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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 25, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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police do not believe this is gang-related. live in south san francisco, alecia reid. all eyes on stephon curry -- stuff curry. the day after injuring his knee in yesterday's game four win against the houston rockets curry underwent an mri and the results were announced. we turn to mark carpenter, everyone is waiting how is he butts we are taking an optimistic approach. considering how nasty that all looked, his injury is not as bad as it could have been. he will be out for at least two weeks after an mri reason field
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-- revealed a sprain. he suffered it on the final play of the first half after slipping on a wet spot. the warriors say he will be reevaluated in two weeks. that doesn't mean he will be back, regardless if he is only own for that time he will miss the rest of the houston series, possibly the next series as well. we now go to tran02's j.r. stone.>>reporter: i spoke with bob myers this afternoon, he was actually with stephen curry when he got the mri earlier this afternoon. he said that curry was happy with the outcome. as happy as you can be, with an injury like this at such a
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crucial time. mechanically, curry's knee is intact. when i asked about treatment, he said the team is exploring, but right now rest and ice are the priorities. he won't play until he is completely ready. he said that winds deaf and -- stephen curry fell he also hit the ground. myers was asked about curry's come back.>> when we say two weeks, two weeks to return to basketball activities. if it's not two weeks don't go crazy. if it's before, that would be great, if it's after, it's after. it's easy to, it's a strain, we all recover differently. you sprain something on your body, it might take me two weeks, it might take you one
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week.>>reporter: right there a lot of unknown at this point on when exactly he will be back. a lot of caution with the organization, making sure that knee is okay when he does come back. live in oakland, j.r. stone. >> he had just come back from the ankle, everyone was talking about his ankle this time last week. now it is the right knee, certainly it's better when he is on the court. they still have a series to win here. >> we saw yesterday, the rockets made -- they didn't show up. the warriors were able to move up without stephen curry. moving forward, now that the rockets know, curry will not be around, they still have a chance to possibly force a game
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six.>> game five, wednesday at the oracle arena. the warriors are probably going to win this series, it would be either the la clippers or the trailblazers. probably the clippers and you would miss stephen curry for at least the first several games. >> that's what they're saying. if it is the clippers, that would be a nightmare. you are going to have chris paul, when curry is not on the court, he creates space. it's a different element. >> vegas is taking notice. >> just minutes after the news came out, the spurs are now the favorite to win it all.>> the warriors had been the favorites, now it's san antonio. we have to see if the knee can get better and the warriors can regain their motivation.>> the
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best possible outcome considering how the file looked. >> everyone was talking about that knee. a major power outage impacts thousands of pg&e customers, several cities were without service for hours. the problem began with an incident at a substation.>>reporter: an electrical failure here at pg&e substation g in el cerrito led to a widespread power outage. >> we did experience and outage impacting 43,000 customers. the areas of berkeley, san pablo, richmond and el cerrito. >>reporter: officials say a fire connected to some kind of equipment failure forced the substation to shut down. >> a small fire to face at elsa brito -- el cerrito, there were no injuries.>>reporter: the power was disrupted, traffic signals around san pablo avenue. treated the intersection as if
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there were stop signs. el cerrito police were waiting for those who drove dangerously through the intersection. he outage happened around 9:30 am. just before 1 pm power was restored. >> we are looking to see what caused it and how it impacted the outage.>>reporter: haaziq madyun. maureen kelly talk to people dealing with the impact.>>reporter: in front of the downtown police station that was shut down for a chunk of the morning directing riders to get on at the next stop. trains were not affected, the entrances were taped off because it was too dark to let writers on or off the train.>> now i'm going to be late.>>reporter: that changed around noon time when a generator on wheels showed up and was hooked up.
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it got most of the power inside up, not all. the escalators needed to be reset. this woman had a fractured foot.>> it's dark.>>reporter: several intersections had their signals not doubt, which made it difficult for drivers and people trying to cross the street. not everyone realizes that these intersections should be treated as a four-way stop.>> i didn't know whether to cross are not. it was difficult. >>reporter: some businesses like walgreens had to stay closed, the at&t store posted signs that they could take customers since their network was still working. the back freezer was full of not so frozen treats.>> it was already melted.>>reporter: berkeley college students were
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evacuated not long after the power went out. >> i notice the internet wasn't working. >>reporter: shortly after electricity was restored students were allowed back into their classrooms and back to normal. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. a bizarre chase in a san mateo know -- county sheriff. this is an end result picture this morning around 8 am people tried karen teichmann was pulled over, she crashed into a fire station and belmont during a low-speed pursuit. she allegedly had another vehicle near olive street. a sergeant tried to block the suspects vehicle, but ended up colliding with it. she was arrested and suffered
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minor injuries. they are trying to determine of drugs or alcohol played a factor. and armed robbery at a popular casino forces the evacuation. officials released images of a masked gunman who police are still looking for.>>reporter: this is one of several pictures released by authorities.>> this appears to be a top shot of the cable, you can see this suspect with the mask. is actually pointing his semi automatic rifle. >>reporter: he says it all started around for 45 monday morning here at the california grand casino in pacheco. sheriff's deputies and local police surrounded the casino. here is another image of the gunman. >> you see where the suspect is coming onto the property.
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he had a full halloween mask on, a black hoodie and dark- colored pants. >>reporter: he is described as being six-foot tall, the entire casino was evacuated. and east bay resident saw this going on inside.>> i know there was a man panicking inside, he didn't know what he was doing. >>reporter: fortunately, no one was physically injured the casino is not revealing what the gunman took. there are reports that he stole chp's. the casino reopened in the morning and is reportedly back to normal.>> no one talks about it.>>reporter: authorities not certain whether the gunman acted alone and believe he took off in a four-door sedan. this is the car he allegedly took off in. still ahead to
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gop candidates now joining forces to take down donald trump. what kasich and crews are picking up. back here at home a dump trump rally. dangerous detergent, a new report urges parents to keep laundry pods away from children. i'm tracking a 40 mile-per- hour wind gusts. that's coming up in my full forecast.
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decision 2016, donald trump calls occlusion. his remaining rivals call it the best way to deny him the nomination. they agreed to divvy up their campaigns. kasich bowing out in india -- indiana. ted cruz is doing the same in new mexico and oregon.>> what's the big deal, the delegates will pick that person who can do the best in the fall. >> the two candidates call their agreement an attempt to save the republican party. >> abdominal -- if donald trump is the nominee hillary clinton wins.>> right now trump needs under 400 more delegates to clinch the nomination and is running out of states. >> there are only 10 more
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primaries left. >> trump is expected to sweep the northeast after that he faces competitive space. by splitting their efforts, ted cruz and kasich hope to remove trumps ability. >> i don't doubt that trump will scream and yell and curse. >> the senator. got that right. >> this guy's a pain in the [ null ] trump welcomed their collusion. >> it shows how weak they are calm but it shows how pathetic there. >> then came the personal attacks on ted cruz. >> he's stuttering. >> kasich earned a disgusting. >> when he's eating, i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion.
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do you want that for your president? >> here in the bay area donald trump was the focus of a rally today at san francisco state. this was an anti-trump rally. dan kerman his life.>>reporter: these are people who want to get out the vote i reminding people just what could happen if donald trump is elected. a rallying cry of dump trump echoed through san francisco states malcolm plaza. >> i want to dump trump. >>reporter: the rally was organized by college democrats. it use the gop front runner as a way to galvanize students to go to the polls. >> this is the presidency, a
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global scale representation of our country. we can't have someone who hates everyone and says what he says. that's just not what america is. >>reporter: as for whether students should vote for clinton or sanders, both college stems in the democratic party are not taking a position. >> in july, at the convention, the party will make a choice. all democrats will come together.>>reporter: local sanders supporters protested a recent hillary clinton event, uniting behind the nominee. >> that's always a concern. we do want a unified party. we had similar concerns in 2008 between obama and clinton. after the convention, i would say everyone was me and -- unanimous.>>reporter: we will just have to wait and see.
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some analysts believe that clinton could get enough votes to get the nomination even before the california primary. dan kerman kron 4 news.>> the attacks are not just coming from ted cruz and kasich, democrat hillary clinton took aim at trump today. she ratcheted up our attacks during a stop in wilmington, delaware trying to position herself as the unifying alternative to the gop front runner.>> donald trump says wages are too high and he doesn't support raging minimum wage. i have said, out of those tire -- towers, talk and listen to people. don't just fly that big jet in and landed, don't make a big scene and insult everyone. go back and get on that a jet and go to your country club house in florida or your
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penthouse, i don't think that puts you in touch.>> with a close lead in all five states, clinton ignored her democratic rival senator. bernie sanders, the vermont senator. is not budging . he continues to draw a stark contrast between the two content -- candidates. >> i do not have a super pac. i do not represent wall street or the billionaire class. i don't want their money. clinton has chosen to raise her money a different way. she has a number of super pac reporting periods. her special interests have vast money invested. >> sanders promises to wage ware -- war until june and the
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california and dc primaries. brittney shipp joins us now, it's like a hold onto your hat kind of situation. >> it's been windy for a while and we will continue to see these wind gusts. everything will subside tomorrow, but tomorrow will be breezy also. we are gusting up to 40 miles per hour at the san francisco airport. 24 in san jose, 22 in santa rosa and 30 in vallejo. sustained wind speeds are 20 in oakland 25 in redwood city and 18 and san jose. it's all due to the system that's continuing to push away from us. it didn't bring us any rainfall, you can see a few shatters in lake tahoe, again, it's moving away. we are going to track this
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system. tomorrow night we will see isolated thunderstorms. tonight will still be very windy as we go into the 8:00 our. we will start to see breezy conditions towards 10:00. your temperature will still be mild, 62 degrees for our some of our inland locations. as we get into the 9:00 hour we will drop down in most locations to the mid-to high 50s. coming up i will have more details on the next rainmaker and a closer look at your temperatures for the week. laundry detergent pods and children. later tonight, beyonci's new album fueled rumors.
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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new data shows children are continuing to eat a dangerously large number of those laundry detergent packets. calls to poison control centers increased 17% from 2013 two 2014 and analysis shows that more than 22,000 children mostly under age 3, were exposed to laundry packets in that period. biting into them can cause illness or death. the research finds that laundry packets are more toxic than other detergents like powder or dishwashing packets. world health organization says it's expecting to see a marked increase in the number of zika virus cases worldwide. the mosquito spread disease can cause a host of problems, including birth defects for women who are pregnant when they get it. mark meredith takes a look at why efforts to prevent the spread of the disease are hitting a roadblock in
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washington. >>reporter: with some are fast approaching, a potential crisis, the zika virus. >> everything seems to be scarier than we thought. >>reporter: federal experts expect the virus that leads to fever and ration birth defects are a major problem the summer. to fight back the obama administration wants 1.9 billion in emergency funding, getting the cash from congress continues to hit roadblocks. >> it's an important issue. we are in discussion about how much do they really need.>>reporter: they need more transparency about where the money would end up. somehow democrats consider the slowdown ridiculous. >> we have more information than we have about going to war in iraq. >>reporter: the cdc says there are no reports of mosquitoes in the us found to be carrying the virus. data shows the highest risk remains in country south of the
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border. with crisis looming leaders say they are more likely than not to find a solution. >> i don't think in the end, there will be any opposition to address a fairly significant public health crisis. >>reporter: waiting for a date when the sica funding bill will come before the house. one of the easiest ways for the disease to reach the us is people bringing it back. i'm mark meredith, kron 4 news. this week could be pivotal for the future of the raiders. the team could be headed where we don't know. deflate gate suspension is back in play.
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you are watching the big areas new station. this is kron 4 news. there have been twice as many homicides and san jose so far this year than there were a year ago. there is no up explanation. two more killings over the weekend they violently five murders. >>reporter: san jose police say little about the up tick in violence. there does not seem to be any connection between any of the cases. the most recent occurred on
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sunday here in the evergreen neighborhood where two people died. the bodies of a man and woman were discovered in a home on lucas court after police were called by a concerned family member. a neighbors spoke with the kron 4 morning news. >> they were very nice. they say hello. they gave me candy. >>reporter: in the first of five recent homicides on april 16, 18-year-old cruz antonio castro was shot and killed. neighbors suspect gang violence, but offered no proof. two days later on april 18 a 24- year-old man was fatally shot here on sandpoint drive. quinby road. last wednesday on millstream drive police say a domestic dispute a man stabbed -- his
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father. cases remain under investigation. back here, on lucas court, neighbors are anxious to hear news about suspects or a possible motive.>> you never really imagine that it would happen right down the street from you. it's nerve-racking.>>reporter: the five killings in the past week bring 16 as the number of killings. they were 30 homicides in all of 2015. on rob fladeboe. i am brittney shipp. satellite shows us an area of low pressure that continues to move like , that's why our wind speeds are so strong. our wind speeds have sustained 20 my -- 25 miles per hour. 16 and happen bay.
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future cast shows us tonight. our clouds will continue increasing into tomorrow, as we get into tuesday night, that's when we will see showers moving in and lingering into wednesday. we could see a few heavy downpours and isolated thunderstorms. temperatures now are in the low 70s, nampa 66, oakland 69, san fran 69. our temperatures will be similar tomorrow. i'm tracking a warming trend. i will go over that in my full forecast. mark davis will be in las vegas to meet with officials about the possible move of the franchise to sin city. he is scheduled to meet with the group of hotel and casino's. the unlv football team will
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call this its new home. the raiders could conceivably share the stadium. owners would have to approve the move, it's unclear whether it is not realistic. gambling has previously the nfl out of las vegas. until it's for sure, silver and black will stay in oakland. tom brady has lost his deflate the appeal. earlier today and up heels -- appeals court reinstated his suspension of four games over allegations that he under inflated footballs. the us district court overturned it last year, if the new suspension sticks brady will miss the first four patriot games. no word yet on if he will appeal this to the second second heels court. bill cosby has had his case
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on hold since february.'s legal team filed an appeal arguing the case should be barred because of a promise made in 2005 by then da, allegedly the da had promised never to prosecute bill cosby. today is secure -- superior court judge agreed that the case was filed. a manhunt underway in the murders of eight family members in rural ohio. the bodies were found inside for different homes on friday. 90 miles east of cincinnati. nick valencia explains why investigators suspect drugs.>>reporter: on the road that leads to the crime scene we meet stan. he says although he was home at the time of the shooting he didn't hear anything.>> most people keep to
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themselves.>>reporter: what does it say about the area?>> we are all good people. i don't worry about stuff like that. >>reporter: he may not be worried, plenty of people in piketon are.>> i've been telling my kids, be careful, watch over your shoulder and don't go far. let me know where you are at. i worry.>> we live in a small community, somebody came in and killed eight members of a family. >>reporter: ohio atty. general. has tried to come for the locals, at the same time keeping the details close to his chest. he says, for good reason.>> you don't want to tell the bad guys everything you know. you want to keep them guessing. that's it. is much as i would like to inform everyone about everything, we are going to
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process and talk about what we've done, we are not going to talk about results. >>reporter: 100 friends and family of the victims gathered at a nearby church for comfort.>> i cannot believe how anyone can kill a mother with her for-day-old baby and her arms. that's out of my realm of thinking, that anyone could do that. it's heartless.>>reporter: it was just a couple of weeks ago authorities discovered a major marijuana operation with ties to mexican drug cartels. the discovery of the operation at the residence of one of the victims is only fueling the rumors that they were connected to bad people. still ahead, how prints is topping the charts
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. the cause to boycott target over its bathroom rules are growing
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the online petition to boycott target over its new bathroom policy is showing no signs of slowing down. the conservative christian group american family association started the petition in response to targets new stance on customers use of its restrooms. target says it's shoppers can
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use the bathroom that matches the gender with which they identify. the group says that the position opens the door for sexual predators. so far, the group has collected more than half 1 million signatures from people saying they plan to boycott the retail giant. north carolina is the state that started this national debate, today hundreds attend rallies outside the capitol building in carolina supporting and opposing the states contribution -- controversy all bathroom law. inside they filed to repeal the law. that dictates which restrooms transgender people can use. the new bill has no republican sponsors and gop leaders have said they are not interested in overturning the law which was approved in a special session last month and the governor supports. the group turnout in north carolina delivered nearly 200,000 signatures calling for a repeal of that
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law. beyonci is out with a new album. next a look at the men she takes aim at in what's called lemonade. you can see the flag moving, we still have strong winds. i am tracking the end of those wins, plus a chance of rain.
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last night's game of thrones season six premiere was a huge hit among pilot theirs. online piracy was tracked and it was downloaded 1 million times in just a half a day. hbo has not released ratings, it is the most pirated television show of all time. season five's finale was downloaded 5 million time. prince and his music had sales
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jumping two 42,000% in the days since his death. the very best of prince sold 250,000 copies alone, more than enough to land him at the top of the billboard chart again. digital sales rocketed on itunes, and other online sites. 2 million songs were bought for download since thursday. top three, purple rain, little red corvette, when doves cry. in hollywood with the details on tran06. >>reporter: a poetic opening to "lemonade". kneeling in front of a curtain
5:46 pm
.>> are you cheating on me?>>reporter: what happens next is epic and stunning.>> it's an entire mash of things, it's very overwhelming.>>reporter: our music insider shared that while the world is fixated with their hour-long, she is also taking aim at another man. >> there are references to her dad who was rumored to have cheated on her mom. he was her manager, her mom and her dad got divorced. then beyonci ended up following -- >>reporter: helping craft his daughter, reissues on their
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relationship. we will have so much more on this story tonight at seven. back to you. brittney shipp is with us now. i know you'd probably prefer to talk about lemonade.>> it's all over the internet that --.>> it's all over. there's a live look outside, windy conditions throughout most of the area. we're seeing gusts up to 40 miles per hour at the airport. we will continue to see these windy and breezy conditions as we go into the rest of tonight. we will continue to see our clouds increasing as we go into
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this evening. we saw windy conditions throughout most of today. no advisory in effect. we can show you our wind speeds, this is showing 20 miles per hour in oakland, 20 and hayward, same thing in san jose, 25 in redwood city. this is what we are tracking, windy conditions for tonight, dry and breezy tomorrow. as we go into this week, mainly wednesday night, we will continue to see a chance of showers, isolated thundershowers. that's going to continue to pull away, that's where our wind is coming from. next up we will see another system move in as we get closer to wednesday. we will see a chance of isolated thunderstorms. right now temperatures in the are at 59 degrees, oakland 56, san jose 65, livermore 65 degrees santa rosa is 67
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degrees. tomorrow we will see similar conditions. 68 will do the high in oakland. 65 degrees in redwood city. average for us, your 7-day forecast shows we are tracking a warming trend as we get poster to the end of the week. next weekend looks fantastic. tomorrow and increasing clouds. look at wednesday, that's when we track showers, for your morning and evening commute. temperatures on thursday state in the 60s, 70s into friday. saturday and sunday we are in the 80s with dry conditions. >> 80s, you know what that means? >> what does that mean?>> lemonade weather. >> the dow dropped 26 points. nasdaq lost 11. the s&p dropped three points. today's slide comes after four earnings. apple is expected to announce its worst quarter in 14 years.
5:50 pm
rob black has more.>>reporter: airfares, people are getting ready to book vacations, are they going down or up? short-term they will probably go down, this time next year you will not be happy. alaska airlines is merging with virgin america. they will become a legacy character. the low energy costs are helping for sure. the best thing to do for cheap flights is fly on the weekdays, tuesdays and wednesdays are great. saturdays are nice as well. if you go for friday or sunday, you will pay the most. book 67 days in advance. if you can remember that.>> parents have to pay for prom right now. >> hundreds of dollars for clothes, limos, after parties, now there is a prom proposal,
5:51 pm
tied to the digital age, you are seeing more and more crazy events where people are asking ted cruz, ask my girlfriend out on instagram for me. kids are spending $300 for a prom proposal. they are lavish tickets, there are pizzas. >> apple, we have seen explosive growth.>> it's going to be the first quarter in about 13 years, the day of the ipod. you will see 51 six -- consecutive quarters broken tomorrow after markets closed. the iphone6 and 6 plus it pulled forward. now we wait for the iphone seven to get more growth. future growth will come from apps and the itunes store.
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coming up behaving badly. two different problems, distracted drivers.
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we are nearing the tail end of distracted drivers awareness
5:55 pm
month. youthful -- throw-in for 20 and april has to be stanley's favorite month of the year. one way to get pulled over is to do something this driver is doing. she has her smart phone resting on her hand. i'm writing with officer goldstein looking for distracted drivers. this woman claims she had her phone because she was using her gps. i was wondering how she was holding it.>> i had a clip, i couldn't see it. you can turn the volume up and you can see it.>> this driver was so 1990s, he had his phone attached to his ear.
5:56 pm
>> you cannot use your cell phone while you are driving. >> here's another one living in the past, he was from out of town.>> you cannot show your phone when you are driving, you have to have your phones. >> yes you are right. >> how long have you been your? >> since tuesday.>> you know we have a hands-free law?>> brush up on driving laws. let's take a brief intermission while we deal with this issue.>> are moving around.>> i wonder what her response will be.>> no, it is not okay. >> the car and the video had to be turned around. distracted drivers, this guy is
5:57 pm
doing something, earbuds in both ears. that is a big no-no.>> i think these are new, i wasn't paying attention. >> the hands-free law will cost you $151. the earbuds in both ears $197. priceless. stanley roberts in the east bay kron 4 news. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable.
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just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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we are following breaking news here out of south san francisco, there's been a double shooting near a park. this video from the scene here comes from the helicopter partnership abc7. we're there on the scene, what have you found out about the investigation? >> reporter: well, pam, police just walked employees to their vehicles here. the shooting happened here and two men are in the hospital this evening. one is in critical condition and police say he's going through surgery right now. an argument happened between
6:00 pm
two people and that's when shots were fired. each victim shot once. authorities are working on leads to find the suspect here's his de description. >> about 150 pounds last seen with a yellow wind breaker and last seen running westbound through the park. >> reporter: no one else injured but it was a very scary afternoon for the kids and their parents. police don't believe it's gang- related. a big blow to the golden state ware warriors. steph curry is out after this
6:01 pm
play and boy, did everyone just gasp here. our mark carpenter is looking at how their chances are without their star. we start with j.r. stone withwhat the team is saying about his injury and the team. >> well, pam, general manager said that this afternoon, stephan won't be back until totally ready to play. his knee is intact and just a sprain. they're exploring options but rest and ice are the priorities and when he fell he didn't just sprain his knee or m.c.l. but hit it on the ground so there's pain in different areas. they will reevaluate in two weeks but they aren't guaranteeing then, it might be
6:02 pm
before or after that depending on how he's feeling. generally players with this type of injury is back in two weeks or so. >> i understand that players have a different mind set and magnitude but we have a long way to go to reach that go. we're still in the series, so it's a situation where you got to get in the room and with the best people and have that conversation. i think we did the right thing with his ankle but unfortunately there's a wet spot on the floor and that's part of it. so we get together as a team and move forward. >> now the good news is that in surgery is needed. new at 8:00 we go one-on-one with a doctor that specializes with these types of injuries
6:03 pm
and you'll get his take on the injury at 8:00. live in oakland j.r. stone, 4news. well this is the latest set back for curry, he's been hit with two separate injuries on the same leg. this one is keeping him out much longer than the last one. for the recent challenges we turn to mark about this. >> well, this could have been much worse and the key rests on his health but it's so scary to see it unfold like this. >> yeah, it is. >> but his historic season ending like this, this could change the narrative for the it's rest of his career.
6:04 pm
this injury could leave him out for an entire series. before yesterday he missed two and half games after rolling hiankle, now that's always been a problem for him. three of the games he's missed have been due to some ankle jury. he sprain it it several timesover a span of two years. if the warriors get past houston it's predicted he could come back and they face-off again wednesday night. the raiders are all in with a potential move to las vegas. the owner is holding a meeting this thursday.
6:05 pm
multiple reports say that davis will repledge to relocate there if the stadium plan gets approval. even if he gets approval there's still an ob stackable. obstacle. he would need permission from the other owners to move there. the other big story here, that massive power outage in the east bay. this map shows how widespread the outage was. at one point more than 40,000 customers lost energy. it turns out that a transformer and fire at a p and g substation is what caused the outages in several cities in the east bay. >> we did experience that outage impacting 40,000 people
6:06 pm
in the areas of berkeley and no injuries were reported. >> they forced the substation to shut down after the fire and took about 4 hours to restore the service, the cause is still under investigation. during the outage we saw all sorts of problems with businesses and some people were scrambling to help with customers and the bigger impacts was the b.a.r.t. >> reporter: the downtown b.a.r.t. station had to be shut down. trains were able to roll righton by but they couldn't let passengers on and off because it was too dark down there. some had employees down there directing people but that
6:07 pm
changed around noontime when they brought in a generator. after it go going, the station reopened but not completely because the escalators. >> reporter: still down. >> we rely levy on that. >> some businesses were stilldisrupted. the wallgreens down the street was also down while employees milled around in the dark. a few customers here but their main product was melting and had to be tossed. >> we had to toss some of the products here. >> reporter: some classes were disrupted and a few continued. >> it was hard to see what the
6:08 pm
teacher was talking about. >> well all of the bathrooms are flushing with electricity and didn't work. >> reporter: power was restored before 1:00 p.m. and the teachers and students were allowed to get back in with a few classes with a late start. well, a blustery day today, it's been gusting and the flags here slapping in the wind here. this is happening in the east bay. our metrologist is here with the weather. >> well after tonight, we'll continue to see windy conditions tomorrow. we'll see a bit of a break tomorrow and then as we push into wednesday we see the wind speeds returning. let's look at the wind gusts here, gusting up to 40 miles- per-hour in san francisco and 25 in half moon bay. gusting up to 22 miles-per-hour
6:09 pm
in livermore. you can see the high pressure here pushing away and we're tracking this system here. it's going move closer so by the time we move to wednesday morning and even into the afternoon, we will track a chance of rain and even apossibility of a few isolated thunderstorms. let's look at the rest of the night here. by 8:00 still really windy. closer to 63 and 58 along the coast here. mid 50s and then by 10:00 p.m. we're in the low 50s. tomorrow, we'll see the 70s and closer to average. i'm tracking the next rain maker in the full forecast next. police are dealing with a search in violence, a latest
6:10 pm
incident a double killing. officers responding to a suspicious activity call, they found a man and woman dead inside. officers are not saying how they were killed and neighbors are shocked. there have been 16 homicides in san jose and five of them within the last two weeks. some frightening moments here at the casino. about 5:00 a.m., a man wearing a halloween mask entered the 24 hour card room and entered with a rifle. the suspect managed to get aaway and they're not -- away and they're not saying what was
6:11 pm
taken but if you know anything call the police. back in court and an update on this case and when it goes trial. the fallout from the deadly berkeley balcony collapse. the focus here on trump as you'll hear this is not exactly in support of the presidential front-runner, next. =
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
in the south bay, another court appearance and another delay in the trial of garcia torrez. we see what happened in court this morning. >> reporter: it was a latest in a seemingly endless string of court appearances. he has been jailed for more than 4 years now. he worry a suit and close cropped hair and he was supposed to find out who the judge would be and when the trial would begin. instead they asked for another delay to test evidence in the court. through his attorneys he asked to be on record requesting that his trial begin as soon as possible. here's a handful of people outside here that are anxious
6:15 pm
for the trial to begin. >> it's been a long wait, over four years and the volunteers and the search teams we're with the family. it bothers us that their pain continues but we're looked forward to the justice being served and hopefully we can find her and return her to her family. >> reporter: she disappeared from the bus stop on her way to school. they're expected to link evidence to the crime. barring any further delays the trial should begin no later than june 21st. in the east bay two people arrested for human tracking. across the county, the jurors
6:16 pm
indicted these pair. they primarily operated out of san ramon. the couple met at tens -- made tens of thousands of dollars per week. well, on to the deadly collapse in berkeley here. >> well, you can see the rotted wood here and now the officials have joined with the community to address the issues when 7 people died and others hurt when the balcony gave way. seg way construction which built this building had paid
6:17 pm
nearly $30 million in water lawsuits here and the crews applied waterproofing to wet wood during construction and essentially it happened again. water trapped inside that led to the rot and then the collapse. well trump is firing back at rivals cruz and kasich after they formed an alliance to defeat them. they're going after voters in mexico and oregon while cruz makes the bid for those in indiana and trump called it collusion. if no candidate hits the magic number they will have a contested convention in cleveland. this was not in support of trump but a dump trump rally
6:18 pm
here sponsored by the democrats. >> i'm here to dump trump. >> reporter: they joined the members of the democratic party to sound the alarm about trump. >> he's the exact opposite of our values and san francisco's values and democrat values. >> the things he's saying about women and mexicans and it's not okay. >> dump trump!. >> reporter: they focused to encouraging people to register for democrats and vote for them. >> we want to give them a path forward for working families and minorities. >> a point will come they
6:19 pm
hopedemocrats will unit whoever will be the nominee. sanders supporters said that if clinton became the nominee some may have difficulty voting for her. trump will come to the bay area this friday. him and the other candidates are scheduled to address the gop this coming weekend. well a sunny and breezy monday and kicking off the week for us. so it was a little chilly today. >> that's right and we have had that wind gusting up to 40 miles-per-hour. we'll see a little break but then they're back into the area on wednesday. so this system a pushing way
6:20 pm
and bringing some isolated showers here to the mountains here. we'll see isolated showers and hail on wednesday. you can see the wind speeds are still strong here. 18 in oakland and at the airport, gusts up to 40 miles- per-hour. wind speeds are sustained here in half moon way. here's the next system we're watching. the clouds will increase as we go into the day tomorrow. wednesday morning we'll start to see rain and that will continue on and off for your evening commute on wednesday as well. by 8:00 everything should clear up and we should see a little break in the clouds. as we get into the rest of the
6:21 pm
week, we're tracking a warming trend. 62 in freemonth fremont and we'll start to see a change later in the week. tomorrow, we'll see a clouds increase and then wednesday the showers come in. we'll mainly stay above average during the week and we'll expect a big time warm up on friday. we'll have more details coming up in about 15 minutes. also coming up, a warning for curious members of a jury, the punishment you could face in california if you decide to investigate a case on your own using the internet. take a look at this, a guy takes out a fire hydrant and how the driver explained this
6:22 pm
accident coming up. = nivea in-shower body lotion. first i wash. next, i apply it to my wet skin and rinse.
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jurors who miss use the internet in cases are often dismissed with a stern talk with the judge. but now, the consequences could be much worse. they could derail a trial by investigating a case could soon face fines. new legislation could authorize members of a jury up to $1,500 for internet use violations. they have led to hundreds of convictions being overturned in the country. well a bizarre chase here with a woman and a sheriff's car pinned against the suspects vehicle. this picture of the end result. it all started this morning
6:25 pm
when police officers tried to pull her over for reckless driving. she hit a fire hydrant and then another vehicle. the deputy tried to block her vehicle but ended up collided with it. deputies are working to determine if drugs or alcohol determined a factor in her behavior. take a look at this, a driver said he lost control making a turn and slammed into a hydrant and a store. this happened in sherman oaks. the car veered off and sent water gushing into the air. it took 90 minutes to shut off the water and no one was hurt. no word whether the driver will have to pick up the bill here and look at all that wasted
6:26 pm
water. still up ahead, stephen curry going miss some serious playing time here. also the bathroom law and the move by legislators. crown beach here and we're looking for a little something different here and trust me it's not a treasure, in another case of people behaving badly, upnext at 8:00. =
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6:28 pm
6:29 pm
in oakland a golden state warriors announced that stephen curry did have an m.r.i. and revealed a grade one sprain on that right knee. as for a timetable for playing basketball, they will reevaluate in two weeks. they could look at it before or after then depending how he feels but as for the time being he's out. an electrical fire this afternoon at p and g caused widespread service disruption
6:30 pm
here. >> a few cities here and impacting 40,000 people. >> reporter: the cause of the fire remains under investigation. continuing our coverage, one of the bigger outages here was the fact that the b.a.r.t. downtown station was closed down and some were closed down with tape and others manned by employees to get to the next stop. that changed around noontime when a generator came in and plugged in and got to station going. the station was open except for the escalators and made it hard for some to get out. here, some very tense moments here at the grand casino. a gunman walks in around 4:45
6:31 pm
a.m. wearing a halloween has, and gloves. he is still on the loose. the search continues tonight for a killer or killers, two people found inside this home of the 3,000 block of lucas court. it happened on sunday afternoon when other relatives were having a hard tracking them down. they called the police and investigators go inside and they found the husband and wife. we know they lived there with their two sons. the police department are not releasing any names or information about the two people. another court appearance here and another delay in the case of garcia torrez. arrested in the murder of
6:32 pm
awoman he called on the court to try him as soon as possible. the district attorney's office called for delays because of test results of evidence. the body has never been found. well i'm here with our meteorologist here brittney shipp and i said wait a main, there's rain on the forecast. >> that's right there's rain and that's into wednesday and we've seen activity off and on. >> yeah, we have. >> it's still going to be windy, so keep that in mind. the wind speeds will return on wednesday. then towards to friday and the weekend, we'll track above
6:33 pm
average temps here. satellite, you can see the low pressure pushing way and it'sbringing a few showers here with snow, you can see the rotation here. then, the clouds here, still far away but that's the next system which will move in on wednesday. that will bring us the chance of rain and the possibility of that. we'll see temperatures drop down into the 40s and right now temperatures at 58 right now in san francisco and 64 in oak lands. highs oakland. san francisco and 64 and 68 i oakland. we warm up on friday and even warmer on saturday, pam? well the battle over north
6:34 pm
carolina's "bathroom law" intensified today. we have the competing rallies today. >> workers showed up and to start their annual meetings and regular folks where there. some outraged and others in support of it. some want to repeal the law that blocks the local and state protections and dictates which bathrooms transgender people need to use. they have no sponsors yet in the legislation and they're not interested in overturning the law and the governor supports that. a group called "turn out carolina" are calling for a repeal of the law. a boycott aimed at target
6:35 pm
showing no signs of slowing down. a group started the petition on the use of the transgenders some say that opens the doors for sexual assault. some plan to boycott the retail giant. a big development with prince, what we've learned about the will and the rights to his unreleased songs. when you download the free app it's super easy to send tips and pictures to the newsroom here. first, launch the app and right at the bottom is the record it and you can enter your information in. you can even hit the call the
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new tonight, disturbing news out of the east bay.
6:39 pm
a man behind bars tonight accused of child abuse. a call prompting a call to police and that's all new at 8:00. well it sounds like the drama on "good morning america" is calming down. we're also learning that prince left behind a lot of music that the country needs to hear. we have the daily wrap here. all is well here because kelly ripa is returning to work. it has been nearly a week since she was on the show. >> still burning up. >> never do that to me.
6:40 pm
breaking news, chrissie teigen went out to dinner with her husband and people blew up on twitter. prince passed away without civil lawyers and without a financial lawyer. it turns out he didn't have a will and his younger sister may inherit all of his estate. >> that's it for the daily wrap. well prince's music has once again topped the charts after his untimely death. his sales jumped up a whopping 32,000% with 179,000 albums selling in the states. 250,000 copies of the best of prince landing him at the top
6:41 pm
of the charts again. eyei.-tunes also topping the charts there. the top downloads were little red corvette, purple rain and, when doves cry. coming up tom brady'ssuspension. also the plans and reaction from the warrior's team about steven curries injury coming up. =
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
well if there was anything that could get in the way of a champion it's this, the one injury to the star of the team.
6:45 pm
the best outcome occurred and they will just have to go a few games without stephen curry. this morning he underwent an m.r.i., he sprained his knee. the warriors say he'll be re reevaluated in two weeks. >> it's unclear as to whether the player is ready in two weeks or ready sooner, but in this day and age people want timelines. so we said two weeks but that's not a guarantee, i hope it's in that two-week range so our
6:46 pm
responsibility is to not put him at risk. so whether that's the regular season or now, we understand it's a magnitude of the playoffs here and it's about the guys that can play and play. we're lucky to have the group we have and it's one of the best players i've seen as far as people. so they will come together and do what they can. >> a short time before the results were known, he tweeted out, thanks for all of the messages and god is great. his teammates gave their reaction, let's listen. >> the emotional reaction is we have his back. in that situation it's just sad because we know how hard he's
6:47 pm
been struggling with the ankle stuff so far and how hard he fought to play with us again and then to get reinjured. >> well, he's our m.v.p. and now everybody has to step it up. >> well you know it's hard without him because he does so many great things, we still have a very capable team that's built for something like this does happen. we can hold on for a while. the biggest star found out he'll be missing some games too. the federal games court overturned the decision made by a u.s. district judge in september. they might take it to another
6:48 pm
hearing but if that doesn't go through brady will be out for 4 games next year. first of all, let's start by saying leave tom brady alone. leave him alone [ applause ] >> the oakland raiders could be closer to packing up for sin city here. the owner is holding important meetings to move the raiders. he will pledge it if the stadium gets the green light. then they need approval to relocate from 23 other nfl owners. speaking of vegas, manzel is expected to be indicted over
6:49 pm
allegation he attacked his ex- girlfriend. he will be charged with allegedly striking her multiple times while out earlier this year. he faces a year in jail and fines which further hampers his chances to get to the n.f.l. again. the motor city here, taking on detroit. the meat of the line up here, picking up on players here. cabrera here, they're up with the pitching. victor martinez, that makes it 6-0, come on down. last check detroit is up 7 of 3. up and down the line up here, the minnesota twins announced that tonight is prince night at the park.
6:50 pm
each batters walk up song will be a different song from the legend. so they will hear all of the hits "when doves cry" little corvette and others. and fans are instructed in purple. >> that whole town is in purple right now. they love him now. >> i listen to prince's music too. costco is known for bargains but why it's costing more customers money before they even walk in the door next. = -- = ÷h,z/
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6:53 pm
apple is expected to have a rough second quarter earnings report tomorrow. for the first time iphone sales could see a decline, we'll look at the possible impacts up at 8:00. costco members could see their annual fees go up. a financial analyst is saying they expect to raise it from 55 to $75.110 to $120. the change is expected to happen early next year. they're also getting ready for a big change this summer, it's
6:54 pm
ending their long-term partnership with america express. pain at the pump, the price of a gallon of gas jumped 6cents and 9cents over the past 6 weeks. it costs more for refiners to make the summer blend of gasoline, particularly in california. the average price is $2.18 for a regular gallon of gas but it's much higher here. we have entertainment news coming up, entertainment tonight and then we're back with 4news at 8:00. well it's still really windy out and that will continue for a few hours. wednesday showers and a
6:55 pm
possibility of a few isolated showers here. that could affect the commutes out there and thursday, we start to dry things out and friday we warm up. the weekend looks fantastic, look that, lots of sunshine. >> that's it for us at 6:00 we'll see you at 8:00. we'll have a complete wrap up of news and you can always stay in touch at =
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the insider, tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, remembering the artist. ♪ >> as celebrity tributes to prince continue to pour in, why today is truly manic monday for fans. ♪ >> then -- >> he doesn't like it and i don't like it either. >> i don't care. >> inside the making of purple rain. >> they thought was crazy. >> and thenbeyonce's visual lemonade recipe. as the queen b drops music it's her hubbyjay-z the target? >> and number three, why this
7:00 pm
photo of rogue prince george crashed theinternet. >> plus our insider bonus. with game of thrones back we go behind the wall with the king of westerose. but is john snow truly dead? >> i shouldn't have s that. i'll probably get sacked now. >> but hollywood from the inside out. it's the insider together with yahoo! >> between last night's game of thrones premiere and beyonce giving up the taste of her lemonade over the weekend we're on a sugar high. >> ye we have a lot of show to get to today. let's dive into the number one story, prince remembered. >> he was cremated and memorialized by close friends on saturday. >> and snl catches heat for their tribute prince's musical peers honor the one on stage and off. ♪ . >> it was an


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