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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 11, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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returned to her finger. liam's brother chris was also there. so what's the occasion? well, we checked, no big birthdays or anniversaries, we're just hoping wedding planning was on the menu. kaley wrote, quote, this is what happy looks like with heart emoji. carl an equestrian, he's 35 years old, f years younger than the actress and his father is worth an estimated $2 billion. carl looks like 80s heart throb matthew modine. kate hudson and jessica alba snapped shots at the weekend
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wedding. katie perry attended with boyfriend orlando bloom and cameron diaz was there too with benji madden. and her coat is still fueling speculation about a baby bump. and the royals, middleton fashion is taking the spotlight. check out kate's spotlight look. kate wore this cream dress to a war meeorial where she experienced a slightly, awkward windy moment. she wore a pink and green dress on the cricket field. and she paired it chunky wedges and today she wore a black and white crop top with an elaborate skirt. will and kate left the kids at home for their seven-day t >> she's so classy. >> i loved that dress and i wanted to get it forrmy wife
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until i the price tag, sorry, we're not royalty. there's a lot love on display these days, gwen stefani and blake shelton changed their profile pics twitter. hugh jackman posted this pic of his wife on their >> you were starting to sing jack and diane, weren't you? meantime, the mtv movie awards ar celebrating their 25th anniversary. duane johnson and kevin hart hosted the show. >> arianna grande may have dazzled in bubble gum pink, channeling marilyn monroe, butt the ladies of the red carpet
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preferred black. charlize theron wore a plunging v-neck. and hall le-berry showed off her abs with thi lacy number. >> and can we talk about kendall jenner's shoes, all strung up stilettos. kim described the team work it took to get her in them. >> are you having some problems? >> yeah. >> the movie awards are always insane, but for t 25th anniversary, mtv cranked it up wi johnson and kevin hard and "batman vs. superman." by the time they presented the co come immediatic genius award. >> thank you to the assistants. >> first woman to ever get this
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aw >> i couldn't think of one other person who's ever wonit. >> melissa mccarthy funny for so many reasons. >> teddy graham. >> chris pratt chatted yesterday from a private plane. >> of course mywife, anna faris, darling, our son was destined to be tough, and thanks to you, he's going to smart too. >> and talk about racy, alexandra in these tighty whiteys. >> everything i do is to make her laugh. especially the sex. so thank you. >> will smith home the generation award and i bet it made him feel old. but you had admit he wins some his youngest fans from his dad.
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>> i'm the karate kid's dad. so this is coming at the right time for me. >> i call you jada's husband. and more good news from melissa mccarthy, "the boss" was the boss at the mtv movie awards. things turns interesting when talk turned to favorite b parts. >> when you descriptions like extreme close-up of chris evans' guns. >> that's what i said. >> in on the bicep. >> now you're like oh, great, now i to hit the gym even more. >> when you're doing these movies, you workout as much you can before you start, but actually messed up my arm.
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>> what's his favorite female body part? >> i'm way, way, way more of an ass man, i like butts, you got to understand we were doing a podcast in anna's living room and you guys just know how to cherry pick t lines and blast them on the headlines don't you. >> it's not me. >> okay it's you, you the enemy. >> they run forev and the internet doesn't die. i'm going to shut my mouth as long as ican, don't you worry. >> of course chris is a bachelor with no kids, but as far as a father in ccptain america's civil war, has to be the coolest dad ever. >> what do you about being a superhero. >> my daughter talks about a lot. and he draws pictures. it's really sweet. >> at the etched of the day, when i took itoff, she threw her first tantrum. i want purple daddy. >> i was and 19, they're like daddy writes checks, that's what daddy does.
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>> and daddy can write some really big checks. and speaking of picking up a check. look at jennifer lo she's not on tv or at an awards show, she's at awedding. let's forget jennifer in blac let's just call her the wedding singer. >> three weddings over three weekends, both in london saturday reporteredly for the i dos of an unknown but probably rich millionaires. and today enrique grabbed a billboard music award nomination. he squares off against adele, taylor, drake, justin bieber for top artist. >> the biebs, man, i just want to see him succeed. >> i'm happy for him. >> i'm happy for sierra and that
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big ring she got from russell wilson. >> the billboard musz sick awards air live onabc. up nnxt the cast us debut scenes from the new season. >> later, ginger zee's new dancing star's rehearsal of wh her hot husband really thinks about t
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♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me. ♪ ♪ as long as you love me, it's alright. ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. forget the look. >> fashion serious is getting some more eye candy. it was just announced that scott eastwood is joining the show. >> they can't get enough "game thrones," everyone's wondering, is john snow really dead? >> is he? >> si d know, but here's the good news, we have all the new scenes to help you figure it out.
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>> this season is so good. >> there's so much and so little that i can actually see. >> so little because the hbo hit has been so in secrecy, even most of the cast hadn't even it before stepping out on the red carpet. a new trailer out today only oll leaves us with more burning questions. still there's no question about who was queen of last night' carpet. >> i'm talking with two lovely onscreen sisters. >> sophie turner crushed it in a gorgeous bordeaux gown and that praded crown is truly regal. >> i hope you do well in captivity. >> how do you know this? >> that's what do, i drink and i know things. gloria clark's character
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is no stranger to stripping down. she admits she wants more male nudity on the show. >> damned straight. >> who's t the top of that list for you? >> tell me about there's a lo >> she wants men nud it makes the plot better. coming up, ginger see on balancing dancing motherhood. >> balancing everything about motherhood is important. >> hwhich of her forco-stars has a huge crush on her. then, rees showing off some serious skin, details on these exciting pieces our monday's fashion pics. that's three minutes away, don't go anywhere.
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in tonight's fashion pic,
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it's midriff monday. when your fashion empire is worth a report billion dollars definitely know how dress for a double datt. she wore a crop top and $9 pencil skirt. in new york city, reese wither spoon looks stunning in sapphire. she stepped out for a step up for cancer even when you see it from the side, a major wow. and selena gomez's airport ad. the singer's jet set ad, what do we look at, outfit or the price tag? selena strutted into l.a.x. with an overcoast,$775, matching pants, $385.
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crop top, we're not sure butt th those ads, priceless. >> selena spent over $$,000 for a 9-hour flight. jennifer anniston all covered up for her date with hubby j thorough. >> she rocked that same when i sat down with to talk about her new movie premiering on mother's day. have you ever sat down for an interview and unintentionally overshared? >> no, only you. only kidding, can't wait to see. >> apparently olivia wilde, jason's partner wants to have another child. so i her about it. unfortunately, my quest -- >> never in life have i had
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more sex than my wife wanted to have another child. >> i have never met your wife. >> it still would be great, though. she's a great lady. >> that's a lot ofinformation. >> that was a lot, wasn't it? that's how you get good answers. >> are you ready for it? >> yeah. again, i think a lot of it has to do with being with the right person, and i think we did a humdinger of a job on the one we got. >> now that jen and justin have finally tied the knot, i wondered how she stands on motherhood. when you get to this point in your life, you're like, i'm at peace with my life, happy. >> i'm very peaceful. i feel very peaceful. every day i wake up and feel verylucky, i feel very fortunate, yeah, i got a good one. a fineman, yeah.
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>> that's annoying for other guys, he looks good, and he's actually good at what he but you deserve it. >> you know jump suits, he also goes to school without any underwear. >> in the film jen plays a single mother coming to terms with divorce and dating. >> two sons. >> nice meeting you, sandy with two sons. >> you g have done 107 movies together. >> we have only released five. so who's carrying who? who signs the deal first? >> it's always him. >> after five together, jason is obviously a fan. but jen seems to hhve that on people. >> jake gyllenhaal came out and said he a huge crush on you. >> i learn that information now? what good is it to me now? >> by the way th five films that jen and jason have made together, do you know them? >> i think i could, some of
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them. mother's day. >> right. >> we're the millers. >> she's reading this. >> i would not have gotten the bounty hunter. >> the bounty hunter 20 >> dancing with the stars is on tonight. >> first of all, t ballroom is packed, i tried to get some extra seats for some friends no go because it is a busy night. gingerszeee goes from working mother to the bomb. ginger zee bring and gaston to the dance floor tonight. >> they're s fun, i have been wanting, i can hardly squeeze into my heels to do gma.
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>> the meteorologist gets into her last week with the ballroom debut with 3-month-old baby adrian and her hubby banks. >> it's like being upset my husband has been so beyond supportive. he wants me to do really well. and it meant so much. >> with the b man bouncing back and forth between new york and l.a., val is sometimes on baby duty and there are lots of candid mommy moments. >> do you care if i do it in the corner here? >> there's a first time for everything. >> i have had a lot of great supsaying, thank you for making it so normal. that's what they go through at work, whether they're in a ballroom, or a board room, there's no secret. you just have to organize and be your best at whatever you're doing right >> and it obviously takes a lot of organization. my wife did it in
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quentin, she's a lawyer. wh the show, i was flying back and forth every week, i can't even imagine doing it every week. >> all right, stick around, because you have to hear what fashion trend -- >> this is crazy. >> highly generous show she starred in. to find them,
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suicide squads, captain america, watch them all on
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marie cl is trying out different faces of their cover. >> now for me, kiley really stood out because she has such great fashion revelations, like this one, quote, i started wigs and nnw everyone is wearing wigs. i just do whatever i want to do and people will follow. >> listen kiley's technique. >> when people my car or when valeru valet takes it, thee your seat and change everything. >> revelation.
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