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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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gone. and that's where kron 4's chuck clifford is live for us tonight. >> reporter: what's happening at the apartment complex is just one coastal problem for pacifica. along the city's promenade. there have been three separate collapses of the seawall. >> reporter:this is one of them - in video from our partners with abc 7 news. the city has approved spending $450-thousand dollars to get the seawall repaired. >> reporter:farther south - several other properties hang in limbo after the cliffs below them eroded. just last week, one of the red-tagged homes caught fire. and nearly burned to the ground. >> reporter: neighbors here are saying that this is a long time coming. this is
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where people live. these are people homes. >> there is nothing good to be thought about we are losing a whole section of land here. people are losing their homes. and, you know? but there are other buildings. and are nervous about them too. and we should be. >> reporter: back live now the, this is one of three buildings here that are in danger. there is another red tagged building next door. with the city want to tear that down. it was yellow tagged a few weeks ago. other individuals have moved out of that building. but there has been a delay because the owner of 32310 r and vagrancy and there is a level of who will pay for the demolition work. --
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because the owner was in bankruptcy. and there are in limbo of who will pay for the demolition work. >> reporter: also, was the clear up the debris they will work on landscaping is to keep the water flowing through here and the clip from the roadie any further. eroding >> catherine: there has been three separate collapses of the sea wall. in this video from our partners with abc said the news. the city has approved spending $450,000 to get to see what repair. just last week, one of the red tag holmes caught fire. and nearly burned to the ground.
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>> catherine:just how safe are the roads you're driving on a new report finds they may not be as safe as you think >> catherine:in fact, 7 heavily travelled bridges on bay area freeways have been deemed structurally deficient. kron 4's dan kerman is live at caltrans headquarters with more. >> catherine:traffic came to a half on highway-17 south of los gatos this morning - becauseof a downed tree. >> catherine:it happened around 10 o'clock - and blocked traffic in both directions. the on-ramp from south santa cruz avenue to southbound 17 was also closed for a short time. >> catherine:crews were able to open a lane on each side in about an hour. no one was injured - and things are now back to normal. >> catherine:a baby died in a burning apartment in vallejo last night. and the same fire has left at least a dozen people homeless. >> catherine:investigators think the fire might have started in an apartment on the top floor - which is also the unit where the baby died. >> catherine:it's not clear yet how the fire began. the first emergency calls came in around 11:30 last night - and the fire was contained two hours later.
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>> catherine:no details are being released about the infant yet. another child was able to escape - along with the parents. >> catherine:a man has been arrested in last week's hit and run death in san jose.. christopher africa was arrested at his home yesterday - and is believed to be connected to the accident. >> catherine:early last friday - a car hit a man on a bike on winchester boulevard. 44-year old toe-doro diaz was later pronounced dead at the scene. >> catherine:the driver left before police arrived - and this red honda del sol was found abandoned in a parking lot a few hours later. >> catherine:the 23-year-old suspect has been booked into county jail. >> catherine:'not guilty' pleas. >> catherine:that's what came from the accused killer in the twin peaks today's arraignment. grant lodes is here. with why there's concern. he might try to leave the country. >> grant:prosecutors wanted bail set at 10 million.arguing that suspect richard contreras told a witness after the shooting.that he was going to leave the country. he also has a long criminal history. the public defender wanted
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bail set at just one ended up being five million. >> grant:he pleaded not guilty to all charges. the 26-year-old from richmonnd was arrested in that city on day after he's accused of killing two people.and injuring a third.all victims from santa rosa. >> grant:the shooting happened around 2-am sunday. contreras then allegedly car-jacked someone at twin peaks.and took off. >> there are two people dead and one person selling for life right now. these families would never be the same. >> grant:the d-a's office said at this point there's not reason to believe that the alleged shooter or victims were involved in any sort of gang dispute. the back in court next month for what's known as a status confercnce on the case. >> catherine:f-b-i agents today were searching the southern california home of the brother of san bernardino gunman syed farook. >> catherine:they're not
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saying what they're looking for at the corona house. no arrests were made, but several people were detained while the search was happening. >> catherine:farook's brother was there at the time. agents left with boxes and a computer. >> catherine:farook and his wife opened fire on a group of employees at a county building in san bernardino december 14th.killing 14 people before dying in a shoot-out with police. >> catherine:new york city's top police official, meantime, says he supports the fbi request to get into an i-phone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists. >> catherine:apple is fighting a judge's order to help the fbi break into the phone - calling it an "overreach by the u.s. government. >> catherine:but new york police commissioner bill bratton says the safety of the public is much more important. >> was so much of the attention has focused on the terrorism aspect. the impact on the day to day lives of americans and their safety and our ability to solve this is more significant.
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>> catherine:bratton joins a group of police and prosecutors in new york city who complain that encryption technology on apple phones is now routinely holding up criminal investigations. >> catherine:one prosecutor says 175 his crime lab right now - and investigators can't do anything with them. >> catherine:bart is trying to clean up cleaning staff. they're focusing on scrubbing down the stations that get the most foot traffic. kron4's maureen kelly went to one of the stations -- and got reaction from riders. >> reporter:this woman cleaning the fare gates at the embarcadero station was just hired last month. she is one of 19 new system service workers hired this year to beef up the crew that tries to keep up with the daily grime. >> reporter:these snapshots show some of the other new hires.that make up bart's new special project crews.that now work overnight five nights a week mopping, scrubbing, vacumning and scraping up takes each three person crew six weeks to clean one entire station from top to bottom. >> reporter:and because each team is dedicated to just
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one the end of that six weeks they will start right back all over again. >> >> reporter:there are four of these special cleaning crews and they've been assigned to the four busiest and thereby dirtiest stations.all located in downtown san francisco, embarcadero, montgomery st, powell street and civic center >> pam: >> reporter:bart says they are doing this in response to a 2014 customer satisfaction survey where riders let them know that they wanted cleaner stations. >> reporter:it's music to the ears to frequent these two artists who perform daily on the trains.they say they've seen some pretty gross stuff on bart. >>the pee in the elevator that's the grossest.pee, poop condoms.,i guess i've seen liquids that i can't identify.that's a way scarier. that would be a blessing.bart is disgusting.the stations are disgusting.the trains are disgusting. >>i think cleaning is a very good thing it's important to have sanitation >> reporter:but not everyone is noticing the difference.
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>>it's well needed.but so far i haven't seen the results of those efforts. >>yes i have a lot cleaner, definatley in the stairwells there's been a lot less stench of urine >> reporter:bart says they've also added more personnel to the teams that clean the trains at the end of the line. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> catherine: there is a new report this as you may not be as safe as you think. seven bridges on bay area freeways have been been structurally deficient. kron4, dan carmen is a live. >> reporter: is it really chilly. any time the 10146804880 " over a railroad track, creek ore streak that is also something that should be
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considered. those type of bridges are they as safe as they need to be? >> reporter: fighting thousands of frequent breaches needs to be repaired. the top the troubled bridges are deemed structurally deficient. several and the bay area. one, and interstate 680 over monument boulevard. that is number 19 on the list. caltran this work is needed and the project is not yet, funded or in the pipeline but that does not mean that it is not safe to drive on. >> yes, it does mean that they are safe for traveling have it say for commuters to out california. >> reporter: just out of embarcadero road and rolled
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conditions have yet to be repaired. >> reporter: caltran does tell us that there are three of the seven that are on the list where work has been completed and will show up. work has been completed along interstate 8803 and highway 101 in candlestick park are also one of those that have been completed. >> catherine:much more ahead at five. tonight a dress code controversy at an east bay school. >> catherine:why some students say they're victims of a double standard. also - serial stowaway marilyn hartman is arrested yet again! >> catherine:where it happened this time. >> catherine:and the judge's ruling that has parents across california upset tonight. coming up. why they it's putting their children at risk. the sun came out today. but i am tracking another round of showers for friday. and
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what is expected for the weekend? coming up in the next forecast! (scal): good day, m'lady!
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>> catherine:the woman notorious for trying to sneak aboard planes has been arrested again. we're talking about marilyn hartman. >> catherine:she was arrested at chicago's o'hare airport - after an electronic monitoring device she wears alerted police that she was back. >> catherine:this is her latest mug shot -- one of many. she's charged with felony
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probation violation and misdemeanor criminal trespassing. >> catherine:hartman has repeatedly tried in recent years to board planes without a ticket. once -- by flying from san jose to los angeles in 2014. >> catherine:she was released on probation to a chicago nursing home in december - and ordered to avoid airports. >> catherine:there's controversy about the dress code at a bay area middle school. where leggings and tights are considered inappropriate attire for girls. one student tells kron4's haaziq madyun that she sees a double standard being applied. >>no leggings without something being worn over them for girl students here at pleasant hill middle school >>so is this a new policy or >>"this is a very new policy and it needs to be overturned" >> reporter:8th grade student analisa liotta says she can't understand why leggings are being targeted by the school >>"we don't wear it for boys, we don't wear it to show off, we wear it to be
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comfortable, it's cold in the morning, so we wear it to be warm in the morning" >> reporter:i came to the school to give the principal a chance to tell her side of the story. i was told she wasn't availbale. the closest thing i got to an official school response was a site supervisor interupting an interview with a parent and that kind of went something like this >>"we don't say no leggings, we say a little bit shorter." >> reporter:i am going to put you on tv >>"no no.we don't say no leggings" >> reporter:have you read it? >>"actually no i haven't" >> reporter:here's what the schools dress code says. >> reporter:leggings or tights are considered undergarments and must be accompanied by dress code compliant outer wear. >> reporter:this is anna lisa's mom and she totally disagrees >>"it is not underwear, it outer wear" >> reporter:you see a double standard here? >>"yeah! if guys can sag their pants we can wear leggings" >> reporter:the rules do state that all pants must be worn above the buttocks at all times. i didn't any of the boys saggin while i was
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here. but something tells me we haven't heard the end of this pleasant hill haaziq madyun kron4news >>music >> catherine:the sweet sound of music returned to an east bay high school this week. at richmond high an anonymous donor bought the spending 76-thousand dollars. >> catherine:the new instruments arrived wednesday only kron 4's justine waldman was there - when the kids played them for the first time. >> music >>justine:before today this jam high school band, could never have happened. >>--we had 4 flutes 6 clair and ½ of each were broken
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>>justine:and most of the instruments were from the 60's band teacher andrew wilke tells me. >>justine:it's his first year teaching music here and he wanted to band set-up a fundraising website to help, the lamorinda music store in lafayette offered to fix old instruments for free >>justine:but that wont be necessary now. >>-- and gentleman went into that shop and offered to pay for everything >>justine:anonymous donor boughr every flute, drum and saxophone on the band's wish list. >>justine:spending 76- thousand dollars. >>justine:wilke meet the man once who did not explain why he gave such a generous gifts. >>--by the way tell the kids when they get their new instruments that they donor is really proud of them >>justine:the new instruments have homes on these once bare shelves. watching the kids play them you can hear their confidence has hit a high note. >>-- how resounding they
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sound so sonorous and they vibrate through my body >>justine:for senior joel calderon, who has dreams of being a professional musician, these >>--and that in turn they will help improve the school and the schools band program i look at them and see a better future. >>justine:that future looks and sound great. in richmond justine waldman kron 4 news. >> catherine:twin sisters from california will share a 6-million-dollar lottery jackpot. lisa toton and laura poorman bought the jackpot 'scratchers' ticket in san ramon. >> catherine:they say they've been buying tickets since they were 18.and felt particularly lucky this time - because one of them had spotted a yellow ladybug. >> catherine:they're considering things like new cars.and a vacation home. one sister is planning to pay off a student loan. they've got 60 days to choose whether to take the money in lump sum - or monthly payments.
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>> brittany:light showers are lingering tonight with another band of tomorrow. >> brittany: as we enter the rest of tonight be whether it is out of here, with lightning. we will see more showers pushing into friday so there are some things you should know about. >> brittany: seymour clearing as we head into the evening spent in of that until friday at 8:00 a.m.. one temperatures may culprit-- seeing clearing >> brittany: a few light showers still a little bit more sunshine with colleagues 5. so what grade are showing most of the rainfall to the east of us.
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--satellite radar showing most of the rainfall to the east of us. >> brittany: 52 degrees and said terisa--santa rosa and san rafael. >> brittany: will have a closer look at your weekend outlook. >> catherine:san francisco's annual chinese new year parade is this saturday. more than 100 groups are expected to join in -- including high school bands, martial arts groups.acrobats and floats. >> catherine:it's a much loved tradition world's largest chinese population outside asia. the parade starts at 5-15 saturday night on second and market. >> catherine:you can visit out website at kron-4 dot- com for a list of street closures in the area.
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>> catherine:next at five. kron 4's special series about life on death row. tonight we talk to san quentin inmates - waiting to to be executed.
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>> catherine:hundreds of california's worst convicted offenders are on san quentin's death row. and the department of corrections is running out of room to house them. continuing her special series, kron 4's alecia reid explains what's being done to keep them behind bars. >>natsot - sot - we'll still be accepting every new condemned inmate to san quentin >> reporter:doing time.isn't easy. >> reporter:some inmates in their 80s have been on death row for decades. for those in their 20s. their prison bid is just starting. >> reporter:most inmates spend an average of 15 years on this notorious cell block. >>-it's hard i'm not gon tell you no.
5:25 pm
>> reporter:some of the condemned. are holding out hope a retrial or appeal will set them free. >> reporter:one inmate waiting for a new lawyer is michael santos walters. >>- i don't have an attorney yet. it takes 5-6 years to get an attorney. >> reporter:he was serving life, for murder >> - a gang member that raped my niece. >> reporter:now, he's condemned to death for brutally killing his cellmate. >>-while in corcoran i killed my celly that was a pedophile >> reporter:walters is just one of hundreds of condemned inmates living in cramped conditions. >> - what people need to understand is that the conditions here are horrible >> reporter:death row's east block is prison is running out of room. >>there's some relief in the psych ward. >> - federally accredited by
5:26 pm
the joint commission, which is the gold standard for psychiatric hospitals, both in corrections and in the community. there are 40 extra beds for mentally ill condemned inmates but still. it's not enough. >> reporter:the state is providing some aid $3.2 million dollars of taxpayer funds to make room for 97 beds in the donner building. which currently needs to be retrofitted in order to house some of the over flow. >> reporter:a small dent in an overcrowding problem that appears to be getting worse. >> catherine:alecia's special report on san quentin's death row continues tonight on kron 4 news at 8. she adds perspective to prison life - from the viewpoint of the guards. >> catherine:parents are upset with a california judge. coming up at 5:30. the court order that's affecting millions of students. >> catherine:also ahead. donald trump's war of words with pope francis! with pope francis! ay with pope francis! at sleep train's presidents day sale,
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lost prospects, lost respect. well-crafted solutions for today's problems in commerce. pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine:there's growing concern among parents about the coming release of sensitive information on millions of california school children.
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>> catherine:a judge has ruled that names, addresses, physical assessments, even social security numbers be made available. this follows a 5-year-old legal battle between the 'morgan hill concerned parents association' and the california's education department --- over whether disabled students are getting enough access to services mandated by federal law. >> catherine:kron four's rob fladeboe talked to one of the >>-- jayne rovianek/morgan hill concerned parents association we just want services for our children. >> reporter:jayne rovianek, a parent in the morgan hill unified school district, has two sons, richard and quincy, who suffer from attention deficit disorder and lawsuit against the state department of education to access special services she says were being denied. >>-- jayne rovianeks we want a basic affirmation so that our group can come up with other parents that were having the same problems.
5:31 pm
>> reporter:rovianek and other parents of special needs kids say they aren't after specific student information but want to find out if kids with appropriate management plan in place the last thing she wants is to compromise a classmate's privacy. >>-- jayne rovianek >> reporter:the state department of education fought to withhold any student information and denies it has failed to meet federal guidelines wit regard to special needs kids but jayne rovianek and others advocating for students with disabilities thinks otherwise. >>-- jaybe rovianek it is not so much the information itself. this is the common plight of unspent parents and the district. but this all-out war did not provide services for a way of saving money. -- that will nbot allow to >> reporter: favored told
5:32 pm
that a plan with and worked to the parent concern for the release of sensitive affirmation such as social security numbers for it and morgan hill proper fladeboe kron 4 news. >> brittany:light showers are lingering tonight with another band of passing showers expected tomorrow. >> brittany: as we go into the rest of tonight mainly dry. with a chance of showers and the forecasts. temperatures 57 and 55 degrees and said to rose the and daly city. 60 degrees in san jose with concord at 60 degrees us well. so we are right back, closer to average. >> brittany: we are tracking another round of showers as we head into lunchtime
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tomorrow. more moderate downpour. and santa rosa. traveling quickly moving to the south by 5:00 p.m.. we are seeing some showers at livermore and concord. things will start to clear up for the weekend which is similar to what we are seeing today for tomorrow. we are pointing to give closer look at your high for the weekend. = = we are going to take a closer look at the high for the weekend. >> catherine:turning now to the presidential race -- and a stunning development just days before the south carolina republican primary. >> catherine:grant is here to tell us how donald trump has broken yet another unwritten rule of politics. >> catherine:grant? >> grant:catherine you could sum up that rule as. never get into a war of words with the pope.
5:34 pm
donald trump showed today he is ready to mix it up with the head of the roman catholic church, >> grant:at the same time, pope francis also broke new ground by directly criticizing an american presidential candidate. >>".a person who only thinks about building walls -- wherever they be located -- and not building bridges is not a christian." >> grant:no ifs about it. the often outspoken pope made it clear: >> grant:donald trump's repeated calls for a wall along the u=s southern border are unacceptable. >>"i say only that this man is not a christian if he has said things like that." >>"i was surprised to see it." >> grant:trump framed his reply with an eye towards south carolina's large bloc of evangelical republican voters. >>"i'm christian and proud of it. for a religious leader to question a person's faith to be a christian and as president i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weakened, unlike what is happening now."
5:35 pm
>> grant:one of trump's most outspoken critics is roman catholic. but even jeb bush says the pope went too far. >>wrong to question his christianity? >>"i don't question anyone's christianity cause i honestly believe its a relationship you have with your creator and it only enables bad behavior when someone from the outside of our country talks about donald trump." >> grant:the situation is very different on the democratic side. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are competing for the latino vote before saturday's nevada caucuses. >> grant:today, clinton released a campaign ad that shows her literally embracing a daughter of illegal immigrants. >>"i am scared they are going to be deported. >>"come here. >>"i am going to do everything i can so you don't have to be scared." applause >> grant:bernie sanders spent the day looking for african american supporters. sharpton and other civil rights leaders at the national urban league in washington dc.
5:36 pm
>> catherine:a big announcement from the white house today. president obama will visit cuba next month. it will be the first time an american president has set foot in the country since 1928. >> catherine:cnn's scott mclean reports that's it's a big milestone in relations between critics who say the cuban government is as repressive as ever. >> catherine: >> reporter:president obama is headed to havana. the first time a sitting american president has visited cuba in 88 years. >>: "the opening to cuba holds out real promise to improve the lives of the cuban people. this is really at the core of our policy." >> reporter:the march visit is a major step in normalizing relations -- and will include a meeting with cuban president raul castro. >>"today, the united states of america is changing its relationship with the people of cuba." >> reporter:the announcement comes 14 months after
5:37 pm
washington re-established ties with havana.10 months after that historic handshake. and six months after the american embassy in cuba opened its doors. >> reporter:diplomatic relations with cuba are progressing quickly. the white house had stressed the need for headway on human rights before the president would visit. but that progress has been slow. >> reporter:critics point to the communist castro regime that jails dissidents and severely restricts freedom of speech. republicans running for president don't think obama should go at all. >>presidential candidate: "i think it's a real mistake. i think the president ought to instead be pushing for a free cuba." >>presidential candidate: "the cuban government remains as repressive as ever. but now, they have access to millions to not billions of dollars in resources that they didn't have access to before this opening." >> reporter:that flow of cash has been aided by deals like the one signed last week on air travel -- triggering bidding wars between u-s airlines to fly commercial routes between the two nations. >> reporter:travel to cuba is easier, but tourism is still banned. it will be up to congress to allow it. in washington, im scott mclean. >> catherine:she was the
5:38 pm
mastermind behind the hit shows 'greys anatomy'. and 'scandal'. but shonda rhimes says she hit a wall. >> catherine:coming up at 5:45. what helped her turn things around. >> catherine:and a terrible sight caught on video. a crash landing of a helicopter. what we're learning about the crash -- next.
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5:40 pm
>> catherine: incredible deal tonight of a helicopter
5:41 pm
crash in hawaii. >> grant: i have watched this over, over and over because you do not see this. at one of the most favored sites of pearl harbor. let's take a look. >>video five >> grant: people on board were all rescued and taken to land. a 16 year old boy is in critical condition, this is the crash in slow motion and right next to the arizona memorial. >> grant: up tonight at 615, why the pilot is being credited for minimizing the potential for disaster. catherine? >> catherine: the secret on being the best next!
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>> catherine:bill cosby is suing another of the women accusing him of rape. the actor and his lawyers have filed a lawsuit against andrea constand - who says in 2004. >> catherine:the lawsuit says she violated a 2006 settlement when she worked with the montgomery county d-a -- during the investigation of the allegation. >> catherine:cosby wants more than 75-thousand dollars of the money he paid in a settlement - returned. >> catherine:shonda rhimes is generating headlines today for her 'ted talk' revelation. the insider's debbie matenopoulos is in hollywood with more. >> reporter:catherine. the shondaland mastermind admitting that it wasn't the success of t-g-i-t that ultimately saved her career!
5:46 pm
>>ted talk >> for me my work is building my work out of thin air it is manning the troups it is painting the canvas it is running a marathon it is being beyonce. >> reporter:she's the woman who has brought us a sexy white house scandal. >>clip of sexy make out on scandal >> reporter:she introduced that towel and the world to mcsteamy and yes--even dared to kill off popular mcdreamy! >>greys crying >>i was no longer having any fun! >>so what do you do when the work you do starts to taste like dust! >> reporter:but somehow tv creator and writer shonda rhimes worth an estimated sixty million dollars, with three shows in two hundred and fifty six territories around the world-- wasn't feeling successful. but during her recent 'ted talk' the author of 'year of yes' finally said yes to the one thing that mattered most-- her children. >>sr: i have these three amazing daughters, harper, beckett and emerson and emerson is a toddler who inexplicably refers to everyone as honey if though she's a southern waitress
5:47 pm
>>sr: the southern waitress asked me to play with her one evening when i was on my way somewhere and i said yes. and that yes was the beginning of a new way of life for my family. i made a vow that from now on that every time one of my children asks me to play no matter what i'm doing or where i'm going, i say yes. i understood that saying yes to playing with my children likely saved my career. >> reporter:we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm debbie matenopoulos back to you, catherine. >> pam: >> catherine: 30 and i are san we want to hear the rest of that interview. -- brittany, and i >> brittany:light showers are lingering tonight with another band of passing showers expected tomorrow. return to index of >> brittany: and trucking another round of showers as we head into tomorrow. for tonight, mid-50s and by 8:00
5:48 pm
p.m. 53 degrees. and location of doubt to the low 50s. just a few cloud expected. >> brittany: more showers for us tomorrow, may lead afternoon. a high surf advisories until friday at 8:00 a.m.. we are also tracking average temperatures. although, a warm-up is expected next week over the next few days. pretty close to an average in the low 60s. satellite rate are showing rainfall moving through. most of the north of our area is still lingering with a fuel-snow showers. >> brittany: are going to dry out. with high pressures thing in place and we will not worry about too much more rainfall as we go into the rest of tonight. but,
5:49 pm
tomorrow we should have two more showers and then tried for the rest of the weekend. >> catherine: 61 in fremont and union city. hives to malraux with closer to antioch at 60 degrees and bart what, high 60s at livermore and the south bay. temperatures dropping into the low 60s tomorrow. >> brittany: 59 degrees and dale city and palo out toll. --palo alto. >> brittany: less take a closer look at your snow bomb the report. --ski report >> brittany: new snow, 2 feet of snow.
5:50 pm
>> brittany:we will be back ! catherine? >> catherine: by this time tomorrow, the golden state warriors will be in portland for the first leg of a 9- day, 6-game road trip. >> catherine: a stretch that will likely test the world champs' best record in basketball. mark carpenter talked to players today before their trip. >> catherine: he joins us with the latest. >> catherine: mark-- it's tough way to come out of the all-star break. >> mark:and they wouldn't have it any other way. >> mark:in addition to being the favorite to repeat as champions, the warriors have an opportunity to make history.
5:51 pm
if they finish the season with 73-wins, that would top the 1995-96 chicago bulls mark for the greatest record ever in basketball. >> mark:but, the team says, that's not priority one >>steve kerr --"i look at that as a by-product. if it happens great, if it doesn't i don't really care.our goal is to be the one seed. that's our only tangible goal we have. we never set any goals in terms of how many wins, but getting home court in the playoffs is the most important thing." >>curry --"we've all heard what our record needs to be over the next 30 games to win it and what this 6 game road trip means and keeping up with the chase. but we want to keep the momentum we have into the break and try to sustain that. it's still a little premature i think." >> mark:the golden state warriors don't have to act like they've been there what winning a championship takes. >> mark:a groundbreaking regular if there's no finals trophy at the end. steve kerr's advice-- pace yourself. >>kerr --"you know that it really is a marathon and yeah it turns into a sprint at the end, but not with 30 games left. we still have to spread out our minutes and be consistent." >> mark:the upcoming road
5:52 pm
trip will be a slog. three of the next 6- opponents on the schedule handed the warriors a loss last year. >> mark:but even with his team winning all but four of is still finding fault. >>curry --"i mean he broke a clipboard in the middle of a a good coach trying to continue to whether it's knitpicking or focusing on details that might not seem important. they are important when you are trying to win a championship." return tothe warriors' stretch begins with the trailblazers tomorrow, la clippers on saturday night, hawks on monday, two games in >> mark:and it wraps up next saturday at oklahoma city. >> stanley:coming up: >>i'm trying to get my student loans reduced it's a lengthy conversation >> stanley:and a slightly higher pay back cost find out why were conversation in the next edition of people behaving badly
5:53 pm
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>> catherine:in one bay area county -- once a month you have a higher chance of getting stopped for a traffic violation. that's because of orchestrated crackdowns >> catherine:authorities say that a higher police presence in 2014 led to a 10-percent reduction in injury-related crashes. so what were the officers looking for? our stanley roberts finds out. >> stanley:watching an intersection in foster city can yield some interesting results notice as this bicyclist as he rolls right through the intersection and is quickly given case by officer martyn of the burlingame police
5:56 pm
department >> police yelp >>oh here is why i stopped you, stop sign back there you have to stop at the stop sign, just like other traffic does the cyclist was let go with a warning, however my conversation with him yielded some interesting information >>i thought that i could roll through it when there's no traffic so ill stop for now on i asked why did you think it was ok to roll thought it >>i saw some law somewhere, maybe not here i could be wrong >> stanley: >> stanley:foster city was the jumping off point for the san mateo county saturation traffic enforcement program also know as step where officer from multi san mateo county jurisdictions including the california highway patrol >> stanley:targeting distracted drivers and any other infraction they see. it's basically all traffic officers flooding one city >>siren >>this driver is being pulled over for running a stop sign while holding his cell phone >>here is what the citation is for alright the stop sign and the cell phone violation i'll tell you what i did not
5:57 pm
put on here speed but it 35 miles per on here so if i have to driver 70 mph to catch up to you ok that means your probably going over 35 mph >>and this driver was caught using his cell phone while driving he was holding it instead of using a hands free device in fact while the officer talking to him he was still on his cell phone >> loans reduced it's a lengthy conversation >> stanley: through the stop sign >>stop sign at edgewater and through it a little quick oh ok that the reason for the stop >> stanley:one officer from redwood if he ignored the violation man i wish i was there to see that one . >> stanley:i spoke to a few of the over and we'll hear what they has to say in a future edition of people behaving badly >>this is not cops its people behaving badly . >> stanley:yes it is in foster city stanley roberts kron 4 news
5:58 pm
>> catherine: new essex what neighbors are telling us about the emergency centers this morning. and, the letter twist and the ballantine case. interest and a fremont lhevinne this week. we will have more news ahead and 70 seconds. kron 4 news, as six.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine:a heart breaking three alarm fire claimed the life of an infant. we told you about this tragedy in vallejo >> catherine:new at six. what the neighbors are tell us about the emergency efforts this morning when flames and smoke filled the skies. >> catherine:and the latest twist in the story about valenine. the baby colt injured in a fremont revene this week. >> catherine:why the week old horse is now a ward of the city. we have more news still ahead in 70 seconds on kron 4 news at six. >> catherine:tragedy in vallejo. >> catherine:a baby is killed, when an apartment goes up in investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. >> catherine:good evening, i'm catherinethat fire forced more than a dozen people from their homes. >> catherine:the red cross is helping them with shelter tonight. it began around 11-30 last night on kathy ellen drive
6:01 pm
vallejo. >> reporter: led the police department and of fire department are all out there searching for clues as to what started this fire. speaking to the one who lives in the humid across from where the fire started. she says she heard the want of the baby who died. she cannot get the sound out of her head. let >> snide i cannot sleep. all i could hear was her screaming. i do not need a picture or need to see if i get or relive it. i can hear it on employing for the mom and her family. giving them strength. >> reporter: that is all that really people can do out there. 15 people are out of their homes. we are
6:02 pm
expecting some sort of date. as soon as we get more information we will pass it on to you on air and on social media, both of facebook and twitter. >> catherine:hayward police are asking for the public's help in finding this woman. 22-year old stacey aguilar from san jose. >> catherine:she was last seen in hayward saturday night -- at a party near silva avenue and jackson street. she's about 5-foot-2 - with brown eyes and brown hair. >> catherine: being asked to contact hayward police. >> catherine:happening today. >> catherine:an apartment complex that's been teetering on the edge of a cliff in pacifica, is now a pile of rubble. this is the scene -in video from our partnership with abc 7. >> catherine:with crews ripping apart the building. kron 4's charles clifford is live in pacifica.
6:03 pm
charles.will they be tearing down any more buildings? >> reporter: they started tearing this doubt earlier this morning. let's look as some video from earlier today. this building, was read peck peck and 2010. after they feel that-fear the erosion will cost to fall off the bottom of the cliff. >> reporter: britain and the demolition crews to tear down earlier this morning. it was built in 1917. it is made of wood and very little metal. after six years, neighbors were concerned that something would never be done. but today, but progress was made to rid-- progress was made. >> there is talk about three
6:04 pm
tannin and what will happen there. so the ball is rolling. --there is talk about 310 >> reporter: 320 has been rare attack for a while and 310 was yellow tags when the city says when all of the tenants have moved out they are owned by the same man and he is going through a bankruptcy. they are trying to negotiate with him to figure out who will pay for demolishing a lease 320. -- 320 has been red tagged >> reporter: is the plant to landscaped this and put a fence or around it and to have water come through. >> catherine:a live look at our embarcadero camera this
6:05 pm
thursday evening. the rain is gone.for now. >> catherine:but is more on the way? brittney shipp is tracking the we inch closer to the weekend.k >> brittany: the weekend does look good. but i am tracking more showers for tomorrows near 12 to 4:00 p.m.. i will tell you more about what that will look like on our satellite radar. >> brittany:light showers are lingering tonight with another band of passing showers expected tomorrow. >> brittany: everywhere else, not by be any way. temperatures in the low fifties for santa rosa. 57 in san francisco and the mid '50s for half moon bay. temperatures, will once again pretty close to an average or well above average for the start of the work week but now we are
6:06 pm
starting to cool things down and we will head into the next 48 hours a little cooler. >> brittany: not too bad. for an evening. as we go through time tonight we will stay dry. but, take a look of what happens at noon tomorrow. with another round of showers, moving quickly to the south. 5:00 p.m., a lingering showers near concord and livermore. after that, we cleared out. for the weekend. so we are tracking next weekend. -test next week's weather. --next >> catherine: for up-to-the minute weather alerts and forecasts in your neighborhood. download the kron 4 mobile app. your number one source for news and weather in the bay area.
6:07 pm
>> catherine: when we talk about bay area freeways, usually the top concern is traffic but a new report is raising safety questions it finds 7 highway bridges in the bay area are structurally deficient kron 4's dan kerman is live at caltrans headquarters in oakland with what's being done to address the issue? >> reporter: well, that is true. the bridges that we are talking about are not big bridges. these are some are over greeks, streets or railroad tracks. as you mentioned several have been mentioned. as needing work. the bill >> reporter: disassociation find that the top 50 hit heavily troubled bridges are insufficient. and several are in the bay area. >> reporter: the state 680 past no. 19 on the list, caltran said its joint replacement is needed but the project is not in the
6:08 pm
pipeline or get funded. that no. 3 which is best assured that bridge is still safe to drive on. caltran says the other bridges listed are does this have already been prepared. 880 over hayward. >> we have them bridge replacement and repair work throughout the entire state of california. >> reporter: it is not yet completed sysop of embarcadero. and highway 101 there is still work to be done. >> rob, i believe we are doing a pretty good job can we do more of course we can. >> reporter:live at caltran
6:09 pm
headquarters, dan kerman kron4 news >> catherine:the suspect in the double homicide at twin peaks sunday pleaded not guilty today to all charges. police say 26-year old richard contreras was connected to the shooting on valentine's day which killed two men and injured a third. >> catherine:he was arrested at his home monday and is being held on 5 million dollars bail. the victims have been identified as 21 year old julio peraza and 19-year old rene mora. >> catherine:the third victim is still in the hospital. contreras is scheduled to be back in court next month. >> catherine:three men have been arrested in san leandro - accused of will video helped lead to the arrests. the men are suspected in a string of residential burglaries. >> catherine:police say that security system video was a turning point in tracking down the suspects - and getting back some of the stolen property.
6:10 pm
>> catherine: coming for today. to correct lotus is here to explain how this work and he has photographs of little valentine. when >> grant: i d e enough of this video right here. where kron4 visit with valentine earlier. look at the little guy standing up. the owner of that came ford did not want ballantine. and now fremont has balance hybrid --and now fremont has ballantine. >> brittany: a week old. this code was starving. in that ravine but now things are looking up. -- that colt
6:11 pm
when >> grant: >> grant: really, accused of course. ballantine will be recovering for another week of so. >> grant: the city of fremont are interviewing people that are interested in adopting valentine. when >> pam: getting extra cleaning up the bart station but our passengers even noticing? we'll have reaction from them next three weapon >> catherine: video of a
6:12 pm
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6:14 pm
>> catherine: it was not good but could have been so much worse occurred that is what a lot of people are saying after a spectacular crash landing. someone with a camera was just 2 ft. away. >> grant: immediately started rolling derrick a.
6:15 pm
must have seen something going wrong. it happened quickly in real time. posted to you too. pearl harbor, helicopter came down at 10:00 this morning. >>video >> grant: have five people on board and they were also rescued crew defeat the crash and slow motion agreed a 15 year-old boy is in critical condition now stable reported people immediately jumped and the water spirit. >> grant: guys took turns with a knife trying to cut the seat belt of a passenger. one person near the crash explained how it could have been really bad. >> if he would have hit on
6:16 pm
land there were several people there and it would have heard a lot of people. it looked like he was trying to not land on land. >> grant: the helicopter has been identified as bell 2063 the federal has gone to the crash now. >> catherine:bart says its beefed up its cleaning crews after hearing riders complain about dirty stations. that includes teams of overnight janitors scrubbing down the busiest stations.embarcadero, montgomery, powell and civic center. >> catherine:the new staff was hired at the start of the year. kron4's maureen kelly talked to riders to see if they've notived any difference.
6:17 pm
>> reporter:bart stations can really get grim willy. >>what's the grossest thing you've ever seen on bart >>a big rat >> reporter:yikes >>just between the litter and the urine in the stairwells >>it's not the dirtiness that you see it's just unhealthy >> reporter:but because of an increase of ridership.bart says they have more money to pay more workers to sweep up. these pictures show one of bart's new overnight cleaning squad at work mopping and scrubbing >> reporter: bart launched this new effort. >> reporter:but not everyone is noticing. >>i take the stairs every day towers aren't much better so i am delighted to here that they are going to up their game it's desperately needed >> reporter:i walked one set of those eat off them.i have
6:18 pm
to say they didn't stink. >> reporter:this daily bart rider says he has noticed an improvement. >> reporter:especially in some of the dark corners on the platform commonly used a toilet. >>yes it's quite clean and i don't see any debris or litter on the floor >> reporter:but what about the elevator? >> you's really urine-y like pee like you know >> reporter:in pursuit of accuracy.i braved it myself. >> back in here. >>there's a lot of dirty stations, the cars are definatly a lot cleaner >> reporter:bart says they have also beefed up their crews who of the line. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> brittany: dismantlement showers spirit other than that we are seeing dreier conditions. for the next 24
6:19 pm
to 48 hours, more showers are expected for tomorrow. from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. pari >> brittany: an average temperature will remain but we would not want into the weekend our satellite with are showing that most of the rain fought this to the east of our area. we are still dealing with a few light showers near lake tahoe. which is good news if you're headed toward the higher elevations. we have a lot when by tomorrow, we are tracking closer to noon. santa rosa, a moderate conditions.
6:20 pm
6:21 pm
when >> catherine:a war of words is brewing donald trump. >> catherine:the pope - blasting the republican presidential candidate over his pledge to build a wall between the u-s and mexico. >> catherine:cnn's dana bash has the story. return to index of when >> reporter: as usual as it is for the pope to question the christianity of the canada did it? when-- did itcandidtae
6:22 pm
we >> what
6:23 pm
>> catherine:coming up.heavy snow in the with sierra, and more is on the way the areas you'll want to avoid if you're headed up to the mountains. >> catherine:and. we >> catherine:the f-b-i continues to investigate the terror attack in san bernardino. where the investigation led agents today.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> catherine:an avalanche this morning in the tahoe area has alerted a >> catherine:a bus was struck by a wall of snow getting pushed 30- dumped
6:26 pm
almost two-feet of powder across the region. first responders arrived to find the home struck by the bus with some damage.but no one inside was injured. >> catherine:alpine meadows was closed today during the warning of the active avalanche area nearby squaw valley operations were put on hold winds. return to index of >> catherine:driving might get a little easier in the east baythe i-580 express lane will tomorrow. the east bound lane will be open tomrrow and the til monday >> catherine:it will give drivers travelling through dublin, pleasanton and livermore a new way to get to their destination. the express lane is designed incentive to carpoolbecause it's free to those who do. but the drivers need to have a fast trak pass. >> catherine:the express lane represents were a new generation of freeways by making it easier for people to come and go from the freeway. return to
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> reporter: here ever vallejo, fire investigators are trying to figure out what started a deadly fire late wednesday evening. you see the flames coming out of that apartment with a three-alarm fire a baby died. as a result of that fire. we are told that the baby was inside. firefighters showed up and try to get inside, but they could not because the fire was so hot. and
6:30 pm
unfortunately, the baby died. when >> reporter: here and pacifica on thursday morning, crew starts to demolish 320. this is a building that was rid tag back in 2010. --red tagged. falling into the ocean. crews were of able to demolish the building very quickly. the fate of the two buildings next door are still up in the air. and pacifica charles clifford kron 4 news. will >> reporter: we do not want this all knowing information out there. we're here in morgan hill, one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the state department of education says is not her attention to have personal affirmation of school
6:31 pm
children released. the mother of two says the recent court order will force, to provide appropriate services mandated by the law. >> reporter: and morgan hill, rob fladeboe kron 4 news. try >> reporter: to clean up its act, bart is hiring overnight cleanup crews to concentrate on its busiest and dirtiest stations. embarcadero, montgomery street and more. it takes each three-person crews six weeks to clean one station from top to bottom. and because this claim is that that does because this team is dedicated able calling all over again. maureen kelly kron 4 news. --they will clean all over agin.--
6:32 pm
again. >> catherine:the f-b-i is investigating the brother of a san bernardino shooter. coming up. >> catherine:why tech giant, apple, is getting involved. >> catherine: apple has been fighting the government to break into that ponce that it will weekend is over ross securities the center apple ceo since they were not comply. some social and the objectives--executives say they support apple's decision. whether >> brittany: we do have a chance for showers back and the forecast. good with the
6:33 pm
timing, here is three things to know. temperatures in the low 60s. with a cold front moving and. we moving temperatures back to where we should be for this time of year. when we >> brittany: and will >> brittany: high surf advisory warned again by time we get into next week with temperatures returning back into the 70 prepared. >> brittany: really like rain expected. and a closer look to outside with dark conditions what everyone is commuting home on the golden gate bridge. has the picture of where the rainfall is located to the east of our
6:34 pm
area. a few lingering raindrops to the north. and snow showers and a lake tahoe region. as we head into the rest of tonight. the purchase will continue dropping to the mid-50s. >> brittany: overnight, we would get into the low 50s and high forties for it by tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the 50 degrees for napa upper it. we will be in the low 60s pretty much to where we should be for this time of year. taking a closer look at the seven a forecast at the end of the show. >> catherine: we will take you to a home away from home for cancer patients undergoing treatment.
6:35 pm
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lost shipments, lost invoices, lost prospects, lost respect. well-crafted solutions for today's problems in commerce. pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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>> catherine: the e p a says that samples show that new filters are helping to reduce the high lead levels and the water in some households in michigan. -- flint, mi >> catherine: people there are being told to keep using the filters. about water is
6:39 pm
still recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women. also children under 6 years old residence are also being told to keep using bill to water for cooking, drinking and for their pets. >> catherine: some cancer patients have to travel hundreds of miles and pay high prices to get access to treatment. that is why the american cancer society funds what are called hold lots across the country. -- hope lodges >> reporter: when battling cancer patients often have trouble hundreds of miles to get proper treatment. finding a place to stay during treatment can be stressful and costly and that is why the american con--cancer society funds the lot across the country a home away from home for
6:40 pm
cancer patients. all of the lodges offer there is a range of amenities like here in alaska. and what it is absolute free to guests to use the logic they need to bring the caregiver. and there are some response believe that go along with the state. >> reporter: all of the guests have chores, we believe that helps with the environment you are going to have chores at home so why not have them here. there are 31 locations to have hope lodges and each has a small staff and a group of dedicated and train volunteers >> reporter: but the real value of these places cannot be measured. >> the best thing that the whole plot is we get to see lives transformed with hope. the brick and motor ages brick and mortar but when you see a transform part because of the emotional support that we are able to give. but think that is what
6:41 pm
makes my job the best job in the hole while world.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with the sports! >> gary:and the golden state warriors are heading to portland to start the rest of the season with an important 6 game road trip.
6:45 pm
>> gary: though the first half of the season the warriors for practically unbeatable so what better way to test the historic record them with a nine day, six game road trip out to the all-star break. >> best this season. this is how it works. some point you get a break, someplace you are pushed pretty hard. this is a tough stretch for us. >> reporter: tough, but the warriors have endured this one before and is full steam ahead on the pending that a championship and the home for the playoffs. >> i do like the idea of having home court. we haven't lost and over a year
6:46 pm
at home. last year we lost a couple playoff games so we are able to bounce back, when on the road is to have a potential game 7 at home and that is what i think is important. >> mark: more important than chasing seventh three regular-season wins and surpassing 1995-'96 chicago beals best is bolstered staff curry is keeping track, but is not party won. --bulls >> we have all heard what our record needs to be over the next 30 games to win it and what this six gate roll trip means and keeping up with the choice. but we want to keep the momentum we have into a break and try to sustain that. is still a little premature i think. >> mark: because to them
6:47 pm
seventh three wins means nothing without another final trophy in the end. mark carpenter, force fourth. >> gary: warrior center made his first in uniform appearance today in practice since undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his left knee on february 8th. the sixth 11 big men will spend the next four weeks and recovery. and we have before being re-evaluated in mid march. >> gary: rapper and fashion designer conde west compared himself to curry and michael jordan sunday on twitter he pleaded i.m. the jordan and curry of music many eye of the best of two generations.
6:48 pm
>> gary: catherine and i work of batman your show and maybe we thought that we get ludicrous this year or someone. --capra and i were the new year's eve show. >> catherine:i love biggies >> brittany: >> gary: i always cost catherine de grace kelly of the bay area news. and just cursing atomic dog navy laugh. -- and just her saying atomic dog, made me laugh.
6:49 pm
>> it was pretty funny. and, at the same time. and very weird al sole print and the same conversation as michael and, yeah. --and, kanye >> someone did a jersey of michael jordan guarding me but conde space is on both of the shirts. --kanye's (laughter) >> gary: grant has a quick one. >> grant: philadelphia police pleaded out a picture of kanye and a police
6:50 pm
uniform. that's the chicken, work with us and you will be debt free by 31 02. >> gary: that is the great thing about the united states. people do care. >> gary: spring training we have a cover from fought to that. every video and scott phil arizona buster posey is walking and madison bumgarner is president and the new guy just some nausea and johnny is gearing up for the season. -- jeff samard zjia
6:51 pm
>> a lot of fun playing him with a lot of charisma. we have been known for being a little different, the diverse. --being diverse. guys fit in here. so, i think he will be a great fit. >> gary: charles wilson is really cool. jakarta oakland raiders safety has been hired by e s p and as a national football league analyst. woodson has been hired to work as an analyst on sunday countdown and monday night countdown. the 39 year-old three-time all-
6:52 pm
pro is expected to begin the new job in july. >> catherine: lee would be back with the latest-- we will
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> gabe: tech trans reporter gate slate is here and i will tell you who is backing apple and who isn't. and how all of this will affect you iphone the user.
6:55 pm
at 8:00 p.m. >> catherine: a full hour of entertainment news is on the way. at 7:00 it is the insider, followed by entertainment tonight at 730. then we are back with kron 4 news at 8:00. that is before us at 6. stay connected and we will see you at 8. announcer: through sunday
6:56 pm
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"the insider," behind the biggest stories tracking today. >> number one, angelina jolie saying she didn't want kids. >> i thought about adoption, but i wasn't ready to be a mom. >> what was the life-altering moment that changed her mind? >> i wake up as a mom, and i want to be a part of the world in a positive way. >> and "momwives" star big ange dies of throat cancer. and tonight is t.g.i.t. da shaun da ri empire just about came down. >> it looks like you're going to
7:00 pm
clean my carpets. >> the academy awards are just ten days away, and i'm testing hollywood's treatment for flawless red carpe just how far will the stars go for that perfect look? >> eat you're heart out, justin bieber. now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo! >> under pressure. >> it's the last day of new york fashion week, and nicole miller is allowing us to tag along, pulling back the of high stakes fashion. where each stitch can be worth m >> this behind the scenes stuff is always so fascinating. as is our number one story today. let's get right to it. angelina jolie is confessing she never wanted to be a mom. >> it's a very lucky profe to be a part of and i really enjoy it. but if it all went away tomorrow, i would be happy to be home with my children. >> no doubt angelina


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