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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 8, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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sell the home of a man called a career criminal. >> pam: a barrage of bullets is heard in this graphic video of san francisco police officers confronting a homeless man they say was armed with a large knife. good evening, i'm pam moore. tonight we are learning more about the deadly encounter the unfolded yesterday morning in the city's mission district. grant lodes is tracking the developments.he joins us with
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what police had to say about the incident.grant? a fiery response from san francisco supervisor david campos, on this latest deadly police shooting. he released this statement on facebook. >> grant: all but one witness says that the man is holding a knife and charged at officers and an advocate says that this new video proves officers did not try to de escalate the situation and dan and breaks down the please response saturday. >> reporter: new video obtained it police pulling up to the scene at shock wall street. while the move off-camera making
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it impossible the see the encounter with the homeless man the end up shooting began here was being said. all three officers out of their vehicles. 19 second mark someone was told was less on the ground. followed by for been backgrounds and the gunshots. news conference friday supports their contention the 45 year-old armed with a knife in hand prior to the shooting. police say more than 10
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witnesses and reviewing this man cannot visor friend of the victims offered a different take. it interviewed by insert told a news media that it is never in his hands never told that to police regardless of the knife was in his hands or waistband. homeless advocates say the police response to this with a total failure. \ >> reporter: was done in terms of the escalation it will be part of this investigation. . >> pam: fire response on this
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latest deadly police shooting released this statementquote. 'yet another tragic death in san francisco. as witnesses, the police department, the homeless outreach team and homeless people in the area. come forward with more information, i am focused on making sure we gather the facts, answer outstanding questions and address all contradictions. i will call for a thorough and independent investigation of this matter. and -- if it becomes clear that we can't get such an investigation -- we need to >> pam:you can watch the surveillance video. and get updates on the story at kron-4 dot com. you can also stay connected on breaking news. by downloading our free mobile app. two more victims have come forward. a day after a dental assistant in concord was arrested for child molestation. 24- year- old alejandro saro. now accused of molesting three children younger than 10-years- old.
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kron four's philippe djegal is live outside la clinica monument in concord, where the alleged incidents happened. philippe. pam. while alejandro saro is behind bars with his bail set at eight million dollars. there's word now from investigators that it's possible there may be as many as 50 victims in this case. three allegations stemming from la clinca monument. >> reporter:today, we stopped by saro's neighborhood in antich where one neighnor says he's still in shock. sot- "its a big surprise to us." kenneth clark has lived on carla court for some 30 years, and says he's known 24-year-old alejandro saro for close to a decade. he says saro lived in this home across the street with his family. clark says saro's father is a quiet man, who goes to work everyday, and until now thought he'd raised a decent man. that all came crashing down
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thursday, when saro was arrested on eight felony counts of forciable lewd conduct on a child, and one count of being in possession of child pornography. sot- "just not something you'd expect." concord police say three children now claim they were sedated and sexually molested by saro, a dental assistant at la clinca. and, after looking through saro's cellphone, concord police say it's possible there are dozens of more victims. saro had worked at la clinca since march 2015. he also worked at several other clinics in concord and antioch. sot- "just see him drive his car in, drive his car out. he didn't come speeding in like other people do. so, he was just very respectful, normal kid you know. so, that why surprise is the only thing i can come with as my reaction to it and a little disgust at what he was doing to innocent children."
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parents picking up and dropping their kids off here at the clinic today had a similar reaction. as for saro, his arraignment is scheduled for next week. live in concrd, philippe djegal, kron four news. 20- years in prison. that's the punishment handed out today. for the man who admitted to intentionally setting the 97- thousand acre 'king fire'. it was an emotional day in court. kron 4's justine waldman is here now. justine, investigators released new evidence today. which contributed to the sentencing decision. one of 39-year old wayne huntsman, according to the district attorney, made a video of himself during the king fire that was an attempt to portray himself as a hero. a 7,000 a. king fired killed nearly 80 structures more than 100 square miles of land. when
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huntsman intentionally started the wildfire and medical see to of arson. the corps was pleading guilty because i am guilty visibly tense at times about is his head sank i've cried many nights for the victims and the losses. my heart hurts the pain i've costs. p.s. the victim's to abandon his heart to forgive me one day.
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>> reporter: with 20 years in prison 60 million prepetition to the fire victims. >> reporter: dozens of people came out to the corner of broadway cast a glance at the president of the united states.
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people stood by barricades hoping to see the president with their own eyes.
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"it's cool to seal the cars coming in just see an" >> reporter: presence of a fund- raiser on the street when it's finished hutus hotel. >> britteny: light rainfall and then a few more showers on the way. today tomorrow's sunday at a whole lot of rain but should keep umbrellas handy. the goal in the bridge where seeing some patchy fog cloudy light shower activity as we go into the rest of tonight and even into a week and celebrate our to the south
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of us pulling and moisture light rain fall depending on where you are. centered between moderate and said francisco and if you light showers in the tahoe region. 11:00 p.m. mr. to see some have your pockets outset of the area police steady rain will continue overnight and then again tomorrow morning if your really riser still dealing with a light showers like rain till 3:00 and then a little bit of a break more showers on the way into sunday and clearing up by monday. kaiser on the region's 67 oakland 67 in hayward. 68 san jose traffic losses and store coming up in the fall forecast in 15 minutes.
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spree a gun the fbi review what it heard a and investigationssix killed when a balconywe'll tell you who could now be facing major penalties a sex tape. a gun. and louis vuitton. the f-b-i revealing what they discovered in their investigation of a man beaten by alameda county deputies.
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>> pam:b-i agents found in the bedroom of a man in the middle of a newly release documentsand spoke to the suspect's mother. kate? hot grease >> reporter: complicated case unravelingthe video shows two alameda county deputies beating stanislov petrov in a san francisco alley back in november. just days after his attorneys filed a complaint.he found himself in handcuffs once again. stanislov petrov is no stranger to law enforcement. according to new documents from the fbi. the 29-year-old man has been charged with 43
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feloniesconvicted of five. three weeks before agents swooped in and made an arrest. the fbi says they served a search warrant at this visitacion home for an unrelated cyber crime investigation. during a searchagents found petrov and his girlfriend naked in a room with three bags of
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methamphetaminenumerous pipes and a hand gun hidden inside a louis vuitton messenger bag - agents say a sex tape showing petrov in the bedroom proves it all belongs to him. standup: "i spoke to petrov's mother extensively over the phone tonight. she has stuck by her son's side in court. she says "it's only the beginning of this horrible, horrible case." petrov's mother is skeptical of law enforcementbecause of this video.showign two alameda county deputies beating her son on november 12th. her son is in the process of suing alameda county deputies.not just for the beating - but also for attempts to cover up what they had done. deputies had turned off their body cameras. and while department policy says officers must complete their reports before the end of their shift.the deputies submitted police reports four days after incidentafter this video leaked. "unsavory or allegedly unsavory aspects of a victims past often creep up when the lawsuits are being made" a substitute teacher and former school administrator in contra costa county. has pleaded guilty to a child pornography charge. 60-year-old david prashker was sentenced to a 100- day jail term on thursday. he will also serve three- years
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on probation, after admitting to the possesseion of child pornography. when officers served prashker a search warrant, they say he tried to destroy some of the evidence. prashker will also have to register as a sex offender. after he serves jail time. police arrested a man last week. for a stabbing in san jose nearly 5- months ago. 29- year old joseph hernandez allegedly stabbed a man outside willow den bar, at 803 lincoln ave. on november 15th at around 1-in the morning. detectives received an anonymous tip that hernandez was the stabber. on saturday, hernandez was arrested during a vehicle stop. and even gave a false name to police. >> britteny: it the storm track your exec the rain fall is.
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and south san jose pockets and livermore concord fairfield all and the light showers and francisco try right now and take a look at center fell still seeing a light rain coming down petaluma signalman napa all saying spotty showers light rainfall right now this friday evening. same thing pleasanton and then down the south where we see the rain fall sunnyvale and also near the rest of tonight maybe keep the umbrella handy we seek showers paul on and off throughout the weekend. temperatures stay close average then more showers on the way. into next week satellite radar shot shows a system to solve continuant pull moisture paul and the rainfall and then clause of overseeing years the bigger picture. it transitions to the
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north and the rest of tonight also saturday morning 4:00 p.m. for a situation in north bay another round coming up into saturday night and sunday sponge or activity goes through one 2:00 before see little bit more clearing into monday. 60 san jose mile evening livermore and then temperatures tonight a few more degrees and the load mid- 50s 55 and low in redwood city and high from the region tomorrow 55 and san francisco 63 daly city 67 in redwood city and then also san jose. the
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department announced it's creating an exchange is on the location and hopes of deterring people of easing 1/6 websites for criminal activity. zombie mike not for having poor hygiene police asking for help in tracking down this man. a rash of home burglaries' upscale east bay neighborhood how neighbors are getting involved in stopping the crime. >> gary: 01 in yellow you know it's friday.
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nine britons and the month of march alone all in east dublin also taking upon themselves to the children streets those who've been hit tel police they're losing jewry other easily portable. there was a distinct pattern regarding these break-ins. police arrested four
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suspected burglars in the end of march and one additional brake and since then though more burglars out there. officials say the residents of the see any suspicious activity report it immediately. graphic video capturing a moment afford to the police shooting california man arrested on his front lawn. woody did while watering grass that got him in trouble.
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>> pam: accuses a chisel to a wheelchair bound victim and the york back in 2012. then a year later essentially a cell to another woman at a friend's family gatherings.
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>> pam: 2 anathemas and the deputy then shot with a single beam back ground and a to cut and the number of charges. the panoply is could be in the and the keys and a larger. next video released of a team's current asian with the north bay deputy could provide or provoke a new legal action.
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but campbell your least of an incident from last summer in which a teen girl was arrested
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in petaluma. the family of that teenager claims one deputy use excessive force. sheriff's department says as she was is doing her job. jeff clifford has the details. >> reporter: according to the sheriff's department called and has been yelling and treating the incident as possible domestic violence situation. including an 18 year-old gabrielle who live nearby at one point they open the passenger side door of the truck to place herself to the deputy in the vehicle. bean-bag round and taken into it then shifts as the incident escalates. gabrielle trust walk away from the scene, the deputy follows an arrest her.
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it's every upper scrape and a schwaiger, represents the holton used excessive force. deputy holton comes up behind her, takes his left hand and places it behind her head and ground. excellent job, that the officer did their duty. the sheriff's departments says they have reviewed the video. they believe that gabrielle lemos interfered with holton's investigation and that he was justified in arresting her. sot he had made the decision to arrest her so he followed her. said stop stop and that's when the ensuing altercation occurred and she fell to the ground. this incident is far from resolved. the lemos family filed a federal lawsuit against the sheriff's department back in the sonoma county district attorney's office charged and battery on a peace officer. clifford kron 4 news. grant is here with a new
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development in last year's deadly balcony collapse. >> reporter: i'm going back to doing what i love coaching basketball now an assistant coach at nevada of the 33 year- old resigned from cal thursday fighting sexual harassment allegations he tried to chicopee male sports reporter in the coming to his department and also sending her an unwelcome sexual text message 20142015 hidden on paid leave pending on his appeal. but coach praised him on the school's websites saying that he is of high energy coach recruiter. we are happy to have him on our program.
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>> grant: the first step towards punishing five contracting firms. deadly results the fifth floor balcony was crowded with partying students when it gave way last june. six of them were killed, including five exchange students from ireland. seven others were seriously hurt. alameda county prosecutors said they could not find cause for criminal charges, but state inspectors concluded that the contractors' shoddy work allowed dry rot to weaken the balcony support. the contractors now face disciplinary action that could range from temporary to
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permanent loss of their licenses >> britteny: on and off showers expected for us to go into the rest of snide saturday sunday celebrate our shot shows the system itself but take a look and all the rain falls at the drop most of the southwest bringing rain to parts of moderate sentences go through like tahoe setting to get heavy to petaluma and sociologist popping up on the map more moderate downpour so serious is moving in to double it down to pleasanton. and in the last minute we start to see more light rain pushing in dry tracking to the north. if it's
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not right now and wait a few more 30 more minutes you could see more rainfall tracking to the north. temperatures at 58 degrees 59 of auto 55 daly city 60 in sunnyvale highs around the region tomorrow at 65 napa low 60s vallejo 66 pleasanton and temperatures in fremont at 67. the 3 day forecast shows more showers saturday sunday monday and then everything starts to clear up a slight chance of northern parts of the north bay and temperatures across the board in the mid-60s closer to our inland valley locations dropping down in the high 50s milli game sunday forecast at the end of the show. >> pam:officials believe a series of new arrests in brussels today may include suspects involved in the recent terrorist attacks in the well as last years attacks in paris. from c-n-n.dianne gallagher has the details from washington. >> reporter:a breakthrough in
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belgium-- several terror-related arrests including- according to the prosecutors office- mohamed abrini, a known suspect from the paris terror attacks that killed 130 people in november. these are pictures from gas station surveillance video of abrini taken two days before those attacks. police say he drove there with saleh abdeslam the other paris attack suspect arrested in belgium last month. just days before the brussels attacks. the timing of abdeslam's arrest and those bombings. just one reason security experts say police there should be on high alert. "every one of their intelligence -- particularly their human intelligence agencies -- should not be sleeping at night. because that's the way hey're going to find and predict future attacks." today's arrests in belguim come just one day after authorities issued a public plea for help- releasing this surveillance footage of the so-called, "man in the white coat". a remaining, but unidentified, suspect from the march 22nd brussels airport blasts. belgium's federal prosecutor
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says they are still trying to determine if abrini is, in fact, that man in the white coat. another man, osama krayem was arrested friday. he's believed to also have connections to the brussels bombings. preventing future attacks, by stopping isis, was the subject of u-s secretary of state john kerry's surprise trip to iraq friday. "the united states is determined that together, with our friends and allies, in iraq and the coalition, we will succeed." isis has claimed responsibility for both the brussels and paris attacks. in washington, i'm dianne gallagher. an intense manhunt continues in washington state for a man who escaped from a psychiatric facility. anthony garver fled a lower- security ward with another patient who was caught thursday. garver was spotted in the spokane area thursday and visited his father's spokane valley home, but officials say they he remains on the loose. the 28 year-old is charged with torturing a woman to death, but was found too mentally ill for trial. longtime netflix users beware.your bill will soon be >> pam: suspicious bike rider and surveillance camera video on sunday night. and then the 18 year-old feeder major last seen alive sunday night. and then a body found near to the creak of
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the campus tuesday pleasers still investigating. intense manhunt continues washington for men to escape from a switch metric facility and anthony fled a a security or with another patient who was caught on thursday cover was spotted and then visited the valley home. still on last night the 28 year- old is charged with torturing a woman to death and found mentally ill on able to stand trial.
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it would be >> pam: is a price for news subscribers to $9.99 existing customers are allowed to keep their bill of $7.90. that will expire next month expected to dollar hike in your bill starting next month. hackers are targeting affleck's accounts making money off of the victims. cedras' security experts say hackers are using fishing scams mal where to get account details then sell the victim subscriptions on the deep level. even though and afflicts black the most of the credit card information hackers can still use those details to send live victims e-mail asking them to update their accounts
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information as someone is accessing your account keflex recommends you sent out of all of your devices and reset your password. u.s. congressman push for legislation to outlaw unbreakable encryption.
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>> pam: 14 video from a police
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body camera crew is here shows when attempted of action turned deadly >> grant: 40 year-old woman in texas sheriff's deputies serving with an eviction notice despite his call for backup will start the video a woman in question and prospective the officer who arrives woman of vances' toward him with next. the woman was killed not showing you that what we can show you the weapon sheet. according to police this medieval double x the woman's daughter says the video has been edited does not tell the whole story. .
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>> pam: controversial effort to force apple to unlock my phone connected to drug trafficking case that federal dapple the need to unlock and i phone 5 s in order to get information for new york drug case move comes less than three weeks after the fbi successfully attacked by phone used by one of the shooters and san bernardino attacks. the two phones have distinctive inscriptions and the justice party cannot get into them without apple's help. the meantime u.s. senator that would effectively bar of unbreakable encryption as and require companies to have the government access data on the devices they signal individual company is above the law. the effort comes on the heels of the fbi's battle with apple to get into that gunman's phone. three games
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remain for the golden state warriors if they win all three an all-time single season record surpassing the polls in the mid-90s. there was asked about the polls. the halfway
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mark to get to a moment there is the official total bowls loss of their last three to finish that mark of 72 warriors with 03 and 73 makes them the king. agusta at the halfway mark of the masters tournament the defending champion sat fighting for the king of mr. r a struck upon rights they go on 16 a beautiful thing polluter board looks pretty good at around 3 tomorrow with space one shot ahead of roy back right.
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>> reporter: >> gary: think that's fine. they let everyone know they're all young. in their way are ready to go.
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>> gary: jake i have no problem at all with golf. i play a little bit again it's how i grew up one of these guys you go play basketball with everyone. arlo to a baseball field and play baseball with everyone or football the country club sport always teased about it. if that's how you live in rural mexico good i like watching it but the hang up the golf club never been my thing.
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>> gary:
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>> gary: address game easily share the view it doesn't work. i can walk around the police say
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it's such a professional team. . >> pam: could say this pedal border the sec and state and all.
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he's a >> grant: its ultimate wasn't scared. . and was on his lunch break pedal boarding.
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iin 25 feet turn right.. turn right now. recalculating... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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so i spent the night at todd's. you remember todd, right? the bass player with the big hands. big nimble hands. angela, i'm trying to piece together a skull. you're doing a great job. so i wake up this morning and he's sitting there, right? no clothes on, just his bass, singing to me in this low, low voice... it was creepy. angela, is this conversation really appropriate here? sorry, but i'm into alive people. anyway, todd has a friend... thought you said he was creepy. todd. not the friend. good news. i hope this is work-related. the anthropology journal is publishing our piece on the evolution of the coronal suture. brennan: a worthy interruption. you're supposed to bump my fist with yours. why?


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