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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 29, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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exactly what the night nee >> 34 million people tuned in to the academy awards. larson best actress and leonardo dicaprio. >> "the reven star shared a brief hug wi winslet and on the red carp you can almost feel the chemistry, almost years after "titanic". >> what did he say to you backstage? >> i he had one little eyebrow, and so i put it back into place for him. >> no one was happier for leo than his mom. >> i love the fact that he has such a big audience to make to the statements that he did.
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>> climate change real, let us not take this planet for granted, i do not take tonight granted. thank you so much. >> how is he feeling right now? >> he's very, ver happy, he's thrilled. >> it has been an incredible journey for leo. "e.t" was there back at his first nomination for "what's eating gilbert grape." leo picked up a statuette at oscar's engraving station. and right afterleo, brie larsen patiently waited for her awarr. >> brie larsen. >> brie won for bestactress, and although she was relatively unknown heading into awards seasoning, she's been around hollywood ever since she was a kid. >> i have watched this on tv every year since i was 7, i think, so to be hear is a part of history.
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>> hello. >> oh, my god. >> brie inspected the nameplate and posed with her boyfriend. demi lovato helped brie celebrate and the actress looked relaxed enjoying an in and out burger. what happened after lady gaga performed her nominated song surrounded b eed by survivors o sexual assault. after the powerful moment,brie hugged and thanked all the survivors. >> i tried to tell their story and i hope i did right by them. >> gaga had her own experience with sexual abuse and spoke her boyfriend cameron. gaga and taylor shared a kiss
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along with a lot of other hot couples. after four months of gwen and blake held hands and made their red carpet debut at the magazine's after party. stephani performed at an oscar vi party at spago. she was sporting a couture gown. the event wws catered by buchon. >> chris rock and his girlfriend were caught backstage duri low key moment. >> trying boycott the oscars is like me boycotting rihanna's panties. i wasn't invited. >> rock took t diversity issue too far. >> i th he was great. >> everyone was just kind of blown away. ♪ presenter mudd had one
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of the evening's greatest accessories, quarterback aaron rodgers helping her with that tangerine mccartney gown. >> he was making sure everything was in place. this morning he went to the store and got all these fruits croissants and vegetables and he fed the whole glam team. >> you're a good team. >> alicia decanter. >> she did kiss michael, a very rare moment of pda for this notoriously private couple. but the supporting actress winner didn't kiss michael on stage, nor did she on the thank you cam, not even on the thank you crawl. but we did spot them for a second going into "vanity fair," the one guy she would not part with all evening long, oscar.
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>> i'm trying to take it all in. i just got my name on this t i'm trying to believe it's actually true, it's wondeeful. >> t couple, sly and jennifer married almost 19 years. >> this moment means to much to our whole family. >> i' taking movie here, i'm actually filming it. then you go home and you analyze it because it's so gratifying, it's so amiding, it's so life reaffirming. >> when mark ry won for best supporting actor. >> arnold posted his love for sly. >> sly, just remembe no matter what they say, to me you are the best. >> for his part, stallone took the loss like a champ. >> we love you, man.
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we love you. >> another surprise win was for bestpicture. >> "spotlight." >> the story wins, that's the true. >> and this was an historic moment, the first back to back >> obviously we have a big winner tonight as well. how are you guys going to celebrate? >> i think some dancing, some moves, i think leo has some good moves. >> i'm so happy f leo, because i didn't wa to have to wait forever. by the way, he can dance. coming up, exes ben affleck and jennifer anniston at the after party. >> joe tells m all the stories about all the night's most memorable looks. >> lady gaga's three dresses. plus we have a couple of
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stars whoskeped the oscars for a sexy vacation, a katy perry and orlando bloom photo exclusive. but it was another crazy oscar night from our live preshow on pop to all those parties. what about buchon, what keeps them running? >> it never gets old, i think i'm more nervous than i ever have been before. so to be here today really feels extraordinary. >> what keeps you going. >> it's a film i'm really proud of, and mycolleagues. so it's an honor. that's why you do it, you're a storyteller and you want people to come and see it. >> we were in the car here and we keep saying, can you believe this? can you believe >> what keeps you going on a night like this. >> coffee. >> you like the whole s
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thing. >> i don't like to do it, but i'll do it. >> then there's kevin hart. >> what keeps running is that you're going to have a great amazing time. >> "e.t's" red runs on dunkin'. >> it's a beautiful dress.
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look at jennifer garner. she took everyone's breath away oscars in versac are calling it her revenge dress because it was her first public appearance since she told all about ben in "vanity fair." later they all hit the after party dash, but it was jennifer's tale of two exes. >> toned arms and sho showinn off her time at the gym. stop to pose, jen was all smiles and laughter. >> ben came a few minutes later, only stopping for fife seconds. and her close friend actor victor garber who officiated their turks and caicos wedding told that she's still hurting. >> she's dealing with a lot of stress and pain. >> jennifer garner, at a rehearsal she planted a smooch
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on delltorro. through it all, her heart still tender, she told "vanity fair," she's not quite ready for dating, but s approached by a man on a flight saying, quote, could i take you for a cup of coffee, and i was like, no, you can not take me for a can cup of coff but thanks for asking. ben affleck also seems to be trying to move on, he was seen on jimmy kimmel live with matt damon hiding underneath, and never did talk about but told us about the birthday party they threw for him on saturday. >> i want you to d batman, real batman. >> as ben and kate hudson waited in the carline, he later stood by his ex, but later said they the didn't speak befo she left ben alone. >>there's still great love between them.
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jen says when she is ready to date again, she wants an old-fashioned relationship with lots of flowers. coming up, we have new photos of katy perry and orlando bloom showing han and showing off their vacationbods. and joe zee takes a clo look at all those oscar gowns e with fashion favorites, flops a. >> i'm here to fix the bad fashion in just a few minutes.
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belief it or not, that is brie larsen when she was just 15 years old. pop wanted to be a >> and how adorable is she? and she's an oscar winner. we're going to talk all about oscar fashion in just a minute. meanwhile katy perry and orlando bloom are together, and about as far away from oscar fashion as you can get. >> not wearing many clothes at all, that's because they're kicking back in paradise and we have an exclusive new photo. >> we're calling them korlando. katy wearing her midriff and a pink bikini top. and couple made their way through the mud and orlando w quite the gentleman.
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katy had her hair pulled back with hardly any makeup at all. mixing a little business with pleasure, she happened to be in maui to perform at an event on the beach . that didn't stop hem from going off on a romantic dinner date. this is what made us melt, with his arm around her, kind of like the first time we saw them at the golden globes. this seals the deal for and we're loving the relaxed feel of the date. can lovely floral dress and orlando's floral shirt, but not as much as we like him without it. >> i love them as a couple. >> teenaged dream. joining me right now for oscar fashion favorites, flops and fixes, it's editor-in-chief
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of yahoo! style, joe is s >> i love charlize theron, she on a christian dior. and she had that plunging neckline and the diamond necklace and she was wearing 3.78 million worth of jewels. the second she steps out on the red carpet, all of the women were comparing her to belle beauty and the beast. >> she actually had it planned to look like belle. >> if you ask 5-year-old alicia who she wanted to be, she would say belle in "beauty the beast". >> her dream has come true.
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>> and a little fyi, that took five months for all that lame. big turn of the night. >> white was the huge turn of the night and one of the people who did it most beautifully was lady gaga. that look that she wore on the red carpet at the oscars was inspire by a look and then at "vanity fai she wore a white pant look. >> gaga the only one to -- t she wore to the oscars into that pale pink, she knows what works on her body. she had her hands on her hips, how to pose, showing off those toned arms. really gets it right. >> i love party transformations. that was a lot of mixed reviews on the dress she wore on the red
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carpet. it was a black leather halter, but when she went to "vanity fair" party, she changed and really made up it because it was stunning. >> that sort of stunning and simple in the front and keep them talking about the back. >> she's probably one of m best dressed of the evening. >> the calvin klein collection e with me having a bunch of fittings together. it was perfect. >> it was so exclusive and classic and timeless. >> let's move on to who was your worst dress of the celebr who do you think kneads a red carp fix? >> let me tell you, nancy, i have to start with heidi klum, for me it looked a little bit like tissue wrapped cupcakes. here's how i would fixit. first of all i would remove the slee minute you see her arms and her skin, it looks so much more fresh vibe brandt
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and secondly, i would actually replace those flowers with a vintage broach and that takes it from bride's maid to red carpet. >> kate winslet was getting some reviews on the red carpet. and she explain why she chose the look she did. >> somebody told me i look like an lp. >> that's good thing, you're braerking records. >> but this is ralph lauren and i fell in love with the fabri >> what is the fabric? >> i don't know, i love it. >> i think it can be more flattering in certain way, first of all i would remove all of that excess fabric, so give it a much more accentuated flow of her body. and i would want to give her a little bit more of a waist
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because she has a great figure. >> you always do such a great job, and thank you for being here to talk all oscar fashions. >> oh, i had as much fun. i love talkin you. >> and we love your insight. >> well, stick around because wei we're going to be right back.
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next on kron-4 news at eight: area freeway. the latest is deadly. what the c-h-p believes is behind the violence on interstate -80, and what it needs to crack the case. plus, people in one east bay rising rents. the inititiative they believe will keep people in their homes. i'm pam moore. you are watching the bay area's news station. kron 4 news at 8 -- is next. ( melodic, calm music ) hi this is conor. sorry i missed you. i'm either away from my desk or on another call. please leave a message and i'll get back to you
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all right, before we go, a shoutout to oscar's -- earlier we showed you blank and g at the "vanity fair" party, but then blake is talking exclusively to us about his new project. and every time he brings up you know who? our blake shelton exclusive on his new live with gwen. >> whether it's divorce or my new girlfriend. i ecan sing about it. and hills housewife kim richards, didex-husband's death sender bac to thebot
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now at eight. we're seeing more and more this officials reacting to the latest deadly shooting targeting drivers on interstate 80 in the east bay, whoosh from the air and from the ground, we bring you spectacular >> pam:now at eight.


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