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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 6, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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what people are doing. to stay safe in the record heat. "
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"yet the it get operations on early dogs. his. >> reporter: pete that is a firefighter but you said he's not gonna stay in there. . "will be in the shade and a little bit here. . >> pam: back to the weather deck or brittany is standing by with a look at the forecast. >> britteny: appall the records show you how hot we got today. temperatures in severance cisco push in the '80s the actual record all the closer to 91 degrees. here's a live look behind me the see lots of
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sunshine and lots of cosmic no way makes this a go into tonight's mile. the wind speeds pick up substantially and then we get more and onshore flow. that will help drop temperatures big time in two. but temperatures drop in the friday. look at what we expect the rest of your evening. to the tears drop was the son starts to set. coming up all i will add all the records were broke records of close and got an close to look your cooler temperatures and 15 minutes.
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>> reporter: the tautly reversed about what they're doing of this whole thing. the new documents provided by uc-berkeley suggests that the sexual harassment is a much bigger problem than previously known. spreadsheet shows 19 uc staff members investigated since 2011. a 11 terminators 96 or disciplined allowed to stand on the job. attorney john
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suit claims repeatedly touched and kissed the answer will by her boss. the law school dean and then expected to continue to work for him while the claims are being investigated. the university is forming a committee of sexual for violence and assault to approve campus services policies and practices. the attorneys and optimistic.
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\ >> pam: alicia foundation burglary joshua's cut yesterday please say there are identified m 03 surveillance of the period the of the inshore with firsts and other pre can happen on sunday and then one suspect carrying a scooter autographed and donated by san francisco jazz star costner pence. also i had since replaced with the city of san francisco to the other suspects are rested after the burglary.
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>> pam: police are after man who held up a store. 22 year old charles justice of hayward. see the tattoo on his face suspected of stealing merchandise and falling to a car waiting for him outside and then won three children inside that car and officers gave chase gave up when they started driving the wrong way on city streets. >> pam: the city council approved a 90 day moratorium on leaders to have a solution to what this is a growing crisis even in the units of being built right now the norrish for many local residents.
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"you look at that property right there, brooklyn basin, 3,400- going to be market rate, you're going to have to make $100 to $120-thousand dollars to live there" that is a bit out of the price range for the income of the average oakland resident says oakland city councilmember noel gallo. he is giving me a tour of current and new housing developments that he says are not going to address oakland's housing affordability crisis.we are now in his district "this community, they call it jingle town but it's known as the kennedy track area, you see the what they call the phoenix commons, that senior housing that just got built, brand new it hasn't opened yet, beautiful development. these here are condominiums, affordable? i don't think so" in his district alone there are
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over 6000 new units being developed. but the rents will be high. he says some of the people who already live are feeling the pinch from the new housing options going up all around them "i've gotten some complaint by some of the artists that have already moved in here, they're concerned, they're being displaced because they are raising the rents" however over the next 90-days, there will be a freeze on rent hikes thanks to gallo and his city council colleagues approving a temporary moratorium, giving city leaders a chance to try to find a solution. oakland mayor libby schaaf explains the 90-day plan "we've got to do two things, we got to protect the people who live her now and make sure they are not displaced from oakland, secondly we have got to build more housing in this city" but the ultimate goal is for the new housing to be affordable for long time oakland residents. in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news earlier this week. san mateo opted not to put a rent freeze in place. however, that doesn't mean the issue is dead. and in fact, it could be put to a vote a coalition is now working to gather enough signatures to place a rent control measure on the november ballot.
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it would cap rent increases, prevent tenants from being evicted without just cause, and create an annual rental housing fee. the group has just a few months to gather the signatures it needs. to qualify for the november ballot. san jose's willow glen neighborhood, more specifically the area surrounding evans lane and canoas garden, is the latest hot spot in the ongoing effort to find shelter for people who are homeless in san jose. a plan to house as many as 100 - homeless people in portable units here on a six -acre site on evans lane, is meeting with stiff opposition from neighbors. many of whom live in the nearby willow glen mobile home estates. the site is next door to a wellness and recovery center. critics of the plan say, there are already homeless encampments in the area and they worry that a shelter will only attract more. other residents feel a shelter will make an already bad crime problem/. worse.
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it is possible the shelter would be limited to homeless families, single mothers with children and veterans. following a couple more weeks of public comment, the planning commission will make a recommendation later this month, with action by the city council to follow in june. country music legend merle haggard has died, he was 79 years old. he had been suffering from pneumonia. haggard died at his home in northern california on his birthday. his career spanned six decades and was known for living the outlaw life he sang about in his songs. he was often called the poet of the common man. haggard recorded than 30 number one hits during his career. it was music that likely saved him from a life of crime.
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he had numerous run-ins with the law growing up and actually served time in san quentin for a botched burglary. haggard was married five times and was inducted in the country music hall of fame in 1994. parents watchout. the close encounter in one east bay city that has prompted an alert from police. meet the bart fleet of the future. we'll take you inside one of the new cars and show what's going to be changing for riders when bart starts rolling them out. "woman yelling at florida governor"
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>> pam:you can see the aftermath. in this video that comes from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7. firefighters quickly doused the flames, but you can see the traffic jam it created. as drivers stopped and looked at the charred bus. no one was hurt. the employees were transferred to another bus. the cause is under investigation. a heads- up for the thousands of drivers who cross the bay bridge every day.
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grant lodes is here with the details on work. federal crews are doing on the yerba buena tunnel. >> grant:they're making sure it's safe. making sure this doesn't happen again. this week federal highway administration is inspecting the tunnel.using high tech tools that are more effective that what caltrans used to examine it. back in january a driver was nearly hit when a big chunk of concrete fell from inside the tunnel. now, crews are using radar to look for any weak spots in the concrete of the nearly 80-year- old tunnel. caltrans found several trouble spots after that january incident and fixed them. the state agency say the feds' use of radar for this second inspection, could help spot 'hard to see' dangers. >> pam:bart unveiled a new train today - it is one of several hundred which will be put into the system. the 'fleet of the future' boasts many improved features and upgrades. compared to the older ones. as kron four's terisa estacio shows us, officials are eager to get these trains on the tracks, however, there is a catch.
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>> reporter:take a look at this this is central air conditioning, and it runs all the way down the sleek new bart train. on a warm day certainly a welcomed feature, compared to the old trains that pumped air by the windows. and it is just one of many improvements on this new 2 million dollar car. sot/tc: 15 grace crunican/bart general manager on this wednesday - bart officials were exuberant to unveil this train. it is one of 775 that will ultimately replace the current fleet. there are countless upgrades. besides central air, there are led monitors that will highlight routes and give distance alerts. this is one of 6 surveillance cameras that will
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work and record constantly, this large area is reserved for those with disabilities. sot/tc: 51 aaron weinstein/chief bart marketing we took out the middle bar and made this area wider. another big deal - the seats - they are colorful, more narrow for easier access plus - sot/ tes: nats: doors - these doors are an improvement, they block sound, making for a more quiet ride, and this area tucked away is for bikes. funding was a mix of federal, and local monies. bart wants to add 300 more as they deal with an increase in service. officials say the features are a result of rider feedback. although this train is here, the others are still en route. officials say they must test, then put into service. the plan is to phase in the trains starting parents are on alert in the east
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bay. after police say, a man tried to lure two children into a car in berkeley. kron 4's averi harper asked parents this morning. what they are telling their kids about staying safe. the rains that eased the drought. have brought more water and now business. to lake shasta. >> reporter: a man has been trying to lure children into his car. monday police a man tried to get to and because of their encounter with him was so brief they can provide a description. did you know he was driving a faded blue sedan. several similar incidents have been reported since beginning of the school your parents tell me they were notified via e-mail from school officials. news of another attempted kidnapping is scary for their children. .
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{"tetanus, this and the chair when he walks he lost a friend is not by myself. >> reporter: officials say they're doing everything possible to keep kids safe. parents, as to the school district call of their concerns. . >> pam: follette ease the drought has brought more water and business. in fact, the shasta lake
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businessowners association is holding a job fair this saturday. to hire hundreds of new employees for the season. with lake shasta now 89-percent full, it is changing perceptions. and visitors are pouring into the area. to camp, boat, and buy goods. according to the general manager of shasta lake caverns.
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the drought has forced kern county to declare a state of emergency. >> britteny: have one deconditions tomorrow treking much cooler air read. it will drop temperatures substantially. temperatures at 94 nap bought 84 nevada 84 in daly city as well. needless to say very warm evening ahead. breezy conditions school thursday 15 degree temperatures drop and then some could even see a 20 degree drop when deconditions struck morning after an wind gusted and offer our the high
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80s to 70 degrees more oakland of a from 87 to 69. san ramon 97 to 75 degrees. >> pam: not the cup of coffee for governor of mendoza on him at starbucks. a passionate.and now viral
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coffee shop rant.aimed at controversial florida governor rick scott. grant lodes is here with the most compelling parts of that video.
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this woman was hot. >> grant:raising her one point cursing at the republican governor at a starbucks in gainesville, flordia. florida gov. rick scott received a scalding reception during a visit to a starbucks in gainesville, florida, tuesday, when a woman confronted him for refusing to expand medicaid to low-income residents. "you cut medicaid, so i couldn't get obamacare," shouted the scott has been a vocal opponent of obamacare, but he has gone back and forth on the medicaid expansion made possible by the law. in 2012, he said he was against it. then he shocked people and said he was for it in 2013. but last year, he said he opposes it, arguing that the state could not "take on even more federal programs."
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after losses in wisconsin. >> grant: people think it was set up but is being said by some people he had a walk-in the frontrunners are take their campaigns home to new york. trail is next at 5:30. and in the wake of the attack in brussels.
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the man in charge of airport security in the us. talks about
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it was a turning point, i believe, in this entire election >> pam:texas senator ted cruz arriving in new york after a decisive defeat of donald trump in wisconsin. on june seventh california voters could have a rare chance to influence the choice of presidential nominees. as the front=runners' path to the white house is clouded by a string of losses in state after state. grant is here to tell us how both donald trump and hillary clinton are in a battle of mathematics versus momentum. pam, the road to the nomination leads through the big states. and before they get to california, they have to face new york, where the math and the momentum now seems likely to change. "ted cruz has no business being in the bronx this is an immigrant community a rude welcome for the candidate who once derided donald trump's new york values. the trump campaign reacting to cruz's double digit margin of victory in wisconsin with an email to reporters saying, quote,
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"ted cruz is worse than a puppet- he is a trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump." cruz responded with a shrug. " if he wants to engage in insults, he's welcome to do so. he gets very angry when the voters reject him. new york voters are less likely to reject trump. a monmouth university poll shows 52 percent of new yorkers back their native billionaire. twice as many as john kasich and three times as many as ted cruz. the trump campaign's reaction to his double=digit loss: he's also leading in other upcoming big states. pennsylvania, connecticut, new jersey and california. to sew up the nomination he would have to win more than 60 percent of all the remaining delegates. a high bar that makes a contested convention more likely. "this has been one wild election year. hillary clinton is also trying to hold onto her lead in delegates. almost 5=hundred of them are party insiders known as superdelegates. and sanders has set his sights on them.
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"i think a lot of these super delegates are going to be looking around, and they're going to be saying, which candidate has the momentum?" record breaking heat today will be short lived. cool down and showers on the way. >> britteny: into tomorrow
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temperatures drop right back down to the '60s and '70s. a live look over my shoulder people have jackets on shorts exercising in joining this above average temperature. some on more sure onshore flow detectors drop down and all that crazy conditions to windy conditions by tomorrow we see when guests 30 m.p.h.. and then dropping down 44 nevermore 64 daly city six years have monday temperatures reach a high of 69 tomorrows santa rosa 69 in oakland 20 degrees cooler and a closer look its heyday forecast the paints the picture cooler thursday even back down the '60s friday with a chance of showers maintain that chance on
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saturday. and then a house that and about 15 minutes. >> pam:the federal government set up a u-s on student visas and stay here. the university of northern new jersey had a website and a physical address in cranford, new jersey. but the school had no instructors, no curriculum, and no actual classes. homeland security investigators charged 21-people across multiple states with conspiracy to commit visa fraud and other three years after two bombs went off near the finish line of the boston marathon. race organizers say security will be extremely tight at this year's race. there will be 5-thousand law enforcement officers on hand, enhanced security checkpoints and dozens of surveillance
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cameras along the route. the f-b-i says they're incorporating lessons learned from the attacks in paris, brussels and san bernardino, even though there are no known threats. meantime. the head of the transportation security administration was on capitol hill today talking about airport security. kron 4's congressional correspondent alex schuman tells us about plans that could soon change what you see at the airport. arriving at the brussels airport moments before a horrific attack - was the man charged with protecting america's own airports. "being there on that day - seeing the devastation - seeing the chaos of the airport environment and the evil behind it was a stark reminder of the work we do to protect our travelers." peter neffenger is the tsa administrator and assistant secretary of homeland security. nat - "how does the tsa handle airports?" he's before a committee of senators planning to make big
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changes to america's transportation security. "we have greatly enhanced our oversight of cargo screening facilities, the catering facilities." nat from senator john thune south dakota republican senator john thune worked with florida democrat senator bill nelson to draft much of these changes. "the only person who's going to get the airports off their duff to limit the access into their airports is going to be you and your administration." "yes, sir." the changes to security will include doubling the number of bomb-sniffing dogs, and doubling the number of visual security outside of checkpoints at airports and transportation hubs. senators create more in- depth background checks on
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certain airport employees after some in atlanta were caught smuggling drugs and guns. "these incidents have raised a lot of questions about if our airports are vulnerable to an insider threat." the on certain as the teammates. how the uncertainty surrounding the amazing journey one woman is taking to help raise awareness about the bryan stow foundation. the stock market turned in a solid gain after a two-day slump the dow climbed more than 112
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a major settlement has been approved by a federal judge in the sony pictures hacking case. hackers calling themselves guardians of peace broke into company computers in 2013. and released thousands of emails, documents, and sensitive personal information. some of it embarrassing. like pay inequity for female actors. racial stereotypes used by some movie studio executives. a judge has approved a multimillion dollar settlement in the class-action lawsuit filed by former emplyees of sony pictures entertainment. the agreement also gives
5:41 pm
roughly 437,000 people who were hacked. identity theft protection through 2017. the us government blamed the hack on north korea. the f-a-a- said today that it may allow some drones to fly over people. the federal aviation administration currently prohibits the flying of most commercial drones around people. it's now looking at recommendations from an industry advisory committee. that would create four categories of commercial drones. drones weighing about a half- pound or less would be allowed to fly over people virtually without restriction. larger drones in the other three categories would have to maintain a distance from people of at least 20 feet overhead and 10 feet to the side. a friend of bryan stow is about to take on an incredible journey to raise awareness for his foundation. this is bryan from when he threw out the first pitch at a san jose giants game. he suffered permanent injuries
5:42 pm
after getting brutally attacked in the parking lot of dodger stadium five years ago. his friend is traveling to spain where she will take part in a 500-mile walk. the journey can take up to 50 days and stops at various churches and landmarks along the way. the bryan stow foundation was established to stop bullying. mini camp has started for the 49ers. but there is a big question about the future of colin kaepernick. we'll hear from the players about the mood in the locker room next at five.
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as the 49ers offseason program continues, the dominant storyline remains the future of colin kaepernick. the quarterback is at the center of heavy trade talks.and his side is reportedly negotiating with the denver broncos. until any deal is made, he's going to work in santa clara. mark carpenter spoke to some of kaepernick's teammates this afternoon and joins us with the latest-- mark, what's the vibe at niner headquarters? at face value-- it's one of the more awkward situations in sports. you show up to work at the facility of the team that could be trading you very soon. as of now, kaepernick.still a 49er and as far as we know,
5:47 pm
still attending the offseason program. earlier today, some fellow 49ers gave some insight on the current mood at team headquarters. carlos hyde-49ers running back "we treat kaep the same way. he's a part of the team right now. he's in there every day. he's in the big room with us and we treat him like he's our teammate." and unless any move becomes a done deal, it'll stay that way. colin kaepernick's trade negotiation.has become a drive that's stalled midfield. the denver broncos reportedly want him, but not for 12-million dollars. recent reports say the two sides have made progress on a contract. yet if this isn't eventually resolved, then it's in danger of turning into a locker room distraction. navorro bowman-49ers linebacker
5:48 pm
"when the season rolls around i think it will be, but right now, guys are just focused on what we have to do to get to that point, i'm sure upstairs and colin are trying to get everything right, but the guys that's out there on the field putting the work in, that's the guys we are going to continue working with and trying to make better." quinton dial-49ers defensive lineman "i'm just gonna let the front office do that. we do understand that's a business side to this thing, but i'm gonna let them make the decisions and i'll just play football." if kaepernick makes it to 90- percent of the offseason workouts, then he's due a 400- thousand dollar bonus. incentive to simply show up until possibly cashing in somewhere else. some reports out of denver say the broncos don't mind waiting to have this play out. because kaepernick's value will be affected if the 49ers draft a quarterback in the first round. we'll continue to keep you updated both here and online on kron4-dot-com. record breaking heat today will be short lived. cool down and showers on the way. >> britteny: ugly museum 91. take a look at the thursday and dropping about 20 degrees down to 70 degrees. and then a major warmup a major cool down parts of san francisco and the high 80s by tomorrow back down to 70 cerone push the 97 and then by thursday down 20 degrees from 75
5:49 pm
and then 7088 then castro valley dropping from the 90's and to the '70s. we continue to see this major cooled on the all- star into the rest of tonight you notice when spades starts to pick up as well and we see when gus 30 bar. per hour by tomorrow the big difference is that we are dealing with the onshore flow and we will switch over to an onshore flow. that will help a lot of cooler ocean water and held up temperatures down. >> britteny: francisco still in the '80s and then oakland 78 san jose 8787 in concord and cerros the are currently 70 degrees to
5:50 pm
a senator in our chart shows a few changes in the clouds streaming from the south area of high pressure. and chance of showers ahead in the friday saturday and sunday. temperature. half moon bay 6 degrees 72 in sunnyvale so. the forecast shows a drop in down in the '60s and '70s tomorrow friday and then we stay cooler in the weekend and chance of showers lingering friday saturday sunday and another chance into wednesday. >> pam:
5:51 pm
a huge boost to fighting the zika virus. from the white house. the mosquito-bourne disease has been linked to a serious birth defect in which a baby's head is too small. the obama adminstration is now transferrng 589-million dollars left over from the successful fight against ebola. to battle zika virus. most of the money will go to the centers for disease control and prevention. for its research and to create a quick-response team to keep the mosquito-bourne zika virus from spreading. the national institutes of health will get money to develop a vaccine. on another health matter. sugar diabetes is increasing across the planet. the world health organization attributes the staggering increase to excessive weight, obesity, aging and population growth. w-h-o says worldwide cases of diabetes total 422 million people as of 2014. that's a four-fold increase in 25 years. behavior, sick feelings and symptoms of stress. cnn's melisa raney looks at how to find out what stresses kids out and how to help them cope. stress can affect anyone who feels overwhelmed.including kids. here are a few signs for parents to look out for. negative changes in behavior
5:52 pm
for younger kids. withdrawal from their favorite activities, becoming clingy to a parent or even a sudden change in their appetite are all red flags. become hostile towards family and abandoning friendships are more common signs among teens. interaction with others how your child interacts with others, outside of the home, can indicate if stress is factor. experts say a good way for parents to tap into their child's behaviors is communicating with each other, teachers and coaches. listen to your child kids may often express how overwhelmed they are with words like, "angry" or "annoyed" or speak negativity about themselves. parent should keep an ear out for key words or phrases that may indicate a source of stress. seek support parents should know that tackling the stress in their child's life is not something they have to do alone. licensed therapists can provide the support and guidance their child needs. for today's health minute, i'm melisa raney. next. a look at who made the hollywood reporter's list of the most powerful people in media and cultural influencers.
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the hollywood reporter revealing their picks of the most powerful people in media. as new york's favorite "girl' lena dunham opens up about her love-hate relationship with dating in the city that never sleeps. . the insider's keltie knight or debbie matenopoulos joins us from hollywood with more on this story. clip_thr 35_most powerful_in med ia_2016 issue12_bts ny_lena dunh
5:56 pm
am_rzt :01 ld "dating in new york is kind of like riding a bic with no brakes. /:12 i think we should just date in minnesota and call it a day." vo #1 lena --alongside her "girls" co- creater jenny konner-- named by the hollywood reporter as one of their top five cultural influencers and revealing that their girl power tv predecessor set the bar high! clip_thr 35_most powerful_in med ia_2016 issue12_bts ny_lena dunh am_rzt 01.30 lena "it was really important to us that they were really following that sex in the city ideal and thought tha tthis is the only city / jk "we always thought our girls watched sex in the city and went wait a minute." vo#2 meanwhile fellow funny girl, amy schumer joins the hollywood reporter's list of the 35 most powerful people in media! vo #3 no denying the infulence of the
5:57 pm
late night funny men. new expert bite: " stephen colbert definatly earned his spot on the list fair and square. vo #5 fox new's megyn kelly - who's clearly dominated the g-o-p campaign conversation - also on the t-h-r list - the power house anchor with a future plans to host a prime time special on fox. mk "did anything happen in the news while i was gone? did i miss anything?" we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm keltie knight back to you, pam.
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5:59 pm
>> pam: actual restaurant campus may have been more widespread than previously thought. . tonight questions being raised as to house staff members are being punished when they engage in such behavior. dan termers live uc-berkeley with the latest. >> reporter: always use you not really pay attention. of these people are they all on the job. when she complained about the universe did little effect expected her to continue to work for him all the claims were
6:00 pm
being investigated. turns out the sexual harassment allegations are not unique. the documents provided 19 uc staff members investigated since 2000 and. "there's not co. and united states that has had as many as 19 sought sexual harassment complaints over the last for five years. "clear it explicit commitment to
6:01 pm
do much better job in terms of policies practices and climate culture we have here at this university. >> reporter: 49 committee on sexual violence and assault to improve campus services palsies practices. he says that the university is doing more that/ "doubling investigators that investigate allegations of this sort. and we are anxiously awaiting recommendations from presence committee. "in the peer review panels making sure displays impose those decisions reviewed so that this is in a uniform manner in appropriate fashion also.
6:02 pm
>> pam: carries with us a quick look at some of those other sexual harassment cases. >> grant: numerous other high- profile have been involved in sexual harassment cases assistant basketball coaches on paid leave. they are porter says that he made repeated sexual advances the contend that it was mutual flirting geoff murphy sat down and october 4th since accused the world renowned astronomer of harassment. the game warning in april but resigned in october only when complaints were made public. vice-chancellor's research stepping down after allegations were made by his former assistant chancellor he inappropriately touched her and said the affection e-mail's paid
6:03 pm
>> grant: >> pam: it's still unclear why the feds were involved we continue to monitor this story and bring you updates as soon as they become available. >> pam: areas seeing record- breaking temperatures today right now ciskei's over the golden gate bridge and we urologists brittany is live outside our weather deck and what is like out there right now. >> britteny: son is slowly starting to set lisa high clouds moved in and preconditions that turns windy conditions tomorrow we manage to look out and spot a few performers outside. this is
6:04 pm
a beautiful time to be outside enjoying great offense we have here close look right now temperatures are well above- average it will not last and you have to get this evening and cool right back down tomorrow 84 daly city a. to livermore 80 and 72 vallejo 93 right now in napa. three things to note record he is out of here. it is breezy tamara much cooler 10 to 15 even and 20 degrees cooler windy conditions expected a chance of showers friday that lender into the weekend temperatures will still stay and '60s close to average a look into tonight are on the next few hours or so 7:00 some locations in the 80's and '70's by 8:00 p.m. we drop down in the '60s and then 9:00 p.m. mid-60's right along our inland conditions in areas right along
6:05 pm
the bay in the mid-60's as well. tracking more details and we will have a closer look at your 38 forecast. >> pam: high-temperature isthe venomous snakes like this one here have already reportedly been spotted in the lime ridge open space in concord and the clayton community park. the experts at the lindsay wildlife museum in walnut creek says hikers can expect to see the cold blooded creatures in wilderness areas all over the bay area from now until october, so people should watch where theyre going. "where where people are hiking walking looking down around looking for snakes they of defense mechanisms in their venom but they will warn us first and they will do things like back away shake tales is not of the works if into be hurt x and step on them they may
6:06 pm
try to strike. >> pam:rattlesnakes don't always use their venom with they bite.but it is poisonous and in rare instances can be deadly. and just a reminder. you can track today's record minute weather forecasts. and all your bay area news on the mobile application. it's free to download for apple and android devices. r the number of former inmates who say they were beaten by guards in sonoma increasing. grant lodes is here with the new development with this civil rights lawsuit. san francisco police say they >> grant: former inmates joined a lawsuit they claim that they and two other inmates were beaten viciously in the jails maximum-security unit may last year unspecified damages from county share of and the former inmates what a special monitor appointed whatever use of force
6:07 pm
incidents and report those to the court for a three year period of six inmates now involves a former inmate the sheriff and his deputies saying they responded to up mass disturbances and inmates security >> pam: are looking for a man. who stabbed someone in the tenderloin. with a sword. the incident happened early this morning around 3. officers say the 56-year-old victim was standing in front of his apartment in the 400 block of eddy street. when the suspect walked up and stabbed in the stomach with the sword. the victim was taken to the hospital. but is expected to survive his injuries. the suspect remains at large. a third suspect has been taken into custody. in connection with a burglary. at the make-a-wish foundation office in san francisco. the burglary happened this past weekend. several items were stolen during the incident. including an autographed scooter donated by san francisco giants outfielder hunter pence. officers announced today. the arrest of 35-year-old jacques manns in connection with the burglary.
6:08 pm
police previously arrested judd janke and nicholas tiller. officers say the three men were identified through surveillance video. happening now. police are looking for a man... suspected of trying to lure two boys into his car while they were walking home from school on monday. it happened around three-thirty in the afternoon... near martin luther king junior middle school in berkeley. a 13-year-old boy was walking home with a friend. that's when a man yelled from his parked car for the boys to get inside the vehicle. both boys ran away. the 13-year-old alerted his parents... whom then called the police about an hour later. on the other
6:09 pm
officials aren't hesitating to communicate with students... police say the man was driving a faded blue sedan. the boys were unable to get a description of the man because the encounter was too brief. police are still unsure if monday's attempt was related to three other recent attempted kidnappings. residents of a san jose mobile home park are speaking out against a proposal to locate a homeless shelter in their neighborhood. kron four's rob fladeboe shows you the site and explains why neighbors aren't happy. >> reporter:mike williams is the manager of the willow glen mobile home park here on evans lane. as we cruised around the park in his golf cart, he explained why virtually all of the 150 residents here are against the city's plan to build a homeless shelter on a vacant, 6- acre site right next door.
6:10 pm
sot mike williams/against homeless shelter the plan, though far from complete, could entail housing as many as 100 homeless people, in a campground like setting, in temporary units. it's next door to a rehabilitation center. but despite concerns a new shelter could making an existing crime problem worse, the city is determined to find more housing for the homeless. sot ray bramseon/s.j. homeless outreach mgr. meanwhile mike williams is lobbying park residents to speak out
6:11 pm
against the shelter plan. formerly homeless himself, williams agrees the homeless need a new shelter but he insists this is not the right place for it. sot mike williams standup closer "leonard, the families to think they'd be better off." still >> reporter: long way from being approved environmental impact it to be repeated and the couple weeks before the planning commission makes its recommendation to city council. >> pam:new at six. a new proposal. would allow for without getting in trouble with the law. the catch. they would "use". at a supervised facility. a state lawmaker introduced the proposal. in an effort to address the growing number of drug overdoses in california. the bill would make it legal for health departments. to allow the use of controlled substances. in clincs that could offer medical intervention. other lawmakers seemed
6:12 pm
reluctant postponing a committee vote. still ahead. strike preparations at the progress between faculty and c-s-u management. as the april 13 strike dates approaches. plus. a south bay community beefing up security. after a string of if you are paying cash. you are going to have to pay up. we'll tell you about the new surcharge coming to muni.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> grant: suspect vehicle is a brown van driver but sign-on was killed. pleaser hoping that sell the crash will come forward the information a press conference and to the posada air and also on kron 4 kron4news-dot-com >> pam:new at six. the cal- state faculty is resuming contract talks with university officials to avert a massive strike. a threatened 5-day walkout would affect classes at all 23 cal state campuses.
6:16 pm
the faculty union has set one for april 13-15 and april 18- 19th. but both sides said today they are optimmistic that a new contract can be reached by friday. the prime issue is wages. the faculty association wants a 5-percent raise. university officials are offering two- percent. in the east bay. a 90-day moratorium on rent increases comes as good news to an oakland resident who tells kron4's haaziq madyun.she has experienced multiple rent increases within a matter of months back to back rental increases in the same year? it is stories like victoria herrera's that prompted oakland city council to place a 90-day moratorium on rent increases.
6:17 pm
the 26-year-old works as an aid in the city council office and lives in the city's fruitale district "there were two rent increases of $200 dollars each, yes and they were unforeseen, unfortunately i did not know at that time that i could challenge them and i went from paying $1,200 a month to $1,650 per month" "there is a lot of focus right now on improving renter protection and that is part of what we need to do" oakland mayor libby schaaf says over the next 90-days there will be a lot of work done trying to solve the city's housing crisis "we're also going to be looking for existing buildings that we can buy, fix up, and put affordability protections on them to benefit the people who are already living there" herrera says those protections are sorely needed "we actually get on a weekly basis anywhere from 10 to 20 complaints from renters that are going through the same situation" some housing advocates want the city to impose rent control on the housing market but mayor schaaf says that is up to the voters "no cause evictions was enacted by oakland voters, so the city council cannot do a moratorium or in no way change eviction laws"
6:18 pm
in order for that to happen no cause evictions would have to be placed on the november ballot.herrera says favors the idea "i hear as i walk through our community, through district 5, my landlord is trying to evict me, it is a real reality for a lot of people" in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news new at six. san jose is increasing security at city hall. in response to a recent string of vandalism incidents.
6:19 pm
the most recent incident happened this past monday. when graffiti was found at city hall plaza near the west bench. the building was vandlized twice last week. and a city spokesperson says graffiti has been found nearly every night. the escalated vandalism. has prompted the city to contract for security. and add more lighting around the building. a shuttle bus catches fire while transporting apple employees from san francisco to cupertino. and house attorneys have no criminal case experience set attorney-general would have a conflict of interest involved. the senator from san bruno worthy it in for now occurred if you try to block the $6 million request. >> britteny: much cooler when
6:20 pm
gusts up to about 30 m.p.h. and then will linger into your weekend. entablatures right now lots of references to 86 degrees oakland 86 as well we did see new record at the oakland airport. and san jose 85 livermore in the low 80s 85 concord santa rosa at 86. and after this major warm-up track cooler weather san francisco region-88 only '70s center around an 97 by tomorrow in the mid-70s the same thing san jose dropping down the mid-70s. incentives 1890's we beat will be in the '60s and '70s. feature cast for exactly what to expect and then as we go through the
6:21 pm
and the date " to increase by friday morning a chance of showers with northrop the day friday even into saturday possibly into sunday a few major changes on the way. and this will be as forests night a mild night ahead most locations in the '50s and a load of high fifties at a whole lot of locations dropping for his 60s by tomorrow. '60s and '70s on the map 72 degrees in napa 75 and san jose and sunday forecast showing a drop into friday saturday sunday we check a trance of rain and temperatures back in the '60s friday into next week. transit >> pam: agency it
6:22 pm
include in the budget. five of its charred writer repay forecast for bumping its current charge to a dollar a 25 cent to dollar is 50 cents a de to curb writers use. the examiner reports. that the budget was unanimously approved but still needs to go in front of the city's board of supervisors for final approval. they are sleek, clean and more quiet - we are talking about the new bart trains. bart officials unveiled one of the 775 trains that will be replacing the current fleet. the new cars are packed with upgrades, including central air that flows from above to keep passengers cool during warm plus there are surveillance cameras, new seats, bigger spaces for those with disabilities. the upgrades are based on input gathered from the community input.
6:23 pm
officials say throughout the next few months. more trains will come in. so to they can hook them up and test them on the tracks. the goal is to have the new trains in the system starting in 2017. still ahead on kron four news at six. there's a new concert venue in san francisco. but not everyone is thrilled. we'll explain. plus. it's a beautiful day to get up and get outdoors. as people all around the bay area are celebrating "national walking day".
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6:26 pm
new at six. the san francisco armory wins an entertainment permit in the face of opposition. the historic city building in the mission will now become a full-time event and concert venue. that can hold up to 4-thousand people. the 40,000 square foot event space is known as the drill court. these images are from the armory studios web site. the armory will get extra sound- proofing to help appease neighbors. they say noise from past events shook walls, broke windows, kept them up late and drew rowdy crowds. because and become less active after society included the recipes all of crp
6:27 pm
demonstrations and put pressure screenings stanley got tested and talked about having a stroke last august and very young grant posted the event. the senator's intent cruise taking down the front runners in the wisconsin primary. in that state's contributing millions of dollars in the fight against cruz. taking down presidential primary. the united states now dollars. in the fight against attendant who deployed the emergency slide after landing. needs to look for a new job. new details ahead.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
p?p?o?gv this new committee begins its
6:31 pm
work next week. usgs released a new map that shows rodgers creek not befall their runs in a single straight line north south of santa rosa originally believed in fact a series of small faults that spira of their way through the city. and better prepare for earthquakes. if approved this 6 a. site on evans lane could be sheltered for as many as 100 homeless people calls for portable units and a campground like setting with complete services. residents of the mobile home park for your then make an existing crimen trash problem that much worse.
6:32 pm
>> reporter:
6:33 pm
>> britteny: of conditions preconditions' when speeds pick up and the rest of tonight by it's more a windy. a tune livermore and '88 and amfac. 97 degrees and then center rows of 94 today. in see the chain of clouds and onshore flow that helps track temperature is a strong area of high pressure slowly moves off the east as well. in one precondition
6:34 pm
sticker round of three more hours. and at the end of the show. limit the pass ethical one. the front-runners are taking campaign and going home. home to new york that is. at a
6:35 pm
commanding lead and then likely republicans there on the billionaire. twice the number of people that enjoy case sick and had crews spent time shaking hands and the bronx's after and. university poll shows helical and best in brooklyn ternate by 12 points and the empire state 5442%. they maintain that his comments my side winning seven of the last eight contests. >> reporter: starts a quick to point out that for recanted it there is a lot of time between now and april 19th when voters in york cast a ballot. rod is important both democrats are also holding events in pennsylvania wednesday state
6:36 pm
that that is not vote to april 26th. and the >> pam: use money from the five horrible it is being directed to the disease control prevention and the purpose is to conduct research and a fax on the birth defects plus the creation of a response team to limit virus an available option for the government was to repurchase some existing both funds. that would not undermine
6:37 pm
that deadly disease.
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>> pam: say they're being squeezed out and hoping to get the feds involved. that story tonight on news at 8:00. medea that's got a viral try a flight attendant the plan urgency evacuation flight even though there was no emergency. >> grant: this happen monday after sacramento houston seen throwing her back at the emergency door before sliding on the issue. her name has not but
6:41 pm
not the monkey bars.
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>> gary: salsa season in milwaukee a giant debuted a not very effective spring by number is spring and spring. right off the bat like aaron help. coming
6:45 pm
home buster posey who brought at the plate. . >> gary: matt duffy about to go second season tracks have to to one advantage. cris carter once upon a time and local de. cris carter caught four home runs. 32 against the brewers. scooter scores and the brewers when today on the seventh inning sacrifice of the final of four to three. giants and dodgers home opener tomorrow at 135 for the first pitch in san francisco. call >> gary: rocky had a home run his third straight game. and
6:46 pm
it the third straight time gone and his first three games. the first player merlin major-league history warriors pretty tough now. final for a break the bulls mark last evening the set assess and company 54 straight home. loss second time in three games and when you're sitting on the couch they did look all little battered. here's how looks right
6:47 pm
now the warriors even with the bulls. and a record season 59 to 94 games remaining. the bulls' 143 at 4 and the atlanta 72. guy >> gary: its dodgers' followed by warriors san antonio if you bet those who follow this close centennial raises star players whether you like ....
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
>> gary: a $40,000 show up 9% a time the study has and is off- season workout. japan up but not completely healthy does not do anything. the forty-niners and denver the starch out paprika offer 14 million for two seasons and once more let the pickup contract to get rid of him.
6:50 pm
hong rubber the third introduced relaunchis career and then in washington his career fell a little bit. nine holes in one of the par-3. .
6:51 pm
this book alive one of grant's favorites is a hit. new feature of the like and not it's making some changes.
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6:54 pm
>> pam: feature large in my january it allows anyone to broadcast a live video on face but news feed and today it will give a major promotion dedicated shortcut on i'll us and try applications. tomorrow we really
6:55 pm
cool things down in the mid-70s some locations on the '60s into friday saturday sunday we attracted chance of roadshow hours a cool temperatures here to stay.
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"the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. number one, drew barrymore's divorce makes her feel like a failure. >> t always kids and family and husband first. otherwise i fail at everything. >> the inside detai of her sad split from will kopelman including how much money is at stake. >> he has a huge business empire with her flower cotts mettics and her wine. >> then gwyneth crash's coldpshow, but what event brought them together? and number three. meet the hollywood rep most powerful people in media. >> it's riding a bits e ing ing. >> which stars are changing the game? plus, our "insider" bonus. we're with candace cameron bure for her 40th birthday blowout at
7:00 pm
"the view." >> it's my birthday. end? >> it's her par she'll cry if she wants >> i was seriously sobbing. >> now, h the inside-out. it's "the together with yahoo! drew barrymore's divorce was not an overnight decision. but was their hollywood union doomed from day one? >> "people" magazine has new details about their shocking breakup, the millions of dollars at stake, the children caught in middle. let's dive right into the number-one story we're tracking today inside drew's sad split. >> he's very romantic. he has a little more eleganc with his romance. i'm, ike, goofy and cheesy about it. >> two years ago, drew appeared madly in love on "the insider." >> there's always kids and family and husband first. otherwise i fail at everything. >> now we're finding out what went wrong. a confident barry moer


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