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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 21, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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million records one of the best alidade artists of all time. special forms of the entertainment business. is inducted to a rock-and-roll hall of fame the very first year. key influence mentor other musicians. nothing and no one compares the prince. legendary
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apollo theater changing its key minnesota twins treating this picture saying fitting that it's raining in minneapolis. syllabaries to condolences' many say they plan to pay tribute and a way they think he would prefer celebrating his life through his timeless music. will they're not ruling it out. medical examiner may have pulmonary findings for several days the toxicology results could take weeks.
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>> reporter: dollars to of a respite in music fans waited outside like it's straight for the prince section found 3 favorite titles. he was an even born but this is paris is a big fan and nonetheless. shopping with prince blessing and a background the paid tribute with their pocketbook. principles laid back so did many of his fans. some maintain turntables and fun and stopping by looking
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for their favorite tunes on vinyl.
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>> pam: stations playing in tribute and taking comments deejays we talked with say that the artist's death has been hard to take all of them and their listeners. simply as extreme jihad and even
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cheer to your heirs will a restore is prince disbelief over his death. even aware is game grant lodes is here with a look back on that. and what celebrities are saying tonight on social media. >> grant:prince was a huge basketball fan.loved michael jordan. loved watching this warriors team. here his is. courtside.sitting next to dubs co-owner joe lacob. that night.the dance team performed a prince song. there was a dance off.with win tickets to his show at oracle that weekend. he also performed at the paramount last month. after news of his death toady.joe lacob released a statement. saying in part: "that night was a real honor for me and, looking back, he appeared to be doing well and was in great spirits. from everyone in the warriors' organization, our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and millions of fans during this difficult time. we lost a true icon in the entertainment business."
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oakland native shelia - e.who was engaged to prince in the 80's.and also served as his longtime drummer and collaborator.said the following in a statement: "the meaning of the word loss has taken on new meaning this day."thank god, love lives forever." others remembering prince tonight.including oakland's mc hammer: "i loved this man. too soon, can't comprehend it but it's unfortunately true. heaven is yours. rest in peace, prince. madonna tweeted: he changed the world! a true visionary. what a loss, i'm devastated. this is not a love song. justin timberlake: numb. stunned. this can't be real. right now on have a special section dedicated to prince's life and legacy. there's a picture slideshow of his amazing outfits throught the years. also, oyou can listed to his hit songs.we've also posted the 911 call when he was found lifeless in his elevator. a sad day for so we mourn a true superstar and musical genuis.
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>> pam:happening tonight. the warriors hoping for a third win against the rockets in houston. however. it is still unknown if star point guard steph curry. will be able to play with his injury. kron 4's mark carpenter has been following the story. he joins us now. mark, any word on whether curry will play tonight? the long wait continues. still nothing new on the reigning mvp. what we do know is he went through a full shootaround this morning. and reports indicate, he was moving well and looked like his normal self. however, at this point, his status remains questionable. this is a look at curry at yesterday's practice when the team first arrived in houston. he said afterwards that while he was improving.he felt that he wasn't ready for game speed, but he's going through treatment every day. >> reporter:as the warriors hold a 2-nothing lead over the rockets, many feel they could still win the series. even with curry sitting out. of course, the leader *wants to
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play.but not at the cost of worsening his injury. tipoff is a little more than an hour away. seeing as we haven't heard anything yet, an update is expected after the team's pregame shootaround. pam? business for american sportswear company - 'under armour'. is on fire these days. and steph curry has a lot to do with it. thanks to the brand's super- star endorser. footwear sales surged 64- percent, in the first three- months of 20-16 >> pam:sports fans have gobbled up the 20-15 n-b-a m-v-p's signature basketball line. and 'under armour' stock is now up 13-percent on the year. and 44-percent since late january. taking a live look outside the embarcadero in san francisco.
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fans mourning the loss of another celebrity more on the death of wrestling star china. and then that the san francisco woman evidence police recovered.
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>> pam: and then as live tonight of some adjust news conference and. the convince >> reporter: it but the northern liberal. there are convinced that they know where the little girl as.
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the police as for the public's help in finding the two year- old. crowe has been missing for wickes possibly longer. the gror weeks possibly longer. >> reporter: the believe auriana was being watched by family friends search warrants served in emeryville. 30,000 pieces guy hebert gathered so far no sign of the little girl. well because ims mother also missing on april 1st haryana's mother went missing april 1st.
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police >> reporter: are asking anyone who may seem hurt to contact them. >> reporter: let me talk with co-workers they continued their efforts and hopes they can find at the friend's daughter. . >> pam:the fire started between two large apartment buildings. . along 17-th street in san francisco's mission district. as kron four's terisa estacio reports. some residents are very concerned. especially since they have lived in the building for
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more than two decades. >> reporter:lisa geduldig is grappling with what to do now this after a fire erupted early this morning between two apartment buildings in the mission district of san francisco. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. lisa has lived in her apartment home for more than 2 decades. sot/tc: 19lisa geduldig/fire victim. you never think it will happen to you. i have my whole life in my apartment. fire officials are investigating the cause the fire broke out just after 9am - there were initial reports of 2 fatalities, but -
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sot/tc: 41 jonathan baxter/sf fd fire fighthers had covered their equipment and put tarps on the gurneys so they looked like fatalities. but no. no fatalities. throughout the day, crews cleaned up and pulled out water damaged items. this pile of wood got bigger and bigger. other residents displaced said they were in some shock about what happeend. sot/tc: 1:19 jim liou/fire victim i don't know what to do. the road on 17th in front of the two buildings remained closed for several hours. in sf, te a man is dead. after an abandonded warehouse caught fire in oakland early this morning. the two - alarm fire was first reported just after 3 a-m. at a former r-v showroom. officials say, the building no longer has electricity. but it does often have homeless people who could have sparked the blaze by accident. it took fire crews nearly an hour to contain the flames.
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one homeless man died. his name has not been released. his son reportedly escaped the building before being injured. will tran shot this this morning a wet morning here in the bay area. and more rain is on the way tonight. kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now. brittney, what can we expect tomorrow? >> britteny: look outside that will be closer to borrow overnight dollars rtc a fall to the north of our area of future cast breaks it all done
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by 11 we start to see little precipitation passing sprinkles and until early morning hours you start to notice the rain moving and oakland at the concord vallejo fairfield have your pockets as well especially a a.m.. once you see the orange there but the heavy downpour the will be coming down from sematech concord fairfield we see another route even after that moves the closer 1:00 as the golan tillage or going back home from launch into your evening hours we will start to see a bit more clear in trying l as we approach the weekend. coming up we lisa leeson store for the sierra we let you note what is in store. >> reporter: warriors and just
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told us " for tonight he felt fine however didn't feel like he had game speed. to suggest the media he said currie was out and called it an easy decision sports director will have more as an early morning for the game. >> pam: being investigated as a homicide.
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detectives are continuing to investigate the killing of 47- year -old kimberly hoglund, of east richmond heights. yesterday, formal homicide charges were filed against two suspects. one suspect is under arrest. the other - named - andre villedrouin is still being sought by police. hoglund was reported missing on april 13th. and when officials served a search warrant, they found a crime scene but did not recover the missing woman. on tuesday, the body of hoglund was found in a shallow grave on the property. some new changes could be made to part of the new $64 - billion california high speed rail plan. catherine heenan is here with details on what is likely to be different. there's been a big fuss over the recent decision to first send the train to northern california -- rather than the l- a area. so much so -- a vote was put off today on the revised
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plan.just to give state officials more time to try to get people in southern california used to the idea. there was a meeting in san jose.and the board was expected to adopt the 64-billion dollar plan.but that vote will happen later. the latest idea calls for the bullet train to head from the central valley to san jose -- rather than south to the san fernando valley. the changes include shifting the central valley starting point to merced and adding another station near bakersfield. the first stretch would begin operating in 2025. >> pam:a day after the 4/20 festivities. and crews are still cleaning up in golden gate park from the annual marijuana celebration. however. those clean-up efforts are costing taxpayers a pretty penny.
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kron 4's averi harper has the details. san francisco police and a number of other agencies. patrolled the 4-20 event at golden gate park yesterday today, they released the number of arrests whcih were made. three felony arrests along with five misdemeanor arrests and 35 - parking or traffic citations. the main goal was to make the event safe for everyone. and focus on people who posed a danger to others. 4/20 event arrest stats the unsanctioned event was facilitated with the help of multiple different city agencies. ?#?sfpd?'s main goal was to make the event safe for everyone and focus on those who posed a danger to others. below are the stats from the 420 event: 3 felony arrest 5 misdemeanor arrest traffic and parking citations; 10 traffic citations 25 parking citations r
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>> pam: agents patrolling event at golden gate today they release a number of arrests madenext. more trouble ahead for sears. when and how many stores will be closing this time. and next. we are remembering a wrestling legend. more on the life and death of chyna.
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as the world mourns the death of grammy winning artist prince.
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another celebrity is being remembered tonight. grant lodes is here with details on the life and death of a trailblazing woman in pro - wrestling. grant the w-w-e has lost a legend. 19-90's wrestling star joan "chyna" laurer has died. police say chyna was found dead in her redondo beach apartment. chyna's friend went to check on her yesterday after she didn't return any of her phone calls for the last couple of days. her friend found her unresponsive in her bedroom and called police. the l-a county coroner's department is investigating. they still have not released the cause of death, but they do say that there is no sign of foul play. chyna was 45-years-old still ahead. the war of words between donald trump and ted focusing on bathrooms. the latest from the campaign trail. next at 5:30. and more tonight. as the world is remembering music icon prince. coming up. how san francisco is honoring him tonight.
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now back to our top story. fans across the world are mourning the death of music legend "prince." he was found unresponsive at his home this morning. grant lodes joins us with the latest details. >> grant:authorities say they found prince unresponsive in an elevator at his compound in minneapolis this morning.
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first-responders were unable to revive him. and he was pronounced dead about half an hour after deputies arrived. he was 57-years-old. there's no details yet on what may have caused his death. however an autopsy is scheduled for friday. however prince postponed a concert in atlanta earlier this month after coming down with the flu. president obama released a statement today. saying he and his wife "joined millions of fans from around the world" in mourning the prince's sudden death. his hits included "little red corvette," "let's go crazy," and "when doves cry." san francisco city hall will be lit up in purple tonight in honor of prince. problems continue to mount for retail giant sears. >> pam:the company says, it will close 68 k-mart, and 10- sears stores nationwide this summer.
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none which are located in the bay area. sears says, the move is a "difficult but necessary" step. to strengthen the company and make it profitable. sears was once the nation's largest retailer and biggest employer. but the iconic company has struggled in recent years, particularly after its 2005 merger with k-mart. as one of many stops on an international trip, president obama traveled to saudi arabia this week. for a summit with several persian gulf region leaders. he also took the opportunity to try and ease some tensions between the u-s and saudi arabia. >> britteny: sell other shots show that racine a lot of moisture seem pushed onshore most of pranced and not of the
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region it will take a few hours before reaches us when speeds a breezy fairfield 80 mi. an hour 17 livermore 14 san jose tonnages across the area at 68 conquered 67 san francisco 74 degrees and the next few days each rat or any as legal and smallest of smaller in clearing up the weekend we time of the rainfall for you and about 15 minutes. from c-n-n. steve nannes has this report from washington, d.c. on the surface, it looks like all smiles and handshakes, but behind the scenes, it was anything but.
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president obama in saudi arabia to meet with gulf leaders -- discussing regional conflicts like those in libya and yemen, a u.s. push for gulf nations to do more in the fight against isis, and, probably the biggest area where there's been tactical difference has been with respect to iran. gulf countries worry the nuclear deal emboldens iran. obama arguing that continued dialogue will reduce tensions but also that iran needs to be held to account. obama touched down in the saudi arabian capital ednesday looking to ease tensions between washington and riyadh. i think a lot of the strain was always overblown. obama met with saudi king salman for more than two hours to clear the air of simmering issues. a significant point of contention -- a bipartisan bill in congress that would allow 9- 11 victims to sue the saudi government. no evidence has come to light that the saudi government was involved in the
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plot. the white house is against the bill, but the saudis are threatening retaliation by selling off u.s. assets if it is signed into law. experts say this week's meetings are a good start , but there are few easy solutions to the relationship. we do have strong, common interests which will keep us in a partnership, but it will be a reduced and more difficult partnership than in the past. obama will have a lighter load on his next stop, the united kingdom, where he'll meet with the queen as she celebrates her 90th birthday. in washington i'm steve nannes. >> pam:a key suspect in the terrorist attacks in paris that killed 130 people has been charged with attempted murder after a shootout with police last month. the charges against salah abdeslam were released today. by belgian federal prosecutors. on march 15th, four officers were allegedly fired on by abdelsam. while searching what they thought was a vacant apartment in brussels. those police suffered minor injuries. they fatally shot another suspect at the scene. three days later, abdeslam was arrested in another brussels hideout. officials say, police have also been questioning him about potential links to the brussel attacks. that killed 32 people. public toilets became the focus of the republican presidential campaign today.
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catherine is here to show us how donald trump and ted cruz took their feud into the bathroom. it all started with ted cruz weighing in on the north carolina law in effect banning transgender bathroom access. he tweeted, "we shouldn't be facilitating putting little girls alone in a bathroom with grown men. that's just a bad, bad, bad idea." donald trump responded on nbc's today show. "there have been very few complaints the way it is. people go, they use the bathroom they feel is appropriate. there has been so little trouble. the problem with what happened in north carolina is the strife and the economic punishment they are taking." "so if caitlyn jenner were to walk into trump tower, you would be comfortable lettign her use any bathroom she chooses?" "that's correct." jenner of course is the reality-
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tv star and olympic gold medalist who competed as bruce jenner. ted cruz says he would not let her anywhere near a lady's bathroom. "now let me ask you, have we gone stark raving nuts. this is the political correctness, this is basic common sense. let me ask you are there any parents of daughters here. i'm the father of two little girls, here is basic common sense, grown adult men, strangers, should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls." nat
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trump is riding high after his big win in new york. he is the heavy favorite in next week's northeast primaries: up fourteen points in pennsylvania and maryland, 18 points in rhode island, 20 points in connecticut and 37 points in delaware. the candidate is now focusing on a first ballot victory. he told the wall street journal "the campaign is evolving and transitioning and so am i. i don't want to blow it. " hillary clinton is also poised for a sweep next tuesday, although her margin is only in the single digits in delaware, connecticut and rhode island. sanders campaigning in pennsylvania urged his supporters not to give up. "if there is a large voter turnout i beleive we will win." clinton still needs a little more than 4=hundred more votes to clinch the nomination. about a third of her 19=hundred- 41 delegates are super delegates. donald trump is also speaking out about the move to have harriet tubman on the 20-dollar bill. he says the move to have her replace president andrew jackson is pure political correctness. furthermore. both trump and ben carson say tubman should be put on the 2-dollar bill. which is no longer printed. tubman escaped slavery in the south. and eventually led hundreds of escaped slaves to freedom as a "conductor" of the underground railroad. after the slaves were freed. tubman was a staunch supporter of a woman's right to vote. there is much more ahead at five. a big conundrum for victims of
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the ashley madison hacking scandal. what they will have to do. if they want to sue the online cheating website is coming up at 5:45. plus. distrubing video of a classroom fight. who was involved and where it happened is next. after a three day rally. the markets pulled back on wall street. the dow fell 113 points. the s and p gave up nearly 11 points. and the nasdaq lost two points. dramatic video out of wisconsin
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shows a violent altercation between a teacher's aide and a student. video shows the teacher's aide pushing the student into a desk. and then holding him down on the floor. the teacher can be heard screaming expletives at the student. classmates say security eventually came in to the classroom to break it up. the 14-year-old student was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital. and the 39-year- old man was arrested for child abuse. the school says it is cooperating with police in the investigation.
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a pilot's experimental flight around the world is missing one major component---his plane has no fuel. that's because this plane uses the sun to charge it's engine. the "soalr impulse two" took off from hawaii today after a long layover on the island due to battery problems. now the plane is fixed up and has 20-million-dollars in fresh funding to keep the journey going. its next stop--mountain view, california..where it's due to land in about three days. the pilot hopes to be able to fly around the entire globe without using a single drop of fuel. kapolei, hawaii - a solar- powered plane has resumed its around-the-world journey after a long layover in hawaii. the swiss-made solar impulse 2 left hawaii today, heading for
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ashley madison customers that had their personal information hacked.cannot sue the infidelity dating website without releasing their names. a federal judge ruled 42 plaintiffs must make their names public for the class action lawsuit to go through. they're suing ashley madison for to prevent a massive hacking attack. more than 32 million customers had their accounts revealed. lawyers for the plaintiffs argued that there is a legal anonymous while suing a company. a u-s district court judge we have a warning for you. a texting scam is gaining traction out there personal information to cyber criminals. our tech trends reporter gabe slate shows us how it works. and >> gabe:people are getting a message that pops up on their phone saying that their apple i=d is expiring and they will be locked out of their account unless they take action. don't fall for this. here's a closer look. tech trends reporter gabe slate here.
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i have a texting scam to warn you about. people are getting a message that pops up on their phone saying that their apple i=d is expiring and they will be locked out of their account unless they take action. it's a well designed trick that can easily lead to people giving out there personal information to cyber criminals. don't fall for this. here's a closer look. the message looks something like this saying you need to sign in and confirm your details or your apple id will be deactivated. it looks real. and the link url in the message looks real with the words sign in icloud if you click on that link it takes you to this phony website set up to phish out your information. to me this is the scary part. this is a very convincing fake apple website. it looks real.
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now regardless of what you enter on the username/password screen you will be told that your apple id has been "locked for security reasons". >> britteny: 60 ours to continue pushing eurasia expect and i come friday night into tropical and then still tracking another round of sierra snow. 67 degrees in san francisco 69 oakland 73 san jose and concord and 68
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degrees satellite radar shows moistures and pushed the north the bar area and it will continue pushing through as we had to tonight and then tomorrow as well expect a lot commute on an option are expected so feature test shows a few little passing strange hours it will be to after midnight eastern to see the rain showers moving and interest from the north bay through san francisco's concord fairfield up the sacramento and have your pocket unfortunately this is as rich and to get to work it will continue late morning and the ground by a lunch hour and then friday evening lisa the clearer it " and that sets the suffered under a nice weekend a little bit breezy side and the temperatures of how or it run average a huge wall for as a bachelor continues to 11 tonight large shortage and dangerous rip
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currents be very careful on the water of the next couple of whores. in the mid-50s 56 concord temperatures to moscow over low in the '60s 627 cisco and the 70 forecast shows wheel drive things out cool things down into into the weekend. >> pam:the big story in the world of daytime talkshows. the on-going drama between kellythe insider's debbie from hollywood. pam, kelly's suspected "live" sick out continued today. her emotional reaction not a surprise to us here at the insider. back in 2005, kelly gave a very telling interview with none-other than kathie lee gifford about what she sacrificed to co-host with regis philbin. tonight we go inside: kelly ripa: it's personal. kr: if its a slow news week and what it is. everyone has a job to do /
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while today, words like "blindsided" and "meltdown" are being used to describe kelly's demeanor in the wake of michael strahan's sudden departure for gma. at the time of this 2005 "insider" interview, 4 years kathy lee in co-hosting live. "friction" and "jealousy" were the words tabloids chose to describe her marriage to mark consuelos. 4:09:00 you can write what you want to like it it doesn't have to be true but at the end of the day its a small price to pay because i have really great jobs and i have healthy children and i ask for nothing else clip: kathie lee's last day tbd 4:15:22 klg; when i left the show my kids were at the point they could read headlines in the newspapers and knew what was kr: well there are in shcool now / they really dont sort of understand what it is i do / 4:16:05 they're still a little young to fully grasp the business. but what 8 year old michael, 4 year old lola, and 2 year old joaquin did feel at the time: a gaping absence that is a gut wrenching reality for so many working moms.
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we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm debbie matenopoulos back to you, pam.
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wednesday was a big day for marijuana enthuasiasts. this is video of golden gate park. from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 it's the 4-20 festival in the park. and it is also one of the biggest days for kron-4's stanley roberts. he explains in this edition of people behaving badly. welcome to 420 yes welcome to 420 it's incredible edibiles this is my homies out here man they got the best edibiles before we get into what was exactly in the park lets establish some facts first off golden gate park is suppose to a drug free zone man coughing a lot 4/20 baby also no booze it permitted in the park, it's a little patron mane happy 420 mane with something terrible mane hell no this is real deal liquor no barbeque grills and you need
5:56 pm
a permit to sell anything 2 for five hash joints 2 for five ans yes there is more. the san franciso police warned that if children were brought to the 4/20 event the parent could be subject to arrest im sure you know that it's 420 you cant bring your son in this enviorment i understand he wasn't staying he's here now you can'brt g him in the enviorment alright the parent and child were escorted out the park in case you havent figured it out by now this is an unsanctioned event with upwards
5:57 pm
to 12 thousand people showed up which rule do you think they followed this is noise abatement if we have to cite you this all gets conficated no worries i cant think of any either some people were so paranoid that when they saw me they hid there faces but this guy was classic listen to our conversation but more importantly look at his face alright now i'm with the san francisco police department i need to see your medical marajuana card laughter hahahah i just couldn't resist. did find at lease one medical marajuana card don't put it on the don't put it on the news . it belonged to rocky the pug if you could be smoked, eaten or sipped everybody sipping on the weed syrup now you can bet money was changing hands nats: sound of cash rattling there was a lot of commercial events here this time including a green screen is we gonna be on people behaving badly in golden gate park stanley roberts kron 4 news
5:58 pm
added to and i found of the san bernardino gunman.
5:59 pm
nats of prince playing the world is mourning a music icon and legend. "prince" was found dead this morning at a recording studio complex near minneapolis. he was 57 years old. he was known for his musical genius and his unique style. the "purple one" influenced a generation of artists after bursting on to the music scene in the 1980s. mary moloney with our partners
6:00 pm
at c-n-n shows us his incredible career and how the world is remembering a music icon. prince was a legend. pioneering the minneapolis sound -- prince sold more than 100 million records worldwide -- making him one of the best- selling artists of all time. : "i wanted my music as even now to speak loudest for me he touched all forms of the entertainment business. winning seven grammys -- a golden globe -- and an academy award. >> reporter:not surprising -- prince was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame -- the first year he was eligible. prince wasn't just an artist. he influenced and mentored other musicians.
6:01 pm
cranking out hits for the bangles and sinead o'connor nothing and no one compares to prince. after hearing about his death -- fans flocked to his estate. some with tears in their eyes. : "i heard the news and it's just deveastating" : "i just couldn't believe it. i didn't believe it. he was just here saturday. he was just here saturday." the legendary apollo theater
6:02 pm
changing its marquee. >> pam: be sure many music player radio tunes to prince tonight. and some as a prince waited for fans of large selection betsy renault rich in the us. he was a law to was mayor is.
6:03 pm
"it's another big loss. " >> pam:he was a big basketball fan. and sat courtside with the warriors the oklahoma city thunder. the warriors dance team and there was a competition for oat concert at oracle arena. prince also did a show at oakland's paramount theater last month.
6:04 pm
oakland's sheila "e" was a drummer in prince's band during the 1980s. she took to twitter today to express her condolences. she tweeted: "my heart is broken. there are grant lodes is here with some of the big names.who are weighing in. >> grant:president obama went on facebook.saying in part "today, the world lost a creative icon. prince did it all. funk. r&b. rock and roll. he was a virtuoso instrumentalist, a brilliant bandleader, and an electrifying performer. nobody's spirit was stronger, bolder or more creative. our thoughts and prayers are with his family, his band and all who loved him." saddened by prince's death. proud to have seen in the new year with him. he seemed fine and played brilliantly funky music rain moves into late tonight
6:05 pm
thru friday. this will affect your friday morning commute and lunch hour. plus a winter weather advisory in the sierra. her mom was found dead in a san francisco park nealy two weeks ago. 2-year-old arianna fitts hasn't been seen since. now police are digging for clues in trying to figure out where the toddler is and who murdered her mother. fire badly damaged two apartment kron4news-dot-com. >> pam:.
6:06 pm
>> britteny: as a going to the rest of tonight we see more remove it and and that's when some of the heaviest will start to fall it will stick around friday morning and celery are shot shows all the moisture portion to the north of the area you see the circulation of the system here. and then cluster 45 6:00 some heavier downpours in fairfield oakland san francisco and then in late morning hours by a.m. tomorrow with a heavy downpours and of their round run 1:00 p.m.. alicea phoebus of sunshine. 63
6:07 pm
and the richmond said. see 6 and senate 10 to 69 degrees and then to splatter down to low 60s cloudy breezy and then the three did forecast and 15 minutes. >> pam: aria and has not been seen. they're doing for were the toddler is. then as live in the san francisco hall of justice or the police released no information about the disappearance. >> reporter: police are bleeding the tyrol the still live and searching capsulate whether to look at this point. one week
6:08 pm
later her body was discovered buried in th 3 ft. hole. they believe that might lead them to her killer. police believe auriana was being watched by family friends and then search warrants also served in daly city emeryville and oakland.
6:09 pm
"the energetic a bubbly, please reach out to help bring her
6:10 pm
home." >> reporter: a to then and co- workers have been spreading to paul and buildings in the mission district this morning catherine is hat here with details on what happened. >> catherine:firefighters knew it was bad as soon as they arrived. with the roof spewing dark smoke.which soon turned into heavy flames. it was all four stories of an apartment building at 35-25 17th street in the mission. and two floors of the building next door at 3517 17th street. this was the scene - from our helicopter partnership with abc- 7. the first reports came in around 8:30 this morning.
6:11 pm
firefighters helped some people get out -- but there were no injuries. the red cross is helping to find shelter for residents. crews suspect that the fire may have somehow started 'between' the two buildings. firefighters stayed on the scene for hours to put out any hot spots.and people were being asked to avoid the area. a costly celebration. we're learning just how much garbage people left behind at golden gate park and the hefty price tag from the 4-20 smokeout on hippie hill. and big changes are coming next month to health insurance in california.
6:12 pm
the hundreds of thousands of people who will suddenly become eligible. plus how much did it cost to get into that iphone.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
this reported it to close the
6:15 pm
morning at the former rb shawn or across a street fire crews arrived to find the fire out-of- control took them an hour to contain the flames by a quarter million dollars of damage done to the structure investigators wrote but not what caused the fire candles and barbecue is the squatters could be to blame. in these pictures come from the of presbyterian church the reach out to the church today sold the vandalism has actually been going on since november. and tuesday someone decided to burn it and then the couple left behind a note in spanish.
6:16 pm
>> pam: now comes the cleanup the enthusiasts warned the hill or bob hindmost. l.f. portions of golden gate park with thousands of tons of trash caused $25,000 or 11 t of garbage brought to the impromptu festival. free to 10 residents have a quite a bill afterward.
6:17 pm
>> pam: helping hundreds more will eventually join them when man running for san francisco district nine supervisors says and his 28th hour of the strike until trendsetter with the police department resigns and take some way each protester says dell pulled out as long as they can with ultimate goal of. >> pam: the changes to the
6:18 pm
health care system 200 documented children not covered >> reporter: clews are undocumented children and adults. expansions of
6:19 pm
undocumented children cost $40 million this fiscal year. and 42 billion annually a preventive care will save california more money in the long run. he loves the law will lead to new coverage and an documented it immigrants in california.
6:20 pm
>> pam: written half million undocumented immigrants in california and federal judge in says new agreement needs justice. >> catherine: we do not know the details of exactly how much car owners will be paid the deal will include substantial compensation to what's been called the dirty diesels scandal. and then criminal investigations bottom-line
6:21 pm
claimed clean diesel cars. and the vehicles on the road. >> catherine: it will take a few hours before a surrogacy boston during fall move and for tonight rain will move in late talk in after midnight overnight and also a cloudy skies preconditions tomorrow rain will be heavy and be the heaviest warriors friday morning commute and then more clearing starts friday night pushing and the
6:22 pm
weekend driving: lingering sickness no shower heading saturday morning. and metal swing through and the next couple of hours and it also is a worker with to the region into tomorrow. lunch hours. and then in the late morning hours another round by lunchtime on and off showers before clearing friday night and then into saturday a mix of sun and clouds a few lingering showers here mainly in the northern parts and then a bright. large short
6:23 pm
breaks recurrence be very careful if you plan on going of the water next couple of hours and 57 antioch and then as temperatures to get hit mainly in the '60s in richmond 64 oakland. and then the bubble little bit above average and then some '60s to kick off a week and '60s for next week and adrenaline's to get rid of it all the rain fall friday evening.
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6:26 pm
>> pam: the bike bridge was part of the $12 million project and it's not just causing concern about the country's readiness firefighters have not confirmed that if there are more victims still using jet skis helicopters to monitor the area. >> pam:the head of the f-b-i drops a hint how much it paid to hack the phone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists.
6:27 pm
the amount they paid was more than what he will earn. hacked into that i phone released how they made that happen. they killed 14 people before dying >> pam: the bay area is remembering him and all the republican party to make changes for selecting presidential nominee. two were the most influential computer people time is revealing its list we tell you familiar names that made in the top
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
this >> gabe: board placed on top asking for people to identify the markings on the boards. >> reporter: in san francisco early morning fire displaced several residents between two apartment complexes between him and the mission district that causes under investigation and lives in one of the apartments for no one gets to see her in this. >> reporter: a crater of purple
6:32 pm
rain and other tunes other rockers a sudden death they scooped up all of the stores' large stock of see vinyl posters all the while swapping stories that scene over the years. >> reporter: " oh r&b dj got emotional as she played borane they exchanged hugs and and shed a few tears listeners calling and sharing their feelings. and
6:33 pm
the tragic news has been hard for fans to except. four different stations clustered all with different formats in addition there is also a throwback and classic rock all played the lead plate tribute. the big preprints of the artist their fees to be pigeonholed.
6:34 pm
>> britteny: carry an will pick up and to friday morning. that's when some of the heaviest rain moved through. trying the rainfall close to the north of and passing showers when one get a transition to e space of
6:35 pm
space and heavier pockets are to be expected close to a backlog in the morning another run round lunchtime lingering showers as a going to the rest of the evening. close to cloudy skies overnight friday it will give way to a pretty nice weekend for us. it will bubble 5 degrees policy and the cooler side 68 right now concord. 58 vallejos. 70 and now a 69 in san jose 71 in seville and a platter for the rest of this evening shows in los '60s. and then along the coast see it by 10 cloudy breezy with the rain expected to move in after midnight. >> pam: a larger to a proposed change to the nominating rules make it more difficult to nominate a fresh presidential candidate. . offer did change saying of the current rules give
6:36 pm
the convention for presiding officer to much power. this shutdown comes as the top republicans believe that the gop are likely to lose in this november's election if rule changes happen and they could be accused of unfairly helping of presidential hopeful. >> pam: representing time magazine releases its 15th annual list of 100 most influential people crazy here >> grant: dr. priscilla " and for a leopard h leonardo and on the list of 100 most influential people currie shows up electrifying warriors
6:37 pm
starts changing the game of basketball. they're both in the subject of an essay in their field.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
no >> reporter: driver be blindsided somebody should of
6:41 pm
said this was a wind happens asia and that have greeted the paper. >> reporter: of the first want to compete in the royal rumble match and only undefeated when campaign and a lead of u.s. history. today are at the inspiration depth gallop.
6:42 pm
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6:45 pm
>> gary: back-and-forth but i guess hey if it up to it and applying a team so far not shown they can beat you. relax and play on sunday. a game completed here oklahoma city vs. dallas but only reason but what
6:46 pm
programming paying for these extra run games. i assists and a first effort russell was great. the index set a one nothing lead and only have three hits
6:47 pm
and game tied at 2 mollen complete arizona and comebacks complete a four game sweep of the giants because barry bonds will come back tomorrow in the uniform of miami marlins and people say bonds is coming backed tit-for-tat as and game but he will be sitting on the bench as a batting instructor
6:48 pm
the giants have lost eight of nine on the flip side as yankee stadium getting pictures of dogs rodriguez mark with a home run here. the big ball park. once upon a time. 20003000 federal seats. and right now a go-ahead second deck the a's are leading right now in eighth inning. the football fan is any one of the better-index and the late all-
6:49 pm
pro quarterback didn't: pay him the money 15 $16 million a year they have $53 million in salary caps 15 $16 million i wrote to give my quarterback that not repeat my defensive back.
6:50 pm
but if >> gary: as the physique of an nba player freshman of the year he'll make $2 million
6:51 pm
really click here to here's a picture aires and warriors games as a real honor having princess next meet everyone with words and wrote the great lake prince.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
2000 >> gabe: the job cuts some wonder if it's undetectable popper. coming up tonight at 8. >> pam: 0120 days in jail and douglas sentenced in federal court today his flight last
6:55 pm
year some less restricted air space and the nation and an attempt to call attention to the influence of big money lending is one person gyrocopter cause cuisine but thomas quotas even secured a he was taken into custody.
6:56 pm
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the insider, tracking the biggest stories making news today. number the shocking death of rock icon prince. ♪ >> he's one of artists that set the bar very >> then kelly and michael's morning show down heatsup. >> no is a terrific word. it chan my life. >> why kelly takes mi departure so personally. uncover the working mom's sacrifice. >> he said i'll sell all of my toys if it means you don't have to work anymore. >>an nthree, the queen's 90 birthday is a royal throw do the inside story behind adorable family photos.
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plus our insider bonus. we're inside terry hatcher's come back. >> i didn't know it was bring your fat to work day. >> what's the one role that still haunts her. >> it will probably end up on my tombstone. now hollywood from the inside out. it's the insider together with yahoo! >> the on going daytime drama between kelly ripa and michael strahan shows no signs of slowing down. >> it doesn't. kelly continuing and her emotional reaction is not a surprise to us here at the insider and we'll show you why next. the number one story sending shockwaves throughout hollywood. the untimely death of music legend prince at 57. ♪ >> i was in the living room three days ago and it came television and i watched take me with you.


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