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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 23, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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sold and posted on gawker for millions to see. >> first call was to brooke. you know, and daddy's little girl. she goes dad, i love you. you made a huge mist do what's right. then nick was really cool. so o got ttose people behind me, you know -- i'm sorry. i'm just tired. >> fine, don't worry. >> i'm sorry, guys. oh, boy. very embarrassing. okay. once again, made a fool of yourself. >> five days after his emotional win in court sought to rehab his image. he wants to get back to this. wrestling hero. the guy who appeared in rocky and cheerios commercials. dad whose kids looked up to him. >> my son and daughter right now, when i give them something like this, they run around the neighborhood. look at my ddd. look at my dad. >> there's a lot of celebrities w tapes released.
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kim kardashian, colin farrell, no one got the money you got. why do you think you got such a big payout? >> a lot of the people you were talking about were part ofit. a lot of those people used it as a vehicle to become more famous, become richer. in my cas didn't know i was being filmed. it wasn't about the money with me. it was doing what was right and making sure that what happened to me didn't happen someone else. >> just give me a couple words to describe where you are today in your life. >> centered. ver forgiving. i have -- there's none of that in me at all. >> the case is going into appeals and hogan doesn't know what he will do with the money he receives. and as for what's next -- >> will you doing reality tv again? >> i don't think so any time in the near future. because hogan does not know best. >> and a lesson learned. while we are joined in new york and jennifer you have been
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following teresa giudice her husband, joe, who went to prison today. happened during the last few moments of freedom? >> here is what we nancy. close family and friends got to their home around 7:30 this morning. close family and friends and about 10:30 a.m., joe and teresa left the home without daughters who were inside holding hands and gave each other a really long hug before they got in the back seat of their lawyer's car to make the hour and half journey to the fort decks correctional facility. joe checked in for his 41-month prsentence. >> thank you, jennife now, did a security scare cause how close justin bieber will get to fans? the biebs is canceling his meet and greetes with his fans. and in this instagram post to 62.6 million follower he says, quote, i meeting such incredible people but i end up feeling so and filled with so much of other people's
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spiritual energy that i end up so drained and unhappy. >> thank one nice to meet pup. >> connecting one on one with fan says part of what made justin a super star but shut down really due to a security breach in report claims a fan on the watch list got too close staples center concert monday night and that his securit team is behind canceling the fan's time where sh pay up to $2,000 to meet justin. >> "e.t." reaching out it bieber's reps who had comment by our deadline. justin looks carefree stepping out at starbucks yesterday but said of the fan encounter, quote, i always leave feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression. when we spoke to justin in november, he hinted he was going through a lot inside. >> an emotional time in my life for sure. having a lot of cries lately. just all around being emotional i think that it just shows much i care. >> in other music news, adele message for the people of brussels. ♪ ♪ ♪
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last night at her show in london's arena, the singer asked the crowd to wave their phone lights and dedicated a song following the horrifii b >> and it doesn't get too much better than having adele be the one to unite you. although mariah carey is not bad, scheduled to perform in brussels on sunday which happens to beeher 46th birthday. but some are wondering if the concert will be cancclled. we spoke to mariah's peoole. they told us she wants the show to go and doesn't want to disappoint her fans. mariah is waiting from the government of brussels. mean while her ex nick cannon released a blistering new song that many are wondering is it all about maria >> baby, don't cry, i won't lie, our relationship was a lie but some die ♪ oh, well ♪ >> got to let lyrics speak
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for themselves, right? ♪ do you remember that nigh neither one of us were that bright ♪ ♪ sleeping together didn't feel right ♪ . >> the internet is blowing up with ever calling this mariah. everybody except nick. >> did you and mariah sit down when you decided to part ways and a conscious decision to say okay we're not going to be tobl but still make this family thing work. >> at the end day that's one of the most amazing people i've in my life and still rooted in love and will always be rooted in love. >> that's what nick said last month. an earlier this morning denying the song is about her ex. quote, i love and respect mariah and will never anything negative about mariah. we speak everyday. and that's what l all about, he is set out to do something we did and we are still on the journey together.
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even when they turn we will still be their parents. >> as it should be. kids always coming first. >> okay. so if the song is not about mariah, who is it about? he dated a lot of girls. kim kardashian, and nicole zinger. >> we spoke with trisha yearwood today about her emotional performance. she had her audience in tears including the love of her life ♪ if i could tell the world just one thing ♪ >> usually when i do something on me don't drag garth brooks with me. oh, here is husband. i don't drag him there. if i say i need through i need him there. it was incredibly tough. >> trisha felt serious pressure playing mary the another of jesus while some of the show was pretaped she today sing her five song >> it was powerful. like we are al this together
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and when it hit live tv everybody cheered and it was like okay we're in it. >> garth was overcome by the emotion of it all. >> he cried during the whole thing. he said i'm really proud of you. he loved it. ♪ i will get down on my knees and i will pray ♪ >> it's so many things brings to the table for me. there is definitely a support and calming. there is also a -- keep watching. i want to impress him. even after ten years, want to impress the guy. it makes me up my g when he is in the room. i want to impress him. i'm flirting with him. >> very cute. trisha said the passion will be watch had over and over and felt the pressurr to hit every note and trisha you did it. >> selena gomez gonewild. and sexx string bikini get away with her husband.
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>> onset with ice cube. the who is the a-list diva bring together barbershop? >> amy adams reveals her daughter's crush. >> touched his booty when he wasn't looking. >> stick around. we'll be right back. >> closed captioning rovided by --
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tomorrow on "e.t." before big fat greek wedding 2, a throw
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barbershop hits theaters april. third film in this franchise. ice cube and cedric the enterer is back. we talk to the cas reuniting a full decade later. >> do you still pinch yourself and say, i mean, who are we kidding. look at you. >> yeah. >> what can't you do? >> a few things, you know. but the things that i can do, i do pretty well. and it's got me this far and i feel blessed. here is ice cube. sure he started ought as a rapper but he is a major hollywood player now. producing and starring in the third barbershop movie and turns out he is not bad boss to work for. >> what is he like as the boss around here? >> he still hat a gang sta in him but he is a cool dude. smart guy. he definitely wants the best out of everybody.but he is a cool d. smart guy. he definitely wants the best out
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of everybody. >> you don't just show up and get a gift. >> seems cube got a knack for climbing the best franchises pb he co-starred in both jerusalem. 21 movies and ride along movies he starred in a produced those run in more than $275 million. they also launch kevin hart into mega ssardom. you know, he could be doing same thing for nicky any math with the newest barbershop. >> with this booty -- it is liko working out with a black and that is nothing can you >> why you got it take it there? >> where does nicki minaj feet in this? >> we wanted some unisex i this. we are barbershop and beauty shop. >> i looked up to him my whole life so when they came along, what, of course i would, you know. >> this is nicky's first acting.
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but she is cameron diaz's assistant in the other woman. and to star in a comedy loosely based on her life. >> and women getting hair transplants. secrets from a beverly hills plastic surgeon to the stars. >> you're geeting more than 5,000 hairs moved. >> plus wonder woman's secret past. gal gadot reveals the dangerous job she worked before bec superhero. >> you're ready for combat. >> and late
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right now stars on spring bake. jessica alba putting us to shame in her string bikini. dress shirt cover-up while paddleboarding in the hawaiian surf. hubby busy baby shutting their and jessica's blue homage. and is life imitating art for selena gomez? that's our at fort worth
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texas bar celebrating her cousin's engagement. partying hard just like a scene from her wild movie spring breakers. dancing on the bar to doing shots to tequila all in honor of the soon to be bride, letter cousin. on saturday, selena helped her cousin's man pop the question. instagraming this shot with hubby mark con sway losses and hashtaging "baywatch." wherever kelly is now, we are and now to late night legend just chilling in the caribbean. that's letterman out for a sweaty morning jog on the island of saintbarts. and we just love dave's laid back look growing out the beard. 68-year-old clearly enjoying his 11th month of retirement. not out of sight as he joked he would be. >> i doubt that anybody will ever see me again. >> feeling we migh seeing you coming down our chimneys as
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well. because look at this. if you add a cap, and red suit, dave, you look just santa claus. ben affleck is shaven. batman versus superman is jam packed with women. gal dote tells kevin trayser her daughter add checky obsession with the superhero. >> she loved staring at superman. >> she met him when she was a year and a half. she hates i tell this story. she touched his booty when hee wasn't looking and he turned around end your daughter? yes. you train her to >> mom sorry but not sorry to do that and daughter wants to flow what is up with superman ae girlfriend. >> how does that go? >> she just started ask questions. >> what work did you do with henry? >> he is superman.
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>> who are you with him? >> i'm his girlfriend. >> she was juss not impressed. >> and also returning to the sequel, diane lane aa superman's adoptive mom, martha kent. but new power women too. >> today is day for trust. >> holly hunter playing a senator demanding answers when superman is framed for murder by lex luther. you know the oldest in america senator -- >> she was using lots of different ways of gettinggthe truth if him. >> mm-hm. >> and in ways that only women know. >> ah, there you good. >> she withyou? >> another new face, gal gadot as wonder a real live israeli soldier. >> you were in the army. >> i was. >> so this wonder woman thing, you're ready for it. you're ready for combat. >> ever since i became an
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actress, i wanted it stronger side of women. >> gal ga cot's daughter, alma, will see her mom's warrior side but her costume is sexy. more than lynda carter's '70s vision. and some haters didn't think she could fill it out. >> is there a fan obsession? >> i think there is a an obsession about breasts in general. >> and gal said costume was designed by man, obviously. >> celeb plastic surgeons of beverly hills sheds light on everything from breast l to butt implant. one emotional episode tackles evvry woman's nightmare, sudden losing your hair. that's happened for one woman who works for will and jada smith. >> let's face it, in hollywood, hair is everything. long and luscious, short and sassy, and every color of the rainbow. some are born with it while other stars wiggy with it. >> i need somewhere to go when i don't have to be hollywood, take my wig off and you will me
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and say baby you are beautiful. >> what do you do when your hair falls snoutout? alexis faced that with pregnancy hormones and weaveewhich causes hair loss. >> i noticed my hair was just constantly falling out, falling out, falling out. i did not realize i was completely bald. >> so she met with a doctor who has worked with a lot of stars. >> we have seen musicians, art its, athletes. >> maybe prince william could pay him a visit. he transplants a piece of their own hair. >> we took hair from the back of hhr head create a nice natural hair line. and it looks very natural. >> on pl surgeons of beverly hills, s part of her headdand putting it on aleks
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ace scalp, then divides it into 2,000 tiny graphs. >> we do 2,000 grafts, you are getting more than5,000 hairs that are being moveed. $10,000 to $20,000. alexis's hair line is filling in with her own hair. while she may not have own wind machine to make her hair flow like beyonce, she is pretty happy with the esults. >> i have my life back. as a woman. you hair is everything. >> powerful stuff. that so former plastic surgery that can literally change somebody's life. plastic surgeons of beverly hills is currently streaming on netflix. tonight's "e.t." birthdayes with be who was bla the decline of their show's ratin keri russell, jennifer aniston or john stamos? >> the answer is coming up next. one
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problem -- >> oh no, bridgette, who's the father? >> all on >> travel consideration provide by --
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welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birth days which stars famous haircut was blamed for the decline in the show's rating? that's russell who turns 40 today p a lot of pressure. >> we look it you one last look. >> it seems everybody in the universe saw the force awakens. but you didn't see this trooper face off. part of the deleted scenes included on the blue ray an dvd out april 5th. you can download a digital co
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