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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 12, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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megan hit the red carpet in a versace minidress that said, yep, i'm pregnant. she addressed the question head on. she instagrammed this image with #not the father. megan filed for d from actor brian austin green in august, they have two sons together, but they could be making a go at it again. this was megan and brian out last month without the kids. and "e.t" was the set on teenaged mutant ninja turtles remake. we asked megan about her plan on growing her family. >> i'm not planning on growing or not growing. >> is there anything you can give me that woul get in a sound bite that could go viral
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that says megan and brian are having another kid? are you willing to do that today? >> uhhh -- and christy tiegen and john legend's baby is due any day. look at how christy's tummy is moving in that snap chat. she is back home for new. i'm hoping they have their bags packed. we have engagement news, "e.t" confirmed lindsay is going to m her russian boyfriend. >> she is 29, he's 22. she's robbing thecradle. anyway, we cover a lot of movies and premiers, but last night was one of those nights when you just look out at the red carpet and you say, this is hollywood. it was a star studded turnout for the premier of "the
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huntsman: winter's war." >> you look at how your life has changed and how much more fulfilling it is with your children? >> they're little gems, they really are. they're amazing. >> i got to let you go, but maybe more? >> ogod! oh, my god! >> stop! >> you're f i think both of my hands are really full right now. i think i'm good for now. >> really, like my son blake, he's like let's get a cat and i'm like no, more things that need to be fed. >> so more into the do you want more babies question? i likecharlize's honesty. we asked what was really going -pon with miley and liam. >> everybody's talking about the lunch that you had with your
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brother and miley and liam. >> we just had lunch. we all get together and hang out when we can. >> miley and liam snuck into big brother chris's premier, here's the proof from a freaked out fan backstage. we caught the coup having dinner with the other hemsworth brother luke, leah walked ahead, knowing the cameras wer watching, but he kept checking back to make sure miley was okay, there s engagement ring on. while charlize and company from "the huntsman" which opens may 2, she's with this guy scott eastwood, he's part of the she's the b will you do crazy? will you shake yourhead? what are you going to do? >> i'm going to do something really extreme. definitely try and do something cool because the movie deserves that.
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>> she should shave her head again, that was a great do. >> you know what else was stunning in that back dior she had on last night. dior lowered the neckline and beading up the front and the back. and jessica chastain took run way fashion to the red carpet. >> it sparkles. >> and big-time props to pr emily blounlt wearing superchic m wear. >> it's fun until the heels go on, it's less fun. but it's fun, it's the red carpet, i'll go home and eat something. >> this is a great date night movie, it has action, fun, and of course lots beautiful people. it's better than the first >> chris hemsworth? a lot of beautiful people last night at the vic secret
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dinner last night. taylor swift was there, she was rocking some short shorts and showing off those long lovel legs of of lily aldridge was also there to celebrate. taylor really s the show in those denim shorts from one teaspoon, that's the name of the company. they were $110. and from there on out, cam mow contact, $1,360. and check out those kicks from castle. $790. if you add it a up, that is a $5,000 outfit and i will take it as a christmas gift. >> i'm going to call your husband and let him know that. >> it was all about disney and marla maples was the little mer unfortunately, she sang. cameron mathison was there. i was actually backs watching. >> every part of me doesn't
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understand this part. >> the judges have called ast night's performance, one of their best so it was a shock to see mar and her partner tony go home, but marla had s support, her daughter with the donald was in he audience. >> we went full into the tarzan character this week. >> the law of the jungle is now the law of the deaths. >> a shirtless demall dimarco kept perfect time but said that rehearsals were a different story. >> how is your holding up? any injuries this beaked? >> when i kicked thetree, i did cut my foot. but that's all right, i realized that i tarzan. >> jodie sweetin forgot her moves. >> i wa what is happening? >> the top two of the night was page vanzant and ginger zee who
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was definitely bell of the ball. i'm with compression socks, my friends, i tried to go to dinner with them and look cool with ripped jeans, and i had compression socks under them. >> dancing's guest judge with a quick wardrobe change and she rushed over to join kiley je at the fresh faces event. and there was of backlash ovkiley's company. >> here's how marie claire courted kiley. i started wearing wigs and now everyone's wearing wigs. alert george washington and you're also the first person with lips, right? last the 18 was super chatty on snap chat showing off this st from the run way
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look on the may cover. only when publications switch up your words for hype, damn. afterwards we did see her with no tan amy baldwin and haley nearly became paparazzi road kill. despite that, the daughter oo a very proud steven baldwin says that she and kiley are having an impact in hollywood. >> we're in a group of young people that are definitely changing the industry. up next, are george clooney an julia roberts exclusive for high laughs and extreme danger. and talk reunion, selma and louise ride again. i love this. we open the "e.t" vault and flash back to the stars 25 years ago. >> i wish we could do it all again. and kloe
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>> i earned it. katie couric honored at saturday's stand up to
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you're doing recon work on
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our anniversary? taz. >> that was the last time we saw george clooney and julia roberts sharing the screen more than a decade ago. thanks very much jody foster, she has brought them back together for the intense new drama "money monster." >> point the camera in my direction, and we'll figure it out together. >> george and julia are used t figuring it out together, "money monster" is their fourth film. >> it's about feeling in control or not in cont our own lyes. >> george is tv financial host taken hostage, julia is his producer. >> anyone that can get out, get out right now. >> sh trying to stay calm and collected and trying to keep him calm at the same time trying to find the people and trying to find out what's really goingon.
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>> george's kidnapper is a man who lost it all in the market, why? a global conspiracy that julia quickly unccvers. >> we love the idea of talking about the world of money and how it's gotten out of control. when those things all go wrong, the little gu of gets screwed. i thought those were really interesting themes. >> actress jody foster produces the film and these that george clooney is perfect for the film. >> he's able to look at the darker side of himself. >> the minute that jody asked if i wanted to play the part, i said it will be perfectly safe playing with jody. >> those together. >> and we're hearing that george, julia and-that's actually going to be julia's
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first time hand. o road again, >> i look back with the stars the set. plus, the new single mom squad. drew barrymore after her split and gwyneth paltrow's co-parenting tippings. >> what's your advice for your close girlfriends? >> that's straight ahead.
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oh, my go that will be the most adorable thing that we see all day, chris pratt taking his3-year-old son to fish. so adorable. from a proud dad to a hollyw single mom's club. gwyneth paltrow and drew barrymore, we are with both in new york today. we wanted to know what advice
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gwyneth had for all the single moms out there like drew since her split. it's important that you be able to co-parent and vacation as a family. so what advice do you have especially for your close girlfriends going through something like that in their life? >> it's an in letting go and forgiving and embrace what you love about the person and who you fell in love with at first. and forge that wonderful family yal roelgs ship. >> we love that she shared her latest vacation picks. >> at home, i try to keep the pantry pretty clean, but when we're out in the world, it's all or and, you know, cheese-its
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and stuff like unfort >> a lot of people were surprised to see that. do you not own a microwave? >> i do not own a microwave. i believe the old fashion ways of heating things up. >> and drewwbarrymore who's now learning how to co-parent. s drew did this cover shoot before her breakup wentpublic. she said she'll never let her children turn child actors like she was. no acting for them until they turn 18. right now she's just trying to keep them out of her makeup. >> all . >> today drew was all smiles not see bothered by divorce
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drama, but teared up at the new york society for prevention of cruechildren. >> i was g ready to have my own children, i started learning and investing into what it would take to become a good mother. >> geena davis and susan sarandon as thelma and louise became a classic, it was a game changer for women in hollywood and truly all over the world. it was nominated for six oscars. and tonight we open "e.t" vault because we have been with thelma and louise for the whole wild ride. >> ha, ha! >> road trip, thelma and louise taking a break from their dreary lives.
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now reuniting with their ride in times square, re-enacting their famous selfie back then way ahead of their time. >> that was the polaroid was in that ugly script. >> the reunion harper's bizarre was just around the corner of the world premier of thelma and louise. >> it's just a little bit bigger than that. >> i think it's a movie a journey of women finding their strength, taking responsibilitt for their lives. >> also in attendance was 27-year-old brad who was paid only $6,000 for the role that launched his career. >> make me a >> on the set, we witnessed the director direct a scene about a sexy trucker.
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>> you have really bad manners. action. i don't think he's going to apologize. >> i don't think so. [ gunshot ] >> whew. >> i don't know what i did. >> after the t -bird, well w know what happens in the five total cars in the film. >> two of them went over the side. >> the f a surprise hit and became a girl power classic. >> the whole point is to not settle and do what's fashionable. decide what's your own fashionable. >> all right. let's go.
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>> i'll toast to that. >> by the way, we just found out today, louise getting another grandchild, susan sarandon's daughter eva is expecting her second child. >> what an adorable way to announce it. what did next on kron-4 news at eight: not your ordinary theft. how criminals got away with a truck full of east bay neighbors private mail. what would you do to score tickets to tomorrow's warriors game. the east bay students who got an epic deal. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. darker" it includes one important thing about the sequel. it's all at . all right, before wego, i want you to check out kloe kardashian in her sexy one piece. >> inside she is showing off those abs, her bootie and pretty much every curve in between. >> i love my shape because i earned it. >> kloe says sh lost 35 pounds
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answer she credits it for getting over her split with lamar odom. >> called her lipstick, mascara is working for you, now at eight: stolen mail. stolen checks and possibly stolen identites. the warning tonight for east bay residents after robbers steal an entire mail truck. whoosh san francisco's embarcadero, the site of a newly discovered seismic danger that could impact the entire financial district. the cost of fixing the problem. in the billions. whoosh the search for a sexual pervert on the peninsula. leads police to the grounds of a buddhist temple. the thought that it could happen right here is uncomfortab;e whoosh they are some of the most sought after tickets in n=b=a history. you won't believe who will be watching the warriors go for the record book tomorrow
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nat this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >> pam:stealing mail. it is a federal offense. as is stealing the entire u-s postal service mail truck. tonight, we have learned, someone stole one in oakland. and all the mail that was on it. about to be delivered. also gone. the number of people affected by this crime. is still being figured out tonight. kron 4's justine waldman is live at the mail processing facility in oakland tonight with the details in a story you will see only on kron 4 news. justine. >> reporter: on the charges like this was stolen off the streets of oakland think of all the sons of materials you get malcolm banks in its credit-card statements maybe even your tax refund or cash all that stolen. >> reporter: resign for all victim


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