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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 9, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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is killed after driving on it is the interstate. investigators are determining if the weather played a role. a string of burglaries in one s. bay neighborhood. there is surveillance video of the suspect and you will see that on kron4 a nailbiter tonight for the warriors as they continue to chase history. we have a live report is that game ended moments ago. >> good evening i'm vicki liviakis . we are tracking some rainy weather this weekend for the bay area. right now a live look outside. dave has been keeping an eye on the storms. >> reporter: it looks like we have another batch of rain tonight and into tomorrow. it will probably be concentrated a little further east. another look at the radio -- radar. it stays with the southern bend
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to it because that is where it came from originally. let's look at the wine country. a few showers. now down to the east bay community you can see over the east bay hills the action is the heaviest. we can see in the south bay the rain returns again. this is where initially bubbled up. again, make it its pathway towards the north. >> that's what we have set up for radar right now. as we go forward about .5 fell in nampa. santa rosa .33. not bad at downtown san francisco with 55 degrees. hayward coming in with .25. here is the pattern. you can see it dipping to the southeast. there is less coming upstream.
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i think the concentration tomorrow will be in the east bay shoreline. you can see what is going on along the bay bridge. wet roads and low lying clouds. rain showers as we speak now. i midnight it is more of a drizzle with a few showers. tomorrow morning rain returns heaviest towards the east. your forecast coming up. a reminder for up-to-the- minute weather forecast be sure to download the kron4 mobile app . it is free. golden state warriors moving closer to tying the nba record for the most winds in the season. they have 71 wins in there about right behind the chicago bills. tonight they took on the memphis grizzlies . it came down to the wire. how is the
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crowd feeling after the win? >> they are not exactly rowdy at this point, more like relieved. the warriors know how to give their fans a heart attack and then come back to win it all. in fact, look at some of my video to see the expressions on some fans' faces. it was a nailbiter. the warriors one at the last second and barely held on. that puts them at 71 wins this season. two more to go to beat the bulls all-time record. they really wanted. fans here were worried for a while. maybe they were worried about the record but not about the warrior's legacy. they say that is already cemented. >> if anybody wants to be does consistently, they are going to have to play the way we play.
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or they won't be does. it would be a beautiful thing to watch because it would change the game completely. >> reporter: amazing to hear those dedicated warriors fans talk about their team. the quest for the record hangs on and the warriors march on. tomorrow night there is another game. this time they played the spurs. let's hope they stay healthy. so much pressure on every single game and we are not even in the playoffs yet. and -- an oakland family is at a loss for words. a beloved grandfather crashed on i-580 . it is on rate base unclear if rain was the reason. the family is mourning the sudden loss and try to figure out what happened. >> it is tough for 10-year-old
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ryan. >> it's okay. >> in learning that his grandfather will no longer be picking him up from school. >> all i know is the car rolled over three times. >> reporter: driving in the rain friday night, andre mcdougle lost control of his mercedes. he was ejected either through the windshield or a window. >> he was not wearing a seatbelt. >> the 61-year-old was almost home when the accident happened. >> probably at the time when i was calling him to see where he was at. >> reporter: now the block you grew up and still lived on is filled with people offering condolences. >> he was here one day and gone the next. just a shock. >> reporter: losing his father six years ago andre was her
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support system. as they remember him fondly. >> he was the barbecue king, country practices every morning. >> reporter: they also remember how much he cared for others. >> he was always telling us to be careful and be safe. >> reporter: as family members gather life will never be the same. in the south bay $14,000 worth of construction tools and equipment stolen in the willow glen neighborhood. the latest in what neighbors say has been a steady rise of property crimes. our reporter spoke with the victim. >> reporter: two months into a complete home renovation project>> i'm upset. >> and now jeff mercer owner of south county construction and painting is without his tools and equipment.
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angry. extremely angry. >> reporter: items it took some 16 years to collect. >> i lost a trailer nearly were $7000 and probably about the same amount in tools. >> reporter: burglary happened at this vacant home and janice way in willow glen neighborhood just after 3:30 early friday morning. >> they apparently drove down the street this way, stopped over there. the first suspect got out of the vehicle and went down the side of the cyclone fence. that is where the surveillance camera caught his face.>> reporter: the suspect did not know he was being filmed but indeed he was. his face captured in high definition. while he was gathering the tools in the garage his partners prepare the getaway. >> the vehicle then did a u- turn and came down the street her back into the driveway to connect into my trailer as they were stealing the tools and putting them into the trailer.
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then they drove off east down the street. it took them a total of 10 minutes to clear this plays out. >> reporter: mercer has filed a police report and hope someone out there recognizes the burglar seen on camera. >> we have been here two months now and there has been at least three burglaries in this neighborhood. >> reporter: an alarming trend even to someone who sells alarms. >> when i go to a neighborhood that has been broken into there is a construction site on it and that is usually what has been broken into.>> reporter: as the san jose police department struggles to keep up with these kind of burglaries -- >> they are understaffed and overworked. >> reporter: more and more people are investing in home surveillance.>> reporter: cameras are a good deterrence. >> as contractors we work hard for our money. this is not an easy business. it costs a lot of money to work
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in california. is kind of stuff is not right. happening now investigators are looking for the public's help who left a suspect the with life-threatening injuries. the assault happened in the mission district of san francisco at the intersection of valencia and 16 street. police are releasing video hoping someone can recognize the suspect. they caught this man walking in the area with two women who are all thought to be connected with the assault. anybody with information is being asked to call the san francisco police department. gunfire erupting on the san francisco street as police officers confront a homeless women who they say was armed with a large knife. this is new surveillance video . it happened along chapel street in the mission district thursday morning. at a news conference police state their
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initial interview of more than 10 witnesses supports their contention that the victim, ,45 lewiston gora, was armed with a knife in his hand and advanced towards officers prior to the shooting. >> witness three saw the suspect running toward the officers with a knife in his hand. the knife was raised up as he ran towards the officers. >> police say of the witnesses they interviewed only one had a different take on the incident. a phone warning tonight the department of emergency management says somebody is pretending to be a police officer and calling residents telling them they are being investigated. the color is using the name edward johnson or jeffrey johnson. he tells the victims he is investigating them for sending nude pictures to a woman. officials advise those who received the calls to never send any money. and if a voice message is left say that and file a police
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report. new, milpitas police arrest someone who tried to kill a dave and buster's security guard. ronald teodoro martinez was located by officers inside his vehicle with three other men. after a surge he was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats. manuel contreras was also in the car and arrested for possession of cocaine for sale . he had a loaded firearm and knife as well. a reminder for bark commuters there would be no train service this weekend between the san leandro and bay fair bart stations. crews are making repairs to the equipment and tracks. there will be a bus bridge provided between the two stations. passengers should expect about a 30 minute delay. that is in effect from tonight until sunday. crews will
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perform additional maintenance on the tracks in four additional weekends between now and june. barak obama left the bay area around 2:30 this afternoon. he went to two democratic fundraisers. one was at the home of an and gordon getty. the other was at another private residence. early this morning he went to the olympic club to play a little golf. this is his second trip to the bay area this year. coming up the day after a big area college coach resigns after a sexual harassment investigation he gets rehired on another team. we will show you where. cash for a makeover. if you could pick a city park that needs a facelift where were to be?
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one day after he resigned amid a sexual harassment scandal has a new job. yann hufnagel tweeted i am back doing what i love . he will now be an assistant coach at nevada . he resigned from cal on thursday. he was fighting sexual harassment cases that he was trying to get someone to come to his apartment. he had been on paid leave pending his appeal. the nevada coach eric musselman praised him saying hufnagel is a high-energy coach and recruited and we are happy to have them in our program. students at stanford are demanding a more diverse faculty. they say the ratio of female
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professors arts day growingly low. this started and 2014 when a popular professor was denied tenure there. students gave the administration a list. the university responded by setting up six task forces to assess the diversity issues. dave is back with the weather. >> reporter: we got a little bit of a break today in the afternoon. tonight it will fire back up again. that will greet us tomorrow morning as well. for sunday it will be concentrated which we will show you in the forecast models. let's send you up north to the north bay. very sparse in terms of the rain coverage. it is concentrated in the east bay, east of the hills. let's had further south. you
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can see the rain collecting in and around the valley. the general pattern is this started from the start and bubble up. you could see from the rotation we will get the return oyster tomorrow. a concentration of that will be east to the east bay hills and will cover the east bay shoreline. here is a shot of the golden gate. the fog issues have broken up a little bit in the last half-hour. let's go forward with this. the rain will fire back up again tonight. very much from the east bay to the south bay is where the concentration is. heavier rain developing tomorrow at 7 am. not as much in the north bay. then we got throughout the day. another search happens in the afternoon. by 5 pm it is starting to move towards the east and the son might -- sun
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might poke out a little bit. don't expect a lot. temperatures will reflect that. let's watch these models carefully. 7 am rain developing. we will stay pretty much in the 50s. tomorrow night, we cool down at 6 pm. later on look at the coverage telling us we have clearing skies developing in spots with drier air. there a much better warm-up for your monday. sunday, modest temperatures with a lot of cloud cover and rain returning to the east bay shoreline, lower 60s, a tad warmer towards the east. coming up in a bit your seven- day forecast. one san francisco park will get a $20,000 makeover. folks can choose online with park will get that award. they can pick between the
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tenderloin children's center basketball project or to others. the national park and recreation association is teaming up with the walt disney company to make overall parks across the u.s. if you are interested in voting you can go to www. parks next up it is nasty on the campaign trail.
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it is getting ugly on the campaign trail. hillary clinton and bernie sanders spent the weekend exchanging verbal jabs. jim osman has a look at what is next for the race for the white house. >> i heard it. can i answer? here's the thing. i like protesters.
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but the ones that won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. >> reporter: former president bill clinton showed a publicly with a verbal push back aimed at black lives matter protesters. >> you are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter.>> reporter: complaints that he impacted and put thousands of men in jail. hillary clinton rode the subway. some good greeted her with glee and others were nonplussed. feeling the burn. >> i don't believe that she is qualified.>> bernie sanders' comments were classified as desperate by clinton's camp. ted cruz poked it donald trump saying he represented new york values. cruz may pay a price
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for the previous comments. some say not so much in upstate new york. after new york you could call it the amtrak primaries, those are states was cities with amtrak lines, that is the race for the white house this week. bernie sanders is closing in on hillary clinton here in california. a poll shows clinton has lost her double-digit lead here. 47 percent of democrats say they will vote for her and 41% are for sanders. even in the golden state the two candidates appeal to very different voters. >> reporter: the poll shows clinton's edge is women over
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the age of 40. clinton has a huge lead among latin americans . sanders has the lead with younger voters and people who read instead of owning their homes. coming up at 8:30 your weather update. >> those are some good looking tomatoes.
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still ahead, key suspects in the brussels terror attacks. they are under arrest. what we are finding out. plus the print that had workers at a burger king smash out all the windows.
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high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on.
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this is the bay area's news station kron4 continues now . >> the warriors is behind chicago for the most road wins in history. our top story of the evening the golden state warriors pull off another win. the team now has 71 wins and just one away to tie the mark
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set by the chicago bulls and to wince away -- two wins away from breaking the record. it wasn't an easy game. >> if anybody wants to beat us consistently, they will have to play the way we play or they won't beat us. and it would be a beautiful thing to watch, because it would change the game completely.>> tomorrow night the warriors visit san antonio. what a game that will be. what weather we have had. taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge on this very slippery, wet saturday night. dave is tracking this for us. >> reporter: it will taper off a little bit and then another batch coming for us. here is what it looks like on the kron4 stormtracker 4. the
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rain toward the east bay settling down a little bit. frequently in the winter months we talked that it will start in the north bay and drift over metro. this was opposite. now it is exiting. still possible to seek sprinkles tomorrow. it will be concentrated. here is what is going on right now. over the hills to the east you can see the rain holding together across the bay into san mateo county. you can see around san jose and south bay into the hills the heavier rain happening. at 9:00 we will call it rain with showers, mild temperatures in the 50s. by midnight it will be more of a drizzle type of situation. it builds back up again by 7 am , the heaviest probably toward the east and east bay. here is a quick look at the rainfall
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totals. some areas got .5 and some got .25. we will put the forecast together for you coming up. drugs, guns and a sexed tape hidden in designer bags in the bedroom of a man in the middle of a police totality investigation. new fbi documents say this man is a life criminal. he has been convicted of five crimes. during the search for a cybercrime investigator -- investigation they found him and his wife nude in a room. a sexed tape in the bedroom shows it belongs to him. >> sometimes the victim's past pops up.
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>> petroff is gearing up to sue alameda county. two deputies or seen on the video. his lawyers say deputies tried to cover up what they did possibly changing their incident reports after the video was linked. the u.s. marshals are asking for help in finding and accused rapists. michael hawkins is accused of sexually assaulting a wheelchair-bound victim in new york in 2012. one year later he assaulted another woman at a friend's family gathering. he is nicknamed zombie mike by his friends for having poor hygiene. he is described as someone who can hide anywhere including wooded areas. there is a 5000 wooded areas. there is a $5000 reward for information leading to his arrest. >> new body cam video schoening a controversial arrest last
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summer . it started with sonoma county sheriff's deputy investigating a car stopped in the middle of the road. at one point gabrielle lemos, the teen, stepped between the deputy and the car because she says he didn't have the right to open the car door. potent than the rest of the teen and she suffered bruises and cuts in the process. they say he used excessive force and the sheriff's office says he used appropriate force. >> he takes a right down to the ground. >> we believe the officer did an excellent job. we feel they did their duty. >> the family has filed a federal lawsuit against the sheriff's office. lemos is facing federal charges. women in california canal by birth control without the need for a prescription. the new law went into effect yesterday allowing pharmacist to provide birth control
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contraceptives without a prescription from a doctor. but it is not a simple over-the- counter process. patients will have to go through a consultation and fill out a questionnaire. critics to the new law say it is sending teenagers the wrong message because it allows them to more easily get contraceptives. >> now on the attacks in brussels. >> reporter: belgian police launched a new attack and 50 officers were spotted around an apartment building they suspected being a safe house. no weapons or explosives were found. the rate comes one day after 60 people were arrested in connection with the attacks in paris and brussels. the second person in the conveyance billion video and
8:36 pm
mohammed upbringing was arrested a known suspect who killed 130 people in november. he was charged in participation of the terrorist group and terrorist murders. abrini was the third suspect seen on the video. >> he admitted to this after being confronted with some of the evidence they presented to him. they say most of that was electronic facial recognition. >> reporter: these are pictures from a gas station videocamera. police say he drove their with abdeslam. finally a perfect water landing for space x. watch how they did it.
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it is the cherry blossom festival in san francisco. it is time to come out and enjoy food performances and more . despite the rainy weather vendors are hoping for a great turnout.>> reporter: rain is making for a saw the first day at the cherry awesome festival in japan town but vendors are hoping you won't dampen their profits. early saturday morning steady drizzle rained on vendors at the cherry blossom festival. vendors had ponchos, umbrellas and tarps to keep their merchandise safe and dry. >> i hope it goes good. i hope the rain kind of lets up and everybody does well. >> reporter: organizers say despite the weather they are hoping crowd still come out for the festivities. >> i hope people can come
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because if you even take a second to look around, you will see how colorful and vibrant the artwork is . it really does shine. i hope people come out and enjoy the festival because there is so much happening here today. >> reporter: vendors i talked to say they are hoping business doesn't suffer because of the weather. >> we will be here rain or shine. >> reporter: organizers of the festival say they are not anticipating having to shut down it because of the weather but it has happened in the past. if you missed it today, you can go to the cherry festival tomorrow. >> reporter: next weekend it's not looking good on the 70. i am trying to sell next weekend. radar right now is showing heavy rain out to the far east bay. let's head further to the north
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bay where rain is tapering off a little bit. here we had -- head south into the east bay. you can see the action extends into the peninsula. it is heading further to the south. in the valley the rain shadow affect. outside of that through the communities in the south base everybody is getting heavier rain with light drizzle . it is the same rotation we talked about to the south giving southern california rain before it arrived appear. now it is moving towards the east and we are getting the return moisture. tomorrow rain favoring the east . not so much downtown in san francisco. there is some rain overnight happening at 3 am. you can see it favoring the south and the east by 7 am. northbay not as much. the rain
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will linger on all morning and return a little into the afternoon before subsiding into sunday night and into monday. tonight not much movement. there will be cloud cover and rain . it 7 am rain in the east bay. the warm up will be further to the east. tomorrow night the rain is subsiding and we will get patches of clearing a little bit with some drier air. that provides evaporative cooling and will allow temperatures to fall. mondays recovery is as follows and you can see. upper 50s not feeling like april weather along the bay shoreline. you can see numbers in the lower 60s. rate returning wednesday, and thursday with a new system out of the gulf of alaska. next weekend drying out and warming up and receive 70s return. engine ignition.
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left off. a double triumph for space x. the company launched a supply rocket from florida to the space station and they landed its booster on an ocean platform at the same time. the rocket is caring and inflatable room which will attach to the station and expand to the size of a small bedroom. there they are celebrating at mission control. i don't know if you remember a different space x rocket broke apart last year in flight. netflix bins watchers prepare to pay up.
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there is new technology helping giants fans shop for
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game tickets. it involves virtual reality. this new angle on ticket shopping has something to offer fans with or without virtual help reality headset. >> reporter: i am at stub hub in downtown san francisco. they just added a really cool virtual reality feature to their mobile app that takes you inside the stadium and helps you choose your seat. you can picket in a new way.>> what it does is it allows you to see a 360 degree panoramic view from the section where you're thinking about on your tickets. so instead of just a flat image you actually can pin your screen around and get a look for what you will actually see one should get in the ballpark. >> reporter: shop as you normally would on the step up app, finding tickets and then
8:47 pm
click on the virtual reality icon and you get the full immersive view from within the stadium. >> it works. it's pretty cool. you can see completely above you, behind you, around you, 360 degrees of the stadium from your seat. the cardboard headsets have been pretty cheap on ebay. you can pick them up for $5. if you don't have a headset you can still take advantage of the 360 video through the app. your trip -- phone can act as the vr headset. by moving your phone around you get the similar immersive look into the stadium point of view. >> i kind of like this better. the headset is a little jerky and can make you feel queasy. >> i like seeing it on the phone.>> reporter: though giants. longtime netflix users watch out your bill will go up
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soon. two years ago the company said it would raise the price of new subscribers. existing customers were allowed to keep their bill at $7.99 but that will expire next month so you can expect a $2 hike in your bill next month. hackers are targeting netflix accounts. they are using phishing scams and mall where to get account details. then they sell the subscriptions on the deep web. even though netflix lacked out most of the credit card information online they can still send emails asking them to update their account information. if somebody is accessing your account netflix recommend signing out of all devices and resetting your password. for the longest time crab lovers were denied their favorite dungeon and. local crabs have been declared
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a clean bill of health and they are finding their ways too many plate. >> reporter: they say after making the heart grow fonder there's nothing like a love affair with dungeness. >> that is fresh crab. >> no local craft for months now and the crab crazes back on . >> i'm not crappy at all, i'm app salute with the opposite right now. >> reporter: crab lovers can't get enough. how many ways can you be crap? i counted at least 30. >> we do caging crap, teriyaki crab, steamed crap, crap crap, chilled crab, crap fritters, crap role, crab ravioli. we can keep going but we will be here all night. >> here at pier 39's fault
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harbor we give it a go. so let's get cracking. >> it is sweet and has a wonderful flavor. no other crap in the world is quite like it. >> i usually get tired of cracking it and that's why i stop not because i have to much crabmeat. >> reporter: season winds down in june. dungeness crab is really delicious. taco bell is testing artificial intelligence for placing orders. this is a tool integrated with the food messaging service slack. here is how it works. slack users add taco bought as a friend and they can message directly to place orders and even pay. the feature requires you have an account with taco bell online. and so far it only
8:51 pm
allows for in-store pickup on orders. a prank caller food workers at a minnesota burger king into smashing the windows of the restaurant to keep it from exploding poce say. on friday night employees got a call from someone claiming to be the fire department. the caller said the restaurant was pressurizing could explode so they needed to relieve the pressure. employees believe the color and went about smashing all the windows. investigations continue into identifying that bright color. they say love that you do crazy things that have a climbing ace 600 foot rock without a rope and having to be rescued by helicopter? that is what one man dead for the sake of a perfect marriage proposal. did she say yes? >> reporter: holding his german shepherd puppy moses 27-year- old michael banks says he
8:52 pm
decided to climb this rock early thursday morning so he could record a cell phone video marriage proposal to his girlfriend. >> you see this rock and this is the rock i would love to put on your finger. if i could i this diamond the size i would because that is what you are worth to me. and ultimately i will never let that go. and so will you marry me? she said yes. >> reporter: the way she said yes was emotional. >> she said you are crazy sop and goes off telling me i can't believe you. you are either going to die or get arrested. >> reporter: did not know it was illegal to climb the rock and was stunned at the emergency rescue response he was in. >> i shouted out to the firemen , asking if there was a problem . they are rolling in by the
8:53 pm
numbers and i don't understand what's going on. >> reporter: the helicopter lifted banks down to the ground where he was checked over and issued a misdemeanor citation for trespassing. hours later he was arrested by police for being under the influence of methamphetamine which bank says was medication he takes from the va as an army veteran. after spending the night in county jail he has to pay fine for trespassing and thousands of dollars for the helicopter rescue off the rock. >> if i made it all the way without ropes what makes anybody else think i might not have made it the last 50 feet. >> reporter: saying his intentions were rocksolid bank says he has no regrets. >> i would do it again simply for the fact that she deserved something so unique that no man has ever done that in a proposal . and no man will again. a look at the weather
8:54 pm
forecast coming up.
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rain still on the radar. i do want to sell the seven day because saturday next week and warming up and sunshine. making up for this week.
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>> that's it for kron4 at 8. see you at 11 everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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