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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 15, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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kelleyclarkson welcomes a baby how mama is doing tonight and what she's going that little fella. >> k says she's going to go forward with the divorce, are you oka >> we're courtside at the star studded staples centersendoff for kobe bryant. adam l leaving the voice? what these contestants accidently let slip. >> i actually was very taylor like you have never seen her before. why some calling her interview down right rude?
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get your proton packsready. only "e.t" is on the set of "ghostbusters." >> are you comfortable enough to do this? >> now for april 2014, this is "entertainment tonight." we're going to get into the new settlement that gwen stefani as made with her ex, gavin rossdale. >> i was so happy to see lamar and just go up and give him a hug. he was open and honest about everything, including his relationship with kloe, he was part of the star studded sendoff for kobe bryant last night. kelley clarkson had her baby which is our number one story.
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kelley tweeted the news 7:3030 this mo remington alexander black stock was bo tuesday, happy and healthy. kelly and her husband brandon have two under the age of 2 and so they're going to be having al of this. it was actually a really tough pregnanc keggy. >> i'm familiar with all day. i have to get ivs and flu so i don't get dehydrated. >> so we think that means we can expect to see remington soon. kelly is a total have baby will travel taking her on tour and to the studio.
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>> kelly calls her new baby remy and i think he wanted to be here for birthday. meanwhile in los angeles, it was the perfect star studded -- >> tha what it was like in los angeles for kobe bryant's time kanye west and adam levi were jumping up and down like little kids. also at the celebration, lamar odom who for the first time went on the reported for the first time about him kloe dissolving their marriage. >> kloe saysshe's going to go
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on with the divorce, are you okay with >> i think it's under discussion. i mean we been through a lo >> lamar was candid, in h element and remarkably upset considering six months ago he was found near in a nevada brothel. hiss teammate kobe who was one of the first the visit him in the hospital. >> i know him on the court and off the and everything kind of translates and life is beautiful. >> what's next for you, lamar? >> get back on the court. >> so many people out there praying for you, have you had a chance to connect with some of the fans and just thank them? >> i'm trying to do that right now. i would like thank everybody who was playing for me. fromheart, appreciate you. >> lamar was celebrating kobe who stored 60 points in the last
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game of his career. >> i didn't even need rewrite, it was absolute perfection. and he deserves all of it. >> he was giving up incredible highlight reels one afteranother. >> kobe's brought us a lot of joy. >> his greatness was never in question. >> david beckham and his son brooklyn were court side, enjoyed a supercasual free baby date night. some of those court side seats were being sold for a staggering $27,500 last nightt and there was n way jack nicholson would miss it. >> my son's 24, that's what he was sayi he came to his first game here when he was 4 years old with kobe. it's great experience. >> and kany he was like a kid in a candy store, so excited about the nba legend. >> that was great, that was
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great, man, that was beautiful. >> i want to congratulate you on an outstanding career. >> taylor swift was one of the many shoutouts including justin bieber and justin timberlake. >> you're retiring now and i'm so rooting for you. i would love to hang out with yo >> it was a magical a perfect hollywood ending. apparently jay-z left with the game ball. pe was showing off his handles. after the game and by theway, it was a great night for the entire carter family because all over the planet beyonce's top shot line is booming. let's bring you up to sp on gwen stefani's no prenup divorce. it looks as she and gavin rossdale will be sharing the
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kids. memories, yep, gavin will have those, but sources say he's walking from gwen's hefty bankroll, she's reportedly worth 100 million. by cali law, he's entitled to half of of that, but he isn't pushing for it. he won't be left out in the cold, though, gwen's ex is worth reported $35 million on his own. >> everybody pretty much knows what happened to me. >> something happened? >> i got a divorce. >> she's been candid about the breakup of her 13-year marriage. gavin isn't asking for any child support and they are splitting custody of the boys 50/50, but gavin will have more time with when gwen is on it's been reported boyfriend blake shelton might be getting ready to propose.
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i wonder who the wedding singer would be. taylor swift like you have much the rocker on the cover of the new "vogue," so fabulous and so very busy she could only do the in the day she was the maid of honor at a friend's wedding. so thi taylor's new look. >> we love the way looks, it makes her into a short of rock and chick. >> mission accomplished anna. so did "vogue's" boss wynter doing it? break out the sparkling metallics, we are loving the footwear. now for some real drama, this ball number pricetag, nearly $13,000. and taylor's futuristic look complements part of her "vogue" interview, update on her future. on boyfriend calvin harris,
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quote, i'm in a magi relationship right now, she's making music she's always going to be writing songs, but said i would to take a little time out to learn things. last night swift was supporting her girl's squad, but as for her future in fashion, we know she's co-chairing anna wynter's net gala on the 2 and. for last night's stitchoff of the tribecca film festival all about what it takes to put wynter's event. >> beyonce, kim and kanye, julian moore. >> her big-name gue -- >> loud and clear. >> okay so many thought anna's wrap was directed at bieber, but it was actually allison williams hubby, ricky van dien.
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rap for vogue told "e.t" he was a perfectguest. nearly 28, allison was out with ricky at l.a.'s star studded institute gala wi katy pr, and not far katy's new m orlando bloom. >> would you give me your jacket? >> depending on the weather. i'm joking. >> conditional. >> yes, it is. so many celebs at the big "mother's day" premier that even jennifer anniston was star struck. we saw da beckham a little early, is there another pop star in that house that's trying to follow in footsteps? is cameron
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♪ ador isn't he? >> oh, my goodness, you kn who that is? that is a 11 crews peckham, as in david and vict victor victoria's son. so move over j and proud mom victoria actually
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posted that video. >> and by the way, spea mamas, i hit the premier of "mother's day" last night where it was a total mother's night out. julia and jen were s -- julia in a white rag and bone number, while jen opted f black armani blazer revealing to u she was actually star >> i'm not a contest winner.lm. it true that even though you have known julia roberts forever, you were little bit intimidated when you were working with her? >> it' julia roberts. i mean it's a different thing when you get work with them both do together. even slugged in the first, i believe take and called her julia. >> i saw that, at the end of the movie they showed the outtakes and you do do that. >> i really isn't that one home.
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>> she had to scrip the premier where she ma a fashion station in bright yellow pants. still she made time to snap chat her love for director gary marshall. >> he's an absolute gem, and he talks like t >> she's not the only one gushing about gary, julia's been with him since pretty woman. >> i have never thought twice when gary asks me to do something. >> i still love that movii. if you loved "pretty woman" like loved "pretty woman" you're going to get a surprise when you see the film. >> fast and the furious. >> i think he should go to hii dad clint eastwood and sai dad, how about a cameo in this one. coming up, "ghost busters"
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girls won wild. only i am on the set. >> i can carry kate easier than can carry. >> our fashion fix is next.
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no you're not, you went first last time. why are those lines on my floor? a distance contest. i already made it from this line. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. welcome back, everybody, so what most important accessory a girl can have? sometimes a strategically placed book. here is tonight's fashion fix. burn, baby, burn. gwyneth looke ready to disco in this two piece. she got the look from the run way. the tunic and pants cost $485 and she just annoshe's
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starting her own fashion line in september. is cameron diaz hiding a little bundle of joy? the 43-year-old was glowing but we couldn't quite see her tummy because of her book. check out this photo that sure seems to have that mommy to be hand on the belly. cameron appears to have a bit of a baby bump around her middle, but when someone asked her directly if she was expecting, that person was politely escorted out of event. under the taylor t piece suit, her white knit top which featured a purple print, that over $4,000 white magella bag is one of her and the sunglasses costing 340 gl.
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who says you can't wear white before memorial >> i know it's iconic and sex. is there anything hotter than a "ghostbusters" jump suit? ♪ something strange in the neighborhood ♪ >> you're like kicking people's butts, what has the physicality been like? >> i'm actually a size 16 when i got here. i'm like a now. ♪ who you gonna call >> i'll take a jump suit any way i can get it. it's so comfortable. it's the only thing different about this from my daill wardrooe is that there's no cato hair on it. >> visit xl 1, the vehicle that the lady also use to cha ghosts in, the original xo 1
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started life as an ambulan this one began as a hearse. >> you didn't disclose that the vehicle was going to be hearse. >> how cool is the car and how heavy are those damned backpacks? >> supercool, it's a cadillac. >> i can carry kate easier than i can carry packs. >> it's over five. >> you can shake it out of >> remember nerdy assistant in original? this time around, it's chris hemsworth. >> i heard you all love chris >> oh, he's great. that's funny guy who's play oog hammer. he's really funny and is a freakishly good improviser. >> really? >> it's too much in one package. >> it's a that possesses the human form.
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>> are melissa mccarthy and the rest of the ghost busters ready for a burst of ectoplazic boom. >> everybody wants to get slimed and then you get slimed and you realize it's really hard to get deslimed. >> the ladies got deslimed to do a very cool thing. visit the children's hospital in boston that made for very happy kids. >> we saw some si and each letter was like this big, and it said who you gonna call? >> with the packs, we ran in, we said heard there was some ghosts here. we scared them. >> during our day on the set, met a group of local high school kids who had done a hilarious sendoff of the first ghost bursters. >> we skipped the first day of high school for this. >> i'm waiting to get thh call from theprincipal.
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>> you're going to be another magical theme. >> kaae plays the flute? >> does she? >> it's t >> if she's got the right shoes on, you know, the crunching, it's almost a percussion. >> oh, please. ♪ >> how did you maintain your composure? >> i'm going to stop now. i'm going to have to get you some of that greenslime, though. it is amazing. mpls our next best stage coming up at the boys, did a contestant
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just let it slip that adam le lavigne is leaving the show? ♪
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your 24/7 destination for breaking celebrity news. . america saves allison porter. >> allison porter made the top 12 last night on the voice. she is one when we first met, she was hurling on the big screen. >> listen to what one of the finalists told us after the show. >> i think for all of us, we didn't know that adam would be leaving to have his family next year. didn't know adam was leaving either, but holdon, we did a little bit of investigating. adam's contestant was a little bi confused. >> adam is going to be back next
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season. "the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. number one, inside gwen and gavin's divorce deal. who's getting paid? >> it's not a p picture of my life right now. >> how does it compare to other million dollar divorces including blake and miranda. then bethany fran controversial comment, the way sh telling women to get on top in business is to get underneath a man. and number three, women of "mother's day" get personal to julia's own mom's advice to


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