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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 26, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>james: the searches of four gunmen who killed someone is of san francisco and that the arrested in the east of a we would tell you what parents are doing because of what she was doing to her baby. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: thank you for joining us on tuesday welcome to the kron 4 morning news let's start by taking a live look outside the taking the view along the embarcadero and san francisco. >>anny hong: we can start seeing
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some of the rain late tonight and really arriving impact and the rest of the bay area we are tracking some like to wind that is good news it was still quite windy we saw a lot of trash cans walk over a cup of tree branches here is a live look at the bay bridge we have clear skies starting off your tuesday morning she. >>anny hong: even at the coast is only 3 mi. per hour for half more than if temperatures '40's and 50's this morning is chilly for places like little more 45 and presence in the '50s and oakland mid-40s to up 04 is if you're in sunnyvale and san jose and what is happening today we will have dry conditions the weapons back off and stay alive
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for much of the day to day we will see some increase in high clouds still ahead of the storm system is right here in or brenda some shower chances for tomorrow hist. >>anny hong: without a strong lead is still a lot more milder 69 in oakland is the high and low '70's in san jose no '60s and this city and san francisco 07 is for santa rosa and napa we will time out the rennet coming up in our next weather had been forced to look at traffic. >>robin winston: chapter ride into san francisco all westbound 80 approaching the bay bridge toll plaza of lies and light no problems coming out of the oakland a's from downtown
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san francisco to a good time for you take to 10 minutes. >>robin winston: was from just west of the toll plaza on the right in his commute traffic could be out of hey what is still looking good cash track him a little trouble spot on the peninsula not bound to 80 crews are mopping up a vehicle fired not a major problem no major traffic alert the right lana's closed up for the cleanup is under control if you have you got my 280 or get to in and out of san mateo you will notice that accented not too far from the accident a second look at the golden gate will track the ride on the richmond san rafael bridge. >>james: dozens of offense of text messages allegedly said but sentences will please of the surface at the center of an
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ongoing scandal if the text message has not been previously disclosed a first look at them some of them include the following " burned our walgreen's and kill them also that all drug dealers and the cl refer to the city's tenderloin district. >>james: there were discovered as part of the san francisco police department probe against him and made by woman last year prosecutors declined to file criminal charges citing insufficient evidence to the nature of the texas we're on able to show most of them that
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is out of fans of their if you like to dig deeper into the store and read the text messages for yourself you had to our web site if we have more on that coming up the search is on for gunman responsible for homicide. >>james: one person was killed and another was injured in that shooting a happened at orange park at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon the time with children leaving the car came to after- school activities. >>reporter: and argument to
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start about three blocks away and in the shooting at the park police said the other victim is in stable condition sought this should be considered armed and dangerous.
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>>charles clifford: this is a very quiet upscale neighborhood that's go ahead and take a look according to the police department the perils of a 10 month old child she was booked and martina's jail on child abuse charges the child in this case was taken to hospital in san ramon they declined to go on camera also the police department says this case is still under investigation.
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>>james: police a looking for a man who attempted to pick a but two of your gourd and a stroke police said tokyo girl was walking home when a man driving an older rusty brown pickup truck the trial for the man accused of kidnapping and murdering ser lamar has been delayed issue was good of the core guest today with the judge continued the case until mid to
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the third along the defense attorneys more time to submit additional evidence is identified as a suspect and the death and investigators said her dna was found in his car. >>james: team owner mark davis expected to your proposal and move the silver and black to laws biggest on to the warriors
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is been an emotional roller coaster for the team and their fans another injury for steph curry the big question they're asking is when will he return to the playoffs. >>j.r. stone: the general manager bob myers was trying to when we was is steph curry back on the court in the playoff game arab build a great one mc else brennan the team says he will be re-evaluated a band and two weeks he is the team physician and orthopedic surgeon dr. says the four to the
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part of his injury is that he did not tear that ligament * estimate on when he could be back it was as with tree but he will be receiving. >>james: will have an entire section had to our web site and three more about their analysis coming of five states headed to the call today the can is
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expected to come out on talk + new restrictions could become to sites like there be in the will to a host could potentially be fined and strong winds and the warm are expected for the weekend will say will fire fighters are recommending as we did rep ready for the upcoming fire season.
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>>james: firefighters intense winds are drawing things out we can easily find ourselves back in the situation.
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>>anny hong: northwest wind for the afternoon five to 15 mi. per hour temperatures 40 is also from the the more definitely jacket whether that all about well organized but in the afternoon we have a slight chance for a thunderstorm or
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tomb for the south to make a lot of low seventies today including 70 and santa clara percent these and sunnyvale and mountain view not expecting all
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whole lot of moisture from the system. >>anny hong: maybe some thunderstorms as well three
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lanes blocked for the cleanup is one to slow you down of matthew and luke about 2:00 a.m. just slow at the same but you looking for alternate. >>robin winston: no problems to worry about connecting with 1 01 into san rafael three lanes
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blocked as a wrap up the earlier bid of fire. >>darya: there will be heading to the call in the number of states with marilyn >>james: the eastern seaboard really get this type of attention a lot of times is all locked up before this to this point but as we report in this unusual election the battle for the disney that every primary account. >>reporter: to direct clinton donald trump ever to be the big winner tuesday and with the rest of the field is not giving a without a fight john said his anti trump deal was motivated by fear for the future of the gop
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clinton folks surtax on the two leading republicans voted to push to these candidates a little further down the path to by house off.
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>>james: the san diego padres he
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struck out nine acrostics the snap of to start a long road trips and to be catching a with these attached along the tigers and the meat of the lineup economic and a brave man back
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with more in just a minute.
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>>james: they're trying to figure what to do with this unreleased music. >>reporter: all is well in the
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world again because kelly is returning to live is the nearly a week christie went out to dinner and people on the internet lost their minds she was sent to inherit this $300 million estate.
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>>james: you can always catch hollywood today lyons back in two minutes to the breaking news. news. p?p?o?gv
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>>james: we report that in addition to disparaging blocks hispanics and indians he used coded language to talk about gay officers as well we will have
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much more on this coming up at the top of the 5:00 a.m. news cabs.
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>>anny hong: western wind and about 10 to 20 mi. our the evening ride things look pretty quiet mid '60s at 6:00 to low 60s and a on a partly cloudy conditions of 42 and the the
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more definitely jacket whether it is chilling this time along with that of a is a showers will time out in the future test for 4:00 tomorrow morning still does cloud is not looking at any rain activity but it starts to change stop the morning hours which could produce for wednesday afternoon the rainfall amounts
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should be fairly light we're talking about a potential or an act >>anny hong: 07 is in san jose 58 for half moon bay and the '60s in downtown san francisco. >>robin winston: now we have to hot spots let's start off on the coast for those of you who use high one for getting word of a fatal incident wouldn't or did
4:35 am
that this is a fatal incident those of use highway 1 is now closed once again to separate incidents hi one bill will slide close above direction because of
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vitality will fall to 80 and those who travel between edgewood in san mateo. >>james: 921 of the big stores will following their been five homicides in san jose and the last eight days getting a to a total of 16 a man and his wife for found dead in their home sunday night police have not yet named a suspect in that case. >>reporter: france than they were fixtures at the evergreen
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islamic center in san jose monday afternoon a single candle marked a home with a refund bed on lucas court sunday night in the house was surrounded by police cars and best is collecting clues as to who killed the husband and wife and family members stood by in disbelief. >>reporter: down the street named carol brady said she had no idea what happened to should pick up the newspaper monday the couple in their 50s are the latest deaths in the string of islands that recently barred san jose and five homicides and eight days in san jose there or a total of 30 homicides and all of 2015 this year that already been 16 and is not even summer
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clinton not identified any suspects in this case. >>james: they plan to introduce legislation that would impact with a science like caribbean been the legislation whole science like response will for their find host of following the city's walls this is the end result of a bizarre police chase on the peninsula.
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>>james: let's talk some technology news they're set to release the second quarter earnings the phone sales could be dropped for the first time. >>gabe slate: he is one of many analysts watching the report closely on choose him that make
4:42 am
up about two-thirds of apple's profits to the have to find a way to get people back to buy and phone they have nothing the
4:43 am
matter which revenue their spending money in and control the rates that is what the problem is. >>james: a fire breaks out at the same building in san francisco where one person was killed and fire last year the colors that they do not like.
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>>james: you show some runner hillary clinton donald trump are favored to the be the big winners today
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>>anny hong: alive the could sfo clear skies not were about fog impact in the inbound flights san jose that of the 40's at this hour maybe some
4:48 am
thunderstorms to the afternoon some of the storms could produce a fifth are the inland allow low seven is what you're martina's conquer the upper 60s in pittsburgh 68 in livermore for the south but where some a lot of sadness 71 in cupertino and los semitism morgan hill upper 60s in sunnyvale.
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>>anny hong: pure classical walpole's low 60s and still the breezing along the coast and is
4:50 am
one to be off to hunt started. >>robin winston: but start off with the fatality on highway one if you have to travel maybe into a out of the cyclical them shooting for 6:00 the estimated time for clearing this is a report at 32 to 3 this morning where track and a minor delay on northbound to aiding and one.
4:51 am
was involved in flames the have the run in traffic is still a nice ride a quick 1516 minute trip. >>james: the victim says that he was fired repeatedly banging on
4:52 am
her door and she opened the door she says he grabbed her and a bear hug him was arrested and not all men should leave it filed a claim against a sitting --city. >>james: started yesterday morning from a o'clock they tried to pull over 54 year-old for reckless driving office said it sent parliament crashed into a fire station a sergeant try to block her car and the crashing every day from our streets deserve a little respect. >>stanley roberts: this is a
4:53 am
dirty diaper left on the beach and aluminum people are trashing the beach every job for the district uses a legal trust philosophy pakistan acted out what have you bring a ticket back your also find that you should the park district has rangers and the long is reached in the bay area stretching to a half miles and one in is a person swearing this diaper and is not what i showed in the
4:54 am
beginning this soreness inches away from a trash can i guess they could reach the opening. >>stanley roberts: did confirm that it has been getting trashed by beachgoers that was visiting a simple plan up after themselves in case you're wondering you a fine of the liberal for too long and $50 but can get as high as of baltimore for repeat offenders back with more headlines in just a minute.
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>>robin winston: will have details coming up.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>mark: and they've attained the racist and homophobic sentiments just sent by san francisco consultant. >>will tran: peaveys signed last month less draw the attention to the screen to show his second name is jason is with the san francisco police department cnn exclusively obtained a list of does in the book as a text messages sent to and from of the summer the texas is retrieved from the personal phone minute are too explosive and inflammatory for us to read to you or to you about on air and harris to we want to draw your attention to his sense of some of the texas just burn down walgreen's and kill the bums
5:01 am
they're all drug dealers and the tenderloin they're sent from 2014 and 2015 will be stop to the samples as the police department we're waiting for them to react to this the texas is a very inflammatory poor black latinos days and in the is a view to read the text messages go to our web page >>darya: this is not the first time that racist been sentenced
5:02 am
to serve the train officers in san francisco police officers after that the san francisco public defender calls was to write investigation to figure out if as ftd policies and procedures are flawed critics of the apartment saying there was a broader cultural problem within the ranks of a police chief says the problem is limited to just a handful of officers if.
5:03 am
>>james: you by noon time for lunch the low 60s along the bank by 3:00 this afternoon would expect the clouds began to increase will talk more what they ran on the way for the outcome of the next of the pedestrian was struck by a car and came in as a person down on the freeway crews are still investigating. >>robin winston: use 92 or maybe even to able once again a fatal
5:04 am
accident a person was struck on the theory south of the dollar's slide tunnel the second incident is a big red fire. >>darya: police in south san francisco looking for person of interest i.
5:05 am
>>anny hong: the people were fighting had walk to memorial park and escalated ms 12 people were shot there was taken to san francisco general hospital where was pronounced dead the other is listed in stable condition.
5:06 am
>>darya: officers recall to a home on a border or and then fell yesterday afternoon the baby's parents told police they saw of him striking and shaking the baby all their watching the two on and then the camera that had set up she was booked into the more timid to to facilitate the baby was sick to san ramon rid the hospital as a precaution. >>mark: the eastern seaboard states to rally and it is the tub with tension will for then is unusual election year and every primary counts.
5:07 am
>>reporter: he talked to both the man call on them to quit
5:08 am
voters will push to these candidates a little further down the path to the white house. >>mark: they will talk about in efforts to prevent similar fires outside of the damaged buildings.
5:09 am
>>mark: he had emmeline is the guest to a doctor determined is a great one and seal spring it happened when he slipped during game 4 against the rockets they lead the houston rockets three games to one and this forced from series game 5 is small
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night to off 7 1/3.
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(war drums beating)
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>>mark: wildfire can get out of control in these conditions they're reminded people to clear brush around their home and to consider measures before fire season gets into full swing to the california get hit by high winds.
5:15 am
>>james: this morning loves heroes and single digits for missing some dust we will see
5:16 am
the to the most part across the east of a strong we are on the cool side with the pleasant and 43 degrees down to 45 in san jose they're really going to stop picking up will be really gusty of ophthalmologists will gust once again to head to the evening hours.
5:17 am
>>james: you consider the bid of grain movement through at the clock is a key time for kids and commuters as to push more 3:00 p.m. the ride home similar story is not the widespread and leave nothing for the allies and as to push forward to 5:00 for the evening commute still dealing with some scattered showers.
5:18 am
>>robin winston: recall came in at 322 for the put-jam was down highway 1 close in both directions south of the double slide tunnel until 6:9228035 it depends on how far you are going another hot spot marked down to 80 before edge would the big recall fire the three like plans are blocked 5:00 the estimated time for clearing, i
5:19 am
would be no significant slowing just west of the toll plaza getting on to the flat section. oh well >>darya: and for parents after a man tried to lure a 12 year-old girl to his truck and belmont 34 yes the afternoon along heller street the girl said she was walking home with the man was alive and older trout and he sees as the he pulled alongside her and tried to call her over to the truck and she ran with four house and the man drove away to discharge
5:20 am
of killing the teenager who disappeared in march of 2012 she left home to go to school but never showed up of the stock he was supposed to appear in court yesterday with the judge delayed the case until may 23rd so his defense attorneys and have more time to submit evidence for testing can lead the fight as a suspect in her desk after investigators said they found her dna in his car the body has never been from. >>darya: nona mark davis is expected to hear proposal later this week that would move them to lost vegas they're expected to attend the meeting on thursday owners of the sands casino as well as laws biggest officials of one to talk about the plan for 65,000 seat stadium that house about u.n.l.v. and the raiders at the $1.3 billion set in this agreement is expected to pledge
5:21 am
the he will move them and what happens in the step will be to get approval to relocate from 23 other nfl owners to agree to a lease extension that keeps them at the coliseum but just for one-year. >>mark: was held in the rest of the pacific in stockton from grumman's attorney-general and rep are the two democrats running, and george the sun on a silicon valley software are the republicans in the race the candidates debated issues including minimum-wage the uncontrolled immigration and terrorism the top to canada's
5:22 am
after the june 7th primary with a vast a general of election in november regardless of the party. >>darya: will learn a new details about the bay area bike share expansion into the east bay the company that operates the black share program announced last year it will increase a lot of bucks and big area from 700 to 7000 call on a camel fallen six your son to the
5:23 am
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>>mark: terrifying moments from father and six your son of the ride sealed malfunctioned and was all caught on camera as soon as they hit the first job to see bill released and his son was the wrong to the bottom of the cart he reached over and grab some for the rest of the ride once they got off to notify the operator of the broken seat belt with operator did not seem too worried him notify the supplies and all the more people were allowed back on the ride them is part of a statement saying in remove the malfunction in assuring all sea gulls were a proper working order.
5:27 am
>>darya: it shows the to to to your twitter going above and beyond for one of its customers to conceive his helping a man with no hands to eat his food this happen at the restaurant in georgia on sunday when a customer asks for help with his male it was immediately volunteered the man who took this picture to lead the customer and was touched by what he saw. >>james: the time now is five to seven back with the full look of the forecast widespread sexton's low 60s with a light breeze.
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>>james: and a locking it may be heartened to didn't the bulk of
5:31 am
a passing over during the morning hours but we would like it a whole lot out of an. >>robin winston: there is a report of a person down on the freeway the person did not survive the crash to have a block off in both directions market in south at least until
5:32 am
6:00 to hot spots to deal with if your traveling on 101 or 280. >>mark: live 10 what they say racist and homophobic text messages sent by san francisco police officer. >>will tran: this broke
5:33 am
overnight we reached san francisco police department his name is jason he was with the san francisco police department for six years we want to draw your attention to it to its sense of burn down wall brains
5:34 am
that are reflective of cool he is and is no evidence that he carried out the sentiment as if this officer. >>will tran: he takes with the severe action which can tell you they go after many of the people including black and latino gay indians. >>darya: 14 officers were accused of a changing similar tax messengers for more officers
5:35 am
had sent a racist and homophobic texas just the san francisco public defender's office address investigation to figure out of the pleas policy and procedures are flawed this said there was a broader cultural problem within the ranks. >>mark: it happened at the california grand casino and pacheco just before 5:00 yesterday morning the have not said what he stole from the casino that try to figure out if he acted alone and no one was injured. >>darya: 52 year-old belinda all was in hayward was struck by a car on saturday night at the
5:36 am
intersection of fremont boulevard and thornton avenue the driver was going through the crosswalk and advocates surveillance footage from a nearby business to identify the vehicle then look for 2007 model jeep is a to door like colored jeep wrangler large ties blacktops and damage and the friend on the right passenger side. >>mark: they would discuss the eviction of a 99 year-old woman property always want to turn the building to condominiums and several lesser-cannot live in
5:37 am
her apartment as long as she agrees to let the building go condo in a word she agreed to the deal. >>darya: that will adjust the stasi working conditions and the downsizing of classis a young bear lead to police on a to are chased the southern california
5:38 am
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. >>robin winston: 50 normally take highway one to get to montero or pacifica use 28092 or 35 as the alternate >>darya: researchers from people
5:41 am
who eat a lot of fast food has higher levels of hormones descriptors and this system because the facility and to reduced iq and behavioral problems in children >>mark: that put them at containing little tensile different color paper that are tendered to the darker tense instead of the white yellow green once they say bright colors could help prevent them
5:42 am
from head to arrive home >>mark: n.c. is facing major backlash over a lot of people to discriminate against the transgendered community
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>>robin winston: 1 on 280 along
5:46 am
the peninsula will start off with the fatal incident highway 1 between landmark and montero skye's seven live over the same this. >>robin winston: will show you another trouble spot.
5:47 am
>>james: san jose temperature should matt shaw right around 70 degrees it looks like it will
5:48 am
last all day long to spotty showers and best and that the net may get through lousing much and all but the chances the wednesday forecast as for today max out 69 for oakland here is a
5:49 am
quick look at the 7 day around the bay forecast they're
5:50 am
announcing or rough second quarter with an earnings report after the closing bell for the first time to see a decline in themselves will explain how this could impact and a possible attack the bubble popped. >>gabe slate: he is one of many and those watching the report closely on tuesday sit.
5:51 am
>>darya: tobacco combat battle all state universities and community college campuses it is gaining attraction and sacramento said it would prohibit show and dipping
5:52 am
smoking of raping natural or synthetic tobacco products in well workers to find affordable housing and to show to homeless people the assemblymen that they did issue and recommend a simple man announced this plan yesterday that comes as homelessness is a problem and rising housing costs and become.
5:53 am
>>mark: floor was already a to raise the money wagered on the economic dilemma agency is using taxpayer money their run on bay area and los angeles radio stations they're running for governor rick scott has the california is i commend to businesses to relocate to florida they will want to leave california before the local planned increase in the minimum- wage it would not been this chilly at the look is temperatures we have some land and not as dusty as yesterday we will be back with the bad news and weather which isn't right and it is the big heat spike that is coming our way.
5:54 am
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>>darya: he led police on the 2 hour chase near lost angeles he was first seen and a film of last night there were told to shelter and defense and police will not after him with a cap getting away you will be in
5:57 am
complete control steering the ship to space and firing.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: the media partners at cnn of 10 races and homophobic text messages sent by a san francisco police officer at the center of an ongoing scandal is alone with the police department >>will tran: he was there for
6:01 am
six years until he resigned last month the alleged attacks message goes after many people the brown and james president obama black and latino indian and asian
6:02 am
>>will tran: he has also respond this and he takes swift and severe action and it's time this happens we are waiting to hear from the san francisco police department hopefully before the end of the newscast after that incident the sentence as a public defender call for sore eyes investigation to figure out if the asked if pd policies for sieges are flawed.
6:03 am
>>darya: we wanted of the on weather and traffic. the 3:00 hour at 324 this morning. >>robin winston: the sky 7 live over the senior tensing the fast and lets down below that out there still investigating how to figure out exactly what happened with no result in a fraternity and they will have been blocked off until further notice with no new estimate it time for clearing originally it was 6:00 but it did not happen is definitely a stretch to avoid half of the trouble spots
6:04 am
about the bay area will be hot spots we had earlier in san mateo county know about to aiding temperatures will
6:05 am
probably max out in the midst of the '60s will keep on the mild side were looking for low 60s generally for the lunch hour. >>james: the winner will pick up after the 3:00 hour is really want to block round keep that in mind there was rain on the way in the winter part of the. >>darya: police in south san francisco oracle 4% interest with a deadly shooting that happened in orange park. >>anny hong: they're looking for 19 your christian who lives in south san francisco he is considered armed and dangerous
6:06 am
police received a report about a fight involving several people in the sixth on the block a first time when i got fed the did not see anyone the people were fighting have been walked on park with the situation escalated that is what two people were shot there were taken to san francisco general hospital the shooter was seen run was the park carrying a handgun and list as to not released a model for this saw have not released any suspect
6:07 am
names and killing. >>mark: there had been five homicides in just eight days and the sitting on april 16th to 18 year-old man was shot and killed while he was out with friends to this letter of 24 your man was shot dead on san. drive 23 your mchale really was the rest of suspicion of child abuse also call to the home of order or and then bill yesterday afternoon. >>darya: disarm striking in checking the child on their nanny camera she was booked into martinez detention facility and
6:08 am
the baby was taken to the hospital as a precaution. >>mark: >>reporter: 565 remaining candidates and to de 2016 text the northeast by storm the canada's the 1237 delegates to win the republican nomination and trump is by far the closest on monday it apart and for refusing to do more to hundred
6:09 am
84 delegates on the tape today that the deck of hillary clinton will be bernard sanders the most of the contest but that does not dampen the spirits he was
6:10 am
wearing halloween masks on the walls and cabinets and automatic weapons. >>mark: at the scene of previous fire here is a picture of the fire and the 2500 block of mission street their religious concerns about safety violations in the wake of backfire including emergency exits and broken smoke detectors.
6:11 am
>>mark: he will miss the rest of the first-round of the playoffs unlikely least four games and ron to if they advanced this is timmy to move forward and focus on winning game 5 of smarm i
6:12 am
would tip off at seven other and. >>darya: would take a look at the latest are better canceling their appearances and this could be the laziest and most dangerous way to walk the dog with this woman that and what people think about. look at 'em! they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned.
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what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
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>>robin winston: top of the tunnel you concede the fire trucks on the scene the activity blocking in both directions it what impact those traveling is a report of a woman down on the freeway in that are investigating and maybe a hit- and-run crash several other motorist pulled off to the side to protect the person when they
6:16 am
saw her down and did all the road no major delays and is not heavily traveled road. >>robin winston: there is no estimated time for clamoring once again this is fatal a tad over to the bay bridge and check the commute into san francisco is not considered a back commit would check the commute on the golden gate in the richmond san
6:17 am
rafael bridge coming up. >>james: this is going to change san francisco is on to see some of the strongest winds alive you shows clear skies of the head or not sentiments and the web howe about things will pick up and tensing lead on this afternoon the fact right in time for the giants game at at&t park we are
6:18 am
tracking on gambling chances for to mount a little bit of it on the radar does offshore well to the north across to start to see those little on this afternoon. >>james: is 5:00 tomorrow morning nothing much at that point lead in the clock again most accounts not a lot of an expected by about noontime was if you shower chances 3:00 and the afternoon that range and still in the mix and begins to go way as his to the evening commute hours. >>james: the show was a hint
6:19 am
thursday it is headed to friday and weekend temperatures really climb up the thermometer will have that part of the forecast and about half an hour from. >>darya: happening all one for parents after a man tried to lure top of your throat to instruct and belmont she said this happened at around 330 yes to that afternoon of culture there austin avenue of the girl told police she was walking home when the man driving an old rusty brown pickup truck pulled alongside for and the call her over to the truck but she ran away to her house and the man drove away. >>mark: 25 year-old is charged with killing the morgan hill teenager when she disappeared in march of 2012 she left her home to the school board of the soul
6:20 am
of the bust of choose to pull supreme court yesterday but the does the lead case until may to return the defense attorney can have more time to submit evidence for testing the bottom is never been found. >>darya: with owners of the sentencing on of the biggest official there was talk about a plan for 65,000 seat stadium at the house but you know the and the raiders the 15 $3 billion that is the green light is expected to pledge to move the team there.
6:21 am
>>mark: the law was signed last month and then stick from using public rest rooms that do not correspond to the gender and the birth certificates to the on- line petition to boycott target over the backed the policy and show no signs of slowing down
6:22 am
targets as they can use the bathroom that matches the agenda for which can identify and the position opens the door for sexual predators' a busy week ahead in a few weeks for testing agents the agency said they confiscated a record 73 guns from carry-on bags last week. >>darya: all but five of the guns were loaded as a sort of try to bring a weapon on a plan could be fined up to $11,000 the can little trouble with the gun with have been approved at a time airline and has to be unloaded and a lock box and packed in a check back that far
6:23 am
back to green peas and sweet white corn no illnesses have been reported to find a full list of the recall items on our website. >>mark: this happen yes to that accident and stopped in the video the driving arm around her car with a dog tethered to the inside the vehicle inside the vehicle was a child holding on to the baldish they shot the video posted in said quickly called attention of the animal services department the woman is now facing animal cruelty charges for putting the ball the rest of being hit by a vehicle to to you why any member killed influenza still looking for the
6:24 am
shooter by their one of the relative that they could be next
6:25 am
>>robin winston: fatal accident on the coast where a life of the scene and the incident involved a pedestrian was hit on highway one dismayed ahead and run crash that is an insult the devil's
6:26 am
slide tunnel if you live or work in the area to have to avoid the stretch for now the air ticket measurements and wrapping up investigation, will take a look at the bridge and were track to drive times. >>mark: the billboard is too much even though they're buying a problem they do not like a billboard the people who live in the neighborhood since it is so bright its ties into their apartments to to four hours a day the billboard could violate legislation this is the formal complaint has been submitted to
6:27 am
a consumer should think in this post you see there she has blonde hair and her skin looks like there they said they did not recognize her and they posted things in common its likely occur the suffer headed the bellwether she is said and- example for young women of color that also wonder for a look as a result of surgery for skin bleaching back with more news weather and traffic
6:28 am
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6:34 am
>>will tran: we do not want to tell you how all of them on television we have the encourage you to go to our web site can read them for yourselves. >>mark: this is not the first time that they surface between dissent and cisco police department in the beginning the policies and procedures are flawed this happened at 830
6:35 am
sunday night at the massage parlor on the left avenue and pittsburg. >>darya: an employee was found dead a robber went into the massage parlor demanded money and fall with employees he
6:36 am
attack the victim with a heavy weight lifting are. >>mark: their destiny is searching for the people killed a family members that one of the family members they could be next the sheriff's telamon to be armed all times. >>darya: the 68 year-old was killed yesterday and they have
6:37 am
to be careful so they don't jeopardize the safety of other captives he was kidnapped with a fellow canadian or region and a filipino woman at an upscale resort property all the time the building into condos that will last week that they could live and the apartment they cited news for star wars fans will
6:38 am
tell you what you consume drive or fly think twice before buying a laundry detergent paths why another warning is being issued for parents. we live in a pick choose, choose, choose.
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>>robin winston: it is moving very well cause to stand and to the north bank. >>darya: chess announce the date for her biggest american tour and 25 years.
6:42 am
>>mark: disney parks in the official unveiling some the plans for is the worst thing the park of disneyland and disney world it will include chance you to take control private is one to feel great
6:43 am
whenever ms. parks had to them if you want we want with the dead to do a nice and cool did talk to get deeper into the upcoming weekend lunchtime today you said temperatures in the low maybe even mid-60s will have the complete forecast coming of.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>mark: this happened around 3:00 yesterday afternoon two people shot one guy the other expected to be ok the states to
6:46 am
really get this type of attention during the primary season health records and donald trump are favored to be big winners. >>james: begin with his brilliance shunt we have all denied sunshine out there this morning really in it called the sun is going to do good job on a soap into the upper 60s and low 70's cloud conditions as of them
6:47 am
in the clouds we have to showers and there still will to the north and still found the watching carefully that will move of the play of the course of the dead to the into early tomorrow.
6:48 am
>>james: san francisco what will be a little cooler the net 62 downtown 60 out of the ocean will keep in the mid to upper 60s as a in south along the bay side down from paulo auto.
6:49 am
>>robin winston: it looks good on the sky when the king could on the james lick it would take about two to five minutes to this over to nine to track and the ride from hayward and to foster city and san mateo
6:50 am
nothing to block the visual distractions adding to the slow traffic is just under 25 minutes from the interchange to mention south in fremont. >>darya: the lack of california colleges to the tobacco offering
6:51 am
>>darya: it will help workers and affordable housing find affordable housing and shelter homeless people senses assemblyman david chew and the assembly then tony thurmond announces plan as homelessness as of problem and rising housing costs the plan with the private organizations and local governments money to build affordable housing.
6:52 am
>>mark: he was later released into the national forest a warning for repairs children are continuing to eat addendum to a large number of long did the turner called off was chosen as increase 17% for 2013 to 2014 22,000 children most wanted it to three were exposed to larger packet in that timeframe.
6:53 am
>>darya: fatal like white and write gallo for the study they put a bad but and petrie dishes containing attachments difficult paper they gravitated toward the dark tent that did not like the white and yellow of the grain once they said bright glint and colored suit cases to help prevent them from hiding we will
6:54 am
be right back.
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6:57 am
>>mark: they drove in two runs from his new no. 9 spot where of
6:58 am
going to dissect the courage and the and the prospects for the warriors would have a live report for the details
6:59 am
7:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: the media partners and cnn obtaining a racist and homophobic text messages that worsened by sentences copley's offer some. >>will tran: restock to the san francisco police department as early as 3:00 in the morning and he is no longer with the san francisco police department


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