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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 7, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>will tran: thank you for joining us for the kron 4 morning analyst get things started with the winner--, whether >>anny hong: by the afternoon we promise you won't be sent temperatures in the 80s and 90s
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like we saw yesterday here was a look at the bay bridge press i started off this thursday morning happy preflight and temperature is looking at this number 60's and '50's for the most part looking at 64 in san francisco that is a milder readings for the city 58 in livermore 67 in san jose. >>anny hong: we will continue with above average temperatures for today but promising that we're not going to see '80s and '90s the quick check of the future past four today by 10:00 on sea temperatures in the '60s all across the bay area pick
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where once sea temperatures in the '60s and '70s across the bay area where going to sit temperatures will continue to pour down through friday and into the weekend the high for today still very pleasant a lot more comfortable 77 antioch 75 in livermore will talk about the chance for showers come to the bay area at an unusual system will talk about why that is coming up later.
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>>anny hong: both the giants and a's coming a little bit later. >>robin winston: the camilla's off to a great star where hot spot free #the problems out there so we would check the travel time heading into san francisco right now it is holding at about 14 and 15 minutes out to 101 checking travel time they look fantastic.
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>>will tran: 90 uc-berkeley employees accused of island university sexual misconduct policy we are told your boss of a high-profile. >>reporter: hundreds of pages of new sexual-harassment cases revealed since 20001119 employees at uc-berkeley or
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found to have sexually harassed students or workers including a uc-berkeley swim and diving coach shriven at one point saying to the victim " we will give you $300 for oral sex. >>reporter: the doctor says he sent a student sexually harassing e-mail and 2015 even offering a trip to hawaii for a dirty smoke-filled we can a pleasure and send he later resigned a staff member in the program for disabled students was investigating for sending text messages and e-mail list with sexual innuendo in 2012 a
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painter was fired after two employees walked in on him having sexual relations and on campus apartment on the wall and watched these cases come in addition to the ones against the vice chancellor of the dean of law school and astronomy professor and an assistant basketball coach offer sexual- harassment. >>will tran: 11 of the sexual harassment investigation and with employees losing their jobs. >>will tran: it took 65 years the reins of the san francisco board sold on the back home in the bay area " from died in north korea and his return is giving his family a sense of closure one year later he was
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captured by the north koreans and sent to a prisoner were capped he died in 1951 as the main stage in north korea for decades. >>jeff bush: the nephew provided sea in a sample to the army years ago finally a map pockets of it was on hand sfo to receive the remains everything stopped in the only sound could be heard all the noise of jets on the tarmac the body was escorted from hawaii by his nephew drain george who was a career marine
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the family says it is good to have come back on u.s. soil in general is on friday he will be laid to rest next to his brother. >>will tran: he got away during a police chase through three east bay cities in started when the man pulled the gun on a security guard at a nordstrom rack store in pleasant hill and have a long contra costa boulevard police say this man to to year-old charles justice tried to steal several items he was stopped but what talking security guard it for our gonna lead to a car chase offers a
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stock pursued with masoud the kids were in the car. >>will tran: justice was last seen driving a $2,000 during will similar to this picture of the to tellers he is currently out on parole a huge day for sports specifically the golden state warriors they will try to make history in become just a second team in nba history to win seven games in just one season that will have to do it against the san antonio spurs
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the san francisco giants finally back home today that as pick up the first when the highlights things are heating up in the race for the democratic presidential nomination will lead to have been brought by bernie sanders and hillary clinton.
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>>anny hong: who will politics and showers this time tomorrow morning possibly the best optical down today this afternoon will receive the highest of the dollar lower '70s by 3 to 4:00 p.m. and we will have suffered when 10 to 20
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mi. our little breezy at times respecting partly cloudy conditions increasing clouds coming in from the south grout the day-to-day. >>anny hong: you'll notice that tomorrow morning at 4 in their the green where track and the possibility for some light showers coming in from the south that is an unusual pattern will problems is a light shower activity early tomorrow morning for potentially the morning commute it could have had driver from friday morning.
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>>anny hong: no more nine is a guest to this out to the high for today much call for you but still above average. we will
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have 60 again chance of showers will arrive in early tomorrow morning in the shower chance was to cut back for saturday and into sunday for the weekend. >>robin winston: track in the committee on the golden gate bridge attention of the driver can nor the bank in san francisco this morning we're
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tracking travel times and the great you have to use the e sure freeway damage a trouble spot from the corporate e sure to the lopes or 14 minutes to get from highway 4 split the toll ride is only 30 minutes. >>charles clifford: they have no for a long time that the rat creek fog runs through this area because there's so many buildings and parking lots of structures and home to the could not have the see exactly where it was recently in some aircraft
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radar also new site service to discover run underneath the road schools churches and homes including this along to the avenue she took the new their house into one of california's law is dangerous faults and stride..
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>>will tran: including a live quick math and what you need for an emergency kit a huge they the oakland a's picked up the first one of the season last night against chicago white sox. >>will tran: the a's and white sox or of the four game series this afternoon for to pitch 1235 at the coliseum. the san francisco giants will play their first game of the season at at&t park they will take on the hated rival of the l.a. dodgers. >>will tran: them to bounce back from a disappointing loss.
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>>will tran: even after resounding victory for senator bernard sanders and wisconsin her delegate lead nearly insurmountable the he basically does not have a chance.
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>>reporter: over clinton is wrapping up our tax on our descenders. >>reporter: while he has the momentum the math is not on his side clinton hold the lead of 2091 pledged delegates in grow to 681 when superdelegates are included the clinton campaign is open to bring an end to the primary fight on an offensive against bernie sanders would disqualify him into doing the work of the consulting of the sanders policies are not realistic questioning sanders
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party loyalty in an interview with cnn. >>reporter: can transcend the full transcript to supporters and e-mail, as the risk
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continues to intensify the sanders camp and fired off a warning shot to his rivals clinton's response. >>will tran: president obama will be in california today the president will be in los angeles and will hold to avenge president obama will head to san francisco for another fund raiser at the home of billion and gordon getty and his wife is said to leave the bay area saturday afternoon in very light
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>>will tran: she is lashing out at glamour magazine this morning. >>reporter: is your plan on seeing janet jackson on the number to the world tour you have to wait to judge the now she's posed on the floor because she is planning the family with
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an the plus side on the issue without asking for letting her know in this final thought not cool. >>will tran: the content hollywood today live with pays 1:00 and the afternoon police investigated a deadly it will run on the peninsula where police are doing to try and track down that person.
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>>will tran: the golden state warriors tried to rid his story tonight is a big game home court advantage all the way through at stake for the playoffs.
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>>anny hong: fair skies we do have some high clouds which is why temperatures have been running pretty mild for the morning hours today you will notice it is pretty worn out there by endicott was to temperatures in the fifth is for the canton to the bus stop. here is a look at the temperature is right now look at the milder
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readings 67 in san jose the mid- 50s in the the more. >>anny hong: nothing to intense right now with the exception of the chance for some thunderstorms its overall showers are going to be fairly light due to the sea breeze
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taking in 68 in san francisco sit in the '70s and santa rosa with a system gusted to 30 mi. our our this afternoon here is a look at the 74 cast the court out continues which our allies and possibly by early tomorrow morning and shower chance was
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the ground through the weekend. >>robin winston: how to live look at the traffic on westbound i did to the shot just west of the pick it's coming out hey what that is the request you see on the right-hand side of the screen so for the transition from the nimitz freeway is nice and smooth image problems connecting from the bayshore freeway tech in the travel time
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to the soft economic trouble spots right now your accident install free on one on one of the san jose to sunnyvale no problem with the santa cruz mountain. >>robin winston: north 11 davis and myself and and to spread to the central freeway in san francisco is only 18 minutes. >>will tran: awhile fighter started in the arizona has not come to colorado river across our state the fire so far has burned more than 49 a. and 5 percent contain the fire started wednesday morning so far one of the people have been evacuated from their homes a family resort town and this is near the town of needles california so far forced really know what has been hurt the cause of the fire this the least of the concern is still under investigation. >>will tran: behalf of and
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around 1:00 yesterday afternoon the south and the waterside road exit. >>phillipe djegal: in this one family is grieving for when the deadly i 101 crash there identified 58 your victim as michael o'brien who has addressed in pacifica the driver who had him still mystery the office of the chp says officers are checking with businesses along the freeway was surveillance cameras and they have captured the crash or would lead to a the sea is the also reaching out to drivers as well o'brien the victim was in the silver to your sign-on when they said the brown van possibly a twitter standard for nissan traveling at high rates of speed
4:38 am
headed north on 101 past march road exit rendered him who slammed into the median and overturned before coming to rest just before the woodside road exit he later died stanford hospital the brown van never stopped. >>phillipe djegal: the brown van the have and to the freeway somewhere in san jose as for brian the victim he says that he was wearing his seat belt and it does not appear he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol he appears that he was simply the innocent victim of reckless driver. >>will tran: the warm weather means more people just getting out side crab season back in the
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bay area they're back in restaurants some of the best ways to enjoy a crack in this morning's edition of dined and-9 in---dine and dish.
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>>will tran: for the longest time they read nine their favorite crop but now the crustacean has been given a clean bill of health they're making their way back a plan to place absence and it apart from their. >>vicki liviakis: nothing like a love affair with the dungeon this, no local crabber in the
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crab craze is back on crab lovers of all over it can't seem to get enough how many ways he eat crab i counted in the starting here and pick 39 bob and i've been about to give the go this season winds down in
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june so time is running out of a crustacean done to this crabber really is all is cracked up to bay. >>will tran: fire investigators announcing a grass fire near the headquarters was intentional find out who is behind bars this morning another that has been linked to to, air bag in the u.s. what the driver may have been the blame this time you might not be eligible for a major tax reform by the new test model 3 the reason coming up in about 17 minutes from now.
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>>will tran: the remains of the san francisco born soldier of
4:46 am
wildfire the start and a result has jumped, river and crossed to california at this point they don't know what started this fire but they do believe it is fair suspicious .
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>>anny hong: tim to the still want to be above average for lot of locations if you're going to go to giants game were talking about how will be pretty windy that will make it feel cooler down to get the sun glasses and a sun screen we will see sunshine was increasing clouds
4:48 am
temperature is right now has a core down all whole lot if you're in san francisco in 6465 and then the city where some fifties in concord which now to los '60s and antioch and 54 is your santa rosa most the shower should be like a club impact on the committee for some folks tomorrow morning on friday there
4:49 am
was a look at the height to the for the eastern shore low seven is an berkeley and oakland to mid-70s if you're in fremont this afternoon 68 in downtown san francisco you notice a lot from the mild reading for this time of year a lot of us will be above average. >>anny hong: here is as promised the oakland a's baseball forecast this is the starting
4:50 am
tomorrow. >>robin winston: no major problems from novato to send a fell sausalito across the golden gate bridge into san francisco
4:51 am
track in the ride on five a western was alive the and commit to the richmond center fell toll plaza south about 680 come out of dublin and to seoul that is on the 17 minutes and 280 from the committee out of the south bank northbound looks good no hot spot from san jose all the way out to cupertino. >>will tran: the clinton
4:52 am
community car exports to at the lindsay wildlife museum in walnut creek said the stakes coming out of hibernation and the to be found in habitats all over the bay area if the warehouse is slamming, so a lot of fun still bomb administration says it critically needed despite the spread of the virus
4:53 am
$1.9 billion requested by the president obama administration to be used for preventative measures like mosquito control and vaccine development the who says the virus represent a global of emergency so far 64 cases have been confirmed in pregnant women. >>will tran: the cdc held a summit on the virus last week in atlanta this is the mosquito that carries the virus are found in a much broader range in the u.s. and first reported.
4:54 am
>>will tran: a mild morning and should not have any problems occur at it from the east bay into san francisco we will be right back.
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>>robin winston: we're tracking a ride around the bay area and off to a great start and live look in traffic approaching the bay bridge toll plaza a brand new within world harry potter opens today at universal studios in hollywood fiction is based on hit movies as follows
4:57 am
similar attractions are the open at universal studios. >>will tran: we will be back with more news weather and traffic.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>anny hong: and the will to come from many locations including the south bend and also in san francisco here is a live look at the bay bridge we're working to clear skies across the bay area for this is why we're seeing some milder readings this morning in fact to the to run quite a bit warmer now than we were compared to this time yesterday. >>anny hong: we have mid-50s out there for the 8:00 hour on the most sunny conditions and month's time we received yosemite's the '60s and the bay shoreline. >>anny hong: right now is 62 in san francisco and oakland 67 in san jose mid-50s the livermore
5:02 am
and of the fifties for concord much cooler and bridges to the afternoon more details on how cold it will get from where you left today coming up at all so the base of forecasts later. >>robin winston: no lead to delays about 30 minutes to go a little bit of a backup in the catchline during the shift change between the toltec but that is already thinned out as a great time to use the bay bridge just a quick check of the ride to the east bay where track in the commune on southbound 680 in south 242 the image problems if you're living, of pleasant hill walnut creek our danville in this move all the way across 90 minutes for south 680 to leave concord and head out to danville. >>mark: the breaking news even fallen from over my wildfire
5:03 am
burned across the california arizona border is not about more than 1,400 a. of brush the containment of 5%, the firefighters a gusty winds are coming down in the flames are starting to die off the fire erupted yesterday morning. >>james: we'll live at the pleasant hill police department with the details of who they are looking for. >>jackie sissel: we have had the pleasant hill police department they're looking for that suspect approval committed armed robbery and took them on the wild ride through three cities out here he was spotted inside
5:04 am
of a department store at that point justice who was out on parole security was able to get a description of the car a sure while later ultimately going down the wrong way in walnut creek it was only at the walnut creek police spotted children inside the vehicle. >>jackie sissel: they said they're still looking for justice and justice is from
5:05 am
hayward they're actively searching. >>mark: his remain stater north korea for decades sometime in the early boxes of combined remains in the was government the niece and nephew provided
5:06 am
dna samples to the army years ago and finally there was a match his general is tomorrow and he will be laid to rest next to his brother. >>darya: happen today to close to have to pay a tax on sugary drinks they're going to announce plans today for a sugar sweetened beverage tax supporters of the st. it will raise awareness about the link between sugary drinks and type 2 diabetes and other diseases.
5:07 am
>>mark: will begin removing the second the five trust fans and the old eastern spend of the bay bridge here is built from february and the first 504 for trust and was lower on the barges. >>darya:.
5:08 am
>>yoli aceves: people have the orange to to and then face a remark of had it is really you can feel the excitement of the opening day especially because this is an even here we all know that means.
5:09 am
>>darya: also recognize the suspect and video surveillance three people have not been arrested police will return the score to make a wish officially
5:10 am
at 10:00 this morning happening tonight the golden state warriors will once again been trying to get back on their winning streak and won the last four games of the regular season for have to do this against the san antonio spurs at home today and then away as well they're coming off a disappointing loss from the timber wolves on tuesday also if they win tonight they will
5:11 am
clinch the top seed in the playoffs and the guaranteed home court advantage when you are giants and a's warriors will want to see how you're getting into the spirit the battle for the white house intensified of those present to farmers lose the wisconsin primary still recanted the push to be done and sanders coming up by investors and now sang a grass fire near the headquarters was intentionally set find a hole behind bars this morning.
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watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. >>anny hong: this is why we're off to a mile start this morning oakland we've cooled down and the last hour we just updated this number is 59 and the fair skies the high today lower '70's still fairly pleasant but not to war with same soft winds will be coming in and around 10 to 20 mi. to our temperatures now are
5:16 am
in the '50s and '60s to milder readings including san jose at 6664 san francisco mid-50s in half moon bay if we're tracking 59 and led home. >>anny hong: we have this system here unusual pattern coming in from the south with the increasing clout brought the morning and afternoon which is going to limit the daytime heating which means is cooler temperatures for all of us across the bay area and with that the system the showers will late tonight and early tomorrow
5:17 am
morning 68 in downtown san francisco the coast looking at of record on 65 and have more than we're talking mid-60s and sanwa fell to low seventies for santa rosa and not.
5:18 am
>>anny hong: the cool down continues through tomorrow everyone will be in the '60s for your friday again we're attracted to shower chances. >>robin winston: no significance
5:19 am
among come out of heywood west to bomb of the toll plaza of this is a good ride is moving well so far definitely take enough for him into trouble spots right now between the nimitz and the bayshore freeway we're tracking the travel time and they look great five a divorce from castro valley and to open only 13 minutes.
5:20 am
>>darya: the rest of the 35 year-old in the east palo alto and connection with that fire.
5:21 am
>>darya: it may be more dangerous and originally thought the research shows the creek fall as acid made up of several calls small lines crisscross the santa rosa they're not schools churches and homes sitting right on top of these newly discovered fault lines usgs hopes the new maps of people living in the area be better prepared for earthquakes are.
5:22 am
>>mark: mccracken primary and the yokosuka and unimportance after a beating from the low harry clinton and wisconsin. >>mark: she released several attacks on sanders' questioned his truthfulness how prepared the into the presidency and whether he is loyal to the democratic party sanders said that hillary clinton's on qualified to president he is in momentum and to hold the lead of 229 among pledge the its with
5:23 am
the margin rose to 681 when the superdelegates that the board or they want the new primary on it for 19 the latest poll shows a leading 54 to 42% you might not be eligible for major tax break when you by the new tesla model 3 would tell you why after the break.
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>>darya:, this is a person died in texas last thursday when the airbag inflator in the 2002 honda civic ruptured in the crash they can explode with the to force a some shrapnel flying into passengers and drivers is the 10th no desk in the u.s.. >>darya: the recall repairs were never made to her vehicle.
5:27 am
>>mark: orders for the new low price electric cars already hit to on the 76,000 men in when people want the tax credit is start to $35,000 and write to zero hundred and 50 mi. on the charge customers seven putting down $1,000 deposit to order the car is supposed to go on sale late next year but they're not really known for meeting the target date. target date. p?p?o?gv
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>>anny hong: here is a live look at the bay bridge a we have fair skies a few high clouds which is actually contributing to the fact we have mild conditions this morning we will have a call to mild start this one reason for the afternoon but mainly '60s and '70s of that cool down tomorrow charge ' of friday will see men this is all across the bay for the weekend we are tracking some shower for
5:31 am
saturday. >>robin winston: coming out of richmond had and to the north to the economic the problems headed to the richmond san rafael bridge and live look at the approach to the toll plaza no major slowdown to the time to go ahead and use and so far none of the trouble spots live in the south if you have to use no. 11 it is looking good for morgan hill all the way into san jose.
5:32 am
>>mark: police said they're looking for the driver of what brown ran from the end run collision in redwood city. >>reporter: this have on highway 101 near woodside road according to chp. he >>reporter: is the driver is
5:33 am
called the driver of the brown van that could be charged with felony hit and run as well as voluntary manslaughter is a as in kiev and information that you call chp. >>mark: this happened about 230
5:34 am
yesterday afternoon and this is said the driver was going up hill we started making a turn and loss control of the truck the driver cannot stop he jumped out the truck rolled back down the hill crashing into the home when her husband were inside of the time but they were not injured the home will now need to be demolished. >>darya: it allows the government and the employees businesses to discriminate on the case on the basis of marital status he responded by saying that law undermine civil
5:35 am
remedies is the backed off to the departments to bar and a publicly funded city employe travel to mississippi. >>mark: the world health organization says the fire erupted as the global of emergency so far 64 cases have been confirmed and pregnant women in the u.s. the topic of the virus elsewhere since the february from a requested not been approved that not repressing six of the million- dollar originally intended for use to fight ebola the cdc held
5:36 am
a summit on the virus last in the atlanta this to the mosquito that carries the virus are found sexual transmission is more common than it was first believed the impact on brain development is much more serious warmer weather means more rattlesnakes who was a
5:37 am
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>>mark: before going to the store checkout which is in your figure radical or a but you have before you buy more resources on the order portion it realistically and take home the leftovers
5:41 am
>>darya: 6 fillings and interactions those are some symptoms of stress in your kids for younger kids withdraw from their favorite things become very cleanly and to act or even a sudden change in appetite
5:42 am
always threatened on social media involvement the new silicon will tell you where happened a 12 your broad knocked out cold after she was bodies slammed by a police officer.
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♪ ♪
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(laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. >>mark: the 22 year-old charge justice tried to steal several items.
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>>anny hong: at 7:00 perhaps the east the bed and location san francisco 7 is too high and oakland makes '70s in fremont and also in union city is was
5:48 am
really nice thing in the city's 65 for pacifica and half moon bay and hear the storm track the 7 day around the bay forecast accord on continues for friday everyone in the '60s.
5:49 am
>>robin winston: through the toll plaza all the way up to the scene of the stall the treasure island the total drive times is less than 20 minutes to get from downtown oakland check in the ride of highway 92 not that this morning 50 minutes total from antioch to come the total to for
5:50 am
more and help to the guadalupe parkway is still caught in the 2 to 1 minutes.
5:51 am
>>darya: this happened last september at 711 on no. 6 st. san jose police now. >>mark: next to that is a rehabilitation center people at the home park a were read this will mean more crime.
5:52 am
>>darya: she is 14 years old and then he drove her back to bay area she was reported missing and they found her in johnston's bed during the investigation that found a hard driver pictures and videos of its least 94 miners who he had talked to online to list for met with him and engaged in sexual activity.
5:53 am
>>mark: they do tenafly's themselves well as a self forced to be aware of your surroundings. >>darya: the park service wants
5:54 am
to designate to two locations for dogwood and recreation area that's as marin san francisco san mateo county they need to limit dock access in the park to protect the interest of other park users the lawsuit says the park service has been slow to release information that that's why they need this.
5:55 am
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>>mark: we're track in the timing of the rain had plans you have to pay more pressure the drinks the new push to both help and stop people from drinking
5:58 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>mark: as well as inside at&t park as well as the side of the building for the giants. >>anny hong: the start time is
6:02 am
at 135 on a partly cloudy skies temperatures in the mid '60s temperature wines with a one to see when to optimize our gusting to 30 times hold onto your hat. >>robin winston: is wanted and at the committee during lunchtime also want to mix in with the evening commute the sock about san francisco have the giants home tonight.
6:03 am
>>robin winston: we have the a's home today this is also a day game it will impact a large turned commute impact on the nimitz in both directions across in the coliseum 66 sometimes it is heavy from 98¢ and the st. the coliseum bart station will be packed 580 is a good alternate to get around have a chapter on the nimitz will have a game consider using 580 instead or use 580 if he does want to build on the baseball traffic.
6:04 am
>>will tran: they're kind enough to let us inside the they're still 6 1/7 hours away from first page it will be jack p. v. taken the mound is already a faster to the giants.
6:05 am
>>will tran: i think every year we have a lot of hope because we
6:06 am
have a great team last year we had some significant injuries he
6:07 am
group giants fan and so we hope to see him to the. >>mark: the school bus followed a weekend and also recognize to men same answer the evansville's robbing the make a wish foundation three people have been arrested in connection with the burglary police will the
6:08 am
time the school to make a wish and to talk this morning. >>mark: >>darya: they're trying to make it happen and break the record and leave the winning her regular-season with 73 is with the need if they win tonight they will get the top in the playoffs the easiest way to get
6:09 am
involved in our coverage is to have the mobile application a wildfire burned across the california and arizona voters about 14 200 a. of brush their 5 percent contained the firefighters a gusty winds and finally, down in flames a dying. >>mark: we're live at the pleasant hill police department to tell us more.
6:10 am
>>jackie sissel: you consider official tattoos on his face that make him very distinguishable that all start on tuesday at the nordstrom rack the pleasant hill according to authorities there inside of the nordstrom rack of the was spotted a security shoplifting this said there still looking for justice to was on parole for
6:11 am
several crimes he has a very distinguishable facial tattoos is originally from a what i would police department said that they are aware of his the fact he is on the run and they're keeping a close eye on him. >>mark: they will begin removing the second of five trusts fans and the old eastern span of the bay bridge has video from february when the first 504 trust and was lower on the part and halt the port of oakland to the construction of the battle
6:12 am
to the lighthouse intensifies after both presidential front runners loose and wisconsin now the attacks the focus on hillary clinton find out how she is firing back this morning for so racist redmen also submitted involved a noose and gone will surely the disturbing video a dump truck carries hot goes crashing into a home will show you where that happened.
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
>>anny hong: this morning we had a clear sky just a few high clouds and after help track some of the heating from yesterday which is why we are starting off on a milder note this morning the wind to pick up to it will have seven wins and oakland south at 10 to 20 mi. our our timber to now risen a lot of fifties and sixties a perfect is
6:16 am
an open 57 and livermore and 59 if your antioch this morning to to for to the change shows us how loud it is for some locations including fairfield oriole 13 degrees warmer now that we were this time yesterday 10 for san jose and 10 in santa rosa but would notice there almost 10 degrees cooler. >>anny hong: the wind speeds with and talk about the bridge to conditions marin to golden gate bridge crossing wins in the fairfield area of two to 3 mi. on our in the usual pattern this would have to come in from the south into mexico used to bring in some clouds and will probably
6:17 am
see increasing clout brought the afternoon temperatures will be topping out generally met 7 is for the once locations success to the heart of the table is still wednesday for the mild and pleasant for much of the bay area here is the storm track a 7 day around the bay forecast to to continue to fall tomorrow.
6:18 am
>>robin winston: at the bay bridge toll plaza the stall the was on the upper deck that is on this attack must add to the heavy traffic into san francisco during this time of one it is backed up to the foot of the maze is slow across the upper deck all the way out west of the tunnel and then discussed the cabiri minister and also bump up the drive times just under 35 minutes to get from downtown oakland to the westbound sky when.
6:19 am
>>robin winston: is just under 25 minutes from south san jose to sunnyvale. >>mark: senator burns and as before from helleri clinton wisconsin the campaign said the delegate lead them the insurmountable.
6:20 am
>>mark: the new york primary is come upon it for 19 minutes shows clinton leading centers 5442%. >>darya: 2 people have been arrested after donald trump campaign rally on long island the rally was held last night in with his first campaign event since losing to tech firms and wisconsin primary two people were arrested when they got into a fight inside of the rattling
6:21 am
this is the event cost uplift from about $400,000. >>mark: the video so the students holding up a new slab he flies off to go on the teenager was targeted in a video his mother spoke to school demonstrators another bidder to weeks ago but never heard back
6:22 am
to she filed a police report to police the parma's investigating the incident as a hate crime the family attorney is saying the students in the video has not been disciplined. >>darya: school officials said the students who brought the pills to the school is an integrator in his now facing a drug charge and he stayed and
6:23 am
north korea for decades sometime in the early '90s that provide their boxers combined remains to the u.s. government the need to nafta provide a dna sample to the army years ago and finally there was a match. the top of your girl knocked out cold after the body slammed by a school police officer.
6:24 am
6:25 am
>>robin winston: there was a
6:26 am
little bit of a backup not too bad it is starting to slow down approach and the pace is right across the bridge as nice a light. >>mark: best six or a girl from to the ground in the hallway for school would secession was in the hallway the senate did not see the bill until few days later another one answers the school district is connected on
6:27 am
investigation. >>darya: more details on the
6:28 am
four past coming out.
6:29 am
6:30 am
>>anny hong: will sea temperatures 90 in the '60s for friday on the weekend in their bid got to showers especially saddened and in concord also at 5865 in san jose where my the spot in the '60s in redwood city.
6:31 am
>>robin winston: the supreme shot from the sun and the like the sky is on fire much trouble spots for salt 680 is getting crowded, out of san jose heading into downtown. >>darya: police and read the city need your help to identify a driver who was involved in the deadly hit and run and read what sitting.
6:32 am
>>reporter: it could be charged with felony hit-and-run also
6:33 am
voluntary manslaughter we're waiting for the chp office to go on at some of the habit of this in any information if you have any information about what happened to you after call seeking. >>mark: he started maternal loss control of the truck and it cannot stop he jumped out and brokerage arm and a process with the truck rolled back down the hill slammed into the home of the woman her husband were inside thankfully supporters
6:34 am
said of this tax will raise awareness about the month of tishri drinks they're hoping that the 90 they ran free and will give leaders enough time to come out with the way to strengthen protection lolls. >>mark: the fund will be used
6:35 am
for preventive measures like mosquito control vaccine development to support his seventh confirmed a pregnant women in the u.s. the cdc held a summit for the virus last week in alaska the mosquito that carries the virus are found in a much broader range in the u.s. women for stock the law in
6:36 am
mississippi said the government employees businesses and take the bait the group can discriminate on the basis of sexual or gender orientation or marital status the law undermines civil liberties he said to the rest of city departments to bark and publicly funded city employee travel to mississippi and this is absolutely essential to public health and safety.
6:37 am
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mmm. bacon is lookin good. let's instabrag. honey, jalapeño boom boom, h-how is there no bacon emoji? denny's new honey jalapeño bacon, part of the red white and bacon menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner. >>mark: will didnt of the day before track check coming up in just a minute the stores where fallen americans are wasting 37
6:40 am
t 64 million lbs. of food. >>mark: buy in bulk to save money by make sure you use everything you buy professional
6:41 am
theater randy centel is not an alluvial pizza parlors politics and for eating and 8 lb. of pizza he began hitting professionally in 2010 after he won a body building contest.
6:42 am
>>anny hong: assistance park of developing will talk more about the live look how beautiful start to your thursday will talk about the forecast coming up after the break.
6:43 am
6:44 am
tisch >>mark: it divided more 1400's acres of bsh and the
6:45 am
firefighter said the when the fuel and the fires come down and of the call river after erupting in have the sole national wildlife refuge and is moving to southern california. >>darya: they said that led to the chase the pleasant hill, and will muckrake offices stopped percent because they said they were children and the car with him
6:46 am
>>anny hong: right now is of the '50s and oakland 61 and san francisco% 50 to antioch and the the more the quick check of the job monitor this would look like a march would you concede the dark red and is exceptional drought we're still under
6:47 am
extreme draw right now but we still need the kind speaking of the raymond with it some more over the next four hours late tonight into early tomorrow morning at 4:00 friday in track and saw my showers coming in from the south of the type the south of the first alexian.
6:48 am
>>anny hong: for the south to allow the seven is much more comfortable low 70's and sunnyvale to some four a quick check of the oakland a's forecast talking about giants earlier in the newscast and ally fox once again to add at it had
6:49 am
another system and is even more showers on saturday. >>robin winston: were tracking the ride across the golden gate is a very smooth and quiet throughout the morning commute major problems right now it is
6:50 am
sticking a southbound on the left the track come from a month but still an element no problem so far is to get from a doubling to change the mission stop one minor incident of the of the drive time but amid the trouble spots. >>charles clifford: the rodgers creek fault runs through this area because there's so many buildings and parking lots the structures of homes but cannot ever see exactly where it was recently use of aircraft with radar and also some new site
6:51 am
services rather than just a straight line their acts to men of several short of faults the passive dissenter rosa. >>charles clifford: they hope the residence and santa rosa will build to use this new maps to better prepare for earthquakes in the future.
6:52 am
>>darya: the option to become more available the price of the ax could become more affordable and the retailers at them according to department i culture doesn't like a tree at this will cost almost $3 on a dozen large white eggs just regular go for about a buck 30
6:53 am
the new model three-star to $35,000 and has a range of 250 mi. on a charge customers are reported on $1,000 deposits ordered them it is supposed to go on sale late next year. >>mark: the dow jones industrial average dealing with some losses to that given back all of yesterday's game and is down on the hundred 50 points it is now sitting at $17 to 664 right now
6:54 am
in just 24 degrees more likely o'clock.
6:55 am
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>>mark: there was a bit the fourth annual walk to work than the events from by walk san francisco we are continuing to
6:58 am
track major changes in the forecast was a live look from san francisco.
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