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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 11, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>james: we saw most for reporters to the rain is coming down that is what we see on the radar the storm track the so on as we have heavy grain moving and to whom san francisco on the bay side of right where the bridge comes in we have the
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richmond san rafael bridge here is a commuter and across that span light rain for now we do have more heavy rain to the west and before too much on russia stopped and had better ride as well we are looking in the south back at least the san mateo bridge on the heavy rain that extends all the way to the east bay shoreline haywood fremont and the city do with heavy rain right now if all this is have in your direction out of
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sfo better than to our the lens for income flights because of the storm system that is not that bad just like branford not danville san ramon dublin presence and your sins and light showers if these heavier rains can hold together and work the way up over the east hills investor was to some of those hours as well. >>james: we're looking at conditions by the noon hour partly status showers will back off just a little bit but we run the risk even for the 3:00 hour. >>robin w: without any hot spots the committed to doing well with noticed fender benders but nothing major nothing awful at the bay bridge toll plaza the
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usual friday morning backup and is now beyond west grand at the foot of the maze holding at the foot of the maze is not true in his car across the upper deck #edge of a spa for a 80 just a little crowded into union city and fremont the drive times and the third minutes from to 30 it appears that is good this topic and it looks pretty good numic to troublespots pretty like heading into san jose 20 minutes from 85 to 237 in sunnyvale. will t: heavy rainfall not only what a messy flooding in some areas, raymond of just left the
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house at that time in a very
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nice neighbors came by in the trees came down there is a lot more trees izzard one of the small plants that is on the back of the property so we're hoping that this will live litmus test by 1 ft. or 2 ft. power will be restored and times to until i have my roof fixed because the polls attest to the roof for the house this probably came out of
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nowhere as far as you're concerned this was healthy and everything was ok and. >>reporter: the rain in the when
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has picked up and pacific you could see a lot of the standing water the rain coming down on the pavement near the pacific apparent to the look of the video we have public wks crews have just shown up the office just opened at 7:00 this morning it is still raining very hard but it is not stopping people from coming out here is
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the store is a likely look for some schools to close salmon creek charter school and month to really doing in school all close to that will let you know of any more school closures are announced.
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>>darya: this is robert park expressway was the high 101 disclose a to conceive the cruiser kick and a close eye on the cricks in petaluma where there was a rising many people in the area were prepared for the store could not send back before the grand ride the the storm did so diverse all across the bay area cause some major backups happen now police and
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the east of the other to for gunman after a deadly shooting last night it happened about 6:00 on was mcdonald avenue in richmond. >>darya: he was 15 or 16 years old of father and the sock is behind bars this morning after taking his young daughter hostage could lead to a standoff with the police in san jose that lasted for hours swat team surrounded the house to try to negotiate with him and eventually he did to his daughter got to place and she was fine but it took about six hours before the standoff ended and finally walked out to run the tool or is he was arrested.
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>>mark: she was hit by car across walk near school this happen on tuesday and berkeley police said nine your poor mother were in the crosswalk on to my cabinet just after dark when the taxi failed there were taken to hospital the littoral both relax the driver was taken in for failing to gild the can suspect nasa and the cross what needs to be safer for the city of berkeley does not have any specific plans to alter the crosswalk although they said they're looking at several options is also in water hundred thousand dollars and state grants to make improvements at two nearby intersections along claremont and of those changes will improve safety did down there alimentary.
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>>darya: it will allow terminally ill people to kill their lives if medication prescribed by dr. they held a special section yesterday to pave the way law to take effect dying patients how to use the law have been in limbo since it was first approved last year it was passed on to the heavily publicized his abridging she had to move to oregon saw the shechem legally and her life in 2014 still ahead of protest the sucker punched plus a nicely recall to tell you about the danger could be in the freezer right now.
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>>darya: it is warmer. >>: with that as it pushes and snow level or to drop was sea change control, or the sum and in the last 24 hours a soap
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fifth. >>james: widespread moderate heavy rainfall in those areas in the cave in yellow and orange to some cases even approaching the red colin firth.
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. >>james: that includes 24 out toward what a creek you start running into more substantial rain in the type that is more on the wane the giant wall of yellow getting ready to end of danville is already in san ramon dublin and pleasanton and livermore think it's a lot more
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attention to some of the ones in red as the release start coming down heavy in those hills keith >>james: in the tech the golden gate bridge also on the moderate to heavy rain right now the final stop will be in the north there were we have rain coming down pretty good we're still
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want to be stuck with moderate to heavy rain by the noon hour bricks up a lot of it the chance to exist for some showers a lot to do with in the course of the weekend to do with it a better than incoming flights. >>anny h: this in tax areas you see highlighted in blue that
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include the south bend peninsula san francisco and the east bay shoreline you would not parked car on the date any trees especially this one in the afternoon hours. >>anny h: more
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>> mark: we are tracking the weather here. today is a different story with heavy rain . >> james: we that the space stopped this morning--sopped. we
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have a lot of rain on the peninsula as shown here by the radar. we have areas like brentwood better steer saying it right moderated * times. moderate to heavy rain is falling over this area since the next couple of hours. we have moderate making a beeline for you. down near a word close to the senate to bridges moderate to heavy rain. the dumbarton
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bridges also let--wet. santa clara valley will also see heavy rain. in san mateo and redwood city and that area is in heavy rain. >> james: san francisco has moderate showers. the north bay is seen light rain for the most part. heavy rain is making its
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way in your direction however. 9:00 hour is scattered showers with a little heavy rain. 12:00 hour through 3:00 hour 3 6:00 hour will see it light rain with a chance of thunderstorms. >> james: overnight we calmed things down but we will set the stage for tomorrow's big storm. >> james: sfo has a bill up delays for two hours and 20 minutes inbound. call ahead the airport is having a tough time.
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the winds are pretty strong it coast. when the advisory is in effect. >> anny: we do have a wind advisory in effect. this includes parts of the east bay and oakland and all of the the south bay including san francisco. will see winds up to 30 mi. per hour and the dust up to a 40 mi. per hour. also do not park under a tree and watch for fallen branches. san
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francisco the coast in the bay shoreline through sunday evening there might be chances of flooding. >> anny: storm totals have been impressive over the next 24 hours and have been high for the past 24 hours. the south bay in the peninsula is picking up only a little rain however. oakley complaints and fun in your activities for the kids because it will be raining hard all week and end. don't forget over
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the weekend on saturday night you'll need to set your clocks one hour ahead. >> robin: it is getting a little bit better in san francisco. and city streets there's a hot spot . broadway is back open. the broadway tunnel is back open in the westbound direction. the eastbound side was open and is still clear. you may experience residual delays if you have over now.
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>> robin: we have some stopping the traffic around the bay area but it is not bad. from castro valley to the maze is just under 30 minutes. the nimitz has no major trouble spots. from 230 to downtown oakland everything looks good. coming from the south bay on 101 is just slow.
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san francisco is backed up into the maze. 92 is already improving in thinning out. >> darya: california's right to dialogue takes effect in fremont's. state lawmakers held a special session yesterday to make this past. pretty maynard was there seven california girl who wanted to die and out of fear move to oregon and also driven by fear took her life.
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>> mark: the republicans are making their final debates on the stage in miami in what is
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called the third super tuesday. >> reporter: wednesday gop
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republican debates had some jabs but noll low blows. >> james: we have plenty of rain and there's more coming upon. >> robin: is a little crowded here coming to san francisco and from san rafael to the toll plaza is slow.
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white van no other details have been released. >> james: that first line that swath of yellow. that giant line is hitting the entire east bay shoreline. these heavy rains are pushing off in the direction of the oakland hills. the award
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to piedmont in open hills and berkeley and the san ramon valley and will let creaked as well--walnut creek. >> james: these are warm jerry's you can see are packed in urey's they ride. they're heading to the upper right corner of your screen. the south bay has been dealing with some heavy rain as well. >> james: from menlo park to san carlos is heavy but if you head north of 101 that you'll start to come out of it. sausalito's
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dealing with heavy rain. the richmond san rafael bridget is taking a pounding from the rain . if that line of showers and offshore look at how dark red that is what the really heavy rain. that is an intense a band of showers and it is working our way. it is getting closer and closer to the peninsula and cosine i will be tracking that here. but james >> james: the around-the-clock forecast for your kids is rain all the way.
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>> will: i wish james was as good a with is whether as he is with is fantasy at forecast. it is cold and windy and you could see the damage as done. james buy a lottery ticket because you are money today. the combination of the art wind and heavy rain and saturated ground caused this treaty, crashing down. the
7:42 am
homeowner lives of his mother and she was at the house. neighbors came to check on her in he was ok. the man was not in his car today. when the tree came down 8 click to another house. right now the don't have power but we have seen the power company come back out. >> will: the tree was so massive they could not get it out yesterday and today they will be here to pull it out. >> darya: go-ahead mark
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>> mark: now that we have had a drought for four years in their stress the rain coming down is causing them to come down. >> averi: by the pacifica pier the rain has stopped but the wind is howling and the waves are crashing. we could see some of the public works crews. take a look to some of the video. they're moving sand from in front of the drainage pipes to help prevent flooding. this area is already prone to flooding.
7:44 am
this is usually due to a high surf warnings by it today is the rain. we still saw people outside walking their dogs and doing their morning run. >> we got up to 1:00 a.m. this morning to get some crab here. i have my ring gear on something nice and dry. >> averi: public works crews have been much in the area. they're doing some pro-active pumping to make sure there's no flooding in pacifica. >> robin: no major crashes are now but there's a lot of slow traffic into san francisco which is much heavier than that the earlier morning commute. if the
7:45 am
wipers are on the headlights must be on and that is the law. berkeley emeryville albany and richmond are all slowing to a downtown. as jim shear and will be for a couple of hours at least. >> robin: there are no major south bay crashes but it is jammed on the south guadalupe parkway. from 85 to 101 it is creeping along with the 20 minute trip. >> darya: we are going to have the death toll from severe
7:46 am
storms in the south. we also explained the program of the white house made jumpers more affordable.
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>> mark: the south bay area is rising because of flood waters.
7:49 am
here is a video showing at this georgia area with the--louisiana with the louisiana governor having massive evacuation disorders--orders. the governor of mississippi is also declaring a state of emergency. >> darya: the white house is helping the poor families get diapers. these fibers will be up to 25 percent cheaper than what they could get anywhere. president obama said that
7:50 am
several nonprofits are collaborating to make this happen. >> james: we have elias' strong chart from walnut creek to dublin--strong showers from walnut creek to dublin
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>> darya: we're checking out what is happening with the 949 studios. i do not like a the beebs personally led like to see him. >> reporter: on the back of justin peters sure it says he is bigger than sated--satan. if you
7:53 am
are claiming to be bigger then the satan then that he might have him come out in light things of fire. does this do anything to grumble when? it turns out that the buff photos of just been a beater were photoshop. >> reporter: it was a terrible
7:54 am
sure because he is not tough at all. >> darya: i would rather do splash mountain and watch just been bieber. >> reporter: i talked to some boy who is 11 and said he has autism and likes art and video
7:55 am
games. i asked him if he would draw a a picture for me and he did. and he wanted to be on tv and but nokia's.--and it what he is on tv. >> mark: with james fletcher we have a storm here is going north northeast. yesterday was the north bay in today's bay area wide. >> james: this out the east bay
7:56 am
and peninsula have been the focus of the shower today. oakland is fine alameda find but the bulk of the storm is above wall the creek. as for the heavy rain is. concord and clayton might see some of this rain. a jocund print letters in light rain. dublin pleasanton ancaster valley are getting some of the street now. the dumbarton bridge in san mateo bridge her wet. >> james: the peninsula ride is
7:57 am
looking okay from about birling games south but north of that you are dealing with up with a heavy rain coming onshore. it will come to the pacific club at daly city and north boom--north moon bay. over the next 15 minutes the store made glantz places like pacifica as it makes a beeline toward the headlines. >> james: here's the 9:00 hour by noontime char's back above that by three in afternoon kids are getting out of the school and there are more scattered showers. don't get too
7:58 am
comfortable in keep the umbrella close at hand. >> james: it comes down overnight but it looks like we have another storm approaching a saturday. rally of 21 m.p.h. winds and a word. those winds are problems for more than an airport. >> anny: police had seen some stronger when blacks--wind blasts. this advisory continues
7:59 am
until tuesday afternoon where we will see southwest winds gusting up to a 45 m.p.h. the peninsula and the coastline are where we will see some of the stronger winds. the flash flooding are in effect for not just the entire north area but for san francisco and the peninsula and the bay shoreline here. and jose is outside of that alert--san jose . >> anny: at this year's are getting some small. there is a
8:00 am
winter storm warning in effect starting at noon the which will go into a 11:00 a.m. monday. the snow level is awry--high. if you go to the sears rainout cadre rain snow makes--reyna snow makes--rain-snow mix. make sure you bring your chains. >> anny: we have at around one
8:01 am
and then there'll be run to the next couple days and sunday will have run three of the storms. by the latter part of next week the temperatures will be in the '70s. >> robin: there's a hot spot on the sky way in san francisco. there is a hit-and-run crash that is holding everyone up. it is in the final clearing stages but it should have been quickly. this back up one no. 101 stretches all the way up to 380. if you're coming from 280 at of daly city is also slow.
8:02 am
there's really no way to get around this back up. the short freeway is 30 minutes. 680 south as 30. and the dumbarton south is 22 minutes. from the maze to san francisco is a very slow. >> darya: the golden state warriors take on the portland trail blazers. but with a win
8:03 am
tonight we will improve their home winning streak to 47 games . and it is close to that 73 that we need. waw
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this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>darya: since early this morning had been the head crash that happened right near a gene park elementary school. >>: is found in a is a male who was suffering and deceased from an apparent hit-and-run collision what we have from an investigator that spoke to witnesses and that we have a white van that was traveling southbound on upholstery to make a turn on the westbound
8:08 am
broadway and a strike in the pedestrian somewhere in this intersection police a actively searching in the area. >>darya: will continue to watch the store in the new developments as we learn them. . >>james: we want to show you what we are talking about we have seen the rain in the east bank will want to start the in there and zoom into the area right near concord in martinez but the wall the cry on this not
8:09 am
look too bad until you get through dublin and pleasanton the rain begins to really get more press of the east bay ride on the shore line looks pretty good oakland alameda out in your doing ok brief break for you as a is like the map you see where the and a fairly mild conditions for haywood down through fremont. >>james: we have some light to moderate rain mixing as the head of northampton slump it is hit or miss was to get up to.
8:10 am
>>james: will be following that where along the peninsula calls will be checking in with her in just a little bit here today part forecast a loss of control and will have rain all day it may back off on the bed of the chance of thunderstorms on to stay with us all proud not only the 3:00 p.m. time friend and to the evening commute as well. >>robin w: his on the sky was slowing down traffic heading into downtown san francisco 80 ease that ford should the two pipelines to block this and run and raise still wrapping up in his gym and backed up on 211 the
8:11 am
number one on the back of stretches along the peninsula it is calling back for three and a coming out of san bruno and is also and acting the 280 extension is one to be about 47 minutes just to get from burlingame for the slow traffic and to downtown san francisco for a very slow ride out there. >>robin w: it is not improving headed here to the toll plaza the 58424 the drive times about 2730 minutes to get from downtown oakland into downtown san francisco. will t: it is cold but it is not raining the gusty
8:12 am
conditions not helping out and it certainly did not help out at 8:00 last night when it calls this tree to come crashing through the fence " house fell on top of the car fortunately no injuries and took out basically the equipment that allows the power line to go into the house there is no power and you can see the damage to the car the home owner one of to home owners he was with his mom he was not home and his mother was inside a little bit rattled but she is ok. will t: 13 hours later the city crews the carton of and the trucks and and it was a list of the roadway a couple of minutes ago act they're hoping to have it cleared by 12:00 the contractor that they have is pretty busy with other storm related incidents as imagine.
8:13 am
will t:.
8:14 am
>>reporter: using we talk about flooding in this area where talk about high surf they're still been doing the daily doody and a lot of people walking their dogs in the morning rush for it to talk to one woman.
8:15 am
>>darya: the kids did the day off today we learned this morning the entire shoreline it is closed because of the road condition. surprising as can
8:16 am
happen were storms like this that make the route and possible knockout power. >>darya: father in the south of is behind bars after he took his daughter hostage and have a police stand for hours and 7000 they try to negotiate with and eventually the daughter go out to the police she is fine but took six hours to bring the standoff to when and he finally
8:17 am
did come out and turn himself over to authorities. >>mark: there were taken to hospital she broke both her legs the driver was taken and for failing to gild the not have a suspect in ousting the crosswalk need to be safer the city of berkeley does not have any specific plans all to the cross all although they're looking for server option the city is going toward hundreds of thousand dollars state grant to make improvements at two nearby intersections.
8:18 am
>>darya: if you like pizza and a lot of the food might be in your freezer they say they're dangerous and will tell you why.
8:19 am
>>darya: they will pave the way
8:20 am
for the 90 days and after the of this long because dying patients have been waiting ever since the law was passed in was approved last year the fed waiting for to take effect this happen after the have the publicized case she was 29 years old from southern california and she had brain cancer track and have a rain falling right now in areas like redwood city the dumbarton bridge heavy rain come down across the span,.
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8:23 am
>>: good morning how're you doing this dame? >>: it is 11.5 don't fall number-one the a number to if you're on a snowboard that the shovel in the end there's also
8:24 am
helped to slow throughout get yourself a little bit wider stance and a little bit more stable will setup april and if it is fantastic and i hear him
8:25 am
get out i love my job but he loved isn't. . >>james: the system is falling in the form of rent we have a lot of men is been heavy at times to see those areas in yellow was to men start that range from about danville to
8:26 am
pleasanton activity picking up considerably in to the dumbarton bridge labor and for the bay bridge in my brain it will be fine on the rich inside a lot of
8:27 am
the east bay commuters will be taken this route across the span wants to get into san rafael here is the fee to castle room the time line for the day and you'll see by 9:00 with a still looking at exactly what we saw how sidelines of having to moderate rain. >>james: all throughout the bay area of the not be fooled. >>james: it looks like saturday
8:28 am
afternoon we get a brief break but by saturday afternoon the east bay in the south bank will start to get what look at the wind speed oakland was a mile an hour sustained when seven small now when in san jose 21 a redwood city these winds have been causing problems the winds of one to be a factor for good bit of the bay area of the when it arise in effect picking up the team cover take it from here. >>anny h: heavy rain and winds are the big concern especially this morning afternoon
8:29 am
>>anny h: in the past 48 hours to burn them picking up almost 5 in. the highest readings have been out in the north bank napa are around 2.71 point raised about 2.3 almost which meant picking up from 2 in. of rain san francisco's downtown over and in los altos not as much as on the pretense so far the latter amount have been in the stock in the peninsula as expected definitely plan to walk
8:30 am
to more movies next marathon the laws of the things we will start to fire starting monday afternoon and tuesday we will enter into a nice drying. for much of. next of >>anny h: you want to set your clocks an hour for saturday night as they like some time begins. >>robin w: we're still talking a hot spot in san francisco crashed wrapping up on the is the dawn sky with 80 east fourth street and was blocking two lanes of traffic now is just the far right lanes for those trying to get into downtown san francisco it is called on the scout with backed up on 2101- stretch all the way out to the peninsular is backed the
8:31 am
westbound and become a lot of albany that is an improvement earlier if it is backed up into richmond and and to pull know you're looking at 26 minutes from downtown oakland to the west about sky when. >>robin w: the have the slocum it traffic is pretty much out of the way this a nice improvement no longer slow approaching the toll plaza the drive time about 10 minutes from the pays out 101. >>mark: they're being recalled nationwide because they may be
8:32 am
contaminated with salmonella they're investigating 11 cases of salmonella linked to pistachios from the wonderful brand pistachio nuts they're sold nationwide into canada they say on the web site at six to six years the the work will help official to find the source of the problem the company is asking people to return the one they bought the for refund nasa about to recall a number of the frozen milk products including this rhino thin crust pizza and install for chicken lasagna as well as several variety of lean cuisine frozen meals no injuries have been reported consumers to return those items to the store for a refund as well.
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
>>darya: this is a crass to happen in southern california what happened at the red light this is at the intersection of that i a car speeding through the intersection runs a red light and hit the chevy tahoe their was ready to attend was so blind as to prevent phone to the air in this is not sure what the driver was all so fast the amazing thing is that no one was killed six people i ever did of the house with moderate to severe injuries.
8:36 am
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>>mark: very heavy rain moved into the bay area m. >>james: you could see the areas in yellow we're catching the heaviest of the showers will was on the city's bid 586 interchange that is a bit commit corridor in doubt because of problems properly for least the next hour so san mateo bridge dumbarton bridge we're looking
8:39 am
at both the mix of my release the western half of the span will the bill was more intense showers in the north but we have the richmond san rafael bridge of the east bay communities will begin with heavy rain on the richmond side there was a quick look of the dead are forecast it will come right back to 3:00
8:40 am
p.m. chance of the thunderstorm knocked out of the question to the edge should one of the the upper fifties and low 60s. will t: and that is why they plan to remove this tree that came tumbling down at 8:00 last night they believe it is the saturated soil of the windy conditions that cause the to go down once they're done with this bill will have another crew dhahran out amid an expected of the trees as well this is on city property to the city is out here to see the damage it did to the car across the roof shattered the windows and it came across the roadway here and partly landed on a minivan with
8:41 am
always been a barometer we have the radar i have my cold bottom. will t: >>reporter: the when start howling even harder than we see in our morning to take a look at the water even seen the waves crashing against the sea wall trying to make sure sloven does not occur in this area of the have been moving obstacle san out of the women.
8:42 am
>>robin w: traffic is moving it is nice and smooth after limited direction coming from the north of the committee track pretty much gone to the sky way into
8:43 am
the lower deck of the drive times dropped after 33 minutes from 1192. >>darya: it had a really different feel last night is of the usual mudslinging and shouting there are actually calm. >>reporter: donald trump city cannot believe how civil it was
8:44 am
we clearly have the control all borders we cannot have people walking in the we lock our doors and i and our home and the country has to be able to lock in stores as well try to print the called for them muslims and 29 states if in a statement he made winston. >>: is long hate as did demand all 1.6 billion moslems? >>: i. mean a lot of of >>reporter: 10 crew of an offense if they were knocked out of the race after suffering losses in their home state to spend it to have attended was
8:45 am
been on the liberal democrats and funding the washington establishment is very hard to imagine how settlement is candid and will take on washington to remain the back of the republican party. >>gabe s: lead us to look you in that with the tagline on the inside that apple sent out to the press the have set the date for the next big media even.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
>>reporter: this is obviously very serious situation in the entire state is now an emergency declaration heavy rain, the sow is for a number that he is talking about things like this one in neighboring mississippi or models was restaurant after driving through flooded roadway and also declared a state of emergency as official warned of flash flooding and the. >>reporter: severe weather is set to continue to the weekend
8:49 am
perhaps the greatest force northern louisiana officials for the expanded an already massive evacuation or a response with a. >>darya: coming of we have more team covers continue to track the storm moved into the bay area now is come down hard in hayward in union city.
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there's something to be said for exploring the world around you.
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for seeking out the new; for trying the untried; for doing the undone. why should snacking be any different? discover all nine flavors of our creamy cheese and tap into your curiosity. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. >>james: we have moderate to heavy rains still falling across the good bit of the day primarily in the east bay in the south bank will begin the tour in the east bay and zoom in and show you would rescind the most intense showers will have a set of moderate to heavy rain falling just as to come down and all to my past and to the san ramon valley by in downtown san ramon stretching into areas like black called glycogen into danville whether they're
8:53 am
moderate to heavy rain. >>james: where track is a light rains across the portion that cool the richmond san rafael bridge out nepal know we have heavy rainfall and most of the north the bay looking at a relatively mild conditions. >>james: we're still looking at scattered showers and it will actually fire again ride around 3:00 this is a getting out of school will begin with that for
8:54 am
the evening commute it comes down during the overnight hours. >>james: we're part of the 10 car 7 track of all those watching the morning and also the forecast for the sierra. >>anny h: we're tracking the winds around 22 to 5 mi. our part to the east and the peninsula the one advice and
8:55 am
still continues now to 2:00 p.m. today and these areas is a gamble that includes part of the east bay including oakland also san jose area to the south bay and peninsula in san francisco this is of course including the north to the once again we've seen some really high rainfall amounts and include the coastline san francisco peninsula not san jose but also the bay shoreline in oakland and alameda. >>anny h: the winter storm warning is in affect the starch and noon today for the western
8:56 am
slopes the sierra nevada and the sea here and think that include the town maciver cisco and baxter the snow level still fairly high today if you're going to the sierra getting up there today should not be too treacherous it is to attempt to the still fairly mild at lick level today and tomorrow saturday's snow in breezy sunday expecting more snow and getting more back on sunday with a lot more treacherous definitely carry the change. >>anny h: saturday and sunday
8:57 am
room to roam free arriving around 2 will be saturday afternoon into sunday from 3 will be sunday and monday. >>robin w: even the tip they're telling their passengers to leave early for the trains and buses a live look heading into san francisco still creeping along and squeezing through the bay bridge toll plaza of.
8:58 am
>>robin w: for now is on to a good ride to 880 and over to the peninsula they're not too bad in some spots checkout was down 24 of with the team and a trip to lafayette and around and into oakland that is not that this is like the nimitz freeway heading south in the east bank to the south is still the the crowd and we're looking at high drive time 32 minutes past the different to 3237.
8:59 am
. >>: if they go as into other she
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is going to be on the show and is a thing where the axe about. why can't you can write why are
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you read and what is going on in your eyes are wide you're making all this money get it right she took this picture it when a viral does anyone with a morning and said i'm hoping that she inspires me to the.
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>>darya: we will be right back.
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>>mark: this is the in the system is adopted the industry they say let us look you and they're rumors that the smaller version of the iphone 6 will be announced is expected to be 4 in. in is a private tear on and is on to happen at 11:00 this morning hundreds of people past the casket of the past two days.
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>>mark: the next newscast at 5:00 this evening stay connected with facebook twitter our web site in our mobile application.
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