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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 6, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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just three weeks after the finaa rose, are they already breaking up? what inside sources are telling us about these troubling shots as we go inside the hollywood x files. drew barrymore is still wearing a wedding ring after her split. and could there be another kardashian wedding in the works? >> all those nig stars are just like us. lunch with the girls and who needs the gym when you look like this and who got mauled by a cat? meow. then you won't believe what it takes to land an exclusive beyonce interview. the real behind this much talked about cover.
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-p>> and fun at the jungle book premier. which stars know all the words to the classic songs? ♪ the bare necessities the simple bare necessities ♪7o cf1o >> now for april 5,2016, his is "entertainment tonight." are bachelor ben and lauren already in trouble? the bachelor's hit moments in a parking lot caught on tape, you'll see tvideo, you be the judge. >> there's lots of couples to get to. one of my favorites, are you ready for another kardashian wedding? >> let's start with the back story. queue the dramatic music. >> we are now a couple and we're here to support each other. and you know, everything's going to be taken incorrectly at times. >> which is why we a is this paradise lost for the bachelor
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couple or just a serious conversation? what we do know, this 30-minute exchange went down saturday in a denver home depot parking lot. an insider says they appeared upbeat. >> once in depot, the two appear more solemn. he repeat dropped his head, and shook his headno. >> she browses wristwatches at one point touches his cheek. all the went well as ben generously removes his shirt to bring their items inside. that was the happy couple three weeks ago after announcing their engagement. multiple sources tell "e.t" despite moment all well in the world of realty tv love.
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now to drew's symbolic s of normalcy, the ring is still on after announcing the near end of her four-year marriage. the mother to daughters olive and franky is fully commi co-parentsi comin co-parenting with will. they'll keep their apartment have they on the upper east side for now. olive in preschool there but also is enrolled in l drew never spent full-time in l.a., but they were back and forth. >> people have to put the kids first, but oftentimes you struggle with it, something gets in yoway. >> and something that rewrote the language of celebrity >> "e.t" has confirmed judgment package has been
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delivered to the court and their divorce can be finalized once it's signed. why isn't it? probably because they're holding true to their kids first stance. spending spring break together in peru with apple and moza. what's being promoted assa rare and wide ranging interview with the queen bee. if you w do an interview with beyonce, you just have to remember she runs t s th world. our fashio correspondent joe zee was once creative director for "elle" magazine, and it's a big deal. >> she has been on mmre "elle" covers than any other celebrity. obviously there was a lot going
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on at this time, so she had many things to talk about. i'm a star ♪ >> how is bee ma things happen us a relatively unknown reporter who reportedly last worked for the magazine two years ago in a spread about engagement rings but her dad is hedge fund manager. >> it's actually put a friend or someone with a personal relationship in front of her, you're going to get dialogue and an interview and a discussion that you will not get with stranger. and i think ultimately that's a win-win f both "elle" and beyonce. we really want to see what those -- "elle" magazine has the --
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>> beyonce also broke the news today that she's nominated for the best in social media award. >> i would love to see that combination. beyonce on car poolkaraoke? >> jay-z popping up in the back seat as a backup? >> she's a combination not so many people wanted to see. the oc's misha barton and dancing. we were tracking all the stars last night our first stop hollywood, and backstage at dancing. >> misha bar got the ballroom boot in l.a. >> is this experience what thought it would be going into it? >> it's an intense experience. >> it was definitely more than make i had barga for. >> jodie sweetin and her tv dad bob saggett remembering her bad
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times and getting sober. >> i was into pain pills and eck tasity and all that. >> i have known bob since i was 5 years old. >> i was trying to be more relatable. not a lot of people can say they more ridiculous in dproch front of millions ofpeople. >> and last night i got a look at the jungle book premier. the night was bittersweet f director john fabreaux who was missin garhandling. >> the reimagining of the
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childhood classic and one song fans wait for it. ♪ look for the bare necessities ♪ ♪ forget about your worries and your strife ♪ ♪ the bare necessities ♪ that brings the bare necessities to life ♪ >> all right, i'm done here tonight. and in new york, it was night for anderson cooper and his 92-year-old mom heiress gloria vanderbilt. >> their family documentary nothing left unsaad, debuts on april 9 on >> she's the last person in my family alive. >> anderson's best and kelly ripa showing up for the premier. so what's a typical night on the town for the trio? >> we work it out on the dance floor. >> "e.t" exclusive premiered the outlander 2 people her on our
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facebook page. >> i love the show, everybody about it is perfection. >> my hallmark, co-star alison sween sweeney, spilling secrets about me. >> he can fall asleep in the drop of a hat and the next thing you hear -- >> i do not snore. >> here's a little treat, amelia clark, went a little batty recently with glamour magazine. >> where's my pig? where's my frappuccinos? >> she asked for other stuff, but this is a family show >> don't worry, we posted it on etonline. stars like us, who has $375 ones. >> plus laurie laughlin on her
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two kids. bfirst. >> hello, mother. >> i thought maybe we can hang out a little bit. >> i have catch the subway. >> sharon stone, courteney cox and susansarandon, the all play mom. >> you're pregnant? >> what? >> how long do ihave? >> that and dews tib. >> it's called mothers and daughters anyep, it opens mother's day weekend. >> today's mother's
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. i have a grand plan for
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>> where do you celebrate when j you're engaged to a former exotic dance >> i want everybody to take -- blac chyna has an adorable 5-year-old song. >> w know that the family loves
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drama, so actually this create even more. i'm sure they do love that. and they actually think that kiley is trying to one up kim. >> it's kim versus kiley. can the kim outsell kiley on the internet? >> kyle low's most talked about feature u those famous lips are the focus, so she's n stripping down. >> there was not any talk of any nudity in this, i don't think we needed it, we wanted to go more bold colors and that of thing and real ally focus on he amissing look. >> and we have those pics of kiley's vibrant transformation. >> we have six different wigs that we shot in, all different colors and even plastic. >> she told the magazine, i would like to have a really big fami and a farm.
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she's young, but she's already got a plan for having kids. >> she definitely wanted to have a baby before she was 30. she said that kim wanted to have two before she was 30. >> if she wants have a baby, all she has to do talk to clarkson. there she was yesterday, keeping a hand on baby bump. >> and kelley will appear in american idol's live performance. and kelly, just enjoy this time, because they grow up so fast. >> john travolta is dealing with that now. >> are you dating? >> and kimberly williams. hear the emotional family secret she has kept hidden now. >> without her permission, i'm tell this story. >> that's coming up.
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hey, billy, when are you coming home? >> i'm not coming home.
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hey, taylor swift, we love that you love good lunch date. there is t-swift we're talking about here. so of course she was rocking her signature red lip winged eyeliner and some killer new heels. meantime taylor lunched. >> are you proud of taylor? >> her boyfriend deejay calvin harris hit thegym. and also in l.a., kelley cuoco hit the pump. but check out the footwear. those slip on s cost 375 bucks. garner's got puppy love and from the looks of it a lot of patien as well. here's she is practicing her
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good dog on her go retriever pup. and from puppy love, from me you. it took as if cat totally came in as a wreckinn ball on miley cyrus. the 23-year-old documented her cat fight on instagram on monday, her arms and hands se scratched up. and yes, that is blood on her bleached locks. >> that's another way stars are like us, especially dads, we just can't wait the realty that our baby girls are starting to date. listen to what john travolta told us his wife kelly and his daughter. >> are you >> i don't interfere with that. she has two guys that sh hangs out. i don't ask anything about what they say or do with ea other. >> that would not fly in your house, would it? >> by the way, kelly says she
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knoww everything. if you want to know some busy mom secrets. samantha harris sat down with laurie laughlin to see how balances her own full house. >> how you balance being a mom, having fuller house. >> things definitely slip through the cracks. >> my girls are now 16 and 17, even when i'm home, i don't put them to bed, they're up way later than i am. 9:00, i'm ready to go to bed. they need to me in. >> talk about a fuller house. t51-year-old married mom of two, s tieing to rock those abs while commuting between l.a. and vancouver. >> we have to get away from the river. >> it's so, so ggod. and brooke shields is guest starring on our finale to >> i have known her since we wer years old, we started
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modeling together. so yeah, such a tre to hang outttogether. >> samantha harris was lucky enough to chat with another mother who we spoke with way back when. kimberly williams ha the name everybody falls for kimberly, fathhr of bride. >> i'm engaged, i'm getting married. >> i'm sorry, what did you say? >> dad, i met a in rome, and he's wonderful and brilliant and we're getting mar >> there's some rumors of a third father of the bride. >> would you want to the third one? >> i totally would want to do a third one. i heard a great story line. kir arks nrks kiran culkin is coming back and
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he's getting married but he's gay? >> she wanteded the bes for me, she pushed me, i always say she's that voiie in my head that still tells me to go to it, do things, have adventures and have party. >> and linda actually appears in the movie, appearing next to movie mom die jan keaton. but today, it's a different story. kimber kimberly's mother now suffers dementia. she can't speak or write, sometimes she becomes violent. kimberly made the heart wrenchin decision to move her into a home. >> my mom was aware enough to know that she had just been left and that was terrible. >> i know your mom is nonverbal. how hard is it to not to talk to her every day? >> it's death by paper cuts, small little, there's anoth part of her gone. >> kimberly has found strength in the failings of the struggle and she writes about it in her
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really moving book lifein. there's joy watching her mother play with granddaughter and and can laugh and that country star brad is her rock. >> he was there on the really hard days when i didn't know whht to do. he would just hold me and let cry. any time you go through hard times and challenges in life and yousurvive, it strengthens your relationships. >> oh, true, and they're a great couple. >> in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays which star of the voice was fired from different mcdonald's restaurants? the answer is next. and you know what else is next? >> i like a little competition with mr. frazier so he's going to paa up, he's getting a pie right in the face. boy, is going to pay up. i love you.
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into a lip sync battle with jimmy fallon.
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which star of the voice was fired from three different mcdonald's restaurants, that is ferrell who turns 33 today. villanueva beat north carolina with an incredible buzzer beater, so very cool i must say, plus mo importantly, i crush mr. frazier right here, and i pick more winners in my bracket, it was like way more winners than you did. >> most of the guys on the dan patrick radio show. >> here's the thing, their role was that if their wife beat them, then had to take a pie in the face, since i'm your, you know, work wife, it's time to pay up.
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goodbye, everybody. "the insider," counting down the biggest sto tracking today. number one, it's nostalgia night a dancing. but how well does the cast know thei facts of life? >> you take the good you take the bad, the facts of life are all aboutyou. we're with the spilling shocking revelations. >> it took years to realize how misguided i was. and is charlize's model beauty her x factor? >> i there's a real misunderstanding when you use word feminism.


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