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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 25, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: the morning thinking for joining us at this early hour malek to begin this morning but talking about the what we have a live shot of the bay bridge.
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>>anny hong: it is really windy yesterday it today and where going to see some prison conditions not as strong as yesterday and we are seeing some changes in the weather pattern. >>anny hong: here is a look at the golden gate bridge right now if you're getting up and getting your day going we are looking it clear skies across the bay area temperatures are running called the wind speed is breezy just in some spots including the coast. >>anny hong: 22 mi. per hour in santa rosa 10 for oakland but most other locations are coming in under 10 mi. of our the winds have died down considerably compared to guest today. >>darya: >>anny hong: plenty of sunshine in store for us today temperatures are running cool especially if you're in the
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forties and pleasanton and livermore low 50s and oakland 49 in san jose and foresaw the they friends in the north but we are saying minutes of the 40 percent to rosa and novato. >>anny hong: by 10:00 we will see at temperatures generally in the fifties all across the beirut the winds would a little stronger in the afternoon but not a strong suggestion by lunchtime we're expecting '50s and '60s 67 and oakland san mateo or 63 mid-60's for our friends and san jose 65 1/7 and cisco under sunny and breezy conditions.
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>>robin winston: high wind advisories for many bay area bridge is not the golden gate traffic is looking good look one of for the bay bridge to the benicia bridge the san mateo bridge the dunbarton and the all to my you will be driving in breezy conditions watchers speed. >>robin winston: about 15 minutes and antioch to conquer normandy troublespots 580 was 21 minutes from the livermore valley to the dublin and to change. >>james: we learned about in san
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francisco homicide that happened a darkened and the street in the tenderloin please they are gathering evidence no word of any arrests have been made or the identity of the victim will let you know as soon as we find out they say a man and woman were found dead on the suspicion such a stance as the killer is still of loose she sells would never say that led to the killing. >>reporter: on the stories we often say police are waiting until that will survive the next of kin to identify the victim all day the family has been right here at this point the teller that are still waiting until the corner arrives the big question still wonder who and
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why laid into the evening they are parked outside a local court in south east san jose this said it received reports of suspicious circumstances at home just before 2:00 sunday afternoon. >>reporter: the family members with our is hoping to learn more police say only the corner can tell the who is dead and how. >>reporter: investigators said
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they did not know who killed the man and woman as well as the answer to that question while. >>james: they're looking for the driver who cause a deadly and run accident when officers arrived and found a 52 year-old fremont woman lying on the road should stick to a hospital was pronounced dead letter on all
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this was recovered and secured a video from the scene and at the nevada that described the suspect vehicle as the 20072016 budget bring with large tires and blacktop if you know of any vehicle that matched the description give police a call. >>james: you think that as we near the election as we get the primary no serious candidate would be agreed to lose any stain however that is not the case we're actually looking at some sort of an agreement between ted crews and john k. sec.
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>>reporter: in his own statement the campaign said a return the favor in oregon and mexico they laughed off the strategy calling it " desperation the plan is the latest indication of mainstream republican concern over the candidacy tattered came off the criticism as well it seems a
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strange political season is getting even stranger is >>james: it was not his ankle the capt. sideline it was in fact his knee he had hurt his knee on the final play in the second quarter against the houston rockets currie lived off the court after he was helped up he tried coming back after halftime but would not move around very well and wal-mart still have time he was sent back to the locker room as a result he has a sprained knee but the warriors are not commenting on when he will be back you haven't and i on the need today and find out more the team 112 to 4 to 94 with a focus after the game was all about current a spray needed
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sidelined athlete for several days and weeks even months depending on the severity of the injury will have to find out more today they will try to run of the series against the rockets in oakland this coming wednesday. >>james: president obama made a major announcement early this morning regarding prices will
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say how he plans to of syria fight the to our organization/
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>>anny hong: this morning is brzy is not as when the opposite was yesterday but we will see the wind picked up once again throughout the day to them oakland good morning to you we are looking at some gusty conditions it is in the low '50's at this hour under clear skies by the afternoon we're expecting '60s under sunny conditions the winds will be a little stronger but not as strong as yes to them.
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>>anny hong: for allergy sufferers and is not good news 47 and the more of four is in san jose i would say definitely of cool '50s and '60s but will see plenty of sunshine we are missing a couple of low 7 is for our balance location that and
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closed antioch and the low 70 will have increasing calls on tuesday on wednesday a chance for some showers and maybe even some thunderstorms. >>anny hong: but 2 mi. in this we looked at bringing in the shower chances for the bay area. >>robin winston: let's head over to the bay bridge where there is a high wind advisory in place no
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major trouble spots for saw the 101 in the combat direction from the east bay to the south benomyl the problems if you have to head south this morning we won the stop button and is not 101 from capitol expressway to the montague expressway. >>james: it is the official start of the san francisco boating season it was a trade war yet to the perhaps you saw all the boat there more than a hundred towboats and fireboats his store workboats they're all
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on display on the water of chris field and pier 39 in the afternoon you can see the whole fleet the gang will decorated bowl parade in disclose to sure and spectators can take in the view of the banned from all along the legendary parade has been around since 1917. >>james: expectancy a lot more cracks on water. >>james: the death toll ecuador continues to arise if officials say more than 650 people have died people from the bay area
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are continuing to be on the loss of music legend prince and given as san francisco golden gate park was held yesterday for rose the enthusiasm build an outdoor roller disco held every sunday at the state placed on six and kennedy drive it is great to get outside and to celebrate his life by dancing to his minutes. >>james: you to see people celebrating the life of prince across the bay area their attributes and events planned tonight at the castle there in san francisco california jurors
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that miss use the internet and affect cases often dismiss to the stern talk from the judge the law may change in the state making it possible for the jurors we find out of $1,500 for into the huge violations in the past they fled to mistrials and overturned convictions on the country. >>james: for the first time in the bay area on the same plans on the next offer free rides on high-tech and the to bicycles. >>reporter: in the to like this could be great for our family is
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a growing trend across the u.s. and that could buy it would be a great fit for general london family. >>reporter: and one that showed up to the shopping center that the two to over hundred of the latest high-tech electric bikes and test ride and one that like for free is a great wave when it
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is time charge of love the bike into a out what or check the battery out and charge it before your next the venture. >>james: giants try to complete the sweep of the miami marlins at at&t park but he has yet to win a game this season he had to
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tie the game at 2 and the bottom of the inning with a solo home run shot that one is deep to center. >>james: chris davis with the solo shot to right field days leading one to nothing but the blue jay is brought out the bat as well ezekiel return the favor with this home also to right- field that was blown way back we have just been kevin impeller and barbara barbara all getting the singles on the summer camp to give toronto the 41 lead the
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snow white prequel looking to the broad a disney reboot will have a look at the weekend box office coming up there was a quick live look outside from walnut creek camera showing us what it is like and the dark but traffic is moving well on six aiding. p?p?o?gv
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>>james: in one of the dance the lead as did the invention of the weekend's box office. >>reporter: it is up to 316
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million in the american theater's 6.6 million given fourth place for the weekend at the low one of analysts' expectations for the second straight week in the jungle book rock to victory $60.8 million of the pelham 191 million domestic in just 10 days. >>james: command accused of conducting this a month old daughter as arrested with the klan a police from the child
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we're tracking windy conditions once again for the bay area will talk more about the rain that we could see coming up on the morning news continues after the break pish
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>>james: san jose police a looking for a killer and a double homicide and happen yes today at the home of lucas scored their runs in the report suspicious activity when there ride in from a man and woman dead inside officers and not say how the two were killed or what motive might have been behind the we will look to those answers to them this is in 2016 donald trump john says he will do what he can to get ted a win in indiana and return it what we can to get him in oregon and
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mexico the agreement covers primary scheduled for may and june meanwhile warriors in bp steph curry injured again he hurt his right knee when he slipped on a wet spot in the second quarter of yesterday's playoff game they're saying that he had a spiny he will have an mri on that me today that and abetting the rockets won 21 to 94 they would try a lot of the series at the reno on wednesday that was a lot. >>anny hong: the winds are still breezy out there this morning have died down a little bit because yesterday we saw a really strong gust of around 50 mi. from our health and lives of
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sfo will have a clear sky starting off this monday morning all across the bay area is still holding on to some reason conditions for parts of the bay this morning temperatures low fifties in san francisco to oakland for a is a pleasanton and livermore. >>anny hong: 48 degrees bird down behind this afternoon start
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of the east bay shore expecting 67 in berkeley 68 for oakland 65 and passion about the mid-60s to union city and for the elements are pretty mild today saw the way look insistence all across the board mid-60's for some of them santa clara and milpitas 63 in san mateo 65 and san francisco opera fifties low sixties for daly city and pacific of their was a storm track the 7 day around the bay forecast when the once again today in the afternoon after that get ready for nice warmup especially for the week and we're back into the '80s on saturday and sunday when we come
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back would talk about the giants for costs for tonight to game coming up later. >>robin winston: throws a quiet and traffic is like that is how we like it here was a lot of the contract on 580 west is moving well the only problem for the dublin side of the more side it is nice and quiet picking up. >>robin winston: watching speed is to work the way around the bay over to the troubled times 13 and is looking good from castro valley to oakland on the 11 minutes from to 38 to nine is
4:35 am
planned. >>james: this had to the peninsula where police arrested a man from redwood city accused of obstructing his a want of a broader the 17 your mother says she was beaten by the man. >>phillipe djegal: at kron 430 sunday morning christine not had withdrawn news the a month old baby girl had been found in the back of a duplex she owned on the street just a block away from her home police say
4:36 am
rodriguez ran off with a toddler and a manhunt was under way in about an hour later in a mile away also spotted the suspect walking along bradford street investigators say he ran from please was found hiding and kaiser hospital where he was taken into custody although the baby was not with him eventually about two hours after the initial call investigators say he told police that he left the baby here and these are on bay street just a stone's throw away from the motel please have a tough time finding the baby in the dark to the yard is filled with recycled metal with the got to hurt the little girl was
4:37 am
taken to hospital where she was treated for minor injuries while the distant relation with the victim had not been exposed was jailed on multiple charges including parts of the persian. >>phillipe djegal: child endangerment and all lawful sex and intercourse with a minor thankfully it appears both the mother and her child will survive. >>james: those forces when i do any direct fighting but instead of it will be to add by syrian forces in hopes that they would in turn take territory away from ices behalf of the special operations forces than similar work the president made the announcement early this morning during his visit to germany for an experimental plane flying around world lands here in the
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bay area frivolous claim will makes this flight so special.
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over the years that mr. ball on emerging big trends did not focus enough on mobile social media but fell behind a web search and some of the products have kept from going but fierce competition continues to chip away at them they gave the new seattle a couple of years to get things cooking and has not worked >>gabe slate: arise and walk in oil a year ago and did not make many changes to the popular products blind yahoo e-mail
4:42 am
finance tennessee football and other sports ago and where those plotters will continue to exist whoever owns them because they're getting a lot of eyeballs. >>james: 16 people were killed by a suicide bomber last month is that open this one of the new tribune. >>stanley roberts: 2 different
4:43 am
problems and both are still considered distracted drivers.
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>>james: here is a look to some of the major headlines before you head out the door in the east led they're searching for driver that was the involved in a deadly had run happened saturday afternoon near the intersection of 50 to your room was killed and an accident at the car is described as a light- colored to toward the grand slam thousand of soldiers and police have been deployed
4:46 am
throughout the region to live emergency relief back here in the bay area is the official start of the san francisco boating season they paraded from there to your 39 the got to take an. . >>anny hong: class size and we are tracking some when the
4:47 am
conditions for parts of the bank to the judge will be in the '40's and 50's by endicott were rejected by lunchtime if you're heading into recess till all six is plenty of sunshine the winds will start to pick up we are tracking changes in the forecast today will have plenty of sunshine when the tomorrow increasing clout.
4:48 am
>>anny hong: the high today usage generally mid '50s and san francisco led six is unpleasant and the more low seven is attached for for fm that antioch 67 and san jose them. >>anny hong: northwest winds 15 to 25 mi. per hour with disgust up to 30 it will be the when the one on wednesday we're
4:49 am
tracking a chance for some showers across the bay area a slight chance of thunderstorms beyond that get ready for nice warmup heading into the weekend. >>robin winston: we have the wind advisory in place for the bay bridge the denver and san sale the benicia bridge in the altamont excellent news for those who have to use and there was the zipper truck coming from
4:50 am
the north the bay is a good ride from all directions north and south no problems getting into and out of san francisco over to the travel time and looks good all roam the issue of real hot spot 15 minutes from highway 4 to the maze of 681 showed what a creek but the dublin also know from my side looks good it is under 20 minutes from the interchange. >>robin winston: if you are in dumbarton bridge commuters. >>james: their his hands up in victory there's some of the total we have this video quick
4:51 am
action by police prevented a disaster and is said to students were shown the engine is not life-threatening and mention and some believe the two students were targeting. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly:
4:52 am
>>stanley roberts: one way to get pull over is to do something this driver is doing she has a smart phone resting on her hand they claim chef on her and because she was using the gps we told her secret it could turn the volume of and you could hear it tell you this driver was 1990 and had a stone from the attached to his ear killed another driver living in the
4:53 am
past he had from a test this year he was in our town. >>stanley roberts: matter was a your visiting unit to brush up on california driving walls this job would blend something we see many drivers doing it get there but in both ears that is a big no-no.
4:54 am
>>stanley roberts: ignoring the hands free log on hundred and $61 ticket you turn on the freeway $238 have the ear buds of both ears hundred and $97 avenues and i have been caught behaving badly is priceless. >>james: we will be back with more news in just a minute.
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>>robin winston: track and the ride across the golden gate in looks good the zipper truck rolled to store the lincoln figure is to have four lines out on the left-hand side to accommodate commit traffic. >>james: take a look this animal
4:57 am
lovers can only works of art critic live animal themselves all the proceeds from the fund raiser will go to the zoom the search is on for killer in the south bank which they were neighbors are saying about a double homicide in san jose the driver behind a dead hit-and- run. run. clearing up skin in as little as 12 hours. besides, its not like acne will last forever.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: we have breezy conditions as it was really windy just i guess the we're looking at breezy conditions in
5:01 am
sunglass unclear not looking for in the delay is the skies cleared visibility and looks pretty nice we're ready for school forecast calls for pretty temperatures when school begins we're still looking. >>robin winston: is been pretty easy heading into a out of san francisco right now is still hot spot for the title to the travel
5:02 am
time gnomic to slow down so far from antioch into concord 15 minutes. >>mark: police a sentences will invest getting out, we're following the latest on the breaking news desk. >>anny hong: new video in the single this happening intersection of larkin stand any street on person pronounced dead at the scene but also to have not said how the person died police are not to listen much information on what happened but multiple police cars and offices were seen in the area offices closed the area off the crime scene.
5:03 am
>>mark: the search is on for the driver involved in a deadly had run in fremont and happened at 1120 near the intersection of fremont boulevard please receive reports of some of was lying on the road officers arrived and found bystander's performing cpr and 52 your woman choose and to a hospital where she died of witnesses told officers that and as you the type of vehicle may at woman while she was walking in the northbound lane of fremont boulevard there recover surveillance footage from a nearby business in said the car involved as a light color to your jeep wrangler and as large tires and blocked out police said the jet had damage to the thunder on the right passenger side. >>darya: new this morning the brussels subway station were 16
5:04 am
people were killed by a suicide bombing last month to attack as reopen security still extremely high across the subway network which was hit on march 22nd at the main entrance to the brussels airport. >>mark: the death toll in ecuador earthquake is still rising more than 650 people died more than 12,000 others with injured and there still 58 people that are missing the 7.8 magnitude earthquake seven
5:05 am
adults and one teenage boys were found shot in the head and four different homes near the small community of pick a 10 on friday three young children were not harmed. >>darya: show that is a is clear that the family was targeted in debt is are now telling of the victims umbrella cell was to arm themselves authority of not list the potential model for information on all their looking for they said they did find marijuana operations at three of the crime scene but they have not said whether the deaths are linked to the mayor won on.
5:06 am
>>darya: police and the south of them are looking for killer and a double murder is have an san jose yesterday afternoon on lucas court and hear with the crime tape. >>darya: police have not released the names of the two people were killed. >>mark: the fire started shortly
5:07 am
after 1230 yesterday afternoon and build on first street letter arrived and found a fire burning in the attic of the two-story building the fire was difficult to pull out because it was burning in the walls between businesses and the complex. >>darya: the latest entry was in his ankle and it was his niece and the slip and fall the dead and can't take a look he hurt his knee on the final play in the second quarter of the game
5:08 am
he sprained his knee and that he is said to have an mri today and the warrants have not commented on when he might be back. >>darya: devastated you can only imagine a sprained knee consign line and athletes for several days the fans around the world
5:09 am
our morning loss of the music legend will take a look to some of the events back with more news weather and traffic
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>>james: sur >>james: we to see the trees were just blown around the leaves and branches were talking to and me and she was worried the branches will come down in her neighborhood.
5:14 am
>>james: just plan on that temperatures right now on the cool side clear skies out there a few spots like san mattel dropping down to 49 degrees presence in the more job and down to mid '40's and the continues to fall we could get pretty close and some of the protective dollars in the east today.
5:15 am
>>robin winston: we have high wind advisories for many of our bridges heading into san
5:16 am
francisco you will notice the signs have been activated when the get ready to drive in motorcyclists high-profile vehicles off use extra caution. >>robin winston: no major delays and the toll plaza is a good writer from the tower avenue eastern's man approaching treasure island that had over to the golden gate if you have to you the guadalupe parkway and is a minor delay in five minutes or so approaching the exit after that is a great ride and continue north and to downtown san jose.
5:17 am
>>darya: crews will be our repaving a section of sacramento st. in san consists come after the sinkhole opened up to the sec a look at and this 17 ft. by 22 ft. sinkhole opened up in the pacific heights neighborhood on thursday evening clothes will have to temporarily close down sacramento street between line and the district while they're working on this expected will be done sometime this afternoon and this is blue the sinkhole was called by a broken so remain. >>mark: this isn't 2016 they're now teaming up to try and deprived him of the delegates needed to win the party's nomination he would do he can to
5:18 am
get at a cruise or when in the state of indiana. >>reporter: in a statement released late sunday in the campaign said it would stand down in indiana and ordered to " give the cruise campaigned a clear path of the state of the campaign said it would return the favor in oregon and mexico trout a lot of the strategy calling it desperation ted
5:19 am
thread and of the criticism as well he made the surprising statement. he is traveling in second place with 27 percent.
5:20 am
>>darya: happen now tells of his music have skyrocketed since he died last week >>darya: an autopsy was conducted friday but it could be weeks before we commit the cause of death people would tennyson was a great way to get outside
5:21 am
and also to celebrate his life by dancing to his many helps. >>: i think it is a proper tribute tonight at the fair in san francisco you can catch a screening for $11. >>mark: she has yet to win a game this season they're focusing on the stand and the four the giants never did over the hump in the 1524.
5:22 am
>>mark: the old days looking to rebound after the first roles of the season in toronto early in the game that had a solo shot and then gave them 01 nothing lead the blue jays from the best over the weekend on the big movi at the box office we would tell you which ones were begging for us the fan celebrating she believed a new album a said a closer look at the new songs after the break.
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5:26 am
barbershop with close to 11 million. >>darya: despite the swift nice name is actually a dark album deep and personal lyrics she talks about love marriage feminism and racial identity as she addressed the longstanding rumors of jasey had been with all the women adorn their marriage as of this morning is still selling the formation of deceptive form of the by steady of the santa clara on may 16th
5:27 am
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>>darya: sneaking up on 530 let's see how it is going
5:30 am
>>james: sunny and mild it will feel great but it will be when the temperatures to they will be in the mid to upper 60s from
5:31 am
this perspective. >>robin winston: all the way into the maze and you have to use 80 it will be a good ride no major problems heading to or from the main over to the map there is a slow spot in san jose and had suffered more were on the what the park when as well as the two right lanes they hope to have wrapped up by 630 but it is crawling right to the scene is a nice ride from downtown san jose and the rest of the south bay freeway. >>mark: president obama send an additional 250 special ops troops to syria to keep momentum in the battle against ices. >>anny hong: those u.s. forces
5:32 am
would not do any direct fighting that would not be on the ground and go instead will be to advise syrian forces and help them take more territory away from my since the president said the appointments will happen over the next few weeks the u.s. already has 50 special operations forces during similar work and serial. >>will tran: neighbors are starting this is a good family at have been a white behind as dead as well what does it right to the video that time the
5:33 am
bodies of a man and woman the other family members or outside they know the victim of the coroner's office remove the body at this point they're not telling us the names of the man and woman but we do know that it live there with their two sons. >>will tran: how long they read and how long they died they're not giving us that detail they talk to the witnesses the neighbors around here they're hoping to get more information at this point to the mall behind the murders still not known coming and at 6:00.
5:34 am
>>darya: and the 30 year-old is a transient lives in the area a 17 your grow call the police arrived to study in the morning session was bigarade rodriguez and the ducks and on staff of st. he then took off with their baby in about an hour later police spotted and the man
5:35 am
behind bars this morning is accused of driving under the influence and killing a pedestrian and some carl's. >>mark: of 53 your man was walking along the shoulder of the road was hit by a car the two police officers who were in the cruiser were taken to san francisco general hospital and they're expected to make a four recovering a group of people holding on the strike outside of the mission district police station on now calling for mayor
5:36 am
ed lee to step down. >>mark: here is video from that day in the baltimore pull this letter is dollars he would not buckled into the sea after he was put in a prisoner transport van they're facing charges in connection with their arrest and death the first ever so low
5:37 am
powered airplane to complete a trans-pacific here follows from the landing meant the pilot left y. on thursday the two of them and landed this video courtesy of the helicopter partnership the stretch is the pilots a stop in silicon valley will help link the project the word is when you
5:38 am
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>>mark: california jurors to miss you the internet in effect cases are dismissed but not the consequence of the much worse that threaten to develop tile are researching information on the case opposing, is about the case of social media consumer tastes fine new legislation authorizes judges to in some, draws of the 15 the dollars for internet use violations
5:41 am
>>darya: it also costs more for refiners to make the summer bland tasseling the average price is and why is that to a team still had been aware track and whether it will be windy
5:42 am
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♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪ >>mark: here was a quick look of the big store where fallen a double homicide in san jose
5:45 am
police said the killer is on the loose and have the on lucas scored police are not saying how the two people were killed or what the motive was fremont police are looking for driver who took off after hitting and killing a pedestrian on fremont boulevard to happen late saturday 9 to 52 your domino was killed police described the driver of the car that describe the car a late model jeep wrangler large tires and blocked talk. >>mark: the mets lost in the pays steph curry and injuring his right knee in the second quarter of yesterday's game after slipping on sweat on the floor they don't know when or if when he will return to the court.
5:46 am
>>james: temperatures will be like there were yes they mild macs now in the mid of the '60s with that wind is going to make things difficult. >>james: the winds might which track that unlike in now if it pops up san jose day card for task shall attempt to grow to about 67 degrees here was where
5:47 am
temperatures are at the moment 50 in san francisco won the prix warmer across the bay and oakland is chilly 49 the son jose chilly still in the east bank where the livermore valley presence in the more both come in and force experience. >>james: look for to be cold and blustery this afternoon temperatures will look like this before zone for cash starting in the eastern shore line 68 for oakland a little warm in the
5:48 am
valley mid to upper 60s may be some yosemite's generally look for about 68 and averaged four a lot of the 68580 communities he was regularly for the no. read the final stop the wine country a lot of myths of our sixties and 07 is out in the napa valley under sunny skies today it will be really nice as the head toward one said the next shuttle rain comes at a brief sister one day get a quarter bench it is gone look at the to the to start tracking northward as we head into the weekend with some communities on sunday getting real high of there in the '80s.
5:49 am
>>robin winston: will have three lanes of traffic on the bottom of the parkway north occurred near the two right lanes a close as well as the on ramp. >>robin winston: jam the from copper experts say if you have to use and expect a big backup you may have to use armored and instead of 87 or use 101 to get from san jose. >>robin winston: track in the committee on 101 and one on a san francisco nice and quiet would like that with no major
5:50 am
problems we cannot get a good commit headed into out a sentence a skull. >>darya: in the east bay three men are recovering after they were shot and oakland to happen early saturday morning about 4:00 a.m. and the fortitude on the block of west strength all three men went to the hospital on their own they're listed in stable condition. >>darya: 14 a. have burned in the fire it was awful byron highway it was reported yes the about 145 and the afternoon and took firefighters as of 5:00 to get the fire under control power lines fell amid the fire helicopter was brought in to help but could not drop water on the fire because of the down power lines. >>mark: other to buy to come along way in the last few years a wide variety of the latest and greatest on display in the
5:51 am
stanford shopping center most by some charge with a normal lead or you can remove the battery and charges home. >>mark: just as the real marathon along below him he ran on a treadmill of the international space station during his racy washable to really video this and lederer run a to use the application call on social.
5:52 am
>>darya: mostly a mid '40's howe maybe we have 50 degrees in the neighborhood we will be right back.
5:53 am
5:54 am
i >>james: 50 in san francisco
5:55 am
and for the mets of the force across the north bank temperatures will fall along these lines to cassette for to him by noontime will get the sixties will be and it was the and the low 60s and will keep the fifth is ride along the coastline will i should look for mostly upper 60s along the bay with a handful of those '70s will have the complete forecast coming up in the next hour state-owned for that. >>mark: nearly 50 paintings by does of animals will be up for auction of the zoom the event starts at 6:00 p.m. on saturday the our project is called animal artist and residence in consist of paintings critter with a brush or by having animal step or will the water base paint before transferring depends on to the canvas some
5:56 am
paintings are available for auction on ebay and all proceeds will benefit the zoom. >>mark: firefighters the able to quickly and tying goal and free the bird, another in the next hour john and tim crews are teaming up with was and how their corn to get together to try and prevent donald trump for winning and breaking news out of san francisco concern invested a murder in the tenderloin we have an update on the breaking news desk.
5:57 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: we're watching traffic this morning >>james: for the luncheon recess low 60s and it will be breezing the winds would kick up for the afternoon 3:00 today maxxam now in the mid to upper 60s for many low 70's but that when will be more than issue for you than anything else.
6:01 am
>>james: me assure you have the jacket handy all the long the complete forecast coming up including the rain chance to the middle of the week. >>robin winston: no. 87 and kurt avenue if that is the commute adds up for the paving work that started earlier this morning about 30 more minutes to go before wrapped up a bit on the guadalupe parkway we only have three lanes to two right lanes blocked as well as the on ramp only one lane open and is a tight squeeze.
6:02 am
>>mark: they're investigating a homicide in the tenderloin neighborhood far left and the breaking news desk. >>anny hong: one person was killed his new video from the scene just into the news on this one from overnight this happened at darkens and at a street in the tenderloin one person was pronounced dead at the scene but also have not said how the person died or who the victim is they're not releasing such information on behalf of either but also police cars and offices was seen in this area and the sea officers close the area all for crime scene tape and there were taking pictures of the san gathering evidence of such have not said whether anyone has been arrested and the have not released a motive yet in put and phone call to san francisco police department to get more information on the store is to get the information will bring it to him.
6:03 am
>>will tran: know are doing no confrontation with in a home or anyone coming here to argue is far as he knows as little as a video this was around 2:00 yesterday afternoon all the family members and they've been trying to get ahold of the people inside of the home lucas court and a 3000 block the lucas court for quite some time there were not able to the call the police department there arrived investigators went inside and on the body of the man and woman we do know that they live there with their two sons no word on where the sons of the suns know anything at this point.
6:04 am
>>will tran: at this point they don't know how long the bodies were inside and how they died of the coroner's office they remove the man and woman the family members have been notified but at this point the plastic arm is not telling us their names and again no modal so far behind the murder of a plan to talk the neighbors getting up this morning the warriors' playoff run despite the warriors' victory on talk this morning. >>darya: take a look of the slip
6:05 am
that happened he hurt his knee on the final play in the second quarter against the houston rockets and there he is going down and slow-motion he track to come back and ask have time but he was not moving around very well in this and that a lot of room we know that is a spring the but the extent of the damage there waiting for an mri to be done today the have not given an official comment on when he will be back.
6:06 am
>>mark: their one-to-one 121 to 94 without steph curry and try to wrap up the car ridgeback appearing on wednesday. >>darya: the search is on for the driver involved in a deadly hit and run in fremont and happened about 1130 saturday night please cover for someone was lying on the road when they got them they found bystander's performing cpr on the victim witnesses told officers it was and as you the type vehicle that had her while she was walking in a northbound lane of fremont boulevard offices recover surveillance footage from businesses nearby and they say it appears the car involved was
6:07 am
a light colored two-door jeep wrangler made between 2007 and 2016 it had large tires and a black top and the jeep had damages to the fender on the right passenger's side. >>mark: 30 year-old orlando rodriguez is a transient living in the area a 17 your girl called police before to 30 in the morning session she was beaten by him at the deluxe and on stafford street shuttle off the debt he took off with their baby about an hour later police spotted him and about a brief chase he was taken into custody the baby was not with him if bentsen told police he left his daughter in a yard on beach street we spoke with the woman who owns the property secession could not believe that from the baby there that was taken to
6:08 am
hospital she was treated for minor injuries his office in charge of a reduction child endangerment and sex with a minor the brussels subway station were 16 people were killed by a suicide bomb last month has reopened security is still extremely high in the subway network it was set on march 22nd during the peak commute his video that shows the moment to station. >>darya: as for the airport was also attacked as head by two suicide bombers it is still not back up and running at full capacity 32 people were killed in the attacks at the airport and the someone.
6:09 am
>>mark: the president of ecuador announcing the raising taxes to boost funds for reconstruction efforts seven adults and one teenage boys were from shot in the head and for different households and a small community of heightened the murders happened on friday and they're also three young children and as various homes were not harmed his entire family was targeted
6:10 am
but they don't know why exactly they did say that they found of power plants and marijuana growing operation and three of those homes and have not said whether the deaths will run to that. >>mark: this video courtesy of the vallejo fire department start after 1230 s to the afternoon there arrived in from the fire burning in the attic of these two story building and the fire was difficult to pull out because it was burning in the walls between businesses and the complex at the edges of an hour to get under control no one was injured but all the businesses and the building will be closed indefinitely as the investing it calls.
6:11 am
>>darya: a man tries to run across this land to ocean the coast guard says not so fast will take about the rescue of why of the journey ended. look at 'em!
6:12 am
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>>james: especially along the coast of greece to sell for the windy day to day the wind is right not to concede out of the airport 30 mi. an hour sustained when 15 and hath made but it was
6:15 am
up a 20 early this morning was to become of the spots in the east and south bend we're looking for constant when anywhere from the talented a 30 mi. an hour range bracer self oakland hills we attempt to look like today. >>james: 49 job on a to afforded this morning lead on this afternoon should warm things up to the low to mid 60's for the
6:16 am
bay shoreline if you happen to be around there that is what you would expect it had and will be in the mid to upper 60s with a handful of 07 is a place like antioch not unfair to the south bay 67 to 60 degrees and for a possible summit brought the santa clara valley. >>james: thursday in the number back to the dry sunny and increasingly warm weather by this coming week and it will feel whole lot like summer are the forecasts with a seven day on the the coming up about half an hour. >>robin winston: right now we're tracking the hot spot in the
6:17 am
south bay is not a crash or the road work on the guadalupe a part will we only have three lanes of traffic the to widen the block because of paperwork no major slowing or mental problems as far as crashes or stalls of the highway for the drive times increasing to one minister antioch to concord hill was the ride across the golden gate have to get into san
6:18 am
francisco if so it is looking good number of the problems from the north the pain the average drive times the south won 01 of quick 16 minutes to get from san will fail to san francisco that going to be auctioned today starting about 7:00 on the next half an hour and will start the work it would take the most of the game and that haven't done this afternoon or this evening.
6:19 am
>>mark: remains have been cremated friends and family members held a private memorial service at his home in minnesota over the weekend large houses fans of and that they outside to the respect to the music legend there be a musical celebration of his life but the date of the event will be announced later know all the death has been released for prince accords as representatives it will be in this for weeks before the result of this autopsy are made public. >>darya: the music has skyrocketed the 57 jooss and was
6:20 am
found dead on thursday at his suburban minneapolis home and autopsy was conducted that a truce republican rivals are now teaming up to try and stop him from winning the party's nomination. in a statement released late sunday. >>reporter: they call it desperation the plan is the latest indication a mainstream republican concern over candidacy they shed those
6:21 am
concerns blasting the stance on muslims on abc this week tads credit. >>reporter: his threat he made the surprising statement it seems a strange political season is getting even stranger.
6:22 am
>>darya: the gas prices keep going up the average price of gas is often a sense of the past three weeks and 41¢ higher of the past nine weeks experts said the hike is part because crude oil prices are going up san
6:23 am
francisco the average price is 289 a gallon. >>mark: they told the hydro power back to land yesterday the report claimed the man had and asking for directions to bermuda the internet is becoming more affordable.
6:24 am
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>darya: they are automatically assigned to the fastest available and to not for where they live.
6:27 am
>>mark: here is a beautiful view of the flying final the golden gate bridge this video from helicopter partnership the stretch of the track as part of a larger trip in san francisco
6:28 am
the wind is blowing temperatures are on the cool side will have the complete for castrate had.
6:29 am
>>mark: big losses to google.
6:30 am
>>james: off the dust of was to 30 m.p.h. and spots had braced itself is going to be rather blustery it was what we see on the last satellite but we are tracking the well-off on the horizon is the system is all part of the weather storage was begin with today sunny and mild conditions tim to match and down the very when the this afternoon. >>james: it will come when is the public in athens all along with my friend the have given you may want to tune early wednesday morning for the latest on that.
6:31 am
>>robin winston: sphene where fallen some worm that is wrapping of hills look as of
6:32 am
6:00 a.m. from once again south 680 backed up to concord because of that accident. >>anny hong: the deployment will happen in the next few weeks
6:33 am
they have 50 special operations forces during similar work in cerium.
6:34 am
>>mark: the wanted as of the general they're expected to nickel for recovery a group of the beholder how the strike outside of the sentences coke mission district police station a call on from there and lead to step down 05 the city's police chief. >>darya: this will turn into a severance of violence six place
6:35 am
of the cells are facing charges in connection with his death government official said the documents upon suspicion the shattered at the hospital the two students are injured and expected to be looked at the have not released the modal but
6:36 am
appears that it tended to go to the dance is the shooting randomly. >>mark: this would official said quick action of the police save lives and prevent a disaster. >>mark: the blue jays are bring down the bats in this one a much
6:37 am
anticipated our room is finally out would take a closer look at eliminated after the break.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
>>robin winston: a look attractive on the san mateo bridge on the far right to commit traffic heading west to the peninsula this is considered a good camille 22 minutes i would to some of sale it is a dark problem some deep and
6:41 am
personal lyrics she talked about love and marriage feminism and racial identity and she also address of the longstanding rumors of her husband being with other women during the marriage and debuted exclusively on title but as of this morning is now selling the formation world tour kicks off in my ambition is set to perform in the bay area of the by stadium on may 16th. >>mark: he was allowed to sell 15 minutes past his bedtime that
6:42 am
now accepting pre orders as reported a world. >>james: what talk about those is going to prevent a glut of the forecast today telamon gust coming from the northwest and and when did that will be the forecast temperatures and the low 60s it will drop to the mid- 50s buy games and the giants host the parlance.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>mark: a double homicide in san jose employees of the killer still loose to happen on lucas scored the police are not saying how the two were killed. >>mark: anent your leg saturday night of 50 to your woman was killed there describing the car that had her as a late model jeep wrangler.
6:46 am
>>james: you can see clear skies overhead conceal sunshine and is wendy we have sustained when out oakland 30 m.p.h.
6:47 am
metaphor is down in san jose mid to low for is for the east bank presence and had 45 and drops off a couple 43 were also seen that in fairfield a mix of low to mid-40s across the north bay as well. >>james: that is where you get in some 07 is this afternoon to antioch discover bands south of a san jose 67 degrees a lot of mid-60s and the santa clara valley and the sunny skies san francisco mid-60's will keep in
6:48 am
the low to mid '60's. >>james: before the fifties to low 60 this afternoon on the stock nor the again sunny skies throughout the wine country temperatures mid to upper 60s with a few spots like napa and their fear getting into low '70's. >>james: sec is not a bit system so is gone and restore warm things up as we head into the weekend. >>robin winston: assault no
6:49 am
6:50 am
major trouble spots for the guadalupe parkway of your role to san jose it looks good northbound 12 minutes from san jose to cupertino. >>darya: it happened for 45 in the morning at california grand casino deputies have not been able to find the robbers they don't have a detailed
6:51 am
description. >>mark: they're looking for people driving while distracted stanley roberts have no problem finding distracted drivers. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: one way to get pulled over is to do something this driver is doing they claim she had on our hand customers using the gps action was wondering how she was actually holding and no matter
6:52 am
what state you're visiting the to brush up on california driving long.
6:53 am
>>stanley roberts: this giro doing something we sing many drivers doing get there but the leaders that is a big no-no. >>mark: we will keep track of
6:54 am
the weather and traffic in getting the week off to the right start with the beautiful shot is breezing this morning when looking at a nice week overall in the weather and the bay area. nivea in-shower body lotion. first i wash. next, i apply it to my wet skin and rinse. i get 24 hour moisture, with no sticky feel. then, i'm ready to go. nivea in-shower body lotion. in the body lotion aisle.
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>>mark: 1 the command itself alive after winning $6 million from lotteries scratcher he bought the one set for life scratcher at 711 storm he has not decided to take the lump sum of $3.4 million or choose to take two to thousand dollars a month for the next five years the seven levels also receive a bonus of $30,000 for selling the winning ticket police
6:58 am
investigating an overnight homicide will have the details plus we're watching the weather on this monday morning and it is a windy one.
6:59 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: police saw looking for person who brought the east bay casino early this morning


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