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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 27, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: it shows us some showers will to the north some of that is likely to head this way throughout the day today.
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>>anny hong: cloud conditions larsen some kind of knock out toward your rectum it is going to be dry for most people during the morning commute maybe some scattered showers are of no up for the north to bay but again by 10 cloud system spotty showers parts of the east bay and also sought to the 1:00 this afternoon 51 in san francisco
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54:00 in mid '40's and santa rosa one of the cool spot of before its behalf london.
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>>robin winston: 90 to the san mateo bridge in may notice or feel the present conditions no major traffic problems or accidents 92 also looking to and if you have to make the ride over to the east bay no problems so wrong for the connection between the nimitz and highway 101 it in the
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southwest checking in hot spot free. >>james: however investigators say he is not considered a suspect it was last sunday that police found the body is police have not said how the two were killed will they think that and the couple had two sons the san francisco public defender and the police chief are speaking out of the races texas is alleged listened while the police officers the fact we have
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now again to random searches resulting in discovering chief says rules are in place that requires officers to report behavior in all of us will get by and trainings.
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>>reporter: a group of five started a hunger strike last thursday and continues to grow that are fired and mayor ed lee steps down in the distance on also races text messages that were recently exposed to the san francisco police department
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needs the reversal. >>james: this is in 2016 donald trump hillary clinton's or a big victory brenham closer to a monumental goof a warehouse this fall the republican front runner
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running off five that the trump to transylvania maryland and delaware connecticut and rhode island donald trump's week's super tuesday. >>reporter: people in five states of rhode island and connecticut and pennsylvania delaware and maryland cast ballots and the so-called assault a primary instead when her the 72 republicans and 384 democratic delegates democrats alike to take a homelands the
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future is with his campaign.
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>>james: we will continue to follow the latest now let's talk about the warriors happen tonight they're looking to close up the series against the houston rockets he is expected to miss two weeks if the war is not what i will take on the rockets in houston friday night
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to offer the 7 1/3 to 9 a counterfeit pain killer is making his way to the bay area changes are coming to the east bay mud system customers would to a wide you would no longer be fine for using too much water.
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>>charles clifford: with the unanimous vote of the manageable due to lead this should water records cournand is the implicit/alarm the county has serve this purpose and now it is time to give the district's customers a break critics my second in the penalty
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list the east of the water supply is in good shape there was enough water to meet demand this year next year and possibly longer most of california is still below drought conditions.
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>>anny hong: here is a quick check of storm tracker 4 we are tracking a couple of storms up near eureka it to see the lightning bolt to a little more like the weather of to the north will this move this motion starting in the north bank to drop the morning hours and we will see it for the rest of the bay area by this afternoon. >>anny hong: by lunchtime it will be in the '60s all day
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today and we are tracking the chance of showers and oakland along with a slight chance of thunderstorms will backtracking
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dry conditions and should become now getting ready for some of the warm weather to have a swim temperatures with no two fed is the most locations include political compared to yesterday the cloud cover a chance for some shower lot of myths of the six is an oakland man 6 is a pleasanton and livermore we're looking at them small rainfall amounts maybe a 10th of the density do some thunderstorms localized amount could be higher.
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>>robin winston: the benicia the a bridge denied to the san mateo branch hist over to the richmond san rafael bridge live look at the commission on fine and it was bombed if we have no
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major problems on city streets in san francisco for the northbound and southbound commit let's head over to the troubled time to check the fit with the all star tobacco i went for west is looking good. >>james: san francisco city college faculty members plan to go on strike this comes after the school and the thought of it failed to reach a new contract would need to know that all classes have been canceled the strike will take place from 630 this morning.
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>>reporter: the owner of the plumbing contractor the trout look exactly like this one would was stolen last monday five days later the california highway patrol founder here on for a king eroded martinez fully involved in plant and flames he
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decided to tell them his story because this is not his first that the debtors been stolen from his business is says is the for the has been set on fire his finds a very disturbing this incomparable orders pleasant hill days lamblike they use our brand and stolen vehicles more often these days is.
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>>haaziq madyun: they're hoping someone out there remember seeing this truck and gives them on call. >>james: if you have a story i did you like us to check out the us know you committed by going to our web site will learn about a new candidate to replace michael straight and and purple takes over target field in minnesota will explain some of next here was a quick live look outside the toll plaza term of the bay bridge.
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>>robin winston: some are having an it is a shift change because of the better the backed up into downtown san francisco, is a hot spots it you leave now average drive times is a to cement to the west, when. >>reporter: kelly has finally returned to widen and and what all the attention she's gone and the last week she joked our long
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national nightmare is over she wanted to also not so subtle shade of her boss and " start a conversation about communication and consideration more import we respect he is in a room replacing and is what shoes photographed holding a copy of his book began monday that they paid tribute by turning target field shade of purple before the first pitch of the release seven white doves and the twins had a different print some plan as they stepped into the batter's box. >>james: we will take a quick
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>>james: the have two sons of boy will the city started contacted & by former san
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francisco police officer for most of those messages are too offensive to show on television with a target date 1901 indians arabs and african-americans racial bias is a major problem in the police department.
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>>anny hong: with a cynical ploy of lightning strikes just off of you read them and that does mean with arson some stormy weather also just off the coast as well track the storm system from a thunderstorm we are also consist of thunderstorms around the bay area to which track the chance
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the shot was fired in the north the bank's latin or potentially out spotted the parts of the eastman very spotty and it just got a shower here and then to some folks may not in the system ran activity all.
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>>anny hong: 61 as san francisco 64 oakland and the more pleasant and that is a day you want to add to the beach if you and. >>robin winston: come from the east by heading to the peninsula no problems or from for 92 of
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this to the commune is one to be a smooth transition one for the bay bridge and the british a bridge as well you makes parents of prison conditions over to the golden gate track in the riding high when 01 and is also in pretty good shape no problems on the oriole park presidio travel times also looking good what it does bring that means traffic is flowing at the limit was 80 a nice ride along the insure freedom comprehending how long to 42 saab 680 the image of our little pleasant hill walnut creek alamo 14 minutes out to the san ramon valley 101 of the and could lead in the south bay from morgan hill right around,
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all the way up to 237 a is a quick 30 minutes. >>james: this comes after a series of problems at the jail drop this past year >>jeff bush: he died at the santa clara valley medical center monday afternoon he was booked into the jail, and no bill warrant and the gel stopped he was transferred after several days in jail infirmary he died a some sort of medical emergency which was the reason for transport to the hospital this is the latest in a string of events earlier in the month the panel reported to the board of supervisors that in the commission should be assigned to look into the wave of the gel
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has room problems such as in mayflies of the death of a mentally challenged and may address some of the issue is the big look into the share of the promises the latest death was medical in nature and was unrelated to the previous issue regarding the jail and how it is run the promises corporate with the d.a.'s office and adherence of our protocol that has been established. >>james: popular painkiller does the reformulated and sold on the street is turning up in the bay area sacramental of the official
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record of 52 poisoning related to his pills drive for now we do have scattered showers and the forecast for today in
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>>james: apple for the first time reporter iphone sales were down and twitter is having trouble room the use of this is a caring a profit. >>jackie sissel: >>gabe slate: their user base and they're not making any profit the network does not lend itself easily to advertising would talk to analysts who said they might not be able to stay afloat their lives video
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streaming applications now has facebook as a competitor snap chat is grown quickly a lot of people who did not like facebook used wooden that all was sold more phones and recording gear at the year always room and not this time the second quarter this sold 51 million in 2015 second quarter the market is saturated
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>>james: hear some of the stores we're working on for the 5:00 hour 60 million people now bracing the strong storms this morning with all her to men is rotted guy is good for your help and now there is another reason to consider switching would toy hauler the benefit people who already have heart disease is.
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>>james: if hillary clinton won four out of the fiber and sanders took world island the east bay and chilly district is ending its penalties for excessive water use san francisco city college faculty plans to on strike this comes after the faculty felt to reach a new contract strike will take place from 60 this morning from some 30 all city college campuses and resolve all class a cancel.
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>>anny hong: we're not send a lot of moisture from the system we dumping everyone will see the rain today in fact the quick check of the storm tractor as you pointed out we're seeing the showers will to the north the bus the showers are moving a little farther south heading toward ukiah them and this bullet coming down in your recall low 60s by the afternoon
4:48 am
a lunchtime the high today 63 not a whole lot warming is expected it will be breezing of northwest france >>anny hong: 10 to 20 mi. from our up with a chance for some showers for you today again you will notice and is not a very well organized system is one we have a chance was a thunderstorm activity as well 62 and under
4:49 am
the low 60s and downtown san francisco the giants a host in the pot is once again at at&t park is a new dental after today's chance for some showers primarily for the afternoon we are tracking the drive for tomorrow and friday we're talking a lot '80s on saturday. >>robin winston: not a problem
4:50 am
not right now of this the commute is wide open topic is of a well across the span into the north and that no problems connecting into san. >>robin winston: they switch it from all four lanes of the two lines north and that helps all of the heavy traffic into san francisco that was watching back to three and three before 10:00 it is looking good lesson to to manage from the volatile and sent francisco with a track in the ride to the south bay no problems from sunset laws and to pull out of two to five minutes to 80 and from the northbound ride and the guadalupe parkway also look to the live in san jose from 85 to 1 01.
4:51 am
>>james: in august of 1984 a three year-old clark was deducted from his fairfield home it was never found and 2011 the police department called his you know reexamine that case and identified the 57 year-old as a suspect in yesterday's edition attorney's office charged him with the kidnapping and, of the child is already currently serving a 26 year prison term with three seconds from the station cases and so on accounting. >>stanley roberts: 8 attention to the school her role on the embarcadero it is now have a care in the world watch how he
4:52 am
pulls a final stop traffic that is not a school land that is a bicycle land bicycle was among the most abused lines and the bay area use by drivers of 4000 from vehicles the drivers and taxes use as a shortcut like this apparent to been a better rush followed quickly by town car driver and the pickup was part of the by claim they're also using the land illegally instead of the with is rotted is doing the motorcyclists use the pipeline also you cannot stop
4:53 am
the bike lane and throw a your light to the some drivers never got that memo did you notice i the customer's use of like going? >>stanley roberts: to avoid stop before read like the tech to the sidewalk on a to return back to the bike lane if it you may want to think twice the next time you give the dollar hogged will explain why track to building a little bit dry for now the average rent on the way.
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>>robin winston: track and the commute to the richmond san rafael bridge looking good on 580 west approach and will told was some damage hot spot story about of this to the ride will have a complete track check coming up in just a few minutes. >>james: you may love getting your dog hold but it turns out that the feeling may not always be mutual excess sums it is to percent of dogs showed is one sign the stress of being hugged some of those magical appeared to return down all the arrows pointing to the pictures that turned and had to avoid eye contact the reaction this tactic can have abortions the man defense tactic is to run away, stress and hugging mix of still trapped some dogs of assigned to
4:57 am
stress inclusiveness of by closing >>james: never shot and killed in a home of record to have the latest in a live report we're outside the home and will have the lead on the police investigation + the warriors could and limit the rockets and the playoffs as early as tonight.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. how >>james: most of the showers and the rain and thunder and lightning is happening near eureka is timmy closer and closer was to stoddard broadcast to was basically center up in your recall was he is stretching down along the coast getting closer and closer just west of you call them slowly but surely making his way
5:01 am
our direction we should max out to the temperature wines in the mid to upper 60s very few communities like to get to some degree mark will talk about how long the ring last one would expect the rest of the week. >>robin winston: it is looking good we don't see any major problems for now will start of a private 80 and into san francisco a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza approach where traffic is quiet nice and like.
5:02 am
>>robin winston: right at high street column of vehicles involved one drive the spun off facing sideways the left lane is blocked if you have to head south this morning out of oakland to san leandro here is a northbound drive time from to cut it to 980 just under 20 minutes will take a look at 92. >>anny hong: he was arrested in belgium last month of the four months on the run the to nonsexual pact should and the november paris terror attack that left 130 people dead he was
5:03 am
delivered to a first of the orders under an arrest warrant and transferred to paris to tell this morning the police have been questioning him about his potential links to the three suicide bombers to attack the brussels airport in subway last month. >>mark: they're looking for the son of a couple found murdered their roof found shot to death on sunday in the home look to score in this city say there
5:04 am
percent by sentence as a police officer. >>darya: he resigned last month the most of the messages are to offensive for to show them to you on television they target the days latino's indians arabs and african-americans public defender said that racial bias as a major problem in the police department's companies to be done the placentia's says it is apologizing all rules are in
5:05 am
place to require officers to report such behavior and assess all officers and the part will receive by restraining. >>mark: he won rhineland will have a full breakdown of the primary results. >>reporter: got to 6227 instead
5:06 am
of 1072 republicans and 384 democratic delegates a democrat henry clinton taking homelands she was not able to shut out bernie sanders.
5:07 am
>>mark: 90 percent of the with the number should need to secure the nomination they're traveling with digital 1400 delegates once again donald trump is upstaged by a cresting it is not the new jersey
5:08 am
governor and his his wife as she was standing behind magic and say he was starting hillary clinton said the dollars he is winning because she's a woman she glanced at her husband direction and will elias and make a face and then she smirked. >>mark: then to close out the playoffs series against the houston rockets.
5:09 am
>>will tran: no steph curry here is the reason why we want to show you what happened on sunday in houston he fought so bravely so courageous slid to come back on that ankle injury he to gantries loss to retard he came back by before the and the first half he slipped on a wet spot it looked horrible everyone was waiting for him to return to it is not tear of the in situ is a great one that basically means he is out for at least two weeks that is as early as possible game for brown to but before the to talk about ron to which the top of around one and they always said the hardest
5:10 am
thing to do in the nba playoffs or all of the sports is to close out the team of level $105 lower level of hundred and 50 belinda not we thought this was a tie vote is not a typo court cited $495 if you want to come down here and watch the rest of them pick up the team in winning game 5 there is is quite affordable. >>will tran: will talk about the mantra is perfect strike in numbers that is within and to prove without steph curry the warriors are so low ease this
5:11 am
amendment is on our side and if you plan the clippers. >>darya: they're going into game 6 how they're doing + 16 million people in the u.s. to britain for strong storms after intense storms brought rain and tornadoes we're tracking the severe weather
5:12 am
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>>mark: track and severe weather, in part to the u.s. 60 million people from the gulf coast to the midwest is in north carolina to the east coast and to north carolina and virginia been warned about strong storms four people were injured as part of a series of storms that brought high winds to the part of the u.s. on the top left heavy rain in downtown wichita kansas. >>mark: on the bottom left to
5:16 am
the storm clouds and lightning in oklahoma city and the bottom right of the severe weather with hail grid for science. >>james: the national perspective you can see the giant system is a low pressure system swarming in the middle of the country this is one of two system that will be impacted this week this will start to push off that and other systems
5:17 am
and open and the week it will confirm on the dangerous side in these two first half of the weekend were not expected to impact the bay area the lead on to that will respect see some scattered showers that is the future cash to the showing us will have a set for the 6:00 hour is a little bit of grain to the sea off the left corner want to push forward in time every yard in the clock to to getting off to school you to better show some of that is about at a noontime more the same scattered showers along the peninsula in the south bay this of the lunch hour 3:00 contending home a few
5:18 am
scattered showers of near fairfield for the 6:00 p.m., new and it's like it is just because they the a few sprinkles are unfair phil. >>james: as you saw was an animation is not very impressive storm system perhaps a to the bench and best it will be very scattered no defined front swept on by it was hit and miss all the to the pennzoil were you or you may see a few sprinkles this afternoon to make even catch a sporadic thunderstorms or to. >>james: others that we start to
5:19 am
drive out will start to warmer temperatures in the backed up for service. >>robin winston: number of the problems getting into the no. 8 man instead as all the time you need to get to the toll plaza
5:20 am
will also take a look at the golden gate. >>mark: edition also says the customers have done a good job and rich in water reduction goals is to state these addition
5:21 am
to conserve more water the penalty could be brought back in the future of the cycle since have been working without a contract for 10 months and have not been have to come up with the agreement faculty members also upset about plans to cut losses and layoffs half of off 50 who fought the plan to walk the picket line from 630 this morning until seven tonight. >>mark: they plan to continue fasting until the police chief was fired or he stepped from
5:22 am
more people have joined the whistle on some of them will say they're feeling the effects of poor nutrition the process of a larger conflict and a sitcom is speaking of after his truck was stolen and found in bad condition. >>darya: he says one of the structures recently stolen from the employee's home in pleasant hill the did find that on franklin canyon road martinez about five days later but it had been torched uses this the not
5:23 am
the first coach of the have been stolen from his business and it is the first one that was set on fire we looked into the store because she reached out to us the concern of the report finds my high school seniors are not ready for college. ready for college.
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>>darya: about a third of high school seniors are ready for college the lid is national report card scores dish of the one corner of 12th graders performed at a profession or the branch level in math only the is & rv profession or better at reading last year's average math score was a point lower than in 2013 the first drop in the decade and reading scores will flat compared to 2013 down five. for nearly nine this when the test was first given to students
5:27 am
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>>james: corot's who did read but not to the war to commit will be our right it has been pretty active is not here around the bay just yet will have a better look at it we have pockets of moderate and heavy rain that is what will eventually expect to arrive in the bay area and. >>james: it is going to be scattered address is not going to be defined from the rolls through uncomfortable to bring that is not the nature of the storm and will be spotted in in a chair were going to get some showers in the east and some in the north some in the south is wanted that we all afternoon long with the possible thunderstorm here looks like outside the camera at the golden gate looking out to the north and the direction of their grain will ask to see some
5:31 am
clouds and some patches of clear sky as well and is not terribly over past just yet. >>robin winston: we now have the backed up at the toll plaza and the 530 rush everyone is lined up a lot of headlights approaching the package is all bird back of beyond a 80 back to west grand but in this move across the upper deck this
5:32 am
happened shortly before 5:00 a driver crashed into this and to divide a large accrues to do with that of the two left lanes blocked if you have to use it in south is backed up one exit is not impacting the commit direction the drive times just under 20 minutes. >>darya: we'll live with the san jose police department of. the of the of >>reporter: police and will ever responsible for killing the couple in san jose is still lives there still looking for people the person who called the response will take a look of the video of what the couple home look like a guest today
5:33 am
investigators as well as family members this said it found shot to death on sunday there been reports that there was a note found the crime scene from whoever is responsible for the killing but there remained tight-lipped the couple is muslim and the have been some concerns that this could hate crime but they do not believe that this to whoever did this was familiar to the family and is not a random act the couple does have two children they're still trying to locate the to to three-year-old although he has not been named the first of interest he might have some information which could be important to the case. >>mark: the debt is confirm the death last night the 36 your and
5:34 am
men had been booked on thursday on an outstanding war during the booking process medical staff found that yes or praise of the medical conditions and put in the infirmary it was taken to the hospital monday afternoon the is but a woman's body is found behind a popular grocery store and alameda a half behind the popular russian storm in the roadside shopping center the woman was identified as 43 year- old angeles she declined in side of a donation box for recycle shoes and clothing but she gets stuck and cannot bring them with the fall plan in was an unfortunate accident back in
5:35 am
2011 the fare for a police department code his unit riggs and the case and identified 57 year-old michael as suspect he was arrested official charged with kidnapping and homicide in this case yesterday and is already serving a two to six year prison term for three separate trout molestation cases. >>darya: a dozen people in the sacramento area of the on the pill disguised as a popular painkiller similar appeals of turning up in the bay area so you need to know about this the cdc says bay area hospitals treated seven people polled just with the thought of japan's killer nor call up the pills in and were actually tell it all the bay area patients who took the and sacramental come to the have defected to poisonings
5:36 am
related to the spill since late march. >>mark: prosecutors say in he would not charge of sexual abuse because the statute of limitations has expired. >>darya: police are looking for a 19 year-old he is the person of interest in the shooting and is considered armed and dangerous they believe the shooting happened after several
5:37 am
people got one died in the other is in stable condition city officials a senses are pushing for safety measures designed to detect from fires the new legislation they're moving forward with customer of the matter is ready and diet and how it is good for our help now there is another reason considering switching to the diet out of the to people already have heart disease.
5:38 am
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with new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. smile with strength.
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>>darya: 94 to one 5 million lbs. of chicken on being recalled because they may be contaminated inspectors from what a plastic or rubber and metal and pilgrim's pride cook chicken is an expansion of recall involving almost 41,000 lbs. of cook chicken nuggets some schools purchase the chicken so for the have been no reports of anyone getting sick. >>mark: the researchers found that i am mindful to vessels fishing on refined food is one to lower risk of heart attack and stroke and people will part disease the researchers examined more than 15,000 people all on 67 years old and the nine countries for every 100 people who ate the highest amount of maturity and buy food there were three fewer heart attacks tropes
5:41 am
all deaths there will be wearing long sleepshirt the committee said the clothes will be dyed with chemicals that can repel them athletes will be wearing this clothing and during ceremonies trains and at the village official of providing safety guidelines after traveling donald trump says hillary clinton is only winning because she is a woman how clinton is responding to the claim the big dance could actually lead to depression what
5:42 am
parents should be a lookout for
5:43 am
5:44 am
>>mark: the key suspect has been handed over to french authorities and is to harass the 26 year-old was arrested in belgium last month he was wanted
5:45 am
for his role in the november paris air attack the hundred 30 people dead and as the police are looking for the son of a couple who was found murdered in their home there found shot to death on sunday at home on lucas court one of their two sons who was an adult as was for? however officer said he is not considered a suspect. >>mark: the public defender says a racial bias is a major problem in the police department and companies to be done officer received by his training by the end of the year. >>james: take a look at the storm tracker 4 picture you concede showers to our north chris substantial additional the clintons want to hold itself together much you should to the
5:46 am
morning commute but throughout the day today will have sporadic showers may be a pot of from the storm not been well organized and very intense >>james: hear the live the outside clouds of as a for right now no ran after the fall of it was what was seen with the temperatures the winds are going to pick up litter on this afternoon to to to miles our it will be a little windy as the storm rose on buying timber just 52 in san francisco rinsing
5:47 am
out, 50 and sam was a fairly mild start uniform temperatures a lot low 50s across the board after should border to the mid '60s and best for the bay shoreline is a pretty much lower-than-expected chance and high and the show possible thunderstorms winds gusting.
5:48 am
>>robin winston: over to the nimitz freeway in an accident in the come to commit direction if you have to use it is out there was a crash that is active and high street the to the friends of block the tow truck just the ride is backing the right at the scene know about it is not impacting the commit direction only 20 minutes from san leandro to get into downtown oakland tracking the crash high with four it is a conference this morning that was blocking the 242 west 2242 off to decide but in this crowd and 80 minutes of
5:49 am
the drive times numbing to hot spots but if you have to use it when you get out there you will notice is a little heavy between the 68280 split. >>darya: the study of man accused of kidnapping his eight month old daughter and abandoned her and a guard has pleaded not orlando rodriguez was charged with taking the child away from a 17 year-old mother police spotted him of what an hour after the assault took into custody and but the baby was done with them.
5:50 am
>>mark: the crews of already respond to several brush fires in recent weeks firefighters a back and training after a few months off a crisis to a san burn in hayward and happen during testing this to know what caused this low-speed crash to tasker did not sustain much this is to stand had to be cleaned out but testing has been suspended for a while to determine cost. >>mark: it could open the door
5:51 am
to undocumented immigrants living in the golden state without medical insurance the proposal was approved yesterday by democrats in the assembly health committee and document immigrants would not be eligible for subsidies to help for the coverage is still unclear how many would be able to afford to unsubsidized premium opens on the way for families lost their homes in the fire at its sunnyvale apartment complex the silicon video from the fire >>darya: the fire happened at the twin pines an apartment complex government officials voted yesterday to offer financial assistance to 166 people who've been displaced because of this fire that we is hundred $50,000 from the general fund to help the victims they're given another hundred 50,000 to the office of
5:52 am
affordable housing to provide the victims with shelter and transportation. >>darya: the legislation requires landlords to install better lauder alarm systems and to install fire safety improvements to prevent fires from spreading and also required to communicate with victims about when they can retrieve their belongings and when the repairs are happening. >>mark: two little girls to get into for sprint for some supporters outside of anaheim city hall yesterday five people including the two girls were hit by pappas plans to the demonstrators during a heated confrontation know was arrested for the competition happened as before the city council was to
5:53 am
discuss to resolution to the dam would calls the divisive rhetoric chest the court to appoint a corporate trust company to oversee the estate if he left no will or trust canada is one to be important lawyers to get the siblings to agree on how to divide the state of the sister that is the only forceable her court papers list by half siblings, also stand to get something.
5:54 am
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>>darya: presold $1 lemonade and cookies growers, held a yard sale the adoption process is prestigous of their time to raise $5,000 to pay for the adoption fees. >>mark: that do more spotted carefully wrought with their have a hard time stanhope this respect to start flying for another three weeks and another three weeks the mother has been living on city hall tower since
5:57 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: we will give you quickly with the ready for school for cast a long and short of shower processional to schism did not score to the to getting into the mid '60s.
6:01 am
>>will tran: of tonight's game 730 the warriors are not saying if steph curry will be in attendance on the bench off its a good chance he will he loves his teammates he took a loss game three very hard with his wife he fought to come back game for unfortunately during game for the chair did highlight into
6:02 am
goes as scheduled if he goes back at the earliest-in for around two when the dead and the water again for visitors to the far as you're looking for lower level $150 and courtside which is a few rows back $495 we know
6:03 am
that the warriors stepped up after step in during this is a huge game of your warriors fan they need to rest some reckon he'll. >>will tran: a lot of people looking at the phone anywhere
6:04 am
but down is important that the warriors when the convict in practice without steph curry moving forward. >>mark: a key suspect in the terror attack has been handed over to french authorities and is in paris this morning
6:05 am
>>anny hong: he was one of my friends for the paris air attack that left 100 people dead he would deliver to french authorities and an arrest warrant the transfer to paris early this morning the lawrence of the 26 your would defend he will defend the 26 you're describing him as a young man who was falling apart and ready to cooperate then the questioning him about his potential links to the three suicide bombers attacked the brussels airport and subway last month killing 32 people the victims sent this morning that is vital for grieving families to seek justice finally tickets course.
6:06 am
>>darya: they were found shot to death and on sunday at home on lucas scored the couple has two sons a boy when the citizens already talked to and an adult son who was wanted for questioning the have not released the motive in the killing. >>darya: the san francisco public defender and the police chief was speaking out about the racist text messages sent by an officer and this is a the text were sent from the office of the suggestion to resign last month the fact we
6:07 am
have now gannon to random searches resulting in discovering they're feeling betrayed by people that wearing the same uniform he says the rules are in place the require officers to report such behavior. >>mark: there and in the penalties for excessive water use the penalty has been in place last a lot of water districts that is no longer necessary the dish as a whole
6:08 am
has reduce water use by 24% and is more than a death struggle 20% it was a big night last night for both donald trump and
6:09 am
hillary clinton clinton won four of last five primaries are trump's what all five and will could be a preview of the town of the general election trout accuse clinton of playing the one card the remarks of the people talking conservative commentators said trucks were to simply meet and the titles for his base citing the proof official expressions of mary pat christopher was on stage behind trump that made headlines and
6:10 am
attracted attention of social median clinton seems to be ready for the fight trump's one to half. >>mark: this a lot of work to do for the clinton nomination of oliver clinton has 90 percent of the number of delegates should be to secure the nomination to the 2001 to 68 should these 2383 to secure the nomination 10
6:11 am
cruises 568 and john cases with hundred and 52 delegates the next primary is next week in indiana 60 million people bracing to strong storms this morning after storms are brought heavy rain and tornadoes where track and severe weather impossible rain had in this direction
6:12 am
look at 'em!
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>>mark: to oklahoma city checkup this video show the dark storm clouds of lightning amid the taxes were severe fell and some of the backyard we saw mothball and great for the size of our taxes and less like it will be
6:16 am
scattered sporadic showers and best >>james: we're looking at about 10 the revenge out of the system if you happen to be in an area to get one this localized thunderstorms for the most part will be pretty weak the 6:00 hour nothing but clouds the future cash predicting that is
6:17 am
all we're seeing on their rear as well at this point it is still on the light category. >>james: we might catch a few strong showers and then by 6:00 to the evening commute will continue to spark a chance of near fairfield mint of for six
6:18 am
is across the north but we will see the clouds part will this in sunshine and again the sporadic rain chant with us all day long here was a pretty out look which i things out warmer temperatures taken as soon as tomorrow will continue to climb right through friday. >>robin winston: we're getting word of a crash involving a big red about five cars on five in the west palm between the pop star and the dublin interchange to pull the car and often flames the three right lanes are blocked at this point in a slab one person may be trapped inside
6:19 am
>>robin winston: seat is to the traveler for this accident a big rig about five cars to the cars and often flames emergency crews on senses pretty fresh one person trapped inside the car this on to be a big hot spot and is for the next hour track in the ride and i did to the san to the bridges breezing the sign on the right has been activated same there was high when the advisory for the san mateo bridge little pocket of the high-rise heading into foster city no major problems is about
6:20 am
two to two to five minutes for the average drive from the vehemence of the bay shore. >>darya: classism sentences the city college of canceled because the teachers will not be there faculty members also said over plans to cut costs as a layoff staff about 1500 faculty members plan to walk the picket line if supposed to start a started this morning and go to 70 tonight. >>mark: their processing three
6:21 am
controversial police shootings this is the six the different continue fasting until cliche fires or in their at least that down more people have joined to whistle on some of them who said they're feeling the effects of not eating the process of all ledger in liquid and the comanche a strong support for the protected by random things to drink the truck along to recall he owns the track a spa, one of his truck was recently stolen from an employee's home and pleasant hill the chp did find the truck on franklin canyon road five days later but someone torched and police said
6:22 am
this in the increase leaves burning stove and vehicles this is not the first pick up truck that has been swept from his business but it is the first one to be set on fire look into the story because he told us about your. >>mark: a did will has become a tourist attraction in this is a debate on how to remove he was up 1¢ ramon listen commencing they've been posing with pictures with the carcass that i is about 40 ft. long and weighs about 60,000 lbs. officials are debating whether to try and to the dead will out to save or
6:23 am
chopping up and you hauler way it to be made in the next there to 40 people have been second since the outbreak started about two months ago the university says it is now more concerned than ever because the opera continues to spread despite all efforts to isolate patient the health director told the student newspaper next month, sermonic to be affected this practice to live a mucus and respiratory droplets to sneezing and coughing most cases do make a complete recovery. >>darya: court documents reveal most allowed drivers and the satellite will likely get accustomed 25 blocks another $60
6:24 am
million payment can happen if it goes public in his evaluation increases one-and-a-half times last december the drivers are you there are employees while they contend that their independent contractors. >>mark: the decade old murder and therefore may have been solved within but the person in charge the six in your role here is the brother of 100 mi. piggyback ride and it is all for the calls.
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>robin winston: a major classified 80 westbound crash involving a number of vehicles that happened about 15 minutes ago and a number of cars to of the cars aren't often times an hour getting word of one fatality this is impacting traffic coming on a little more to transcend and heading off to dublin.
6:27 am
>>mark: only about one-third of the nation's high school seniors are ready for college the latest national report card scores show only about one quarter of 12th graders from the convention or macaronic 1/7% for professional or better in reading last year's the math score was a point lower than 2013 was the first drop in the decade hundred and the start walking last week and ended up in the michigan state copper on monday.
6:28 am
>>darya: he ditched in a bid early it completed the last half mile walk to the capital of this on the hisses that his goal is to make the world more and close the plants. >>darya: the next time you give your dog a hog? and what of the dog hog they suggest that maybe the dog feel stressed and even not miserable the doctor conducting the study found 81 percent of dogs were
6:29 am
uncomfortable they're selling stress because.
6:30 am
6:31 am
>>robin winston: one confirmed fatality a big mess on five it was down it is already backing of traffic into little more the three right wings are closed right now on five in the west traffic is pretty much at a standstill in approaching the scene it is backed all the way out to air wing corner is on the way of how those new express lanes.
6:32 am
6:33 am
>>reporter: police said whoever killed the couple in san jose is still loose the couple was muslim and there have been some concerns that this could of been a crime but they say they do not believe that that is the case will ever did this was familiar to the family and that this was not a random act the couple has
6:34 am
two children a 17 year-old in the to to three-year-old their time to locate the 23 your for questioning. >>reporter: he is not benign the purse of interest in this case he may have some important information to solve this case. >>mark: then notified the d.a.'s office to the medical examiner's off as which is then the protocol that happened behind the popular grocery store and the broadside shopping center monday morning the woman identified as 43 your angeles
6:35 am
she climbed inside of the nation police said there is no foul play was an unfortunate accident. >>darya: back in 2011 the fare for police department called his unit reexamine the case track at least a dozen people in the sacramento area have steadily overdosed on uphill disguised as a popular painkiller filled but it is not a can be deadly and is
6:36 am
turning up in the bay area the cdc says bay area hospitals have treated seven patients in which a week's who ingested with that fog was nor call the action of the pills had a powerful opioid sentinel investigators try to figure out the source of the pills. >>mark: he pleaded guilty last in construction money transactions to of one reporter with the money was going to federal prosecutors say he abused his four boys while he was a high school wrestling coach he would not be charged with the statute of limitations has run his person of interest
6:37 am
and he is considered armed and dangerous to do believe the shooting happened after some people got into a fight and in excess committed to prepare for a shot at the park and taken to hospital when they found a skull and a few other bombs as well investigators try to figure out how long the boom to abandon.
6:38 am
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>>robin winston: mrs. 580 west about a cop car accident a business reporter at hacienda when the king mackerel sensors as a little bit closer to popular and maybe after howe yard by before the 586 a split
6:42 am
this will impact ride in this for a couple hours with a lot to clean up and clear the only way to get around this by using city streets is one option for your id is not definitely leave early will have a crew on the way to the senate will continue to update you as long as this is impacting the morning commute. >>mark: the stores will fall when the from the social media may be a cause of depression and teenagers social media could add to a teenager and anxiety and feelings of depression and some say the crime committed orders posted to address is how someone with an ax the prom parties to a trivia to feelings of social isolation the panel to keep an eye on the entire social
6:43 am
media activity and pay attention to any drastic change in behavior.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>robin winston: this camera five midwest this to the back of just a couple of eggs is behind the scene on the right-hand side of folks to barely moving this is a reporter shortly before
6:46 am
6:00,. >>robin winston: 580 west the trend howe beyond six ending three violence bacchanal separate motorcycle accident on motorcycles and a car blocking the left lane no major eastbound lane of this is really slow down traffic come out of is what impact if you sixth aid to get to san ramon avoid this stretch if you can give is no way to get around heavy traffic there was a long way 84 a
6:47 am
connection from 580 to six and one option city streets dublin boulevard another option or you could leave early. >>james: we have showers to the north the adjutancy and that is going to be impacting our what the letter on the morning commute will get by just fine we
6:48 am
have a little ways to go right now pressing widespread low to mid '60's a mix of metal to mid 50s across the east just a quick look at the temperatures will expect. >>james: then go to the to a percentage as we head inland, or six to 97 for antioch 64 for pleasanton and the livermore it was a quick look at the ballpark for cap the giants are planned today at at&t park of 1245.
6:49 am
>>darya: 30 your man accused of kidnapping his on a month old daughter and abandoning the baby in the yard while running from the cops has pleaded not guilty to the charge was taken the child away from the 17 year-old mother after assaulting the mother at a motel police spotted him about an hour after the assault that to convince the customer but it was not he eventually did tell the police that he left the daughter in the middle of regard the baby was found and hospitalize with minor injuries he now faces several charges. >>mark: seasonal firefighters
6:50 am
are now back in training after a few months off with their they participated had invested in san jose real physical tests and the skills like getting an oxygen mask and thus to the man in 15 seconds time is crucial when dealing with five starting fires. >>darya: one of the new cars crashed into san burn in hell with answers during testing this is from the fatigue of the future these are the slated to be put into service by the end of the year and the california bill could open the door to undocumented immigrants living in california to get to medical insurance state officials what has the total government for permission to sell health insurance the proposal was
6:51 am
approved yesterday but democrats and the assembly of commanding is still unclear how many would be able to afford to subsidize medical premiums in bonn, april 15th government officials voted yesterday to offer financial assistance to the ball hundred 66 people were displaced by this fire the council use hundred $50,000 from the general fund to help the victims and they're given another hundred and $50,000 to offer affordable housing nearly 4.5 million lbs.
6:52 am
of chicken are being recalled. >>darya: it might be contaminated they found wood plastic and rubber and metal and pilgrim's pride cook chicken this is an expansion involve about 40,000 lbs. of cooked chicken and the process to shift out nationwide and at the shoulder some schools are to the chicken
6:53 am
>>mark: the book was a disappointing results this was in the first quarter without growth will be right back on the news continues to ignore live look along the bay in the dark and there among the still little sunshine of the east bay hills the closet when in doubt as we wait for chance of rent or
6:54 am
>>mark: as
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>>robin winston: there is a nasty bathtub the camera tossed partial the back of and a major accident it still had a big night to help henry clinton and donald trump isn't only a minute because she's a woman to house
6:58 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: major problems in the east of it with the fatal accident caused huge problems. >>robin winston: two separate accidents in the same area five in the westbound lie between how the art and the dublin and to change the first accident reported at about 555 this morning involved a big rate in about five cars in the four plans are blocked we had two cars and often flames one confirmed fatality


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