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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 23, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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we are now less than 24 hours away from warriors basketball. >> i think the last 2 days have given him confidence. >> this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. only on kron 4. one week after 2 teens drown at ocean beach another dramatic ocean rescue. you see the video. a 25-year-old man became exhausted in the ocean and had to be rescued. good evening. now the dramatic video. live it ocean beach with the latest. >> reporter: i will start off by saying that man is still alive. he was able to survive. he was rescued by the beach patrol. it's very concerning at this point. this comes one week after we
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lost to high school students at this very same beach. >> >> reporter: in this dramatic video things look bad. the 25-year-old man needed help after he became exhausted by the powerful current. beach patrol came to his rescue. hundreds of onlookers lined the sidewalk. >> i see this guy walked out of the water. >> reporter: a spokesman from the fire department says the foreign man told beach patrol he was too tired to make it to shore. >> they went in and he was moving. >> reporter: although he looked unconscious in the video paramedics save the man could speak but was simply exhausted. >> it was pretty dramatic. >> reporter: the rescue happened exactly one week after 2 teens were overtaken by the changing tide it ocean beach. 3 made it back to shore. the coast guard called off the search after hours of scanning
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the coast for the students. it is presumed they drowned. today's rescue has a happy ending. firefighters say the man was taken to a medical center for observation and will be okay. but this rescue demonstrates once again ankle-deep water at this popular beach can be too much for even a grown man. >> we thought it was a one-time thing but i had no idea they were a couple of deaths recently. that's crazy. >> reporter: the folks i talked to in the story, they are from stockton. if you heard is that man said he had no idea this beach could be deadly. while i fire department spokesman says they have done a ton of outreach about how dangerous rip currents and the tide can be at ocean beach, apparently there is still a lot of people, especially tourists coming here who have no idea how dangerous and deadly it can be. reporting live.
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>> even though the weather has been sunny and nice ocean beach has been a dangerous location. just this past week a surfer needed to be pulled from the water. he appeared to need help after he was separated from his surfboard and swept out into the ocean. that is when 1st responders were called to the scene. it happened in the area of the great highway according to fire crews. they were able to successfully pull him to safety. he was treated for non-thrive -- life-threatening injuries. and as mentioned 2 teens were pulled out. to of the teens were lost in the rip current and more than 20 search and rescue swimmers were called to scene. unfortunately the rescue attempt was called off the following day. neither of the boys have been found. they are presumed dead. these are examples of the power of the waves.
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san francisco supervisor recognizes the danger of ocean beach and thinks public needs to be more aware. >> with increasing heat waves because of climate change and more and more people drawn to the beautiful weather and the beach, they are not aware how dangerous it can be with the rip current. from the surfer recently to the 5 teens. >> he wants local and federal agencies to work together to improve warning signs scattered about every 50 yards along the beach. the weather may be nice this weekend but we see all that video, very windy weather. >> yes very windy. folks headed to the beach and i see these rescues all the time along the coach. this is a very dangerous time of year. you have large storms out of the pacific churning up the swell. the rip currents running very strong. that is what we see.
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if you're headed to the beach you must be extra careful. a strong rip currents through the spring season, and those sneak waves. those are the waves that you turn around and all of a sudden a big wave drags you out. you must be really careful along the coastline especially this time of year. out the door we go. a few clouds. a nice evening although the wind is starting to come down. some spots saw gusts up to 30 miles per hour. partly cloudy skies and the temperatures getting a little cool as we head towards 9 and 10 pm. mainly in the 50s. the wind will be the big story over the next couple of days. they will kick in especially in the afternoon by tomorrow. really going to whip outside. some of the gusts maybe 30-40 miles per hour. this will bring any rain but there is one that will head our way that will. more coming up in a little bit. remains of music superstar
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prince have been cremated today. friends and family celebrated his life in a small ceremony. the final resting place of the singer's remains will not be released -- released to the public. he died at 57 in suburban minneapolis. an autopsy was completed yesterday but no cause of death has been announced. according to his publicist it will be at least 4 weeks before results are released. meanwhile, thousands of fans show their love by flocking to his home and other sites made famous by prince. a state senator in minnesota is pushing to make the official state color purple. happening today a historic journey for the 1st ever solar powered airplane to complete a transpacific flight. solar impulse to flew over the golden gate bridge and all over san francisco just hours ago. the pilot left hawaii thursday
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is on and around the world journey and stopping in silicon valley will help link the project to pioneer of the air. he plans to land in santa clara county later this evening. minor delays due to reports of a man with a gun on board a train. police say there is a 20 minute delay at oakland's macarthur station. a citizen reported a man holding a gun on a fremont bound train. police received a call at 5 pm but did not locate the man. delays are affecting routes going to the san francisco directions. bart keeps updates on their twitter page and normal service has since been restored. an east bay minister trailed on multiple counts of sexual assault including unlawful intercourse with a girl less than 14 years of age. the 32-year-old fernando maldonado was taken into custody this week. now we see where he worked and
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how one neighbor reacted to news of his arrest. >> he was a nice guy. he was a pastor. of the church. i'm really shocked. >> reporter: the voice of a man disturbed by the allegations against his old neighbor fernando maldonado. >> he has a little girl. she is about 3. they had a baby. >> reporter: the neighbor who preferred not to share his face our name says fernando maldonado moved out of this townhome about 9 months ago after living here for about 1.5 years. the 32-year-old suspect was arrested earlier this week by martinez police after young girl reported monday that she had been sexually assaulted by fernando maldonado over a span of 3 years. investigators say the girl was under 14 years of age when this all started. >> a very nice guy. am totally disappointed.
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>> reporter: investigators have not released how or when the suspect and victim met. he is now a concorde resident but he once lived in their city. at one point he was a minister at a baptist church and then as of 2014 a pastor at grace bible church in pleasant hill. search warrants were served in all 3 cities in which fernando maldonado worker lived. >> >> reporter: for now he is being held at the martinez detention facility. his bail is set at $750,000. firefighters were busy in gilroy today. a 3 alarm fire broke out just before 6 pm. according to the fire crew facebook page the flames followed a blaze that happened earlier this morning. the cause of both fires are
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being investigated. we're also getting reports of a power outage in gilroy the may be connected to this evening's fire. the black smoke into the air. around 100 -- 1300 customers without power 228 downed power line. pg&e crews remain on the site tonight for repairs. they've no estimated time as to when the power will be back. 18 is behind bars after leading police on a vehicle pursuit this morning. the 14-year-old turned himself in and is in juvenile hall. officers saw a black kia spectra run a stop sign. they tried to pull the car over the driver kept going. they tried to lose the officer in the driver was going 90 miles per hour. and crashed on the side of the road. the driver ran away the police were able to pinpoint who the boy was. they say he took the car without permission.
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happening now san francisco police continued to search for a missing 2-year-old girl whose mother was found dead earlier this month. 2-year-old arianna fitts has not been seen since late february. her mother arianna fitts nicole was found dead. workers with her are plastering pictures of the missing arianna fitts around san francisco. friends hope that posing pictures will helping her home. >> we hope to find her soon. i lost my friend. i don't want to lose the little girl and that smile. >> this week police held a news conference think they have received new pieces of information in this case. but nothing has led them to arianna fitts or to her mother's killer. a broken a teenage sewer main because they sing home -- sinkhole in san francisco on thursday has been repaired. crews have filled the 17 x 22' sinkhole. sacramento street is back open
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to cars and pedestrians. the exact cause has not been determined. crews believe the old age of the pipe could've been a, driving factor. early monday morning crews will be back to repave of the -- a section of the street. they will have to close it temporarily but it will reopen by the afternoon. coming up at 8 pm we are less than 24 hours away from warriors basketball. the latest on stephen curry's ankle injury. the sierra got hit with a snowstorm last night. we will tell you how much the resorts received. and the latest on the coach being accused of not reporting a sex assault. that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there.
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♪ as long as you love me, it's alright. ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. we are now less than 24 hours away from golden state warriors basketball. stephen curry is expected to play in game 4 the first-round
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series. you may remember he hurt his right ankle on the 2nd quarter of game 1. it is the same ankle he had surgery on for years ago. curry sat out for game 2 and 3. today he participated in the team's practice in houston. he will be reevaluated on sunday. coach steve kerr says he looks good. >> i think he will be fine. it's hard to tell how many minutes he will play, how well he will play. who knows. but he has a lot of confidence in his game. i think the last 2 days have given him confidence in his body. >> that is the plan. i'm still getting some treatment and doing what i need to do to get ready for the game tomorrow. a minute warm-up and as long as it continues to feel like it does right now and i don't have any setbacks will be good. >> the warriors lead the series 2-1. they last thursday 97-96.
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the rain we saw in the bay area on friday meant superbus no conditions in the sierra. half of the ski resorts have already closed. but there are some still open and those resorts have been posting pictures all day. squaw valley and alpine meadows is open until may. it's a good thing because this is what it looked like saturday. after 20 inches of snow fell overnight. at heavenly mountain resort picnic tables were covered in snow as 14 inches sat in the overnight hours. perfect timing for one final ski we can. heavenly closes for the season sunday night. sugar bowl will also close on sunday. saturday the received between 18 and 22 inches. measurements were posted on the facebook page. everyone was referring to saturday's skiing as a bluebird
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powder day. meaning an overnight snowfall and a day with a clear blue sky bright sun and fresh know. melrose ski tahoe was in prime shape as well. they received 12-15 inches of snow. they will close for the season on may 8. we're joined by lawrence. >> looking at those pictures. it was out of sight out of mind. and then i see that and i am a little jealous. >> you have to wonder if those other resorts are little jealous for closing down. >> and the resorts of the did close, i went on their facebook pages and there was nothing. we don't want to talk about the fact that we are close. >> we're not done just yet. we may get more snow. i think we will over the next couple of days. if you're traveling there tomorrow you may see a mixture of rain and snow. out the door with another cold front. it's headed toward california. it will not bring much rain but
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a few clouds overnight. as we head for the next couple of days in more impressive storm a head our way. tonight it's just passing clouds. tomorrow you will see a mixture of sunshine and a couple of clouds. the winds are kicking up in the afternoon. 38-40 miles per hour possible. and a chance of rain around wednesday. and some snow in the high country. the highs today. right around average. 70 in concorde. 62 cool and breezy in san francisco. 69 in santa rosa. we do have some things changing over the next couple of days. winds kicking in and keeping our temperatures down. if you head out now the numbers are in the mid-50s. 59 in hayward. the winds, we are seeing gusts as high as 30mph. scattered gusts showing up
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around the bay area. it looks like high pressure holding on. a weak ridge ahead of the cold front. most of that rain is going to be focused to the north. behind that cold front we see high pressure lignin. all of a sudden we see winds kicking up. getting blustery by tomorrow afternoon. in toward san jose 60s and 70s. in east temperatures popping up in the 60s. along the coastline that is where we'll see gusty winds. low 60s but it's going to feel much cooler with blustery conditions. temperatures will drop off and a chance of rain returns on wednesday and thursday. back to something -- sunshine next week and. next we will show you what happened when a homeowner on the peninsula confronted a burglar. and coming up >> i wasn't behaving badly. >> caught behaving badly.
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my kids are not going to see this. >> 2 different problems the both are considered distracted driving. i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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police in san mateo are searched -- searching for a suspect. the burglary happened thursday night. the homeowner heard noises from inside his house and left his bedroom to confront the suspect. this is surveillance video of the suspect. the homeowner chased them out of the house. police say the suspect took off with jewelry. he is described as a hispanic man wearing a baseball hat, light-colored jacket and jeans. they are trying to determine if this is related to 2 other burglaries which also happened last night. another controversy involving uc berkeley. and rowing coach is under fire for reportedly failing to report the sexual assault of a
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female athlete. details of not been released but there are reports that the student reportedly told the coach mike teti that she was assaulted by fellow crew member. she claims the coach did not reported immediately which is in violation of school policy. the university says it's hiring an outside party to investigate the claims. mike teti reached out to kron 4 saying the allegations are false. coming up at a deck 30, a new california bill aims to crack down on sexing in schools. and heading to chinatown for new modern cuisine. dine and dish is up next.
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happening now we are continuing to monitor history in the making. right here in the bay area solar impulse 2 the 1st ever solar powered in -- airplane to complete a transpacific flight is still flying above the san francisco bay. you can see the shots. the pilot left hawaii thursday. the plane is scheduled to land in santa clara county at midday. still ahead the race for the white house. we will show you how hillary clinton and donald trump are both preparing for this week's remedies. also a missing bay area team is found safe. and hundreds of bay area dog owners took to the park in
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protest of new laws that go into effect at the end of the year. we will tell you why they are upset. that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care.
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what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
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tonight it's a race to the finish in the 2016 presidential race. both donald trump and hillary clinton are hoping to close the nominee gap once and for all. is it possible by next week? now we had a look. >> reporter: this weekend the 5 remaining presidential candidates are spending a lot of time at the airport and on the road. trying to get to as many cities as possible. voters in 5 states will head to the polls on tuesday. there is a lot on the line. confidence in state of chaos.
8:30 pm
hillary clinton and donald trump are planning for the convention. >> if you vote for anyone else other than me do not go to vote. >> reporter: the campaign is all about the math. delegate wise hillary clinton has 1930. vermont senator ace sanders has 1189 delegates and a victory is almost next to impossible. >> i want to tell you we have a lot of friends. a this weekend donald trump is campaigning in connecticut. but most be watching other states. pennsylvania. it divides their delegates in a unique way. republicans are awarded less than one quarter to the states over a winner. and leaves the rest in the air. decided at a later date possibly at the convention. on the stuff we are hearing ted cruz and john kasich point to something else other than delegates. durability. how they would do against hillary clinton in the fall.
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of course for them to have the chance they have to win the nomination. california lawmakers are worried about sexing in schools. there posting -- proposing a bill that would -- to find sexing is a form of soap -- cyber bullying. authorities could expel students for sending pictures over the phone. they want to also add sexing education to the schools. the bill passed the assembly education committee yesterday. it will go to an appropriation committee in the coming weeks. after a long delay 6 bills are being sent to governor brown to restrict tobacco use. they include a proposal to raise california's legal age for smoking. dipping, chewing and draping. to 21 years of age. tobacco companies have vowed to target the changes. opponents would be more than 350,000 signatures within 3 months in order to get it on the ballot. a happy --
8:32 pm
a happy ending after 18 in fairfield went missing. she has been found safe this evening. haley oneil was reported missing last night around 7 pm when she did not return home after walking her dog. she was located today around 3 pm. she is home safe with her family. she was located with another person at a gas station. police and determine there was not a criminal aspect to her disappearance. part officials are trying to figure out how one of its new train cars overshot the end of the test track and crashed into it dirt pile. it happened yesterday where bart train operators are getting used to the new system. they say no one was injured in the train was only traveling between 5-10 miles per hour. each of the new train cars cost about $2 million. the 1st car was delivered earlier this month. part hopes to have 10 of the
8:33 pm
new cars in service by the end of the year. and 775 by the year 2021. dog lovers and their pets came 48 mighty much march. almost 1000 people and their dogs came for the protest. they are in opposition to the national park service. the dog rule for many parks would go into effect at the end of the year. it eliminates 90% of the off leash dog walking spaces and places like christie field and oliver marin county. these pet owners are trying to stop the new rule from passing. >> the park service is trying to cut back severely where you can walk with your dog. on and off leash. we are here to protest that. and say that these urban recreation areas are supposed to be for recreation with people and that includes people with dogs. a colorful signs and banners
8:34 pm
were posted hoping to gain support. public comments on the proposed dog rule are being accepted. chinatown in san francisco is not usually where you find bold modern cuisine, but that is changing. tonight on dine and dish vicki liviakis takes us to a new spot called mr. choose. >> reporter: there's a new presence in chinatown. in an alley called waverly place at number 28. the new kid in town. >> it was something to my grandpa had always said to me. he said, hey mr. jude do this or that. >> the celebrated chef did just that and made something different here in chinatown. >> i am a tourist and i come here expecting sweet-and-sour pork -- >> you might get it but it will be done with fruit that is in season.
8:35 pm
right now we are making a sweet- and-sour sauce with rhubarb. >> reporter: the delicate buns are made and noodles are made fresh on the spot. dishes too pretty to eat. and the bar whipsawed concoctions like this one called happiness. >> it's that time of year where everyone is happy. >> reporter: it took over a huge space that was once a restaurant and before that. the giant chandeliers hang is a reminder of the past. people are looking at you as part of a revival in chinatown. that is a lot of weight on your shoulder. >> yes. it's a lot of good, a lot of good in this restaurant. >> reporter: in san francisco vicki liviakis kron 4 news. next if you're thinking of
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flying out of town you'll want to listen up. several airlines are cutting ticket prices. we will tell you which ones after the break. yahoo has been in trouble in the silicon valley giant could sell any day. i will tell you why they are suffering and how sales could affect their products that you might use like email. another storm headed to the bay area. but it's not the rains we are worried about. it's the winds.
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cosco members could see their annual fees go up next your. financial analyst said it could face -- bump its membership to $60. executives -- memberships could go $220. the company has not made an official announcement. but it's last race hike was in 2011. price hikes generally happen every 5-6 years. they are also getting ready for a change in the summer ending
8:39 pm
their partnership with american express. airfares are here to stay low. that according to a number of issues. low-cost carriers with bigger planes and less is this travel. all 4 of the major airlines including american, united, delta and southwest have planned for lower fares this year. airlines are making plenty of money and posting strong earnings and sometimes record profits. the industry is benefiting from the drop in fuel costs. the plane story, i can't get off it yet. i just bought plane tickets 2 weeks go. and then this news hit. >> can't they give you a refund? >> probably not. >> i love when they start to say travel all around. why go away? we have nice weather coming our way. it looks like it will be tough
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with the win. downtown city hall, we have beautiful colors. in the front there are a couple of white rabbits. i asked, there they are again, what are those rabbits therefore. he said it's just hard. that makes perfect sense in san francisco. folks around the bay area we're looking at a breezy evening. partly cloudy skies toward the bay bridge. it was a nice day although the winds picked up in the afternoon. temperatures staying around average. one of the warmer spots in concorde. 67 in oakland. winds kicking up. gusts up to 30 me. tomorrow afternoon much stronger. maybe as high as 40mph along the coast line. here's why. a cold front is approaching california and with that not as much in the way of rain, but
8:41 pm
behind that high pressure begins to fill in and as it does we will see winds kicking up behind the system. a means a blustery afternoon tomorrow. let's track it out. tonight you'll see some passing clouds continuing on and off. notice the rain stays to the north of the bay area. by tomorrow morning you get partly cloudy skies early on. the winds may not be too bad but toward the afternoon you'll see the winds pick up with a mix of sunshine and clouds. it will feel cool out there with the winds. get inside the bay and it's a little winded shelter. 60s. the temperatures in east bay speaking up to the low 70s by tomorrow afternoon. walnut creek 71. livermore 69. along the coastline for the beaches that is where you see the blustery conditions. the coastline will stay cool in
8:42 pm
the 60s but feel like the mid- 50s with the winds. over the next couple of days we have some big changes coming. passing clouds tonight and into tomorrow but things change. monday looks good. lots of sunshine. patchy fog as we head toward tuesday. but by wednesday another storm drops into the area. it looks like a good soak her. thursday partly cloudy and by next weekend we're back to sunshine. lots more to come. mr. "people behaving badly" stanley roberts heads to the east bay showing us distracted drivers. p?p?o?gv
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8:44 pm
yahoo has been in trouble for some time. and now the silicon valley giant could sell any day. now why yahoo is suffering and
8:45 pm
other sales could affect their products like email and fantasy sports. a yahoo was once the darling of the internet. it helped put silicon valley on the mat. but over the years they missed the ball on emerging big trends. they did not focus enough on mobile or social media. their web search and other products on the internet have kept them going but fierce competition continues to chip away. >> facebook is eating up all that advertising revenue on the internet. >> reporter: investors gave yahoo's new ceo a couple of years to get things cooking. it has not worked. >> they're getting heavily pressured by so-called activist investors to take a stake and then say you have to do xyz and if you don't going to buy up more of the stock and push you to do what we want.
8:46 pm
>> reporter: they will likely sell or lease so parts of the company. right now verizon is looking like the likely buyer. verizon but aol one year ago and did not make many changes to the popular products. >> i would wonder how many aol email users are aware that it's owned by verizon. >> reporter: bottom line yahoo email caught news, fantasy football and other fantasy sports are not going anywhere. those yahoo products will continue to exist. those are the few things that are really working for yahoo. if anything a new owner will invested them and make them better. the treasury department is making some changes to the us currency. will be the 1st us bill to have a woman on it, the 20. tubman escaped slavery in the south to become an abolitionist leader in the pre-civil war era. her christian faith inspired her to lead hundreds of slaves to freedom. on what became known as the underground railroad. later she was active during the
8:47 pm
civil war serving as a cook, nurse and later union army spy. she was the 1st woman in the war to lead an armed wish -- mission which liberated more than 700 slaves. a museum here in san francisco. >> reporter: a runaway slave who has time past has became known as the moses of her people. >> i feel a sense of pride. >> reporter: harriet tubman soon to be on the $20 bill was greeted warmly by women like this student who grew up admiring her. >> i think it's important we see women of color, black women and people that have built the foundation of this country. >> reporter: we met her today at the museum. >> michael is the deputy director of the museum and says tubman will serve as a great symbol for the women's suffrage
8:48 pm
movement. >> she is an american hero the 1st hear about when you're in school. >> reporter: the u.s. treasury secretary says tubman will be featured on that point -- front of the $20 bill being the 1st woman featured in more than a century. >> the more we can use the symbolic steps to address our history, and relate history to our contemporary times, i think it's a very significant thing to do. >> reporter: it's unclear how soon it will be until we see the new $20 bill, but the back of the $10 bill will also be redesigned featuring leaders of the suffrage movement. that new bill is expected to enter circulation by the year 2020. >> i hope this is the 1st of many new faces. i hope we see other groups and people. people who have contributed to
8:49 pm
making america what it is. fiat chrysler is recalling more than 1 million vehicles because the gear shifter may confuse drivers about when they are in park. recall covers the 2012-2014 dodge charger and chrysler 300 sedans. also the jeep grand cherokee suv and 14 and 2015. investigators found gear shifters or leading drivers to mistakenly assume they were safely in park. all owners are being notified and dealers will update the affected transmission. april is distracted drivers awareness month. last week stanley roberts took his camera to east palo alto. today he's on i-80. >> here is stanley roberts found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: one way to get pulled over is to do something this driver is doing.
8:50 pm
she is or smartphone resting on her hand. >> i am writing with the california patrol. looking for distracted drivers. >> pulled to the right. >> reporter: she claimed she had her phone in her hand. >> do understand it needs to be mounted? >> reporter: i was wondering how she was holding it. >> it has a clip but i had it to my some. >> reporter: then i told her secret and you can hear it. >> take the exit. take the exit. >> this man was 1990. he had his phone to his ear. >> another driver living in the past. he was from out of town. >> how are you doing? you are from the show me state?
8:51 pm
here you cannot show your phone when you're driving. >> you're right and i should've done that. >> how one of you been your? 2 >> the matter what state you're visiting you need to brush up on california driving laws. let's take an international we deal with this issue. >> i'm going around. is that okay? >> i wonder what the response will be. >> that is not okay. >> reporter: the video had to be turned around. or was i? oh yes. distracted drivers. this driver is doing something i see many drivers doing. earbuds in both years. that is a big no. >> these are new headset. i wasn't paying attention. >> reporter: ignore the hands-
8:52 pm
free law and its $150. making a u-turn on a freeway $238. having earbuds in both ears, $197. stanley roberts kron 4 news. more to come. video that has gone viral and involves a 3-year-old girl who loves garbage day. oom dy. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom! you've never seen a number like that! you feel me lois? i'm feeling you. yeah you do! let's do this! watch out he just had a whole thimble full of coffee... woot! woot! the ready for you alert, only at la... quinta! yeah! we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e.
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we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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in illinois a little girl's favorite day is trashed a. she gets the way to her friendly trash collector. this thursday was extra special. the story is going viral on the internet. it was her birthday and she wanted to wrap a cupcake up to get to the man she sees the the window every thursday. this time she stood outside and waited for them. she -- he explained seeing her was his favorite part of the week. he leaves early to make sure he catches her waving. in all of this they forgot to ask the man the name. they referred to him as their favors -- favorite garbageman. >> i don't think i was ever that excited about garbage day. >> neither. i like big trucks. i was a paperboy. but that is special. >> the has have -- the has to be exciting.
8:56 pm
>> i think if i was doing a story every day and someone waved it would make my day. >> you're picking up trash all day. it is a great story. >> and when it comes to whether this wimpy stuff, we have the solar plane flying around. >> they have to land. the winds are picking up. the win is really whipping around the bay area. we are expecting the temperatures mara afternoon in the 60s. and some 70s. similar to today but along the coast line it will be a blustery afternoon. wind gusts toward the beach is over 30-40 miles per hour. it will feel a lot cooler than the low 60s. the next couple of days still windy into monday. the winds come down. on tuesday clouds move in and by wednesday a chance of rain. maybe lingering showers thursday into friday. saturday will clear things out. >> no complaints here.
8:57 pm
that is it for kron 4 news at 8.
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in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. what am i supposed to do with this? that's all i can spare right now. you want my kids living on happy meals? (sighs) sandi, i shouldn't even be here. why are you being this way, danny? you know where you want to be. woman: uh, sammy's raving about this, uh, smoked salmon you found in nova scotia-- lockport. you went there this morning.


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