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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 9, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>james: good morning for clark is the time and early this wednesday morning if you like scattered showers pretty much will be expected for the time of the morning.
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>>anny h: everywhere your since some areas of scattered showers this morning if you're in san francisco right now north beach the marina looking at my ring sauce a little enteron in marin county also looking into conditions for parts of the east richmond and berkeley just moments ago now they have moved out with track and illiterate shower activity you did a very light out their it is not going to be a live look at the bay bridge anticipated a few more showers possible. >>anny h: they show some showers protest of the to the 5:00 hour
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a little more widespread that will continue at 7:00 pockets of showers across the bay including potentially hayward was such a decrease by 3:00 as the cancer headed home from school and including the east bay and also approaching the peninsula in the south bank what condition by
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1:00 pretty much everyone including san jose and for the afternoon and the site thursday it will be a fairly what that and an illiterate when the as well temperatures dreadnought or a bit milder compared to this time yesterday and
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>>robin w: a live look at the traffic heading into the san mateo bridge coming out of hayward the track on the right- hand side of the screen the nimitz had an sow that is one to be a good commute from san leandro to milpitas and the trouble spots come out of the south and north 101 was good for south san jose all the way up to sunnyvale in remember a strained is scheduled to roll again today from stock and all the way out to san jose and there will be traveling and reduce speed to niles canyon but they're all saying everything will be back to normal we will keep you updated.
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>>james: less than 20 minutes away from seeing the reopening of the train tracks that connect stockton to the south bend officials said the mudslide caused the train to derail sent it down of bluff and into a creek the trains will be on the normal schedule today again reduce these the niles canyon the first-round lead stockton had for 20 this morning.
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>>reporter: it was caused by a mud slide on the hill above the reason for the slide a sample too much water in with soil and other ground materials plus graveling and you have a sly and he is surprised that have not been more landslides and that the train crash is one example of how quickly the conditions on the ground can change.
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>>reporter: allen says of all the rain we've had this season + bran is projected to come later on in the week it would not surprise and more landslides are to come. >>james: the coverage continues online for our web site the weather conditions cause in the mud slide continue to be an issue for rail systems across northern california that you're
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ride tree limbs near the tracks that were tall eucalyptus trees stood the inspection are said to be a routine they have been altered. >>james: bernie sanders when and michigan sources say the campaign is shaken by the close democratic race donald trump meanwhile was the other winner last night. >>reporter: in a stunning upset bernie sanders won the michigan primary helleri clinton is
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still in the lead rep this is an embarrassing speed bump and actors to pull away from the senate campaign donald trump morning crucial victory he is
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not the only republican one of the night tad accruals one idaho now the focus is on next tuesday it would contest the mark or real state of florida. >>james: in the south of a new
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details emerging after deadly also involve shooting in san jose and it happened just after 6:00 monday night at the corner of south third street and park avenue right near san jose state university arrival also confronted a stabbing suspect the suspect stabbed two people including his estranged wife who was only after the man that they he ignored repeated command they opened fire killing him. >>: he then he began to walk for the house one of the two peoples that is a critical condition this morning the wife was also hospitalized retreated and ultimately released the identity of the man with the knife has not yet made public. >>james: crews are taking a final step before turned down an entire apartment complex on the edge of a cliff and pacifica to
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remove items with an apartment building on three to the espionage was contains espressos it was rich had risen after it was deemed unsafe by the city the building is situated dangerously close to a crumbling bluff the fears that could fall to the ocean at any point they will be back out there tonight at o'clock this morning the militias set to begin thursday was sure you'd enjoy paying less at the gas pump which to you when and why prices are expected to start climbing + these are targeting a particular truck in the east bay and the homelessness and san francisco continue to grow with the city supervises calling for to help fix the problem.
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>>anny h: just a few scattered showers this morning and will probably end at the morning commute for some drivers we are seeing a little bit of light rain activity primarily in san francisco expecting dry
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conditions it will be a dry evening commute we are looking
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at some pretty good right to come through it at a clock in the sled by 9:00 again the no. they just didn't a lot of that land temperatures right now are in the low 50s and oakland 54 and san jose and we're a little
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concerned once again about down trees potential out colleges. >>anny h: we start to driver on tuesday it looks like we may be in for a little drying trend for few days beyond susan. >>robin w: the golden gate
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bridge ride into and out of san francisco the traffic is low and at the limit so far 92 the committee on the san mateo bridge a live look in so far is that the limit knowledge troublespots looking good on a 80 out 2101 now had over to 580.
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>>james: helping the homeless access permanent housing have been to the deliberations began against for san francisco police officers in a wrongful death lawsuit the pass of alex father lost out to the point you're shot and killed five police officers to usable in the city the officers who responded testified that he pointed with
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the thought was a gun and an insult them lives in danger turned out it was in fact a taser the trial began march 1st. >>james: enjoy low gas prices while they last they are expected to climb as we get closer to summer driver is an oakland pain $2.42 per gallon in san jose a couple pennies more to 44 san francisco is the highest average in san francisco $2.56 and if you're ride bart may be seen that happen before someone had of the to the luggage or their luggage taken up the sea wall of people are squeezed in so tight though seat hall as some call the consumer have the slide over or pay up.
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>>reporter: during a ride the people packed on the train had a few choice words for seahawks their people who put their seat our bags and luggage our seats when clearly people need to sit down. >>reporter: if this does become a new long the first fine would be $100 a the second find $200 there's some exceptions set when a person size of a medical could
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this a mix of tech of more than one seat of the new law will allow the police to get involved if necessary a recent awareness campaign happen on the subway system against man spreading. >>robin w: westbound added looking good and well this one and number to troublespots we will return after the break.
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>>reporter: he scored a huge victory for perjury in a lawsuit over an incident which she was caught on film they all wore her $55 million. >>reporter: a cake was served up
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to the episode also marked the return to the fox said after maternity leave. >>james: coming up next please address the recent sexual assault in the east bay. >>anny h: parts of the east bay including piedmont oakland and alameda more details on the storm forecast coming up when the morning news continues after the break the time now is for 27.
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>>james: in the bay bridge approach in the san mateo bridge in the show that conditions showing kron 4 for the rest of the week we're after half a point sphere. >>anny h: the bay bridge also looking at a little bit of my riding there as we are tracking
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this area of shower activity for piedmont into law the kick >>anny h: here is a look at the satellite radar picture this is the reason why was it a little bit of our brain activity this morning things should start to decrease especially to the afternoon. >>anny h: perhaps san francisco the south it will start to dry out because this really come into the north by 1:00 in the afternoon with respect and dry
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rose and parlor called conditions get ready another storm this is much more oppressive come through thursday morning at five you could see it starts to for santa rosa the northridge would want to get the brunt of the storm holding a lot more more sure santa rosa sambar fell below howe getting the
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brunt of the store moderate to heavy rain possible san francisco or oakland still looking at some light rain as well temperatures are apparently mild and that may be allowed to bid monday. >>anny h: a purported for livermore 52 in oakland 54 in san jose and the low fifties for our friends in the bottom the high for today is going to be fairly a mild than we're looking at a chance for some scattered showers today and.
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>>robin w: leave a little bit early '92 the commute coming out of hayward is in good shape we check the nimitz freeway we don't see any major trouble spots from san leandro and hayward is at the limit so far above directions no major trouble spots in the north they are san francisco in 11 minutes for now about 280 in san jose to
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cupertino that to get 85 the what the park when headed north that is the combat direction. jackie s: there was also slight wind you concede the stand in water on the road when it is
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wants to be periodic or not this morning but for right now especially here in the east north bay if you will the rain is coming down right now if you're out of the road would take it easy to spencer was to get on one of those east was facing bridges. >>james: happening now in the east bay police are looking for the man they suspected behind for sexual assaults and berkeley the total number of sexual offenses and berkeley this year so far totals 17 for the and happened on the uc- berkeley campus people are understandably awed at the police chief address the city council about the recent attacks. >>reporter: berkeley police
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chief said and from the city council this evening to be telling the annual crime reporter homicide a down break robbery and aggravated assault all increased from 2014 to 2015 the recent sex assault on the uc-berkeley campus started in february the victim all described the suspect as a hispanic man in his 20s or 30s apart is have been in the community working very hard talking to people sharing video and pictures open to find this person also worked with the sexual assault experts there is
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fear that a predator may attack again.
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>>james: for the prevention devices like the club and billy the deterrent to suggest that they invest an aftermarket alarm system we will be right back.
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>>james: demolition is set to start tomorrow we are not have mention of the deadly officer of shooting in san jose and the writer could soon be fined for hogging multiple seats they want to pass an ordinance that would
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make it legal for them to take up more than a seat of the government someone else from sitting down. >>anny h: tomorrow morning will be a little more impressive different story storm trackers shows just scattered showers that are fairly light in nature and against data was to men on the areas we do have a little
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bit more moisture off the coast will kick i'll let looks like this is the biggest bomb system we are watching there is a chance to see some shower activity this morning the feature cast for.
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>>anny h: by 1:00 in the afternoon checking out just a couple of showers they really start to decrease for the afternoon hours this one is free of trestle arrival tomorrow morning is to sit at the clock will have some more moderate to heavy rain coming down in santa rosa 101 will be wed we will
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see the grain moving south into san mateo and the east bay it will continue through tomorrow night said the rain predictions so really the more they get hit the hardest task according to the next six they forecast. >>anny h: to produce quite a bit milder and pleasanton 40 in the the more as well 54 in san jose and an oakland you need the
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umbrellas all week and tracking in much more significant storm power outages concern once again the time now is for 49. >>robin w: there is a little bit of a back of forming at the toll plaza in the cache line on the far right hand side it is not that bad estimate lot into
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oakland is a quick 13 minute trip to downtown oakland 880 the nimitz freeway no problems headed north from san leandro from to 30 yen to 980 in your commit lead in the south bank adding in the peninsula are a sunnyvale. >>james: disturbing discovered to tell you about $19 or five severely neglected in the back of a u-haul trailer and a corporate contract accounting we have pictures of two of the dogs there are such bad shape than they had to euthanize many of the animals had suffered cuts dehydration and other severe issues tend all sense from the homes the dogs form owners were arrested and charged with animal cruelty.
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>>gabe s: the quality is pretty good we have not seen any hiccups in the streaming live but looking good you can buy
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them right then and there you can ask questions that have this live chat go on hold time it gives to the community feel on the homepage of the show you can see the schedule for the week to have some big names, including grammy winner megatrend our. >>james: dramatic helicopter rescue he spent more than my track on the side of a cliff and rodeo beach he was walking along the beach when he decided to take a short cut up the side of a cliff to riches' car the problem about 30 ft. up the
4:53 am
could not find a route that would take all the way to the top and that is we ended up spending the night it was a high tide coming in so he ended up all night long camped out on the cliffside hikers found on the next morning and they were able to hoist of into helicopter fortunately did not suffer any major injuries coming up when there is a bees to mold and there is dad mod will tell you what does that had to say about this fall that is on viral
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>>james: we are hearing from the florida man he was held a hero that was on viral during a game
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on saturday and accident from his back toward boy that was sitting in the stand it when write for the eight year-old land and face and that is when his father strong interaction the bazaar in the past of the flying bat and saved his son the sports photographer caught the reaction in the image that has now on viral >>james: the bat did hit his shoulder but he is ok he will go to another game so as long as he is sitting right beside his hero for runaway piglet cost a series in the district by the time they arrived on the same
4:57 am
the crowd had gathered to try captured finally the man from a society called low pay with their ec and holding them she has since been named janice she's not doing well and resting comfortably in the law comes forward in the next five days shall be turned over to rescue group eight commuter back off the train this morning following the monday night derailment we live in kensington with reaction from a string commuters plus the super to the results are in and there are some surprises the winners and losers from yesterday's primaries and caucuses rain is heading the bay area here is a live look we have team coverage tracking this morning shower stay with us.
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this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>mark: thank you for joining us will watching the storm track
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with scattered showers and heavy drizzle this were we're tracking a series of storms headed in this direction. >>james: led some in a well- received showers right now we have more substantial rain overnight the bulk of the far north of the golden gate bridge poughkeepsie in the east bay along the peninsula where catching some of those residual showers this morning we're picking up to my rain right now long to stretch of 680 from the benicia bridge down past martinez and down past pleasant hill all the crew could begin to my shot you see a little bit of green just off to the east we are tracking some light showers for downtown oakland if you follow along on it 80 or 580 you run into some of that as head down for san leandro it picks up again right down the 580 to cash a babbling on 580 comes into the east bay shoreline as
5:01 am
his like the map of the further you see the impact of the event. >>james: across the bay on the peninsula side of the san mateo bridge we are tracking some light rain this green is going to be moving off the direction of union city heading for fremont would also track as a light shower activity on san francisco bay side from the bay bridge down toward as a full you have to live shower activity that is all we are tracking on the radar at the moment the wider view shows as we have a lot of activity a lot of cloud cover still offshore will be tracking that to see this in the moisture in bed in that that will impact us through the morning commute. >>robin w: we don't see any major crashes or stalls that ms. wheeler hot spot free the ride into san francisco are approaching the bay bridge toll
5:02 am
plaza there is a minor weight only in the castle and only on the right-hand side in the next 30 minutes it will get pretty heavy should leave now and beat the five third rushed if you can no problems in the maze on the open side of problems on san francisco side a strain is backed up and running the first train departed in the stockton area. >>reporter: the rain is coming down at the richmond toll plaza you concede that traffic is not too heavy at this early hour with you plan on driving you
5:03 am
need to be making use of your windshield wipers would tell you we were driving we saw of the driver taking it slow because the rose out here are definitely sold fuel the drive and you want to make a slow one. >>darya: down load the mobile application that way you could track the rain and the traffic anytime anywhere. >>mark: its commuter trains are back up and running here is video of the wreckage of the helicopter partnership with abc seven everyone survived but nine people were hurt when it runs from the south bay to the stockton area and we're live if
5:04 am
a station in pleasanton for passenger boarding trains this morning will have a gentleman here who will show enough office sought liberal cranes and they're able to lift it up i was there at the scene of the said days because of the really bad. will t: the morning's commute is not so bad come home of the afternoon is of a house off any fears you go into the same area again this morning any fears when behalf of the train this morning.
5:05 am
will t: jim is one of minute committed the we do expect to come here for spread of the train should be on its way it left off the 430 hit to the san jose state tone may be of the commuters would not be as cool as jim.
5:06 am
>>darya: there does make sure they're prepared for the next round of friendly and they generally chapter issue before and after storms will be back out this morning preparing of this apartment building for demolition the parma build a thrift was espn not to tear over the edge of a cliff there recently read tech the complex because it comes to fall on the beach below. >>mark: been removed either from inside the apartment building the building is said to be demolished more. >>darya: 9 firefighters and injured and people are being evacuated after a natural gas explosion
5:07 am
>>anny h: respond to report our natural gas leak when a huge explosion rocked the area and there was no word of any of the injuries or if anyone is missing but dolls of not being used to go through the rubble this morning just in case more details on this breaking news story out of seattle as to get more information. >>darya: a man stabbed his estranged wife and another person and a domestic violence incident and then he was shot and killed by police monday night it happened in south third street and market avenue near
5:08 am
san jose state university the respond to reports of the stabbing they found the suspect the man still holding a knife and the same this and ask to drop several times but he did not been opened fire killing him the stabbing victims about hospitalizes the wife of that man has since been the lead from hospital with the other victim is a critical condition. >>mark: bernie sanders of the surprise winner of the battleground state michigan to return to its campaign is shaken by lost dog truck was the other big winners last last primary in mississippi in michigan >>reporter: bernie sanders won the michigan primary hillary
5:09 am
clinton still holds the lead in the delegate race it represents an embarrassing speed bump and our efforts to pull away from the sand as campaign she won mississippi the crowds cheered her headquarters as supporters heard the news door trump winning crucial victory in mississippi and delegate rich michigan will forming strong despite a barrage of attacks from opponents he is not the
5:10 am
only republican winner of the night tanker crews one idaho now the focus is on next tuesday for a contest among rio's home state of florida. >>mark: 10 y and caucuses added another state to his strong super tuesday to turn out police and the east bay looking for are ransacked the home and stole stuff from inside surveillance video plus she probably see
5:11 am
people using and pcs for their bags or feet a major spike in sexual assaults and one city in the east bank the new efforts to keep you and your family safe a life and look at storm track as we have a light rain falling from the air will to the war is on to move next. what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪
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at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. >>darya: come to tv and take pick it shows you where some rain is falling not a lot in the truck east is getting a little sprinkle. >>james: where not want to see a giant jamil of traffic with the system tomorrow morning will be a different story more impressive showers lined up for thursday morning as to this
5:15 am
morning scattered best in the good news for you it is on the light side were not looking for really intense rain were we are saying it would have spotty showers out martina's out there could spur along highway 4680 ride in water creek this move the maps 680 is to continue down to the san ramon valley will continue to be the case partly for the next half hour oakland alameda downtown oakland ok with our to light showers just to the south as a head down to san leandro and if i would have surrendered overtop the oakland international airport track and some showers on the east bay side of the dumbarton bridge to concede the ride from fremont heading out to the span.
5:16 am
>>james: hear with a wider view and use a lot of activity to talk about most of it is well to the north things will start coming down when tracking to much offshore it still had in our direction the computer model still calling for the chance of some widespread light sprinkles in the 6:00 hour save for the seven but it begins to break up as he puts forward to 9:00 it comes down considerably faster from his a few sprinkles in the east bay in the south and the peninsula is pretty good things start to really come down as it tore the evening commute more activity for the first half of the day today with things will settle down as we had to be of my hours by 11:00 and begins to
5:17 am
spread into the east bay and san francisco sphere much more impressive storm for you throughout 24 to 48 hours here is a live look outside the sfo shows what conditions and reflections to of the not as close as to the still on the chilly side 40 degree temperature 53 in san jose a lot of the south bastings temperatures in the low fifties 54 in downtown oakland
5:18 am
>>robin w: there is a steady flow of replies coming out of hayward was meant to commit is on the road packing up and heading to work but it is not slowing down to that is the good news it will nasa like this ever although it is not raining the roads are slick and you can easily spend now a quick 15 minutes to get it out to 101 were trapped in the ride across the golden gate bridge this is the connection enough problems on the oriole park presidio lincoln of the approaches to the golden gate arm pretty good shape 50 minutes for west kron 4 to contra costa county antioch's
5:19 am
board that point on this to concord. >>mark: a juror began the liberation for for san francisco police officers charged in the law for death lawsuit the parents filed a lawsuit after the 20 your was shot and killed by officers two years ago the incident started when officers received reports that someone was walking around with a gun to their ride of the scene and they say he was pointing something after they believed was a gun investigators say the officer fired as many as 59 shots in just 30 seconds was the thought was a gun was actually a taser that he needed for his job as security guards would is testified against the officers that he had never seen him point at anything the police and that his hands were in his pocket the entire time the san francisco
5:20 am
supervisor was to declare a state of emergency of homelessness >>darya: he said the city needs to respond quickly because there are a growing concerns about the increase of homeless encampments in san francisco police and the east region help find a man ransacked the home and stole valuable items is a video surveillance video that happened on february 18th on liberty street and ulcer rebel the man broke into the home around 3 in the afternoon on the man stole money jewelry and other items described as being in his 30's about 5 ft. 10 in hundred and 80 lbs.. >>darya: police found the suspect outside of the warehouse she shot the past the
5:21 am
outside of the church on sunday the past is expected to survive he traveled all the way across the country and was arrested outside of the white house police say he planned the attack but did not know why he left behind a list of names that include the pastor and several lawmakers his spokesman and an event just the day before he was shot but investigators say they found nothing no indication that the shooting was politically motivated. >>mark: the california faculty association is planning to hold five they strike next month the union and school thomas cited pay raises for the 26,000 members the 23 campuses will stay open in some classes will be held during the strike
5:22 am
they're telling professors and instructors that it is illegal for them to promote the strike during the crisis in the weeks ahead of the presence of the system is trying to intimidate faculty members if you're ride aboard a part leaks and other passengers using an empty seat for their feet or maybe put your own personal belongings on another see if it is not crowded. >>darya: the director wants to pass an ordinance that will make it illegal for riders to take up more than one seat when it would prevent someone else from being able to sit down the proposal would not apply to people who size or medical condition requires them to tech of multiple seats if it passes the first offense would be $100 if you do the second time in your call $200 a third time $500 a proposal be presented to the board directors tomorrow.
5:23 am
>>mark: gas prices are still low over the past month in the bay area but they said refineries are starting to reduce gas production as they prepare to switch to calif. unix and bland and that is when the typical see prices go up tech looked at the prices of around the bay area gardens and oakland to 42 percent was a 244 san francisco hired into 56 and the warriors taken on the utah jazz and the rain and they won the 45th straight regular-season home game and surpass the 9596 chicago bulls record now the warriors are 56 and 6 for the season randy and vicki steph curry became the first place in a bid to make 303 corners in a single season to of tonight's 7 parting these are targeting
5:24 am
certain types of trucks and the east buying the music world as one of the loss of the bills producer george martin will take the look back of his life and legacy. (vo) my name's nick
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and i make dog chow in denver, colorado. one of my fondest memories of khloe is the day we got her. i knew right there she was gonna be a great dog. khloe's a big influence on the family. she loved lincoln from the start. she's his little protector. i trust dog chow to keep khloe healthy because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it. the standards that we follow are top notch. i trust dog chow enough to feed it to my dog every single day. >>mark: he worked with the bills for seven years and left the major market music and pop
5:27 am
culture he says he was the truth build and that he was like a second father to him he work of art store his long career including jeff back into line beyond he reduced 23 number-one hits in the u.s. jewelry designer and other personal items from joan rivers among the items on jules from carnet and harry winston cost of the she wore onstage and an engraved tiffany adult warble there were benefit to different charities and there are going to be auctioning off in june to she died in 2014 at the age of 81 and is now some of these things
5:28 am
track is somewhat weather still run the bay this morning a few leftover showers would tell you how long will last coming up.
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5:30 am
>>james: we have some light
5:31 am
showers in this cell will be moving right along mount diablo and make a beeline for brentwood on the other side as dislike the map we have my rent on 683 then they'll and san room and sent to light not this line of soured is continuing to move to the east san ramon and in dublin will start to get wet as the moves overhead some light showers and the livermore valley the is to assure my not sabbatical from the was like the map as a head down toward san mateo on the hillside in the east they will have the rain falling that is for the toll plazas locator will have to see a live camera check if have some showers come down also track and some rain just on the other side of the dumbarton bridge in that system is continuing to move toward the
5:32 am
bridge itself. >>robin w: no major trouble spots a strain role on time mark is on time where track in the commute to the richmond san rafael bridge traffic is picking up moving for the pay is and have less come toward the camera off economic trouble spots where track in the travel time to the east of a intricacy some
5:33 am
heavy traffic on south to 42 living concord from highway for connecting with salt 6 aiding if you leave now the time to get to 680 that portion of the committee will be fine you're looking at a quick 23 minutes from concord to danville. >>reporter: to minimize the risk
5:34 am
of spinoffs especially on bridge crossing right here on the richmond san rafael bridge high winds and very typical and whether just like this mixture udall the mobile application in the time the way you could track the rain in traffic is offering. >>darya: rent a robbery in a sauce of all up from 2014 to 2015 there but for sexual assaults near the cal campus and they believe the same man is behind all those attacks of this
5:35 am
is the up and security on campus and hopes this will prevent the attacker from attacking again the believe he may live near the university is the targeting ford f-series pickup trucks and the concord area 30 of these types of vehicles have been stolen just this year there use a high-tech last played readers to find peace with the kremlin more interested in the item the store and car or containers and toolboxes on the tru they're encouraging for truck owners to a stock after market alarm systems. >>darya: they give us these pictures come aftermath of the fire and broke all about 930 last like the apartment complex
5:36 am
on fremont boulevard and headed out within 40 minutes but three units howe were seriously damaged in deemed not safe to live and no one was hurt and they're not sure what caused the fire her funeral is set for friday and she will be buried at the presidential library in simi valley next to her husband. >>mark: president obama will attend a funeral service as well as to clinton she died on sunday of congestive heart failure after home she was 94 years old. >>mark: the loss control of their plane caught on camera will shave the dramatic video there is a good chance you're washing your clothes the wrong wine we have kids to assure you get your clothes as clean as possible a lot of people you see a to go store may appear to be healthy but it is really not
5:37 am
what you should look out for to make sure you're not buying junk food and live look at storm track a few scattered showers or the san mateo bridge. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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>>robin w: we're tracking the ride into san princess called here is a little bit of a backup of the toll plaza it is out to west grand but not considered a bad commute the average drive times 15 minutes from amazed to downtown san francisco \ >>mark: the cold cycle can be more effective in clinical closed removing stains new detergent hospital on left of the 175 hire the he can help the
5:40 am
stains did deeper in your calls you walk she used to bleach and and i and i can also help to your germs. >>darya: it is hard to tell was good for your in was not there are few steps you can take to make sure that you can stay clear of the head and junk food
5:41 am
think twice about salinger and fast food restaurants attended the pack with croutons not some high calorie dressing coming up law school grappling or
5:42 am
education to use will say the reason she is suing her college a car and is up on top of a grocery store + of you're looking for a relaxing spring break vacation will have the top destinations you want to avoid those stories and more coming up on the next hour.
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5:45 am
>>mark: after the train derailment they are backed up and running a mudslide caused the to derail and send it down to bluff into a creek nine of the to the passengers and injured. >>darya: police showed up and shot and killed him on monday night because they save he would not drop the knife.
5:46 am
>>james: it extends up toward pittsburgh ride along a highway for are the sorts as we are into the delta and this is headed indirection you start to see the rain build the next half-hour
5:47 am
right at the san mateo bridge in hayward and saw that as of thing to look more active that will be impacted 880 ride down toward fremont. >>james: we also ask my cell activity all over paulo out to a loss out of the track of all of this is bringing it toward sunnyvale in between now and then here is what would expect in terms of storm totals to the three is for the bay side community the rest of the bay
5:48 am
area should follow similar live above the six is on the south bend here is the extended outlook and hear you have all but whether we were just talking about rain ride from london after monday next week looks dry and that is the light at the end of the tunnel.
5:49 am
>>robin w: no problems on 880 know problems on 101 you're looking at about 15 minute drive to and that is considered a good drive times if inhaled over to some sale track in the ride across the golden gate bridge the rosa what and slack demand of the rain we are right down the throats are sticky should drive to reduce speed.
5:50 am
>>mark: you to see the plane falling straight out of the sky and bouncing within the parachute been pulled here for the flow down an emergency landing in the new feature in this part 22 the pilot and a daughter roofline about 2,000 ft. take a look at this dramatic helicopter rescue right here in the bay area rencontre man was trapped on the side of a cliff and rodeo beach.
5:51 am
>>darya: the high tide started coming in and hiker spotted on the next morning the sea is the root able to squeeze tim right there into the helicopter in he was not injured at $7 a look for new homes up to the roof from the collected in the back of a u-haul trailer and contra costa county their 19 dogs found in total to have to euthanize because they were in such bad shape minute and had cut some sears to dehydrated to another man already been adopted but seven more of these bulbs need homes the former owners or arrested and charged with animal cruelty oakland last airport and try to make travel easier for breast-feeding mothers. >>darya: is a private pot where bombs and babies she went
5:52 am
inside the private lactation station so she can then be on tv in with a broadcaster they're located and, as one and two and available from the airport operating. fox >>mark: the zookeeper against taking over as the orphans mother with the help of
5:53 am
a hand made a final package most of a kangaroo development happened inside of the mother's pouch the right now is a critical time for the joey for the next six months she will carry the kangaroo and her couch. >>darya: coming up with a continue the team coverage of the small storm letters coming in this morning you could see paulo out to los gatos cupertino sunnyvale all did what are now as in san jose a we will be right back
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>>mark: the next holders so close is set for august 2017 that will be seen across the narrow corridor united states good years said this work on new spirit of tires design for some drive cars the company presented these concept tires the eagle 360 tie will bear with to move an and the direction the concept is still a long way away from becoming we are tracking some scattered showers across the bay area a much bigger storm is on the way there is a life pick a storm track their breaking news
5:57 am
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this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news begins now:
6:01 am
>>james: is not impressive or widespread at all this get into it with the east bay thing is getting all whole lot calmer we have some light showers overhead in the last check with that is good news for you doubling it is my rain right now of the anti is stretch of 580 you're doing ok 858980 highway 13 no active trained at the moment to the south we have some light showers of the dumbarton bridge if you could delay maybe 15 minutes
6:02 am
nothing terribly strong but it is enough to have to run the fibers as you run this money back to san francisco finished we do have a nice line of showers all the line we are looking to migrate to over the bay bridge right now primarily between the city of san francisco that the western half of the span this is heading off in the direction of oakland. >>james: just saw this coming your way there the latest week due to see it is getting right over toward the toll plaza as to the golden gate bridge there was some light rain been visible on the camera and you see in that would expect on your windshield of drive around this morning.
6:03 am
>>robin w: it is none of like the wet weather is having too much of an impact on the morning commute so far hopefully it will stay that way where track in the ride were you concede the sea of had lied squeezing into the toll plaza this the back of stretches to the foot of the may is this is what we expect for the top of the 6:00 hour it is one to be
6:04 am
off and on having to union city the overall drive times to get from to 38 to 37 is 31 minutes from san leandro to milpitas. >>reporter: the rain has picked up at the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza especially on the bridge as the high winds are typical for weather like this.
6:05 am
>>mark: the east bay on monday denied to this is video from our records from the helicopter partnership this morning passengers are able to board the train for the first time since the accident.
6:06 am
will t: we know mudslides caused this derailment and the chilly the bill that is not the case however because the 533 ride on the morning the train pulled into the pleasanton station people showed up here is the reason why you think they say it was awful for them yesterday being stuck on 680 in the other freeway to get to work from here he is not the only one who
6:07 am
was saying that. will t: there is too much water
6:08 am
in the soil was week it would not be surprised to see more landslides from the bay area and the storms continue to roll and.
6:09 am
>>mark: people are being evacuated after a natural gas explosion and seattle we're following the latest in the breaking news desk. >>anny h: they gave reporters an update just moments ago we are getting more information on this massive explosion firefighters say the cruiser fighting claims caused by the blast and all of the injured firefighters are now being treated for minor injuries the winners were shattered as far as two blocks
6:10 am
away and the explosion happened building is completely destroyed and there may be several others that have been damaged the dogs of being used to go through all the rubble just in case there are an survive the couple of buildings have been evacuated right now authorities have not immediately pinpointed the cause of that explosion. >>darya: they shot and killed monday night this was the third street and market avenue near san jose state university and got to the report of the stabbing when they got their he was still holding the knife they said that adds to the drop in several times to let opened fire killing him the stabbing with a rope hospitalized the man's wife
6:11 am
has since been released from hospital the the other victim is still in critical condition. >>darya: on the republican side on a trumpet the three big wins and mysia mississippi in hawaii and would not the only
6:12 am
republican winner of the night tad crews also pick the when and idaho. >>: it was actually amazing i was impressed and even make and kelly said donald trump did really well tonight--meghan kelly. >>darya: mccandless and their attention to next tuesday when five big states to hold the primary contest including florida and illinois and ohio. >>mark: wife consumed the fine for taking up an extra seat we will be. read backed vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you?
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6:15 am
>>darya: it looks a little bit does this so does the richmond san rafael bridge not at your visiting rain this morning if
6:16 am
you run into some light shower activity is to go past pleasanton the oakland side of the bay bridge is where track and some showers if this is my rent and acting downtown oakland the bay bridge approach also
6:17 am
some light showers as you can see all near los altos. >>james: is moved across the city getting out over the bay and heading toward oakland does all having an open way we have my rented opel expect that to continue while the rest of the system continues to push on from by 9:00 and against the
6:18 am
backed up as we head toward the 1:00 p.m. that noon lunch out toward 1:00 p.m. time frame the east bay and south they will get a lot less active and against tobacco by three and the strike is about all on by the 6:00 drive home. >>james: steadily decreasing rain throughout the day today that is what you need to know. >>robin w: to is much heavier compared to last time to check- in to was just creeping along come out of hey what is jamming on the net through hayward that is because of the crash and is
6:19 am
working and looking at about a 20 minute trip from 80 out one or switch over to the map that was crash on the sand and a side is quickly adding to the backed up and is filling in their and when the cries path of the gap even workers. >>robin w: a quick check of the
6:20 am
south bay ride no major problems right now to allow all stop and all traffic wrapped around copper will be off and on to santa clara 17 minutes the average return from capitol expressway heading out to the montague expressway ha. >>darya: the building is 320 sp and non and is teetering on the edge of the cliff the red tag the back in 2010 met a friend was on a fall to the beach were there as the it remove item from inside the building and is supposed to be torn down tomorrow. >>mark: the director wants to pass an ordinance that will make it illegal for them to take up more than the one seat they're sitting on when it will prevent others from sitting down the proposal would not apply to people who size a medical
6:21 am
condition requires of to use multiple seats. >>darya: listen a starter when the gatt report this summer to walk along with a gun that got there and they saw in the battle and he was on to something at them they believe that it was a gun investing in said the officers fired as many as 59 shots in just 30 seconds to turn out the gun was actually a taser that he needed for his job as a security guard the witness testified against the officers that he had never seen him points anything at the police and his hands were in his pocket the entire time.
6:22 am
>>darya: the will to declare a state of emergency on homelessness supervisor david was opened on navigation centers that are growing concerns are to increase the homeless encampments and san francisco. >>mark: they found the suspect outside of the white house they say kyl and john shot past the tim robinson and cited the church on sunday the passage is expected to survive he planned the attack with they don't know why he left behind a list of names included the pastor and several lawmakers that spoken at an event for ted proves just the day before the shooting. >>darya: nancy reagan will be
6:23 am
laid at and reposed and subtle in california and tomorrow this ahead of her funeral to set for friday to will be buried at the reagan presidential library in simi valley next to the husband michelle president obama is going to be there at the funeral service nancy reagan died on sunday of congestive heart failure home in los angeles she was 94 years old capacity last at his home in london he was 90 years old if he worked with the bill for seven years and that a major mark on music in on pop culture he was the truth to build and that he was like a second father to him he work of artist to during his long career included cheap trick of jeff beck and celine dion it reduced 23 number one hits in the u.s..
6:24 am
>>darya: there have been a major spike in certain crimes after the break aulos school lawsuits while at a gradual detective people who taught her to court.
6:25 am
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6:26 am
>>robin w: we yes the hot spot free that is the good news or taking a look at the san mateo bridge. >>mark: police said they insulted a former bodyguard back in february they also confiscated a large quantities of marijuana and firearms from his home in their wrapped house are being held without bail a hearing is set for all three this afternoon she is taking her
6:27 am
law school to court the woman says the law school misled its student she accuses the loss will the inflating the employment data to get students to enroll she said she had not been able to find a full-time job as an attorney says she graduated in 2008 to shi'ahs hundred $70,000 in student loans the school says is not their fault were attracted some scattered light showers along the way to live look walk into the entire forecast coming up in the next half hour.
6:28 am
6:29 am
>>james: you see we have some light shower very scattered in the east bay and primarily eastern is still looking in the south bend, a walnut creek doing
6:30 am
ok and we're starting track and other the green this is right at the 68024 and change we have rain fall of what parliament island will have a few bits of
6:31 am
light rain began to make the switch on shore those headlines and a little hazy as to get the showers,.
6:32 am
>>robin w: ahead lies heading into san francisco is still pretty quiet where track in the committee on the e sure freeware will see any major problems if you have to use the come out of hercules floor richmond albany berkeley checking in trouble- free is about 25 minutes to get from highway 42 berkeley side.
6:33 am
>>darya: today's nine people were injured in that room at near their recovering. will t: to the chair the video of the train coming into the pleasanton station from livermore.
6:34 am
will t: on monday and >>: thought i was less because i have lost getting to the train no. 3 was just a little bit late saw that and the lead car train no. 3 and so this the one that that the rain.
6:35 am
will t: there is no fear as far as we can see among the commuters. >>darya: you would find out about a first if you have the mobile application, the down the
6:36 am
rate robbery in the so there have been for sexual assaults near the uc-berkeley campus since february police believe is the same man behind all the attacks.
6:37 am
>>darya: this fire broke out in 930 last night an apartment complex on fremont boulevard they're now 56¢ and six losses until the four plays to tie you by one to pick about staying here in the bay area what they
6:38 am
would set it in the bay area made the list of the best places to retire and the entire world if you want to relax a spring break.
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6:40 am
6:41 am
>>robin w: you should leave early this morning if you have to use 90 to the drive times 28 minutes to get from 880 out 101. >>mark: off a said as you've been used to repair the part of the crash rupture the gas line and cause a fuel leak inside the building will take a look at how
6:42 am
much longer the line will last.
6:43 am
6:44 am
>>darya: people are being evacuated after a natural gas explosion in seattle burn
6:45 am
incense to the surprise victory in the michigan primary refined of this morning when and why it had closed it up a victory. >>james: you're born to run into
6:46 am
some light showers on that drive we're also tracking some nine not man before oakland but down a san leandro and interstate 580 in active to the rain that was overhead has now moved off to the east is impacting evergreen as expected is contained as march bird of the diablo range the peninsula we are tracking in the line of light rain now use his eye to move inland and heading toward san mateo of
6:47 am
money by monday night the picture comes down between now and then all this on the wanted was some pretty impressive storm totals this will be expected of that system. >>james: anywhere from 46 the coastal hills of their 3 5 in. with a lot about the that is what we expected in the system it will be a pretty good dose of grain which could be some urban a small street flooding.
6:48 am
>>james: it looks like to the in the arm will be nice and dry
6:49 am
and. >>robin w: it stretches through the maze of 580 it is almost back from the 24 split is not quite there but is getting their it will be pretty maters letters across the upper deck to the sky when the silver to the richmond san rafael bridge traffic is creeping along here it is much heavier compared to the last check the slowdown starts and richmond park where the nimitz
6:50 am
is slow that is the camille there was a crash on the san leandro sign that both of the drive times for 1 minutes from san leandro to milpitas this topic miller is creeping along san jose into santa clara that portion of the ride looks good at is san jose center side that is still backed up. >>darya: oakland international airport tried to the challenge easy for breast-feeding moms they open their very first lactation sweet the lactation sweet are private pot where moms and breast feed their babies hot and peace this is the first
6:51 am
lactation station at any airport in california is already a big hit they're located in tumbled one and two and you have the hope is near gate. >>mark: they stayed low over the past month and the bay area but they say refineries are now starting to produce the gas production fast as it prepared to switch over to california's new unique summer bland for does when prices typically go walk--. go -- >>mark: 256 of san francisco fed ease to bay city is one of the best places in the four to retire fettered and a tree magazine are just out with a list of the top 10 officers to retire and concord the magazine
6:52 am
noted the city of conference has a drive and a water park the purveyance for connoisseurs and ceding to get to from san francisco luncheon magazine noted for concord health care facility a this is the land on this list for not panama in with a kentucky santa fe and grand haven which is in michigan. >>darya: the most popular destinations this year if to avoid all orlando come in as a
6:53 am
1/4 fifth four if you want the most bang for your block to go to panama city for dublin or paris tough fifth for faugh we will be right back when the crown for morning news continues. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old.
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6:56 am
>>mark: this is what a good year think the tire is one to look like in the future become
6:57 am
represented the concept tires as marshall last week the eagle 360 that move and in the direction and burial connected using magnetic levitation the goodyear said the concept is still a ways from becoming reality or from some broken nose and explosion that injured nine firefighters will have live pictures coming in from the scene track in the rent come to bay area little bit now a lot tomorrow we will have more on today's commute with what raise and the team coverage coming up find out why some oakland elementary kids got to give steph curry a bath when the most
6:58 am
famous faces it's about and what could possibly be left from hard to do to get attention.
6:59 am
this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>mark: we have the wet weather that is on the way in a little bit this morning when the
7:00 am
weather center >>james: phoenix pretty good all the way into walnut creek fall ever want to head south of that we're looking that san ramon dublin and even some for to the pleasanton. >>james: aside for some heavy drizzle that would collect on the windshield as you drive


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