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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 3, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>james: good morning for clark is the time of his life to to from storm tractor shamas the radar few light showers scattered about the blame is on to the store where track all morning long this could mean a welcome you as to help the door and. >>anny h: we was to men and some of the area some areas of light
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rain could be moderate we are looking in some areas a light rain for berlin games and mattel said and also out for 101 and 280 here is a look at some of the areas where santa would rather stick your and foster city of the market running game was also looking as a wet weather and also for the north the vacancy san rafael cordero and nevada to some light rain falling as well impacting 101. >>anny h: you to see east of novato some light rain here also up for wine country will have the allowed of light rain and you can see it is not widespread in fact we're probably got to see some scattered showers it
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will continue to rock the late morning and into the early afternoon our chefs. >>anny h: you will want the umbrellas in case you're heading out the door to the jews in the '50s and '60s our 60s and oakland 50 in san francisco and 57 in san jose. >>anny h: bring the umbrella
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today will talk more about this because from that is headed this way is going to bring some impressive rain to the bay area over the weekend. >>robin w: that means people should leave early before the rain hits here you can always fall down traffic right now asked to the installed free not track in the hot spot we're tracking drive times so shut for
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those of you up the job out here this morning no problem connected from the nimitz said and continuing into san mateo 101 north is checking an accident free to ask. >>robin w: the nimitz trouble- free '80s saw from san leandro it would take about 20 minutes to get from to 38 out to to 37 and for the south bay commuters the king pretty good for not out of stocks and was them. >>james: you can follow the latest with the forecast for today's complete condition by simply downloading the mobile application a car flies off the
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freeway and crashes into a building in walnut creek take a look of video we just got into the news room the car was traveling on eastbound to to four when it left the freeway and hit the building some of driver and passenger suffered major injuries and had to be taken to the hospital there are still on the scene we have a crew of the way we will the latest in a live report. as soon as we get report >>james: south we when one on one with the police chief about the recent shooting and that city the most recently shooting happened at the location you see on the screen this is the 14 year-old boy was killed in this for shootings and two deaths over the past three days they believe the victims and all of these cases were specifically targeted the recast them about
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the strategy to prevent shooting like this from happening again saw says police have since arrested for known gang members who were seen leaving one of the shooting this the torso found in fremont is that of shut a kitchener they said that makes her husband a suspect in her murder and the question their turn to answer now asked is whether he acted alone to was reported missing by her husband on february 15th he claimed she did not come home after they got into a fight two days earlier by a parcel from the fremont the dunbarton pierre the relevance it what to take apart from the body that matched with the wreck as confirming that it was her.
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>>: we have enough information the evidence to put him as a suspect in this case he took his own life by jumping of the bay bridge last week that to try to figure out where and when she died a little more caretaker is behind bars this morning on suspicion of child abuse their arrested a 21 year-old after receiving a report of a child abuse on a 13 year-old baby. >>james: the police have arrested two men in connection with teleconverter theft in the east bay this to the story we're following for you said and agent at the union city station told police that he saw two men and a parked cars and a lot on tuesday morning and later found and arrested based on the
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description of the suspect they're still try to figure out if these men also responsible for deaths and of the parking lot said. >>charles c: apartment woman had traveled to central america has contracted the virus so she returned to not thought about a month ago she developed a rash off and on tuesday instead farm your help confirm the she had indeed contracted the virus said that the officials also inform the public that it is very unlikely that this disease will spread in apple set the only
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people or really at risk of contracting the disease is and will leverage and job to central or south america from the women in particular should be careful hist they do not expect to its stores to come to may have the additional resources just in case they do find more cases hist the coverage continues on
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our web site. >>james: sphere is all available on our web site would take a break coming up we have big changes that could become so popular restaurant find out how the change could benefit your health trust the former presidential nominee is awaiting the battle in the roof of the party here hi donald trump is responding to us will track and the rain headed toward the bay area showers possible to the morning commute we're coming back tomorrow the forecasted around.
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>>anny h: said it is willing
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scattered in line is not going to be all that impressive. >>anny h: 2 of the recess and scattered light rain tsk fifth
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is not looking all that impressed some less chekhovian to cast for 7:00 this morning as the rush hour is getting under way to a lot respect and scattered showers in will be few and far between issue be like if the evening commute should be dry by central led astray shower if here in their overall were looking at drying trend as we headed to the early afternoon and evening hours overnight should be dry friday morning and looking at cloud conditions.
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>>anny h: the real interests of rain comes over the weekend here the storm track the 7 day around the bay forecast tomorrow or track another chance for some scattershot started mainly in the afternoon and evening hours.
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>>robin w: it is looking pretty good so far with no major trouble spot for come from the north bay 50 minutes from south 10141015 '80s plant ceased to get to the san francisco side so far the ride is in pretty good shape the rain always slow down traffic if you leave now you convict pass in its potential hotspots the maypop up. >>james: in response to
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complaints from food safety in the popular hamburger chain in and out burger says it is speeding up plans to start using food would antibiotics. >>phillipe d: hist to eight without a recent change in how their weight in treated iv the company says they will be safer for consumers in response to complaints the vice-president of qualities said the company has reached out to the meat suppliers asking that that would demand to treating cattle of antibiotic and is absolutely
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necessary just like humans cattle sometime need antibiotics for help reasons the company says it is not escalating food safety and consumer groups say that one day they will make the move toward only selling grass fed beef. >>james: new details on what the boston marathon baum told investigators off about have been moments before the blast a
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federal jury has senses and to death decision 2016 the gop at this in a battle was once unthinkable a donald trump general election ticket near panic within the party. >>reporter: he is weighing in on the mold effort to the gop to stop the descendants of donald trump if after a strong gain on super tuesday the gop nominee met mumming heading trump on taxes and interviews and fox news.
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>>james: accepted in committee are for with the justice department involved staff providing into the to investigators fbi is asking for them for months earlier this week investigators finish a lengthy review with the e-mail and many of them were released publicly showing the she received since the reformation
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soft it is also the most controversial case facing the justices to death of the previous justice. >>james: the remaining eight justices will the tough texas law on wednesday it forces all doctors to before abortions also have hospital admitting privileges to decision is not
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expected until june if they are split 4 to for the state logo to affect city police are investigating criminal charges here is the video we for a shield to you we receive a police officer slapping and kicking ask the teenager thises and reach partnerships cool both of the officers in the video east and the police chief have been place on the matter should leave. >>james: if they're not assisting in the criminal investigation sh.
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>>james: fifth for the teenager was hospitalized for injuries and is expected to be ok stuff here is a live look outside the toll plaza, an oakland showing the westbound 80 ride in his drive for now we had over nine sprinkles more rain expected drop the morning commute keep the two in oakland is 59 degrees
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ride out.
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>>reporter: derek has decided not to return for season 22 of their some of the stars he won last season when instead of the terrapin for a ticket on the gene tully road fencing in the rain tech the show has been
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renewed the full house sequel series also starring john stiles will be back with season to the announcement comes only five days after the show premiered is been churning also some media their record to do it together and they before the oscar. >>james: it could fetch out what to they live and we afternoon right here following ride-- bridezilla >>anny h: it is scattered in
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nature will talk more about which was spent the morning commute and also track the biggest on that is headed to the bay area.
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>>james: we're told the driver and passenger who were inside both suffered major injuries off and was taken to hospital if they're still the same we have a column which is well she
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recently traveled to central america of the east and write down the live camera out of paper this morning.
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>>anny h: we're definitely tied singles and the conditions. >>anny h: nothing to impressive the system is weakening half the showers of for the rest of the morning commute cloudy skies a
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few more scattered showers should be like as it is indicating more showers in the forecast for friday afternoon temperatures were sent a lot of fifties out there including 59 in hayward of the '50s and fremont 57 in san jose with the east behind the type this ... it includes 54 livermore antioch and oakland 66 in downtown san francisco.
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>>robin w: leave early for up the gas tank and pack your patience benefit to leave early we have rain pour in down on the san mateo bridge because it traffic is still moving remember drive at reduced speed come from
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the south bay and to the peninsula leaving sun will from to 37 of what to sfo a 30 minute ride to do have to have to the airport and to do should leave early. . >>jeff b: the mayor says the hate crime it inflicted all his family is unacceptable and does
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not reflect the community to show support for the family and a show of anger and about a hate crime second place the support is nice but it still keeps the up at night.
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>>james: the controversy is brewing in the east bay and high-school involve long-term mascot is the mascot of the center as a high-school but it's inappropriate in this time ministers did not see the rebel guy has a racist symbol.
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>>james: in the district has no estimate on how much it might cost to remove all traces of the mascot a story you see only to was giving back to the teacher who was now fighting for his life the dry here but that is not the case in other parts of the bank.
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vicki liviakis: you never leave here hungry there is wings and waffles.
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>>james: if you're planning a spring getaway you might want to start booking a trip now according to the deal side 62 percent of americans are planning to travel this spring in atlanta but everything between 30 and 38 days in advance the best time to book your bill is right now what we
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come back on the weather. >>anny h: right now in the east bay here in pleasanton hey were union city a lot interstate 80 we are tracking some pretty decent showers.
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>>james: the severed torso that was found in fremont last month have officially been identified now police are calling the suspect and his wife murder their try to figure out the act alone the police have arrested two men in connection with a catalytic converter perhaps in the east and.
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>>anny h: if you're in pleasanton the morning to you dublin does basically east of union city and hayward along interstate 880 if we have to
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the north bay and east of you to see where track and some showers in vallejo benicia the showers not have moved farther east and we are tracking also a lot shower activity the future
4:48 am
cash choses by 5:00 this morning again cloud conditions a few more showers possible and santa rosa and san were felt to the 7:00 hour but again the general trend here for the morning hours is going to be scattered the big plane and some heavy will talk more about that coming up a little bit later. >>robin w: faugh to some spots to assure you pack up a
4:49 am
leisurely around your neck give itself a little extra turns to lands north into line south of san francisco at the limit in both directions only 50 minutes south 101 on the left-hand side from sandra fell to get to san francisco only 14 minutes from
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highway 4 to the maze headed south on dublin to snow in front. >>james: to make things a little easier for and the community is coming together and raise money for as chemotherapy treatment.
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>>reporter: dollars of the spy musicians made their way through which it offered to live on the train that he would never been able to do before now they're helping him months ago he announced that he instead for prostate cancer keble have taken a toll on his body but not his spirit is a private music teacher of professional performer have dwindled.
4:52 am
>>reporter: it will be held on march 13th and the theater in vallejo that evening a number of students will be performing in their few surprises you have no idea about right now if you have the store you like us to look into there was an easy way to let us know about it. >>james: a chinese toddler is safely back with his grandfather this morning after a terrifying fall so far will cave
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the toll plazas will let us know when you begin to back up 6856 of the high this afternoon.
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>>james: khakis come a long way he is a hundred and $53 seen in more from came in he had broken hip and pelvis is the recovering at uc-davis ever since the owner of some of the surrendered him
4:56 am
because of his condition this is new video images north of tico he chases birds and animals off living edwin meese and airport now the seven your border collie is a superstar after the video of her working when viral.
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>>james: the first case of the virus has popped up in the bay area and find out where and find out whether he should be concerned with track and some rain around the bay is a pretty sporadic.
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this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>darya: the bretton as we are following is in the east bay of cargo flying offer free land and
5:00 am
into a building but did this video we have to haul the cree. >>james: to see firefighters and rescue crews trying to get the people were trapped inside out. >>reporter: police said that the car ran over the guard rail on high 680 that when down the hill and it rolled through the parking lot into the building you see the crew just a working to clean up what is left of that crash the fire officials did
5:01 am
tell all of the is still structurally sound but that you know where the whole list has been wrecked had in the u below has also been a rich have the honor did tell us this is that the did not happen during the
5:02 am
day is park, is typically filled with all the people who work here. >>darya: the livermore police station looking at the map and you can see the area of the lower st. the reporter is on the way it to cover that for him and will get the new information as to cancel this possible on the police activity in the war.
5:03 am
>>anny h: we are looking get some areas of light to moderate shower activity this morning and also points out in brisbane the yellow in the case of baltimore rain much of a loss of more
5:04 am
storms headed to the bay area and be much more impressive than what we are seeing this morning. >>robin w: and looks pretty dry red not to bay bridge toll plaza looking here in the middle of the screen something on make it a total right here and moving off to the right hand side 24
5:05 am
heading to from the caldecott no problem the e sure for a connection that is the commute. >>james: the cause major problems in the city road large sections we were there yesterday with the public works crews and prepared for for the incoming rain the people live in the
5:06 am
building will forced to move and crews of the start of the five of the third a sinkhole that opened up along the beach below are from non if. >>james: this a good reminder to download the mobile application the contract in the coming rain in the time and what driver.
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>>darya: the launch is happened early this morning after the security council approved the cut the section on north korea to decade they were an active hand with of north korean nuclear test and long-range rocket launch south korean defense official said the latest projectile could be missiles are to of the four rockets.
5:08 am
>>james: the have arrested for known gang members in connection with the least one of those recent shootings >>darya: she's the woman who reported missing by her husband on february 15th he claimed she did not come home after they had a fight they said they believe that he killed his wife he took his own life by jumping off the bay bridge last week just hours after he did an interview with us about his missing wife. >>james: they said she
5:09 am
advertised her services on web site police now looking for other people who live higher in the past. >>darya: to men behind bars in connection with civil catalytic converter past and the east and that trying to figure out whether the man also the irresponsible for the fact that even happened in other parking lots around the bank on monday of three catalytic converters was stolen from the cars at the north cover bart station.
5:10 am
>>james: it calls them to be born will abnormally small heads thank you for waking us with the one knows we have a lot of head donald trump december to the gop the new effort to prevent track from winning their president's nomination plus attorney but is becoming a big problem in the bay area would cruise the door to slow down the growing number of bed bug infestation controversy over the mascot of one ease the high- school will explain why school officials want this person off- campus.
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>>anny h: this week in the north they will get the best win and best of rainfall your policies
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and let shower activity very soon hear this talk about the east vacancy the cell they're losing intensity but still looking pretty decent these added to the east so many parts of moran san rafael mill valley to from all had a chance for showers to arrive shortly in the next 30 minutes to professionally in our it is looking pretty good especially for the weekend will break it down first this morning could it
5:16 am
would commit we don't think for everyone mainly drive for the afternoon evening commute the wet and windy conditions are expected saturday and sunday we're concerned about flash flooding >>anny h: the future cash shows us this morning again mostly cloudy conditions with scattered showers are possible.
5:17 am
>>anny h: within hitting back home later on tonight should be fine as far as the rows are concerned tim the desert in the '50s 50 at san francisco chipping at the next couple days temperatures would generally pop pop into low to mid '60's the system is not very cold system quite yet aware since a more active weather heading this way.
5:18 am
>>robin w: it is slow but definitely went out there but no major hot spots the drive times caulking and 50 minutes for the average drive time from 80 out to one of one is getting crowded but still called low nothing to worry about so far so far the
5:19 am
committee looks good and to the altamont is pretty well out of livermore only 50 minutes from paschal hitting of to the interchange. >>james: they held a special meeting last night at the summit to fires under the family's car last week they found a note with the racial slur the note also told them to get out of the neighborhood is filled intimidated and scared last night's meeting that they came together to voice their anger
5:20 am
police are waiting for dna test results they hope will help lead them to suspect. >>darya: a round-the-clock pest control is now using dogs to help find the bed but they're trying like bomb sniffing dogs list of top live bed bug they said that a decade ago there were two and three bed but calls the years in the bay area now they're getting a 2000 calls a year from a couple to 8000 a year they said they typically find their way into the west of people of the traveling outside of the country that is not much you could do to prevent the the
5:21 am
gop try to stop donald trump from one in. >>james: the party is fracturing right now we've had a high- profile republicans win in after his big victory on super tuesday. >>reporter: he with and the crisis of the gop to stop the ascendance about trump after the strong gain most super tuesday and the gop nominee join the fight recently hitting him on taxes and interview on fox news
5:22 am
it isn't as clear thursday with an expected to/from the high- profile speech this hours before the front runner faces as rival he responded to his planned speech in typical fashion on twitter sales fell presence of canada is having a news conference tomorrow to criticize me just another desperate move by the man who should easily beat president obama. >>darya: he posted of his cage that he was willing to kill donald trump and that the world will take him the 23 rural says it was stupid he regrets said today he rota because she was angry about his coverage on muslims for the deportation
5:23 am
hearing is tomorrow fifth death. >>james: they're in line with the public than the she did not even anything that was marked as classified they were later determined to be highly sensitive by the fbi still had we learned more about god marathon bombing this morning + 6 and soon go down a glass slide and lost angeles of famous skyscraper was going to have this new feature will show you where it is and what it will be like.
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>>darya: the house is already been reviewed for a second season you're still binging on the first one that premiered last friday the dj pri by she's recently widowed and she has her sons and her sister of the
5:27 am
country's first spy flight is part of the $50 million renovation product on the 72nd floor.
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>>james:. >>anny h: we are tracking some showers this month after the light and scatter in nature.
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>>anny h: also alameda stanley and the track and a little bit like ren come through those moved off for the east come out of tracy may be coming so what will this pretty much it missing
5:32 am
some but bridgeton no. they really scattered into the evening commute with the exception of maybe a stray shower or to we are essential but grows up there and hot spots. >>robin w: there's a backlog does growing at the bay bridge toll plaza this is not because of the wet weather by on time and when the squeeze and for the pay date.
5:33 am
>>darya: the agency we have a new video from on a creek on the accident >>james: it was wedged upside down two people were trapped inside we first brought you the stunning video and broadcast this morning pretty incredible to look at. >>reporter: the car was
5:34 am
traveling on i. 680 in the eastbound direction one didnt over a guard rail and rolled down the hill into the pile of bushes and flew across the parking lot into that building where you see the building has an office but no one inside because it was ninth time their it to people inside the car a man and woman miraculously were alive when they left the scene the people inside had to cut out of the car the two units when
5:35 am
the crash happen that would not be able to return. >>james: they're facing murder and assault charges for his death last august he's in part
5:36 am
of the school and then the to the 1950's.
5:37 am
>>james: they said he would do not see what all the fuss is about no word on how much of the cost to remove all traces of the mascot for the assumption that they're looking into newly
5:38 am
unsealed court documents revealed that he called his brother to synchronize the two detonations will have some tips to help save money.
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>>darya: they cannot smoke on border plane they show that the cigarettes contain harmful chemicals similar to tobacco cigarettes >>james: if you're going on somewhere during spring break for dinner with start bucking the trip now according to the site 6 to 2 percent of american a plan to travel this spring and the plan to block everything trade 30 in 30 days the best time to book your bill will be right now will track the rest of
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the showers for you and i know how may impact the morning commute when it continues after the break.
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>>james: cartel off the freeway in walnut creek and crashed into a building the result of the car on the roof inside the building and happen shortly after midnight to driver and passengers suffered major injuries there in the hospital right now. >>darya: the recent shooting in the sitting was targeted--city he was gunned down while he was out walking in the afternoon least four shootings and two deaths in the past four days. >>james: she of the brisbane woman who reported missing by her husband back of their brief 15 they're calling him plus a potential suspect in his wife's murder he took his own life about a week after she went missing.
5:46 am
>>anny h: we just want to send android approaching danville most of the grain that is the migraine and that is what we are tracking in the east bay for the south bend approaching palo alto and los altos here shortly again looking into my brain for the north bay and a little bit of a shower out there just some sprinkles around would acre and discovered in nature--scattered in nature. >>anny h: was still legal in the cloudy skies they're hitting the road in getting to work to
5:47 am
concede tomorrow marks also be dried.
5:48 am
>>anny h: would talk about that coming up later. >>robin w: coming out of the east bay haywood heading west to san mateo bridge if it is packed the are heading of to the presence of that getting to the peninsula without any major hot spots earlier this part of the san mateo bridge keep that mine
5:49 am
and refine the kid out there traffic is moving well the major trouble spots lasted 20 minutes to get from a 80 out 2101 that is a good drive times we should give yourself a little bit of extra time just to be safe in is a 15 minute trip a great drive times in have to drive the to the potter's limits hot spots.
5:50 am
>>darya: the force and makes to fight each other are going to be arraigned next week office filed charges against all three guests today allegations of and and made to fight club served last month when an inmate family expressed concern about what was happening inside of the county jail the three deputies are accused of threatening inmates they don't expect in the fall plan but they say, has not been
5:51 am
officially ruled out yet the investigation continues the average weekday riders shift from last month was more than for her to 46,000 people. >>darya: the number of writers mr. percent over last year according to bart will learn more about what led to a driver crashing into what is today and expressed the seven for your car to car to the rest from the road long creek lake to the afternoon similar crashes tender because by the drive accidently it in the gas pedal setup the
5:52 am
break in the burger chain restyled as in the tech and and to treating antibiotics this is just like him is this some time into balance for health reasons >>: said how long it would take to make these changes they hope the weather is to move toward
5:53 am
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>>darya: let's take a look at the video of valentine enjoy his new home in orlando near chico he was found hundred and 50 ft. down a ravine and morrison canyon on valentine's day is a broken hip and pelvis is asserted to the to uc-davis to recover the owner came forward and server an attempt to the city of fremont we will see what
5:56 am
happens tonight but tonight is 900 in town at the arena we will see what happens to convict for a pirate experienced.
5:57 am
>>darya: is not to saturday there hawaiian chieftain we're tracking those storms and the giving of the of the here is a live look but again will get the full forecast momentarily. full forecast momentarily.
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this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>darya: this is new video coming in from the scene in walnut creek >>james: you can see inside the building all the first responders crowd around the firefighters tried to help the people ever strapped inside there's a driver and passenger.
6:01 am
>>reporter: they talk about what led to the crash take a listen to what they had to say.
6:02 am
6:03 am
will t: this is at pacific and the lore is often the distance from what we're here with no public information officer is headed to the scene and if you stop by and talk to the investigators hope will happen over the next couple of minutes report live shots were fired involving the suspects is very early but we are hearing the suspect has been killed we don't know exactly what prompted this officer involved shooting.
6:04 am
>>anny h: we have a few areas and sprinkle and best to was a menace on the air is the could be singled allied moisture we did have berlin game in san mateo but we're looking at cloud conditions this morning to see in the north bed and a bottle
6:05 am
with a pair of good activity informal sprinkles.
6:06 am
>>robin w: checking shall times the rosa went in sunspots but the into a king, but no major problems that is 22 minutes from pastoral to the dublin and to change will check recon on 92 still but at the san mateo bridge to look at the richmond san rafael bridge. >>james: people of the civil are bracing for this round with whether expecting this weekend is causing major problems in the sitting they're keeping a close
6:07 am
eye on a third sinkhole that of the long beach boulevard, is ride from of the pacific appear is taxing more like 14 ft. by 10 ft. the sinkhole has since been filled.
6:08 am
>>darya: suspicion of child abuse of livermore police arrested this woman off after that that report the she had abused a 13 month old baby police station advertising services on care they're not looking for anyone else, have hired her in the past. >>james: the most recent was on monday that is when the 14 year- old was killed while walking along the green with half is the list for shootings and two deaths in the past four days that with the victims and all the issues with targeted they
6:09 am
identified the body part that was found in fremont is from shelling--.
6:10 am
>>james: and asian a very observant one in union city called police after he sought to mend suspiciously underneath they found and arrested those two suspects in fact will come monday that their stolen from a parked cars at the bart station. >>darya: a major health alert the first case in the bay area pregnant woman and not the county the diagonals with the virus this week cut the official said she had recently traveled to central america it is
6:11 am
unlikely the virus to spread because it is mainly transmitted their tickets steps to fight the spread they're given $1 million the grant is to raise awareness and producer steve a population and also to develop vaccines that also lost of matching campaign for employees with the goal of dominating factor the thousand
6:12 am
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>>anny h: it is been hard to find it because it is in scattered between even not is not shown the whole lot on the radar for the sow for watching
6:16 am
this is generally moving east for the afternoon evening commute mostly dry conditions
6:17 am
may be a stray shower but overall it is trending dreyer a series of storms headed this way to assist more moisture lining up in the cold to concede the protein santa rosa it may happen between nine and a round- the-clock by lunchtime few more showers as possible for the east
6:18 am
bay along the delta. >>anny h: a little active here to the morning hours potentially again not a whole lot happen friday.
6:19 am
>>robin w: all the way through hayward a get a high rise is not slow but definite getting crowded.
6:20 am
>>james: you may remember trump's skip the last debate in
6:21 am
january. >>darya: the war would thank him if he killed dahmer trump he regret said and he wrote it because he was angry about his comments on muslims he was arrested by immigration authorities last fog at the los angeles area flight school his deportation hearing is tomorrow the former head of the clinton staff who helped set up a private e-mail server to has accepted an immunity offer from the justice department it involves the providing an interview to investigators investigators to contest a lengthy review of the e-mail
6:22 am
many of them were released publicly.
6:23 am
. >>darya: there's been a major increase in bad bugs in the bay area now around the clock pest control is using dogs to help find the but they're trying like bomb sniffing dogs they sickout live bed bucks they say a decade ago 10 years ago to commend the to a morbid but the call tim years later it is a thousand calls per year in the bay area.
6:24 am
>>james: this happen in county georgia he goes to the come to devise some sold and when the cashier open of the register he pulls out the gun the new hot headlines out this morning the
6:25 am
video that you're not going to want to mess when we come back in 90 seconds. ♪
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6:27 am
>>james: their ransacking off the shelves here is crazy out of houston tx the chain the doors to the door shut and backed up the truck and van you to keep the doors of the engines they ran into the store and a to see them breaking the glass cases that had all the different guns
6:28 am
and side they stole several different types of handguns and rifles.
6:29 am
6:30 am
6:31 am
will t: the good news for the police department they tell us that officer was not injured this was happening right behind us for this is basically the back door to the san francisco and the livermore police department is that close you can see them right at that location we don't have a lot of information on the suspect but they said it appeared to pass suspect has died of the officers did respond in the first place.
6:32 am
>>reporter: police say the back car to off by 680 and rolled down the hill through these bushes here.
6:33 am
>>reporter: we're told i slammed the door and is never damaged in turn on the tower for the rest of the building technical would look like when police arrived at the accident happened just after midnight you to see the cars barely recognizable. >>reporter: police had to cut the from the card using the jaws of life and they were trained for hospital he had not had an
6:34 am
estimated amount of damage to this bill and is still very early there on the same thing said goes to humans had been read tactic would not bear the to back. >>anny h: hauler for the south
6:35 am
is just off of los gatos track in the system here is going to
6:36 am
be off and on and to fremont is really heavy of 237 west from a 80 headed to the guadalupe parkway accused of murdering the girlfriend stacy on valentine's day prosecutors say they shot and killed her at a house party in hayward.
6:37 am
>>darya: the plea hearing is expected to start at 9:00 this morning >>james: students we talked to say that and see what the controversy is about no word on how much it will cost to remove all the images of the mascot. >>darya: this a response to a complaint before the sec because of a group this a story you see
6:38 am
how only how students and the east bay are giving back to the teacher who about a deadly illness.
6:39 am
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>>darya: where sale the
6:43 am
scattered showers here and there will talk more about the bigger rain headed this way the big were the story coming up the time now is 643. time now is 643. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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6:45 am
>>james: a car flies off the freeway and crashes into a building in walnut creek.
6:46 am
>>anny h: you can see we are track and a light shower activity is just off a little more look for the south inspire out toward milpitas high. if we
6:47 am
can have a what can you for some people out there not everyone because the scattered morning showers for the evening commute should remain the drive only a slight chance for st. shower to come friday afternoon evening showers will come back and then saturday night and sunday the winds will pick up the score to be quite raining and that whole weekend is looking pretty stormy.
6:48 am
>>anny h: expected them to moscow this cash to five and we
6:49 am
are tracking storm conditions for sunday as well to be even a little bit more active and intense but track your chances of thunderstorms on sunday on monday tuesday and wednesday of next week where wanted to shower chance in the forecast. >>robin w: instead of to 92 and except ride for san mateo bridge is one to offer on headed
6:50 am
to hire writers on the peninsula no major problems for 101 san mateo millbrae headed to sfo ticket lab before heading to the airport. >>james: he's battling stage for prostate cancer and it's a little bit easier the community is coming together to of raise
6:51 am
money for his treatment they did not to students months ago that he has stayed for prostate cancer it of putting smiles on faces for a quarter-century the goals to raise seven $5,000.
6:52 am
>>darya: happen now the warriors host of former city thunders at year-end to nine this is only been about five days of the big bang we stole from them last saturday night they might need more than the magic of the rain itself to be tough on the tonight because steph curry and andre iguodala are questionable he had to spring and go in addition to the thought of looking to avenge saturday's loss to consecutive home runs and is on the line the shot as setting the all-time record over the bulls this game.
6:53 am
>>james: this say it was third at 32.8 minutes oakland sentences of all was said to make the top 15 oakland have the seventh ranking.
6:54 am
>>darya: it looks like we're not getting much activity will be right back.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>>darya: it was adopted back in 23rd and started work in the airport in 2015 the seven your prompt the market and actual paycheck but he is awarded to to treat the dramatic scene and the
6:58 am
car side of the freeway in walnut creek comes crashing into a business will have the latest the golden state and the thunder mix again.
6:59 am
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this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>darya: to store is developing in the east bay and the the more than the officer involved shooting steps away from police station a car flies off the freeway and and upside-down and son of a building. will t: the shooting took place in the back door of the livermore police department is right behind this happen at around 3:00 in the morning


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