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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 1, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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now at eight. "it is murder in every sense. whoever's making these pills is murdering people." we look at the fake painkillers sold on the street and the terrible toll is is taking on some bay area families. whoosh he's 23-years old, mentally disabled and a paroled serial sex offender. now he's homeless in sonoma county. and authorities are not happy. whoosh ever have a nightmare about being in a car and losing your brakes? imagine being the captain of this 150=foot tour boat honk honk whoosh and it may be the most important question you can ask your smartphone. how long will i live. british researchers are working on software that will give you an answer. this is a full hour of your >> pam:it is a deadly drug. pills laced with fentanyl. finding their way onto northern california streets.
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now the drug is responsible for at least 9 deaths. good evening im pam moore. just a stones throw from the bay area people.including teens, are dying after taking fake street pills. they are stronger than heroin. and more powerful than morphine so far. nine people have died. 36 others have overdosed. according to the sacramento county health department. kron 4's justine waldman is here now with how this dangerous drug is ripping families apart. justine? it has happened here in the bay area before. >> reporter:and now, the overdoses are happening again at such an alarming rate, tonight the d-e-a has issued a public safety alert. people are taking these fake pills that are killing them. "it's wrong. do not take pills if it was not prescribed for y'all. that go for adults, that go for kids. do not take 'em. they kill y'all. " with her grandson in the hospital, sheila sheppard weeps. the jerome butler, a father of three is in a coma. nats i am a hurting mother right now
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he took a pill from someone he trusted he thought it was norco, or hydrocodone. natasha butler, jerome's mother "he was given the pill that has him laying up on his death bed." but it was a pill laced with fentanyl, a powerful opiate used to treat pain in terminal cancer patients. fentanyl can kill a person, even at a low does. jon daily / addiction specialist "eight time stronger than heroin or 800% stronger than heroin, it's a very potent substance." the pills were likely sold on the street. are marked to look just like hydrocodone. but tests show, they are filled with fentanyl. the fake pills also responsible for the death of an 18-year-old in el dorado county. 53-year- old david alfaro bought what he though was a pill to help him with chronic pain because of a leg injury. it killed him. marinda conway sot they just view it as an overdose when it's not. it is murder in every sense. whoever's making these pills is murdering people." the dea is now warning people not to buy prescription drugs on the street.
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these fake pils are ripping families apart. natasha butler, jerome's mother "i want the one who's distributing this pill. and to tell you, i will not stop. i'm coming for you." i spoke with an addiction specialist in marin county tonight. he told me he's seen fentanyl there. mixed with pills and possibly with teens taking it mixed in gummy candies. a similar issue was plaguing parts of the bay area just last year. >> pam:xanax pills.often bought and sold on the street.that were made with fentanyl. grant lodes is here with a reminder of what fake xanax looks like. >> grant:they look very similar. the fake xanax pills are on the red background. the real xanax pills are on the grey background. the san francisco health department tells us. fentanyl has been in the city/county before. and will be here again. we told you last october, counterfeit "xanax" pills were found on the street here that contain fentanyl.
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1 person in san francisco died.3 others got so sick from it. they went to the hospital. and two santa clara men died last year after taking fake pills as well. we are following breaking news tonight. dozens of armed f-b-i agents raid a san francisco home. >> pam:and we are learning in the past hour.the victim of police beating caught on camera is under arrest kron-4's jeff bush's joins us live from visitacion valley. jeff what do we know tonight? >> reporter: the ongoing investigation agency police are here on same. straight to video you see that the fbi raided this house on teddy street detained stanislav petrov you may remember was in a video involving alameda county deputies. unclear why they took
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petrov in custody but there was a sheet of the house for human frequenting lightly the trend of the car inside the garage was searched the shooting occurred. this is a scary situation for neighbors of very fluent situation. >> pam:a high- risk serial sex
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prison, was slated to move to petaluma. but instead, is now a transient in sonoma county after public outcry. kron 4's kate cagle explains what happens now. >> reporter: other islamic states development makes me feel uneasy. recently dropped off his daughter at the movies and he and other debts had been sharing the photo on face book they want families to be aware of this man ought on the lookout for the please pardon saying that that that is the point. at the hotel were jonathan had booked a room in petaluma says he is no longer welcome. department of correction spillane's all the publicity this case has received. with nowhere to go the 23 year-old mentally disabled sex offender will live on the streets and
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some county. but gps single monitor his parole officer will always be able to see where he is he is corrupt or molest the seven women won 15 years old of the years. all incidents that happened in public places. the most recent happen last summer at santa rosa committee college. crofter will continue as industries as he attends rehab counseling. the sector crime a man found homophobic messages of this column. someone wrote
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several him messages on his car early monday morning. the cane contains the results people who are game smokers. demanded he move out of the neighborhood. he feels threatened by the various notes some of which reference to religious scripture. the dvd which reported the kier gay people. the believe that the messages could of the come from a neighbor in the apartment complex that confirmed their interviewing people of canfor evidence that the act was to intimidate fear based on the
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victim's sexual orientation. former student in santa rosa now suing the school district that he is sexually assault on campus last year posset states that the 17 year-old followed her into a restroom and grabbed her by the neck then sexually assaulted her. the same student says that as of her was previously arrested for other sexual assault the year before. the before the the school did not take action she is now seeking compensation for medical counseling bills. >> pam:
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>> reporter: insists the kuwaits. if your heading to the beach this week and keep in mind by a shot outside see what looks like you're the golden gate bridge our camera you can see the clouds rolling all left- hand side which is cooling down temperatures things will be on cooler side overnight at also sticking around tomorrow morning during offer around noon time keep the mind and do anything outdoors tomorrow. temperatures outside things have cooled down from earlier. 67 out and jack and 55 a word. we let you know what this weekend's temperatures will bring.
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>> reporter: 50 to the wind and i will continue nba record. look at the pregame court's action everyone has sell funds just to catch a glimpse of the staff and curry pregame warmups behind the three-point game cast of champions they the best record in nba history 75 games 68 wins
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in just seven losses. six in overtime games and one of their opponents the boston celtics despite injuries to several key guys andre and harrison barns at one point his team as showed no signs of slowing down and fans are ready for a deep seas and rent in the chase for the no. 73 win in a regular-season.
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the game tonight warriors got a six home runs and the celtics and the first quarter for the rest of the highlights with gary later on in sports. two south bay residents killed. after crashing into a 60 - million dollar fighter jet. how they got inside the restricted space. plus. a massive marijuana operation
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and next. with seconds to spare. people flee, as a sightseeing boat barrels toward a california pier.
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honk honk >> pam:in san diego. tourists and locals alike scramble for safety. as a harbor sightseeing boat shows no sign of stopping as it approaches a pier.
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grant lodes is here to show us what happened next. a pretty dramatic video to show you. and before we roll it. keep your eyes on this elderly woman. she is right in the path. as the 150=foot ship barrels down on her.with its horns blaring. honk honk honk people on the pier go from being amused to running for their lives as the speeding ship draws nearer and nearer. get that lady out of there two men react as the lady in red finally notices she is is danger. nat one of the men holds her steady as the impact rocks the pier. and the camera of the belgian tourist recording the scene. more nat the ship is named the adventure hornblower and passengers say it was not the adventure they paid for. "we just kind of grabbed onto the side of the ship and hanged on because we knew we were going to hit." "i was about 8 inches away from the wall and it just hit." seven people suffered injuries. "there was one girl who hit her head up there real bad. they had to put her into a neck brace and everything." "behind me, some lady that they took to the hospital fell and hit her head on the deck, and then slid as she did that. i think she was hurt kind of bad." investigators blame the crash on a mechanical failure in the propulsion system. one passenger reported hearing the capitain yell, "i can't get it out of gear." >> pam:a s-u-v fleeing from police. crashed into a navy
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fighter jet late wednesday. killing two south bay residents. the two residents have been identified as anthony castillo and melissa miller of san jose. the navy and c-h-p are still trying to figure out how the two got past armed security. seven miles inside the lemoore naval base in central california. neither of them had military affiliations. before crashing at the base. the c-h-p stopped to check on the car, which was parked on the road. when officers approached, the car sped off and a chase started. the 60- million dollar, top on the line fighter jet was damaged. but will still be able to fly in the future.
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>> reporter: said temperatures all been the a's next week like a summer weather. clubs and and temperatures see some preconditions long coast of these temperatures but now 58 san mateo same with sunnyvale and san jose 59 pleasanton and a cooler evening this week and will be a nice one. elba's
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temperatures in the '80s and possibly to the '90s and somehow dislocations. not fit this is debbie afternoon high tamara to our losses in disguise and temperatures and the '70s for the high. and then it'll be a little bit hotter. a couple degrees warmer and and i stated to hike on monday and that since the as well abase spots still see in the mid-50s in the low 50s and then in the allocations on the comeback of a next seven days will like. the first
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numbers are in. ever wonder how long you will live? new software claims it may about what one middle school is adding to its curriculum. coming up let the world know
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>> pam: tesla's the market late 2017 and its tax breaks might be able to get one as $29,000 are tech trans reporter. >> gabe: to four-door sedan seats five comparably all glass roof comes in black silver read. will have a large touchscreen-or control center now with a refundable deposit. . we know the basics and still a lot we don't know. a consumer
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automotive expert and skeptical about the $35,000 base price.
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>> pam: ever wonder how long you live news software might be able to tell you. is the parents will tell you one little school setting to the curriculum. >> reporter: knocks on window and startles driver but you don't actually have to ill explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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>> pam:some east bay parents are extrememly concerned about a planned cirriculum. dealing with l-g-b-t-q issues. at a san ramon middle school a few parents say, they plan to keep their kids out of school in protest that week. today, some of those parents met with the san ramon valley school district superintendent. about acceptance week at windemere middle school. for five days, as part of a character building class. students are scheduled to work with each other on l-g-b-t-q issues. the program includes watching videos which some parents feel are not age appropriate. some other parents are urging the school to make the program more diverse. the school sent out the cirriculum several weeks ago. and has made changes to the original plan.
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ahead at eight. police revealing new details about a knife. found at the former home of o-j simpson plus. a wild and dangerous chase ends with police swarming around a car. wait till you see what happens next. and next. a massive illegal operation busted in the east bay. that story in 90 seconds.
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>> pam: alarmed fbi agents raided san francisco holding in the past hour the victim of recent police being caught on camera detained in this case. jeff bush reports from the scene.
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a clear >> reporter: why use again the custody of shooting at the house staley or the car was and said the drug and searched also say that occurred in the early 20 hours of the house rated today. unclear furious is connected to the shooting mrs. >> reporter: >> gabe: still fluid investigation please still looking for the house.
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>> pam: please in pittsburgh phone the mayor operation a home three. clifford krauss account with police in their so one suspects. >> gabe: a executive search want things would drive on thursday. they found a 400 marijuana plants of the estimated street value of surrendered $75,000. doris mae but police are looking for this man he is associated with the house. kings would drive at first glance would appear on remarkable this a strange things happens several months ago when the neighbor's tip over.
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>> pam: other seguidilla the elegy bt controversy that just passed. this >> grant: and decision that would against gay marriage rights the bill is similar: george's republican governor vetoed earlier this week. allow private businesses are religious beliefs and deny
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services to same-sex couples to whites merrier by home together. some businesses included nissan north america opposing a bill which passed today by a vote of 69 to 45 in mississippi one of 10 states now considering bills in response to last summer's u.s. supreme court ruling that effectively legalize same-sex nation wide. . >> pam: the knife found is not linked nor her friend police say that the learned last month the nearby construction worker told the 13 years ago passed on to a retired officer and they learned that the officers still had nine official started their investigation. no connections to the murder have been made. >> pam: it's distracted drivers awareness month. normally the to
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distract the driver's smart phones automatically come to mind the very many ways to be distracted. this driver appears to be scrolling through her facebook feed knock knock oops i think i startled her . but not for long because shortly after that she is back at it again nats ambiance here is another driver scrolling through her feed as well let's see how long it takes her to notice me knock knock knock what you doing. oh look another one wait wait for it . really? in case you didn't know the entire mohth of april is distracted driver awareness month which means cops will be out looking for you so don't say i didn't warn you how about this uber driver what cha doing, trying to call my passenger uh ha you know you have to put it hands free right yea but i was just
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everyone has a reason why they are not hands free but did you know that being on your electronic device is not the only way you can be considered a distracted driver this guy appears to have pudding in one hand and spoon in another . eating while driver is considered distracted driving nats ambiance this woman apeears to be grading papers while in a lane of traffic, i hope who ever paper that is at least they got an a- plus nats: ambiance also you might not know this but taking photos from your camera if you are behing the wheel is also a form of distracted drivers and doing something that is common pactice can also mak you a distracted driver did you know that talking is actually considered a distraction ok don't talk to me anymore she'll love that and drinking yea you gotta use you're hands now yo can have a reason not to talk to her anymore hahaha if you have a crash and it turns out you're distracted you could be held liable for the crash so so its not just the holding the phone firmly attached to the ear
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, its pretty much any thing that takes your attention off the road even for a split second and yes even at a stop light nats ambiance one more inportant thing to note if you know your going to cross a bridge take your money out before your start driving riching for your wallet or your purse to money to pay for the toll is another form of distracted driving im behaving good are you sure yes you look distracted to me in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4news in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >> reporter: a popular data in
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matchmaker tried and the year career. violent and on the street to chicago .
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and of >> pam: 2 familiar trashy chicago we see the steichen but kron 4 makes the story even more unusual is the victim was straining himself level of this book. >> grant:the video has been on on our web site all day long and it is getting plenty of reaction. it's the number one story on the kron four app. we should warn you right now that the images are graphic. nat the 30 year old victim was live chatting on facebook. standing on a street corner in chicago's south side. bang bang shots ring out. the cell phone falls to the ground but keeps recording the scene/ bang bang the man was hit in the jaw,
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back, stomach and legs. the shooting on thursday was one of more than 3=hundred in chicago in the month of march. 48 of them were fatal. the city's shooting total is up 84 percent from last march, part of a disturbing rise in violent crime. "i've been shot. i've been stabbed. i've been jumped on. i've been robbed." two years ago, chicago recorded 461 homicides, an average one one every 19 minutes. last year the number rose to 506, and the frequency dropped to 17 minutes. now homicides occur every 15 minutes. most of the vicims are black men in their 20s. you've got to do something so they have something do beside hanging out on street corners shooting dice >> grant: it deceitful video of our website. more than three
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times 46 homicides recorded throughout the entire bay area so far. . >> pam: the command but never being crack and sports we take w the warriors are doing tonight as they go for when no. 60 that against the celtics ahead of marijuana dispensary really interested in putting its name on an nfl stadium.
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that's when the driver put the car in reverse in an attempt to get away.slamming into a you can see in the video two police dogs dive into the car after the man. helping to drag him out from the passenger side. custody.
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this woman was arrested after allegedly shooting her husband over an affair. he survived after being shot in the knee. testicles. his wife is now facing aggravated assault and online match-maker e-harmony wants to try its hand at finding the perfect, most fulfilling *job for you. today the company launched "elevated careers." the company wants to match people to employers based on 24 "dimensions" of culture, values job seekers upload a resume and surveys. they'll get about five potential job matches a week. or they can search the listings by compatibility scores.
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>> gary: is off to redstart winning number 69 and then 4543 at intermission time sending curry to go back here and a few minutes. the the western conference coach of a month 15 into record right now in line to pass the chicago bulls all time record of 72 when steve was a backup player last night during an awards dinner honoring the warriors see 00 the is the first
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openly gay executive receiving an award from anti-defamation league earlier this month the the first ncaa tournament since my team 97. >> gary: body heals grew up with 10 people on home roy williams and north carolina preparing for the matchups syracuse the 10 see the midwest brackets some folks think a time would make the tournament but their egos for
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easier at syracuse and suspended nine games for such infractions earlier in the year barrios in his last signaling. . and i >> gary: us today the tiger would miss the minister's second time in three years plus 10 he won the masters in 2005 the tournament will begin this thursday his been out more than seven months with back surgery under way in september october. still unclear when he will return to action. mark davis and raiders signed a one-year deal to play oakland. still looking around. sam boyd stadium for the first time out there near emerson nevada. necklaces
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strychnine close to downtown vegas' i it's out there though. the school would expand to the 45,000. right now the seat 30 but it will be very interesting to see again the curators then we talk what this all the time. >> gary: it a first post will million dollars. he was sued the denver broncos will have to take less that we talk we will wait- and-see
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>> gary: april 1st areas played a prank on tom brady. put him in warm water.
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>> pam: i could stand predict your life span. how you can
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one person >> pam: trash is another person's treasure nelson is now retired in his 33 year career as sanitation worker he has gotten quite a collection he started picking up knickknacks putting them aside now as the store in the spelling the conceit of the items now exist. old film projector and action figures aunt a star david that he has made from actual steel
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from the world trade center. >> grant: story scientists in britain new research they are working on software that can predict a person's life span. given an exact but an educated guess. the use information from 3 million patients
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helen might live could help with retirement planning how you would treat a chronic illness critics say that using that much data is not realistic when applied to individuals but it would be interesting
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