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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 28, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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guess who is right there by her side. >> so this is how jay-z is reacting to the becky with the good hair rumors. kelly ripa calling the shots cheater stare, don't care. at "live." beyonce's man was spotted yesterday at a miami hotel with will she quit if her next co-host isn't a bff? a male friend as beyonce what the sources are telling us. rehearsed for her big opening night show. plus, new details about so here's what we know about strahan's much earlier sendoff beyonce's concert. she's directing herself. and the advise from kathie lee. that's beyonce running the show. >> then britney spears drug this shows she'll perform past. caught spending the night in a favorites like "halo" and "crazy parking lot. >> we've learned new details about this turbulent time in her in love." ♪ life and why her world is so very different now. then, which pop star is so what is going on inside this melissa mccarthy poking some fun marriage? a source tells "e.t." that they at that. >> that tiny body. will likely walk the red carpet i don't understand how that together at monday's met ball works. plus, how jay-z is reacting gala. the event that led up to this to all those rumors he cheated infamous tmz elevator smackdown
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on beyonce. and hot guys having fun. just two years ago. ♪ eyes up there chris evans. ♪. plus chris hemsworth with a super fan. >> so we always love beyonce's >> i'm naked! fashion, from her straplesss >> harder? >> faster. armani in 2008, to the cheer now for april 27th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight". body-hugging in 2012. they say drama makes for >> is that what she's doing good tv. tonight? kelly's return gave the show a >> my mom is there actually. huge rating spike. if you're looking for more >> now let's take a deeper dive fireworks today, forget about into beyonce and jay's met gala it. >> it was crickets. language. they had the hot power couple they drank coffee. it was business as usual in thing down. every year, the couple holds front of the camera. >> but behind the scenes is hands. and there's this shot from behind. anything but as ripa lays down jay stands close, but not too the law in the search for strahan's replacement. close. remember when beyonce lost her >> michael and kelly walked out ring? jay found it and this shot of holding hands again today, him looking like he proposed had avoiding any messy exit talk. us all feeling the feel.
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something's up because abc jaywalks far away. kind of had a beaten look on his announced that strahan will exit face. they hardly cracked a smile. "live" four months earlier. and beyonce's choice of that that's just 16 days away. the early exit allows the show barely there dress. hey, i am all that, i don't need to start trying out kelly's you. >> guess what, it looks like chemistry with potential co-hosts over the summer. jay-z survived. ripa now holds the cards when it we expect to see him on stage comes to picking michael's with beyonce tonight in miami. meanwhile, remember the last time we saw nick gordon, bobbi successor. >> i spent some time with kelly. >> yes, i would. >> last night, melissa mccarthy kristina's boyfriend. during his interview with dr. joked about the job. >> i'm sad to see that airing phil, he wws a rambling intoxicated mess. going because i think they were starting tomorrow, the two are so kind of amazing together. back together for round two. >> he is very calm, cool, and my name in the hat. collected, or at least much more in control in this interview that's all i'm saying. than he was in the last. >> i'm free between 2:00 and but does it still feel like here's a man who still has demons and troubles? 2:45 a.m. aamost on a daily >> it's very difficult for him basis. >> a lot of people think you to deal with these allegations. should take it. we are going to talk about the >> i have a little too much on my plate. it's awkward because the three details, his detailed account of of us get breakfast together what he says happened that
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every morning before they film the show. night. >> when 21-year-old bobbi >> seriously, to some real kristina brown was found face contenders. you may have heard kelly wants down in a bathtub on january one of her bffs for the job. 31st, 2015, her boyfriend, nick that could be challenging though. anderson will be covering the gordon, became the prime focus election for cnn and cohen is of public scrutiny surrounding under contract for bravo. the incident and her death nearly six months later. 98 degrees singer nick lachey >> did you murder bobbi kristina brown? >> there's a $10 million civil told us he'd do it in a second. lawsuit pending against him. >> i adore kelly. this is a dangerous interview she knows what i think of her. for him to do wasn't it? >> it was. i would be honored to be he says that $10 million lawsuit considered. >> kelly seems to be getting is a joke. through the drama by returning photos surfaced of her smoking to her routine. she's also beefed up her security. the paparazzi are following her out of a bong and snorting everywhere. next, kathie lee's advice cocaine. did she have a drug problem? for kelly and michael. >> yes. she co-hosted the talk show with >> he says his struggles with regis for 15 years and had this addiction got worse after she was found unconscious. tip. >> be totally professional. >> i was drinking so much at the anything that is going onn time because i could not deal between you -- with what was happening to >> private. >> it's nobody's business but krissy. >> nick is now living in florida yours.
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always, always be professional. and says he's still struggling it's your job. to find a job. >> that's an interesting >> nobody will hire him. commentt i love kathie lee. he says it's a tough row right >> she talked about everything, now. >> if you read social media or listen to the court of public no matter what the controversy. opinion, lot of peeple out there >> our sources inside the think it could be a lot worse production tell us the producer, for nick right now. dr. phil's interview starts his big dilemma is how big to tomorrow. make this sendoff. fantastic. >> which grammy winner was also if it's too big, it seems nominated for an oscar for best disingenuous. but too small and it will seem disrespectful. original song? the answer is coming up next. >> they have issues and once upon a time so did britney she had spun completely out of control and now we learn why. new court documents paint a picture of a woman who was once upon a time on the brink of disaster. struggling with drug abuse. that's how court papers spell out brittney's dark decent. why are we just hearing about this now? the man who claimed to be her
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manager is suing her for among other things breach of contact. her drug use is mentioned often in the docs. >> we wouldn't really communicate. she kind of really shut me out. she shut us all out. >> just how bad did it get? her timeline ten years ago was like crashing into chaos. in 2007 following a short stint in rehab, spears shaved her own ♪ head in an l.a. hair salon. that was a few years later. and who can forget this debacle at the 2007 mtv vvas. (vo) beyond natural grain free pet food is committed to truth on the label. but it got much worse. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, she was wheeled away to a psyche it is number one. ward less than a year later and and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. put on involuntary hold. learn more at >> we're resilient. >> it was then that her dad,
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james, was granted a temporary, then permanent conservatorship of her affairs. that's when her turn around from the brink finally began. >> my main thing is to enjoy life and take one day at a time. >> in 2013, she began her hit residency in vegas which has been renewed through 2017. >> i'm going to be in vegas for two more years! >> a source telling us britney >> watch it in and out at is kept under a close watch. alcohol is not allowed anywhere >> travel considerations backstage. provided by -- as for the shoot in 2012, she is scheduled to be deposed in l.a. next monday. >> my life is kind of like an open book to the tabloids. it's kind of hard to step away completely from it. but you just do. a who's who from the world welcome back to the show, of politics to pop showed up at everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthday, a time 100 event. which grammy winner was also the magazine says these folks are the most influential. nominated for an oscar.
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that is sheena east john and it our senior news editor was in the middle of it all. she found out it's quite was for james bond "for your interesting when these worlds eyes only". collide. >> a major music exclusive >> it's a little surreal. tomorrow. the one and only mariah carey. >> melissa was honored by her ♪ >> only "e.t." is with mimi on ghostbusters director. her european tour. >> everybody is wondering. how was it onset? >> this is different because i >> it was so senty mental. don't usually show that. >> on stage and behind the kind of felt like we hadn't scenes. we know she's a diva. skipped a beat. >> mccarthy was also overwhelmed but is she also a bridezilla. for her and hubby to be sharing a red carpet with so many stars. >> i tried my dress last night. >> i want to see how many people >> tomorrow, only on "e.t." i can actually get to talk to. >> that will be the wedding to top all weddings. >> let's see how she did. >> ik takes the cake? joe biden, ariana grandy. >> it will take the cake. she brought her grandma who "insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. watched ariana nail this performance. number one, prince's death still has the music world the business moguls also being
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honored was too good for melissa reeling. >> breaks my heart. >> lionel richie remembers his not to take a crack at. friend and rival. and why wouldn't prince duet >> there's people fighting and making the world happier by with michael jackson. >> why didn't prince sing on singing amazing songs like that track? then, should kelly ripa go ariana out of that little tiny solo? >> i believe she will stay and body. i don't understand how that works. ♪ should stay. and number three, join the >> time honoree nicki minaj also girls night out as women most influential. impressed the crowd. >> i think they might have made a mistake. >> donald trump is excited watching you tonight. >> plus, our "insider" bonus. >> welcome to the best way back >> i can't believe i'm performing in front of donald trump. wednesday ever. what the hell? >> she performed a rendition of >> we're getting the boy bands anaconda partly dedicated to back together with o town's ryan trump. and she joins many here including a purple draped cloth remembering prince. >> he meant so much to me. prince made us ail feel comfortable in our skin. it made it okay. i think that was pretty bad ass. >> well said, gina. we have just learned that a judge confirmed that there was
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no will for prince. >> chaos ensue, right? >> yeah. >> coming up next, what happened in the cubicle doesn't stay in the cubicle. limbo, shots, back massages? this is what you want at your next office party. and new questions about the death of whitney houston's daughter. the man in the middle of her mystery. boyfriend, nick gordon. and we are exactly 100 days away from the summer olympics opening ceremony. that is jennifer garner already showing off her team usa spirit. we're counting down to rio with kerri walsh jennings. >> it pumps me up. plan on winning a gold medal in rio. >> she's already got three gold
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medals. the biggest ccallenge for this mom of three, being away from home. >> my daughter's three. she just knows that mommy keeps leaving. >> we were with kerri this morning as she surprised one young volleyball hopeful. >> i have a little surprise for you. dick's sporting goods has picked you and your mama to send you to rio to watch the olympics. >> all about giving back, kerri partnered with dick's who wanted us to tell you about their contenders program. like beach volley ball player ian satterfield. >> focussng on our dreams. probably the toughest thing to do. >> ten years ago, i wish i had this. i walked dogs. i worked in the kids' shoe store. it would have been amazing to
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work in the community i love. closed captioning provided by --
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tomorrow on "e.t." the oddest star home tour our
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can you believe what some people put in their bodies? (vo) beneful originals is a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. with whole grains, real beef and accents of vegetables. beneful. healthy with a side of happy. best day ever. >> yep, if you didn't understand him, channing tatum is saying best day ever right there. he's really loving life as he celebrated his 36th birthday yesterday on his new horse, a present from his wife. well, the face paint, well, that was a gift from his nearly 3-year-old daughter. and hey, i got an idea. that was so much fun. let's check out more hot guys having fun. >> ta key la shots, limbo, and a back massage. >> naked. >> and this is exactly why you want chris hemsworth at your next office party. he teamed up with ellen to
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surprise a super fan. >> hi, howwyou doing? >> how are you? >> oh, my. >> it's administrative professionals day. >> oh, my god! i can't believe this. ♪ >> next, nick jonas has a new bromance. >> the first time we worked was in new york city back in october. we were sharing a dressing room. i barged into his side. >> these two shared a stage for an episode of cmt cross roads. nick is comfortable with country and hip-hop. he counts jay-z as one of his mentors. >> he pulled me aside. i want to be whatever you need me to be. >> and finally, did chris evans get caught sneaking a peek at his co-star?
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at the london premiere causing chris to seemingly stop and stare. but can you blame him? even super heros can get sidetracked by a sexy lady. >> good thing he doesn't have x-ray vision. >> maybe it is. >> tomorrow, i'm going to take you to the "baywatch" set to hang with the rock and zac efron. and still ahead, new details surrounding the death of bobbi kristina. why her former boyfriend is speaking out. >> did she have a drug problem? >> plus, beyonce's opening night concert secret. >> fter the lemonade cheating bombshell, we break down beyonce and jay-z's body language. we'll be right back.
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starting this friday, joe zee breaks down the fashion dos, don'ts, and do-overs of the week. >> how would you fix this dress? >> the outrageous style, the latest star trends, the oh, no he didn't moment. [ laughter ] "entertainment tonight" is upping your fashion game. >> on "e.t." >> and of course joe zee will be
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front and center leading our coverage monday on fashion's biggest night in new york city. he's a regular at the event and so is beyonce. we expect to see her there. >> but tonight she is in miami kicking off her world tour just four days after her hbo special which seemed to put her had i been by on blast for cheating.
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