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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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a round of wet weather is moving into the bay area. the streets are dry now but it will not be that way for long. showers and the possibility of thunderstorms are possible tomorrow. we are tracking the forecast, she will tell us what we can expect for tomorrow morning's commute. >> it will be a little messy, we will have some wet spots, 6 am, you will see some sprinkles,
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but as you head to work, you will definitely see some shower activity on and off throughout the day. even the afternoon, there is a chance of seeing an isolated thunderstorm. over at 6 am, this is what you can expect as you get up and get going tomorrow. these are the light showers that i mentioned, on and off throughout the day, and over at 12 noon, over to san jose in san jose area and santa rosa, there will be some isolated showers, over into napa, as we go into the evening hours, 6 am, temperatures in the 50s, and the highs around the region will be in the 60s but i am tracking a major warm up for you in just a few minutes. kron news will have you covered.
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tomorrow morning starting at 4 am. we are learning tonight about the husband and wife killed over the weekend in san jose. they were members of the evergreen islamic center they immigrated to this country, last sunday, they were found dead in their home in lucas core, the killer left a note with an encrypted message, sorry, my first kill was clumsy. police have not said how they were killed or who did it. they are looking for the adult son of the couple but he is not considered a suspect in the case. an inmate with several medical conditions died in custody yesterday. there were a series of problems at the jail this year.>> reporter: of 36-year-old santa
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clara county inmate -- a 36- year-old santa clara county inmate died. the staff was aware of several illnesses. he was transported after several days in jail, he was sick and he died from some sort of medical emergency that was the reason of the transport to the hospital. alerter in the month -- earlier in the month, an independent commission should be looked into to see how the jail is run, a mentally challenged inmate his death, and a fight, those are some of the issues they will look into. also training staff, and training for mental health situations. they say it was a medical condition and has nothing to do
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with the previous problems. i am jeff bush. we are learning more about the racist text messages uncovered by the former officer, san francisco, the public offender -- defender released the messages, the messages target days, latinos, and it continues to be a problem with the san francisco police department. >> the fact, that we have two random searches of bones resulting in discovery of texas -- texts not only racist but
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how deputies do their job. >> he has no tolerance for officers who hold these types of views. his officers are already required to report any miss condit. -- misconduct. in the meantime, the release of the text messages add fuel to a protest, this is still out in front of the san francisco police station. they are on a hunger strike. to making demands and they will not eat until their demands are met. >> reporter: a group of five started the hunger straight back -- last thursday. it continues to grow.
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it is the sixth day, protesters plan to continue fasting until the police chief is fired or at least, steps down per >> that would be justice for the city park -- for the city. >> they are not household names. we need these names to be household names so people know what is going on in san francisco. >> reporter: their bodies are starting to feel the effects of no nutrition. they donate liquids to them. >> i have not felt hunger in two and half days. my body hurts, my body is weak, it is the spirit that is not
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allowing us to eat food. >> reporter: alecia reid, kron 4 news. over in sunnyvale, they will receive additional assistance from the county. it happened at the twin pines manor apartment complex, during a meeting held today, a unanimous vote moved to assist 166 victims who were displaced from the fire. the county will give $150,000 to them and $150,000 for affordable housing to provide shelter and transportation. the front runners, donald trump and hillary clinton they scored huge victories tonight. the republican front runner winning all five of the gop
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primaries including pennsylvania , maryland, delaware, connecticut and rhode island. for the democrats, hillary clinton got four of the the -- five. bernie sanders took the state of rhode island from our partners at cnn marybel loonie has the breakdown. >> reporter: donald trump sweeps super tuesday. >> i want to thank everyone. we won all five. >> reporter: people in five states, rhode island, connecticut, rhode island, connecticut pennsylvania, they casted ballots, at state, 172 republican and 384 democratic delegates. >> with your help we will come back to philadelphia for the democratic national spirit
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>> [ applause ] -- nationals. >> [ applause ] >> with the most votes in most delegates. >> reporter: she was not able to shut out bernie sanders. >> we are doing something very unusual in contemporary american politics. we are telling the truth. >> reporter: ted cruz says the future is his campaign. >> it is we the people taking our country back and doing it together. >> reporter: john kasich is looking to the convention in july. >> i would like to see a "much and also ted cruz would like to see one. >> here is the democratic battle, hillary clinton currently leads with 2168 according to the associated
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press, clinton has 90% of the delegates needed to win the democratic nomination, and including the super delegates. on the gop side, donald trump, he has a lead over ted cruz and john kasich, 102 and 37 102 and 37,000 -- 1237 delegates. happening tomorrow, the faculty plans to go on strike, this comes while school officials failed to reach a new contract for the -- contracts. administrators plan to shrink classes all classes were canceled it will take place 6:30 am until 7:30 pm. it would be all at the city college campuses. coming up tonight at 11 pm. no more fines for the water wasters. millions of pounds of
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chicken was recalled what consumers found inside of the food. new details tonight on the cold case murder and kidnapping of a bay area boy. the padres are here at home. the a's are in detroit. and the coach of the year, he did not even coach half of the game.
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keep calm, your internet's on. a four a decade old cold case has been solved. back in august 2019 cold case has been solved. back in august 1984, he was kidnapped from his fairfield home, the toddler was never found, and 2011 the fairfield cold case unit we examine the case, they had a suspect, he is currently serving of 26 year term on other child molestation
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cases. he was charged with the kidnapping and homicide of the little boy. the utility district is ending the penalty for excessive water use. customers have been facing stiff fines since july but not anymore. the penalties are not necessary because customers have done a good job on saving water. after a long winter the reservoirs are full. also people have changed their ways of using water. i am alecia reid three. as we go -- brittney shipp , we will have on an up showers throughout the day and then the afternoon, a possibility for a few thunderstorms, we will have
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warmer temperatures and are temperatures will go into the entities -- 80s as well above average. 54 degrees in san jose, 54 and livermore 54 and concord. the winds are 18 miles per hour, we will see those strong wind gusts as we go into tomorrow. the satellite radar showing you can see the clouds and moisture near lake tahoe in the sierra, the clouds will increase by 2 am we could see some sprinkles by san francisco. but it will be 8 am will be will see those wide spread showers. there could be some heavy downpours and some moisture hanging around with the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm that could produce hail.
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by tomorrow night, everything clears up and as we get into thursday and friday we are looking good with our temperatures looking good as well. tonight we will be in the 40s and 50s and the seven-day forecast, shows there is a big time warming trend, 70s, saturday low 80s, sunday and monday high 80s, and then the temperatures will start to drop as we get into next week. i am here with our sports director, gary radnich did you see the sky? >> yes. >> let's step -- did you see this guy? >> yes. >> you do not have to be a diehard fan you just feel the sky, in the third, he has the hair, the style, he has the style, sit down, they struck out 11. the bottom five, they had a so-so start, high off-the-
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wall, scoreless until he brings home brandon crawford and it is 1-0 dyersburg he gave up -- giants. he gave up seven hits, and then with the double play, complete games, everybody says that these are the old-timers, let's not get too far ahead of herself that he was good tonight, -- ahead he was a good tonight. also complete pitching a game, a shutout, giants win the last four out of the five. the a's with a cold evening in detroit everybody is trying to stay warm. it is 2-0 over the tigers. chris davis, scoring three in
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the fourth and the a's never look back. ridgeville, he was good tonight -- rich hill he was good tonight. there he goes, hitting the two run homer and the a's go on to win 5-1. the a's are a winner tonight in detroit. >> stephen curry missed the first games but it was his blueprint that had golden state often running in terms of a win, one season in the history of the nba, he was awarded, luke walton, he indeed coach the first 43 game this mcginnis. how cool was that? he brought back his cold coke, -- 43 games. how cool was that? he brought back his old coach.
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>> it was the best year of my life. i am incredibly lucky to have this amazing family. and all these beautiful people around me, i am pretty sure that it has not been won by an individual who has participated in 39 games. to me, with this coach of the year award is about is what we built. >> he was so emotional, he still has a problem after undergoing back surgery in the off-season. he says he is getting better and better and this made him feel good tonight. >> we were saying earlier, you love to see someone that is a good diaper -- who is a good guy. what you need to know about this recall. that story is coming up.
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i am alecia reid three i am tracking the weather -- i am alecia reid three -- brittney shippi.
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-- i am brittney shipp and i am tracking the weather to that you can plan your day. pounds of chicken were being recalled, consumers and federal inspectors found wood, plastic, and metal, inside of the chicken. the products were
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shipped across the nation for institutional use. records show that some schools purchased the chicken. it is a good warning to know about. still ahead, a dramatic rescue, the emotional reunion between a teenager and the man that same temper -- and save them.
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thank you so much. i have something for you. >> an update for a story we brought you last night. he had a near-death experience, he was working on changing a tire when his truck fell on top of him. fortunately, a ups driver saw the accident and he was able to adjust the track -- that jack and was able to lift the truck off of them. the boy's mother was able to track down the rescuer and thank him for saving his boys life. >> that is incredible. we are tracking rain,
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light showers moving in for the morning commute, apostle bill isolated -- a possible isolated thunderstorm. we will see you tomorrow. when josh atkins books at
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kelly ripa comes out swinging. >> communication, consideration, most importantly respect. >> then, oh, say, you can't sing. the school choir shut down from singing at the 9/11 memorial. here they are. >> you guys must have been shocked when that security guard told you to stop singing, huh? >> yeah. >> the untold story of presidential candidate john kasich. >> his troubled brother and the tragedy that haunted him for 20 years. >> the family of the slain fitness trainer speaks out. their message to the killer with the strange way of walking. >> family members, friends, they


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