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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :now at 11. a series of el nino fueled storms. are rolling into the bay area. starting tonight. this is a live look outside along the embarcadero in san francisco. this storm system is expected to bring heavy rain and strong gusts of wind by this weekend. good evening, i'm pam moore. here's a live look outside across the bay area. the rain is expected to start in the next couple of hours.. the storm system will also bring fresh snow to the sierra this weekend. kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp has been tracking the
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forecast. brittany. where's the rain right >> brittney : this just to the north of san rosa salicylate according to our models we will continue to see light widespread rain mitchell linder into your wednesday--which building your interview thursday--will linger into your thursday commute here is another shot on our satellite radar that is showing where the rainfall is as it is just off the coast of san francisco and the south bay area and as we go into the rest of tonight we will see widespread light rain and showers will linger as we go into tomorrow morning and throughout the day then we will continue warming
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into the mid '50s by 9:00 a.m. with those showers expected on and off throughout the day our highs for the regional it closer to our average have a chance of showers straight through the weekend and saturday night is when heavy rain gets here and i'll be checking your 3 day forecast coming up in about 10 minutes >> pam :when the storm hits. kron 4' morning news will have you covered. we will be tracking the commute and what you can expect for the rest of the day. that's tomorrow morning. stating at 4 a-m. for up to the minute weather forecasts. be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. it's free to download for apple and android devices. the city of pacifica is bracing for the next round of storms... earlier storms already have taken their toll there. on eroding sections along the
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coast. today, a public works crew worked to clean up sand that has blown in from the sea in pacifica. the city says, its staff will be watching hot spots near the pacifica pier... to deal with any potential flooding. less than two months ago...a n apartment building was yellow - tagged... and its residents were forced to move because of severe erosion along the cliffside. meanwhile. a third sinkhole has opened up along the beach boulevard promanade in pacifica. it is right in front of the pacifica pier. here is a snapshot which shows the depression in the sidewalk. it was first thought to be 4 - feet by 6 feet. but when public works crews opened it up. they found that the erosion underneath. was about 14- feet by 10 -feet. the hole has now been filled in. and patched over. tonight. only on four. we went one on one with the richmond police chief about the recent shootings we've seen in the 6
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city. the most recent deadly shooting happened at this location. where 14-year-old xavier macclanahan was killed. there have been at least four shootings and two deaths over the past 3 days. the police chief believes that the victims in all of these cases were targeted. we asked about his strategy in wake of these shootings. >>:this is not about indiscriminate policing this is about our specialists and our beat officers toward knowing who is active and who is pulling triggers and pinpointing those people >> pam :police have since arrested four known gang members who were seen leaving one of the shootings. and have taken two guns off the street. police are now ruling paul titchener as a suspect in his wife... shelly titchener's murder. they are investigating whether or not he acted alone in killing his wife, cutting up her
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body, placing it in a trash bag, and putting it in the bay. shelly was reported missing by paul on february fifteenth. he claimed she didn't come home after they got in a fight two days before. body parts were found in fremont by the dumbarton pier about a week later. they were eventually able to take a right thumb print from the body... and match that with d-m-v records...confirming it was shelly's. >>:we have enough information at this point to name him as a suspect >> pam :paul jumped off the bay bridge last week. now brisbane police are trying to come up with a timeline from before... by looking at bank records and more to see where both of them traveled. questions still remain on who killed shelly, where it happened, and when she died.
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the city of el cerrito held a special meeting tonight to address a hate crime that occurred last week. someone lit two fires underneith a family car and left a note with a racial slur on it. kron four's jeff bush is live tonight with the latest in the casejeff. >> jeff :greg gregory's family was the subject of the attack in the early morning hours of february 24thfires were set under the family car and a note that said for them to get out of the neighborhood was found near the car. mayor greg lyman says the hate crime inflicted upon the gregory family is unacceptable and does not reflect the community. >> mayor greg lyman : in my 27 years of living in el cerrito i've never heard of an event like this. i've called for this
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as an opportunity for us to celebrate our diversity. >> jeff :it was a show of support for the gregory familyand a show of anger about a hate crime taking place in a diverse community in the modern age. >> todd walker: i mean a family that is not bothering nobody. why you going to tell somebody to move? if they paid for that house it is their property. and, whatever color or race or whatever everybody live wherever they want to. it's not on somebody to tell somebody where to live or where not to live. that's stupid. could justthe gregory family says the support is nice but the attack still keeps them up at night. >> greg gregory : we are doing the best we can. the one thing we refuse to do is feel the need to leave our propertyyou still feel a little bit intimidated being theregiven what happenedmy wife has had some nightmares. we just still don't feel totally comfortable being at home. >> jeff :police say they are waiting for dna test results back from the lab. i'm jeff bush, live in el
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cerrito, kron four news. >> pam :new at 11. a livermore caretaker is behind bars. on suspicion of child abuse. police arrested 20-year- old moriah gonzalez last week. after receiving a report of physical child abuse on a 13- month- old baby. offials say, gonzalez was the baby's caretaker. and had advertised her services on care- dot-com. police are looking for anyone who has hired gonzalez in the past. for her babysitting services. in the north bay. a pregnant woman in napa, has been diagnosed with zika virus. it is the first case of the disease in the bay area. an outbreak of the zika virus in central and south america has made thousands of people ill. and could also be causing birth defects in the unborn children of pregnant women. kron 4's charles clifford was in napa today. he spoke with health officials about this new case.
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>> charles :here in napa tuesday, health officials announced that the a pregnant woman who recently travelled to central america has tested positive for zika virus. she returned to here to napa about a month ago,developed a rash and went in for testing and today the state department of public health confirmed that she did indeed have zika virus. health officials worked tuesday to get the word out that there is little to no risk of the virus spreading. the disease is not airborne, it doesn't spread person to person through the air. the disease is mainly spread by two types of mosquitoes that don't exist in napa county. the only people who are really at risk right is anyone who may have travelled to countries where the disease is spreading, such as in parts of central and south america. pregnant women in particular should be carefull. >> : pregnant women should avoid travel to areas where zika virus is taking place. sexual
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partners of pregnant women who travel to those areas should use condoms or avoid sexual activity as it could be sexually transmitted as well. the county has also allocated resources to deal with any additional cases. we have been preparing so we opened our departmental operation center in order to have more people and a more coordianted response to zika in napa, charles clifford kron 4 >> pam :our coverage continues online on our website. there. we have more information on zika. including tips on how to avoid getting the virus. it's all at kron-4-dot-com. ahead. indications that bed bug infestations are jumping in the bay area. we'll show you the weapon one company uses to battle them. local newborn twins. but their special birthday celebrations will be years apart. one of the most popular burger
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restaurants around. is making some changes to its beloved sandwich. we'll tell you why in and out is making changes. >> gary :and later in the broadcast we will talk about is steph curry will be able to play in the game tomorrow or not >> brittney : and a light rain has already started to move into santa rosa and by attracting hallowed historical be an area --i am tracking how long this storm will be in our area
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>> pam :happening now. powerful storms are heading towards the bay area. bringing with it plenty of rain, wind. and even snow for the sierra. brittany shipp joins us now. brittany. what can we expect over the next few days? >> brittney : is still coming onshore and we are seeing light to moderate rain but as the melting snow and a stronger wind speeds the heavy rain will not be until this weekend this is the beginning of the wet pattern so let's take a closer look of where the rainfall is we will continue to seep widespread a light rain
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it is growing to take awhile to deal with it but we have light scattered on and off showers expected throughout the day so then we will have heavy rainfall in the weekend but as we head into friday we will have light on and off showers we are tracking stronger wind speeds as well the possibility of some street pondering and summer enflame--
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some of our higher elevations near santa cruz could get anywhere between three to 4 in. of rainfall and our highs around the region will be averaged with low 60s in san francisco our chance of showers and heavy rain expected on saturday night >> pam :are sports director is here gary >> gary : even without their star player, the golden state warriors still know how to put on a show. the defending champions sans steph curry last night. as he sat out with an ankle injury against the hawks.
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atlanta forced it to overtime and that's where the warriors pulled it out. andrew bogut and draymond green came up with big shots to preserve the league's best record.and keep the warriors undefeated at home. but no rest for the oklahoma city comes in tomorrow night. here's steve kerr on the matchup. >>:we expect a tight game crowberryand we won't know until tomorrow-- >> gary : if curry will be suiting up. as his status is still questionable. the good sign is the reigning mvp practiced this morning for the first time this week. also, andre iguodala's status is still up in the air. he is nursing a hamstring injury. tipoff against the thunder is set for 7-30 tomorrow night. after two weeks of working out,
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the san francisco giants finally getting to some games. the giants taking on the angels in their cactus league opener. taking the hill is one of their free agent acquisitions-- jeff samardzija. and he got off to a slow start.allowed a run, 2 hits and 2 walks in two innings of work. but the offense came through-- bottom 3rd-- connor gillaspie with the jack to right field. giants would tack on 3-more runs in the 6th they win 4-1.and face the brewers tomorrow. as for the a's, they get rolling tomorrow. the white elephants spring training opener will take place in tempe against the angels. bob melvin's squad looks on to starting the year strong and improving from last year's record of 68-94 in the regular season. game starts at noon pacific time. and jim harbaugh takes his talents to major league baseball. the former 49ers and current michigan head coach was an honorary first base coach for the detroit tigers grapefruit league game. he stood at the post for the first three inningsbefore being replaced. the wolverines football team is in bradenton this week because
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they're working out at the i-m-g academy facilities. and that is sports today >> pam :in response to complaints from food safety and consumer groups. the popular hamburger chain 'in-and-out burger' says. it is speeding up plans to stop selling beef treated with antibiotics. kron four's philippe djegal reports from alameda tonight where customers are applauding the change in procedure. in--n-out customers are loyal. >> : i've been getting this >> phillipe :willing to wait in the long drive thru lines, like this one in alameda, just for that famous juicy burger. >> : i have four kids and we love in-and-out. philippeeven without a recent policy change on how the beef is raised and treated. >> : in-n-out's burgers are so good that i think people will eat here regardless. >> phillipe :though moving forward -- the company says the beef it serves will be safer for
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consumers. >> : i don't need extra antibodies that i'm not asking for. >> phillipe :in response to complaints. in-and-out burger's vice president of quality says. the company has reached out to it's beef suppliers. asking that they put an end to treating cattle with antiobiotics unless absoultely necessary. in-and-out says, just like humans, cattle sometimes need antiobiotics for health reasons. but the company says it is now escalating it's shift away from the drugs, a timeline for the policy change though not announced. >> : i'm a retired rn and i know its healthier, so it'll reduce allergic reactions to antibiotics and strengthen our immune system. >> phillipe : food safety and consumer groups say hopefully, one day, in-and- out will move towards only selling grass-fed beef. in alameda, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam : just ahead. people looking for answers to an increasing number of bed bug infestations.
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>> pam :there has been a major increase in bed bug infestations here in the bay area. and the problem appears to be getting worse. "round the clock" pest control is now using dogs to help find the bugs. they are trained just like a bomb sniffing dog. and are imprinted with the odor of live bed bugs. if the dog finds the little creature. he scratches at the area.
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a pest control expert says bed bugs are all over the bay area now. gallo says bugs typically find their way into the united states on people who have been traveling outside of the country. coming up. special leap year twins in the east bay bring smiles to the family. trying to figure out how to celebrate their birthdays.
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>> pam :the ericksons of oakland are now the proud parents of twins.but one of their sons will have a birthday every four years. summer erickson was in labor on february 28th and gave birth to miles. just nine minutes after came on leap day. the parents say they are going to celebrate both birthdays on the 28th.and have a grand celebration on leap day. the twins are still in alta bates hospital in berkeley.because they were born premature. they will be in the hospital for a while. >> brittney : as we had and the next few hours widespread light rainfall tonight and tomorrow we have another chance of showers on friday it and heavy rain gets here on saturday night in tucson that--into sunday >> pam :that's it for the kron 4
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news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow
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erin andrews' trial shocker. >> reporter: outrage after a waitress says she saw a hotel executive looking at the peephole video over din we are friends. >> the you have the video on your cellphone? then the night they roasted donald trump. >> it's pronounced huge. >> could he really take a joke? >> you disappointed more women than sex and the city 2. and, lady gaga and the former bachelor already contestant coming forward today to say she was sexually abused. >> if they can be strong, then i can be


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