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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  April 27, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: major problems in the east of it with the fatal accident caused huge problems. >>robin winston: two separate accidents in the same area five in the westbound lie between how the art and the dublin and to change the first accident reported at about 555 this morning involved a big rate in about five cars in the four plans are blocked we had two cars and often flames one confirmed fatality we're looking
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as sensors and we see a lot of heavy traffic on 84 that as an alternate but it is at the other option at the top of the l charro.
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>>darya: police and the south but looking for the son of a couple was found murdered in the san jose home. >>reporter: they said they're looking for whoever is responsible for the murder of a couple in san jose that person is still on the loose take a look at the picture of the couple yes to the investigators as well as family members were in and out the home their remaining tight-lipped but police said the couple as muslim
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and there have been some concern to discover that hate crime but they do not believe that is the case this is where the dead this was familiar to the family said this was not a random act. >>mark: a key suspect in the paris terror attack and is in paris this morning. >>anny hong: he was you're someone fugitive until he was arrested and belgium of the four months on the run the 26 killed was wanted by the french for his role in the november paris attack that left 130 people dead he was the lover to for
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support is under arrest warrant and transferred to paris early this morning of french lawyer says he will defend describing him as a young man who was falling apart and ready to cooperate said the group and brussels and described by his belgian lawyers as having " the intelligence of an and the ashtray to replace a solitary confinement in paris following his presentation to scheduled live for today and will the team to follow the story and bring you updates as the common. >>darya: there were speaking about the recent sex messages and by the police officer investigating saver sent by san francisco puts off some resigned
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about a month ago most of the messages with two offensive for us to tell you on tipping the target case latinos indians and some african-americans will land
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plan still requires officers to report such behavior all officers and the force appointed by is training by the end of the year. >>mark: the heaven of water to meet demands for the next two years he said the customs of the good job of reaching water reduction goals the big one is
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going after each other and a victory speech donald trump won all five states in yesterday's primary to return to was not the only one single the unimpressed with the comments about killing the woman caller her reaction this trend on social medium because she was glancing at the
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has the erection and allied unmaking of face when he started saying this about women the next formidable partisan next week in indiana the suit claims
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the institution made false claims act as a place as early as this fall which could be tricky timing for trump if he wins the nomination we spoke of some of them who said they're feeling the effects of not eating the protest is only
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drinking liquidus >>mark: there's strong support for a protest by random things to drink >>darya: the teachers will not be that there are on the street talk to members are holding a one day strike of what they call unfair labor practices in that strike is underway to start at around six started this morning at a to members have been working without a contract and have not been allowed to come out with an official agreement with the administration fought to members also upset of a plan to cut prices and layoffs have 5000 talk to walk the picket lines and to 07 1/3 to 9
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>>mark: steve kerr won the nba coach of the year award if the war is the winter and i do have the tech on the rockets again and houston on friday night for tonight's game to tip off the 730 at the arena is to think about going to the game take a look at ticket prices
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>>will tran: it happened at 555 this morning was about 580 just west of how the art of the on ramp in you consume it on another gender of the one fatality you consider corners offense just a lot of dead don't have a a destination on when this will be reopened with the
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sea had less as far as we can possibly save it is backed up for miles when you get to this location they're clutching the lines and eliminating five lines down to two lanes a huge backed up on how yard. >>will tran: they're ready to go with it would not be used to quite some time there also helping out the traffic they won't even be allowed to the scene to remove the cards until the investigation is over just avoid this area altogether to
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cars charter really badly in one car parts to chart altogether six cars one fatality and public information officer in the sea is his honors went to the scene. >>robin winston: the drive times
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grown to look right now and is an hour and 40 minutes just to get from the 2 05 split in tracy of to the dublin and to change that is absolutely awful this to an optional feature on to get in to small you get off the 84 to cut all the way to solve it on 680 or fuel to draw from the traffic is always dublin boulevard hot off the freeway tech electro.
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>>james: this is part one of two systems does come through this week they're not out of the woods yet to live look of storm track of the live radar shows us will have ran from about ukiah north and as to the timing of when we might expect an will
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look after to cast for better idea was fast for the time nice about it a clock that is in the next hour at that point still mostly clouds may be a few lots prickles offshore and well to the north and nothing of the bay just death is a pretty brief system very weak on organized so we'll get spotty showers here and there will part of the missiles it will be pretty hard during the umbrella keep it handy just in case >>james: if you see whether in
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the neighborhood to the picture use the mobile application to the judge right now on the mild sad lot of low to mid 50's will replace that with mid to upper 60s as a quick look at the short-term forecast the next three days to the does the work week would have the right to this starting tomorrow and one conditions survey by the end of the week friday. >>darya: one of the trucks was recently stolen from an employee's home and pleasant hill the sea its chief found five days later on franklin
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canyon road martinez and and was whipped on fire police say they've seen a number of these burning stolen vehicles like this that is why and he brought this to our attention. >>mark: it washed up from the state beach in san clemente to pick up and closing with pictures for the people of the
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incidences the outbreak started two months ago the university says it is more concerned an average of our continues to spread despite all efforts eye slit patients. >>darya: the doctors revealed that most of the eligible drivers in the settlement award to walk away with less than $25 because the payments depend on
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how many miles they drove and if they signed an arbitration cost another $60 million payment can happen if it goes public. >>mark: is up nearly 5% at the cost of jet fuel of the 36% it was hundred and $99 million this to denigrate quarter with over $50 billion in revenue.
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>>darya: he fired three shots at the fleeing burglar hitting him in the arm and the burglar did the same faubus a lawsuit against a home owner he claims that the home on acted recklessly and firing the shots the home owner was convicted of
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criminal recklessness in the shooting but as a turning is confident of the burglar is not going to get a dime out of this lawsuit. >>darya: this is the twin pines man armed conflict of the confines of a 15th government officials to bother to offer of financial assistance another hundred 50,000 house account beginning to offer affordable housing to provide the victims was shelter and transportation
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>>darya: a fatal accident and it was up really like an explosion and concede these cards ever involved retort and a ball of fire will have more live report. tiful,
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>>mark: 37% just over a third or profession or better in reading last year's average was a point lower than the was in 2013 as the first drop in the math scores on a decade the reading scores like to down five points and early '90s to testify is given to students millennial to the largest generation in the united states according to u.s. census bureau.
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>>darya: the resurgence of the generational shift is due in part to baby boomers
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>>will tran: you can see over the left shoulder and discharge the chp doing measurements at this point they don't know the gender of the victim of the coroner's office our department to go home they're not going to remove the body just get this because there's so much that needs to be done >>will tran: is the diver been
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cooperative? >>: yes >>will tran: this is having a major impact the was when the camera inside the back of. >>will tran: is down to two lines is very slow the stars to concede nothing but headlights
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>>robin winston: 2 always intended that is how long it would get from to 05 through the center of the crash of a up to the 586 a display i would hold off on this committee if you
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have that option if not let's talk about the alternate route you have two options from that point to get off a 84 you could turn on to jack london go over to stone ridge it will also get it over to highway 680 average high time to hours and 10 minutes to different tracing this is one to be with us for awhile this is not impacting our is right next to the tracks is and how often those who have to
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drive to the dublin pledged to bart station using five it was to mature a liberal to get around all this heavy traffic. >>james: the temperatures will stay on the cool side maxxam out in the mid to upper 60s and best to complete coverage in the fifth forecast coming of the
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company also recall of four 81,000 explore suvs to fix the risk suspension problem that can cause loss of steering control the recall covers the 2014 and 15 explore. >>mark: the third six you're in it was booked on thursday on an outstanding warrant and medical staff found out he had pre- existing medical condition he was put in the infirmary and added to hospital on monday in. >>mark: to have been behind the
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coach restored in the grid such shopping center on monday morning the woman had been homeless let the dividers 40 per your and the lowest she climbed inside of a donation box for recycle shoes and clothes and behind the store and she got stuck in could not breathe there was no foul play it was just an unfortunate accident. >>darya: the taffeta police department called and identified 57 your michael is the suspect to a dozen people in the sacramento area had steadily overdosed on a pale disguised as a pain killer announce similar
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appeals are turning of the bay area making people sick. >>darya: it was actually a powerful opioid sentinel called the bay area patients live the but and sacramental counted 750 to poisonings related to the spill in late march to all people have died. >>mark: he will not be charged with sexual abuse because of the statute of limitations which expired we now know the name of
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a 20 your man that shot and killed in was nicholas coleman as he was killed on to more park.
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>>robin winston: this camera and showing you the back of this is new toss our is barely moving the location 5 in the west to bomb the six is split will switch over to the map it comes exactly where this is a major crash involving a big red about six cars traffic is backed up for miles to the west about ride from a to tracy we already have slow traffic yucatec 84 to
7:43 am
get to small and hot off the freeway and neck a lack of the dublin boulevard that is to to highway 6 aiding we're live on the same with use the alternate route plan had avoid a stretch if japan. >>james: we have the giants at 1245 unfortunately we have green and the forecast a chance of showers maybe even a thunderstorm and it will be blended with 10 to 20 m.p.h. when come from the ocean.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: will have to win 20
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games to watch at the same time guest and then he is out for good. >>gary: i don't know how we will bounce back from a broken hand but it was wrecked and he was definitely out in the gutter?.
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>>gary: the question does he deserve it and was on the coaching more than half the system was a bottle of some walton and all the players on the warriors go with what he said and is amazing he had the
7:48 am
special train offense michael jordan shot and then call brian shaw. >>darya: i think is unanimous in the bay area. >>gary: if you say remember back
7:49 am
in 2006 when the warriors set the all-time record and who was the cause of the here someone else know it had to be steve kerr. >>darya: j mahon has become a character he tells it like it is he's the voice of the team. >>: you're asking me about the
7:50 am
flood in practice the other day and the i said i would try for the city of houston because you don't want to see anyone go through that if i feel that the time to get as hitting threes and you're getting the controversial statement but you're not because i feel sorry for the people of houston people are losing homes or cars and lives losing a loved ones and you're trying to get a controversial statement out of me about the three corners. we're corners >>: but you're not getting it out of me if i was in houston i would do anything that i can to help the city of and i'm sure some of those guys would do what they can to help the city out and you saw the mission of the nine stop trying to do a is not cool you keep asking me the same question about this flood of these peoples are losing their lives losing their homes do not
7:51 am
ask me in your--any more. >>darya: the reporter would not be as in the course in the war because he was fired. >>darya: the reporter is the first year reporter warner raised in china working for chinese publication based in houston and ask a ridiculous convoluted question about the flood is digested the question. >>darya: here is an interesting question last year visited houston game 3 there was and a slut and you won game 4 was flooded and you lose this year dividend three there is a flood you lose them for >>gary: get it sounds crazy but scott
7:52 am
>>gary: the media and our level and is a lot of young people and
7:53 am
had regular off the street or read some real point face-to- face with these two female sports reporters. >>darya: the twins are so bad these guys can't even read them i think the great majority of their some jerk small matter what month is the experience.
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>>gary: i get plenty of them these are complete idiots and we get to three guys davison to the radio show for years and every day they send something nasty.
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>> mark: a deadly and fiery accident in the east bay and pleasant and cause a major backer. >> darya: this is was down 580 any conceded charred vehicles. the four right lanes are closed . >> will: they just took away one
8:01 am
fatality from the bmw so burned to that that could not decipher who lives., at. , and this is good, we're getting a ballpark of 1 this scene will be cleared . at least 90 minutes maybe two hours from now the crash should be cleared. the fiery crash forced the fire department to come out to quench the ball of flame. we do know that the driver slammed into the back of a bmw. this caused a chain
8:02 am
reaction and six vehicles were involved. you're not of laptop onto hop yard west. i'd just that the new information that they could possibly be out of here in 90 minutes or two hours .
8:03 am
>> mark: we will continue to follow this story. >> darya: we are trying to calculate jolla long this will take to clear. >> robin: eastbound traffic is moving well even though westbound traffic is stopped. the back up behind the crash from 2052 at 680. you can hop off at 84 at livermore. you can get off at 84 and that all the
8:04 am
way to 680. i will continue to track the delays and alternate routes for a. everyone will be doing is however so nice save you a lot of time. >> james: we are tracking temperatures better still in the '50s. later in the afternoon that chance of scattered showers come into play and possibly a thunderstorm.
8:05 am
>> darya: police are looking for the son of a couple that was murdered in san jose. >> averi: police here in san jose said whoever killed the couple is still on the loose. take a look at a photo we have of a couple. they were found shot to death in their home on sunday. family members and friends were there yesterday going in and out. they did not share anything with us. whoever was responsible for the killing the police will not reveal. some
8:06 am
see it as a hate crime the police to believe this is not the case. it does not appear to be a random act of violence. the son is being located for questioning even though he is not person of interest. >> darya: think you avery >> mark: ford is calling over 200,000 cars and trucks because at the automatic transmission cannot force the transmission to first gear. there also wrote recalling 81,000 explore suvs
8:07 am
because of the suspension problem that could cause a list of steering control. >> darya: the warriors want debt beat the rockets and game 5 and just move on. stephen curry will not be placing because of his knee injury. we found yesterday that coach steve kerr is the nba coach of the air--year. here are the ticket prices. the cheapest prices $105. coarse side is
8:08 am
$450. the warriors are planning against china this summer in july. >> mark: at the 680 split there has been a huge crash will take at least 90 minutes to clear.
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>> reporter: we have major delays at 500 the u.s. because of a hot spot coming out of livermore into dublin. the 680 split had a huge iraq. coatracks have already reached the destination. from 205 to 680 the
8:12 am
drive time will be about two hours and 10 minutes as of right now. 84 to the jack london to stone ridge to stanley or reinstate of livermore and get back on the 680. all of the alternate routes are packed as well. >> darya: nearly 5 million lbs. of chicken are being recalled because they might be contaminated with things like what plastic or rubber or metal . records show some schools have even purchase the chicken. >> james: showers are getting
8:13 am
closer and closer and they're right offshore right now.
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was.
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get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. >> mark: a fiery crash on interstate 580. >> robin: westbound traffic is
8:16 am
stopped by eastbound traffic is just fine. double your normal drive time because the traffic is slowing things down to a crawl. it will take two hours and 10 minutes did take to fight in tracy and to double and. there is a fluid still anchors have yet to get out of the road . these delays will be there throughout your morning commute . all of your alternate routes
8:17 am
are packed. it's a stretch to avoid at all of the traffic. the bart is also having trouble getting to the traffic. from the
8:18 am
east shore free way it is often on from san pablo. >> robin: un 92 it looks much better. traffic is picking up here. but james >> james: the wind has mainly been impacting areas well to the north but you can see showers' coming into the bay area. eventually this storm will work its way across the golden gate bridge. there are a lot of
8:19 am
hit or miss showers. >> james: by name time--new and the time. on the commute home there were no showers in the clouds have cleared. there's a chance for a pop-up thunderstorm this afternoon. temperatures are mild in the '50s right now. this afternoon and we expect some cloud breaks with some sunshine which will bring us to let '60s
8:20 am
this afternoon. brain only last one day--the rain will only last one day. >> i am so honored and to me this was the biggest night. >> darya: clinton won four of last i-4-5 primaries and donald
8:21 am
trump swept everything. >> hillary clinton has only the woman card and she was a man she would not win. >> in i republican primary this is not a controversy will think to say. >> the shock look of the wife of crisscrossed the--chris christie was shocked quiet trump
8:22 am
said. >> mark: >> darya: class is at san francisco's city college had been class's--canceled because it the faculty has gone on strike. faculty is all so mad
8:23 am
about laying off teachers and cutting class's. >> burst into flames >> mark: this plan almost quit the trees and then slammed into a train burst into flame. but the this the pilot tumbled out of the burning plane. >> i had to do back somersault to get out.
8:24 am
>> mark: the man has been flying for over 50 years. >> darya: there's a huge crashing in the 680 split and is causing major problems in the day. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine.
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>> averi: >> robin: i am tracking a major delay coming out of 680 west. this view shows you the traffic is a barely moving approaching the fatal accident. this was between that a big rig and the three vehicles all of which caught fire. >> james: we are tracking the rain and it is getting closer and closer. will walk you through how much rain will get in just a minute. >> will: there is a fatal
8:28 am
accident in will have an update from the chp in a few moments. p?p?o?gv look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
8:29 am
mmmm, yoplait. >> mark: the breaking news story is a fiery crash on westbound
8:30 am
580 with one person killed and a major back at. >> darya: he concede just how big it this fighter became. >> will: they are making a lot of progress. in the last 25 minutes they have removed most of the cars from the scene. possibly nine to 930 in the morning is when this thing will be cleared. the cause has yet to be determined. this is on west, 580 just short of the 680 split
8:31 am
. >> at this time i think will be done in about one hour. go well >> will: 59 the thing about what happened in the crash? >> i know the big did rear and a bmw and that's all i know. >> will: this is westbound 580 into dublin. look at the back up and it stretches as far as i can possibly see. now with three lanes are open instead of to.
8:32 am
officers said probably 930. the victim has been removed from the scene by the coroner's office but no word yet on the identity . >> robin: we have three lanes open right now and that helps the drive time. now we have three lanes open in has decreased from two hours and 10 minutes to one hour 40 minutes. this stretches back to north livermore avenue. all of the
8:33 am
alternate routes are packed as well. you can get half out of the 84. things are getting better. traffic is getting better but crews are sweeping up the debris. just a reminder that the bart station is not too far
8:34 am
. if you have to use 580 west then use the bart. >> james: rain has fallen right around the bay and in some parts. as a reason many concede that the storm is getting closer and closer. from a live camera we can see it that the eight rings coming down very lightly. >> darya: this san francisco
8:35 am
public defender are speaking out about the racist and sexist text messages sent out by jason l lineai. he targeted at the d.a.'s latinos aframerican sit and indians. police chief is apologizing. >> the fact we have now had to random searches of loans resulting in discovering of text messages that are not fully racist but reflect on how police officers do their job. >> i apologize for this and the 99 percent of police officers who do their job well feel
8:36 am
betrayed. >> darya: policies are set in place to have officers support such behavior if they find it >> anny: the number one fugitive of the france attacks was found in belgium for months on the run. the man was transferred to paris this morning. he is described as a young man of falling apart ready to cooperate. he has potential
8:37 am
links to the three suicide bombers. this man that is de french citizen of moroccan origin. good to kron-4-dot-com for more details. >> darya: at the santa clara county jail the medical conditions who died in custody. deputies at just found this last night. when he was but to the jail thursday he was found to have medical conditions.
8:38 am
investigators have notified the dea office and that the examiner. >> mark: the water restrictions are no longer necessary according to the governing bodies. >> our customers have had acquired very great conservation efforts. we still have other regulations and placed. >> mark: the district has reduce water use by more than 24%. if the state news the district to panzer began the penalty may be brought back. >> darya: will continue
8:39 am
coverage of the deadly crash on 580 west.
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8:41 am
>> darya: they're even more reasons to switch to a
8:42 am
mediterranean diets it's because a diet high in foods for its assault nice and fresh--for its fish and max. studies saughs show that mediterranean diets are at the. >> robin: of fatal accidents still wrapping up just before the 680 split cell has several lanes being blocked.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> mark: we are here in the traffic center with robin. >> robin: that have removed the
8:45 am
video involved and now they're just clearing the debris. the two right lanes are still closed. the back of is getting better because people are staying home or getting off the freeway for alternate routes. three cars caught fire and one person did not survive the crash. the vehicles have been cleared by debris still needs to be removed. yet several options for alternates but they are packed.
8:46 am
>> james: let's start with a live look here at stormtracker for. we're looking at some light showers better moving into the north bay coast line. we will see off the non showers possibly into the evening commute. if you leave earlier from home perhaps for a 5:00 he may see showers. this picture you can see from
8:47 am
leona in brentwood shows a beautiful sky. snap a picture and we will try to work into our evening cast. >> james: san jose will not get higher than 63 degrees. temperatures are going to stay pretty mild. later on today we should warm-up since the '60s. the clouds will break from time to time but that may also bring up the occasional thunderstorms . most locations will not get
8:48 am
more than one-tenth of 1 in. >> james: we dry things up thursday and into the weekend on a nice warm note. we might get up to the 90 degree mark over the weekend. >> mark: a a 30 year-old is charged with kidnapping his eight year-old child and then dump to the child. the date is
8:49 am
hospitalized with minor injuries and the man assaulted his 17 year-old wife. >> darya: fire season is coming and firefighters are training. firefighters say time is crucial when dealing with wildfires. >> mark: fire safety requirements will be increased. here is a video from the fire last january. landlords have to install better and louder fire
8:50 am
alarms. when morris must communicate with victims about when they will be able to retrieve their stuff. >> darya: the folly of the future cars are slated to be put into service later this year by at the engineers need to figure out some problems. >> mark: the plumber's track has been found since it was stolen from the east bay. the truck was torched and the owner said he is deeply troubled.
8:51 am
>> this is the truck when we went out yesterday which is completely burned out. >> reporter: this man rick hall shows me photos what someone did to one of his trucks. the truck was stolen from one of his employees' homes. five days later this chp founded here. >> it was burned completely. i was hoping that we could leasable some parts of. the thieves to the tools and the parts include ivory ban--every
8:52 am
been. it just brings a sick feeling to see one of your trucks burned that bad just because someone wanted to steal your tools. >> reporter: the city of concord borders pleasant hill. >> the reason they burn that is because their evidence and these vehicles. i would love to see these guys prosecuted so other people do not have to go through anything like this. >> reporter: police are hoping that someone remembers sitting the truck burned. >> mark: you can semester to us by god to kron-4-dot-com. it is
8:53 am
under the special features section. >> darya: look at what this celtics player did. >> i am not turning until you see and yell and turn left.
8:54 am
>> mark: he is a pretty good sport of the field. >> darya: will be back in a couple of minutes. look at the clouds as there over the bay bridge.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> darya: the light meals are now the largest generation in the united states according to that u.s. census bureau. they say 75.4 million people are millenniums and these are people
8:57 am
between ages of 8 and 34. the pew research center says that shift has happened because of deaths and immigration population. >> mark: only one-third of high school seniors go to college. only one quarter i of seniors read it all five the math and only one-third with reading. >> robin: we have a fatal accident and the final clearing stages are happening. the right lane is the only limit is closed right now. double your drive
8:58 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: a fiery crash during the morning commute killed one
9:00 am
person from was about 580 unpleasant and causing a major backer of this morning. >>will tran: the street sweeper is here there and the final touches final pass to clear the roadway of any chemicals they are ready to open this any moment now in fact we at the sea its feet in you allow one extra minute to tell the public they're ready to go you can see the sea its yes starting to pick up one final pass and that this id in the meantime you see four lines have now open to the public.
9:01 am
>>will tran: that don't know the gender or identity of the vector we do know that the big rig slammed into the back of a bmw they're no skid marks by the big reagan that caused a chain reaction the five of the cars involved three of those who did closed just turned into a fireball one person unfortunately died in had to be extricated from the vehicle. >>will tran: we are working to find out the identity but for the traveler they're ready to open any moment now. >>mark: terrible story in a big backup. >>robin winston: 19 block the far right mind as to start the back of on the stretch this out to north that is a huge improvement is in the final
9:02 am
climb states with the swamp on sing double the number drive time east on traffic not and happen to ease a long commute nothing lot more to macy just a minor is still bathtub no mental
9:03 am
problems we have to uses were on tap the said and a backup across the upper deck is call over to fremont street is about a 25 minute ride from the maze to get over to the sky went. >>anny hong: tracking some showers were on storm track their it is played by we're singing out course and fell it is with a purse of one 01 and 280 this morning which tracks
9:04 am
small showers also for the hand area. >>darya: the son of a couple who was on murder and the sun was a home recovering the started live in the san jose police department. >>reporter: take a look a
9:05 am
pitcher of the couple was killed and found shot to death in their home on sunday sent investigators to and from the members wrapped home yesterday going in and out no word on what they read the one inside were told that they were shot multiple times there have been reports of this also a note from the crime scene from whoever is was possible for the killing but police would not confirm to the couple is muslim and there have been some concerns that this could have been a kind police said they do not believe that is the case who ever did this is familiar to the family and that this was not a random act of violence police said the couple have two children a 17 year-old this still working to locate the 23 year-old to have not call from a personal interest in the case said but they say he does have some information on the coast after a could be important to solving this case.
9:06 am
>>mark: the double will be without and he steph curry with his knee injury he had himself just before halftime and then for his expected to miss at least two weeks with a spring in cl it was announced yesterday steve kerr won the nba coach of the year award if they do not win tonight they will take on the rockets in houston on friday to offer to match game 730 appear renowned to devices all on the cheapside compared to last and compared to the final game of the season the cheapest seats a hundred and $5. >>darya: the game was on july
9:07 am
26th in the team will be playing against china the tickets already and on sale of your season-ticket holder do have them there will be available for anyone else to start buying the tried and the team has not quite been decided on steph curry harrison barnes draymond green and andre iguodala and klay thompson are on the consideration will be held in rio de janeiro. >>mark: all lanes now reopened this is the earlier video from the scene of the democrats which is found from chp all lanes are now reopened in that accident.
9:08 am
9:09 am
>>robin winston: a major delay on 58 west after a fatal crash if you have to use it expects residual blaze come a little more into dublin the shows to the back of the accident was like between 680 and how that and was blocking several lines of traffic the since clear now but look at all of the heavy traffic try to the rest of the scene into dublin out for the grade now and stop the gulf and north first level 4.5 million lbs. of chicken are being
9:10 am
recalled because they might be contaminated wood plastic or rubber and metal and is often found and pilgrim's pride cook chicken it is being recalled the product was shipped nationwide bus wreckage so schools purchase the chicken so far no reports of anyone getting sick or kill because of this. >>mark: the hamburg company will begin testing to and not with no artificial preservatives and were to revive its business the biggest and the chances of began testing the new recipe in a lot hundred 40 stores in oregon and washington is submitted this fell to cope with changing tastes and that is looking to improve its core menu items this is sales rose 5.4% from the first three months of the year the company did not say how much of it came from arise because of this is a higher prices will we
9:11 am
come back we'll talk more about the showers and the forecast and also the thunderstorms.
9:12 am
9:13 am
>>robin winston: 6 total the big rig of all three of those cars
9:14 am
will getting word of a hit monocrats is the no. 9 aiding because of this accident is the estimate keeping the drive time high, the metal to the bay bridge toll plaza is jammed come out of the maze into fremont and these two to five minutes from the maze of the sky when a cook to combined to what a nice improvement of the have the lead
9:15 am
in the flat sections of high- rise but early was back the will to the toll plaza it will be on the two to five minutes out 1 01 still breezy the sciences high wind advisory >>anny hong: tracking some might shout across the bay area in the east bank toward the peninsula and also the you consider him a union city a little shower activity with track and the chance to showers a much of the data than also the chance of thunderstorms a live look at the bay bridge we have, so it is.
9:16 am
>>anny hong: a little close they do to the cloud cover it can be breezing we have western winds tend to 20 mi. our we think conditions will be fairly quiet and not expect a whole lot shower activity.
9:17 am
>>anny hong: 64 and the the more in the '60s in downtown san francisco a couple showers a possible drop the day to day and. >>rob black: saturation market
9:18 am
not so much a place in cycles taking a little bit longer they're learning it is one to come from seven or big bust apple shipped 51 million smart phones don't feel bad for the company because they did make a $10.5 billion in the last 90 best it is getting better ratings and review a lot of people are saying apple play that and million-plus users a week six of the 20 million of
9:19 am
iphone town the loses about 95 percent of people i am not discipline is a dividend claim it does have a lot of downside play in the markets of their interest. >>rob black: to have an official delegate this time the olympics
9:20 am
that have gone out trump and has long as he throws on twitter and political season the have all that and then on the revenue expectations this is a minute for the financial lesson he did not have the will because when
9:21 am
art is a magical have a favorite for the health some of the wanted a lot of the more money is not prince sister was considered big windfall asked to share earnings is also his five half siblings his minnesota law makes it that way it is with the embarrassing recall to mind every word he has there's no will or trust hide some of the issues people there's a lot of failed businesses he had a huge estate will learn all of this with the good news is is his ultimate 50 + million dollars a year in licensing just like all this press went and 5060 years now he was still build a
9:22 am
business he will still be in business. >>rob black: 67% of demand to go on use is probably not the average of members of $60 it is not cheap you do the math and as
9:23 am
a whole retirement contribution to most people we will be right back.
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>mark: we're waiting for donald trump to give a speech on foreign policy after he swept all five primaries and the northeast instead a lot of people watching this speech closely he said he the presumptive nominee and then looking to see many people if he can be " more presidential will try into exile don trump speeches again shortly he
9:26 am
pleaded guilty last interception on a transaction to avoid reporting where the money was going but said he was covering of hush money that he was trying to some who had sexually abused for the prosecutor said he abuse and leaks for boys what he was a high school wrestling coach in illinois is not on to a charge of sexual abuse because of the statute of limitation. >>darya: he will not serve any jail time his the sentenced to probation. >>darya: rumors swirling about who's replacing michael strong hand on live with kelly and michael the minnesota twins pitcher bill to prince. >>reporter: she is finally returned to live khaled in michael and not all the attention she's got in the last week the long national nightmare
9:27 am
is over she was wrong to throw some not so subtle shade and abc boss. >>: start a conversation about communication consideration 14 we respect in the workplace speaking of kelly issue when in all michael successor weeks opposed the replacement shoes photographed or copy of the but. >>reporter: the game on monday night that pay tribute by turned target failed shades of purple before the first pitch to the release seven white doves and the twins had had a different song playing as they stepped into the batter's box sound like a home run to may. >>darya: you can watch it today at 1:00 p.m. where chapter some
9:28 am
light showers come to the bay area of criminal to the into the peninsula more details coming up
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>robin winston: from renan north livermore avenue earlier it was back after the all to my to tracy went back into a five huge improvement the drive time about two hours ago was to men as contrasted to dublin now is 45 minutes and is looking much better no need to look for alternate route system since clean here and there is a heavy traffic on five it was approaching dublin
9:31 am
>>anny hong: in generally moving to the east and we also tracking to showers out toward the east bay in hayward in million sitting in to see the gray skies all across the bay area this morning local we expect for to they scattered showers with some
9:32 am
possible thunderstorms and then the ones with the cup and the this afternoon guest of the two to 5 mi. per hour to the judge will be allowed on the cool side to that. >>anny hong: right now risen about 50 is 54 and san francisco 57:00 mid 50's of a more >>: this was certainly the biggest night i am so honored it was a bad night last night and of a clinton and donald trump. >>darya: clinton won four of
9:33 am
last five primaries and troops swept all five men will could be a preview of the town of the general election to trump accused clinton of find the woman card asked him report he raise quite a few eyebrows. >>reporter: i think the only car she has a the woman's car said nothing else going and frankly if hillary clinton were man of i don't think she did 5% of the votes the remarks that people talk a conservative commentator said troops were simply meet and the titles for his base in a republican primary this is not a very controversial thing to say siding is for of the official expressed as a married at his feet who was on stage behind on a trumped the expression made
9:34 am
headlines and attracted attention on social media clinton however seems to be ready for the flight trump's 1/2. >>darya: barred new million- dollar train was undergoing testing and and look like it failed. >>terisa estacio: one of several hundred tons of our plans to eventually put into
9:35 am
service the new train has been in the features that are supposed to be safer for passengers the strain of the time was, about 5 mi. an hour at 10:00 this morning the officials tried to go over what happened with that do to prevent another mishap especially as more are to arrive to put into service >>mark: of trauma of his first major foreign-policy speech >>: of america will be the major an overriding theme of my administration but to chart our path for we must first briefly take a look back will have a lot to be proud of in the 1940's will save the world the greatest generation and the backed the
9:36 am
not seen and japanese imperialists than we save the world again the this time from totalitarianism and communism the cold world that lasted for decades but we won and we won bed democrats and republicans working together that missed the garbage after he the word of president reagan. >>: when he said tear down this wall history and will not forget what he did very special special man in president unfortunately after the cold war our foreign-policy tear badly of course we fell to develop a new vision for new time in fact as time went on our foreign policy began to make less and less
9:37 am
sense logic was replaced with foolishness and arrogance was led to one foreign policy disaster after another we would from mistakes in iraq to egypt to libya to president obama is lying in the sand and syria each of these actions have helped to throw the region and to cast and gave prices the space it needed to grow and prosper. >>: it all began with a dangerous idea that we could make her western democracy it out of countries that had no experience and interest in becoming and western the moccasin with four or institutions that had and then were surprised and what we unleashed >>mark: will be right back
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>mark: to the sentence as a public defender leigh shares speaking out this morning about racist text messages that were sent by an officer the text messages were sent by former san francisco police officer most of the messages are too offensive to show on television there apologizing for his department
9:41 am
the rules are in place the requires officers to report such behavior officers of the apartment will see by his trainer and of the year the strike started at 630 this morning about 1500 faculty members are welcome the ticket line off and it will be out there and to 730 tonight. >>anny hong: tracking showers across the bay area to the north bank and also the east bay where track as a more moderate line going to berkeley will talk more
9:42 am
about the rain and a chance for some storms coming up when one knows continues after the break
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>anny hong: it is the east bay getting hammered on were getting parts of san francisco and zoom in a little closer you can see also to an opening getting ready some heavy rain and looks like this newlywed for parts of aiding and also across the bay bridge where tracking some more heavy rain now in the south- central and cisco daily sitting
9:46 am
attention a little the berlin game area san mateo looks like 280 definitely getting rid of this is also selling the more heavy rain to mr. wright now 57 and the partly cloudy conditions with a castle time of the rain for us to give us a general idea of of what we're expecting we do not expect widespread buying but were going to hold on to the chance for some scattered showers as we headed to the afternoon hours.
9:47 am
>>anny hong: that can lead actually instability in the atmosphere which trust is a slight chance of on the storms that could produce a lot of the small investor wins for that evening ride home with forecasting any ran out into the above, the conditions for the east and south in the summer caring for the northridge a to see most of the activity out for the delta and sacramento appear pick. temperatures will bear on 64 level were 65 in san jose 67 oakland low 60s and san francisco ran the rain they're
9:48 am
just in case he was elected the storm track the 7 day around the bay forecast showers and a chance of thunderstorms across the bay area tomorrow and friday at dry conditions lots of sunshine. >>anny hong: is heading into may or one to sit up for the '80s a long low 90s potentially for sunday and the inland spots each and every great beach weather. >>robin winston: 880 north down the with the nine eighties fled
9:49 am
it is picking up no major problem mostly heavy on the milpitas side just under 40 minutes of 238 to 237 it is called live and the sock and no 101 of the contaminants. >>darya: and the three-year-old was abducted from his home in
9:50 am
august of 1984 back in 2011 the fare for a police department reexamine not the case and then identify the 57 year-old as a suspect. >>mark: the fire fighters the backed china after a few months off the legislation requires
9:51 am
landlords to install better and louder alarm systems and install fire is sifting they're going to suspend the testing until the figure out the cause of the crash.
9:52 am
>>mark: the owner is deeply troubled by this situation. >>haaziq madyun: the owner of rv to travis plummet contract was shown as follows of what someone did to one of his trucks and was recently stolen from an employee's home and president pleasant hill long >>haaziq madyun: five days later they founded here of our friendly canyon road martina's flesh and often flames faugh
9:53 am
>>haaziq madyun: he says he decided to tell them his story because this is not the first pick of that is in stolen from his business however it is the first to has been set on fire 50 find that very disturbing the city in concert please explain why thieves are burned and some selling vehicles more often fear felices they're hoping someone out there remember
9:54 am
sending shock and give them call. the second pick of the storm track tear this is showing who was getting showers at the moment centers around san francisco will be right back
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>mark: a deadly accident on
9:57 am
interstate 580 and doesn't cause a major backer of this is video from the helicopter partnership you can see the charred cars are involved one person died and all lanes reopen. >>darya: the adult son of this couple that were murdered in their home they were shot to death on sunday the home is on lucas scored a one of the two sons on to say he is not considered a suspect. >>mark: golden state warriors looking to close out a series against the houston rockets they will be without reining in bp steph curry he is probably out for the next two weeks at least with the spring and cl if they do not want to live there will take on the rockets in houston on friday to office. as an office >>darya: as a gifted showers moving through today and then we start making with a much more weather by the weekend.
9:58 am
>>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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