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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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after she disappeared for nearly 3 weeks, police say a young mom and her one-year-old baby have been found. good evening. i'm vicki liviakis. how the woman is tied to an fbi case and a lawsuit alleging police brutality. >> reporter: this has dominated the headlines this week and today police announced his ex- girlfriend has suddenly vanished. >> reporter: her name is dana. she and her little girl, scarlet are safe tonight after police said they had been missing since march 14.
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officers said the disappearance went unreported for almost 3 weeks until someone filed a report friday. the same day her ex-boyfriend, stanislav petrov was arrested by the fbi. petrov was in the news all week , a video of two alameda county deputies eating him and went viral last november. now it appears he is gearing up for a lawsuit. >> this was probably the worst law enforcement beating on video we've seen since rodney king. >> reporter: on tuesday, petrov's attorney filed a claim against the sheriffs department, saying the man was not only beaten the detailed a cover-up by law enforcement that included bribes to keep quiet and changing police reports. smack >> our policies don't include excessive beating. they don't include taking jewelry. they don't include bribing
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witnesses. >> reporter: three days later, neighbors say there was a shooting at petrov's visitation home. then the fbi raid. we don't know why his case has been sealed until monday and police have not said who reported the disappearance. saturday after newsroom shared this photo of the mother and baby, police announced she was found safe and unharmed. the fbi said the case against petrov is sealed until monday a spokesman said part of the reason is for his own safety. the shooting that happened outside that home has not been solved. what the petrov himself was the intended target. reporting live, kate cagle. shootings, harassment, public drunkenness have played a troubled intersection and west berkeley which was the focus of a community meeting held earlier today. neighbors, please any the vice
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mayor say something needs to be done. >> reporter: struggling to keep her balance, this woman and others stumbling around this west berkeley intersection have become a nuisance for long-term neighbors. >> harassment if not worse. >> reporter: in the past year, berkeley vice mayor said there have been at least 250 calls for service at the intersection of san pablo avenue and delaware street. an average of about five calls per week. >> it's really a very big quality-of-life issue. >> reporter: her frustration reached ahead last month after a man was shot following a drunken fight on the corner. the victim lived and the gunman was arrested by police confirm this is the third shooting here in as many years. >> it's the third shooting too many. >> reporter: the police department joined for a community meeting at the berkeley adult school saturday
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where ideas were tossed around on how to cut down the problems. >> hearing with the community concerns are and push that out to our people so they can address it. >> reporter: a restaurant in liquor store at the intersection have been at the root of many of the issues which is why she wants popeyes to do as things liquors had an ad security cameras outside. removing a bench and for the restaurant that fosters a loitering, sometimes leading to fights. neighbors also suggested the liquor store should stop selling the one-shot liquor bottles as well. >> maybe they shouldn't sell to people who are inebriated. they should check ids. >> reporter: she said the business is at this intersection, if they don't cooperate, then the city council could pursue existing city laws to force compliance. >> we can actually go through code enforcement and bring people in and take a very formal approach. or they can meet with me and the neighbors
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and work out changes that have to happen. in getting people into shelters and off the streets also a priority for those living in the area. >> war policing and surveillance. not necessarily providing more services. >> reporter: both businesses in question were invited to the meeting but she said they did not show up. philippe djegal, kron 4 news. police say 180 parked cars have had their windows shot out with a bb gun since last december. now more are being investigated alameda county. this video released shows a suspect wanted for vandalism. this happened on santiago road. officers are unsure if it's one person or more then one causing the damage. they know the vandals have used different cars to drive to the targeted areas. please are asking anyone with information to come forward. two women were injured in a fire at bay point. the fire department said it happened around five deck 50
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p.m. on lakeview drive. the women are suffering from smoke inhalation. one lives in the home, the other is a neighbor. crews 60 was the fire sometime later, around 6:30. the cause of the fire is under investigation. big news in the world of sports. colin kaepernick could be packing his bags and heading to denver. according to multiple reports, the 49ers have agreed to trade him to the broncos. while the two teams have reached a deal, kaepernick would have to rework his contract with the broncos general manager.. they want the quarterback to take a $4 million pay cut from his hefty $11.9 million base salary for 2016. tonight, bay area residents reacting to the news. >> o, poor denver. >> i think they should've kept alex smith in the first place.
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i'm happy with it. >> i guess. if that's where he wants to go. maybe we'll get a better quarterback and maybe will win this year. >> i want him to do well. i wanted him to do well in the bay area. it's unfortunate it did not work out. i wish him luck wherever he ends up. >> the super bowl champs are scrambling for a new quarterback following the retirement of peyton manning and brock osweiler's departure to houston. should denver and kaepernick agree, the broncos are expected to trade a mid-round pick to the niners to complete the deal. at the meeting of the oakland a's and the san francisco giants there was a major very noticeable change. >> reporter: the bay areas to professional baseball teams met to close out the preseason in an east bay ballpark on saturday afternoon. nothing seemed to have changed in the time-honored traditions between the giants and the athletics. opposing pitchers warmed up and fans of both
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teams feel the stadium. rivalries between fans were jocular. >> bay area baseball. there's nothing like a. >> reporter: there was an imperceptible change to where this game was actually being played. >> i met the coliseum with my family. >> [ music playing ] >> reporter: as one could clearly see by the freeway sign, the stadium scoreboard and signage throughout the venue, this was coliseum. however, this weekend, ended its claim to the naming rights of the venue and once again it is the oakland coliseum. it all seems so right >> oakland coliseum. , baby. >> back to our roots. >> reporter: so the national
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anthem will be sung. mascots will circle the diamond and players will take the field in a stadium that has a storied past. >> actually, i like oakland coliseum better. old school. >> reporter: at the oakland coliseum, jeff pierce. good news from part. train service has resumed between two east bay stations after two weeks without service. it is running between the north concord martinez and pittsburgh bay point stations. bart started experience a problem on the tracks the morning of march 16. service was halted. since then, the cruise needed to fix a voltage spike that damage the propulsion system of nearly 50 trains. a plane crash and southern california leaves one person dead. this is not the first time in this plane has made an emergency landing on the same strip of road. vying for votes. the candidates gearing up for
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another round of primaries, this time in the badger state. a crackdown on airbnb, what the home sharing site does not want you to do. there is a storm system in the pacific this weekend and it's taking aim at the west coast. that will change our weather into next week. i will have details coming up.
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a man wanted on suspicion of a series of armed robberies in washington has been arrested in fairfield. officers say they got a tip that darnell delane walker was living in fairfield. police worked with the fbi to track him down. he was arrested on friday. walter was taken into custody on several outstanding warrants. the sheriff's office released this photo of a suspect who robbed a pair of hikers last week. the two women were hiking near lake berryessa when a man threatened them with a handgun
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and forced them into a secluded area. he assaulted one of the women before asking for money. the suspect is described as a latino man about 5'6" tall. officials say he spoke broken english and has a heavy accent. please call police. please arrested a man in burlingame after he drove his car into the water. this picture was sent to our department by a viewer. they spotted the car sticking out of the bay. a man made a wrong turn and drove into the water. officers received a report just after 10 pm and arrived to find the driver swimming to land. he suffered no injuries but was arrested for dui. the car remained in the bay until crews could get to it during low tide this afternoon. a small plane made a crash landing onto a southern california freeway, slams into a car, killing the woman inside the vehicle. five others including the pilot and passenger were injured in the crash. this was on interstate 15. this was in the site of many other emergency landings. witnesses say the plane crashed
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the car carrying antoinette isbelle. the faa is conducting a can investigation. tell us about the warm up. how hot like it? it will be sizzling out there but the middle of next week. i think it will feel like summer time with 80s and 90s possibly in the bay area. that's just the beginning of april. right now it is cool out there. we have low clouds in from the bay and to the north bay. temperatures just in the upper 40s and low 50s in some places. a little bit of a sea breeze coming in off the ocean. as a seabreeze tends to. live, for tonight look for clouds to move into the inland valleys. for tomorrow, a cloudy start. clouds will clear before noon and then sunshine and high clouds in the afternoon. a storm is going by that will
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produce high clouds. for next week, monday, tuesday and wednesday, a warm up. for the end of the week, possibly some rain in the bay area. this is the storm i was talking about. it will work its way toward the coast and it will fall apart. read associated with this is forecasted to remain in washington and oregon. after it goes by dish winds will shift. the winds will start to come out of the north and northeast. that will help to warm things up. here is the fog a trucker. at midnight, flow clouds in the bay and north bay. they completely fill in by 6 am. at 9:00, still pretty cloudy. just before noon the clouds are back to the ocean for the afternoon. admixture of clouds,-clouds and sunshine. for tomorrow, fog and clouds in
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the morning with sunshine in the afternoon. for monday, a bit of a change. the north winds will start to kick in. the clouds we have early on will be out of here quickly. i think bite 8:00 or 9:00 it will be sunny and fairly breezy. windy for the afternoon. gusts possibly of 30 and 40 miles an hour. those on north winds and that will lead to warm weather for tuesday. 70s by the bay. 80s in the inland valleys. look at wednesday, going up into the 90s, possibly in some spots. close to 80 at the ocean. turning cooler on thursday. a chance for rain on friday and saturday. the wisconsin primary is three days away. a loss for donald trump could mean trouble while bernie sanders is hoping to keep up momentum. jamie grading reports. >> reporter: candidates are crisscrossing wisconsin saturday, ahead of tuesday's
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primary. for the republican front runner, donald trump, losing in the badger state would make it harder to clinch the parties nomination. according to the latest poll, ted cruz is leading with a 10 point margin. trump has 42 delegates up for grabs and even if cruz were to win, it would not be enough to keep an open convention from happening. >> we will go to an open convention. there's no question. >> i can't win enough to get to the convention with enough delegates and neither can trying to. trump would have to win better than 60%. as you know, he's never gotten anywhere close to that. >> reporter: on the democratic side, 86 delegates are at state. the latest poll shows bernie sanders with a narrow feet over hillary clinton. that's good news for the sanders campaign after winning five of the last six contests. idaho, utah, in a western suite -- sweep last weekend. >> there has been some concern as to whether or not bernie sanders could win a general
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election. the last poll that isil here in wisconsin had us in your state, 19 points ahead. >> reporter: overall, clinton is ahead in the total delegate count. a living legend gets his own statue tonight. a california man considered -- is being honored tonight.
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he's considered one of the greatest fighter pilots alive. tonight this legend is being honored. >>[ applause ] >> he is getting his own statue at the smithsonian. the stunt pilot is famous for his aerobatics doing death- defying roles here in the cockpit right until a few years ago. hoover, a fighter pilot during world war ii was captured after his plane crashed behind enemy lines. he somehow managed to escape by stealing a german fighter plane and flying out of germany undetected. there he is, bob hoover. he lives in southern california and is the subject of a documentary. amazing man. airbnb has pledged to start cracking down on hosts in san francisco. the company said it is stepping up efforts against hosts who violate city walls on short- term rentals. the website will now investigate hosts who list
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multiple homes and will remove people who have turned private homes into illegal hotels. san francisco law states you can only list your own residents s a vacation rental. this is in response to complaints. ahead, a warm up is on the way but how long will these attempts stick around? after the break, here is a last check of the weekend forecast.
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when google tried to have fun with the april fool's holiday, it was not a good idea. the prank backfired. a new mic drop option was sent next to the send button. it would attach a gift of an angry minyan dropping a megaphone. the gag did not go as planned. and number of users accidentally clicked the button while sending professional emails. it made some people mad. google decided to kill the feature after a few hours. you know that area -- email is serious business. what's the point of going on vacation? it will warm up here and it makes it feel like you are at a resort. >> you could do a state case in.
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where you take some time off but you stay here in the bay area. let me.that down on my phone. the weather will feel pretty summerlike around here as we go into next week. or tomorrow, it will feel spring-like. we are beginning to see the climate start to emerge where we have cooler weather up the coast and warmer temperatures in the land. upper 50s to the mid-70s more. 50s at the beaches where it will be cloudy much of the day. lots of sunshine in the afternoon. antioch in the mid-to upper 70s. then the heat is on for the middle of next week. by tuesday and wednesday, 70s, 80s, perhaps even 90s. but then toward the end of the week, summer rain. when people start complaining it's hot -- >> it will switchgear. >> thank you, brian. that's it for kron 4 news at
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11. stay connected and get the latest news at or download one of our apps. good night, everyone. see you in the morning.
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