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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 4, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>james: in east bay and and it accuses of child abuse will take about the new evidence that they have against them the golden state warriors tying in and be a record one step closer to making history a highlight of a record- breaking night we have showers heading in our direction and big storms will give a full look at the forecast. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>james: 4 clock is the time thank you for joining us the to the right to the weather forecast today showers heading
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in our direction. >>anny hong: impacting first the south bay this morning it will impact some of the drivers this morning due catamite you will want to bring the umbrella is once again right now for the moment we are looking at drive cloud conditions potentially some light to moderate rain
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falling in for san jose in fremont by lunchtime another round of moisture setting of off the coast bring in a few scattered showers by 1:00 potentially with a system like to moderate rain will hold on to scattered showers for the rest of the afternoon at 3:00 as the kids are getting back from school with after-school activities. >>anny hong: overnight and into early saturday morning will have more scattered showers moving in and then we will see some really heavy rain and wind
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starts to pick up on saturday here is a quick check of what is happening saturday widespread rain expected 11:00 saturday morning heavy winds as well that will continue for much of your saturday and it is pretty much a washout. >>anny hong: very wet and soggy saturday that continues to saturday as well heading into san francisco no problems from one of and no problems for the east shore freeway and. >>robin winston: it will be a smooth convention into san
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francisco with less than 10 minutes for the average drive time know problems on the bridge the 07 mile stretch and smoke a connection to 11 into san mateo it will be trouble free south 680 that is a great ride so far as leaving the dublin and to change into sonoma,
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>>james: police right now are looking at whether there are other victims out there and we report neighbors say they are surprised that this happen so close to home. >>terisa estacio: she is not charged in this case and his what authorities say there's evidence unending camp hidden at infants room caught them abusing the 13 month old baby boy it was february 18th for that mistake the boy's parents came home and check the hidden camera it shows she tried to quiet the crime and for now by bouncing him up and down and then she lowered him with her hands in this town would from cleared all boat to muffle a crying he began to squirm and cake and then went limp they say she did this twice each time the
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boy body went limp but finally putting the boy in his crib and leaving the room. neighbors say they are taken back by the reporter of the case she denied hurting the baby there is little more police evidence of whether there are any other possible victims in the community to advertise on the part of the day care site today spokesperson released a statement saying the safety of the community is of paramount importance to us.
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>>james: health officials confirmed the case yesterday after it has confirmed earlier this week >>j.r. stone: san francisco resident has tested positive for the virus spread by mosquitoes and a virus that some cases have been linked to babies born with unusually small heads up officials tell us that and the most recent case the person was infected by the virus when they traveled to central america the press was not pregnant is said to occur only be doing well and did not transmit the disease to the united states according to officials announced on wednesday
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a pregnant woman has in fact is the positive for the virus area doctors that we talk was said when it comes to the virus and is a learning process for everyone is still as many of the pages of our reach change vacation plans and opted to stay clear places like central and south america goes to the cdc said the virus symptoms include fever-japan or revise so in total the cases have now been confirmed and five dozen california counties that a close san francisco county napa county yellow county los angeles county and san the accounting.
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>>james: you can see several and is getting into a five the guards rushing in to break it up the fight happened one day after share florissant to matters as are on hand to buy the cancer self she spend about $900 install the new cameras.
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>>reporter: the contra costa homeless outreach also needed a helping hand he says is private donations has dried up so have many of the organization they said and done now as the and his
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family prepared to move to arizona he worries about the men and women on the streets he is leaving behind the police chief martinezes is not sure if crime go of what the homeless community will certainly have less options to get help a notion tough for those to take as a noun this is the program's last day is july 1st. >>james: the warriors' second on the thunder last night steph curry back after missing previous game they had to come back from behind in the third quarter they're now 55 and 5 on
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the season the tech on the lakers this sunday to offset for 1230 in the afternoon coming up bar kissing an increase in number of writers was able to the program that could prevent overcrowding during peak hours republican presidential candidates square off once again see the highlights from last night's debate here howe giants fan is using his tragic accident.
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>>anny hong: for the weekend
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howe is really going to be very storming we're not saying any ran out there visibility have been reduced for some locations out off. >>anny hong: visibility in northern santa rosa down to 5
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mi. watch for wins at around 15 25 mi. per hour you see gusted to 50 m.p.h. and highest dust expected to moderate to heavy rain in fremont and san jose that also can be impacting the east bank things you did a little more active into the 1:00 hour you concede moderate to heavy rain possible for much of the east bay including concord and the more the stock also getting some rain by the afternoon at 3:00 was some scattered showers that will continue for the evening ride
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home and not be surprised we're going to get another round of rain overnight more scattered showers for the entire bay area it will be cloudy and get ready you're born to get a win powering especially saturday afternoon we will have widespread rain all across the bay area by lunchtime at 2:00 p.m. and on to the light to moderate. >>anny hong: very wet saturday audit farm crop was a moderate rate come across the north to bay and also the peninsula and the sock and saturday is a good chance to pucker down the home and watched the storm from your window temperatures are in the '60s and open 59 in san jose, a perfect is the livermore-it was the mid to upper 60s. >>anny hong: 69 in pleasanton san jose 69 as well: 63 and 65 in downtown san francisco and
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that even some thunderstorms are possible late saturday heading into sunday's will talk more about this year so as well because tall is getting so much need is know as well from the storm system more details on that later. >>robin winston: knowledge a hot spots right now tracking the ride across the golden gate bridge and looks like you need the headlines and the wipers you will experience reduce visibility across the span taken easy specify give this up enough space between you and the cars around you 80 lufkin couldn't
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becoming that far out of richmond it will be a great ride all across the bridge no problems on 101 and 2 out of san rafael cordero and trouble free- to be a good connection we're checking travel time so far highway 4 in pretty good shape number of the problem antioch's board they point it will be small way to conquer the nimitz leave early before it starts to back up the south from arise in the shape if you're coming out of the south bed this morning 101 is looking pretty good from now 85 all the way up to 37 in sunnyvale. >>james: let's turn to part 6
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the republican debate is what came next was perhaps the most real moment saw. >>reporter: ted crews also focus
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on trout in the midst of the debate this ability can between trump and i've been telling the raucous campaign with talk about issues will never try to go and get into these scrums the we're seeing here on the stage. >>james: brian stoll is on a mission to trembling as he was a fan who was beaten to death outside dodger stadium we explain now on his reaching high school leaders to stop bullying classmates into standard to those who do he suffered a
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severe brain injury that left him in a coma for nine months and took away his life as a paramedic his recovery has been painfully slow he downed his presentations to school audiences that bullying is unacceptable the spoke to students in san mateo urging them to stand up against bullying the audience was moved
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by his message his presentation has also contributed to this on recovering costs cantons to continue to spread his message. >>james: still had time now coming of one of hollywood's biggest actor says he might be getting too old for the industry will tell you it is here is a live look outside the toll plaza camera the 59 degrees of oakland
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68 and high today.
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>>reporter: he feels like his agent out of hollywood for she is open about her divorce with another she and her 26 your marriage he just told them that
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she is not impressed with material things the string of burglaries rattle one east bay community find out where this is happening and what police say you should do about it.
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>>james: second case of the virus in the bay area and this time in san francisco the purse was infected with the virus will travel to central america the five-star between two in may just after 3 afternoon the final
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day will be july 1st. >>anny hong: and leased it is the weekend of 34 hopefully home is pretty quiet right now on the waterfront just under a mile visibility for half on bay along the coast sfo oakland and san jose airport reporting the visibility right now the clout
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to condition this morning all across the bay area by 6:00 potentially with the system showers arriving in the south of them. >>anny hong: livermore concord getting some pretty impressive rain professionally if you have plans at 5:00 we're still holding on to scatters our
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chances most of it should be like in the afternoon saturday and that is the things that is really active would talk more about the storm system also talk about the sierra snow. >>robin winston: no major problems we are checking shower time beneath the travel time
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dark the check picking up here on was about 80 airports in the bay bridge toll plaza of the drive times a to 10 minutes from the made into downtown no problem for the center for your invested over to 92 the san mateo bridge leaving hey were heading into the peninsula is quiet 101 san mateo foster city number to troublespots it is traffic heading east come into he would have liked so far good ride through the toll plaza if you're going that far this had over to the travel time they are looking pretty good so far.
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>>robin winston: for now it is checking in trouble-free into a from the south bay to the peninsula. >>james: as we had to the east bay union city will have on them for sedation and talk to people living in the area. >>reporter: a busy street with the quickest route union city police confirmed in the last two weeks police said the bridges to
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work in teams will one person go to the font to find out anyone is home is not the other one was the quarterback and break in that way if you see something out of the ordinary or just doesn't quite seem right give them of call and let them check it out. >>james: passengers soon will have the opportunity to participate in the pilot program aimed at easing overcrowding
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during the peak hours of the commune the program is card the perks and the idea is to offer incentives. >>james: they're the ones we used to keep track of travel patterns during the six month trial. they said they hoped to get 5 percent of the writers into this purchase program when it begins this spring still ahead and concussions are grown
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concerned to find out what some coaches and parents are doing to protect children. >>gabe slate: we met with the job recruiter to find out what jobs are still hot and would job-seekers need to know that is coming up in the city by the way it is 50 degrees expecting to one of 57 this afternoon of the chance of land for both the morning and evening commute during the umbrella.
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>>gabe slate: they said that are
4:41 am
still sitting in high demand will type of jobs or skills are most in demand would allow students about what is the vice
4:42 am
for them ahead with of the main focus of job recruiters people looking for the jobs can contact them and of the recruiting firms and seek the help out and finding a job.
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>>james: and off-duty firefighter comes to the rescue of an unconscious baby at the drugstore we have totals of the lifesaving moment.
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>>james: and they beat the oklahoma city thunder by a fine of 12212106 the when the now put the warriors in 44 consecutive home wins that ties the record that was said by chicago bulls back in 1996. >>anny hong: here is a live look at the golden gate bridge a little more from the last 1530
4:47 am
minutes this morning less than a mile and half moon bay along the coast no issues for sfo in fact as a fog camera looks pretty good the stronger storm arrive tomorrow we will see the wind is picking up in the afternoon and for the evening hours and saturday and the widespread brand comes and saddam the lead advisor for the bay area it affects all of us here in north bass out the bank peninsula south east bay this starts
4:48 am
tomorrow at noon and go to 11:00 p.m. tomorrow you can see the red and the data shown something intentionally very heavy rain coming through by 3:00 generalissimo is scattered showers expected for late afternoon and heading into the evening hours and a slab was seal would commit for some folks not quite widespread lead to nanogram the umbrellas you do have plans this evening and
4:49 am
overnight a little more active and have more widespread shower activities tomorrow morning we do have some light scattered showers. >>anny hong: the land is getting stronger at 2:00 every one will be under the rain and that grain it will stick around all day all my at 5:00 strong winds for
4:50 am
saturday's sunday even thunderstorms are possible. >>robin winston: of the san francisco side little foggy may need to have less and the wipers you'd expect introduce visibility across the bridge above directions nothing slow
4:51 am
down the commute on 101 so far is in good shape over to five a the richmond san rafael bridge this one to be a good ride as well, averaging heading into the north bay between the toll plaza and 101 to december fell as only eight minutes that is a great drive time 80 looks good also connecting from the richmond side along the peninsula 101 san mateo 92 to the central freeway a quick 18 minute trip.
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>>james: the service for rich from san pablo all the way down to hey would one our service recall 799 per delivery because will be a primary as you might already know is $99 a year the
4:53 am
u.s. soccer association received ruled the kids under 10 can no longer use their heads said the ball. >>reporter: coaches also not required to undergo training the dilemmas on heavy armor to the to done children the kids to play soccer into their teen years use to do not have those restrictions there's still a
4:54 am
long way to go to the stand how serious concussions are for kids of all ages but said the new limit for young children are good.
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>>james: they came across seven original baseball cards credit in the early '20s century can
4:57 am
remember is one of baseball's all-time greats he played the tigers in 1905 to 1928 we will be right back.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: we want to know about a major storm that is coming up this weekend in the bay area heavy rain 3 ft. of fresh snow.
5:00 am
>>anny hong: we are tracking some thoughts about their the golden gate bridge is in getting fog in of the last hour or so
5:01 am
will continue to shower chances for the rest of the bay area and lunchtime and at this late this afternoon by 3:00 as the kids are heading back to school rather umbrella him put to the satellite radar picture of things are pretty quiet would have called conditions a little moisture off the coast after protesting bring some more showers once again this morning. >>robin winston: we're checking 92 the san mateo bridge and so far and the good writing the connection to the nimitz freeway were also much in the traffic on 880 and it looks good to san leandro hayward union city fremont oakland of problem.
5:02 am
>>jackie sissel: they said the 20 year-old nanny not was camera for 13 month old baby on february 18th when the camera that was put there by the parents called her allegedly attempting to suffocate that child according to police to see on the video are handled on the mouth and the baby what went to
5:03 am
paris once installed the contacted authorities they spoke with her when conflicting responses she was hired for the nanny service and they had a statement regarding the incident they're deeply troubled by this incident and our thoughts are with the family the second community in produce it will be
5:04 am
hearing give any details. >>darya: check all the references and ask how the nanny will perform in high stress or complicated situations. >>james: and in may fibrocartilage all possible and as cameras and video captured adolf from inside the sea
5:05 am
several men fighting and the guards came rushing into the frame the fight came just one day after they use what $900 the money they're also accused of assaulting another and make all to get peace pleaded not guilty. >>darya: the second case of zepa has been found in the bay area this time in san francisco the person was in fact with the virus which travel to central america the patient is not pregnant and the department says
5:06 am
they're doing well stay with us will have the very latest. >>james: we have a 97 year woman who's fighting eviction to keep her home she has died she was in the process of filing of lawsuits against landlord she had lived there for six decades and her previous landlord told her she can live out the rest of her life and that home with the landlord died in the new one certain eviction notice. >>darya: we're learning more letter to this car crashed into
5:07 am
an empty studio in walnut creek the police officer saw of bmw as to the speeding down on to the surface street and had several trees and bushes and land as to the sea on the roof to people in the s u v were hospitalized.
5:08 am
>>will tran: it is so easy getting reaction from the fans these days even the casual fans are better fans before we talk to ever him it was kind of the top five talk to us and attack yesterday the oklahoma city came in at one point late in the third quarter there of by 9.55
5:09 am
and 5 we're headed to the ball with the regular-season record we are one win away from the all-time record of the second of homelands joining us is abraham. >>will tran: next and for the
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warriors this saturday in los angeles this lies the season continues one more number to pass steph curry and five game streak averaging 41 we will be
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>>anny hong: down power lines and trees are definite possibility starting tomorrow we're talking maybe some scattered showers most of it should be life of the most part
5:15 am
were ticking on live look sfo this morning crowded conditions starting of snowfall were similar but fog in the north and santa rosa down to for my visibility to have no problem
5:16 am
this talk about the wind advisory in this issue for the entire bay area and close the northeast to bay south to bay san francisco dish you noticed the north bay staying dry san francisco's famed drive the most part and still little more at the potentially a much tile was still a few more scatters child this model bring in may be some a seller of moderate to heavy rain potentially through, other parts of the east bay this afternoon pish you can see by
5:17 am
2:00 widespread rain for everyone the yellow and more moderate rain. >>anny hong: will let you know how tomorrow is shaping up.
5:18 am
>>robin winston: less settled to five a track in the ride at the richmond san rafael bridge to commit it is pretty happy with the driving conditions even
5:19 am
if you plan on continuing beyond fremont to the south bank into san jose is a good rotted no problems the west 84 it is also checking in trouble-free. >>darya: there were several meetings and protest of the project it was a document signed high in complex would violate state law for not offering the land to affordable housing first. >>james: she was sentenced yesterday to six months at a
5:20 am
mental health facility ship pleaded not get pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing on state land to was most recently arrested last -- chicago o'hare international airport she snuck onto a planned san jose matt airport and flew to los angeles tech to call for islamic of going to announce legislation that would help fishermen and businesses will been hurt by the shutdown of this commercial crab season and was supposed to open november 17th but could not because tile levels of kron 4 acid was found along the california coast the shut down called an estimated $48 million in losses to the crabbing industry and provide hundred and $30 million in relief from cash.
5:21 am
>>james: the final day of the july 1st the scandals are targeting contra costa county water district customers pick their mostly business so far they got calls of after business hours and leave a message asking for funds to be wired in one case the customer they said people should be a winner if they would never accept payment through wire and it will not allow for a service unpaid charges allege there have been multiple attempts to collect bills police a look for this man who is a new broad coverage and a grocery store will bring the full screen so you could see
5:22 am
this happen wednesday decided not skillful in san ramon if a man went to the clerk of the bank branch in the supermarket. >>james: the clerk of the nazi a gun if the money anyway who the person left the building and ran off police and his in his 20s as of 5 ft. 7 in. of rain hundred and 70 lb. surf he suffered severe brain injury that left in a coma for nine months in and his career as now he gives presentations and schools to talk about how bullying is unacceptable. >>: speak up to one of the lack you're not-tattle till your life
5:23 am
sentence the speech says and this presentation is also been a big help in his recovery would not know how the daughter of whitney houston died medical examiner says that her face was immersed in water in the drug intoxication the combination of both those factors led to her death last year the 22 your was found face down an unresponsive to her atlanta home she died back in july after being in hospice for several months this is marijuana and alcohol were involved in the death along with medication other used to treat anxiety fend off the the firefighter comes to the rest of an unconscious bay leaf and a drug store flows of the lifesaving moment are have if.
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>>james: he saw the woman and hysterical and her unresponsive baby he rushed over to help immediately notice the baby was
5:27 am
burning up with a fever and started talking to them told to start focusing that nonspeaking ingersoll the employee actually translated to let her know everything was ok and they arrive shortly after the baby to the hospital, up next half it was a heated night as a republican presidential candidacy debate they were battling in out cash
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5:30 am
>>anny hong: public for the morning drive some people in the east bay and also south bank grabby umbrella once again if the temperatures are born to be in the fifth is that and because we received some scattered showers not everyone will see
5:31 am
them sift few to see oakland has a full san jose things are looking good as our stock is concerned five fifth.
5:32 am
>>robin winston: but the richmond san rafael bridge bay bridge and trucks to drive times and a south bend and he lives in sunnyvale and started backing out with what looks like a rash
5:33 am
he was misdiagnosed by more than three doctors he had a highly contagious herpes. >>darya: the have not said what they plan to do about the upcoming state match in bakersfield but they're hoping that they can stop the herpes from spreading.
5:34 am
>>darya: they're hoping to get 5% of ryder's to hop into the program what started this spring a bare knuckle political affair dominated they face tough questions about policy position that he changed his respond by casting the flexibility as an asset that assertion came back
5:35 am
to bite him in exchange the grew laughter from the audience an interesting moment, at the end of the night that effort have complicated when they're supposed him if he wins on the democratic side are three more primary set for tomorrow kansas and nebraska and with gm.
5:36 am
5:37 am
>>james: it would force it to help the fbi agents and the encrypted iphone said and by the mass shooters the government must file its response next week before hearing which is set for march 22nd we have some tips for you to pick the one that will be affected for your it turns out
5:38 am
they knew each other before the surprise reunion.
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5:40 am
>>james: try a brand at a bill or motrin if you held treated muscle aches close of headaches if you have any hard liver or kidney issues you want to talk
5:41 am
to your doctor for you have to agree to changes made by the assembly and members of the military to keep buying cigarettes. >>darya: senses the borders of was passed a bill that will make san francisco the largest city in the u.s. to raise the purchasing a tobacco the park is
5:42 am
not open yet and there are our problems and report about a ride at highly anticipated boy was sitting the world of her car those stories coming of the next hour. the satellite you shows the rain our the impact in parts of north the california showers headed this way before details coming up. coming up. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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>>darya: the sec to look at the weather which disorder satellite
5:46 am
because we're talking about a bigger system in addition to the rain and the small >>anny hong: we been tracking a little better fog as mostly along the coast and in the north bay this morning to have my visibility still of to amount half on bay in seven mile visibility in concord where talk about the wind advisory once again the goes into effect tomorrow starting at noon continues until 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night most of the rain
5:47 am
will be light button which may be seen a little more active cell produce a more locally heavy rainfall the winds howling
5:48 am
you will hear them howling by the afternoon 2:00 everyone getting rained on in will be a soggy saturday. >>anny hong: pretty interesting 3 4 in. for the hill over three for the more they more than 2 in. for the bay side including san francisco the relevance of land will be in the santa cruz mountain five to seven and test of the east bass out the also all getting well over 2 in.
5:49 am
sunday as well we're gone to include some thunderstorms for sunday on monday if temperatures will be a little cooler and we will have some more and showers potentially dry for most of monday and tuesday.
5:50 am
>>robin winston: now there is a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza stretches all the way out to west grand everyone to think of the pay is a lot of headlines it is looking good on the bridge itself it is backed up to in the fall on the west brand of oakland's i the drive times of 15 minutes from the maze and to downtown san francisco you will be deal with reduced visibility this morning only 15 minutes from san rafael to the toll plaza on the san francisco side the views on the
5:51 am
dangers of concussion are evolving.
5:52 am
>>darya: an attorney representing the says and that he did not appear to understand what is going on to commit doctors and experts for forensics psychiatry then conduct a series of interviews and test plan and their hearing was pushed back for march 10th to may 10th the sum of the evaluations can happen it turned out he was carrying a taser is he had for his security job 18
5:53 am
year-old asian vasquez and is serving time in los angeles for involuntary manslaughter he wrote a letter to the pope asked for forgiveness to his surprise the pope wrote back he said he was praying for him and he spoke about this is the letter help to regain his will to live.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>>darya: never separated for decades there ever given up for adoption and later in life of this started looking for their biological family 30 years later when the girls got a letter from the state telling her that they locate her sister was more believable was that her sister was no stranger if he found out your teacher was your
5:57 am
sister their teacher and student and after they found out they reconnect them and hold different way and not have a whole different relationship. we will be back with more news weather and news ♪ if you have allergy congestion, muddling through your morning is nothing new. ...your nose is the only thing on your mind...
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: the breaking news out of the south bend the investigation underway this is an san jose happening at a very busy intersection the police activity leigh avenue at this point all we know is the police got a report of the accident about 3:00 this morning we're looking at a map showing the expected rainfall total take a look at this broad brush in the to more than 3 in. in some portion of the north bay, out in
6:01 am
the east bay comparable more more than 2 in.. >>anny hong: as far as the weather is concerned now this morning we can see a few showers out their good morning in the east bay hills a live look at the bay bridge the kids getting ready for school headed to the bus stop at o'clock this morning at the number the and the brain
6:02 am
that and most of the show should be light but some models are hinting that the showers could produce some moderate to heavy rainfall at times read track of the default out there petaluma is going up and down. >>robin winston: the biggest toll plaza where one to check that first the normal back up on the west about 80 approaching
6:03 am
the pay its is already back the beyond west grand will be a good ride across the upper deck a lot heavy traffic approaching the toll plaza. >>darya: it happen they saw the
6:04 am
crash and jumped into the water and pour out of the car to water rescue team is missing was called to the scene to make sure police have not said yet of jobs out all played a role in the crash. >>jackie sissel: the 20 year-old nanny will be facing felony child abuse charges in just three hours in pleasanton the
6:05 am
accused a 20 year-old mariah gonzales who was hired by the parents of this 13 month old baby through the services called care that come she attempted allegedly to suffocate the baby they contacted police and they questioned her and when the testimony was different from what they had seen this issue was arrested on felony abuse charges according to official they sit on the camera they start put her hand as he said
6:06 am
and she was tied to an agency called care and issued a statement on this insane they're deeply troubled by this incident and the thoughts are with the family. >>jackie sissel: will provide a clear contacted the local law enforcement to ride whatever assistance we can in this manner she will be in court and she will be arraigned on the felony child abuse charges.
6:07 am
>>james: past people who use the will tell you. >>darya: there are no longer locked on this manhattan and a fight broke out to use the video from inside his head and made it rushing in and started fighting they're accused of
6:08 am
killing michael at the main jail in san jose in august and there also accused of assaulting another inmate of three deputies pleaded not guilty. >>james: and 97 your woman who was fighting an addiction to get our home has died the patient is
6:09 am
not pregnant and doing very well. this week to help officials announced a pregnant woman has tested positive for zeke the. >>darya: anytime you needed to go there and get tips on how to avoid the virus much more information the 22 euros from face down and unresponsive and the atlanta home she died back in july after being in hospice for several months the offices the marijuana and alcohol were involved in the death along with medication used to treat and side half--anxiety.
6:10 am
>>darya: we first broke the story on morning news now we have new video from the-tem of the lafayette police and showed the chase before the crash he
6:11 am
finished the game 33. mist of 44 consecutive home win that ties the come record that a setback in 1996 they can a break that record come this monday for the next home game. >>james: the presidential candidates the debate seems to
6:12 am
get more and more juvenile were tracking the ride to work it did a little more comfortable will tell you how they're trying to make less crowded.
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
>>darya: investitures and the democrats looking at the mcentee area and to an and is a very busy intersection so we're there to give information happened around 3:00 a.m. to just three hours investigating this on to cars smashed of the intersection and we do know that a man died in carrying out at the scene.
6:16 am
>>anny hong: in the week in will
6:17 am
be making cookies a good weekend to the indoor satellite radar picked shown us a little the moisture off the coast time to make its way into the bay area is fairly quiet we're seeing the fall crop especially along the golden gate bridges were getting talking in the last hour and a half or so he is a little more
6:18 am
aggressive and we're thinking we happen at 7:00 there is a chance to maybe a shower or to go on to haywood and the more and also parts of san jose it would a little more active for the afternoon nothing to intense a few more showers moving in at 1:00 will cease to showers for protested the east bay including concord oakland and the more we may have a cell of moderate to heavy rain to concede the peninsula san mateo fremont san jose also getting to my attention a limb and then in the afternoon horizontal lybrand that will continue to the evening commute hours. >>anny hong: is really going in the afternoon by 1:00 everyone
6:19 am
will see a dollar cost of the air like to moderate at times will see some periods of heavy rain along with the when driving in this tomorrow is not going to be fun hairstyle the next couple days will look to they scattered showers it will be the umbrella tomorrow stay home if japan a very strong storm arriving high winds and heavy rain you name it will be getting and sunday during a continuous and will have a chance of thunderstorms. >>anny hong: hold on to some degree showers may be monday morning most among the does the to the drive.
6:20 am
>>robin winston: the bay bridge, it was about 80 the backup is growing now stretches to the foot of the maze is much heavier it would take about 24 minutes average drive time from 82101 track in the trouble spot in san jose with a telling you about an accident on camden avenue and the avenue that is
6:21 am
close to both direction. >>james: if you're ride bar you'll be able to participate in a program that put together to try and ease of a problem during the peak commute hours the ideas to offer incentives for passengers to take the train at different times of the day during off-peak hours they said it will offer rewards points and the cash and some of the prizes there but to use to keep track of troubled haven't done the six month trial period is see how works out there hoping to get 5% of ryder's to opt for these pick apart programs when it starts
6:22 am
this coming spring in the peace with arabs in the proposal to build housing on city on land and the oakland the land was trip to going to be used for consular is a luxury apartment complex there were several meetings in protest this said high in complex of by the state offers and not offering report a house and furs the person of the units must be offered at below market rates to low income residents the city council vote on march 15, 2002 years ago she
6:23 am
snuck onto a plan san jose mineta and slow to lost angeles. >>james: >>darya: they've been given no food water and providing other shelter of the no longer had enough money to keep going they don't know this happened impact on crime but the program's final day is gone to be july 1st >>james: there are stammers the carter in contra costa county water district customers the victims of the stem mostly businesses to receive calls after business hours and the caller would leave a message asking for funds to be wired the customer was told to pick $300 or services will be shut off a sick people should be aware of that they would never act of penance for all wire that is the
6:24 am
first tipoff that this might be a skimmer and it would never cut off water services from pay chargers he is going to stay in washington d.c. he spoke about his post white house plan he did hand as he might be staying in d.c. back in 2013 but this time is sound like is more concrete
6:25 am
plaza arrive at the new wizened world harry potter. >>darya: the reported problem at the party before it is even open.
6:26 am
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>>will tran: two cars and evolve their so violent piquancy how big the siemens all the materials from they're still looking for that person this is a large area it will be quite some time before there will be reopened.
6:31 am
>>james: is an expensive crime scene of the said bill be out there quite a long while you sleep investigation like this second least a couple of hours
6:32 am
in the side of the front bumper right next to the poll there was a lot of measuring going on and there's a lot of cleaning of to do their possibly witnesses.
6:33 am
>>anny hong: it is going to the really heavy winds and some land today not looking to bathtub of scattered showers possibly hills looked at the embarcadero camera to consider have crowded skies dry roads and san francisco with an watching the golden gate bridge earlier it looks like they do have some back roads to you might encounter that if you're coming into north and the forecast for today the canada headed to the bus stop rather umbrella once again attempt to talk and not in the mid to upper 60s still fairly mild thing to cool down considerably over the weekend
6:34 am
were still down to less than a mile and five mod visibility and out of. >>robin winston: the commute is not so bad right now is in the south bay and san jose work crews are investigating the fatal crash that is a high spot take a look at the map if you live or work in the area this is just north of highway 85 they are diverting traffic away from the air as they investigate this fatal hit-and-run if the time to
6:35 am
get over to the area or maybe to 85 it's always union avenue will give you access to any five that will help you get around the slow traffic is about 25 minutes to get from 880 out to 1 01 this so traffic the fatal accident in the south but also check back in on the bay bridge and the golden gate. surf >>darya: you can get herpes from a wrestling match a wrestler at south high school did just that he contracted a form of herpes and a wrestling match and now you of anyone else to know he lives in sunnyvale
6:36 am
and started barking at head start is the rash and into a sea of the release on this for headed his face he was misdiagnosed by more than three doctors the have not said what they plan to do about the upcoming state match in bakersfield they're hoping that they could stop the herpes from spreading we have highlights from what we saw.
6:37 am
>>reporter: they're trying in vain to stickle policy discussion and debate it was more combat than substance the focus on donald trump including a moment when he defended the size of his manhood in response to his in u.n. today's early he also face tough questions about policy that he's changed his honor by capping his flexibility as an asset that assertion came back to bite him in an exchange of laughter from the audience. >>reporter: became in the the night at the gop establishment effort to keep him from the nomination and almost any cost a
6:38 am
warning to the plan to fly soon what you want to keep track of your boarding pass even after you did on the plane.
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>>robin winston: so far and is having to stop causing to track and the committee throughout the south bank will check the bay bridge and the golden gate coming up.
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>>james: here are the big storage for following this morning san jose police of the senate democrats tried now this happened as before 3 this morning near camden they say to cars will involve one person died at the scene of a woman is recovering after she was pulled from a car and crashed in water and the antioch marina to the scene about 1030 last night she lost control of the car when launching into the water and the clear security guard saw her pull her out. >>james: she is due to face a just and 20 year-old was arrested for felony child abuse and the more she is out on bill this morning.
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
>>anny hong: things have been pretty good overall to talk the visibility as well in the track petaluma has improved to 5 mi. visibility where down to seven and concord and a thicker fog is out for the cost down to less than a mile this is for the entire bay area tomorrow distance a known goes into 11:00 p.m. saturday will sit gusted to 50 mi. from our that is enough to bring down trees and also parlance the future past four shows is maybe a couple showers in the morning i was but again it will be most likely dry for most people in the
6:48 am
afternoon potentially the seymour showers come to the north bank also easily for concord and the more maybe a few light rain spring for san jose in the afternoon we will stick to the pattern for the rest of the afternoon and evening hours. >>anny hong: overnight into saturday was still some areas of my friend if you do need to run the areas on saturday because at noon the went to pick up at 1:00 the ran everywhere for everyone it will be like to moderate with some pockets of heavy rain.
6:49 am
>>anny hong: 7 shalls for today in the the umbrella tomorrow stay home if japan you will see some strong winds and heavy rain come through sunday also look in the quite stormy with some and the possible
6:50 am
>>robin winston: 101, south san jose to pull out to 32 minutes the image are the from 280 the means is moderate northbound traffic is ok about 14 minutes a
6:51 am
little crowded southbound on the left-hand side still 15 minutes to san francisco to the richmond san rafael bridge the backup is also normal and should castro ride to the toll plaza lasted 50 minutes from the pages of type 1 01. >>darya: what do you do with the boarding pass after you get on the plane and turns out the boarding passes could be putting you in danger that can get information from the past it uses to steer your identity experts say there's much more on their some airlines have precautions with the bar called born past can give access your personal information on the bar
6:52 am
code impersonal information experts say you should treat the boarding pass for anything with a bar code on it like a credit card trick that as there's my information.
6:53 am
. >>james: the san francisco travel association just released those numbers this week shows the hotel generated $8 million an extra hotel tax revenues during the super bowl 90.7%
6:54 am
occupancy and refined and available room will be back with a lot more and we're really covering weather this morning.
6:55 am
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>>james: will have the deadly accident in san jose at camden and the avenue like the scene and will have the details of the other big story of the rain coming to the bay area is a look at feature cast for 7:00 for what ought fed expected to
6:58 am
modify heavy showers ahead for report to show you where he is throwing his surprise concert tonight in the bay area and.
6:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
7:00 am
>>darya: >>james: you can see the smashed car lot of wreckage in the street to the big police investigation under way right now >>will tran: would never to gather a lot of new information we do know that this crash happened at 247 in the morning in the intersection of camden and lee hot lunches right behind me this is a huge crime scene after they collided into each other in the intersection because of the forced the speed its and the two vehicles far from the intersection there was the first vehicle a pickup truck if we do not as the driver of that pickup truck has died his name not been released at this time his family needs to be


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