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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 22, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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and 170 people injured after a series of three explosions and the city's near the international airport and subway system is to see people running away from the explosions at the airport director of the airport overnight during the morning rush hour in brussels.
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>>will tran: they were there to pay for the of a way that is suffering from the first explosion and misled the nearby the second explosion took place at a starbucks at the airport
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maximal victims at that location thousands headed to school and worked on the bomb went off in the middle trained dozens of people injured at that location. >>: and this is a covenant at an attack on our values and on our open society the attack that
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happen in france his name in a solemn at the salaam he was arrested during a raid last friday they believe this is all the fine print of the hallmark will happen and friends he's fighting extradition back and friends. >>will tran: we're looking at the wire so far he has not made any public comments about this as soon as it happens
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>>jackie sissel: some of the mourners we did have a chance to talk to the manager so far they said they have not changed security measures here have fallen at the end of day from that we do notice is an increase the presence of past ftd it to see inside the terminal several uniformed officers on patrol inside on bicycles or around the terminal we saw least half a dozen police officers walking up and down the sidewalk making sure the the
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presence is notice >>jackie sissel: will want to end up in brussels but they're all connecting flights to the east
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coast metals import of the east coast if you have a flight to brussels it is not a direct flight you fly from sfo to the east coast and then many of those flights have already been canceled >>jackie sissel: no security changes yet had no alert status change we're hoping that within the next half hour will give an update from san francisco international airport spokesperson
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>>reporter: and certainly we stand with the people of belgium and one for the victims is a u.s. ally of over zero hundred and 80 yes who has stuck with us on today's decision by signature then we have seen before their terms and to plan a strike across europe been successfully done that and harassed and certainly the timing with the arrest of lost bomber is one that will be investigated.
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>>reporter: over into turkey down and to syria and iraq belgium has been on high alert for months now in this is the worst fear that has come true.
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>>: is an attack on the west and is an attack on one our allies and wish to view as an attack on our values. >>mark: does is raise fear in the u.s. given the san bernardino attack? what is the do for the cia and what to do on washington? >>reporter: there are intelligence community's and law-enforcement knows the and they don't even have to direct
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an organized attack and in the distance thickened inspire an attack success and we saw that in san bernardino the fear i think in the greatest threat that home is some loan actor who has access to household items that convict destruction in the could be inspired by this. >>darya: when something like this happens have the phone started ringing the recall
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another? concern about another >>: with posted on the account reps all information who may have them in brussels.
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>>darya: makes sure you have the mobile applications to the breaking news that will let you know about as soon as it happens back with more news with their in traffic.
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>>mark: 34 people killed over hundred and 70 people wounded two explosions and international airport and one at a metro station
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>>anny hong: and of the shower activity is light that is pretty
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much get ashore to shower stall will continue to sit shower to this morning and decide to shower continued to diminish and for most folks this morning should be a dry commute to
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concede highlighted in purple it is chilly outside for some spots and from the more 40 to 44 pleasanton jacket weather for kids this morning. >>anny hong: 7 is a back and land and over the weekend will stay in the '70s and is to summon the to the fantastic
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>>: thank you so much for the warm welcome that i have received it is an
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extraordinary, before i began please indulge me i want to comment on the terrorist attack the the second place the cost and friends of the american people are with the people of belgian the stand in solidarity with them will do what ever it takes to help our friends and allies belgian in this is another reminder we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against this terrorism we can and will. >>: to the government's and the people will want to thank you it
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is famous
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>>mark: it was a close call for the job of the size of the rock and the rock raised his right shoulder the costs of for front and center tree they said the tree math stop the car from and not in a nearby creek the rain is not all bad news to look at the tahoe area that a truck and
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hillary clinton are still the front runners here are the comic delegate counts donald trump and the republican this was extended seven it delicate. >>mark: the 1237 needed to win the gop nomination 1055 done is to look for grabs she stands 69 to 14 delegates.
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>>darya: that event was moved to a private home in chance to his actions said that her mom
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>>darya: hundred and 70 people were injured because of the situation for 10 people killed at the airport 20 in the metro station with these three attacks two of them at the airport when the match attention was what underneath the european
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headquarters he was arrested on friday and have been cooperating with authorities, >>mark: enormous teenager who was looking for a job made a big impression during his interview at a press restaurant he stop a robbery as was happening.
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>>darya: a six year old is taken away from her foster family to she held onto her foster dad as a dramatic scene unfolded and centocor return l.a. county department of family service is removed her who is partner in american it requires it to them
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for the reluctance in utah >>darya: the biological system is already living with that couple and another sister will good living downstream
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>>darya: we're showing you the latest video that we have from brussels belgium bracket the terror attack the airport people running from the terminal in least 34 people were killed and automated at the airport this morning and at a subway inside a subway system.
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>>will tran: president obama just made the remark using cuba this morning for he addressed the u.s. to relation the first thing he talked about was what happened in brussels the u.s. would do whatever is necessary to bring beldam attackers to justice the first explosion took
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place near the ticket counter that with this check in the way back is and pay for that is in the first bomb went off on misled the short distance from that location. >>will tran: it was so destructive one hour later at the sun with a third bomb when off it and see how gruesome that scene was as well also the higher the morning commute in this case people and to school to work the bomb off in the
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middle train and the relieving the platform people also running for their lives at last check 34 people killed 170 people injured sadly do expect that number to go up here is a passenger talking about the second explosion we have much more
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coming up in the clock >>mark: heightened security at lax and also in new york city.
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>>jackie sissel: we had word from the san francisco police department just minutes ago on they're actually increasing patrols around transit areas and specifically here at sfo and that the cap to some of those increased patrols increased presence because the inside the terminal to many uniformed officers on foot fly in and around the terminal here at san francisco international airport as far as the other airports with talk about some of them on higher alert status those include jfk north the guardia and also those on the east coast. >>jackie sissel: cash for many
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people travel unfortunately this is becoming all too common and for most of them they don't change what they do with our members when a fly on days like today >>jackie sissel: task force flight to brussels of sfo than a direct flight from sfo the record to brussels although signs are connecting flights most of them on the east coast
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that means to complete sfo good to the east coast in the trended there because no flights on gone into brussels to draw someone who travels to brussels to that. >>darya: the the system was put to use within hours of the debt explosion which happened at midnight our time in the morning this is the way for people to mark themselves to safe after a major disaster or a crisis.
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>>mark: macsharry down load the mobile application when it did bring in new loans is a free download for iphone and android devices. >>robin winston: the cruise is cleared activity off to the shoulder if you have to use the nimitz freeway this call on the northbound direction on the rack up to the scene and seven straight here is the advocate
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the san mateo bridge. >>anny hong: we are still tracking of the better shower activity will concede the shot was making its way inland over the next couple of hours in their tracks in charlotte out in the peninsula just south of san mateo protest of its 80.
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>>darya: their two bombs that were off in the international airport and a bomb that went off in the subway system. >>anny hong: alliance trying them plenty of sunshine model for the weekend especially
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eastern don't forget the ski report a clear tracking more snow of their who is a quick check of the last four hoursk.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>gary: their 30 cuban players currently playing in the major leagues here. >>darya: 0 when it took for them to get here danger of money leaving their families to come here a lot of people especially those in miami you have the baseball commissioner and a
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bunch of cuban rafters will be there celebrating. >>darya: there is one player that would be playing and he did and he left the country and was making $4 a month playing baseball in cuba. >>gary: can you imagine the adjustment? nonetheless the adjustments some of these guys would have to make >>darya: the warriors a good news we've bounced back in the first collapsed and that is the type of combination that would like. >>gary: if you watched the game last night it was a real struggle steph curry like a basketball player you don't have your blacks that is the first
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thing when you typed it seems to go and steph curry was really struggling the whole game minnesota of my have pulled the upset bug at the end of the game they pulled out and like this and we believe that they were trailing by 23. . >>darya: that collapsed and then never start off 20 points off and lose a game like they did that for us. >>gary: a number of people thought after saturday night maybe san antonio might be right there with the warriors. and now the warriors have before game lead and 11 left to play. >>darya: that move on and talks that's--stats. >>darya: the lakers are
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investigating two players for sexually harassing a couple of women. >>darya: not only that but the women of her laugh it is on the social minute one of them is the founder of this activism group that is fighting to stop sports sexual harassment and violence. she got a call from the team and then looking at. >>gary: where did this take place? >>darya: it was in hollywood, my excuse all the time is the young guys with money in the combination. >>darya: what about cal he was young and the assistant coach
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the young players are thinking twice you have the four star recruit same i take it back i don't want to go to cal and is uncertain we have this system calls out and then vested in the coach with a signal of the sexual-harassment? >>gary: sometimes on the store and starting to think like the head coach may not be long for, and could be if he wants to move on martin from the standpoint of when the recruit started pulling out some time to get a sniff and the guide and thinking and come to play for will be there. this system is fine but they play for the head coach. >>darya: and then the war to prevent a lot of these things if you get more women in the workplace you work with them the respect and to get to know them in the nfl is trying in a very small way they're thinking about imposing this room will have to
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look at one woman for the highest jobless executives from office. >>gary: if that is that the right direction then go ahead. >>darya: he the sports talk real dino he says women have no place in the world of legitimate sports talk radio no sexism simply fax and will prove me wrong if you can show me, shows when fema doing sports ready with ratings and is winning. >>gary:its probably arent any.
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>>darya: he said they're not good at greta women and men don't want to hear women on sports talk radio and. >>gary: everyone is entitled to their own opinion. >>gary: the audience they're striving for is that it is from 18 to 49 man to 14 to 25. >>darya: what is the one is good? >>gary: if you put a woman on know someone with talent sang with a man if you put him on for a full year and give him a chance people will adjust to him maybe if the nfl has a good
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woman at least looked at her in a different shot. >>gary: i would be curious to see how long he last. >>darya:ok see you gary.
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>> darya: the national park service has canceled six public meetings about their looking ways that you did the dog and a national park. . if you have got off leash your point why get on the meeting. they wanted designate places for docking. for off leash dog walking also the one that. they wanted to restrict docks in recreation years. the first inning tonight as six. it is a month here at an elementary school. will give you a chance to learn more about what is happening. if given a
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chance to get your comments. there five more meetings to be held over the next nine days. you look for the meetings on our web site at kron 4 dot com. >> mark: it into years since the four guys to the center. now after rebel out much rent the domestic. the niners want to pay 22 million for year while the city officials want to charge 24 and the. it's listed under the unwritten contract and negotiations over the accounts and the deadline is april 1st to change. there it will be addressed and of the session at 6 council. >> darya: we have more coverage about what is going on in brussels belgium. this after the terrorist attack the least 34 people dead. under 70 people are wounded the series explosions.
7:58 am
seven subway and also the report. >> mark: this happen to the airport overnight and also of the subway. people are being evacuated. we have new information and we'll give you let that stop the hour. we'll have more on the brussels carol carol attack after the break.
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>> darya: beers will know about the brussels belgium attack. of these 34 people are dead more than a hundred 70 are injured. there were three explosions that ripped through the airport and the subway system. a missionary from utah were among those were injured. it was also at the airport. >> mark: the subway station right underneath these
8:01 am
headquarters of three cities are calculated a tax. they were suicide attacks. we had decided past that the least one was in the airports is a case on. president, spoken in cuba last hour and a pledge that the u.s. will do whatever is necessary to find those who did this. >> darya: our team coverage continues. >> mark: we're getting the lace out of belgium as well is getting more information. we have reporters looking at the sfo who is fighting security also. trans >> reporter: the u.s. official is working with other officials believing that as a suitcase and italy least one day they did. it
8:02 am
was a suicide bomber mission. i can show you here this would resent the kron 4 news. moments after two explosions ripped through the airport at 8:00 this morning in brussels when thousand people were heading to the airport. they're looking to arrive for to leave. you could see the chaos people writing there still does in the air we know that people a first bomb happened here this account of. people were checking and this is having people across a loaf. people looking to pay for their luggage. the explosion happened and baggage flow everywhere. moments later of the second bomb had starbucks of the airport to bombs put together. these closures all powerful that they brought down part. to the ceiling in the part it was so gruesome that when the paramedics rushed to the scene bodies were everywhere in the committee even russia many people to vasco stevens said the lives.
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>> reporter: one hour later in the subway this bomb took place in the middle train. that train was leaving the platform when it exploded. many people. doubted that location people inconceivable who are pre and a jacket take up the jacket cover the bodies of. you concede this man's head wrapped in gauze. it is also grissom many people died at the scene within the past 45 minutes pres obama has been briefed on this. he took the podium he was a hit this morning here is his reaction. >> reporter: >>: the thoughts and prayers are with the in america are with those in belgium. we stand in solidarity with them and condemning the backs of these terrorists. we will do whatever is necessary for friends and allies in belgium. we will bring them to justice those
8:04 am
responsible. this is yet another reminder that the world must unite we must be together. this is regardless of nationality or race or faith. this is a fight against a surge of terrorism. we can and we will bring safety and severity to the world. >> reporter: president obama also went on to say the u.s. is ready to do whatever is necessary to bring the attackers to justice. here's a man who they believe is some way connected to the bombing. his aim it is not some of his law. he was arrested last friday in the belief he is connected to the attacks that took place in france last november when one of the 30 people were killed. somebody nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack. they were also fearful that another attack took place and
8:05 am
that is what happened in brussels belgium. americans were involved of the pasteur. this coming from from the church of jesus christ latticing a spokesman says three american missionaries were seriously injured in the attack at the brussels airport. much more on what happens committee very. but are good are >> darya: the french officials are saying that this is a another attack of war. people are reacting to these last. >> mark: there are of security in all airports in the name the and it's it's. >> jackie: i just got off the phone + five minutes off a spokesperson with the san francisco international airport. he said as of right now they have not changed their security status or their lawyers as your at sfo. they're talking
8:06 am
of law enforcement officials and with the same and that is a fluid situation. i can tell you that severed his the police department are increasing patrols in transit areas and here at sfo. here's evidence suggests that he could see video of that a citizen and ago piquancy dozens of sense as the uniformed police officers patrolling the sidewalks inside the terminal on foot their canine units and their uniformed officers on bikes and people inside the terminal. the status is not changed in the airport. others have had their status change ours is not. but for the jfk your washing the seed of all chains up their security status there. as far as passengers people that are traveling a are concerned i spoke with them if.
8:07 am
some say they are nervous but is going to continue on doing with it if. >>: i hope this is resolved and. i am very very poor surroundings. >>: i don't believe in different probably below more vigilance. this ec happen so regularly now. you find out easy this aisle of this bill more vigilance. with vigilance. >> jackie: or do the spokesperson there are no direct implications for flights leaving sfo in brussels. there are no direct flights to brussels from sfo. they all connect from the east coast. if you're traveling to brussels beginning as far as the york or washington and from there. that is where there. they're no
8:08 am
direct implications here at sfo has to fly to brussels. the latest information has not changed here as a follow the officials continue to work of the psa and law-enforcement and it is a fluid situation. go >> darya: we spoke with commuters to us who learned about this. >> mark: this is how they will affect their daily commute. >>: in the fees that more than nervous. i can be scared to do my daily life but and if he sat. >>: is and have and people should be of little lives and do what they wanted to and door they want to go. asian not have that fear of and that tory back to their destination or home that they. >> darya: bark commuters can
8:09 am
relate because they use both transportation. this man says this is not in western value of the attack on western values. >>: this could inspire other terrorists access to a ways to make bombs. >> mark: we let you know about this on our web site in yucca bowl run at week and find out more about the attack. stay with us as we bring in more video and information here live on the throne. >> darya: we also giving you update on weather and traffic. it's beautiful here of the golden gate bridge. it's kind of a standard side right now.
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>> robin: >> anny: we're looking at a slight drizzle here and there. the star tracker for for the most part says is been fairly quiet here. there are showers here at the peninsula these people. for iniki but slight chance for a drizzle. overall were pretty much done with it for the most locations. as the kids a good grade school this morning jurors are in the '40's and '50's. showers are starting to dwindle down. we'll have lots of sunshine today while partly to mostly sunny for today temperatures will be cool. they'll be below average in them low 60s by 3:00 p.m.. and will also be very easy and we do- family. you it will be jack whether for the kids and sweater weather for the adults. with
8:11 am
talk of the war meant that is coming this way. wilson talk about easter weekend. >> robin: all the major sponsor of the way. it is slow out there including the bay bridge road at 2 san francisco. 92 stopping traffic if you have to all lady of wonder what is so packed with a 25 minute trip. from the lady bridge to hear is slow in december fell keeping this sound track of my. of a complete. travel check become complete. >> mark: we have information about the brussels terror attack a least 34 were killed and as 37 injured. laugh more when the kron 4 news continues .; we'll have more when the kron 4 news continues.
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>> mark: here's a scene after the bomb went off in brussels. this is inside the airport police 14 were killed at the airport after two explosions 20 others were killed in damascus station in downtown brussels. we'll have more information when we come back.
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>> mark: we have continuing coverage of the terror attack. the death toll is at 34 with a hundredth 70 injured. two explosions at the airport and another had a subway station in downtown brussels. it is right under the youth european union headquarters. charlie into it the explosion at the mattress asian where the nato and
8:18 am
european union have their headquarters in downtown brussels. >> darya: nobody is claiming responsibility for the attack jet. europe has been bracing for an attack and warned the islamic state group would actively prepare for the. the the top suspect in the deer paris attack it just happens forays of the u.s.. fears that it would attack and when did happen officials say they have all the signatures of isis been the one who would attack. >> mark: was raises we do it and the attacker in the paris attack. >> darya: we also have information about weather and traffic. >> anny: we'll have a temperature is warming up the next few days. here's a look of the bay bridge approach and the
8:19 am
bay bridge toll plaza. we have sunny skies and it looks like we're right ounce of dry conditions already during the morning hours. we've been tracking a few scattered showers this morning earlier there the peninsula and we are still seeing some noise from the coast. that could bring a little drizzle here there. overall the wrinkles van adder half an inch in most locations except in north bay. where the death 77 bay the bottle in walnut creek allomorphs. oakland had to dance redwood city also designed a three tenths. this the advisory for high surf has been also extended. the beaches are still dangerous. you see how my verbal or ascii 50 to 20 ft. cells. be careful with the recurrence. >> anny: temperatures are cool
8:20 am
right now. we have for ease of pleasanton and livermore. 48 oakland and upper '40's and santa fe. the north bay wising for use of all it is deftly jacket whether as ready of the door. barye's bay books like this lot of fit '50s all across the board in oakland and fremont. you will generally in the '60s and fremont 64 walnut creek and 62 in livermore. and also mid-60s and read what. as sunny conditions. the rest of the bay area will will be a fairly cool day with low average temperatures. >> anny: bill below freezing in the afternoon. and in the house will make you feel all local out there and. wanted jack all day today. here's our. 7 day our we have showers coming to the and this morning. we're going to end
8:21 am
into a dry pattern. thursday friday we expecting '70s in the forecast. in the weekend it still looks pretty good odds for easter sunday. it will be dry and pleasant. >> robin: there's a lot slower traffic out there. there is here dearly hot spot at 8580 hotspot the drive times are very high. the benefit of crash and the mets and oakland that was blocking for about two hours 40 minutes. traffic is still recovering 53 minutes that's a very high drive time. once again be axa has been cleared. fighting was a gulf and its after people before people start hopping over there. in the normal from one went to south bay is a 46 minutes from sunday
8:22 am
fell getting to that area. >> robin: it looks slow on the san rafael bridge and the slow but it's not all that bad. forecaster to the toll plaza we have no problem abridge and no. they all either. the major crashes are gone and the heavy traffic still lingers. >> darya: we have a lingering bart's problem. there's a train now shuttling that will go from this survey 0.2 north conversation. that is only in the morning during the peak of the commute hours. it also is going on the evening commute hours. from 4 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and also in the evening is with no be doing that. if otherwise you had the best bridge. that section of track was shut down
8:23 am
next week afterward a mysterious malted spike in. demirel 50 cars in the investigative and tried to repair the cars. the sources like it's still a mystery in may because it is to minicars' ready onetime. and the system is of very old. the issues of border not limited i stayed. commuters upon the entire board system have been to me affected by this. art is still say it could take weeks before the trains are back and and. >> mark: a driver accused of crashing into two boys and fleeing the scene is in court today and. he made his first court appearance last friday and the skews the crashes into borders were walking the school with their grandmother will survive the crash of the younger boy was seriously hurt and have to have his sore leg amputated.
8:24 am
worse and not enter a plea in his court appearance. he will build to today. >> darya: the city will have mandatory evacuation orders for the support a complex. the building was shelled tack after they determined that was unsafe to levin because i lived on the cliffside. the other building was demolished last week said. for residents have been trying to save the place and to appeal the city's decision to kill faggots. the safety commission is set to vote. >> mark: will have the latest information about the terror attack for 34 which killed and at 70 in brussels belgium. their two bombs at the airport and one that the metric system. we will have more when we come back on kron 4 news.
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8:27 am
>> darya: we have never mission on the breaking news story about the brussels terror attack. the death toll is 34 with and a 70 that richard. we are watching to see if it does climb. the city of brussels is dealing with that. two bombs exploded at the
8:28 am
airport and one at the subway. three american missionaries from utah richard. we learned that at least for the bombs in the suitcase had the bomb. we'll have more when this continues. ♪ ♪
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discover every way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon.
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>> darya: we have more details about the brussels belgium terror attack. there were a series of explosion first there were two explosions at the international airport and also won at the subway system. three missionaries of utah were among them. >> mark: we see people running from the airport. you see the windows completely blown out in the airports this happening around 8:00 this morning and brussels. in the past half-hour when the two explosions had was a suitcase bomb. hundreds of passengers waiting to check-in when this happens. this also been a mattress asian three americans were injured off many others. >> darya: with reporters giving more details about what's going on. some airports have increased
8:31 am
security. >> tran: isis as your plan reported has claimed responsibility for the three bombs a one-off during the height of the morning commute in brussels. we saw about 70 bordure the latest number is valid lease won their 90 people injured and 34 dead. they do expect the numbers to go up. this video that into our system. is the kiss that in moments after two bombs went off at the brussels airport. this is just down isis has claimed responsibility for the three bombs. this is for the bomb went off the ticket counter and the. bomb went the and a few minutes
8:32 am
later near a starbucks of the airport this short distance from the first location and also what you could see the chaos you can hear screams in the background and the destiny of. explosions were so powerful that brought part of the ceiling down. paramedics rushed down many people died of the scene and were not ill the rushed to hospital. 1 after these two bombs went off another bomb at a subway station. when station people writing the school and work. that bomb when the train was pulling away from the platform when the this happened and. least 34 people were killed at least 190 were injured. belgian officials were fearful that attacks were imminent. that happens when thousands of people were out. we have some reaction coming in. it is
8:33 am
pouring in from the world. his reactions from the passengers of the report. >>: i saw the smoke. the shopkeeper was not as that was no problem. they said they were working here. it was very loud something fell on the ground. >>: i walked through massive of glass. windows and glass the syphilis' fallen down. we were evacuated. >> tran: here's a man to believe the center of all this. he was arrested last friday raid in process. last november it killed 100 people of the. the. isis has claimed responsibility for the
8:34 am
latest attack all. so just in even though is chaotic the tyrolese has been at a sizable belgium they have said four people is ok for them to leave their homes and businesses to walk around and they also believe that least one suitcase was detonated at the brussels airport they believe this is possibly connected. they have all the fingerprints of this being connected to what happened in france. the mark >> mark: officials in washington loss angeles are upping security in airports. >> jackie: i bet and a contact with people at sfo. officials say they and not change our security measures yet or they're alert status they do say they are currently working with law
8:35 am
enforcement and the gsa. is a fluid situation and they also say you will see much more of this. you for police officers and law enforcement agencies around iran's ever cisco the international airport. the san francisco place apartment say they will be increasing patrols also hear the sfo. this morning this is exactly what it's like it's the dozens of uniformed officers walking the sidewalk and also on bikes and inside the terminal i could see k-9 units also patrolling. i saw a homeland security k-9 units obviously they are increasing their presence. it is good news for passengers people. >>: george raveling want to see the presence here this morning. i spoke with many of them. many say that they're worried but they are not changing with the
8:36 am
due. >>: i'll deathly be more aware. we ought to have this type of security. >>: makes you nervous i see things and i know where the unsecured. give freshers me. >>: i'm looking around to make sure that the nc anything suspicious. i can do a thing about. >> tran: direct flights s are not affected to brussels they do have about eight to 10 flights that market going to brussels however. they are being connected to on these costs. if you're flying to brussels you go from here to discuss the connecting flights are currently shut down. those flights are not going anywhere. there is no direct effect. the status here
8:37 am
has not changed. be alert status is not change. officials at sfo are continuing to monitor the situation and work of law enforcement and it is a fluid situation. >> darya: as people are counted among the survivors face with his activated is safe check system in. as a great way so loved ones can know who is in the aftermath of the attack. it's an easy way to market selfless safe after major disaster our crisis. the lesson will know that you love that you are ok. the face took system is being used as morning. >> mark: if you have the kron 4 malacca confined more from asian on the map. we'll have more for asian on our breaking news here also.
8:38 am
>> darya: bring out what you to know about the weather right now. >> anny: the son is breaking out and you'll need your sunglasses . they're no issues for those arriving flights at sfo. we are single the fog this morning. that's pretty much right here. star tracker for says its fairly quiet. this could make it in once off the coast. things had been fairly quiet as far as the raiders concerned. expected to continue for the next hour. with the forecasted o'clock our showers have come to an end. we'll keep that chance. temperatures are felly chile. the cold air has subtle than if you want to grab a jacket when you get out. lsi temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s
8:39 am
cool and dry with party, the skies. we will see plenty of sunshine for the afternoon. it will be a little breezy so keep in mind so you want to keep the jackets and the. we expect things to warm-up over the next few days will without warm-up and also the star forecast coming later. >> robin: there no major hot spots right now. the ride into san francisco is not getting any better along the bay bridge. this added to all the heavy traffic and is backed up through the maze and florida and is from-40 minutes. it's that much better heading into san francisco. we have a minor crash wrapping up that on the shoulder is keeping traffic pretty slow heading in san jose. it is 32 minutes to get from the capitol expressway to long beach.
8:40 am
>> mark: former truck thereof forge has died. he was fighting cancer his family reported that he passed away. he was mayor from 2010 to 2014. he received notoriety of a with a video that showed him smoking marijuana. >> darya: it's been two years in the seventh is the man was shot by the police. the family demands that the city increases family research and police responsibility. the officers thought his taser gun was a regular. he was hit 10 times. civil-rights lawsuit was filed. jury ruled that they did not use excessive force. parents are now
8:41 am
asking for the board of supervisors to the complaints filed against officers available. the available >> mark: leff more from asian about breaking news of the terror attack. isis has claimed responsibly. least 34 dead and over and 70 injured. we will be right back ♪ ♪
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
8:44 am
>> mark: will continue news of the brussels terror attack. there were two explosions every through the airport and another at the mattress asian. three missionaries from utah are among those who were injured. ices claimed responsibility for the attack. we will continue if all the latest and be right back
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> mark: said information about the press attack. the death toll is 34 this happened after a series of explosions at the airport and the subway in brussels belgium. there confirming their suicide attacks. two explosions ripped through the airport. surely
8:47 am
after an explosion happened at the mattress asian. within 20 minutes isis has claimed responsibility. the act ever comes these top suspect in the terraced in paris a tax was arrested on friday. his arrest on heightened fears of an impending attack. >> darya: we have information about our weather and traffic today. >> anny: the weather is looking great and this discharge ideal scowl of scattered. they're coming to an end. islamists richmond center fell bridge. things are looking a lot brighter this morning starter for still tracking a little bit of oyster off the coast. for the most part we have dry conditions. you concede lettuce green and yellow. i see little shower to that might bring all
8:48 am
shower activity. we are pretty much done with the rain for now. we do have a high service advisory that is extended till tomorrow morning. watching for 15 to 20 minutes wells along the coast issue empurpled. he want to watch out for a erosion and for the state twice. jack weather today of the cold weather is in place. pursing law for these wherefore to livermore and 44 pleasanton and laboratories in oakland. we have 41 and said rosa also. but said the south bay high with temperatures generally in the low 60s all of this is below average. his jacket whether for a lot of folks velocities and milpitas. this also 61 in morgan hill long peninsula you have mostly sunny conditions. we have low '60's in downtown san francisco. in the hills make a
8:49 am
little dusty it will deftly fill cool for the afternoon. it deftly you need to bottle up because the temperatures will philharmonic in the '50s for some locations. here's a look at the forecast for seven days. >> anny: the warm-up for libyans on thursday and friday. the city under 20 a sunshine and the weekend also looks for the great. easter sunday will be dry for the eighth count. temperatures will be the low to mid 70's. obvious slight chance of rain in the bay area on monday. will keep an eye on. >> robin: the traffic is slow out there. it is a lot of heavy traffic coming at a hayward. he'll be stop and go traffic here. we have no problems on the bridge. they're the center fell bridge the back of a growing. it
8:50 am
is backing up to richmond parkway after the toll plaza and to the stand after that you'll get a break. it had used by the u.s. this morning there's nothing unusual going on as a still packed. here's a travel times they are quite high all along the bay area. are no major crashes this law leftover sloan. there were some fender benders and slowing because of stalled cars. with the usual channel from south 680 coming from south bay into 60. the ticks when mr. from concord to san ramon. this far is recovering from a couple of crashes. is not been blocked. the drive time for morgan hill's the downtown sao jose to settle at powell is 80 minutes for the full right. that is your commit to lady is not going to help either.
8:51 am
>> mark: revenue information about tolar standoff and the delhi police shooting in our last week. the deputies involved have been identified as tolerable than sean walsh. an 17 year-old veteran >> mark: johnson. the suspect is facing trial molestation charges that. teen foster child for reported that the ban on the listener. they tried to arrest him at the barricade himself. did he threw tear gas to force him out he got out through a back window and raised his gun toward the debbie's they fired and killed them. >> darya: police are issued when after a man tried to kidnap. a kidnap and happen early saturday morning at about 2:00 a.m. at this road near oakland avenue. woman says she was waiting for
8:52 am
a boss there when a man drove by several times asking her for sex. he got out a car and chased her and grabbed her she happened to be out of the time she was calling the police to tell them about this. she screamed and he ran away. police were not able find the man. >> mark: a high school student was arrested after they found out knife in his backpack. as reported with and knife. they later found the bloody knife in the backpack and they arrested he was later released to the spirits. >> darya: at least a man accused of killing a car salesman after crashing a test drive has surrendered to police. 20 year- old at center for me and said the surrender last friday. is now behind bars and officers say that aside and drugs when he went for a test drive and a corvette. he slammed a good trade in southern california.
8:53 am
the car wrecks of play was killed. the metro was declared a fugitive and was from john took off. >> darya: a man was stabbed in the domestic violence is to. as he has died from his injuries after rheostat early as month. the civilian from the incidence . please respond to report of the stabbing the suspects stamps' is straight-fernandez in the domestic violence incidents. he was shot and killed a police. the officer in love the place was based on paid administrative. bloat >> darya: another best ballplayer has asked to be released from his letter to and from the california best quality in a. and assistant coach was fired after he was accused of violating the sexual-harassment
8:54 am
policy. out the city is reviewing that coach. handling the situation he had been contacted by the woman who accused him the assistant coach addressable class harassment. the seven months before at accusations of police the. raises questions on his that and raises questions about his future at berkeley. >>: this situation is under review. in and you read you knees began. it needs to take the quicker than the original allegations to place. >> darya: the vast lady committed because of the uncertainty of cal's program.
8:55 am
there's a chance and other recruits may follow suit. >> mark: we have continuing coverage of the breaking story of the terrorist attacks in brussels. will have more and we come back.
8:56 am
right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. >> mark: year following the latest at a brussels. two bombs went off the airport and one at the madrid station. over 30 have
8:57 am
been killed. over hundred 70 injured as a series of explosions. it would through the area. the 7 8:00 in the morning . three missionaries from utah were injured. isis has claimed responsibility just a short time ago. the explosions were not targetting also much they were targeting the european union and also united states. this happened at the mattress asian and also applies to the airport. the metro station is right underneath the european and nato headquarters. we'll have more from asian about what is happening around the world because of
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
9:00 am
>>darya: they're talking about the terror as bombs went off in this crisis attack a cornet attack on the airport to the explosion and then in the subway system 34 people are dead 170 people are injured in this attack that happened at 8:00 a.m. brussel time and international airport three missionaries from you trout are among those who are injured. the attack. >>darya:we have just learned within the past hour that at least one bomb was a suitcase bomb. >>darya:here is video inside the international airport in brussels just moments after the
9:01 am
explosion during the rush hour this morning. about an hour after a third explosion hit a nearby subway station. good morning, it's 9 o'clock. >>darya:we have full team coverage of the brussels terror attack this morning. will tran is following the developments from the breaking >>darya:jackie sissel is live at s-f-o monitoring the response there. let's first check in with will tran for the latest on what happened. >>will tran: the islamic state highnesses has claimed responsibility for the three bombs the one of this morning according to reports of build of the extremists opened fire in the airport and some of them that they did suicide belts with talk about the number of dead 34 now we're learning that at least 190 people injured. >>will tran: the chaos that happens moments after the first two bombs went off at the airport and a clock in the morning belgium turned thousands of people at the airport door would be all but the airport check-in move around the first
9:02 am
bomb went off in you concede people running for their lives after the bombs exploded people to in the luggage. >>will tran: that cause people to scramble that killed many people instantly moments after that a second bomb went off at a starbucks also at the airport the explosion so powerful it brought down part of a ceiling paramedical rushed to the scene that took those in the to the hospital some that cannot be saved and they died at the airport ices has claimed responsibility they believe one hour after the two bombs went off. >>will tran: people coming and going this is a local subway to you don't have the international traveler urgency of the airport these people were headed to school and to work.
9:03 am
attacks >>will tran: nato also reacting to this here is the secretary general talking about. the about >>: we all stand together with our allies to belgium on this dark today this is a bad attack on our values and our open society terrorism will not defeat democracy and take away our freedom. >>will tran: here is the man they believe that the center of all them he was arrested last friday after his arrest the he
9:04 am
is connected to the attack that took place in france last november killing 130 people he is fighting extradition president obama has also reacted to this he was briefed shortly after the bombs at around midnight and then about 90 minutes and cute but he took to the podium before he talked about the u.s. cuban relations he addressed the same the u.s. and belgium and the u.s. is willing to do what ever it takes to bring the attackers to justice. and work. shutdown. thanks will. reaction from passengers there.
9:05 am
>>jackie sissel: they're working closely with t.s. say that and law enforcement that is a fluent situation but you will see is best pick and an increase of presence as far as law enforcement goes just this one was saw dozens of uniforms san francisco police officers walking the sidewalk out in front of the terminal you also see canine units going around the apartment home and security you can also see uniformed san francisco police officers. >>jackie sissel: that is all a great relief for passengers minute and said it did not hear about the attack to the got to the airport early this morning but they are happy to see the increase in presence as far as kron 4 struggles we had a chance to talk to many of those
9:06 am
travelers they did not even know about the attack seldom are nervous and some of them say they will not change what they do and is just the times 11. >>jackie sissel: that is what asking to do be more vigilant to sentence the police a department said that will be increasing control not only here but a lot of different public transportation spots and that action to be vigilant if you see something say something.
9:07 am
>>darya:thanks, jackie. >>darya: brussels. >>darya:he represents the east bay and is a member of the house c-i-a subcommittee and intelligence committee. >>darya:he says this is an attack on western values. and should be a wake up call. >>darya:and facebook activated its "safety check" system to help people check on friends and loved ones in the aftermath of the attacks in brussels. >>darya:the safety check is an easy way for people to mark themselves as "safe" after a major disaster or crisis so that people searching for them will know they are o-k.
9:08 am
>>darya:and we sent a push alert at 3:19 this morning. telling you that dozens of people had been killed in the attack in brussels. >>darya:make sure you download the kron four mobile app so you can get breaking news alerts anytime and anywhere. >>darya:it's free for iphone and android. >>anny hong: organize looking for cash as milliken a drier conditions to the judge will be on the cool side storm trackers shot was quiet right now we did track of the showers early this morning is will this got out for the peninsula and parts of the south that the things quieted down we're pretty much down with the short passes we might see the sparkle but they're clearing out. >>anny hong: overall we think it will be tried by lunchtime
9:09 am
cool and dry partly to mostly sunny to the judge will remain in the low to mid 60s today i was a jacket with a for a lot of folks on this to stand. >>robin winston: heading into san francisco had a spa on the upper deck that is clear the heavy traffic still stretches through the maze on to 580 in the gym for 24 it will be a 25 minute trip from downtown oakland to the sky when the bricks of the nimitz freeway with a bottle with the fatal crash early this morning traffic never recovered now on the one at best blocking the to the flames of the drive times for 1 minutes.
9:10 am
>>darya:and stay tuned to kron four. we'll have continuing breaking news coverage of the brussels terror attack throughout the morning. the gillette mach 3 turbo still feels better after 10 shaves than a disposable on it's first. mach 3 blades have twice the coatings. for a closer shave with zero redness. get an incredible experience shave after shave after shave. gillette. the best a man can get.
9:11 am
>>darya:the f-b-i may no longer need apple's help hacking into the iphone used by one of the san bernardino attackers. >>darya:a court hearing was
9:12 am
scheduled for today in the case, but it has been postponed. >>darya:the f-b-i said yesterday that an outside party came forward with a way to hack into the phone. >>darya:the f-b-i originally wanted apple to create a special software that would let it bypass the phone's security protocols. >>darya:apple has been fighting that order. saying it would create a "backdoor" that could potentially allow hackers to break into similar i-phones. >>darya:coming up. >>darya:we have continuing breaking news coverage of the brussels terror attacks. >>darya:at least 34 people are dead and 170 injured after a series of explosions ripped through the city's international airport and subway system. >>darya:we'll be back with the latest after the break. latest after the break. your body is a finely tuned instrument. diarrhea can throw it out of rhythm. imodium multi symptom relief combines two powerful ingredients to relieve diarrhea faster and ease gas, cramps and bloating. restore rhythm with imodium. and ease gas, cramps and bloating. aren't moving in the right direction,bers it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar?
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9:15 am
>>darya:we have continuing breaking news coverage of the brussels terror attack. here is what we know right now. >>darya:our media partners at c- n-n report at least 34 people were killed in a series of explosions at the brussels international airport and in its subway system. >>darya:authorities confirm it was a suicide attack. >>darya:two explosions ripped through the brussels airport during the peak of the morning rush. >>darya:shortly after. an explosion was reported at a city metro station. no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks yet. >>darya:but european security officials have been bracing for a major attack for weeks and warned the islamic state group was actively preparing.
9:16 am
>>robin winston: is still busy for those of the views the richmond san rafael bridge 5 in with the traffic is creeping along approached the toll plaza of the incidents on the bridge is taking a long time for the commit track to thin out after that it will pick up about 10 minutes and take it out to 1 01 another trouble spot for the east bay 5 in the west to bomb and park streets cranston and the far left lane is already a tough ride because everyone was talking over to 580 to avoid the backup on the nimitz freeway we have this new crash and is just not how it is still back and of san leandro 35 minutes of castro valley and. >>robin winston: northbound avenue that is a downtown oakland to left friends blocked traffic never recover from the fatality that we had early this morning in west oakland the drive times is very high 41
9:17 am
minutes. >>robin winston: about a 45 minute trip from santa to milpitas >>anny hong: satellite radar picture showing a swim have moisture to the north will not worry about that report to see more sunshine the show was a pretty much over with corantos the last was for our is the highest amount in the north as expected. >>anny hong: oakland got to run too tense and union city packed up for 100 in redwood city picked up just under three tense
9:18 am
in the past 24 hours. >>anny hong: this affects the entire coastline here will have to watch out for for commerce more erosion and those of the airwaves temperature is right now, and the fourth is a little chilly for thestill live more try to get out of the '40's were not 49 degrees. >>anny hong: will see a lot of low to mid '50's all across the bay area including 62 in the more 63 and opened in 63 if you're in sunnyvale, and san jose.
9:19 am
>>anny hong: that might limit down a little bit the fog to be a little bit heading & the 7 day around the bay forecast shamus loss of sunshine for the middle of the week into your friday the '70s are back for thursday and friday.. >>mark: watching today's winners and losers focusing on the brussels terror attack. >>rob black: the shock in all of this terrorist attack was not very impressive as far as the ability to hit the stock market's germany at one point in time,daqs stock market broke even they fought back the same
9:20 am
type of concept the plan of attack was in belgium's main airport. >>rob black: which is an attack on international countries you might in american or european or asian you're getting different types of nationalities and you're also brussels this consider the captain of the european union. you are attacking the big city which is a wonderful city by the white. >>rob black: it is the top story of the day but in relation not be the top story in with lower 2% but fought back up, they had a huge one may be is a little bit more profit-taking and a little bit more reaction but the stock market is a pretty good with people straping bombs to themselves as a different active stocks all the time it will not happen in the european
9:21 am
union has opened borders essentially. >>rob black: 400 million should have been able to travel from city to city without even a passport or visa being checked there's fears that they like it a little more but so far have not done that. >>mark: the airlines that have been hit is delta and united, an american seems to be the three u.s. air carriers that have been down but to percent. >>rob black: they're fighting their way back to speak but it is the flights to have the international spots like delta, why and not so much use united continental day ahead of the more not so much.
9:22 am
>>rob black: this is the story of our great to the silicon valley technology is in my opinion after 911 people communicated not within cell phone call with the blackberries it was a big story the black bears actually worked in the calamity of 911 twitter did well during paris attack people of the houses to come visit us. >>rob black: they're even #open house if you're stuck in brussels there is a family that will take you when if you need arise out of the country there someone that is willing to give you a ride and they're all using twitter to help each other. >>mark: the belgian government open up a web site with the can upload of the ills of today to help the government possibly
9:23 am
identify any suspects. >>rob black: your very correct if you have a question posted on our facebook page.
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>darya: with more primaries and caucuses today is being dubbed western tuesday, the democratic de henry clinton in bernie sanders are fighting for votes in arizona you, talk in, i'd home. donald trump and hillary clinton are hoping to strengthen the leads and evidence. >>darya: this take a look at the lead delegate count count, he
9:26 am
is 265 against texas senator ted crews and more than 500 against john k. sec--kasik. >>darya: 2383 delegates are needed to win the democratic nomination and to 100 are still up for grabs henry's daughter chelsea is in the bay area campaigning for her mother she was such a second passage of a controversial startup month it was slow to a private home in stand her mother and would make a better president than her father bed because hillary has had time in both the senate and
9:27 am
the state department. >>darya:hillary will be in the bay area tomorrow. >>darya:coming up. >>darya:we have continuing breaking news coverage of the brussels terror attacks. >>darya: a third bomb was deactivated at the brussels airport as well after the two bombs went off 34 people in total are dead. >>darya: here is a live look at the golden gate bridge where the but news is the sun is out most of the bay area getting a nice warm temperatures for the rest of the week.
9:28 am
9:29 am
♪ ♪ discover every way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon.
9:30 am
>>darya:president obama speaking out this morning. about the deadly brussels terror attacks. >>darya:he's on a historic trip to cuba right now, but spoke less than an hour ago. and addressed the situation in belgium. >>darya:here is video and puictures moments after two exosions ripped through the international airport in brussels during rush hour this morning. >>darya:shortly after. a third explosion hit a nearby subway station. >>darya:authorities say these were calculated terrorist attacks. and that they were suicide attacks. >>darya:at least 34 people were
9:31 am
killed and more than 170 others are injured. including three missionaries from utah. >>darya:we have full team coverage of the brussels terror attack this morning. will tran is following the developments from the breaking news desk. jackie sissel is live at s-f-o monitoring the response there. let's first check in with will tran for the latest on what happened. >>will tran: more americans have been involved in the attack this is according to the associated press the u.s. military says, when american servicemen and his family or injured during the brussels attack in the name is not being released. >>will tran: they're keeping that information close to them for privacy concerns we have learned of the past 15 minutes as the last time you saw us the officials in belgium that went
9:32 am
through the airport, and detonated a third bomb at the airport. >>will tran: 2 of them wrapped for the airport much of the video favorite to through the airport at the clock in the morning brussels time. >>will tran: the first bomb exploded near the ticket counter you can see people running for the alliance is a very chaotic scene, exploded near the ticket counter they were checking in their baggage that exploded in a short distance from that location moments later a second bomb at a starbucks also at the airport that brought down part of the ceiling. >>will tran: they rushed to the scene unfortunately because of the nature of the bomb and isis has claimed responsibility they use a suicide belts explosive belts to dedicate themselves at the airport there many people
9:33 am
cannot be rushed to the hospital to save their lives one hour after this a third bomb went off. >>will tran: this is that the subway and train had just left the platform one of the middle train exploded at least 10 people died at the subway station the numbers continue to change. >>will tran: the world community is reacting russian prime minister is also calling this an act of cowardice natal chiming in hear the secretary general talking about what happened. >>: the priority at this moment is the safety and security and support for the victims, otherwise there is an investigation on going and hopefully with this investigation which can create clarity, we have no information on that. >>will tran: that was the prime minister you heard talking about this man, he was arrested last
9:34 am
friday in brussels during the raid he has not denied his connection to the attack that took place in france back in november were 130 people were killed they don't know yet if these attacks were in retaliation. >>will tran: they were fearful days after his arrest that another attack what happened and sure enough it did happen this morning, might turn the situation once again over the past hour we learned a crisis claimed responsibility, and now we're also hearing that u.s. military member and that members family were injured during. during. last november.
9:35 am
>>terisa estacio: here in the east bay certainly people are buried under about the terror attacks so far away, but yet at the same time they say they are unsettled about what has happened, spoke to a lot of commuters and they certainly are taken back with the news coming out of brussels. >>terisa estacio: it is indeed far away but with enough to the fact that there has been another terrorist attack that are checking and double checking as he walked to work getting on to the trained, getting onto the train they say they are having eyes in the back of their heads, and looking around.
9:36 am
>>terisa estacio: listen and to what people has to say as that are going to work this morning. >>terisa estacio: as to get on to public transportation on this date did you look twice or look around? >>: that is something that i do every day and, i always i am always conscious of what is going on. >>: i always try to be aware of my surroundings at all times but even more so on a day like this one, you never know what could happen in the risk that you take of life, and you cannot talk-- stop it. >>terisa estacio: you can see
9:37 am
the police vehicle there is increased security which talk to a spokesperson and they say they're certainly beefing up security and also trying to put the message out to those people here to pay extra attention to their surroundings on this day. >>darya:and we sent a push alert at 3:19 this morning. telling you that at least 23 people had been killed in the attack in brussels. >>darya:make sure you download the kron four mobile app so you can get breaking news alerts anytime and anywhere. >>darya:it's free for iphone and android. >>anny hong: we're on the can and partly to mostly sunny conditions we're at the beginning stages of the drying trend for the next hill was
9:38 am
alive with the san mateo bridge partly cloudy skies the storm track has been fairly quiet over the last hour and half or so. >>anny hong: primarily in the south bay and peninsula will continue for the afternoon cool and dry by 3:00 p.m. partly to mostly sunny conditions, when we come back will take a look at your easter weekend forecast as well have your ski report and the time now is 938. >>robin winston: if you plan on using the bay bridge is still slow coming out of hayward from 800, the over 2101, it will be
9:39 am
under the man that no problems on the bridge and a major trouble spot for the peninsula but the drive times holding at 25 minutes to get from hayward over to san mateo. >>robin winston: 9 a to hot spots for the south bay 237 west that is a slow start will be off and on from 880 all the way over from 101 and 17 minute trip from milpitas to sunnyvale. >>darya:and stay tuned to kron four. we'll have continuing breaking news coverage of the brussels terror attack throughout the morning. forecast. >>darya: we will continue with the very latest video coming into the news room and just a few minutes.
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
>>darya: there are 170 people injured including some americans after the city's airport was struck and a subway system isi'' claimed responsibility and new details are coming up after the break.
9:43 am
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>>darya: the in this islamic state suffices time in the attack several of them that netted suicide belts as far over and the metro station that was attacked as they say another suicide attacker designated and the stumbling. >>reporter: a major european capital is on lockdown all flights cancel some ways bus and train service canceled and heard from the prime minister assure while ago who call this the state dark day for his country we were fearing terrorist attacks and it has now happened here is what we do know so far there are three explosions one at a subway station. and to at the airport >>reporter: 3:00 a.m. eastern time in the u.s. two explosions
9:47 am
at the departure lounge of the airport about an hour after the airport and explosion at the subway station a number of european union institutions are based, take a listen to airport passenger who was there when the events unfolding. >>: 70 at about two to 300 people went rushing away from the security checkpoint toward the gate and on the signal when the what was going on. >>reporter: the threat level has raised to for the highest level authorities are concerned it tax may not be over there asked about a possible connection with the capture of their parents terror attacks suspect who they have been seeking since november off authorities on not making any connections there get meanwhile here in the u.s. and the
9:48 am
security officials are on alert for any potential copycat attacks. >>reporter: it is like new york and washington there is increased police presence around airports--in force--airforce. >>anny hong: family quiet conditions which track the couple of writers of scattered rain or opt for the peninsula and the sock and right now it is drive across the bay area of abortion off the coast there is a slight chance for maybe a sprinkel but it is maybe. >>anny hong: it is showing us will have dry conditions not
9:49 am
just today but for the next few days and get ready temperatures from corn to be warming up to my category by six advisory remains in effect now for the coast and this continues until tomorrow, we're watching for 15 to 20 ft. swells and concern have a bigger firms erosion and sneaker waves between now and tomorrow morning. >>anny hong: temperatures are still " we're seeing some 46: 40 for pleasant and, in the mark rather jacket or sweater, were trapped in the fall toward center of the fifties for oakland san francisco low fifties and san jose high for today a lot of low to mid '50's many communities will be below average today it will be a little breezy as well and and i it is going to be a cool afternoon but we will see are the to most sunny skies all across the bay area. >>anny hong: the gradual climb
9:50 am
up and temperatures continued for thursday and friday will receive more 7 is across the bay area and easter weekend and looks really nice on saturday mild to one conditions on sunday for eastern in the contest for that easter egg hunt for the easter brunch. >>anny hong: tim was a quick check of your ski report. >>robin winston: twice bombed a still backed up no turned in and out early in the line clock hour when not getting the lecture today the back stretches through the maze five in the jan from the 24 splint about two to five minute ride from the maze and to downtown san francisco thinking
9:51 am
of the fast-track plan will save just a lot of time in just a slight improvement 101 across the golden gate a smooth ride all morning 15 minutes from south 11 to santa fell to san francisco agreed to return to the richmond san rafael bridge a slight improvement of fact here approach in the toll plaza. >>robin winston: is sure to talk to castro but it will pick up on the bridge about a 10 minute drive from the pick it up to 11 for checking the travel time someone getting better some of quite so it is at the limits that is a nice improvement only 15 minutes leaving dublin headed into fremont and saw no--sonul. >>robin winston: it is slow and stretches living san jose 4101 out 85 to cupertino the drive times just under 30 minutes improving but still quite heavy
9:52 am
in the northbound direction. >>darya: the tall men's basketball team is having follow-ups from the sexual- harassment scandal a prize commit to tyson jolly, he violated the university's sexual harassment policy the school is reviewing how the head coach handle the situation to show he was contacted by the women with this accusation months before there was anything reported to his superiors.
9:53 am
>>darya:tyson jolly said he de- comitted because of the program's uncertainty. and there's a chance other recruits may follow suit. >>darya: will continue with an annuity to us will learn in the attack that happened this morning in brussels belgium the new film at the latest in a showman as right after the subway system was attacked the also to suicide bomber detonated at the airport a total of 34 people at least are dead and now the new injury count as of 290 isis' claiming responsibility
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>darya: the latest information we have on the attack in brussels belgium with a covering the story all morning long isis is claiming responsibility for the attack 34 people were killed and hundred and 90 injured. >>darya: 21 off at the airport and then there was another explosion that when off at a subway system three missionaries from the top are among those injured so there are americans as well an american service member and his amateur were wounded the explosion when was it the american airlines, there was the explosion that was in the city metro system. >>darya: today's attack comes after the top suspect in the paris attack was arrested in
9:57 am
brussels before days ago has the rest had heightened fears of an attack and retribution people are still being treated for their wounds this the store will continue to cover online stick connected with facebook and with twitter. >>darya: we will give you any portion of birds that to me to know about this story sure that after this happened we sent the story at 319 a m stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am..
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