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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 29, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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e prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. perhaps trent
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>> darya: it is foggy for a bit of the bay area. i'll talk up warm temperatures/ >> mark: we're waking up to a foggy start this morning. >> darya: there's fog everywhere everywhere you drive. it is foggy and fit everywhere. perhaps >> reporter: we had some
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accidents on fremont and also on the next on the nimitz. >> anny: is the and foggy morning long. it will impact the commute. this is a forecast. there'll be patchy dense fog and the temperatures will be gently in the fifties by o'clock. by noon we will have most acidic conditions. as the day goes by ralph temperatures in the '60s. when your going after school will be a nice afternoon. all
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hallow's to mid-70s. will look for a while to warm conditions. here is the visibility report. it is dropping to 10 mi. of visibility three jets and a word. also have some befog here and is and as i. the visibility is just a mile over here. fairfield has dropped it is as 5 mi. visibility. or tracking the fog and also a warm temperatures. get ready for some rain will talk of the later. >> robin: we're looking at some cockier. the chp has fogged advisory. the funny a tie for
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your trip for you commute built- in 2025 minutes to get from oakland to san francisco. it will take 25 minutes unstraps on the nimitz from the east bay to the peninsula. the bridge is deftly pack right now. austin drive times going back. >> james: a woman killed was on any stay on valentine's day and she's been putting the rest. her boyfriend out in court. >> tran: kron 4 is the top of the story to give you the latest details. on friday he did not enter pleas court. his video
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from a court appearance. hopefully at that time he will place of plea. he and his friend were a house party in some their cues specifically of killing his lack a large. they put her body in fremont general motors area. did not press is also been charged as an accessory he admitted to stuffing her e-mail her credit card and other things. we do expect cs jaguars france to be in court today also. it is a very emotional time for the family. yesterday's fifth jaguars france want to
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raise enough money for fuel. her mother that is so mexico cannot be there. they cannot afford to fly rover. but >> james: this morning police are looking for art judges and the suicide. they had a candlelight vigil for the victims. harassment to about the bay bridge after being a person being a person of interest in the disappearance of mr.. it's highly lead to the case until it is your. they have not yet identified the bodies or the
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that is and found. we'll have more from asian and a website. we also interview politicians we spoke about this missing wife before committed suicide. >> darya: there's been another shooting on the east bay. eight gunmen is a list this time he was deadly. it happened on saturday police are investigating. correct >> reporter: i meant the interest here to with betty. police officials are investigating the shooting that happened in this area. the latest left one man dead. it
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happened around 1:00 a.m. on saturday. police say i jeep driving westbound near their hilltop would and you car pulled up by the jeep and shot the driver. it made the driver lose control and crash ejected the driver and his and pronounced dead at the same. we have had several shootings that at the very similar locations. we had a chance dr. rieders. they are very worried about the shootings there been seven of the. >>: i'll is the ground by surroundings. coincidentally be careful.
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>>: there been seven and four months that is what they said. i would keep an eye and for myself and the people around me . if somebody suspicious say something. >> reporter: they believe the victim was targeted. they still of the public's health. if you have heard anything please call police. godard >> darya: the door one if the trend in. >> reporter: the chp does not believe any of the shootings are connected. they believe that the person who was shot on saturday
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morning was targeted. but they do not know for connect to the other sex. gains good chips five good games >> james: klan members were arrested the day during the protest. his 51 year-old charles donner was arrested on suspicion of assault a deadly weapon. also arrested stickout protesters were charge of assault also. there dryness to see who was at fault taking members are the ones protesting against a. >> darya: a painting of white whites-only was a pentagon and a hispanic neighborhood saying whites only.
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>>: i thought this was going to be a great day and i saw the whites only sign. good art >> darya: please send a suspect . >> james: a group is trying to protect people against greedy investors. they have deliberated over there with the crisis over the past three years. the coalition says what protection that is in place falls well short. >> darya: students can be expelled for 16 this according to a law that is trying to pass in the state.l some makers say that this will help teenagers
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avoid a 60 which can lead to a fireball would. >> james: the broadcasters cannot contain peronist excitement. the game-winning shot in overtime from staff curry. it happened against the thunder. in the and the staff pulled out to win. he sealed the deal and the warriors clinched a playoff spot. curry is now holding the season record is also tied to the record for most three-pointers and again. >> darya: the warriors fell 53 and 5 on the season. we'll talk
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about that. we'll talk about how steps father was celebrating. we have also kind of stuff to talk about sports with. >> james: weaver also falling this story to striking cars. >> darya: speaking of the oscars will have a report on that. there is little. we'll have a complete wrapup of the night. >> james: is a story of something disgusting is a top if you have kids you'll want to see the story. we'll have that we come back.
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>> james: is a live look at pre locations outside. they all tell the same with the story. there's been heavy fog today. it looks like you'll be out there for the rest of the morning commute. >> darya: the fog is that your use in some spots. >> reporter: san mateo bridge has been foggy all morning
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long. they're a lot of drivers of this morning. we have opened it down to 10 mi. visibility. here is zero 1 mi. visibility and that the. it looks like the fog is getting thicker out there specially the last 30 minutes. we're seeing fog for good portion of the bay area. racine the fog gets thicker than a little more widespread. we will keep our eyes on the locations. the fog will start to clear out. it will stick out for much of the morning commute.
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after 10 will have mostly sunny conditions. the rest they will be very nice the temperatures will be mild. it's a little clout there were in the 50's are now. >> reporter: hear these bay shore highs for the day. we of low seventies and a word. if you're in the endless plot to a generally be in the '70s. address to the bay area the south bay was a lot of los '70s . san francisco will have a nice day. we're talking low seventies and center fell also. there's a
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star tracker for crop forecast. boc said will showers on thursday. friday looks dry. the weekend we are looking at crane elite three impressive. we have high winds coming in. after that for the next couple weeks will achaean some pretty impressive antonio storm's coming your way. almost every day there will be a chance for rain. for now you want a plan had. mib pretty impressive/but let's talk about traffic and. >> reporter: hear the hot spots
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. we start of the state there is a la red and yellow on a screen . 30 minutes from hercules to berkeley. here is 31 minutes from wall not creak to concord. there's a lot deal here and won a one is pretty sluggish. it'll be from capitol expressway analyst b. sloan go here at westbound to 37 out of milpitas . i'll be checking the bay bridge when we come back. we have antifog advisory's today. >> darya: we're talking about the oscars. the think chris rock
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succeeded? >> james: chris rock did not disappoint. correct >>: the oscar goes to leave and not the capriole >> reporter: we and our capra's filing an oscar winner after 22 years. larsen won best actress for her role room. chris rock kicked a bushel to dig at the academy. >>: if the academy now the host i would like to stop. >> reporter: it also won last
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year for best director. >>: this boy's this award hopefully go solid to the vatican. >> reporter: next jury won six oscars more than any other film nominated. >>: lady got gospel show even though she did not win. >> darya: inside out one best animated picture. spoken but
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will grow with five different voices and. >> james: preston obama will award the highest military to ever buyers. there you see him he will be the 11th service member to win the award. he took part in the rescue of dr. photos and also his driver. during the rescue buyers through himself on top of the doctor. at the same time to guard against a wall. the beginning that honor. >> darya: property crimes and hillsborough on the rice. the robberies over the weekend. a homeowner looks don't see too menacing the case in their
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home. a cacophony call the cops. the cops also got a not a call about another break which was five blocks away. they believe the demand was the rosenbergs' house was going to the other person's house after. their car >>: the letter raises a capacitor proposition 47. good art >> darya: officers increased patrols in that area. >> james: governors seiders aide to michigan knew that there is something wrong with you water conditions in flint michigan. the mail exchange was
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taking place at once success after flints started using its own water. there's also the most the spokesperson says the eagles were primarily showing concern godard >> darya: for students are facing charges for spiking a teacher's drink with four crushed peppers. the teacher suffered a sore throat and stomach pain and loss of shortness of breath that add the peppers and. one of the children said that there were to throw paint on that teachers car after she said one of them to the. press the >> james: is a warning for
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those who are part get the parts asian thieves are targeting the catalytic converters. they beat sold as scrap metal up as of $2,000 on the black market. police said they have stepped up patrols. deceasing suspiciously like. >> darya: here's a new pricings for disneyland. we'll tell you how they're increasing the prices. there may be a major development in the bill cosby case against a fashion model.
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>> james: test without the expense of to put it is the lead is about to get more expensive. they will increase prices if you're putting a good spring break. the peak periods will be charging more. there will be
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doing a charge is depending on the five-year. they have value monday and thursday will schools are in recession will be $95 to attend. for most weekends and it's under five. then on demand pt prices will be on a $24 lb spring break for the july dizzy hopes this will spread out visitation. >> darya: this is stirabout help on this because. parents are warning about this they found mold in the cup. it is reported that a nationwide problem. it is
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called tommy to be. this mother has 15 months old twins didn't get these for a long time. was and tell her husband read both going on the fumbled. that concern for the children's help. any any any >> reporter: we are reporting delays here. to the fog we are extremely this place. have the report on this and also the storms that will be heading into the bay area.
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>> darya: here's the approach of the bay bridge. it is a look better. rebecca's when giving a report. you cannot see the golden gate bridge their. >> james: it was fine at the spade a which get to the bridges that is where it's foggy. >> reporter: chp still has fog advisory's. and the any
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>> reporter: is very foggy here in downtown 7 cisco. here's a quick check the forecast. by a clock will be in the '50s. it is patchy most locations. we'll be seeing mostly sunny skies later today. bill before a mile for the lunch hour and after-school temperatures will be in the mid- 70s. these are the warmest tortures. here's a look
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divisibility. it is quite tense and oakland. there is your visibility below month. here you're looking clear skies. it is also foggy mountain view. in settles' say in the south bay it is foggy. the vote here we see little bit of improvement. i will talk all the storms of his way. one of the storms belt affect us in two weeks it looks pretty impressive. we will hopefully get some much needed any of storms coming your way. >> reporter: the news of the law better each day. a bridge toll plaza still pretty heavy here.
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there is a foggy advisory from chp. it will be like this for a missile launcher. it takes 40 minutes to get a downtown san francisco. san mateo bridge is very much slower. there's a lot of fog fog of my trees have been issued for everything around the bay area. >> james: muir talking politics out. this time tomorrow we of voters making their choice on the republican and democrat dominies and more than a dozen states. they are reporting out on the tennis final push. >> reporter: republican
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presidential candidates turn up the insults. donald trump is taking criticism of whether he would you disavow his support of kkk leader david duke. trump point out that and said that he did not know who david duke is. rivals more real and >> mark: are trying to double jump >>: donald trump as a nominee means the real problems and we lose. >> reporter: the other candidates also insult the donald trump. for the democrats
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are slim or cordial tone. hillary clinton is a bigger tax for the gop. >>: we need to make america great again america never stopping great. >> james: some faculty members will be picketing at the hayward campus against the chance to visit. faculty association is seeking a salary interest increase. if the delta made the association has called for friday strike. they will walk out of all 23 campuses. >> darya: a woman is behind
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bars and was accused of killing a man. he was changing a tire. investigators say there is often a police driver saw the chevy malibu and appear the driver was drunk and saw the driver crashed into the car that was stopped on the shoulder and that's what struck and killed the 20 romains. he was checking as tire. the rebel the track down the women and arrest her. >> james: a. set an autopsy of a guatemalan immigrant that shot last year appears to contradict initial claims about shooting. the autopsy shows of the 21 will and accord was shot four times in the back. the police said they were launched at. it doesn't explain how the murder
7:38 am
was shot the back. please do not come. >> darya: barry activists are trying to bring this to the attention of a glance. to do this they put themselves in cages and to protest the exit bmews. they say when undercover and oil facilities and sao that the supplier holds the chickens in confinement while the duke while the producer says that they do not. >>: we we had problems breathing in there we sat in their hands in very bad conditions. but eric >> darya: kron 4 is looking into
7:39 am
this and then respond to. >> james: a judge is looking into into dismissing the suit against bill cosby. they say that she's been giving differing accounts of what happened. dickenson sued cause be made for his claims. when a country's attorney say that brander basically as a liar. >> darya: the number of people that are caught and that the taxpayer is larger than the thought. cyber criminals stole tax forms last friday the
7:40 am
admitted that the seven and 20,000 taxpayers whether information compromised starting this week the agency to will warn taxpayers about this. the offer free credit protection to these victims. >> james: is a check of the market this morning. we're still down there is no real commitment by investors. it is down 23. . >> darya: the university of virginia student has been detained no. 3 for too much speaks out for the first time. he can test a hostile act of trying to still battering that included a political statement at a p'yongyang hotel. he gave an emotional plea at a news conference. teleconference was
7:41 am
held at his request but is the clear if any of this was coerced or not. it alleged that he was encouraged my university to do this. >> james: will introduce you to and shaking your head. some in the nba think this reply is to close staff curries' beijing to be shot from a downtown. will have terry's opinion i'm moving back to 3.9.
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tim's >> james: sylvie's quintile new level. you couldn't chapel full- size mac book to make a self. and i sure why you wanted this but there you have it. >> anny: we are tracking the
7:45 am
fog near the bridges very foggy . we'll also talk of storms could affect the bay area.
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>>: was shot by curried the 62nd. >> darya: it was spectacular. i'll keep it rolling this is soap per asian that don't normally see. wryneck >> radnich: i. this the desecration of seen yet with curry and the warriors. bolting was great and curry finished off.
7:48 am
>> darya: the thunder played their hearts out. the win was stolen by that spectacular play. >> radnich: i was with a friend with the city college coach been severed his co. you're all set to go and some of the warrior for double points. if a dissuaded a couple minutes with a negative to the second half of their game and watch the whole thing we rely for the and again. >> darya: it's not the same type of bank promises to get roles think about it find. >> radnich: i don't think we've
7:49 am
ever seen a show like this and a year history we have had montana and bonds but nothing like this before. >> darya: the talk about moving the three-point line back i do not see the point is. >> radnich: i've heard about its credibility sending that. >> darya: >> mark: cuban thinks it will bring more drive space in a better. >> darya: they should bring back quite a bit is what you and once. >> radnich: you my limit the mid-range to appoint as people like curry would not really affect.
7:50 am
>> darya: this is the earliest clinch ever by a team the nba. but is no surprise. >> radnich: is a great shock to remember. it gives a good team and require. barry bonds italy, 34 minutes but with the warriors their out there the whole time. it is individual excitement the pre brinks. >> darya: we talk to the athlete of and watch. karen rogers also with the oscars and he was second fiddle to his girlfriend
7:51 am
. you could see him walking down the red carpet they're walking down the carpet with bolivia. he was stopped with nothing to do. >> radnich: taken into the football stadium at who gets photographed more. >> darya: he was ok to play second fiddle with them and it was adorable. >> radnich: chris rock did a good job taken out and was a very long three hours. i thought rock carried the whole thing.
7:52 am
>>: i want to reach your pockets at what you to buy some of my daughter's girl scout cookies. our agenda denied he bought from cookies? but >> darya: everybody wave their bills and the very need $65,000. you can see the money being handed over. you don't ask for change when you do that. it
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was legitimate. i will pose something really funny and face but that we cannot get to. check me after the break on face.
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>> james: you watch the oscars right. this is for the iraqis they celebrate the supreme underachieve and in some. 50 shades of gray receive five draftees including worst picture. and worst actress actors but also one that. other browsers. chevy chase and also in hot tub at a time machine to. godard >> darya: tadpole the efforts by some box office in the movie.
7:57 am
the new movie got to be chipper debuted in second place. beetle physician fifth. i did not like dead pool i do not like super her movies there was a problem but why did not like. will be tracking the fog coming up next hour. >> james: is widespread befog. presidents of canada are making a final push with a wicked jabs of their making. the top story is the keyword murder suspect we back in court will have a live look when we come back.;
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this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news begins now:
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>>anny h: 10 of the golden gate bridge the bay bridge looking a little bit better and the clock for the last hour for a good portion of the bay area by lunchtime will see more sunshine as a fog the score by then to the judge will be in the upper 60s.
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>>reporter: the heavy fog is still there the fog and visor is issued by the chp. will t: the sand to also from back to the courthouse today there in court on friday he is
8:04 am
accused of killing 22 year-old stacy a house party on february 13th it was arrested a short time later on related charges with the did the investigation in the connected him to her murder another person who was arrested at his friends there will also in court on friday would he's been charged her mom would not be in the tendency is toward mexico she cannot afford the effort to come here for her
8:05 am
funeral this all happened at 9:00 will be in the courtroom. >>james: we have been following this investigation for much more on our web site we have learned that investigators found as they raided petitioner.
8:06 am
>>darya: we atop a 38 footer and a last have the second overtime to beat the thunder's hundred and 21 to 118. if you are
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planning a summer vacation at there's new pricing and is not going down will say how much more there will be paying will explain what happened a curious
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little boy get stuck in a vanishing.
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>>darya: the website total bill between doubt the picture of what the gold burke in the caption read we had no idea that all perot was tated and we love the. >>james: the price to the
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disneyland for family of four does when the roof the man pricing a regular past is $105 and that's what the charges for weekends and low summer weeks in the price of a hundred and $12
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we are tracking for the conditions across the bay area on a creek not looking too bad hear this one where track in the fall in temperatures and storms as we into the bay area. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups.
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it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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>>anny h: sfo do concede the crowd and the fog this morning visibility is down to 1 mi. still pretends of redwood city and salt this eye to improving a lot of it and the weekend is
8:17 am
going to be quite stormy high winds possibly saturday sunday and heavy rains will have more coming your concerns so far for this rain fall season generally in were from 60 to 82% for san francisco 83 in san jose 87 for
8:18 am
livermore were over hundred and 10 how much rain didn't get from where as a closing out this month today almost and into san francisco three tense and often not a lot in the more--pretense and oakland. >>anny h: competitive their gray rain fall back in 1998 ran at the opening the season but if these impressive numbers from 20 in. in santa rosa 15 in oakland 10 in san jose and 12 in palo alto with sesame new records in february back in 1998 light
8:19 am
showers and some light rain friday right now looks dry saturday and sunday which happened some high winds to pick up and also some periods of heavy rain beyond that for next week you might have some several good storms >>anny h: the rain to be back next couple of weeks. >>reporter: the bay bridge toll plaza is still pretty cloudy in
8:20 am
this the committee this morning is packed and the bay bridge toll plaza is well before fast- track a car pulled there's no way you're going to just find the richmond san rafael bridge is really line up the golden gate bridge we cannot really see it quite yet come out of the north been no problems reported so far as accidents this winter an easy five minutes drive time from sausalito, all the way across the span into san francisco. >>darya: these are targeting a
8:21 am
catalytic converters all across the bay area of their stand almost two dozen deaths just in this past one month alone this cell the casing of the catalytic converter the metal and size in the work of $2,000 on the black market since started they say they have stepped up patrols but is something to be aware of. >>james: recently they have fixed the problem but is said to falls way short of what is needed to tutors could soon be expelled if they sext their
8:22 am
friends, that is something the supporters say is clear and, along some lull will teach to the but the dangers which can lead to cyber bullying 34 middle schools are facing felony charges this morning after spiking their teacher sold with crushed red pepper. >>darya: the three told the girls and not and do detention investigators said they were getting back to teachers because they sent one to the council's office to put red pepper and her so the issue drinking she had a sore throat stomach pains and shortness of breath while the you're sort of a seated their original plan was a request to vandalized the car wreck or a pain on and they're not charged with poisoning and tampering. >>james: 71 talk about last
8:23 am
night who won with the chris rock say all that as it had sought was superstar walk in the red carpet to get in. >>reporter: and the oscar goes to leonardo di capriole, he is finally an oscar winner the lost and won best actor--trust >>: instead nominated host and i would not be it with a job-to watch neil patrick harris right now he won the award last year
8:24 am
spotlight to comb the final word best picture although she did not win an oscar she stole the show with her rendition of until it happens to you.
8:25 am
we have a quick break to get to >>james: this in los gatos a centocor shares officer the they're doing right now we're told the suspect is near still does not allowed on campus until will keep you posted always happen we will be right back. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. share it with yourself. freshly cracked egg with ham and bacon, or sausage,
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get two breakfast croissants for four bucks.
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>>james: the had to room to get the child out he's never seen a vending machine before and he was curious more details and
8:29 am
temperatures coming up after the break. ♪ ♪
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>>reporter: is causing problems so far this morning in the eastman
8:32 am
>>anny h: a percentage in mid 60s by 3:00 mostly sunny will be mild 21-will be a lot of men 7 for all warmus locations visibility still down to zero in hayward at this hour pretense in oakland it is also foggy and sfo had delays on this and on flight this morning also take a
8:33 am
look at the storm that is headed to the bay area. >>reporter: we check the drive times getting into millepede is looking at about 48 minutes definitely worse as more has progressed.
8:34 am
>>james: bomb as the award the matter of, to senior chief edward he was what the navy is receiving this come edition for actions he took power in the rescue >>: as the other team members called out to the hostage he heard a voice responded english
8:35 am
he jumped and the american hostage shooting him from a small room wall covering the hostage there you have the
8:36 am
ceremony this morning. >>james: there has been a shooting in the middle of interstate 80 simplicity to search for the gunman had and that it should happen over the weekend we are live and richmond right now with details.
8:37 am
jackie s: for the seventh time they're looking into a shooting that occurred over the weekend will on the identity of that person he's 39 and is out of richmond they do not believe
8:38 am
they do believe right now that all instances targeted they're still concerned about no shooting does when happening as
8:39 am
far suspect information they said they're not leaving anything right now it is all part of the investigation. >>darya: would say how much
8:40 am
money he made selling drove scout cookies at the oscar awards.
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8:42 am
>>: i wanted to reach into your pockets and want you to buy some of my daughter's girl scout cookies they're handing out the
8:43 am
cookies in the end they need $65,000 they're waving a lot of cash aware still tracking fall this morning when we come back will talk more about the high in the south bay today and also to
8:44 am
storm the we're tracking in the bay area lid on this week.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>>james: you see the san mateo bridge. >>anny h: down to three tense
8:47 am
over the city free mouse and mountain view fog in san jose as well really dense fog in hey would visibility there threatens an oakland we have been saying some improvements you see a lot
8:48 am
of seventies across including the bay shoreline south of a high looks pretty good here 73 and campbell and san jose for the rest of the bay area and see a really nice reading all across the east bank for mid-70s and oakland the time the site it
8:49 am
will bring in from heavier weapons and some pretty heavy rain potentially after that were tracking even more storm for the next week almost every day next week potentially could be what several days away things change. >>reporter: fans of the can lot better we did have some hot spots earlier but now we no longer have that a record to check a couple of the drive times because of earlier problems cleared up but it is still very slow 50 minutes from santa down to milpitas.
8:50 am
>>reporter: as you make your way down to berkeley and to the macarthur maze speaking of the macarthur maze were checking the lives part of the bay bridge toll plaza and still backed up into the maze will be about 20 minutes for you to get into downtown san francisco. >>darya: the kkk protest erupted
8:51 am
into violence on saturday once klan's member were confronted by 30 come to protesters also arrested were, the protesters there were also targeted determined that acted in self- defense./ >>james: the trespassers took off when they saw the police also were investigating his case the data call about a burglary five blocks away.
8:52 am
>>darya: the company is said to face-off with the fbi over the order that happen to the iphone cost of one of the san bernardino shoulders the federal court date is march 22nd when they before that hearing they're set to unveil the new mini phone and had will have to know android phones.
8:53 am
>>gabe s: there's a lot of buzz over this we got our hands on them to debut a sneak peek they are water resistant to get water did not very impressive is a feature that was in the last serious and seldom available on the iphone settled on a completely dark you have to play
8:54 am
feature or a calendar or pitcher to customize it will perform better alive situations the odder focus works a lot faster than have a bigger screen than 5.5 in. the features looking curve and each did little more display unless you do so cool things that is a hundred dollars value p s seven cover black silver and gold that would at
8:55 am
and a member to ask a a the required the agency. >>darya: it is to determine the size bed a safe fog all across the bay except for just a few spots and one of the with san francisco to is one of many communities 51 inner-city warming up to low seventies this afternoon.
8:56 am
welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew...
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and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. >>james: and elementary school for the day because there please activity will have for the total
8:58 am
was going on the full income you all on the big cereal and more your commute in the forecast calls and one talk about steph curry and his shot that won the game this weekend will have more high light in a minute.
8:59 am
this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news begins now: breaking news >>darya: 01 to start off with
9:00 am
the breaking news as we are covering what intractable will continue on to the story that we have sent a live from as they follow through as well in santa clara their lost battles this morning the sheriff's office there is doing what a man with a knife it is just a precaution the suspect is not on the campus but they are near the campus is to the seven evacuator they're heading home.
9:01 am
>>anny h: we are still sings and this fall out there fairly widespread trend is 9:00 our temperatures are in the upper '40's and into low 50s to and in the coast and we will see more sunshine and less time have to get outdoors if you can to enjoy and how it would still at 021 have been san jose if mountain view also shown some improvement of to small visibility britain's in redwood
9:02 am
city, a mile sfo was also attracting the blaze on those in bonn flights to talk more about that coming up later the first tier is a quick check of your traffic. >>reporter: where checking some slow drive times for you in the south the commute.
9:03 am
will t: the court is just the about two minutes ago we're inside where i sit in for on friday the show you the video that we got at that time he was in court along with his friend of the center of all this he is accused of killing stacy and house party in hayward on february 13th it was arrested a short time later for on related charges one person in charge of
9:04 am
more than the other persian in charge of accessory the judge told the lawyers and both sides need to be back in court and they are right now the star about three minutes ago percent a very busy of the we can including yesterday that a car wash to dozens of cars came by donated the money.
9:05 am
>>darya: potiphar body was found near the bridge two weeks ago and is not possible yet to decide the police a friend are sure that it belongs to shelling we have much on the investigation and our web site will tell you what for the authorities found when they raided paul's home and office the we have an interview with him as well as he was speaking about his wife of 20 years. >>darya: 01 in the east bay for the seventh time this year shooting right on interstate 80 and this morning they're searching for the gunmen the shooting happened of rifkin was deadly
9:06 am
jackie s: they're investigating the shooting that happened in this corridor over the last four months they're tied to figure out what an not there's any connection between all seven victims have been targeted now happen on saturday ordered to chp to around 1:00 a.m. and
9:07 am
fortunately the driver of that car 39 year-old leslie grandeur near richmond was pronounced dead at the scene as you can imagine, all quite concerned about this recent string of shooting sit team still looking for information about the shooter and the suspect that asking to pass along as anyone has seen anything heard anything coming up an
9:08 am
embarrassing mix of the officers who confused whoopee for oprah.
9:09 am
tsk tsk >>reporter: getting into san francisco is a lot better than the second 15 minutes you are paying with cash getting into san francisco and starting to live from the span and better news for the richmond san rafael bridge bridge across the blue skies nice and clear we had
9:10 am
a spa advisory issued that is not the case in the long term spectacular and ridiculous. >>darya: he'd never disappoint anyone the of the facets to clinch a playoff spot terrible as all of record to talk to more
9:11 am
about the forecast and the you know and the chance for showers.
9:12 am
9:13 am
>>reporter: the cars are still packed getting into san francisco in the context of 50 minutes to get into downtown it
9:14 am
isn't a minute drive time from 580 didnt up to the north and is also want to be a nice clear drive golden gate bridge still very heavy stock then would fog it cannot even see the towers still at this time is one to be an easy five minutes trip. >>anny h: horsing a few fog traffic spots some improving conditions as far as the fog is concerned half a mile visibility
9:15 am
and hay were quite fog in he would to small visibility oakland still down to the russian parliament it looks like it not odd concord and livermore all reporting clear skies visibility to less talk about the rain fall season so far.
9:16 am
>>anny h: santa rosa 20 in. of rain back in february 1998 when the 15 in oakland 10 in san jose for ever was quite disappointed with about 40 to 50 out there at 45 and the cool spot in pleasanton 54 and the more half on bay 5753 davis city mid-50s in san jose of the force of our friends and santa rosa and novato would still sea
9:17 am
temperatures in the '70s on saturday and sunday will keep
9:18 am
you posted and also on our mobile application. >>james: time for winners and losers. >>rob b: this give you reason to take a kid out of school green the school year people like me will go hundred and $20 hundred $19 really a lot more than $95 ticket especially for five
9:19 am
tickets this is one to publish the web site. >>rob b: back home is on for on the $60 million all the more
9:20 am
reason terrell the price shot. >>james: how to save a million dollars without trying.
9:21 am
>>rob b: issue 25 years old and currently $5,000 in the the budget and the thing is out now keep living that way instead of getting a raise to 10% to one and half percent in your savings say future money say future raises said have your bouncers and you end up with the million-plus dollars drive an old car try not to change the style of live a better question
9:22 am
is timmy of foreign to study him as nothing else but we think you would do well
9:23 am
>>james: we will be right back my name is melissa snyder, i'm a customer relationship manager with pg&e. i've helped customers like plantronics meet their energy efficiency goals. so you save energy and you can save money. energy efficiency and the environment go hand in hand. and i love how pg&e's commitment to the environment helps a community like santa cruz be a better place to live. and being able to pass that along to my family is really important to me. just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california.
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9:25 am
>>darya: emergency respondent asked respondents three-time just to calm him down to get him out he says his son has never seen a vending machine before
9:26 am
their concern for other kids the issue with the cubs apparently came to the company that posted follows and they said the company. >>darya: this in the picture of miss goldberger and a couch in the world we have no idea of progress had and we think posted an apology to both of them ever
9:27 am
went to the latin thousand dollars to the charity and is a lot better over the location hot one for commuters who park and bart will talk about any bart station your vehicle could be targeted will tell you where you need to know.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>darya: the chef for dillon with the man on with the knife no one was injured in the standoff ended peacefully the big news and weather is foggy morning that will stand out there sought. >>anny h: that is the good news for folks who need to get down and run errands the golden gate bridge to grab the jacket as
9:31 am
your heading out the door but by lunch time able to offer players expecting mostly sunny skies temperatures in the mid to upper 60s will be a really nice after non by 3:00 will signal to mid-70s the visibility right now oakland of 25 mob visibility still down half mile visibility in hayward 3 mi. an excess of three tents in redwood city mounted you looking quite a bit better at 72 and have still in san jose petaluma still at pretense of a mile to the tech level more come to you and all free this morning and in fact we've been looking at clear skies temperatures are in the
9:32 am
fifth district 1 in san francisco 54 oakland and mid '50s and san jose. >>anny h: more details on that come up later. >>reporter: how we don't have any major hot spots going on right now but we do have some drive times for the east bank of new this is what looks like if you're taking westbound for it is wanted for the paulo area of getting over to comfort rather a team and is this is the proof since the last check not bad for the inshore frick and is still stand 30 minutes from hercules getting down to berkeley to the maze the nimitz has improved.
9:33 am
>>darya: the report to canada's find push before super tuesday republican president of canada's tundra of the and so list and for hours at the biggest single day in the primaries and donald trump taken fire sunday for the something questions about whether he would support from former kkk leader. >>reporter: he said he disavowed him on friday he refused to
9:34 am
criticize the call coquelin--- kkk he toured and some personal attacks. .
9:35 am
>>darya: is according to a new nationwide survey for cnn in the give trump the support of nearly half of republican voters tend to living artists and a 65 to 30% police a property crime in hillsboro continue to climb. >>darya: there have been a lot of burglaries is usually peaceful in this town. >>phillipe d: 35 years in this home and said rosenberg said he's never been burglarized the saturday afternoon he came off
9:36 am
the coast will confirm when and how to the other as it passed by the courtyard he noticed two men kissing his home in all three men made eye contact he says the trespasses ran off the police investigators believe the man seemed at this house committed because it was an easy target the homes of milford of all gated off the you can easily walk to the doors on the south lawn dating back to november
9:37 am
2014 he says the department has seen an increase in property crimes he says he'll continue living life as have so now a closer eye on the people passing through the neighborhood and so will police. >>darya: if you park your car at any station in the bay area is the targeting catalytic converters the casing on the catalytic converter to sold for scrap metal for $200 and the metal inside and the work of thousand dollars on the black market to assist the crimes by
9:38 am
the senate have stepped up patrols with the one everyone to know was on if we will never recapture its and after the break look at what the celebrities were eating after the oscars.
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>darya: this is a little different there were 30 options
9:41 am
the desert highlight this year and a dome the ball filled with raspberry champagne. >>reporter: check-in the ride at the bay bridge toll plaza of the backup is still they're still getting into the san francisco area will be about 50 to 20 minutes. minutes. i drive a golf ball.
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>>anny h: he concede the fault does have some great news heading up this morning letting aaron's has generally in the '70s and mild for the next couple of days through wednesday with high in the '70s and the storms arrive a small storm come
9:46 am
potentially for thursday right now some light rain and we can that not surprising considering how the rain we got for the month of february just under an inch in san francisco 74 in santa rosa. >>anny h: we had a really big l. neal that brought 20 in. of rain and santa rosa 15 in oakland 72
9:47 am
in downtown san francisco half moon bay the contrive 66 degrees tech up the rest of the bay area a lot of low to mid some is all across the east today: 76 in oakland cemetery, it was his of seven is as well for our friends.
9:48 am
>>anny h: hoping for some much- needed rain things can change between now and next week. >>reporter: south we'll free of hot spots in the bay bridge toll plaza we have all the conditions in jamaica when into san francisco that is as will saw earlier a lot of cars and the cash and in the fast track
9:49 am
carpel will be right into downtown still clocking in at 22 minutes so far richmond san rafael bridge is fully cleared up blue skies and see a couple of screens and a minute drive time to get from the north by the golden gate bridge cannot really see with that is the live picture of the golden gate. >>: we are looking into a
9:50 am
behind-the-scenes look of a scores the boyfriend killer we know that of course will alter the be handed in prison now the two players in the trial was a called a bizarre battle to set down and what really went on to say today we speak was
9:51 am
fascinating is more so the inside of get into the mind she was more of a manipulator is rare inside and you get a little later on today. >>darya: we will check in down.
9:52 am
>>reporter: over 22 years and he is finally in oscar winners.
9:53 am
>>reporter: they picked up six oscars for most any film nominated this year although she did not win an oscar she stole the show with an impassioned rendition we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. minutes.
9:54 am
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>>darya: they are in court this morning to choose a murdering his are frowned on times than she is once we lay to rest afternoon this morning police are combing through more evidence and the murder of shelling and suicide of for husband paul he reported her missing after they had a fight earlier this month and then he jumped off to bay bridge and kill themselves after he was being the person of interest. >>darya: the continue to look to the gunman in the deadly shooting of interstate 80 of the weekend to happen about one on saturday in the richmond paulo border and police say the vehicle drove alongside a jeep and hilltop drives. >>darya: you conceive once we get out of the fog of this morning we have some warm temperatures topping out at 74
9:57 am
degrees and is still february when cedras to be very nice as well state-owned thing handed out the residue war descended again oscars and this one it took all the awards. >>darya: we will see you back can't allow our morning have a great day stay connected with our mobile application and our web site and facebook and twitter.
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