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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  April 25, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: police saw looking for person who brought the east bay casino early this morning the
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contra costa county sheriff's department. >>james: endicott canton now the door where taken him there walking the would need a jacket will be 46 degrees will have the
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complete all the coming up in 15 minutes. >>robin winston: of the spots not so much-2414 minutes while the creek no major problems for the nemesis and aslope the list of demands from san the other to milpitas and the the south than 19 minutes from capitol expressway to montague expressway. >>mark: police in san francisco
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are invested in a homicide we're falling back from the wrecking news desk. >>anny hong: confirmation one person was killed a we have video from the scene into the kron 4 news from this happen overnight in the area of larkin and eddy street one person was pronounced dead at the same officers have not said how the person died and who the victim is a list of not releasing much information on what happened but as to conceal multiple police cars offices have not said whether anyone has been arrested and the have not released emotive would have no information on suspects them up for an or descriptions.
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>>will tran: we've been trying to talk the neighbors and they're taking their kids to school they're not saying but one person did tellers the have lived there for a least two years there's been no problems at the house was the right to video this all started with the welfare check at around 2:00 yesterday afternoon other relatives to try to get a hold of the people inside of the home. >>will tran: kind they had been taken with the coroner's office if they know the names of those two people that this pleven not releasing it to us they live there with their two sons that
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actually not only were they on the scene as early as 2:00 they did not leave here until around 2:00 this morning that went through the house they talk to witnesses at this point they don't know how long those bodies have been inside of the home of their killed their and whether not there was one or multiple suspects despite the victory on top steph curry and his injury that happened when he
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slipped yesterday as take a look at the video. >>darya: he slipped on something when the floor was like he tried to come back after halftime but he was not doing well after the warm-up he has a sprained knee and so is going to have an mri on that note today that will give us a much better idea of a time frame when he will come back to inside land after
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several days or months the penthouse of the injury yes >>darya: it happen if fremont about 1130 saturday night near the intersection of fremont boulevard colors that report to their summer line the road when they got their bystanders were performing cpr on the victim the
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have recover surveillance footage that looking at and they also tell us at this point they believe the car was a light color to your jeep wrangler made between 07 and 2016. >>mark: 30 your land or rodriguez is a transient living in the area where 17 your girl called police amount to 30 in the morning said she was beaten by him as she told officers that he took off with their baby about an hour later police spotted him and after a brief chase he was taken to custody of the baby was not with him he told police he left the baby and a yard on beach street.
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>>mark: the bid was said to the hospital where she was treated for minor injuries his office in charge of adduction child endangerment and sent to the minor. >>darya: it was hit on march 22nd here's the deal of commuters using the train to the mall michel station the brussels much of network sfo capacitors also a way to know what happened and to leave the messages of support in the tribune wall at the main entrance to the airport handles also had but to suicide
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bombs it is still not back up the amount of full capacity in more than 650 people have now died more than 12, was not injured and there still 58 people listed as missing the seventh when a man to work like at the northern ecuador and calls on it for 16,000 soldiers and police have been deployed drop the region now the president of ecuador is raising taxes to boost funds for reconstruction efforts. >>darya: 7 adults and one teenage boy just 14 years old all found shot and had a four different homes near the small community of pectin they were discovered on fighting three young children chordal those
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houses were not harmed the debt is as it is clear that the entire family was targeted that are now telling the victims' blood to use to arm themselves accords have not released a model for an information on who them looking for the they do say they found marijuana operations at three of the crime scenes in the have not said with the deaths linked to the pot >>mark: it was born in the walls between the businesses in the complex it took firefighters just over an hour to get it under control the weather was injured all the businesses in
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the building will be closed indefinitely the cause is still under investigation. >>darya: it is a 17 ft. by 22 ft. and it opened in the pacific heights as a on thursday evening that filled the than but now this morning there repaving that worked about 10 minutes ago at 7:00 a.m. off they think the sinkhole was caused by broken sewer main prince friends around the world are still mourning the loss of the music legend will have details john case and said crews are teaming up in the battle for a wide house would explain what they're trying to do--for the white house
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>>james: that is what we have a course the officials hot opening
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of the selling season the have hundred the streaming right and then cruise ship is heading across pier 39 a lot of is tilting to the golden gate this morning it was written the judge will go the store with those are real and in the mid to upper 60s for most of hi (example of this the part for cash shows every couple of hours with the temperatures on to the
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we're looking for mostly mid to upper 60s for the inland spotless blue to mid-60s will be the general forecast. >>james: by wednesday the clouds roll and will have the chance of rain with this i would generally be lybrand in the quarter and into a permanent and best it is gone is just one big deal and will set the stage for a very warm looking we can will list for that part of the forecast with a seven day on the they all looked.
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>>robin winston: avoided if you can never is no new estimate a time once again the result time since starting track still at a crawl no. 101 consider using the express were instead of the guadalupe park where. >>phillipe djegal: >>robin winston: easy compared to the rest of the bay area come from the north ran license will
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traffic above directions even city streets come off the branch looking good no major problems just the usual crowd and women in the north by from 37 to central san rafael. >>mark: the campaign says he would do what he can to give ted crew was aware and and and began an and return it would do what he can to help pay sickle when an organ and mexico. >>reporter: in a statement released late sunday it the campaign said it would stand down in indiana in order to " to give the cruise campaign to clear path and the state the statement and said their return the favor in oregon and mexico
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to cruise a threat to car bomb prices come to criticism as well it seems a strange political season is getting even stranger sales of his music have
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skyrocketed since he died last week in the three days following his death there or 2.3 million prince song sold including nearly 1 million on thursday alone program window described red corvette and let's go crazy for the top sellers. >>darya: he was found dead on thursday at his home in suburban minneapolis people or their said
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it was a great way to get outside and celebrate his life by dancing to his and the hips. >>: lizzy this together and we think it is a proper tribute to several more tributes and events across the bay area tonight at the theater in san francisco you can watch the screening of our brain for $11.
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>>mark: he ignored their orders and volunteered to this is not the first time we tried but a 2014 the coast guard rescued him to receive reports about a disoriented man in a bubble off the coast of miami it was asking voters for the elections to bermuda. >>mark: is started in taxes after they stole state for wal- mart and saw the big band is speeding away and chased them
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they started throwing the meat out of the highway if you plan on flying airlines are expected to lower their fares. >>mark: 10 and become more for the will to you was offering new low-income service and with the offering.
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>>darya: for your money at&t offered a cheap internet service to low-income families $5 a month for internet to introduce this kind of the weekend to qualify and someone in the home has to be eligible to get food stamps that is how they're judging whether not to be in this program all the estimates and equipment freeze are waived people down the to to the speed of the internet but they're automatically assigned to the fastest available internet for where the lymph--lee of the
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>>mark: there to be too low fares to a number of issues including low-cost carriers their plans and with the business travel industry is also benefiting from a drop in fuel costs the consumer of the pilots then left hawaii on thursday and land at moffett field the san
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francisco boat and season is officially under way more than a hundred fireballs and his store or boats and the parade to have been around since 1917. >>darya: it is the most tech you find to was hundreds gathered and out of the wicked for the
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electric black expo check most of the to bicycles cannot be charged on a normal our lead
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>>james: beginning with today's this to you know it will be signing will last of the impact of the morning commute probably more than anywhere else we have some it is certainly one weather on tap with inland highs getting back into the is maybe even the upper 80s by this coming sunday. >>robin winston: the problem is is a thrilling stretch 85 is
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backed up northbound it was a heavy off and on because people are staying we're on 85. >>mark: we're following this
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bracken news that's to explain what those troops will be doing those u.s. forces would not do any direct fighting and syria would not be having to go will be to advise the syrian forces and help them. >>anny hong: it will bring the number of u.s. special forces
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and syria to 300 and the accident happened at and study saturday night near san carlos avenue and a runner road it was a 53 year-old man who was walking along the shoulder the he was hit by car and he died at the scene that these track down 51 york in connection with the crash he faces charges of hit- and-run driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter. >>mark: and the driver of the sec stated the senate operates with investigators the police officers who were in the crews of attack excessive general they will be ok and a group of people holding a hunger strike outside of the san francisco mission
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district police station calling for mayor ed lee to step down a fire the city's police chief >>darya: and burned 14 a. just off of the fire and highway fifth it was yesterday afternoon about on the afternoon and spent about 5:00 to get the fire under control that will power lines
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that fell down in the fire was a helicopter brought in to help the could not drop water on the fire because of the downed power lines. >>mark: that and soon face fines new legislation would authorize judges to some, jura's of to $1,500 for internet use violations of these types of violations are hundred mistrials the average price
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nationwide is now at 218 of a gallon but we pay much more in the bay area of 271 and vallejo santa rosa 276 the and more open at 277. >>mark: which they would be on save lemonade what if they mind ran so said after the warriors' game.
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>>darya: she dresses a longstanding rumors of her husband being with other women during their marriage the album debuted exclusively on his title on saturday night but as a this morning you can get it on cell the formation world tour kicks
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off the miami and will make the switch to bay area. >>james: here is the weather where the that temperatures around lunchtime fairly split will have to is along the coast low sixties in an we will hit only the upper 60s letter on today.
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>>james: this one is coming to us from bradley and foster city we had a nice shot of the sun rises 51 open 41 and san jose is
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chilly in the east of a 44 in the livermore valley where san the number near vallejo and even cooler near santa rosa with 43 currently on the thermometer will warm up here was the fourth on forecasts will begin by breaking down or rather than adequate to be run on 68 about 3:00 will be the time frame for the hit the peak temperatures a lot of mid-60's for the east and shoreline,.
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>>robin winston: it is on the danville side of traffic slowed in both directions northbound is going to be off and on the usual
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stop and go traffic out of san jose to cupertino. >>darya: 748 and and with the warriors of draymond green stepped up his game in the second half of game 4 in houston is what he did after the and is making headlines he was asked by reporters to compare the warriors play to the deadly flood the debt had houston? >>: you keep asking me about the flood and practice every day in and i said i would pray for the
7:49 am
city of houston because you do not want to see anyone go through that i felt like to keep trying to get us hitting threes and utah and a controversy a statement but you're not because i feel sorry for the people in houston people are losing their homes cars and lives losing loved ones and you're trying to get a controversy statement out of me about the stories we're hitting on know you're getting a but for not getting that out if i was from houston i ever do anything i can to help the city out and i am sure some of those guys would do what they can to help the city helped and you saw the nation the other night stop trying to do it is not cool you keep asking me the same question about this flood these people are losing their lives losing their homes do not ask me any more if you're not getting the statement you want out of thing.
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>>darya: best interview ever they're hoping the players met someone and say something stupid and he did not it was also there were cheering when steph curry got an injury in san jose sharks this on the different nothing lead in the second. in game 5 clincher before the game winning goal.
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. >>darya: you consider that launched one and gave them to one lead he ties the game at 2 in the bottom of the inning with a solo home run with the giants could never get over the hump marlin go on to win this 15 to four the giants host the padres for three game series--padres. there but wall-to-wall and hewas reaches over to turn some they talk to all the host had on the show.
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>>mark: ran on a treadmill in the space station during his race he was the reality video he wrapped up his space marathon
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and three hours and 35 minutes and my usual art auction and san francisco.
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>>mark: they can on works of art critic animals from the san francisco's to nearly 50 paintings by dozens of animals and insects will begin for auction is tarsus 6:00 p.m. on saturday the our projects called animal artists it is just paint his career with a brush or having animals step array of the water base paint before transferring the paint to canvas something to your already available for auction on ebay all proceeds benefit the zoo.
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>> reporter: breaking news out of san francisco where police are investigating a homicide with one person dead. >> reporter: in san jose the search continues for killer or killers involved in a double murder in a home right behind me. >> james: it is nice and sunny this morning but it is wendy and will have more on that and the rain for this week. >> mark: this happened about quarter to five this morning
8:01 am
>> darya: you can see all the cop cars this morning as police are spreading out. police say no one was hurt during this robbery. >> mark: ed detailed description of the suspect has not been given. >> averi: >> james: the climate is on the windy side. for your ready for school forecast of yourselves in
8:02 am
temperatures in the mid and low '40's. by noon time it will go to the low 60s but it will still be windy. at our warm spots temperatures will be in the upper 60s run the 33:00 mark. >> robin: there no major hotspots right now. right across the golden gate bridge is looking good. there's a high wind up advisory for most of the major bridges. the travel times
8:03 am
are high but that is normal. from castro valley to oakland is 30 minutes. 101 north to sfo is a s 40 minute drive. the marked the marked >> mark: we have anny hong investigating the four arrests. >> anny: this happened at on a
8:04 am
lark in and eddie streets. police are releasing much information on what happened. officers close this off as a crime scene. they have not released a motive for the suspect as well as other information. >> darya: police in the south bay are looking for the killer in a double hawn homicide. >> will: the bodies were found inside the home and there is no one inside. i spoke to the san jose police department about 15 minutes ago. the they don't know
8:05 am
or are being tight-lipped about what happened. as you can see from the video all went down around 2:00 yesterday afternoon . people were unable seagal hold of these killed and so police were called to investigate. i ask whether the they know where the two sons are. please do not know how long the people have been there killed. we've been
8:06 am
told that it's always been peaceful with no contention inside or outside the home. >> darya: things well >> mark: the washington house complex in benicia--of any gm. there was a fire and was hard to put out because the fire was inside the walls of the complex . all the buildings which all
8:07 am
the businesses will be closed indefinitely by think kevin. >> mark: stephen curry now has a right knee injury in addition to the left ankle. the warriors have not commented on monday could possibly return. >> i asked him if it was safe to return and he just put his head down.
8:08 am
>> it's hard when you drive your best player. it's harder on the court foul him because because he does so much. the mark >> mark: >> darya: ted cruz and john kasich are teaming up to bring down donald trump.
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>> robin: allied vela of the nimitz freeway along 880 from the coliseum. 35 minutes from a word to the 980 split. >> mark: a man had a hydro pod
8:12 am
and wanted to run all the way to bermuda florida but the coast guard would not allow him. this is not the first time this has happened. >> james: the giants game at att part look for low 60s and very windy conditions.
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>> darya: and houston they are recovering from that the paralyzing flooding. the high water killed at least eight people. as cost $5 billion in damage. some people have been
8:16 am
forced to swim out of their homes. >> james: everything are set up that they what crevice storm go through the midwestern states. beginning tomorrow the weather will be a huge nationals story. he did to kron 4 and we will let you know everything that's happening. >> james: we have won the conditions as you can see by the
8:17 am
palm trees. over the course of the day today wind will be a big story. oakland will be in the mid to upper 60s and represents much of the day temperatures. 20 to 30 mi. per hour sustained winds will be around oakland today. the win
8:18 am
today will make it feel a lot colder than aralias. >> james: tuesday more of the same and wednesday we might have rain within the storm system. >> robin: the roads are packed up even though there are no major problems. the east shore freeway is very slow. to front
8:19 am
panel to downtown oakland will be about 45 minutes. the golden gate bridge has an easy commute . from conquered the ball macready's also jammed.
8:20 am
>> darya: this city of cleveland has reached a $6 million settlement in the 12 year-old deaf who was shot by a police officer while the war was--boule--boy who is playing with his pellet gun. officer which fires recklessly and she is immediately and was a rookie.
8:21 am
>> mark: seven adults and 14 year-old boy were shot in the head in four different homes and raw related. it's clear the family was targeted and is called a mass execution. please have not relievehave not given e details other than in all three of the four houses there was marijuana. >> darya:
8:22 am
>> mark: ted cruz and john kasich are teaming up to try to what did feature of. >> mark: >> reporter: in a statement released late sunday to a six campaign would stand down in indiana in order to give the cruise campaign a clear path.
8:23 am
ted cruz campaign said they would return the favor in oregon and new mexico. trump called this desperation. >> to have all the motte slums register is reminiscent of nazi germany. >> as a possible that another clinton could be better than another republican? it's possible. >> darya: the nfl just released
8:24 am
a list of the top 50 player jerseys.
8:25 am
8:26 am
the mark >> mark: tom brady did not make it to the super bowl this year by his the jersey sold more than
8:27 am
any other. russell wilson was the no. 1 the past two years and now he is no. 3. that manning is now no. 4. the smoke was not
8:28 am
near the top. >> james: you will think about having lunch outside because of the sunshine but then you will be blasted by the wind and probably changed your mind. you can see the temperatures here.
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>> darya: taking a look at weather and traffic. >> james: the conditions actually look great with sunshine and clear skies for but if you look at the trees they are blowing a bed and the winds will get stronger and stronger the whole day. this is not just that the coast is bay area wide. this is the system
8:31 am
you're tracking for the middle of the week it will bring lots of rain. >> james: today will be sunny and mild and wendy. the next reign chance will be wednesday. temperatures will be in the '80s by sunday and will be a warm and dry again. >> robin: tracking a lot of stopping growth in traffic out of the east bay. if you have to
8:32 am
use south 680 will be slow and to signal. this is your commute and it looks pretty good. i way for as a minor crashes and 35 minutes to the 2 02 this. from
8:33 am
morgan hill to downtown san jose is 44 minutes. >> mark: president obama sent 250 additional special forces troops to fight. >> anny: the president's said they will not be involved in direct combat. >> all of us have to step up and share this responsibility. this includes the united states. >> anny: the u.s. party has 50
8:34 am
troops in syria who belong to the special forces. >> darya: government officials say documents point to suspicious documents and activities by the saudis. >> darya: in northern wisconsin to a kidds were shot after a prom. the two students or interns are expected to be ok. the school officer shot and killed the sudan shooter right
8:35 am
away--student shooter. >> mark: this is friday gray protests after he was taken into charged by police officers and died from a yet spinal cord injury. six officers are charged with involvement with the bath. >> darya: there's a hit-and-run in fremont on forged an avid. when police that there for bystanders or take turns giving
8:36 am
seat cpr to the woman. the car involved is a light-colored to gorge to bring color made between 2007 and 2016 with large black tires and a black top. also has damage to the fender on the right passenger side. >> darya: i brushfire in alameda county burned 14 a.m. but if a white rock awhile but he asked if
8:37 am
>> mark: and the pacific heights neighborhood there was a cynical that was 17 ft. by 22 ft.. investigators believe that sink hole was brought up by a sewer main rupture. >> i feel like you're trying to
8:38 am
get a controversy all state and out of me comparing the houston floods to stephen curry. in houston people are losing their lives. i know you're trying to it gets some three. card traversal statement out of me but you're not going to get it. you keep asking me the same question about the floods. these people are losing their lives and losing their floods. stop asking me about this to try gay controversy will statement.
8:39 am
>> mark: stephen curry it will be receiving an mri on his right knee. >> darya: prince fans are losing. they say that in life,
8:40 am
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>> darya: princes' remains have been cremated. large crowds of his fans have been gathered outside his minnesota home to look pay their respects. no cause of death has been announced yet. according to his representatives it will be at least four weeks before the autopsy results will be given. >> robin: look at folkestone and adoptive fremont's jury on their way to san francisco. 20 minutes from the maze to downtown san francisco.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> darya: the wind is making for clear shots around the bay >> james: as we look at the eastern horizon here we looked at sunny conditions here all day long. however the way in that will bring chilly air and probably a jacket all day long. portions of south bay and along the coastline things are getting breezy. you concede the temperatures here. wednesday
8:46 am
8:47 am
will have a lot of grain but there is a looks great. thursday it looks great. and all the way through a sunday it looks great . >> robin: 242 is backed up almost too high way for. out of
8:48 am
san francisco across the golden gate bridge is looking dead.-- debt--good. the nimitz heading south out to 237 n. milpitas is packed and will take 43 minutes ago from the east bay to the south bay. the south bay to what paul also has a very long wait time. >> mark: more than 650 people have died and 12,000 people have been injured in the ecuadorean the earth quaked which was a
8:49 am
7.9. armed forces soldiers have been deployed to help the efforts and taxes have been raised. >> darya: at this station six people were killed by a terrace and now what is opened-- terrorists. on the brussels subway 32 people were killed. over the >> mark: over the past three weeks to 8% has increased for
8:50 am
gas prices. bay area prices are in the to '70s--2.70s. >> darya: april is the distracted driver awareness month. >> stanley: when way to get pulled over it is to do something as drivers during. she had her smart phone basically resting on her hand. i'm with
8:51 am
the chp. the girl climbed to she had her phone in her hand because she is using her gps. i told her little secret: from the volume up and you can hear it. this driver was at 1990's with his own up to his ear. i wonder
8:52 am
whether her excuse will be. this driver is doing what i see many drivers doing: but using your
8:53 am
buds. >> darya: billy paul died after some reason and sang me and mrs. someone. >> mark: beyond say is releasing another album called a lemonade.beyonce brings the many
8:54 am
issues like racism, saks, violence, and others. >> darya: obviously this because she has had bad things happen but is making lemonade. and one of her videos from the album she is wielding a baseball than in smashing a car. >> mark: the giants and a's
8:55 am
armor on a long road trip. >> darya: the giants can never get over the hump in this game and the mark lower--marlins beat them. >> darya: we have major wind gusts and right now the temperatures are in the '50s.
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> mark: firefighters in the east they were hard work and east bay. here is the pitch in his wings get tangled and wires and the firefighters were be able to untangle and save the bird. >> darya: when have firefighters become animal rescue? coming up on the kron 4 morning news will talk about when the conditions
8:58 am
and about a giant sink hole. in the east bay casino there was a robbery and we will have more on that.
8:59 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: we will see some showers come back to the bay area we are looking at sunny skies starting off this month and warrant and not a live camera from the embarcadero and we are going to see the winds picked up from the afternoon today is a little breezing this morning check out the open plan
9:01 am
in this 53 under sunny skies by lunchtime the 1860's by 4:00 we'll have the afternoon high of the sexes but noticed the wind northwest plans to wants to the bottom m.p.h.. >>robin winston: it is not on to help the ride into san francisco and it and the pops up on the bridge attracts a lot of attention and still backed up if you have to set the drive is beyond was plan no longer to and through the maze heavy all across the upper deck of the
9:02 am
fremont street the fremont street off ramp is packed time to get on to city street in san francisco consider using harrison instead of fremont street. >>robin winston: it is still quite high come from the issue of free will of for a minute trip to get from hercules into the maze is still packed with the major problems 30 minutes south 680 dublin to fremont or from the interchange commission saw a little heavy crossing the dumbarton bridge for was a for a 32 minute drive from the nimitz from fremont into menlo park. >>mark: they're investigating a homicide and to a habit and marked an industry one-person pronounced dead officers had not said how the person died pleas of not releasing a lot information just get the have not said whether or not anyone else have been arrested.
9:03 am
>>will tran: we do know that they were found inside this home right behind us on the 3000 block of lucas scored the scare right to the video that buys from the 2:00 yesterday afternoon after other violence sells the have a hard time tracking them down getting ahold of them to call the police department that came to the home they went inside they found a husband and wife inside the home at this point they're not saying the cause of death or how long those bodies have been inside the home but we do know that they live there with their two sons. >>will tran: user they can draw inferences as far as their names because next of kin that have been notified by will
9:04 am
forever reason they're choosing not to release it to the public we got a chance to talk to neighbors this is a very nice neighborhood we add to san jose police to farm this morning and you give us more information on
9:05 am
these two bullets. >>will tran: he believed the high school and college on a high school and college the police department they generically wrote us back and said no new details at this time which can to you the neighbor said he saw the man on friday so about two days before the murder the way to each other and there was nothing for him to believe that that would be the last time that he would see the man and his wife of life. >>mark: the shooting death a city of cleveland are rich in a $6 million settlement and a loss to all but 12 urals that he was shot by police officer while playing with a pellet gun and park in november of 2014 u.s. district court in cleveland says the city will pay out $3 million this year and 3 million next year the wrongful death against officers and the city of is the officers acted recklessly when
9:06 am
confronted him the video of the counter shows a rookie patrolman stepping out of the car within 2 seconds firing shots that killed the on going the officers had asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuit a grand jury declined to bring charges against the officers. >>darya: rekindles out of the east bay police are looking for the person around the casino early this morning it happened around quarter to five at the california casino. >>terisa estacio: just a short time ago take a look at this video those inside early this morning said it was very scary a gunman rushed in on 4:45 a.m. people said that there
9:07 am
screaming and they got down on the ground fortunately there was no word yet on what the gunman got away with it also appears that there were more than one person involved a security officer tells a there was no comment from the consent of the casino is that open. >>mark: the reputation of one of the league's top teams is also likely to fill a fresh round of debate.
9:08 am
>>mark: became down with his right knee twisting in having the court he got up and limping off the court where toll so far as a spring make his have an mri the warriors have not come to when he will be back.
9:09 am
>>darya: 10 sidelined after for several days or months and depends how severe it is we're not going to know what until after the empire which they're doing today.
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>darya: they're the police are inspecting a waiver to setup the calls to other drivers before opendoc if you consider setting the comes out before open their investigating luckily no one was hurt.
9:12 am
>>mark: it was a man and a bubble off the coast of miami the report from the mammoth task indirections to bermuda where chaffing some breezy conditions for today and will vorticism showers had to bay area.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>robin winston: through the on to more into the morning was about 92 it is not to back off from from 80 in to the high-rise 20 minutes from the man's on to the bayshore freeway 17 lead on the santa cruz mountain wide open number of the problem 60 minutes from the summit of to the 280 in a splint that is a great drive time in you will see the usual crowding along the peninsula if you have you know
9:16 am
what it is sluggish to some detail before after 9226 minutes for the average ride on no. 11 for 92 out to the central freeway in san francisco. >>anny hong: we are looking at blue skies out the a lot to sunshine start of monday morning once again it is windy out there we are tracking some reason spots especially on the coast that is a need for presence in right now 46 low 50s and livermore 53 in san jose 50 in san francisco by lunchtime it will be a little slow will be in the '50s by noon will have
9:17 am
temperatures in the '50s and '60s. >>anny hong: temperatures will be a little milder tomorrow and tuesday maybe thunderstorm or to the afternoon right now will see showers potentially for the entire bay area when we come
9:18 am
back we'll talk more about the storm track a 7 day around the bay forecast also will talk about the giant forecast as well. >>rob black: this time next year you would not be there have been. travel plans if you slice
9:19 am
out was this shot was credit- card we go to hawaii once again because it saves a lot of money. >>rob black: this a very emotional starting their something called a prom polls
9:20 am
show that is tied to the digital age where were recall list goes missing more crazy events or people are asking ted the kansas and about $300 for from ozone some time them leverage shows their tickets to beyond/the average person to be reckless to 25,000 year with a kid spends $1,400 on from you by know that
9:21 am
we're supposed to report are new but they decided not to honor the death of a capitalist was being buried today in the sex was such a monster had pulled man for now we wait for the seventh to get more growth going. >>rob black: buy from is not that different will hold off on the of recycles and that come a little bit longer i remember 15 years ago we come in to work and
9:22 am
excited it will become public and the stock would go straight up. >>rob black: it should help housing crisis because it is less speculation.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>darya: the federal bureau prison or provide everyone of plan and get out of jail the federal presence will get education and job training and substance abuse help and mental health help as well a minute of the 600,000 or more prisons to meet federal and state presents trouble to find work because of lack of educational work skills the album debuted excuse me on title which is owned by him but eyes of this morning and is now i tombs in the formation world tour starts in april issue will be lead by steady ascent clara on may 16th.
9:26 am
>>darya: since the president was coming and the prince was about to step 15 minutes past is that time so he can greet president obama and the first lady and that is how the camera with a robe and slippers and by the way it cannot help the had set my pajamas on these it turns out in the sold-out and when to buy and, it. >>mark: we're watching the traffic to still have the westbound as you like the way on the same retail branch bacchanals president obama sending more troops to syria will have more on the push to stop isis.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>anny hong: is getting a little stronger in the afternoon of the strongest yes the dying today we are going to see some when the conditions lost of sunshine and does look nice not suitable skies today will be sunny and still bridge it will have temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 60s the next line arrives late tuesday night.
9:30 am
>>robin winston: we circled northbound to in the and pays road that a loss of two still a driver headed north spend out into the center divider shipped overnight shift person may be trapped shift >>robin winston: that accident in los altos hills and page monroe and jammed in his normal
9:31 am
we have a couple of crashes west of the metering lights and is all our the wind was still backed up to west or 23 to 25 minutes from the maze into downtown san francisco the president said the deployment will happen the next few weeks
9:32 am
president obama now on his way back to the nine states witnesses told the officer that they saw it as you the vehicle had her what she was walking in the northbound blame. >>darya: officers did recover surveillance footage from a nearby business so they think that the car as a light-colored two-door jeep wrangler and made between 2007 and 2016 and has large tires and a black top the list and then there is damage to the thunder on the right passenger side.
9:33 am
>>mark: about 25 people out there on this hunger strike only consuming water they're angry with the way police chief great sir handled several recent officer involved shootings in the sitting will hold the strike until the demands the man of the hospitalized when person passed the blind, the strike on saturday and stay there seven adults and one teenage boys were found shot and had and four
9:34 am
different homes in the small community of pike and on friday and there were three young children and one of the homes and then left unharmed it is clear that this family was target and that is have told the victim's relative that they should arm themselves with the orders have not released all my life and the have not said who they're looking for. >>darya: they found marijuana operation at three of the different homes double crime scenes with the have not said whether it is linked to the death.. >>mark: he would do he can to give ted crews or when an indiana and in return they would do he can to help them and mexico we back on the gop candidate's plans. >>reporter: we announced a plan to deny donald trump 10) and
9:35 am
came off the criticism as well it seems a strange political
9:36 am
season is getting even stranger. >>mark: this show donald trump and hillary clinton strongly is heading into tomorrow's primary and nbc news wall street journal mayors survey showing that the clinton beat sanders' 55 to 4 percent among likely democratic voters in pennsylvania also printed a primary polls show trump lead and the republicans 384 delegates of the graphs and the democrats on hundred and 72 for the republicans. >>darya: is a poorly been indicted for misdemeanor assault.
9:37 am
>>: you don't want to see anyone go to what i feel like to keep trying to get at us hitting threes in a bitter controversy a statement but you're not because i feel sorry for the people in houston pick for loser homes and
9:38 am
cars and their lives love once and you're trying to get a controversy a statement out of me about the three is where sure some of those guys would do they can to help the city and you saw the nation you're not giving a statement you want out of me that does not call off stock asking me. >>darya: she looked sparkling as did the war is that when the game the did louis staff at least for wednesday and maybe for more he said does not like he will play in game 5 will when
9:39 am
to hear about his mri and.
9:40 am
9:41 am
>>mark: he sold more jersey than in the of the player in the nfl players association released a list of the 50 players the new england patriots quarterback top the list.
9:42 am
>>darya: we will be back with more in just a few minutes
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>: to that we have looking into a very baffling disappearance of a young girl by the natural for the stock for all those things
9:46 am
but the past had the the flower child who is beginning to walk all the while side there was 190 called out a number of times which is what is really agonizing court had disappeared there some and a few of their summit people-it may have had some grievances with that night to lead the investigation is still turned up nothing solid
9:47 am
about what this beautiful young girl could be. >>: samlet was not a good nose but the police investigation would not come to where open now that with this investigation people be able to come forward. >>darya: we want to get a look at weather and traffic before we go. >>anny hong: temperatures will be called to mild for to than and is on to the wind once again.
9:48 am
>>anny hong: a high today will be 67 will have that between 3 and 4:00 p.m. it will be breezy once again not less wins 10 to 20 mi. our where is a window well have more than a surprise will see some of the highest winds and two to 2 mi. our 13 member was city 15 and oakland 12 for fairfield in concord 17 in santa rosa 69 in alameda 66
9:49 am
of your fremont or union sitting where i guess a milder readings out there of the '60s and walnut creek through san ramon mid-60s and the more low '70's and antioch umbrella what the warmer spot for today for the south but we see a lot of myths of persistence and: 65 in sunnyvale 66 an evergreen for the senate sale area 63 mid-60s and san francisco of the fifth is to low sixties for pacifica and that is setting and a lot of friends looking at a persistence and mill valley to 69 and sonoma 7 in fairfield. >>anny hong: temperatures will be in the low 60s it will be sunny but it is going to be when the at the ballpark northwest winds of the two to five moscow our destiny around 30 potentially. >>anny hong: changes to ron the
9:50 am
sense that the transition driver where track increasing clouds ahead of the storm on wednesday a slight chance for some thunderstorms as well and then thursday friday with the drive and a lot of the weekend and one for saturday and sunday. >>robin winston: expect heavy delays approaching the class a page mill road at about 40 minutes ago it is trapped in a vehicle emergency crews on the same it used to laugh plans to block in traffic is pretty much at a standstill and is already pretty had become of cupertino even southbound traffic the opposite direction to have traffic across our approach and pageill you may want to hold off on the ride is to put one on
9:51 am
one instead of to aiding cook 25 minutes and nimitz over to the bayshore freeway stay away from the hot spot marked down to 80 at page mill. >>mark: philadelphia soul and jazz singer billy paul died on sunday he is best known for the number one at me and mrs. jones which i am grammar he is recognized by many of the pioneer import figure and so music and now for the socially conscious lyrics hit the guy knows with pancreatic cancer he died his home in new jersey at the age of 81 is survived by his wife and two children attend the
9:52 am
march is a longstanding tradition enormous and will include a marching band and the release of white the ups and his store to manage the hood this is one of the several more events around the nation as a cough up from prince per rain windows cried little red corvette and the to go crazy with the top sellers of 57 your sender was found dead on third at his home in suburban minneapolis investing in said the body had no signs of violence that do not believe it was suicide but it is on to take some weeks before we have the cause of death.
9:53 am
>>darya: the brussels airport was also had but to suicide bombs still not back to full speed of 32 people killed in the attack on the subway and the airport. >>mark: they miss to the internet in effect cases are often dismissed with the startup from the judge of the consequence could be much worse new legislation would authorize judges and some counties to find your to $1,500 for internet use violations of the stress of violence led to hunt a mistrial in overturned conviction across the country.
9:54 am
>>darya: taken a live look outside of the flat brown and san francisco in is when the out there will be back with more negative weather for you in just a couple of minutes.
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>darya: before we go have a look at the big stores we've been following this morning police are looking for the person rather expect to see no early this morning and quantify, from a grand casino was what unshackle the contra costa counties have the car and said no one was hurt and they were not able to find the rebel looking right now listen not saying how the two were killed or what the motive was the warriors got the win yesterday against the houston rockets but they lost steph curry he enjoyed
9:57 am
when he fell as a currency in the second quarter of yesterday's game he sprained his name. >>darya: the tent is not know when he will build to come back and claim they're doing an mri today early next week the mid to upper 80s are possible. >>darya: we hope he started the monday offer ride stack with us will be back tomorrow morning. >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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