: the ultimate goal is to build a water ride size but network and use the data to reduce the tax of earthquakes there was an alert to a network server and to the tech earthquake shaking in to receive colors and all the phones in the same area and send out a wider a quick learner we
8:28 am
will be. be.
8:29 am
>>darya: everyone is talking about the weather.
8:30 am
>>robin winston: no major hot spots. >>reporter: and 50 going into santa rosa downtown san francisco 5762 and around the bay system for san jose the still lot of fifties the bread down from the the more we will see the upper seventies by the late afternoon the records in
8:31 am
some cases will be challenged in places like san rafael kron 4 forecast and the record high as 70. >>reporter: the two numbers to walk to break down lower '70s happening by noon the late afternoon unless it's a mid 77 to 75 a look at the beach-- groups. >>robin winston: continue over to the coast right now is not bad at all like in trouble free throughout the morning 880 all the way over to 1 01 on the open and clear the person collided
8:32 am
with another driver less land is bloc is backing up traffic if you have to come out paulo out to get to the peninsula the drive times right now holding at 18 minutes for no. 11 and palo alto. >>yoli aceves: the key thing to date in shorts there's always a lot of people walking back and forth here we're just paying attention to how they're addressed a lot of people came out with the sweaters and then they started kind around their waist because in such quarters wonderful weather in the air
8:33 am
strike on a hospital in syria off in the 22 people are dead.
8:34 am
>>anny hong: here is a look at some of the rubble 15 people were killed up to 40 other people were wounded hospital is not clear immediately who was responsible for these strikes but the prime minister said that russia moscow did not immediately respond to that accusation as it continued to get more information will bring you updates as they become available.
8:35 am
>>darya: the body of supreme court justice is back in virginia now he died in his sleep what he was on a hunting trip in a texas resort he went to bed friday night and was found unresponsive saturday morning he was 79 years old and we spoke with you see the professor who know him personally. >>reporter: professor david has a lot to say about the late supreme court justice he has called it that his opinions and his books in one spend six weeks with the anti-iraq american justice and killing is the picture of the daughter of justice earlier in the early '90s will be remembered as an
8:36 am
influential justice who argued the u.s. constitution he is the original original list to let heavily influenced conservatives across the country and the republican party's cases concerning affirmative action and abortion and voting rights of all headed to the highest court it will happen without a
8:37 am
fight from the republican controlled senate to said the next president should get to pick the next justice,. >>mark: he focused on criminal justice reforms and the u.s. and people in jail and many of the country.
8:38 am
>>darya: president obama is pushing for peace in syria he spoke with russian president vladimir pulled in on the phone yesterday and talked about the peace process they express support and syrian awards season is in full swing will take a look at the big winners at the backed awards.
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>>darya: the car run up in flames at the chevron station at the intersection of david st. firefighter labor to put the fire out before caused in the major damage and no one was hurt. >>robin winston: you like the ride no major problems here the minor weight and some of the castle is approaching the toll plaza eight minutes from the pay is out to one on one commendable of that the commission on 101 from the sock it to the peninsula with the crash wrapped up in menlo park more news weather and traffic coming up after the break.
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8:44 am
>>darya: a lot of people have to days off and what better weather
8:45 am
could we have record warmth of beautiful live shot there is no traffic there no clouds and is perfect. . >>reporter: satellite and the radar picture getting sprayed by a few high clouds to does not appear to be as thick as it was yesterday would were about the high to they don't see it come in with this pathway make no we will see some system coming in by midweek and that is the rain shower we're talking about the 74 cast san jose down to the
8:46 am
south that it will have to use it on a crayon here is a court on that happen as to get to the evening tonight and by tomorrow morning blue 6:00 a.m. they're not covering the entire bay area metro another day tomorrow and one of the we have today this morning and rose one of this particular map is not in the north and. >>reporter: things will be changed by the middle of the week we welcome the next system antioch 80 at the mid to upper seventies can be found here is the 74 cast we go for wednesday thursday changes into the sixties we are with scattered showers as part of the program.
8:47 am
>>robin winston: it is looking good no delays in approaching the bay bridge toll plaza come out of the manes half of the connector ramp 245880 to the east shore free when a great ride across the bridge into downtown san francisco did not to get to feed the meters you have to pay to in the ride across the golden gate bridge at the limit in both directions it's been pretty quiet all lanes and three lanes out if it is a great day to head over to this point what it is open and clear with no delays across the bridge emergency crews on seen traffic at all right at the scene of what it is not a bad
8:48 am
trip come out of the south the bank no other major trouble spots on the peninsula this is the only one and will keep an eye on it. >>darya: knew this when police and australia have carried out a massive drug bust they seized half a billion dollars worth of a drug known as i said it is liquid menthol and feminine and was found headed inside of thousands of silicone brought insert authorities arrested already for people over this whole experiment to does in the people's had to be rescued. >>mark: the ski resorts said it would take a few days the
8:49 am
governor of the wide declared of emergency because of the cecum by rest and also the fever and a miscue borne illnesses the whole by a governor said the this is a preventative measure and a declared emergency there have been no cases in hawaii but there have been more attuned to cases of fever and hawaii. >>darya: the president of brazil is not going to compromise the upcoming olympics.
8:50 am
>>gabe slate: it a new feature that would take the car from zero to 16 and 2.8 seconds we to get to the country away from traffic and buildings it was a beautiful day perfect for a fast drive this mode is a setting the terms on through the dashboard touchscreen once you have it turned on when ever the car as a
8:51 am
complete stop and you press your foot on the gas pedal it will do its thing before we did this replace a small action video camera pointed forward and secured it with heavy it was not enough here is what happened to the camera. >>gabe slate: i was not prepared for how fast the takeoff is
8:52 am
>>mark: the super hero made
8:53 am
hundred $35 million the revenant i cleared up at this year's award those of the british oscar's the femme 15 awards including best picture best actor and best director of the best actress prize went to great larsen for the film if you liked in strollers and is a pretty good one. >>mark: he is $53 million in personal debt his new album life
8:54 am
of paulo is only available in tidal stream in service he 20 guest to date his delay the release of the wood fence to subscribe the big story is the heat in a lot of you do not have the work for the money to get the day of his presence and what better day to get out and enjoy these high temperatures this afternoon we will be right back.
8:55 am
♪ ♪
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8:57 am
>>darya: is part of the american heart association awareness campaign they want to bring awareness to heart disease and also celebrate the valentine's day they did that in the paperworks record temperatures dazzled your tracking around the bay area and check-in and see how people are enjoying the day off on this president's day near 80 degrees will have more and how warm it will be in your neighborhood.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: we start with the big news which is how hot it will be. >>reporter:, a pair of five is
9:00 am
going on as to concede trout much of the lamar valley in the mid to upper 50s as we speak also with that he remains fairly dry oakland here is the one of 77 at 2:00 and 4:00 dropping back down to 65 or so.
9:01 am
>>robin winston: including the embarcadero and fisherman's wharf will be in force today but the tollways on residential parking permit area and monicker fried pastry sweeping will not be in stores
9:02 am
>>terisa estacio: we talk with some people in this said they cannot believe the condition it is supposed to be it may be even and the '80s in some areas in the east bay on this president's day holiday and they're getting out so they can beat the heat here in lafayette.
9:03 am
>>darya: 2 people are dead and another person is recovering after the shooting at the twin peaks we are alive and with the latest on the investigation. >>jackie sissel: one of the finest views in the entire bay area and we have the identities
9:04 am
of those two victims on his 19 year-old arena more of santa rosa is a santa rosa resident 21 year-old julio pariahs of it is both the deceased people in this case as far as the suspect and they believe that free people are were targeted they're asking
9:05 am
for the public help given to members across the bay area mourning the death of a blur of bishop the please respond to reports of the disturbance and apartment on friday when it got there they found 21 the road i sale covered in blood and his father dead of multiple stab wounds. >>darya: his father was 54 year- old bishop the investigators to
9:06 am
try to figure what are the big fire it started about 8:00 on saturday night at home near folsom and baker street police
9:07 am
in the south that investigated homicide the 56 on the block of the amount to a near pine to high school when they got there they found a command and crashed car a witness called police said they saw the guy at the area in the area was going through bushes so they went back and that is what they found a loaded gun the republican president's
9:08 am
attendance following suit during saturday's debate. >>reporter: president obama technologist his death and promising economic replacement soon getting a nominee confirmed
9:09 am
in this election year will be difficult was senator mcconnell and the democratic counterpart they already at odds might, in a statement said the american people should have a voice in this election and the next four the have a responsibility to fill vacancies as soon as possible the democrats already sharpened their line of attack the president is about to wait until it is back in section before choosing a nominee if republicans were able to delay this process until president obama leaves office it will be erected on average it takes 59
9:10 am
days to confirm a nominee that have been some long delays before but nothing like the 11 months as some republicans want to wait now. >>darya: we are basking in the sauna looking with the east coast is getting off snow sleet and rain and record-breaking cold. ♪ thers sothinto bsaid foexpling e wod arou you for seing t thnew;
9:11 am
for yinghe uried fodointhe done why ouldnackg beny diffent? dioverll ne flors our crmy cese d taintoour riosy. thlaugng c. inve snaing.
9:12 am
>>robin winston: it is going to be a nice ride heading into or out of san francisco no problem between the north bay and san francisco the drive time 16 minutes in the toll plaza the weather is beautiful the traffic is like a great day to head out to this the point. >>darya: the mississippi police officers in critical condition after he was shot and had a lot invested in a robbery another person is being questioned investigating is one of the civilians video shows the also driving up outside a convenience store and police believe the he
9:13 am
was trying to question within one of them pulled out a gun and shot him a memorial service will be held on friday for richmond police officer who was shot and killed his own home and lay home the service for all concerned gust the biggest test a 10:00 a.m. to isn't the richmond memorial auditorium in this. >>reporter: there is some minor mentioned we will discuss the morning news when a continuous.
9:14 am
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9:16 am
>>reporter: does put some
9:17 am
numbers in terms of the forecast high in the record for this calendar date san jose and san rafael looking at some the is the record 80 that may be smashed coming close to diller were you notice also fell because of sfo record a 7572 is the forecast is far as breaking that is still possible it will be maintained up to the not read this is where you see the orange creme and the south to read this is much more spread out timber
9:18 am
to the on for the sow input is down for proper settings it will be more of that for tomorrow when a zithers the here comes the rain shot a quarter of an aunt may be to have the best is what we have and to clear it on time for the weekend. >>robin winston: here in the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza is still delay free and is going to be a great ride if you have to use the we have a trouble spot in menlo park of the crash brought 11 more stroke has several lines blocked it is out of the weight above up the
9:19 am
drive times briefly if you have to come from the south back into the peninsula holding a 10 minutes from paulo out to burlington and that is a nice improvement once again it is out of the way and it is just about the man is a little bit of residual some 280 looks great tracking troubled times and they look great 15 minutes from antioch asked to concord no major trouble spots adding to the peninsula may be one to get over to sfo is on the 30 minutes for not 11 1/4 to 37 and not to commit looks gray from the bottom of san rafael. >>darya: you know where we're headed with this people flock to
9:20 am
all around to look at mavericks up close and personal. >>stanley roberts: in the bay area when you tell someone not to do something that means do the exact opposite to be on as we thought it was a bay area thing until we met these two it
9:21 am
was not from fall off of a cliff it was more like a slip away these dudes from san diego people showed up and drove to the point where rangers to try to keep people moving the only problem the into the restricted airspace and is poor station was also the to be the command post for local state and federal law
9:22 am
enforcement. >>darya: coming up we will have more weather and traffic in a gorgeous day to get out there.
9:23 am
9:24 am
>>darya: it does not mean the resident should be wary about the virus there been no cases in hawaii there have been more than to what of 50 cases of the nikkei fever and september the
9:25 am
president of brazil says the virus will not compromise the upcoming olympics in rio this and to ask is including u.s. soccer goalie hope so low has expressed concern about and fears about the olympics because of the virus brazil will be successful in fighting the mosquitoes that carry the virus to have the military hundreds of thousands of health workers there are some of the weekend to start fighting the virus is sweeping through parts of latin america is mostly harmless for adults the have the link to a series birth defects the law of the concept for rio de janeiro and our cost--august. >>darya: where was a hidden inside of thousands of silicone brought inserts' they chased the shipment to hong kong stores facility the rescue workers of
9:26 am
48 passengers rappelled down to the ground one by one. the ground one by one. livi witchroc miaine
9:27 am
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>>reporter: the calendar says february but it feels like a pro or maim bringing hopefully some
9:29 am
rain showers by the man of the week sometimes the highest in shut off any and all went for downtown and sometimes the situation with the seat numbers increasing the warm-up reflects a lot of for seven days you can see tomorrow with pretty close but it is when is that we're watching for things to change. >>robin winston: index fantastic approaching the toll plaza maybe just a minor way in the kasha in
9:30 am
the left-hand side remember you have to feed the mated pair and sampras is a popsicle on the embarcadero and fisherman's wharf will be in force and allow it will be hanging out because of the beautiful weather to don't forget to close attention over to the nimitz freeway is a great ride a in the north and kitchen have to use it them into trouble spots the drive times 99 to 38 and san leandro to deny any split in downtown oakland. >>darya:. >>yoli aceves: you're starting to see a lot more people coming out for leisure instead of exercise this is the day for you to come out and enjoy it will be
9:31 am
the hottest day of the week and if you got the day of please do not spend and side is really nice. >>darya: lecture you download the mobile application it will give you all the weather and traffic you need any time on the go + it will give you breaking news alerts with the push to learn to anything that is important for you to know the body of supreme court justice is now back in virginia him as the hearse that is tearing the justice the part of the funeral home in it when for the into last the airport yesterday and in the body was put on a private plane he died in his sleek what
9:32 am
was on a hunting trip and a texas resort he was found saturday morning he was 79 years old we spoke with the u c. hastings law professor who personally new justice. >>reporter: professor david levin has a lot to say about the lake from court justice he quoted the opinions and his books and he spent six weeks with the italian american justice in italy this the picture of her daughter would just as in the early '90s he will be remembered as an influence of justice to argue the u.s. constitution is not he was the original or regionalist who had heavily influence
9:33 am
conservative judges across the country and the republican party in the cases that had been decided but not least will stand as they are without his vote manning some 54 decisions will now become tied this year cases come from affirmative action abortion and voting rights of all heading to the highest court. >>reporter: it will not happen without a fight from the republican controlled senate who say the next president should get to pick the next justice on
9:34 am
to decision 2016 former president george w. bush hits the campaign cell to help his brother that will appeal with jeb bush in a rally of south carolina he believed his brother could help save as president to campaign and bought for his readiness to be commander in chief they hope to gain momentum at the finish and then a hampshire primary the next big race is in south carolina on saturday the democratic and the clinton and bernie sanders of trying to win over african- american voters. >>darya: they have more people in prison and any other country and cut the suggested that sanders was the one issue candidate whose policy would not and and racism they promised a better on president president obama legacy the democratic primary election is also on saturday president obama is pushing for peace in series spoke with russian president
9:35 am
vladimir and talked-about the peace process and stand together in the fight against terrorism both leaders expressed support for the recent sea fighters and syria as well as for international group meeting in munich to discuss support for syria. >>darya: still had on the morning news no competition at the box office will show you just how bad it what any movie that was trying to compete with the dead pull starting tonight it on a car at the clock showed where going inside a death row and san quentin for five part series we have a special behind- the-scenes look is the first time tv cameras have been allowed inside the present and teen years and tonight at 8 the profiles one of the most high- profile inmates scott peterson that is tonight on the morning
9:36 am
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>>robin winston: 14 minutes from 880 out to 1 01. >>darya: the movie easily beat last year's record of $85 million come full panel was another big one it debuted in second place the best actress
9:39 am
went to britain are sending for the film room and so we will see what happens he is $53 million in personal debt is only
9:40 am
available in the title streaming service and he released and he took it back off the we don't know when it will, he is delaying the release of and pleading with the fans please subscribe to hear his song is also pleading with facebook founder mark was a bird to invest $1 billion in his idea because he says that he's the greatest living artist and greatest artist of all time and he is worth a billion dollars even though he has no money.
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>>reporter: it what that for generations of the same family in this started with a frantic nine on one call the mother hiding with the to your grandson complete someone had broken into their home and she'd was cheering for her life by the time police arrived of course it would sadly just very quickly
9:45 am
while speaking of a sensational crime the explosion of popularity of the new minister respective forces o.j. simpson will take a look at where the meeting is on that trial from the judges involved to the many attorneys and lawyers and the victim's family they're not
9:46 am
provide the crime is being depicted on national television. >>darya: the big story this morning is the heat so are we are refilling it this morning. >>reporter: is the high pressure moment in the sun for two days or so before starts to weaken by the middle of the week of san jose at 76 on four or 2:00 the
9:47 am
on the top of the different and not a bill be doing and one for one to bring the water bottles with you if you concede this out they also sing numbers near 80 into tonight and tomorrow morning here comes the blues but not covered all over the whole area as we would expect for february and warm tomorrow afternoon not quite as aggressive tomorrow as we see today in the tech to finish off the week next week and it clears out we've been talking about a hot spots, but warm spots. >>robin winston: even commit to the golden gate bridge for it is picking up where notice it is getting a little powdered off and on northbound and out of san francisco but still at an
9:48 am
immense number of the problems between the north bay and san francisco overall will be a great ride across the golden gate to the richmond san rafael bridge backing of off and on and is only three of four cars eight minutes from the toll plaza 2101 if you have to take 580 west is looking good from 80 all the way out to 101 transition track and the commute to the south bass off the freeway checking into the free normally is packed on 280, of san jose and cupertino but some of the people have today off and is an all-around nice ride if the lessons was minutes from northbound 280 from 101 to 85 split in cupertino >>darya: a new feature called ludicrous mold is getting a lot of buzz >>gabe slate: there's a new
9:49 am
feature called ludicrous all that would take the car from 0 to 62.8 seconds it was a beautiful day perfect for fast drive this mold as a setting your turn on through the dashboard touchscreen once you have to turn on whenever the car is a complete stop in your press your foot on the gas pedal it would do what it needs to do before we did this act is a small action video camera i was
9:50 am
not prepared for how fast the takeoff is here is a look from the drawn-out strike on when we activate ludicrous here is the view from behind from our drawn as a takeoff the test model and now the world's fastest and saw the writing for your vehicle ever built this feature pushes for automotive technology and electric cars this posted to bid on par with back into the muscle cars and high in the dree sports cars like ferrari 0 to 62.8 seconds is faster the most muscle and sports cars. >>gabe slate: it will bring the
9:51 am
car to you on the land for a closer look look for our pays on the web site and our mobile application >>darya: they paid tribute to call the bride and he played his 18th and final all-star game the west but the east of hundred and 96273 several of the waters were playing steph curry and klay thompson with nine and draymond green an all-star game with four. and reflected on playing at kobe's final all-star game and said it was just an, an incredible to watch is a
9:52 am
celebrity to track all the attention as marquardt and the shows us there was one star that shines brightest is expected for terminal regular the one in a
9:53 am
moment or gallery did not follow him. >>reporter: he wasted no time feasting on the experience. >>darya: the big story is the heat and we will continue to look at the beautiful shot when we come back there's want to be an approach to the bridge no traffic because of the hauler and.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>darya: take a look if this is a cheap way to celebrate valentine's day at a hospital in
9:56 am
pennsylvania the newborns were decked out in red hats and volunteers and the american heart association some couples and your toes to tie the knot on valentine's day to have ceremonies and cited the empire state building that had a breathtaking view during the ceremony in the building observatory in the 86 floor the couples who got married that won a contest for the most touching love story amass a pillow fight it is edition even though it is not officially sanctioned event by the city because they say all
9:57 am
of those factors made a big mess to the west looking at 80 degrees and then we did it down and bring in the chance in the mid week and then summoned backup for the weekend. >>darya: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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