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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 7, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> darya: we will continue our team coverage of the storm. we'll talk about where the rain is falling heaviest. it is a cupertino and sunnyvale all have a good downpour. >> mark: with a team coverage of the storm in the bay area. we have reports of this from all of our reporters. but >> james: this is the best to tell look at what we're seeing in the bay area. let's begin in oakland worry you have some light rain and it's impacting the bay bridge right. will impact downtown oakland later. this picture from east bay out to oakland to be running into
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the rainbow becoming. be like that for the next half-hour. you're the spade there's a light showers at walnut creek they had a brief little pause. with such things are dying down is to bet as the rain moves off but then expect more sporadic showers. some relatively common dublin at the interchange with us whether working its way to castro valley right along 580. in the south bay we've got some heavy showers in santa clara and downtown san as they the sally been tracking for last three minutes continues to march off to the right side your screen. wickes said fyi re behind it and is conditioned south bay will continue to be what it will be that way for the next door to.
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in redwood city to denver bridge and into redwood city to read and write and to some moderate their. at the peninsula would have some activity but it's moving over the bay itself and right here as if all we have some light showers. there been no probs the other airports to testify. of the north bay we've had been relatively quiet there's not much news out that front. piquancy here there's an activity here working its way close to the bay attract an on- again and off-again for the remainder the morning commute. well more detailed later. >> robin: and tracking hotspot its and overturn crash occurred to pass. the driver spotted out and flipped over this is our second overturn the morning he
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should be watching your speech. it as low a short cut your about its bergen it when concord right now is blocked because crews responding to the scene. another tells what it is backing a trap thick actions. to 42 south pleasantville of the creek chub will be off and on continuing into. derided the san francisco its still backed up to the foot of the maze and often gone to the sky went prehnite drive time is about 30 minutes of from the maze to get the downtown san francisco. >> darya: we have more details from will about the reagan. >> tran: it could be closure fletcher was right at about the rain coming. unseal the rain on
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the jacket that came down about five minutes ago. the good news this point at the and the head northbound and settles a reopened used we shall the said july's. caltrans will remain on the scene. flooding happen if o'clock last night here there's so much water that shut down part of the freeway. you concede they cleared out the drain here on the other side to show you caltrans is pumping water to that location it will continue to be here just in case the box up again. we have an officer that was kind enough to help us and at 630 to make sure the cars did not come down to the exit. >>: tell continue to continue up about the add the water. we're
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trend assuredly does not back up again. the roadway is clear now . it should be good. right now i'm hearing of the rail this is the only spot where the started . >> tran: it's still so long ago but the good news is this exit is now open. the three lanes are open to the public you my. what a careful to see the rain coming down pretty good. it is dull lot darker and less than. >> reporter: i thought it was an iranian it's not raining right out here. at dow down 60 the story are you could see traffic streaky could be a long. we had
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chosen every modern rain today since 4:00 until recently. it has slowed a couple of the sky is still dark out here. alatas said he wrote what better on the roadway. if 40 tells keep right on kron 4. >> mark: reidy video were several trees fell on the high with 92 your to 411. 7 and 2 spots one in this area just east of highway one and also add new to add 35. chp signal lower for both directions and diverted traffic for several. thankfully no reports of any damage to cars. air been opening the sections. >> darya: the seven to a pickup truck to get stuck in the water. she left inside the
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screen this because of flooding in san detail in just off as someone and i would need to. this happened last night. >> mark: they had strongly than high surf. we had a wind advisory and a full advisory yesterday. there's still a high service buys three along the entire coastline. >> darya: the storage system is and is for the sierra and you could still smell that fell around the gallery. keep up-to- date on the weather trafficked in your area that are immobile at the canal that an easing anytime anywhere. the mark >> mark: these apartments aren't set up to be demolished their teary a clef. the building at 320 aspin on avenue was red
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tagged after major coastal erosion the city. manager says the building is now a threat to public safety and could fall on the beach below and to the abortion out. in january the complex extort which attacked because the erosion and the people voted 310 are forced to find a place to live. last month the apartment complex at 330 was also demolished for the same reason. city officials are looking for ways to secure the cliff to ensure the erosion is not continue. >> darya: police looking for a man who is guilty for been committed for sexual tax. this surveillance we could see him come look closer it is hard to make about. police say this the man who is this is a fossil for sexual assaults that have happened at the uc-berkeley campus. the first attack was on federal and then there was another 15 days later and there is the fourth assault just over the past weekend. this happened
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early weekends she was pushed down insulted. the man was in his early 20s and unshaven. >> mark: police are recovering from a truck driver crashing into police car. the officer was stop the traffic light was red the driver 35 romance for one quick was arrested for driving under the influence on. office is blood alcohol was more than twice the legal limit. the police officer was injured was hurt but he was restricted to recover. >> darya: isis is is the and responsive for suicide bombing happened in iraq. it's the aftermath of the explosion. the truck exploded at a busy checkpoint which leads to two shiite holy sites. 95 per injured 52 of those were killed four civilians the other of were
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members of the security forces. they're a people who are still missing. >> mark: your plans are in the works for formal of firstly that's right and. she was 94 years old. is be laid to rest at and ronald reagan presidential library next resident. he died in 2004. former >> james: baker spoke about answering. >>: that jury was indispensable to every success the reagan enjoyed. she was loved his life and was a remarkable woman. she was dedicated and committed. she was head over heels in love with a man. >> mark: exacted tells of the funeral had yet released. organizers are invited to pay their respects at the library before the service. and no
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flowers ms. reagan requested countries is the wrong rate presidential library. >> darya: jimmy carter says that he no longer needs to be treated for cancer. he made his announcement at a sunday school and on sunday. he will resume tremendous unnecessary. he is 90 weaseling cancer free. he had been bellyache an aggressive form a melanoma that had spread into his liver. and liver cs gas into the bay area and make off with a lot of weapons. this is the surveillance video of the dramatic robbery and will become a. >>: when you watch the republican debate we need to invest into mental health. >> darya: bernie sanders made some jabs at the republicans and
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also add to hillary clinton. will it start trochophore when weather right now. the rate is heading into the east and the south bay and morrison began coming. will have more details and a few minutes.
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>> darya: we had lots of rain last night. at the bay bridge fauteuil things are looking better. good gems good gains >> james: that i woke up this morning because the rain. we are tracking the weather. they're scattered showers from the date. it's nothing terribly organized by the poxes south bay is coming down pretty heavy. there's more green out their meaning the chance for scattered showers will continue through the lease the first half of the day and into the afternoon. what more information is that it. as a lot going on right now. some rain is making its way over oakland international airport. there are no delays there. there were some at sfo about two hours or the place. oakland
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saddle's they are doing fine. the valleys we ancestry was over one accrete that have moved off. they aren't acting communities along the foothills. -- and and pleasanton and there is some shower activity in to capture valiant working its way up to about sales and could impact dublin and that stretch at 586 k. we are watching carefully here. this war cmos the activity of south bay. downtown san sas some light rain. palo alto they render moderate to heavy rain at the bridge at the san mateo bridge of the plaza in a word yet some light showers that to do with as well. over the peninsula and the last track the work we had rain there but now that you've got oakland and the international airport. south bay
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has been mostly quiet. we have but chance of wrinkles to comment. for some reason morning commute will stay on settled. here at 7:00 we have scattered showers. i caught we are anticipating more of the same maybe to get an intensity. by noon things will start to calm down a bit. 3:00 world get some sprinkles and apportions the same. make sure the kids coming over school have what is needed. later the map calms down and we will not have much activity tonight. as store we have and the rain. we have a lot of it over the weekend. >> anny: the rain and the numbers are impressive. with several initials of rain over the weekend. this is believed and have so far. of the north
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bay had more than 6 in.. we had more rain over nine night will be adding to these numbers. the fiesta had more than 5 in.. fremont had more than three half. richmond at 3 absentia at 2 1/3. san francisco had one and three-quarters. it is generating all this morning a lot of these locations picked up more will have some pretty impressive rentals as expected. were also watching dangerous condition that the beaches today. the high surf divisor is still in effect until tomorrow morning along the entire coastline. because these wells up to 19 ft. and so we have to watch out for that large short break and the stick wife. never turn your back to the ocean drilling out. or taking up the starter for. as was mentioned that we have aer possy evening thing should be drying
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out and will get a low brick tomorrow. partly cloudy most these guys. into when say there'll be more showers possible. thursday very likely more showers for friday and saturday and also sunday. you'll want to keep the umbrellas handy all week. >> mark: here conditions up in the sierra we. >> darya: we have more details on some. >>: the storm is little different from what is usually. down here in town or duplicate. up in the sierras if you're unsure malaria anything like that their reporting almost 5 ft. is now. the afl and this film last three days. >> mark: messier was betty is
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close coming from rena. >> reporter: it will exit reopened about two hours ago. take control is running all adult on that side hill. the beginning with about 30 mi. of change control getting over inner-city. >> darya: they closures. people saw where it jumped another truck to get it to our three fetus. >> reporter: we did we get some interesting face with messages from people they're stuck in traffic. we told the validity and have to come to the stairs down to it. we also them not to do during night is that we are expecting the most well.
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>> reporter: right now everything's for aslope we've had quite a few accidents. yesterday an officer was hit by car and had some minor injuries. we had few close last night because of closures and is now. >> mark: we have more snow in that area coming this friday and also the rest of. with abc until april at the and this year. >> robin: the bay area commuters are expecting a lot of stopping the traffic. the crews are very busy. we're tracking a trouble spot in concord. there's only one lane open here the vehicle flipped over. normally
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it is a shortcut to get in the pittsburgh. scheck's the avoided because traffic is at a standstill in both directions. also tracking some other trouble spots of was down 24 his recovery from a crash. you're looking at 20 minutes to one a creek and the one that may. to lady into san jose is not bad you'll experience some of often non. the time is 30 minutes. they sure reliever lee because the roads are quite slippery and reduce your speech you telescopes the spinoff on the ramps. is that having a lot this morning. he concedes for direct here. it tacked on at 811. will be disagreements for the whole trip here. no major hot spots that the limits of the 11 but there is a lot of stuff and the traffic. >> darya: ibm corporation office
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no. the sierra is great. driving has and difficult there. one no. a family how difficult was to drive and it for when they're coming from reno. >> reporter: treasure trove conditions along interstate 80 make driving a nightmare. the chef this family of four were heading from their vacation in reno. it can coalsack the driver in front of the ins started to panic. we went around him and wheat crashing to the wall. just 4 mi. north another accident a chp vehicle was rented on the free like. and then blew says
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hard to complain about a few scratches when a police perspective. this is the first vacation after the dow fire destroyed their home five months ago. >> mark: we are today ahead of the machine primary. democratic canids battle that yesterday in front. the city has been hit hard by economic problems and the water crisis. >> reporter: >> reporter: the image as a lot of headlines lately. the city center of this state of the emergencies in january. and neighbors of the backdrop and they asked president chopin it's about this. clinton and sanders to questions on how to handle the crisis. they would like to know how the residents can gain their trust in elective
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officials. >>: everything is to be double checked introject to gain your response and hold those responsible for those who will get you the clean water that you deserve. >>: it global government does not have the races. the state government for their recent refused to help out. children american should not be covered government comes in and federal government acts. >> reporter: the city was left free fall after a factory moved overseas. >>: sis senator glenn agreed with all of these agreements that south were very costly to us. the cost tens of thousands of jobs.
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>>: yet to make hard choices when you're positions of. i went with those who needed relief and also brought obama. if everybody voted late sanders did i believe the auto industry would collapse taking 4 million jobs. >> reporter: present is one the maine caucus. voters will cast ballots in today's. >> mark: the latest poll numbers are suggesting that both trump and clinton are supposed to sweep the majorities in the primaries into base. tim crews finished with 22 percent.
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>> darya: back with more of our team coverage. star tracker is for is tracking your ring to it. there's several places being hit. will have more team coverage in just a few minutes.
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>> robin: and tracking hotspot
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in concord. this is on southbound lot of smoke used surpass a shortcut. rainouts blocked a driver spun out and flipped over. the air-traffic control in place is backing up trafficable directions. >> darya: opening statements in hogan's $1 million lawsuit against a doctor. the doctor published 41¢ for one of cocoa and sex tapes. is it solely for privacy. the lawyers say that since hogan is a public figure and thus their perfected and protect. but >> james: there's that banned heavy rain it's poking its way. i'll have a full look at the forecast rate at.
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>> mark: there's still some leader in showers and downpours in the santa clara valley. we oppose the five changes rain plays some places. >> darya: the wind and rain was damaging. stockholm place. good >> james: we have these pictures coming in and be looking at these periodically throughout the morning. star tracker for issuing that is most active year. the shoreline and
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shown things calmed down at san leandro. allen e. island and oakland international airport are mellowing out which screens. and in the space we have some char activity here. the morning's meeting away entirely four or six lady as part of it so far looks for to get a lease that party spate. add to the south and doubleton in pleasanton is so far is nice and dry. there's nothing actively falling right now. hear a word in union city will be working the direction into dublin and pleasanton. in the south bay that forcing the most active weather pattern now. it is cutting through los altos and getting down to cupertino. wall whether it will continue march's waycross the south bay and
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eventually impacting places like santa clara and san jose and. well below while our before it's all the way out. for that force the south is looking at being impacted by the rain. the peninsula so far is not too bad. of some charges salmon do bridge but their light nature. sfo is still recording two hours place. there's no rain falling. the instability is streaming in our direction and ricky the chance of showers throughout the day. you'll see but in the senate caucus are were still attend chatham some sporadic showers. kids heading off the later one of the rain. sours and the south bay will start to melt out route 3:00. >> anny: spain may be the winner in this showers. the most part the picture does begin the call by 6:00 p.m. tonight. the sort
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tracking with a range. years of your picture. and from this of because showing a tree down. the winds were pretty impressive along the peninsula. also this snow is coming in is pretty impressive up and sears are to. in coverage continues with. >> anny: that lost over the weekend the to. polls are very impressive. some places have 5 ft. over the weekend. more snow falling over the seeress. the letters winter storm warning that is under fact. into 4:00 the wind gusts are up to 45 mi. an hour. the storm tolls should be run the six colleges here. here is one of 2 ft.. locations in the higher elevations are to
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get well over that. we're expecting more sunday. and 50 n/a he will encounter scattered snow showers. the man a couple inches by 5. a clock once the war has expired was picked up to one to 6 in. of fresh powder. this is the location for that happen. here's your strong trucker 70 around the four bay forecast. we have showers for the rest morning and early afternoon. it will try out for the evening. tomorrows for one day we get a pretty break recalling partly to most clout in. more rain will arrive on tuesday night and wednesday. more showers possible thursday rain is likely also on friday saturday and sunday. each state will have a chance for more shares. you'll want to keep your umbrella handy at all times. >> robin: the state to visit is
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tough there is a overturned crash. there's a new hot spot one went to the peninsula. it's got to get in this house sources the we have cruised rolling out . at grand avenue there are several vehicles one car flipped over. the right lane is close the back. up is off hold and is back to the central freeway and also all which if sky way. you'll be stock all the way heading into south severed his co. lady is not a gulf and right now. it is the slow ride all around. the second half but a southbound car pass road its unconquered. there's another overturn crash the.-driver hit the center divider., traffic is growing in both directions. will slow down getting tickets were conquered. here's a look at the
7:36 am
bay bridge tried and it is not improved. it is still back up and the maze and across the upper deck. bill be jammed all the way through south san francisco. from the okoume celeste on side. the market held next >> mark: health experts are being in the bay area to talk about is the virus and san francisco. their meeting ucsf and awfully managing and keeping the virus from spreading. their five cases of is the virus in the bay area. the virus can cause rasher joint pain. it is also linked to serious artifact with babies being born was severely small heads. it is unlikely that the virus spread because it's mainly transmitted through to ties with skills that
7:37 am
are not present in the bay area. >> darya: a small earthquake in the south bay no injuries happened. about six how miles south of gilroy. we have a special section on a website up on a about earthquakes. there is an interactive map that you can use to track earthquakes over the country. >> darya: scanners are targeting our customers in the bay area. they're calling fairfield water customers and pretending that they're working for the water company. there said that they need to pay the water bill immediately. camera then ask for credit card number. police issued a similar warning of scams of contra costa of water customers also. >> darya: the average price of
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gas is gone up another 7¢ nationwide. still saw that bad. prices are still cheaper than the were year-ago. a gallon of regular gas is selling for about centesis cheaper than what was this time last year. the recent hike is due to meet growing demand for gas. the higher crude oil prices are also contributing this. the average for it a town gas in oakland is to 40. it's to 54 in december cisco. >> mark: muller is targeting apples security systems. they're worried that mcintosh are not nearly as safe as to think. researchers for spotted on mac systems on friday. it highjack your computer and blocks the user out until the parents of.
7:39 am
the ransom where is requiring that tansu to $4 to get access to computer. apple is aware from of the well the now where program and are taking steps to make sure that does not happen to their users. >> darya: we of the race still falling here. sunnyvale city getting hit briard so as cupertino. we have more rate continue to come in is not over yet. what moral become back.
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>> robin: i'm tracking number hot spots throughout the bay area. secludes tie 11 leading severed his coat and to the peninsula. this is our third over turbot traffic crash this morning. several other vehicles are involved. there is the right lane that is blocked. if a committee stage it will slow down the right as an issue, the bay bridge. to lady got a good alternate because a stamp leaving it center cisco. our second overturn crashes in concord in heads the one right when it crashed on the pittsburgh side. to go between his work it's a good place to
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avoid. traffic is. >> mark: the study suggests that the bidder can prevent obesity. they swapped been its with their sex with the nets. the kids to nt the nets had a lower fat index then boasted the not. previous have also shown that the next can help you from getting diabetes or heart disease. >> james: there's a lot of activity over california right now. that keeps on the web site for the rest of morning commuters. after the four cockpit during chastise down. see high in the upper 50s and lawyers accusing. while much more the weather coming up in just about. next will be the
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world according to
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>> darya: which warriors team will show up tonight? >> radnich: you'll see the one that blows out orlando. >> darya: had this happen? the lakers and warriors. it's hard to believe happened. wryneck >> radnich: it was the biggest of second regular-season history. the three-point shooting was what hurt the warriors. thompson was overate currie did not shiver well either. the revenue that show
7:47 am
that was and not know why was that just was back. they played that. they overlook the lakers. the baby's day out an extra hour and they're dancing in the streets. >> darya: is there is no way losel little bit about the last game against kobe bryant. >> radnich: know you want to rub in the face. >> darya: kobe gave his shirt to collect arms and an autographed. >> radnich: chiton's is that
7:48 am
plate of kobe would be for started. thompson and hang around from practice. that is a big deal and curry said kobe was our generation's michael jordan. >> darya: they all bowed to the kremlin. the entire nfl be bound to peyton manning in a couple hours. at 10:00 and the broncos will have a press conference. he will go at the records and beginning endorsements that he will be living. he's leaving the nfl as the most gross endorsements of the player. maybe i'll stick around and the front office. >> radnich: and catcher who was first. manning is leaving with the most money from
7:49 am
endorsements. but are >> darya: was going to do next. >> radnich: that is the question from today. they would like the media to ask about the 20 or story and bgh. i felt the dilapidated. very >> darya: everybody's job and a bit to get tv and also on the front office somewhere. >> radnich: he's very funny and was on saturday it life. he's a good guy. >> darya: you let at all things
7:50 am
that these seven. there they offered $35 million to ostler. he could be a free agent. >> radnich: the agent is talking right now he would be crazy to leave. you're living a championship team did a bad team. they just try this weaseled more money. >> darya: we have study man's cell and car-jens together. they are together. the party lost face of the weekend by filling.
7:51 am
like the car-ins are the kiss of death and any time you get close to one it is not a good idea. erie is parting with johnny. does john johnny is a bull slowing down. wednesday is a big day argie's three will be on and also journeymen sell the market. >> radnich: right now you do not one of b.c. with his people. i think mandela would need to take a year off nobody would buy right now. >> darya: ed rogers little brother will be on the bachelorette. it's worth looking at the picture. this is >>: george rogers was aarons a brother. he was a football
7:52 am
player. he made the rounds in canadian and american teams and never made it. elsie of the bachelorette will choose them. >> darya: kobe mike thompson they miss each other by year but was close.
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>> mark: we have sown the sierra a few were brought the seven. yours word stops and got out the track. the senate u.s. automobile at.
7:56 am
>> darya: there might be of a polar bear plunge. been more lookit light snow and the conditions and is falling a kirkwood. they have icicles on the lenses. the mark >> mark: there is to feed this no and probably another foot. >> darya: here is lady got back at the polar plunge. it was all for good cause 6000 people took part in the polar plunge. it is a fund-raiser for the special olympics and was very
7:57 am
successful. >> mark: a sea otter and monterey taking shelter in a pool and giving birth to a pop. this happen on saturday. i concede a mom with the pop and cleaning off the pop. another is the daughter into the arid it seems like it's a safe place for honors because that before. >> james: and sacking rain that is falling the south bay. it and see live with this thought star tracker for the walls came tumbling down occurs construction site. lot more details and a few minutes. trustee
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now.
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tsk . >>james: is there more to come the answer is yes if you concede that here on the left side that but whether it is headed toward the bay and see an impact us over the course of the morning things have calmed down considerably taking a look at the east of a shoreline every of the has been zooming in because we've only had some form of rain over oakland alameda or out there at the oakland international airport but now
8:01 am
nice and calm so you get a bit of regret to great news of some of the breakfast like martinez counted on a creek bed under the gun for most of one of a light rain so far so good the rose began to trial have nice and calm conditions why not begin to impact certain stretches of 280 and probably in the next 15 minutes to see that beginning to impact. >>james: and another they much
8:02 am
going on the athens of the to the mild for most of the morning here the activity still off shore and to see it is taken a little swirl and working as well in the direction and for that reason will keep the forecast and settled for most of the day. >>robin winston: all morning with the wind rose to spinoffs in the overturns roe still tracking a trouble spot in concord and overturned a crash on the past fall and have road is still blocking in the southbound direction we've had
8:03 am
problems in the santa cruz mountain with down 17 still recovering from southbound crash when and a 36 minute just to get from the summit of to the 280 split in san jose. >>will tran: we're jaconet is getting ready for my live shot and it was dry and sure enough in the past three minutes it is coming down this on lamp from
8:04 am
the alameda northbound in shut down that is the water that they pretty much pumped off the roadway to go here to allow the alameda exit and on the lines to be opened it was so flattered started at around a o'clock last night that they were here all the way up until 7:00 in the morning and we showed this to you once every open the exits to the alameda northbound still slow and go to listen to the demise of the here to monitor the situation to this area is notorious for flooding but even they say it is in really bad over the past to to for 36 hours which is why they're not going anywhere.
8:05 am
>>mark: the overnight silver trees came down his video coming in this morning that this is considered have more than this is just east of highway one the sea its fees in the cellar for both directions and diverted traffic for several hours this is near ocean beach there was a
8:06 am
wind advisory and a flash flood of buyers and in fact yesterday there were still i severed by is and remains in effect of the down the bay area cosigned until 2:00 tomorrow morning the such as kron 4 man who would now like to for sexual assaults in the east bay take a look at this surveillance video place of birth they're looking for the man you see here and think he is behind for sexual assaults and what happened on the uc-berkeley campus a teacher bashing a
8:07 am
student for her eyesight and it is all called on the students phone you not only with the student to teacher said to the student that parents ought rage hillary clinton and bernie sanders face-off in michigan last had a the next line of the primaries will have highlights of the democratic debate.
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>>jackie sissel: we're out here the single car accident that is in the roadway they said have been around 650 this morning not sure exactly what caused the there was a single drive inside of that vehicle and overturn the driver was taken to hospital with the very moderate
8:11 am
injuries but it has caused a real traffic issue as he said the tow truck just arrived on an expected have to clean them and all the roadway where in the next 15 to 20 minutes which is good news for the east bay commuters.
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nissan leaf... what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪
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how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ >>: with the cold weather will
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assume that allen's changes are not the biggest concern we did pretty well build only a couple of delays and to move the list but was not as bad as we thought it was going to be respecting
8:16 am
two more storms come this way before next weekend. >>: we have 53 trails grown today that the grumman as our specialty.
8:17 am
>>darya: is completely stop and they decided someone sent this and to was inevitable guys and join.
8:18 am
>>james: the shows to my source of their right now we have a few and far between as things will start to bark of there's still more on the way as in the way across the peninsula and check in on the premises she will pressing on them from not a lot of activity but the stretch to 80 the south of berlin in the japan sea on the map that is impacted by light rain.
8:19 am
>>james: as we look ahead to see a chance to sporadic shower even at that point by noontime, by 3:00 we may see some fire that will be a big interest for any kid's going to school apportion the the bay area as well keep
8:20 am
the full was coming and if you stepped in the pictures were taken to this morning use the mobile application use the report but not it will try to the news, which ended on the air and make it as part of the ongoing coverage. >>anny hong: there and bell picked up 9 in. or run over six woodpecker 5 in. off the four and three-quarters and san francisco downtown thinking of well over 2 in. today grab the
8:21 am
umbrella once again will have some scattered showers continue for the morning our the poll shows are starting to diminish will continue to rock the afternoon called the stress shower to the evening, it looks good as we mentioned tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy conditions it will be the one chance to really drive out.
8:22 am
>>robin winston: a multicar crash blocking the three lifland will be an awful ride, a san leandro also back in the kentucky would from a share if a think a lot to confide in the west is not a good alternate because it is packed to commit traffic is that not out to the central freeway split were also track the trouble spot in the east bay will switch over to
8:23 am
another shot this is courtesy of jackie who was on the scene he's been monitoring this hot spot in concord this is southbound car pass road at hasbro you can see the tow truck driver on scene there applauded the vehicle the jasper not early this morning we went the hillside finally got the car back on its wheels and one. traffic was a mess come out of pittsburgh the opposite side northbound looking good once again southbound traffic is slow we will be right back.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>>darya: they stole more than a dozen weapons this happen about 7:00 saturday night you can see the first there at the front of the armory gun store and then they went right through when
8:27 am
they broke the the front window inside that went through install bunch of weapons asked a team we have not said exactly how many have given a sitcom but they did make out with several weapons and they're looking for light green on the one of the stores was covered in white primer paint. >>mark: one of the man was injured they're expected to be ok no one else was hurt in a tight fit back guns or also involved opposite both men were arrested the damage already done
8:28 am
look at the flooding. will have that and in the details on the road closure, live report.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>james: cupertino see a light
8:31 am
rain just to the north and north of sunnyvale will cease to my shower activity you'll see some sporadic light showers on the peninsula nothing terribly organized if you drive into it or 11 you run into some showers and in clear and to some were shot down the road it will be the type of morning
8:32 am
. >>jackie sissel: the good news is no one was hurt in this accident
8:33 am
>>robin winston: coupled to 580 that a slow and the westbound direction heading into downtown oakland is going to be tough by 45 minutes headed south from to 30 out to 23745 minutes total to get from san leandro to milpitas good news for those you want to leave san francisco and travel to the peninsula are overturned one south between grand avenue finally cleared the was blocking the right nine well over an hour it is still back the to
8:34 am
the central freeway split into it is not agree altman because it is jammed a recovering it is one to be slow for the 280 extension. >>will tran: this situation is what my mother always said it will get you sick after my life track is cause i went back to my car to grab the jack that got the one had been stopped raining if for them to off my jacket against what is not and
8:35 am
decisive this flooding to concede the crews remain on the scene even though it is unclear off the alameda exit on of the bomb it 80 we've learned of this is for the creators caltrans cannot and they took the water off the roadway and the and to this area will call upon will sit really got high so you can see the host was drenched into the pond with they're doing is they're taking water from the pond to another dreaded system a lot of thing you need to keep in mind you know the exit north on alameda is open the alameda is open to the on a raft northbound lanes closed so the
8:36 am
cruise fare remains safe while the drain the pond >>mark: to cover current number and send a spa and a lot of time discussing this problem and we shall youths attended and said the governor of michigan should resign the baiting and slant and michigan primaries tuesday the democratic presidential candidate had harsh words to govern iraq snyder \ >>reporter: the respond to calls to his resignation while the debate was still going on and a series he blamed the crisis on
8:37 am
your christina's to steps he's taken for the city and added my track record is getting things done and one to get this done in the debate it also black legislation that provides federal funds to replace pipes. >>reporter: a bill sponsored by the democratic senator will provide $100 million in federal funds for infrastructure repair the senator mike lee is blocking a vote it amounts to federalizing french water system the person who's holding federal help he needs to release that and they need to kick in the pipes and the kids need to be treated.
8:38 am
>>mark: in an nbc news wall street journal trip to several law said that 40 percent said they supported by sanders the government is endorsing the candid john case a former california governor in the announcement to one for anyone
8:39 am
who has a mac if you're not already eating peanut butter packing it in your kids' lunch you should be will see happen is to help prevent obesity. a live look you can see more rain has moved in and is heading south san francisco in pacifica.
8:40 am
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>>darya: that a group of middle school children after the code with. the kids to it within a subtle body mass index of and those who did not and the cackling the bmi for 12 weeks after the starting the have shown that nuts may decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. >>robin winston: it is packed
8:43 am
out size 92 to san mateo bridge looking a little bit better if it is a to 1 minutes to 880 out to one on one of which still tracking the problem on 80 in oakland will have details coming
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>>james: you see for yourself the future past four--cast 4. if a is a matter of fact for the retracting the south bay not a lot of activity will have some showers out near fremont to concede that with that sells moderate rain. still there was
8:47 am
scattered showers looking at noontime to calm down a little bit more track to showers and and not at that point.
8:48 am
>>anny hong: this year is now showing on interstate 80 we did have some the winter storm warning is still in effect right now continue until 4:00 will see dust of the 45 m.p.h. rich as the two large amounts from our if you want to go skiing today in the sector will have to see
8:49 am
that is impressive career as a quick check of the future past four this is 80 and here's 50 watt we're expecting lunchtime and a couple more inches possible. >>anny hong: partly to mostly cloudy conditions is to start on tuesday night and showers for when state will bring likely thursday to the psyche might be a washout side and.
8:50 am
>>robin winston: thanks to the four car crashed in the north and broadway were going from having three lanes blocked to just the far left lane sister when pockets leaving san leandro and the downtown oakland the bay
8:51 am
bridge ride into san francisco with a nice improvement if it is not all that the backed up into the latest in this crowded on the bridge looking much better at the pain gets the drive time 20 minutes from downtown because heavy traffic is on the bridge into the westbound sky like the golden gate looks great the richmond san rafael bridge delay free finally got the contract for richmond heading into the northern. >>darya: president obama has ordered flags flown at half staff in memory of nancy reagan that she was 94 years old she will be laid to rest of the ronald reagan present library in simi valley he will be buried next to her husband president ronald reagan who died in 2004 the exact details of the syndrome has not been released in a statement organizers said
8:52 am
the people are invited to pay their respects at the library before the service the white house directive to federal buildings and embassies military post to lower their flacks today as a mark of respect for mrs. nancy reagan the white house released a statement on her death as well and hideous she became a voice on behalf of millions of families collected a depleting at the reality how alzheimer's. >>mark: the user cannot be said is they think security researchers say that a malicious offer call rent somewhere successfully targeted apple computers for the first time and
8:53 am
requires the two from $400 to get access back to the computers there where the problem and they're taking steps to protect users >>darya: that was a teacher talk to students in georgia the mother approached a school district about your said they did not take any disciplinary action against a teacher and he still teaching she is not the only student the teachers criticized she the only one who's come forward task force
8:54 am
and said the department of public health and uc campuses are meeting to talk about managing the virus and prevent it from spreading the virus to cause fever rationed during pain and has been linked to series bird defect prevention with abnormally small heads it is unlikely the virus to spread because it is transmitted to talk to mosquitos that do not live here and apartment even on the edge of off the campus of the cassette to be demolished the workers start tearing it down tomorrow of the building is 320 and that is the one that was red tag after major erosion from the storm back to 2010 the manager said the building is a threat to public safety.
8:55 am
>>darya: just last with an apartment complex was demolished to the same reason the city officials are looking for money to secure to the erosion did not keep happening the golden state warriors for to call los angeles lakers and someone got killed was not the the others we cannot believe that the lakers beat the warriors steph curry led 18. but often to flee was terrible and colby scored 12 but his final game off against the warriors
8:56 am
fought and he did them in
8:57 am
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>>robin winston: 880 north haddad by their wrapping of amount to a car crash we have lanes blocked off and on and the leaving the scene and heading to and from the scene the no. 880 ride back to san leandro v down to 38 regional
9:03 am
the crashes in the final clearing stages but with the drive times 41 minutes normally on monday traffic has a little bit lighter than normal compared to the rest of the week but not today this camilla's not halt to that has called come out of hay with the rest of the toll plaza often on foster city. >>darya: must continue the team coverage of the rain the school like to will talking to us at the alameda exit off interstate 880. >>will tran: sunshine right now it is not cold anymore we don't
9:04 am
need the jacket we know cause all types of problems in this area still very much slower and go northbound aiding at the alameda in san jose this is 13 hours never so much water covering the exit and a couple of lengths this is a holding tank have to get the water from here out of fear to the next ring storm they're moving the
9:05 am
water a little bit down the freeway into a drain to get out of this location here something you need to keep in mind there watching us at home this is the on ramp northbound from the alameda which had a couple of cars trying to get on here realizing. >>mark: tech of the video we have the problems of highway 92 several trees falling near half moon bay to 411 last night this is to be issued a similar
9:06 am
optical got stuck in water in their flooding and cemetery the sea on the left side of the screen this is off of southbound 101 and highway 92. >>darya: san francisco had by and the strong anti services battering ocean beach in this year from the to video the of the wind advisory in/for the advisory a sick yesterday and. >>mark: if you have the will application keep track of the storms and the come through any time. >>darya: a man who has not been done to for sexual assaults in the east bank door happen to berkeley sold to for the man you see in the start surveillance video there were two other a
9:07 am
sauce that happened five days after that before the sort happened just this past weekend early saturday morning a 21 your woman was walking down the street he grabbed from behind a question to the ground and sexual assaults occur the guy was in his early 20s and unshaven. . >>mark: hillary clinton and bernie sanders spend time discussing the problem and they show us will candace of the governor of michigan should resign. >>reporter: debating in front have machines primary tuesday the democratic president to canada and has heart were harsh world--harsh words >>: governor of the state to
9:08 am
understand his demolition of duty was irresponsible and respond to calls in his resignation what the debate was still going on in the series he blamed the crisis on the rock scene is to step seasick for the city and added my track record is getting things done and i want to get this done in the debate a bill sponsored by michigan democratic senators for it infrastructure repair the republican senator mike lee is dropping a vote he said that amounts to federalizing the water system the latest numbers
9:09 am
said that hillary clinton is poised and donald trump to seek the primary wins this is a new nbc that positive to some voters say they support clinton 41 percent support trump the latest numbers. >>mark: warning in the bay area >>: and for robbers who stole guns will have details on the suspect's coming up people visiting the monterey bay aquarium over the weekend has quite a surprise will have an update on how the mom-and-pop for doing this morning and live look which also rents out shopping in and out of the north bay right now wrapped around the
9:10 am
system status showers on and off the clinton showers near san rafael and about to run into santa rosa along with some showers near san mateo. covering is caring because covering heals faster. for a bandage that moves with you and stays on all day, cover with a band-aid brand flexible fabric adhesive bandage. ifto get relief, gy anything is fair game. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort® allergy spray. muddle no more®
9:11 am
>>darya: made off with maybe even more than a dozen weapons in not telling us exactly how many guns they got away with the look at all they are charged in the used-car to fashion from of the store this is the independence armory gun store in the four guys ran in and took a lot of weapons in the got away and they're looking for light green honda accord with one of the doors covering and white primer paint the scene of the
9:12 am
area's 65 them to have their pups the shower the generally moving to the southeast more details if you forecast coming up one and news time now is 912.
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>darya: walnut creek looks good a bright spot not hot spot. >>robin winston: the nimitz we had a crash to block in three
9:15 am
lanes to the left lane block there was a there was a tough one is one to bissell ride after you said it is backed up all the way into san the mantle sought from to 38 is blocked from over our police and no longer have three lanes blocked we're tracking your commute have to bay bridge and is backing up again about 1520 minute to go back as not that is starting to stretch right under the 880 of a crossing still heavy on the new eastern spain picks up on the suspension span.
9:16 am
>>anny hong: consider the green there and looks like were also singsong what conditions for the richmond san rafael bridge with maybe even a downpour metal span heading into the east a vallejo fairfield confident antioch all looking at some light to moderate shower activity this morning we're still looking nasa would raise out there in fact is a close look at the richmond san rafael bridge you can see is what for a center for all the way across richmond this morning-and listen what condition same deal for what acre and also to my shower activity until the to the peninsula were we contract is to what weather here as well burlingame san mateo long 280
9:17 am
approaching potentially 101. >>anny hong: track and scattered showers for parts of potentially into the loss auto sunnyvale cupertino area for the south bay we're looking a dry conditions for san jose and milpitas looking at a little bit of activity looking for some light to moderate rain by lunchtime generally most cloudy for much of the bay area because he may be showers and santa rosa and maybe shower and san jose pact at the cab to have. >>anny hong: it and still see
9:18 am
maybe a few shower the possible along the east bay communities to stop this beautiful shot that we got from swap valued this morning the sierra snow is not that gorgeous that allows no more than 2 ft. already from the storm over the weekend and they're expecting more today will see some pretty big waves watch of the large short break and sneak away was all along the coast to stop the storm track a
9:19 am
7 day around the bay forecast more status hours a possible today by tomorrow look for drying conditions partly cloudy skies. >>rob black: we've gone from hundred $10 a barrel down to the high 20 system does not back again this is probably a little bit of a setback not based on demand it is also probably a little bit of oversold on the bottom to return to find more on the right now.
9:20 am
>>mark: the story coming out that this ransom where were you had to the computer is happening in apple for the first time the rest in the distance you're infected machine to complete action for ransom and this case is called a key ranges now where to download a program called transmission on friday is probably incorrect your dinner right now apple revoke the
9:21 am
digital certificate company had on map so everyone is trying to fix this would quickly. >>mark: they're given the million dollar bonuses to employees but not the reason that you think it had. >>rob black: facebook is given with 280 million gunman $6 million back of the next three years is a way of scoring the
9:22 am
british government it was sending money into ireland which have the lowest tax rate that is one will to start improving. >>mark: should i invest and the market >>rob black: 0 russia and the china and the nation thinks investing has gone on vacation to hawaii or mexico out of season all these countries are
9:23 am
out favors to yield a cheaper price should you invest yes there's more there when you invest it is more 102030 year game with that being said maybe five to the person of your money should be in the emerging market we will be right back.
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>robin winston: the traffic is
9:26 am
looking good in moving well so the heavy commute traffic is going to be a mention the pickets are 211 a multicar crash when there was a traffic other in place pending into downtown oakland another of the coming up in a little bit. >>mark: this happen on metal you drive marshall street bridges of the castro valley boulevard to continue to follow this is and should more information to
9:27 am
another approach to school district into the what happened the did not take any disciplinary action against the teacher and that he is still teaching and she's not the only student to teacher has criticized the she the only one to come forward. >>mark: they drew the fire truck around with lights and sirens blaring, holmes a foot apart cars before crashing one of the men were injured they're expected to be the case no one else was hurt to try to determine of drugs or alcohol were involved both men were arrested.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>mark: reports of a child being struck by a vehicle in castro valley his live pictures we have come in for more helicopters partnership with abc seven newspeak this is near marshall street just off castro valley boulevard to some three grants chris will bring it to unite.
9:31 am
>>robin winston: new chancellor the nimitz freeway that is a hot spot is still clear the to to fry heading to oakland. >>anny hong: fairfield also under some wet conditions san rafael bridge the richmond san rafael bridge is also looking as some light to moderate rainfall yet to see we do have some light rain for novato as well
9:32 am
attention in sunnyvale and cupertino in the next two minutes or so is a possibility looks like san jose is getting a chance to dry out or track it a little better shower activity for milpitas this morning when you can expect to the rest of the morning and into the afternoon hours crabby umbrella because we're still track above the moisture. >>robin winston: we've had so
9:33 am
many problems this morning the crash keeps popping up the traffic is still slow and a number of spots to pack your patience for your head out the door with technical problems a crash near the restaurant is also one not too far from santa cruz avenue south 17th if you have to use is called out the scene of 17th opposite direction and still back to the summit and never recovered from the earlier problems we're looking at a 32 minute trip for northbound 17-to get from the summit up to 280 in san jose. >>robin winston: that the trouble spot we have southbound traffic backed up on bread with city time to get into polos and is definitely a stretch to avoid cause some delays not about the opposite side is getting heavy, out of mountain view.
9:34 am
>>will tran: it is sunny right now and they're getting a lot of work done because of the sun shines about 10 minutes ago we saw actually the pond has gone so much lower that had to get an extension to bring it in deeper the started in this is the alameda area of northbound aiding is the second round at the clock last nine did not reopen the exit until around 630
9:35 am
in the morning to take advantage of the sunshine for this lack of heavy rainfall in the on ramp to the alameda remain shut down because he we cynical a car race work out of the weight to mr. cohn.
9:36 am
>>mark: apartments teetering on the edge of the clearest are said to be demolished they're going up today the work of to begin tearing down the complex starting tomorrow a complex next door was yellow tag because of the erosion in the people who lived at 310 was forced to find a place to live the search is on
9:37 am
for a man who was linked to for sexual assaults in the east bay all happening in the uc-berkeley campus. >>terisa estacio: we on industry in berkeley this surveillance video of the suspect given to us by police to show to suspect taken off down at the street all this happened this past weekend they said the victim was walking on the sidewalk when a man approached her from behind track from the sidewalk and then attacked her they believe that all of these are connected will have the very latest on this important story.
9:38 am
>>mark: 40 first lady nancy reagan is being remembered by republicans and democrats to have the letters from ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley. >>: nancy's been remembered for her role in the great american love story of america broke the glamour of hollywood to the white house should died of congestive heart failure yesterday at her home in los angeles she was 94 years old they're leaving flowers and a makeshift memorial outside of the ronald reagan presidential library the white house released a statement 10 crew donald trump
9:39 am
hillary clinton bernie sanders all tweedy condolences still had were tracking the storm here and the snow there after last that the warriors lose to the worst team in the western conference. i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto®. hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to...
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9:42 am
after last night's disaster the warriors lost to the liquor steph curry, bernhard do and hear the war is imminent the best team in basketball in the entire nba and they beat us it was pretty incredible the lakers recall we brian final game against the warriors and lost as a scoring 112 to 95 were still trapped in some scattered showers and more showers off the coast waiting to make the switch to bay area we're back after
9:43 am
these messages.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>>mark: a child hit by a vehicle and castro valley and this happened just before its a lot this morning near marshall street just off castro valley boulevard from getting reports and take your boy was hit and was trapped underneath the car he was taken to hospital maternity and of the on dead boy's condition will continue to fall this breaking news story.
9:47 am
>>anny hong: and and and here is a look at this year was no interstate enviable can be discussed as of the couch and camera getting up there today is a lot better compared to the weekend were sentenced to 45
9:48 am
m.p.h. down 207,000 ft.. >>anny hong: berkeley as well toward walnut creek looking at some wet weather there we are looking at some more what conditions out for parts of the peninsula and also the north of them innocent the golden gate bridge and into getting some would weather some telson carlson now approaching redwood city looking into my shower
9:49 am
activity. you may see some partial clearing in the north is san francisco the peninsula to few more of trout was a possible if
9:50 am
maybe a couple stress showers in the afternoon but try tonight in the tomorrow as well. >>robin winston: coming out of the santa cruz mountain it is slow in both the erection the northbound drive time 29 minutes when no one south in the embarcadero only blocking one laying the last time to those
9:51 am
requests to use 1 01. >>reporter: this is one of
9:52 am
these heartbreaking cases we've come across the to the heart of this tragedy if it's an adorable all-american couple their high school sweetheart to tie the knot not long after graduation the drain the growing altogether would shatter when i when she was shot in the back of the have lost in her computer he shot her by accident while he was cleaning his rifle kid thought it was unloaded and pointed at the back for had and accidentally fired the police tell a different story even though he was inconsolable he
9:53 am
repeatedly told detectives he adored his wife he loved her he deliberately fired a trigger he did not call 911 he denied any medical aid he began setting up the crime scene.
9:54 am
. >>mark: this happen before it o'clock they had some areas corner off and looking and trying to conceive to onlookers looks like right here the car smashed into telephone poll. >>mark: to check with the for the ship in said they had a
9:55 am
break in the night before it appeared to the stolen vehicle. will tell you to catch him in just a few minutes we'll be right back.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>>mark: this is where the accident happened in the tech and to the hospital with serious injuries the driver fled the scene they may have the driver surrounded inside the mobile home park he took off this is a developing story will have more on our website will have more on
9:58 am
this situation later. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship.
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