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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 1, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now:. >>james: today could be a moment in the presidential race is the distance will head to the call of canada's what will commanding leads would dollar truffle the door of his rival will hillary clinton win over sanders. >>reporter: if you look at national poll the part is caulescent behind truck himself we have had some recent stumbles upon this open the lid of to slow down with the biggest day this election cycle so far
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super tuesday nearly one- quarter. republic delicate and nearly a fifth democratic delegates will be up for grabs and about a dozen states what happens today could dramatically reshaped each nomination race. >>reporter: to clinton and donald trump will be tough to be naturally they have 55 percent support among democrats first he was attacked relentlessly by mark are real their last week's debate then he declined to immediately disavowed for four former ku klux klan leader david duke in an interview on sunday
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despite having distance themselves before and after an interview he has taken to vantage trying to label trout to comment to leave a second shot at his appearance. >>reporter: they said in a hypothetical matchup to another clinton and donald trump she would win easily but the republican candidate. >>james: did not to get to stay with us the route to for tuesday would continue to cover stop warning the have the latest results beginning tonight at
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5:00. >>anny h: to we don't expect it to be a widespread like guest today there is a quick check of the bay bridge you can see we have very light traffic and also we're waking up to generally partly to mostly cloudy conditions for a quick check of visibility no issues right now there is a quick check of the future task for you concede for today just some patches of fog overall things looking pretty good we're not expecting any rain this morning you can see the end o'clock hour until sunshine it will be a really nice afternoon you will notice late in the afternoon caused
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increasing is arrested for the north bank this is where the consumer is watching and bring a passing shower are loyal to the north bay here tonight of the not looking at called a conditions later on tonight. >>anny h: temperature is right now 53 and san jose in mid '50s and down to san francisco 69 in
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san mateo when we come back we will talk more about the rain that is headed this way. >>rebecca: it would take you just under 10 minutes so far it is pretty much on to be all yours this morning getting up to the north bank picking the connection with 101 so far this
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point in the morning across the golden gate bridge into san francisco will be checking the east bay drive times when we come back. >>james: series of shootings along the popular east bay freeway have drivers on and they're the seven shootings in happen saturday along interstate 80 near hilltop drive this is the victim crashing down an embankment. >>reporter: it is driver dead from gunshot wounds this is the
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seven shooting and four months to of the have been deadly siege the officer says of the shootings were gang-related the victim 39 year-old was traveling westbound when another vehicle pulled up most of the shot fired into his suvs it happened while it was dark tile they're working hard to put a stop to the shootings saturday shooting is the seventh incident was said
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over the past four months the first incident happened last november. >>james: friends and family mourning the death of the 40 your boy in they say he was gunned down witnesses in fact said that is about seven shots
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family members brought to their knees and grief. >>james: we don't have a description but as soon as they release on a we will pass that along to the tune for more happen today the coleslaw resume the search of half moon bay for person believed to be swept out to sea a number of reports came in with the gunmen going under the sub for 2:00 yesterday
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afternoon the helicopter to lifeboats as a law-enforcement unit that suspended the search said but o'clock last night because of weather conditions in the dark visibility the search will continue letter on this morning. >>james: we have video she was the young san jose mother of two that was found in the fremont came and her boyfriend and his friend said had been charged forefather of the case was continued in the two did not show of he will be back in court
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later this week to host we see those accused in her murder last night there was a private funeral for at a bust catches fire at a gas station in san francisco which they would call the massive blaze was rented out accounting is fighting to stop hiring an index is to say why the mayor is not supporting the initiative in of the of where we stand with drought conditions across state will have those stories coming up next here is a live look outside the senses a brisk former schuller's tie with 92 career conditions in san jose the cool side 51 degrees to expect a good warm applause sounded this afternoon will be right back.
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>>james: their hopes that it might be enough to keep the drug from getting worse--dropped. >>phillipe d: >>charles c: the state was on track of had a very wet winter but did install the recovering this is called the draw maps but less of timber--last september. >>charles c: state why it that hold about 56% for late february the control board as recently
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said we're hoping for mayor or march and also it from there should be able to decide a statewide water use restrictions will continues. >>anny h: over an inch in little more and back of a pretense of san jose pretty much if you
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compare that to february of 1998 ending a season look at these numbers will want to get all whole lot last month the good news is we're looking at the forecast model between now and the next about week or so it is trending of really what so where have some the storm's coming this way potentially that really bring us a lot of flying hist. >>anny h: temperatures as your
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waking them and stepping up the door a lot for this and '50s 53 in concord and oakland also 53 in san jose forties and antioch and livermore 55 in downtown san francisco there was a quick check of the future cash compared to yesterday we've had quite a few yesterday by 3:00 will be really nice than. >>anny h: was his 74 pleasanton and livermore maybe a little warmer antioch no 7 is an oakland here is the storm track the 7 day around the bay forecast a little bit of time the north which has led on tonight the wins will pick up
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the rain is going to be back so get ready. >>rebecca: if you're about to happen door this morning on the roadway looking gulley just 23
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minutes and if you have to take all of the nimitz freeway getting from san leandro down to fremont on south it 80 that is coming in a green as well and is checking in about 25 minutes so far at this point. >>james: they found the body of the ski instructor went missing back in january at the issue will ski resort the body of the to to your person was found beneath 5 ft. of snow near where his self fog last paint that happen to be training at the resort and located the remains the dad who once had a record as a blind skier says he did not
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blame him for what happened to is not clear that the ski instructor got caught in an avalanche of not it was last seen january 15th while skiing off doing. >>james: the flame the block some of this is a figure was seen the cell phone bill that was sent to us by of your this is the video again showing the fame as firefighters arrived. >>reporter: at first the cameras
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were kept back from the fire but when one of the explosions happened a firefighter get blown backwards once the fire department put the fire out the damage was clear in the fire department tells us the driver of the transit bus parked at a pulp and got out what he saw smoke coming from the engine he
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was not interested in answering questions as to how the boston and applaud this. >>james: we have the park police looking for it run suspect the measure of a local hotel we have that story for in. >>jeff b: the driver of this car intentionally tried to run over the best western manager and her adult son on saturday night accord to split the driver sitting in the car around 1015 it was parked in a fire lane for a long time the man told the manager that he had just been released from san quentin she
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flew back was under serb mortar over the top of the hood the driver sped off will explain in hollywood minute coming of next.
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>>reporter: the ravenous and frontier america is asia brown sh that would try to will theatergoers chiffon.
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>>james: the biggest day in a presidential primary will take a look at clinton following the super tuesday and.
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>>james: the lid shooting along i in the corridors and the jeep over the embankment this the seven should last for months to the have been deadly police said he was gunned down on the green where walking path near-avenue and south 33rd street. >>anny h: by endicott dispenses
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some patchy fog in the north the ballot location to the judge will be in the 40's and '50's so grab a jacket as he had out the door is going to be drive this morning the time allotted to fall into cloud during the morning commute is only a slight
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chance when you can stay in the ninth bit of and at increasing cloud over nine for the rest of the bay area into wednesday morning temperatures 53 in oakland for nine and the more low 50s and san mateo 53 in san jose and. >>anny h: 74 and san jose 748 campbell in sunnyvale those seven is in mountain view will have a lot of '60s and '70s this afternoon including 71 in
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oakland cemetery in antioch 734 also announcement and need in san rafael. >>anny h: you're going to need all umbrella for the next several days potentially.
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>>rebecca: the san mateo bridge move well this hour west about 92 on the red sand side of the screen speed at the limit in all the way across to spend it into the peninsula. >>james: the results it could
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create a nearly insurmountable lead for front runner hillary clinton and donald trump. >>reporter: he voice would have the gop establishment and for panic mode of the for napa since the coronation rise seen a likely republican voters donald trump is also secured a slew of high-profile endorsement their joy in between to of nominee met from 10 to back him on the victim mark on real latrell try more than 30 points in the cnn or sick all the trees at the
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front runner with donald style bard's sanders will before strong showing in oklahoma, a lot of minnesota and massachusetts to keep the cat and a live. >>james: they're not doing enough to stop rising there will
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be on the ballot in november that initiative would cap increases it is not in support of this initiative the current ordinance is working its way to the city council needs more time to work the fight over rising rent has been tense and that city there was a skillful advocacy in the video back in november it did result in some arrest. >>james: a major name change of yosemite national park what does all signs being taken away over the historic name of attractions at the famous park even salvage
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level cards and calls and vendors will say what they said about what is set for itself 11 cars in his recent crash apple is heading to washington before a house judiciary committee over issue of a correction coming up will tell you what to expect and how this all can affect you there is rain on the horizon will get the lead details coming up at 445.
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>>james: they will also be there to make its case and they tell us what we can expect. >>gabe s: they when the first battle of the fbi encryption of the iphone the federal judge the nine the request for the court order that will bypass the security pass code on the criminal defense and a drug case the encryption and american security the lead counsel for
4:42 am
apple and is opening statement will make the case to lawmakers at the fbi demanding it belonged to the san bernardino shoulder as reckless and without the fbi is asking the to order to give them something that they do not have the bill argue that they build the fbi won it will open up a back door to all apple found out there. >>gabe s:: the director of the fbi is also testifying he's arguing that the old to the family of the 14 victims to fully investigate the terrace behind and to help prevent future attacks they need to get into the phones and gather evidence reforms are coming to a
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special need schooled in the east bay will explain the story you see only.
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>>anny h: almost every day you can say right to simply it was changed between now and then but it is looking promising look for sunny skies high in the '60s and '70s today get ready increasing clout for tomorrow we will see some brand arriving wednesday night for the rest of the bay area and more storms of acting as fairly uneventful weather
4:47 am
wise of of an acid that fog it will be dry and then to increasing clouds later in the afternoon mainly the north may including santa rosa pals parts of iran will see a little moisture making its way into the north bank will hauler chance for maybe a sprinkle in the north bank should mainly for the evening hours that is pretty much in the south of the east in the confined was is it increasing cause of an eye and to our morning to the judge right now stepping up the door for the rest of the bay area a
4:48 am
lot of the east bay community will make it into the '70s including oakland at 7170 in pleasanton 73 in antioch very nice conditions are expected once again the south recall the peninsula low 70's to 74 in san jose and pushing close to 70 in san the sale in 69 and 67 in downtown san francisco. >>anny h: you will need the umbrella in the rain boots in the rain jacket probably for the next several days with the exception of tonight a slight chance to sprinkle tomorrow increasing called for the rain to arrive in the evening hours starting in the north of a spreading to the rest another
4:49 am
storm arrive early next week and acting early monday and tuesday looking it even more rain to live separate want to see quite a better friend in the next couple of weeks potentially. >>rebecca: we have some over my roadwork for your san ramon valley commute along southbound 680 here getting to the dublin and to change you're looking at
4:50 am
about eight minutes from the toll into the city. >>james: with a three santa clara county deputy the beating of mentally ill inmate to death and or for a preliminary hearing to see the motion of hear back to the beating and when you're like a tired to death in his jail cell all three men facing murder and assault charges in all pleaded not guilty yesterday before the war is expected to be a three day hearing the judge will hear the testimony and then decide if they should stand trial if they are found guilty. the could face life in guilty >>james: the special needs cool came under fire after the it would buy row of the studebaker abuse by--and being abused by a teacher aide. >>reporter: it was a video that
4:51 am
caused anger and outrage showing an nine your boy being slapped and drive by a teacher's aide at antioch can press there were fired and no one is being charged with mr. menem child abuse and another has been charged for allegedly failing to report it to california part of education gave the until last week to come out of the planned action to make sure employees are trained annually and how to report instances of suspected child abuse and develop a positive behavior implementation training program that met the deadline the return it now representing the child and this video says is about time state stepped in and. >>reporter: and versa techniques such as restraining of holding a child down was by law all living use when a student in the danger to himself the same still was
4:52 am
restrain the 40 times in one year we strive to cultivate a positive educational environment at our school and did not use in the course of therapy she.
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>>james: was partly responsible for action with the city's bus the company for some commissioned one of the car's place apart and caused the crash of a minor collision took place at a home town that was apparently hit the car after switzerland unexpectedly the car was traveling in less than 2 mi. from our the bus was born about 15 m.p.h. the one was injured they claim it has to lead a more than a million miles of times driving and has the biggest software to avoid similar accidents nasa is investing in the potential reef of supersonic of jet travel the agency granted a $20 million contract to develop a passenger jet that to fly faster than the speed of sound it is to make flying safer
4:54 am
green and quieter the jet you to knowledge great a soft thump a son of the ground rattler and some when it reaches the speed of some sound. the launch >>james: it breaks for record is tommy puppies is one sheep dog brought to you will be amazed here is a live look outside of the golden gate bridge there is rain heading our way is just what impact does this allow us tomorrow.
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>>james: hominy puppet this will give birth to 17 this letter
4:57 am
farm in fairfield his pictures of the new copies the dog broke the california state record for the largest litter he's calling his dog the champ for delivering the puppies and still managing to protect the farm and a livestock. >>james: superstar steph curry is questionable for tonight's game he wrote his ankle on saturday right now he says he will be on the court as long as it does not restrict his injury worse than are 53 and 5 and have one of the early playoff spots an nba history to off time is it 730 tonight would tell you how party leaders truck and clinton are expected to fare today a 14 your boy was shot and killed in the east bank police are working
4:58 am
to connect his death to a drive- by shooting drivers are on as from a deadly shooting and to say 80 we will be right back.
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this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>james: some separation from the rival about one of hillary clinton are hoping things are bird away day for them but to go live asked to scott mclean the very latest on races. >>reporter: the establishment has been waiting for the party to coalesce to run the the single canada to take on donald trump and you look at the national poll the party is coalescing out around trump himself and has had some stumbles as of late his opponents are hoping it will be enough to slow him down headed to the biggest day of the
5:01 am
election so far. super tuesday >>: we believe is the most important in the entire primary. >>reporter: it will be up for grabs and about a dozen states what happens today could dramatically reshape each nomination ring with lettuce nasa cnn or see poll shows a repentant and donald trump will be tough to beat nastily clinton has 55 percent support among democrats trump has more than triple the support of his nearest rival mark or real is been a rough couple of days to donald trump course he was attacked relentlessly by mark during last week's debate then he declined to immediately this about support from former kkk leader david in an interview on sunday despite having distance
5:02 am
himself before and after that interview on monday but less radical to is interrupted his event he's taking fuller advantage trying to label him a con man and even to consult as his appearance. >>reporter: it shows a hypothetical matchup between hillary clinton and donald trump clinton would win easily but it can cruise or marked where the gop nominee than it would be a dead heat. >>darya: stick with us on this super tuesday will have continuing coverage will be falling all the latest results started to 95.
5:03 am
>>anny h: looking at the long- range model a lot of stored data at this time it will bring us a lot of rain wrapped typical our fingers crossed today we're looking pretty good here is a live look at the bay bridge approach we are working to part with most a cloudless skies we are looking at maybe a chance was a trickle and then dropping for the rest of the bay area respect in dry conditions by endicott the cab is a heading into the bus stop looking for is and '50s looking at a drive-in fog free commune. >>anny h: mostly sunny skies the 3:00 _ still mild and temperatures generally talk about in the '60s and '70s a quick check of the feature cast
5:04 am
for your concede will have a dry commit other in the past the hour fog will be looking at regret today and will have mild conditions of the chance to sprinkles. . >>rebecca: the bay bridge toll plaza here is a live shot far different than what we saw yesterday also problem for all the way into downtown san francisco is in tehran seven or eight minutes to get you into the city dec. sabres also moving well at this point the responded to rise on the right-hand side of the screen one person is in
5:05 am
the house like a drive-by shooting in richmond in happened as before 5:00 last night the man that was hit they believe was targeted in the shooting. >>darya: in having yesterday morning in 14 your boy was killed in the shooting police us to try to figure out the most of the killing of the 14 your boy. will t: they're not even saying if it is gang-related but we do know it was very brazen this 0920 on monday morning and every
5:06 am
popular walking trail not too far from a middle school at this point they don't even know if this child is damage is a clear whether not he goes to the nearby middle school we were able we were there who right after happen we were able to track down family members it was what they say about this horrible murder, and of little
5:07 am
bit later we will hear again from the russian police department on a possible motive in this case at this clinic is still talking to witnesses as you talk about the oriole they're still searching for suspects in this case is a close to 24 hours and no arrests. >>james: they're looking for hit-and-run driver who intentionally ran into the manager local hotel the other to the driver of this car to a close look to start at about 1015 saturday night a man in the car was parked in the filing their best western inn for quite awhile the manager went out to ask of you was doing until the he had to leave the property he told the manager of the kids just released from san quentin and had nowhere to go he started the car and act alike use about to leave but drew toward the
5:08 am
manager and her son having both they're hospitalized the manager still in hospital with her son has been leased the car involved described in the 14th the 2016 toyota camry. >>darya: then headed out with about 20 minutes to people had to go to a hospital no word on their condition this morning will have a federal trial data set to begin in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against four san francisco police officers police mistook a taser that he was caring for a gun he work as security guard in the taser was needed for his job is senate opened fire after he pointed and fired the taser at them and all talk shows that he was shot at least 10 times the police
5:09 am
departments said the officers were acting within policy the jury would not decide whether those officers acted reasonably. >>darya: drivers on as after a series of shootings along the east bay freeway there been seven shootings on interstate 80 since november police believe that a car like the one you see here was involved in that shooting they say all the shootings on high 80 happened while it was dark outside and they said it may be gang- related witnesses are the key to solving it police are on patrol with the have a limited number of officers the for the shooting
5:10 am
happened last november of them happen on a stretch of 80 between richmond and kamal the sea its she says a number of shooting this long the coast guard will be out again and have made the for young man who was swept out to sea in. >>james: crews use a helicopter they have to lifeboats a bus burst into flames and they carry
5:11 am
gas station was all caught on camera will take about a coming of a family member in this out woman who was murdered in the east bank are speaking out about her death the rainy season got off to a good start howe that is an act in the california drought a live look at a very clear in san mateo bridge big change from yesterday. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it. i'm very proud to make dog chow right here in edmond, oklahoma. >>james: their conduct in the third sierra snowpack survey of the winter temperatures have been warmer than usual but the snow pack levels are still staying close to average because of the storm to start the start of the winter season it was between 92 and 96% of average at most stations and the sierra official said it is unlikely it will be above average because of the drive feb. but it is still better than last year was
5:15 am
dissolved and acceptance. -- which is all. the contracts for at this all >>james: the entire state is covered in red before january the 11th largest reservoir is in california holding about 56 percent of the average amount of water hose with a guest in the sense showers on the horizon >>anny h: we its chance to make up for the lack hot wet weather
5:16 am
in february will have a little chance to live and what they sprinkle but other than that we're expecting dry conditions for the rest of the bay area and you concede button o'clock will see widespread '60s under most sunny conditions '60s and '70s will be as warm today compared to yes it was still see mild reading's a lot of low 7 is for the locations indicated by the yellow by 3:00 this afternoon.
5:17 am
>>anny h: if you're in the east of the inland locations low salmon is for martinez in concord san ramon and the lower 771 in fremont and potentially as we could get some as evidence for our friends in brentwood later on today south played the piano '70s to near mid '70s increasing clouds of the better rain possible starting at night and then spread to the rest of the bay area friday still
5:18 am
tracking a few more shower the more impressive storm is over the weekend saturday and sunday looking at the wind blows and reported strong the rain can be quite heavy at times another system bring this even more rain on monday and tuesday. >>rebecca: we are thinking of just a little bit of yellow come to the livermore valley commit out of tracy here's a look at what you drive times like 42 minutes to make your way through a more getting to the dublin and to change and then it is granted an easy drive into free mark come of san leandro
5:19 am
and the 230 connector is going to be 25 minutes as evacuate dr. fremont has a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza traffic still moving very well so far at this hour. >>james: we have video of stacy's father he arrived yesterday and choose the mother of two who was found shot to death in fremont her father just
5:20 am
the right from the to go on to see the man accused of killing her unfortunately there were not in court yesterday the family as you might imagine has overwhelmed with grief >>: i am sad and angry she was my niece he will be back in court later this week for any hope to see the murder suspects the funeral was held for her last night. >>darya: they found the body of a ski instructor who went missing back in january they found 23 year-old body yesterday it was under 5 ft. of snow near where his self from/detected they were training at the ski resort when they found the body
5:21 am
facade the who set a record as a blind skier says he does not blame skiing for what happened to the body was found in an avalanche from area and i think he was caught in an avalanche that killed some hit last this seems a rare 15th what he was king of duty this say he was an esteemed member of the team and friends to men make him in his effort to find and has been overwhelming and are thought to france about the family they said in an engine fire is probably why this bus exploded. >>james: look at the damage in
5:22 am
the aftermath the bus is darn you can see right through all of 25 for some bus pulled into a gas station is in the south of market neighborhood is about to 30 yesterday after the driver noticed the bus seemed to be overheating the of the hood to to come in and said and did walk into the gas station the store for just a minute then he was told never smoke coming out of the engine know what was heard on the bourse-issue workers returned of the gas to the pumps to stop and a touch of explosion never able to put the fire out with and about half an hour. chef >>darya: its mast into a home this is a san carlos and have an alarm clock is the afternoon near winding way there is some overhead with helicopter partnership to a neighbor heard raveling and banking and the
5:23 am
truck and drove right through the home you can see most of the home was destroyed if you're driving in the air you might see crews repairing car lines this morning renters and one east bay city want officials to do more to stop rising rents and eviction the new push to prevent people from being priced out of the bay area committee and is in custody this morning the charges he is facing will explain. want a different way to cleanse? try new all-in-1 micellar water from garnier. the micelles attract dirt like a magnet. to 1. remove makeup 2. cleanse and 3. soothe. no harsh rubbing, no rinsing.
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>>james: he won the best supporting actor oscar for his wall and the cabinet dragline 1957 em he went on to bring a lot lassen peak for more him from being a police detective. >>darya: charged with assault police recall to a pool supplies store the file on the ground outside he said
5:27 am
that he and and identify an escalated when he threw something at him and punch him is charged with battery and being held in jail is bound for the broadway stage according to the rap is said to commence october. >>anny h: weather is coming up after the break.
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>>reporter: it is high science still not decided that trump could be the party to nominate to the democrats it is critical for senator lawrence sanders
5:31 am
clinton is leading right now in the southern states that are voting centers will in this half one easy when his home state of vermont. >>rebecca: the metering lights have just been turned on the
5:32 am
forecast looks like this the kids heading out to the bus stop. >>anny h: not as widespread and intense competitive yesterday rickrack temperatures topping out in the lower seven days for locations the coast will remain in the '60s as the mentioned we are tracking some big changes in the forecast. >>rebecca: we're looking at the drive time of about 15 minutes,
5:33 am
to the one on one connector in san mateo-to take about 14 minutes as of right now. >>james: a group of renters in alameda said the city is not doing enough to start rising rents and evictions we have the right to coalition filing a new witness in this matter from yesterday is to be on the november ballot to new private
5:34 am
vendor for the part six of the concessions to that of the old mender owns the trademark to numerous attractions including the warning hotel and they even on the phrase for retail merchandisers.
5:35 am
>>james: that is the call to home a lot half mile off highway 74 a man crashed a car into
5:36 am
another vehicle on propping in this is a sign to identify a body doubles found along a shoreline by but that the bank if somebody south of san creek beach from endicott is to more than speculation that it could be this man his car was found in the debate in his left a note saying he was born to kill his self a major win for apple as a guide to the fbi will to win the judge said the company cannot be forced to help in december and in the shooting investigation
5:37 am
the tech partially was possibility before the crash of a whopping one of the scars on which they would lead up to the accident. >>darya: nice and clear. he set forth, armed with artillery no one saw coming. so that everyone could taste history-making burgers. and america ate it up. true story. we're making every burger better, like the new double jack. history never tasted so good.
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5:39 am
>>james: the judge is in the best it cannot force them to unlock all from owned by one of the san brandon rush tutors the government requested apple to bring the false caracole without wiping out the data is so can access would hope to be valuable information through the government cannot make them
5:40 am
assist in the government's investigation against his will the shooting victims and survivors are even grieving agree with apple same privacy is the more important principle one of itself to the average car's was partially responsible for accidents with a city bus in mountain view it happened on valentine's day. >>darya: a bus hit the car after it switched lanes the carswell slants unexpected meant the self drive a car predicted that the bus would yield to ed when it pulled out to avoid san backed the driver who was monitoring the so drive vehicle made the same assumption the busted not yield and the vehicle edition of and no one was hurt this the first time limits one of the self diving vehicles played a role in causing a crash the cars and michael to have a better understanding the buses and army
5:41 am
vehicles are less likely to yield the smaller ones/. >>james: the space agency granted a $20 million contract to develop a new passenger jet that can fly faster than speed of sound this is the premier design with the jet live look like they're hoping this to make flying safer green and quieter the jets will use new technology that will create the soft sound
5:42 am
and we have a lot of stores working on for the 6:00 hour.
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nissan leaf... what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ >>james: it is a fear of police said he was gunned down on the green walk and happiest and and
5:46 am
will let you know when we didn't momus later the bus was on fire. >>anny h: here is a look outside as well live to the embarcadero
5:47 am
park ridge to most sunny conditions you'll notice renouncing any fog in the shot to get ready wising increase in cloud for tomorrow tomorrow night at the rennes arrival should the arms each cast we do have more storms on the right is tested this weekend this is the biggest on were we will see what and when the conditions it would generally be drive today we are tracking a slight chance to live a sprinkle 53 in oakland 51 in
5:48 am
fremont of the '40's and the more 55 san jose mid 50's downtown san francisco to chill the tomorrow the clock starts the 5:00 in the morning. >>anny h: not to worry about the morning commute in the afternoon we will start to see the cost increase in the north metacenter rosa san francisco and the rain
5:49 am
comes through peninsula and the rain get quite heavy at times another storm rise looks for early next week
5:50 am
>>rebecca: traffic is backed up into the macarthur maze this is very lightly traveled only seven minutes from the pace across spend up to the document 23 mention hi rick dennison
5:51 am
>>darya: their accord was to start to the a three day preliminary hearing they're accused of beating 31 year-old michael to death in his jail cell last august if they are found concede they could face life in prison. >>darya: the killing of two college students in virginia jesse massey jr. in charge of the thing in murdering it's in your hand a gram and 20 when you're of more harrington.
5:52 am
>>james: he started a standoff and here you can see the area of video and media follow the chase the suspect kidnapped his girlfriend and her two children the police on a chase he agree to release his girlfriend and the children but as the camera off his stick into the nearby hills police are using search dog to look for him the driver
5:53 am
lost control and sideswiped a bus the most caring for five schoolchildren before we have to do is give you a quick live look to him on a forecast coming up. i try hard to get a great shape.
5:54 am
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>>darya: install group consisting back to france with the largest since a california record we have superstars steph curry questioning for tonight's game you may remember he will decide on saturday we are keeping my eye on whether for you of big change will follow
5:57 am
this model will have an update in just a few minutes. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape.
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this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>darya: they try to do everything they can to stop them from centers. >>reporter: plenty at stake one- quarter of the republican delegates in nearly one-fifth of the democratic the evidence according to national poll a recurrence and donald trump are running away with the race.
6:01 am
>>reporter: nearly one quarter of republican delegates and merely affect the democratic delegates will be up for grabs about a dozen states. it has been a rough couple of days from now trump first use attacked relentlessly by mark during last week's debate and then he declined to immediately disavowed support from former
6:02 am
leader david duke in an interview on sunday despite having distance themselves before and after that interview on monday of black lives matter protesters interrupted his event he does is what because is poor called the officials and hypothetical matchup between hillary clinton and don trump clinton would win easily in
6:03 am
>>anny h: he was a quick check of the four past,-4-past
6:04 am
will t will t: will t: >>rebecca: we're getting first reports of the crash will get to that in just a man and a live camera shot here is packed a lot of people are trying to get into san francisco the mirror and realize what turned on or around 530 with the drive times books about contaminants because the back of the extends far into the macarthur maze there is a
6:05 am
these two cars involved is northbound 1010 from the complaints possibly block will to go over drive times. >>darya: drive-by shooting in richmond that happen on 5:00 last night in front of the community center to someone and a car fire shot the victim they believed that men the victim was targeted the 14 year-old boy was killed.
6:06 am
will t: we learn the 14 your name anthony mcclanahan and to get right to the video as soon as the family members found out you can hear the screams in the background they arrived to the scene this happened not too far away from a very popular and walking trails that this when this into don't have a motive the bertrand had to slow down just been the talk to witnesses to spend a lot of time in that area at this point they don't have a description of the killer or killers it was a police a 5% shot it can be heard by many people including neighbors in that area there was one never
6:07 am
talking about what she heard. will t: and that woman called 911 in the city of richmond to have this is the microphones all over the city and detective when
6:08 am
not sure the child on to the middle school since it happened there is a high probability that they knew him we'll get reaction from those people >>james: they're giving us a live shot from the scene and 13 and harrison jackie s: they're kind of forgot exactly how long workers from the department of public works in japan of the here to the right you're also said the look the place out in notifying people who've been staying in the tense and one. they're more than a hundred tenseness area
6:09 am
since then there has been a few holdouts dozens of tents remained out here we seem to dozen or so trucks and police officers out here also the home was in or out there picking of the material in leaving will also sing garbage trucks if we get an intermission from the san francisco police department will pass along
6:10 am
>>darya: find out where plus the recent dry spell not good news for california we're expecting several days of rain on the way we have a look at the forecast on this first day of march the careful review c. molding call young girl is now being charged with threatening her school because of a character and the approach is looking pretty good we will be right back.
6:11 am
6:12 am
6:13 am
>>james: the snow pack levels are staying close to an average because of major storms and saw at the winter the snow pack of between 92 and 96% of average.
6:14 am
>>darya: we are still dealing with his before february it was on track to have a very rainy winter statewide the 11 largest reservoir to hold about 56 percent of the average amount of water for late february california sees in spike from interfirst my mentor like a pro- should be able to decide if statewide water use restrictions should continue. >>anny h: today looks pretty nice smile conditions until sunshine starting tomorrow and the next several days after that quite a few storms heading
6:15 am
this way we do have called a condition but we're not seeing as much fog this morning and that of a passing body fog here is a quick check of the satellite radar picture you can see a lot of the motion of no the was out for you recall--you reckon >>anny h: 52 on the oakland 44 and pleasanton and fairfield 46 novato 46% fifth is on the peninsula including 53 in san jose heading to the inland
6:16 am
locations will see yosemite to danville 72 in conference and on the livermore and 74 degrees in pittsburgh and the most dishonest guys for the rest of the bay. a nice if you miss out of its 74 is san jose's 69 and san mateo have on their lawns 63 daly city and 66 of 71 in san rafael. >>anny h: by the afternoon boosted because of the increase on the coast in part to the north bank especially in santa rosa it comes to rest of the bay area impacting san francisco after midnight out toward fairfield will see the system
6:17 am
had the for the sock it may skips and was able to keep san jose and a slight chance for some rain thursday morning it looked like to see look at what conditions for a good portion of the bay area including the peninsula keep those umbrellas handy.
6:18 am
>>rebecca: the driver turned into san francisco will be about 200 to five minutes because will backed up into the macarthur maze also backed up onto the 880 of a cost approaching westbound 80 that is one to be a sluggish track all the way across the span into downtown san mateo bridge is getting prepack for the was about 92 ride on the right-hand side of the screen or caulking and just under 20 minutes to get it from and and check in the east bay commit we're seeing some yellow and red on the screen indicating it is
6:19 am
born to a 33 minutes into the pit is making the connection of next will have the 11 commit to downtown san jose. >>james: firefighters this is in san francisco that is a bus and often flames take a look and 18
6:20 am
will molted town rival trucks smashed into a home in san carlos this happened today after 1:00 also yesterday on when to drive no one was hurt in leases side of the home if you're driving. >>darya: its start about 10:00 last night and a mobile home park on high street in oakland the fire department has out within 20 minutes which two people did have to go to the hospital driver is on edge after a series of shootings that have long been popular ease before
6:21 am
where there been seven shootings and interstate 80 since november reported them live on the morning news a lettuce on was saturday near hilltop drive and a man was killed in that shooting some fired shots and suvs and went crashing into an embankment they believe the car in the shooting of like the one you just saw the 2010 jeep. >>darya: it may be gang-related they are hoping the witnesses will come forward and is the key to this investigation they're up patrols in the area. >>james: saturday shooting with a seven shooting of interstate 82 innocent bystanders also hit by gunfire and the shootings of the season and number of shootings to small you could
6:22 am
walk the number of people ask a driving interstate 87 main cars travel in that area of the law would apply to all tobacco products and clingy cigarettes opponents 2015 report by an institute of medicine found 9 percent of smokers first tried cigarettes before the age of 19. >>darya: a wrongful death lawsuit filed against four san francisco police officers police
6:23 am
mistook a taser that he was caring for a gun bay it work to secure guard and the taser was needed for his job and autopsy shows that he had been shot in the certain times the senses of his apartments said the officers were acting within policy. >>james: this what the person was driving invested say a man was in the car was parked in the fire line their best western it was there for a long time there
6:24 am
were both hospitalize the manager still in hospital this morning for some of the released happen today the coast guard is going to be back of half moon bay looking for young man whose walkout to seeing the several calls made by young men sitting on the water about 2:00 this afternoon. >>james: see what they're doing to try and stop that if the court is more muscular than you will say what they can be up for promotion before you are we have some pretty looking cloud of them on the forecast coming up.
6:25 am
6:26 am
6:27 am
>>rebecca: you and looking at about 25 minute drive times to get from 880 in whole or to the peninsula. >>james: be careful of what a character is your child is using she has been charged with threatening her school on social media at the using the gun or bomb and a knife she posted a message that read me me in the library to is that and then she put those icons next to the message should abolish it posted a message on the different students named her mother's tissues respond to bullying at the school she is not charged with red and the school and computer harassment muscular man of the six rebel leaders in the end of making more money. >>darya: it has a group of man
6:28 am
who but the physical strain and photographed them researchers said the physically strong appearing man unfit to drink hire its leaders over those they looked slimmer the study was done on women by a wide but there was little effect on the perception of edition skills when they were shown physically strong woman versus which once we have some pretty good ran out
6:29 am
there this looks really great because we need the line right now we're looking at the dry commit no rent quite yet. jackie s: massive home was trees and the streets of san francisco, on my report will table police and hamas are saying.
6:30 am
>>james: where to get a live look at the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq breezing moment ago to the dow was up 90. in the free market trading and now that it has run is about 83 were also off to a positive start.
6:31 am
>>anny h: most likely tomorrow night and for thursday morning he was a quick check of your school forecast for the kids hitting of the door by endicott r the jacket to the of the sun screen will start of school and some taxi valley fog will have mostly sunny conditions by march mid 6 this afternoon our 3:00 low seventies and the coast was said temperatures in the mid to upper 60s for most part track in the rain to arrive starting tomorrow talk more about that
6:32 am
right now with access to hot spots one in the bay bridge on the san mateo bridge right before the toll plaza chp still have not been able to clear them out. >>rebecca: is backed up over the 80 of a crossing getting into san francisco it would take about two to five minutes to send a tailspin it is at a standstill right now this all because of a stalled right at a high-rise of blocking that far right lane to a loss of brake lights for this plan across the now the drive times of to about 32 minutes according to or row center the of this coming a fumble to these hot spots. >>james: we are standing by with this live shot the store ride
6:33 am
out to the scene in the latest from him. jackie s: 9 is exactly what you're seeing this morning to see guys right here folding up the tents and leaving this is what looks like earlier according to some of the people who live far along to the 3:00 this morning it started getting rows out of the tense and they needed to leave does the people from the dtw does not permit a public works will go along with the senses the police officers
6:34 am
the deadline came and went this when they finally moved and install removing the people we got out and live with it have a chance to talk to one home. >>james: a scene that will continue to develop crop one will go out to jackie and a be stop the broadcast. >>darya: today the sun grammar for the republican and democratic presidential nomination are looking to get some major separation from the arrival of the one to pull ahead donald trump hauler clinton to open things go their way on the busiest day rivals in 10 cruise
6:35 am
want to stop trump bernie sanders helps that he can get around a minority and are the core the democratic bulls and clinton about a dozen states had to the poll today it will be monitoring the progress with a group of rich as an alameda san the city is not doing enough to stop rising rents and evictions malamud ever to score listen filed a notice of yesterday's will be on the dollar in november it would also create an elected or toward there ought to look into the with the crisis in evictions and alameda.
6:36 am
>>james: the fight over arise in rent mackinac from several people were arrested upon to start of hand and the city council meeting. >>darya: arriving in court she was the young mother of two she was found shot to death in a fremont came in her boyfriend and his friend has been charged with the murder her father just got here from mexico on humanitarian bees of to see the man accused of killing her and for some of the two men were not in court yesterday the family is overwhelmed with grief here is a
6:37 am
story that had a scratching our head the next time to go to yosemite will be about to buy anything this is assembling the teachers souvenirs' mucks nothing apparently there is a major name change battle happening right now. >>james: there is a new private vendor that is taking over the park's concessions today the problem is the old vendor actually owns trademarks to numerous attractions in yosemite the national park service plans intemperance signs covering up all the ones that are being battled over we will
6:38 am
have the store use it only the to vaccine.
6:39 am
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>>rebecca: crawling across on the west about 92 sad a couple
6:42 am
more east to consult with drive times coming up. >>james: the basketball team in rhode island to the states stand to this elevated to early to think the one the to the one point lead with the out of the team and the white jurors in to make one last shot in the end turns out there was a fraction of the second still left in the game that should not have been celebrating their recent the clock continue playing in the stephen wise has an easy layup to when it was talk more about
6:43 am
that coming of her live look at the bay bridge high clouds for past is next after the break. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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>>darya: he was gunned down low on the walking paths in richmond yesterday and they're trying to establish a motive and find the killer.
6:46 am
>>james: small bus pulled into the station at night and how would it opened up the hood to check engine moments later flames had erupted. >>anny h: enjoyed a fairly easy commute and what is not going to be impacting 53 in san jose at
6:47 am
this hour check out the high for the south of that another nice mild is not one if you will see a lot of medicine is for cupertino lost battles 76 and on and got a 74 in san jose and the were '70s and the mountain view. >>anny h: will slow some is in far east difference a couple spots and the opposite is including richmond 69 most locations will get to the low seventies in this a between now
6:48 am
and next week on tuesday today
6:49 am
we're all looking at a slight chance to the north and sprinkle of the anastomosis on that tomorrow is increasing clout look of a nice ring to arrive and thursday morning will see this shower stick around for a morning commute saturday and sunday will have a wind gusting from the south on saturday night to sunday the wins will be pretty heavy and we will also experience periods of heavy rain for sunday. >>rebecca: we had a stall at a high-rise is closing down on the
6:50 am
actual spend right now the drive time from 880 and he would offer to the peninsula since the almost 40 minutes to drive times not as bad as about 22 to five minutes from the maze across the span into downtown san francisco a couple of drive times for the east bay commit on what kron 4 from antioch the constant source said jose taken
6:51 am
about half an hour to jamaica with the sunnyvale. >>darya: the special needs school in the east bank this comes at the video showing a nine you're still living abuse by teacher's aide and that the one viral two days at the october world and antioch we
6:52 am
don't believe it the attorney says he plans to file lawsuits against them in the next week there may be more after that senses are video came out he has called in by nearly 10 other senators to raise similar concerns about the child's care. >>james: the flu vaccine is working better this year than in years past the cdc says the slow season the vaccine is about 60 percent effective the still children have died this year if a child on plans of a stiff neck that could be meningitis which is a competition of the flow.
6:53 am
>>darya: he is listed as questionable because he wrote his eye on saturday but he did in the third quarter against the game against the thunder he went on to be a thunderously great after that but right now he thinks is going to on the court
6:54 am
>>james: he's from spring lake michigan and he's wearing braces his owner decided that it is worth the. >>james: this is what they do will be back with more in just a minute.
6:55 am
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>>darya: police taking action after almost refused to leave and it can man will have a live report it is dry now a lot of
6:58 am
friends and the forecast will tell you when it is on to start falling should steph curry set out tonight and why draymond green owes his mom thousand dollars if he goes off next turn a baseball player trade hp for actual forces and pick the right to challenge howe you're the one to men dollars every year for the rest of your life.
6:59 am
7:00 am
this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>james: than ultraviolet clinton hoping things go their way and a grab all the delegates arrive was ted crus are trying to stop trump and bernie sanders is open to rally minorities to vote for him new this morning a poll shows clinton insensible to beat down a trunk of the election were held today >>reporter: will hold largely in the respective races which compass had some stumbles lately upon a soap will be enough to slow him down has into the biggest race of the election seas


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