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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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this is the bay area's news station . >> breaking news. san francisco police searching for a missing 2-year-old arianna fitts and she is considered at risk. the child's mother has been found dead. the toddler has not been located. i am vicki liviakis . kate is life in san francisco. one of the missing child's uncle have to say? >> reporter: is asking people
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to search up and down the coast of california. the family has very little information about what happened to the little girl or her mother who was found dead. here is the timeline. the last time they saw nicole fitts was on april 1. on april 5 someone reported her missing and then yesterday on april 8, she was found dead of an apparent homicide. police do suspect foul play and that is why they're putting out the search tonight for arianna fitts . no one has seen her since february. the search is very fast. police will not even tell us where nicole fitts ' body was found saying it would jeopardize the investigation. >> we have numerous resources working around the clock but nothing can compare to the ice and ears of the public.
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it is a homicide now and we have a missing child. we want people to locate her will try to look for this missing young girl.>> the areas to look our vast they include the bay area, san francisco, silicon valley, palo alto and outside of the bay area also in fresno, santa cruz and southern california. i spoke to the child's uncle tonight and he lives in los angeles. he said they are searching all over the place. if anyone sees arianna fitts they should call 911 or contact san francisco police. it has been a wet and soggy saturday and more rain is on the way. a live look at the storm tracker radar. dave is tracking
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this next round of storms. >> reporter: it looks like maybe downtown tomorrow. the concentration of rain will be in the east bay and south bay. stormtracker for projections show spotty rain and showers. a trip up to the north bay shows it more spotty and not as tour just generous in terms of coverage. there you can see the heavier rain east of the hills. particularly out of san mateo county. with all of that how to the brain fall totals fellow? you can see .5 fall totals fellow? you can see .52 fall totals fellow? you can see .5 2.25. hayward .17. san jose you can see .5. rain showers happening at noon, mild on the temperatures.
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by 7 am rain east and south concentrated. patchy fog and then by noon, some partial clearing up towards the north. more showers happening to the east. seven-day forecast coming up in a bit. the warriors and uptime chicago for road wins in nba history. >> the warriors are on the cusp of history. the edge the grizzlies in a nailbiter. 100-99. the warriors are just one game away from tying the nba record set by the bowls. steph curry and the gang need to win the two remaining games.
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>> if anybody wants to be this consistently, they are going to have to play the way we play or they won't be this. it would be a beautiful thing to watch because it would change the game. >> tomorrow night the warriors visit the san antonio. the spurs have not lost at home all season long. in the south bay $14,000 worth of construction tools and equipment stolen in the willow grant neighborhood. the latest one neighbor say has been a steady rise in property crimes in that area. tonight we spoke with a victim that you will only see on kron4. >> reporter: a complete home renovation project and now jeff mercer, owner of south county construction and painting, is without his tools and equipment. >> i'm extremely angry. >> reporter: items he says it
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took 16 years to collect. how much do you loose here? >> i lost a trailer were $7000 and probably about the same amount in tools. >> reporter: the burglary happened at this they can home on janus way just after 3:30 early friday morning. >> apparently they drove down the street this way, stopped over there. the first suspect got out of the vehicle and went down the side of the cyclone fence. that is where the surveillance camera caught his face. >> reporter: the suspect had no clue he was being filmed but he was. his face captured in high definition. mercer says well that man was gathering the tools in the garage, his partners prepare to get away. >> the vehicle then today to -- a u-turn and backed up and hooked up to my trailer as they were obviously stealing the tools and putting him in the trailer. then they drove off east down
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the street. after a total of 10 minutes they cleared out. >> reporter: mercer has filed a police report and hope someone out there recognizes the burglar on camera. >> we have been here two months now and there's been at least three burglary since he started working here. >> reporter: an alarming trend even to someone who sells alarms. >> when i go to a neighborhood that has been broken into their is a construction site and that is what usually is broken into. as he san jose police department struggles to keep up with these type of burglaries more and more people are investing in home surveillance. >> cameras are great deterrence . >> as contractors we work hard for our money. this is not an easy business and it costs a lot of money to work in california. this kind of stuff is not right. my mom got a knock at the
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door and said my brother was deceased. >> a family is at a loss for words tonight. a beloved grandfather crashed at the pearson street offramp while driving westbound on i- 580 last night. it is still unclear if rain was a cause of the accident. we spoke with the family this evening. >> it's tougher 10-year-old ryan . >> it's okay. >> learning that his grandfather will no longer be picking him up from school. >> all i know is the car rolled over three times. >> driving in the rain friday night andre mcdougle somehow lost control of his mercedes . by the time the car stopped slipping he was ejected either through the windshield or a window. >> he was not wearing a
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seatbelt. >> reporter: 61-year-old was almost home when the accident happened. >> probably at the time i was calling him to see where he was at. >> reporter: now the block he grew up and still lived on is filled with people offering condolences. >> he was here one day and gone the next. it is just a shock. >> reporter: losing her father six years ago andre was her mother support system. >> he always helped her out. >> he was a great musician, he was the barbecue king, country breakfast every morning. >> reporter: they also remember how much he cared for others. >> he was always telling us to be careful in safe and call when we got home. >> reporter: as loved ones gather at his home life will never be the same. still ahead new details on
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a bazaar police chase in southern california. the military skills this driver had.
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get a look at this video. this is not a hollywood movie. it is a wild police chase through the streets of los angeles. the driver who had marine tactical training made donuts on hollywood boulevard. he was discharged in january. authorities began chasing the convertible after a home burglary. the car finally stopped in south la where neighbors hug and high-fived reynolds as he waited for his arrest. residence in california can now buy birth control.
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without a doctor prescription. the pharmacies now have authorities to have oral contraception. patients will have to first go through a consultation and then fill out a questionnaire. critics to the new law say it is sending teenagers the wrong message by allowing them to easily get contraceptives. a reminder for bark commuters. there will be no train service between san leandro and bay fair bart stations due to crews making repairs. they will be providing a bus bridge between the two stations. passenger should expect a 30 minute delay it is through sunday night. crews will be performing additional maintenance on the track between now and june. it was stamp all day long
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today. >> reporter: we got some breaks in the rain but the puddles are on the road and will be there tomorrow. particularly in east bay. we do need it. the central valley is getting a lot and they needed. stormtracker for where the action is. you can see it extends off to the east bay and the peninsula. san mateo getting a nice dose. we check in with the north bay around wine country. there are spotty showers here. this one developed from the south to the north. good coverage in the east bay. across the bay all the way into san mateo county. further to the south, this is filled in. we are talking at 8:00 in san jose and around the grid you can see was pretty dry. here is the pattern. you can see it is to the south
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and to the east. midweek a new system will come in. that will then try and might bring some thunder with the rain. let's go forward with the models. scattered showers tonight. here we go until about 3 am . it starts to redevelop. heavier rains to the east and south by daybreak. a secondary wave starts to develop in the afternoon. not as intense. quite a bit of cloud cover but we are going to mention some clearing skies and the peninsula and up to the north as a potential. east bay shoreline lower 60s for high tomorrow. further to the east some of these numbers might be subdued because of the rain. come the weekend you'll make up for that. here is the rest of the seven- day forecast. another batch of rain on wednesday/thursday.
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then into next weekend and it looks like a nice dry out phase. mostly sunny coupled with that. the secretary of defense will make a trip soon that might not please china. carter will visit the philippines. he plans on seeing two sites where the uss thinking about employing its forces with a deal with the philippines. one of those borders the south china sea. china has been building new artificial islands on the sea of beijing warning the u.s. not to put any warships or planes there. the u.s. says it is showing committed to peace and security by going on the trip. barak obama left the bay city this afternoon. he went to two fundraisers on friday. early this morning obama went
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to the olympic club to play golf before heading back to the white house. this is his second trip to the bay area this year. it is getting ugly on the presidential campaign trail. hillary clinton and bernie sanders bent much of this weekend exchanging jabs. jim osman has a look at what this and what is next for the race for the white house.>> reporter: i heard it. and i answer? here is the thing. i like protesters, but the ones that won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. >> reporter: former president bill clinton showed up publicly with a verbal push back aimed at black lives matter protesters. >> you are defending the people who killed the lives you say
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matter. >> reporter: the complaints from a 90s crime bill and thousands of african american men ended up in jail. new york new york, clinton rode the subway. some greeted her with glee and others were nonplussed. the city is familiar territory for the former new york senator. >> i do believe that she is qualified. >> reporter: bernie sanders' comments were characterized by clinton's camp. earlier in the campaign ted cruz poked at donald trump saying he represented new york values. cruz may pay a price for that comment. some say not so much in upstate new york were republicans have a huge values. >> reporter: after new york and
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call it the amtrak primaries, the cities with amtrak lines, delaware, rhode island, that is race for the white house this week. i am jim osman in washington. after the break one california man's while proposal. that story ahead.
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>> how far would you go to plan a proposal? this guy took things to new heights. 27-year-old michael banks decided to climb a rock so he could video a marriage proposal for his girlfriend. bank says he chose the rock to show her the size of the diamond he would buy if he could afford it. he didn't know it was illegal to climb on the rock. a large response of rescue teams arrived thinking he needed to be saved. >> i shouted out to the firemen and asked if there was a problem because they were rolling in by the numbers and i didn't understand what was going on. >> a helicopter came and lifted him down and issued -- then he was issued a citation. he was under the influence of methamphetamine. apparently his
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girlfriend did say yes. after the break we have an update on smokey jr. who was rescued from a brush fire this week. yep. how long have you been growing them? for a couple months. me too. hey leonard, if we've been growing our tomatoes the same amount of time, why did your dirt grow more than my dirt? because my dirt's better than your dirt. oh. nature's care organic potting mix produces more tomatoes than those other guys. that's some good dirt.
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florida wildlife officials are working to reunite this cope with hers mom. the back -- the black bear named smokey jr. was rescued. crews try to spread his sent
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and help his mother will find his sent. they are leaving him in a crate under his blankets until the family is reunited. if for some reason his mother doesn't come back they will care for him until the can be released back in the wild on his own. >> we need a bear amber alert to get mom and here.>> reporter: here is what the radar looks like tonight. the east bay and south bay getting pretty good coverage. tomorrow there is more coming. the sun will poke out in the north bay tomorrow. into monday it looks much improved. another system on wednesday and thursday. temperatures do not boost too much until next weekend. that's when we get back into the 70s. that's it for kron4 news at 11.
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good night everybody. see you in the morning. >>
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