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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 28, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> reporter: remebering the titchener's. friends and family members. gathering together to pay their respects to shelly and paul titchener. >> reporter:shelly, a brisbane woman, disappeared on a few weeks ago. her husband paul, who jumped to his death, just last week. >> vicki:good evening, i'm vicki liviakis. >> reporter:and i'm j-r stone. it's a story that has rocked the community of brisbane. >> reporter:a dismembered body found in fremont is lasy week. is believed to belong to shelly. but police have not yet confirmed this. >> reporter:paul titchener was being looked at as a person of interest before he took his own life. >> reporter:tonight kron four's scott rates is live in brisbane. where a vigil for the titchener's just wrapped up. scott what is it like out there? >> reporter: with a beard, a very emotional night. people were out here to pick their respects. and provide the
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support for it and if the people of her crying. it was a very powerful moment. and very emotional moment out your credit for short. the deal but you will only see on the community is called here in droves really. they lit candles and try to help. but try to help the two sons' hugh from this. >> reporter:we are waiting for investigators to confirm the identity of a dismembered body found near the dumbarton bridge. >> reporter:it's believed to be that of. shelly titchener. shelly went missing on february 13th. >> reporter: taking his own life on the bay--on the bridge. we will find out more about the two sons that are out here and just helping them heal. the
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visual the last approximately, are around one hour to one hour and a half. just a big thing for the community correct a very tight-knit community and they are trying to help the boys come cope with this. >> reporter:on february 21st a torso was found in fremont. station to interview her husband -- he committed suicide hours later. >> reporter:he had been named a person of interest in the case. then on the 25-th we talked to the man who found the torso and obtained exclusive photos. >> reporter:we'll continue to bring you the latest on air and online. >> vicki: alright, scott. >> reporter:22-year-old stacey aguilar will be laid to rest tomorrow. aguilar was found shot to
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death last week. >> reporter:as kron 4's alecia reid reports, this fundraiser will go towards the young woman's funeral. >>- i feel very sorry for what happen >> reporter:car after car rolled into this parking lot to get washed. there was no fee, only donations supporting stacey aguilar's funeral expenses. >>maria diaz - - everybody has to cooperate for this situation and help the people because they need a lot of help >> reporter:family and friends flagged down drivers on west alma avenue. kristen jauquez saw the sign while driving by, stopped to get her car washed and shared it on social media. >>- i understand trying to raise money in a short amount of time. everybody needs help >> reporter:other drivers also found out about the fundraiser on the internet. >> i saw it on instagram and my car didn't need a wash but it's all about support in times of need >> reporter:aguilar's former employer agave sports bar and grill offered up its parking lot in order for her family to hold the car wash >> you support community in times of need >> reporter:the 22 year old was found shot to death, lying in a ditch a week after she was reported missing. her boyfriend esmid valentine pedraza has been charged with murder. his
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friend donato perez is facing a felony accessory charge for allegedly helping peraza dump the body. aguilar's funeral will be held on monday. reporting in san jose alecia reid kron 4 news. >> vicki:happening tomorrow. the two men charged in connection with the murder of stacey aguilar are due back in court. esmid pedraza is acccused of valentine's day. >> vicki:police say pedraza and his accomplice. donato perez. took aguilar's body from hayward to fremont where they rolled her body down a hill in morrison canyon. police say perez admitted to investigators that he helped wash the blood out the car and dispose of aguilar's belongings. >> reporter:tonight, richmond police are still searching for a suspect who shot at an s-u-v driving along interstate-80. causing the vehilce to crash, killing the driver. >> reporter:it happened yesterday morning around one. near hilltop drive. police say an unknown vehicle drove alongside a jeep. and fired severl rounds into it. >> reporter:the jeep then drifted across embankment, overturning several times. the driver, a 40-year-old man, was ejected from the vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter:investigators believe the shooter targeted the victim.this is just one of a series of shooting that
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have occurred along interstate 80 since november. >> reporter:a second autopsy of a guatemalan immigrant who was shot dead by san francisco police last year. appears to contradict officials' initial claims about the shooting. >> reporter:the autopsy report shows. that 21-year- old amilcar perez-lopez was shot four times in the back. mirroring the findings of an independent autopsy last april. >> reporter:police initally reported that perez-lopez lunged at officers with a knife when they shot him. san francisco police declined to comment on the case because of pending litigation. >> vicki:property crimes in hillsborough, police say since the start of the year, investigators say there's been a noticable uptick in the usually peaceful and alluent penninsula town. >> vicki:and, tonight, kron four's philippe djegal reports on the latest burglary investigation. >> "thank goodness they saw me and ran away, because they might have seen me and something."
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>> reporter:35 years in thisand, sid rosenberg says he's never been burglarized. but saturday afternoon -- he came awfully close. >> "i was kind of scared." >> reporter:walking from one end of the house to the other, as rosenberg passed by the courtyard, he noticed two men casing his milford avenue home. >> reporter:when all three men made eye contact, rosenberg says the trespassers ran off. >>"and, then my wife saw them jump over this big fence." >> reporter:rosenberg called police shortly after. >> "while we were on scene investigating that particular call, about five to ten minutes later, about five blocks away from there, we received another report of a burglary on de sabla." >> reporter:hillsborough police captain doug davis says investigators believe the men seen at rosengberg's house committed the burglary on de sabla road. >> reporter:possibly because it was an easier target. the homes on milford are all gated off. >> reporter:but you can easily walk up to the doors on de sabla. >>"the description we have is fairly vague. they're tall, about six feet tall, slender in build, athletic wear and hoodies, possibly described as hispanic males."
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>> reporter:dating back to november 2014. captain davis says his department has seen a steady increase in property crimes. >> "and, why is that? well, there's a lot of reasons, one of them could be the passage of proposition 47 which, uh, made some felonies now a misdemeanor and the exposure for doing crimes less." >> reporter:rosenberg says he'll continue living life as he has, though now with a closer on the people passing through the neighborhood. >> reporter:and, so will police. >> "we've increased the amount of patrol activity, including some of our unmarked units." >> "i was a little surprised that this was during the day and also because i don't think we have anything valuable to steal." in hillsborough, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> reporter:a dangerous rescue along a cliff side in fort funston national park in san francisco today. firefighters rescued a dog stranded about 30 feet from the top of the cliff at fort funston. >> reporter:it was unclear whether the pooch was injured and how he got stuck. >> reporter:north in solano county, a 53-year old suisun city man is in custody for
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the alledged sexual abuse of a minor, years ago. >> reporter:suspect joseph felix is facing multiple charges. police believe the sexual abbuse occurred sometime between 2004 and 2009. >> reporter:suisun authorities were led to felix by a complaint of continuous sexual assault abuse against a minor, who was under 14 years of age at the time of the alledged assaults. >> vicki:a vallejo man is still in jail tonight on drug charges after alledgedly trying to from his car during a police chase wednesday.the driver is identified as 42 year old bernard hicks of vallejo. he's in custody on suspicion of possing drugs for sale and with evading police. >> vicki:when highway patrol officers found the bag tossed from his car, there was a half-pound of powered cocaine and 5-ounces of crack cocaine inside. >> vicki:the highway patrol had chased the car from
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vacaville through sacramento county before the susect was finally apprehended. >> reporter:it was a beautiful weekend. brian van aken joins us now. >> reporter:brian, what can we expect this evening and for tomorrow morning's commute? >> reporter: not really. we may have a new system coming up that will change things next weekend. warmer weather is on the way monday and tuesday. there is a chance for a few showers late wednesday night into thursday morning. a wet weather pattern is developing for next weekend. >> reporter: but does will go up to the upper 60s and 770. it will get more tomorrow. --70's >> reporter: the clouds are now producing think in the wake of rain showers. this one here, will give your tuesday evening. it looks like all of it will stay north to the bay area and there may be a few showers that will equip no. sonoma
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county. like at the bay bridge. sunday night. monday and to think things will warm up with a light offshore wind and sun shine in the '70s. >> reporter: some light rain possible, it will stay cooler and then a major pattern change as we get into the weekend. i will tell you more about that coming up in just a little bit. mickey?--vivki? >> vicki:happening tomorrow. >> vicki:the alameda renters coalition is filing an intiative. for inclusion on the november ballot. in response to a crisis of mass evictions and average rent increases of more than 50- percent. >> vicki:the group says its doing it to "enact a firm set of laws to stabilize the community and protect renters from greedy investors." city officials have deliberated over the rental
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crisis for three years. ordinance the coalition says falls far short of what's >> vicki:the group will file the intiative at city hall >> vicki:let's talk warriors and their historic night last night. >> reporter:vicki when this game ended i think you could hear the roars across the country. bay area. >> reporter:stephen curry had a huge night as the warriors won their 53rd game. you're looking at some of the three point shots he hit last night. in total he had 12 three pointers including the game winner in overtime. the warriors beat oklahoma city 121 to 118. he now has the single season record when it comes to three point shots. beating his old record last year and the year before. he tied two other players for most three pointers in a 53 and 5 on the season. here is steph curry after the >> we have a good rhythm. i had confidence all night. >> reporter: we will certainly have more exports night live tonight at 9:00.
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>> vicki: they are good as gold. >> vicki: giving us a lot of excitement to react! >> vicki:coming up at eight. we are now less than 48 hours away from super tuesday when people in more than a dozen states will vote in primaries. the latest on the >> reporter:also.berkeley animal rights activists put themselves in cages outside of safeway and trader joe's stores today. we'll tell you why after the break. >> vicki:and it was a busy night at nominated movies had bay area connections. we'll show the show. pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment
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is our partnership with habitat for humanity. our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california.
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>> vicki:more than a dozen states and territories will hold primaries on super tuesdaythe biggest contest thus far in the 2016
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election season. >> vicki:steve nannes reports. >> reporter:hillary clinton is far ahead of bernie sanders in three key states. that are voting on super tuesday. that's according to a new poll that came out today by the wall-street journal. >> reporter:it shows clinton leading by about two-to-one margins in texas, georgia and tennessee. those three are among eleven states holding their races this tuesday. >> reporter:clinton is going into the contest with two back-to-back victories behind her. that includes her huge win in the south carolina primary yesterday. >> reporter: so much a bernie sanders skipped and moved on to texas and minnesota. >> i need your help today after the general election. because i cannot do it alone. (cheers & applause) >> reporter: donald trump is confident that he will
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sweep. but the ohio governor believes that a strong showing will provide the boost he meets. >> i believe trump will we and all of them. but we will hold our own and some of these places and it will change the race and our ability to win in ohio. >> our campaign is the only campaign that is able to beat trot. we want to stop destroying thrift and the only way to do so if to be tacked on super tuesday. -- beat this trump train. thoth thing
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>> reporter:a sunny day here in the bay. brian when is our next chance we could see some showers? >> reporter:warmer weather is on the way monday and tuesday. there is a chance for a few showers late wednesday night into thursday morning. a wet weather pattern is developing for next weekend. >> reporter: you do not have to be a scientist to know this that there has not been too much rain this month. one of our westmont of this year was 1998 a benchmark for el nino. happening between 10 to 20 in. of rain showers. in february of 1998. although, it has not been the pace for this year. less than an inch every where. that is really taking a toll on the drought. and see the percentage is dropping. >> reporter: nile below 100 across the board. we do have a better chance coming next
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weekend. but when we are getting into. where it may be too late. on the tail end of the system for it even if we have a wide margin may not be enough to really get us back up to where we need to be. for your week day tomorrow, february 29th. we are starting off with a lot of sunshine a. here is future test at midnight tonight with a storm out and the pacific. it looks like it will stay to the north. there is the increasing clout north of debate. but, look where been rain showers are at. some of the shower is have to get closer to us by tuesday. tuesday afternoon there will be some rain showers or around the globe. >> reporter: around eureka.
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>> reporter: low to mid '70's. at mid to upper seventies here in the east bay. and by the bait. san francisco in the '70s as well. and upper 60s at the beach with sunshine and that will talk more about the system that may change our weather pattern. >> reporter:also happening today. >> reporter:animal rights acitivists protested at safeway and trader-joe's stores in bring attention to the treatment of egg-laying hens. >> reporter:they placed themselves inside makeshift cages. activists are targetting the stores for using eggs from supplier "j-s-west." >> reporter:they went undercover at a j-s-west held hens in confinement.despite the egg suppliers' claims that it uses only humane-certified egg-laying hens. >> reporter:activist sapphire fein says it was horrifying what they found. >> 'was pitch black inside.
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>> reporter:fein's group " direct action everywhere" wants safeway and trader joe's to stop buying eggs from j-s -west.and they want state regulators to end the company's confinementof egg- laying hens.which the activists call animal abuse. >> vicki:next.on kron 4 news at 8.the chinese new year celebration's continued this morning in san francisco. we'll take you to the y-m- c- >> stanley: coming up we talk to some of the drivers caught speeding street and ran county in the next segment of people behaving badly!
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>> j.r.: the chinese lunar new year celebration continues in san francisco. more than 15-hundred people
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took part in this year's y- m-c-a chinese new year run for the kids. kron four's averi harper brings us the story. >> reporter: the hundreds of runners took off in chinatown all to celebrate the year of the maquis. -- monkey. >> reporter: rates was complete with a cultural dances. everyone was doing it for a good cost three-- cause >> can donate money to be why am see a to all of the kits. --ymca for all of the kids >> it is willing fun to ride it and get it over with. >> reporter: avery harper crime for news. --kron4news
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>> vicki:coming up at 8:30.huge deals coming at a bay area department store. one that's offering one-cent deals. we'll tell you where and when this is happening. and we'll take you to the oscars where it wasn't all about the outfits and the movies. we'll show you the protesters who showed up at
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>> j.r.:third time was not the charm for the private space company space-x. the company called off the launch of its falcon-nine rocket tonight. >> j.r.:there have been two
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similar cancellations in recent days. space-x says on its website that the rocket and its payload are fine. but it is not saying why the launch was scrubbed. again. >> j.r.:space-x.based in hawthorne california. is the brain-child of tesla electric car founder elon musk. >> j.r.:the aborted rocket was carrying a satellite that would bring internet and phone access to millions of people in asia. >> vicki:still ahead.we're talking oscars this evening. several movies with bay area links up for nominations. kate cagle will tell you how those films did. >> j.r.:also.bay area native james franco was in his hometown to receive a special award. vicki was actually there with him. her take an interview with franco up next. >> vicki:and a michigan man is reunited with his family after 20 years. the touching story later in this broadcast.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> j.r.: this is hollywood's
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biggest night. several films nominated for an academy award. there has tides to our area. >> j.r.: >> vicki: cake is here to to join us for an update. kate is things like you are on abrupt?--it seems like you are out of breath. >> reporter: are still waiting to get to the big ones so they are still hope for some of our great movies that are tied to the bay area. >> reporter: are still waiting to hear more of them. a first cup we are waiting to hear about lorestan, she is a big one to watch. for best actress. --we are waiting to hear
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from marston. she is more to watch. >> reporter: money for best supporting actor and bridge of spies. he is from the bay area, but his brother is a employee in berkeley restaurant brit hume may want to give him a shot out. --you may want to give him a shot out. >> vicki: we will have more apple and of our broadcast. in uk. --thank you. >> j.r.:as expected there were protests near the oscar
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ceremony this evening.over actor nominees in the coveted top categories. this year. >> j.r.:protestors were kept at a distance from the oscar red carpet. converging instead on the corner of sunset boulevard and highland avenue.a route traveled by many oscar attendees and media. >> j.r.:the rallies are organized by civil right actiivsts.rev. al sharpton. he says the demonstrations will continue tomorrow infront of the motion picture academy and in five other cities. >>"and i'll be announcing there that we are now going at advertisers saying, 'you couldn't break your contracts this year, but we don't want you to sign up anymore to advertise at the academy awards until they have diversified and included the academy and until we get some power in these studios. otherwise we will boycott.'" >> j.r.:sharpton is calling this "the white oscars".as can be seen in this group photo shoot before tonight's ceremony. his demonstrations are planned to continue tomorrow in washington d-c, new york, atlanta, detroit and cleveland. >> vicki:while the oscars are going on in hollywood - cinequest film festival is kicking off here in the bay area. and today, actor james franco - who by the way is from the peninsula - shared
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his experiences on camera and behind it. and even his days in a soap opera. >> going general hospital are was nominated for an oscar. -- during general hospital. >> vicki: heap was joined by creators of virtual reality. and movie makers. >>.clash of perceived high culture >> vicki:you may remember james franco actually hosted the oscars back in 2011 along with ann hathaway. today franco was joined by experts in virtual reality and cellphones - talking
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about the future of movie experiences. cinequest runs for the next few weeks in san jose. >> j.r.:in a previous edition of people behaving badly, our stanley roberts highlighted the c-h-p s speed team, well now he talked to some of the people caught speeding. and of course with stanley, there is no such thing as an ordinary conversation. >> i do not know it your equipment was working or if i was really going 83. >> stanley: the chp officer was on a mountain bike. >> stanley: i have other drivers with how fast the board only and what they had to say. --with how fast they were going. >> exit the freeway.
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>> we are doing a expedient enforcement on that bridge. . >> do you need a release? if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, you can e-mail us at m a note (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: know i did not mail. i do is that net for people behaving badly. have you ever heard of it? >> now i have not read and and now i am on that? >> what is out with the camera?-- what is up >> i do that think we want to be filled. --filmed
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>> stanley: no one wants to be filmed. >> am i going to be famous? >> hi mom. >> stanley: and moorland county, stanley roberts news. >> vicki:the widow of former beatle john lennon lands in the hospital. how she's doing tonight. >> brian: we have seen a lot of clout over the bay area for today. but sunshine is on its way.
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>> vicki:3 p.m. picket by california state university faculty members to voice concerns about stalled contract talks as csu chancellor timothy white >> vicki:visits the campus as part of a listening tour. note: at 3:30 p.m., many of the faculty members will attend the listening session. >> vicki:outside the main entrance to the new university union, csu east bay, 25800 carlos bee blvd., hayward >> vicki:preparations are underway for a five -day strike by the california faculty association. the union that represents faculty, counselors, librarians and state campuses. >> vicki:the faculty association is seeking a 5- percent salary increase. the university is offering 2 - percent. such a walkout would be by far the largest. since system-wide collective bargaining began in the early 1980s. >> vicki:the union's leaders voted over the weekend for a walk-out in april. .unless cal state administrators make a better contract offer before then.
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>> vicki:looks like another beautiful week ahead. brian what can we expect this week? returnwarmer weather is on the way monday and tuesday. there is a chance for a few showers late wednesday night into thursday morning. a wet weather pattern is developing for next weekend. >> brian: this is kind of what the sky looks like in a painting with the high clouds out there this evening and afternoon. corn from high clout to low clouds. --we are going from high clouds too low clouds. >> brian: we have the coastal clouds spreading throughout the bay tomorrow morning. but they should clear out with the offshore. about noon, it should be sunny in most places. after the afternoon, high- temperature risc from around 2 and 230 in that ballpark.
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>> brian: will start out today. in the upper '40's and low 50s with these temperatures and bowls. happening all across some rise in the 7:00 a.m.. and getting toward the afternoon, look for 70 n d north barry. it will remain warm for tuesday and wednesday. >> brian: for monday a lot of fun in the aftermath. , tuesday card clouds in the afternoon and it should be a few showers at the normal- judge in the northern part of sonoma county. >> brian: clouds will increase wednesday evening drinking a chance for white plains and thursday morning. fairly insignificant with a break on friday--with a
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chance for light showers. >> vicki: >> j.r.:today is the 25th anniversary of the persian gulf war coming to an end. >> j.r.:the initial assault was described by the bush white house as "shock and awe". >> j.r.:operation "desert storm" pushed saddam hussein's forces out of kuwait. the ground battle expelled the iraquis in four days, following weeks of heavy airstrikes. >> j.r.:383 americans died in the gulf war. the american assault ended on february 28, 19-91. and cease-fire. even today, some veterans groups are unhappy the defense department has never held a ceremony to mark the anniversary. >> vicki:artist and peace activist yoko ono is back home. after her son says she spent a night in the hospital with83-year-old ono is the widow of former beatle john lennon.
8:43 pm
>> vicki:publicist elliot mintz says ono was hospitalized in new york friday with --quote-- "extreme flu-like symptoms."he denied media reports that she suffered a stroke. >> vicki:ono has won two grammy awards. she has an exhibit this month in mexico city's memory and tolerance museum. >> vicki:"land of hope" is an interactive exhibit promoting peace. promoting peace. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> j.r.: >> vicki:it's not being called a bubble pop but silicon valley is entering a slow down. layoffs are happening and many more are expected throughout the year. our tech trends reporter gabe slate takes a look at what tech workers and students getting ready to enter the tech sector need
8:46 pm
>> the-it's still pretty good. --the hiring is still pretty good. >> reporter: i've found that surprising to reduce legal we your way off we hear is a doomed and bone. >> reporter: i asked her to explain. and she breaks the down with a lot of light of this does not necessarily mean a bubble burst. -- a lot of lay off's >> a lot of companies are using-the at the same time as the lay off. it is
8:47 pm
usually the charm. that has been happening. companies like all those with obsolete skills and surge in the marketplace with more up-to- date skills. >> reporter: 4 tech workers that are skewed for now it will be easier for tim testers easier for them to get a job during the tet slowdown. >> reporter: bay should still up. where there is less competition. >> reporter: they should speak--skill up . >> what is not such a great
8:48 pm
news is if you are young and on experience and do not have a lot of high-tech it will be harder. harder in the future and that it was in the past. especially in this industry right now. you have to look at these companies right now. personally, i will go towards the most established company right now. one that is turning a profit. >> vicki:for more advice on how to keep your tech job or how to get a new tech job if you have been laid off. you can visit our website and check out gabe's tech page. it's all at kron 4 dot com or on our mobile app. >> vicki:and if you'd like to connect with gabe slate. you can add him on facebook, follow him on twitter. or email - slate-at-kron4- dot-com. >> j.r.:a selfie stick that
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hold a full size mac. >> j.r.: it allows you to do face time the deal calls for still photos. >> vicki:oscar-winners weren't the only movies on fans' minds this weekend, as plenty ofdavid daniel looks at box office estimates for the top >> reporter: the underdog olympics store it made $6.3 million. --story. >> reporter: after a third- place we can't work $9 million account to panda. -- kung fu panda
8:50 pm
>> reporter: nothing came close to something-as stopping dead pool from reaching no. 9. --#one1 >> vicki: happening now. >> j.r.:j-c penney is living up to its name with its newest campaign. the retailer says it is now offering certain items in its private label collections for just one cent. >> j.r.:the "penney days" promotion kicked off today. and will offer customers an arizona-branded item at full-price and a second arizona item for a penny. >> j.r.:the campaign runs all year with j-c penney rolling out other items for a penny throughout the year. >> vicki:reunited after 20
8:51 pm
years. a michigan man, who was adopted, determined to find his family. and it turns out. they were looking for him too. >> vicki:nick caloway brings us the emotional reunion. >> 20 years it's a long time for you not to know someone. >> looked for 20 years there was not a day that went by that i did not think about him. (crying) >> reporter: michael met his biological family last year. including his little sister. he then moved closer to be closer to them. but he had not met his older brother anthony, who was serving overseas and the marines.
8:52 pm
>> reporter: michael was there waiting to meet his long-lost brother when date greet him home. --when they greeted him home >> my family is back together again. (cheers & applause) >> vicki:you can't talk about the warriors enough. after the break - a sneak peak at sports night live - with a dash of curry. (laughter)
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>> j.r.: this is what she gets when she goes to be oscar parties all day. >> j.r.: currie, bret harte! all day. him three weeks last night. the fees in total, he beat his last couple of records. on show tonight will consist of a lot of currie. and more cruelly. --more currie!
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>> j.r.: you get the sports report with mark carpenter and myself in the studio. to see how we match up. with what we call, the kronbine. >> j.r.: it will go to the levels to see how we compare. not everything in the news is harsh. >> vicki: leon not grow the crop will still after all these years received an oscar. --leonardo dicarpio >> brian: like to thank my mom and all of the little people. (laughter) >> vicki:that's it for the
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kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then.
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