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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 28, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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before the tourism infrastructure committee and told them he wants home to be las vegas. and says he will pony up $2.6 billion to get the stadium. >> i think we have support from some of the people in the nfl and i don't think that's something we could have said 20 years ago. i think things are looking good on this. >> reporter: years to finding a team in the gambling capital of the united states is weakening and he's hopeful he can get 23 other owners to support the idea. but there's more to it than that. there remains a $700 million gap to fund the new 65,000 feet stadium. stadium backers want the money to come from increased taxes on tourism. and this will come from the approval of nevada legislator. with david beckham at his side. davis told the committee he thinks it can happen. >> together we can turn the
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silver state into the silver and black state. let's get that done. thank you, i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> now, what happens now? well the nevada legislature as i mentioned has to meet. that could happen for a special session in august. again lots to have happen before this takes place. what happens when it comes to build this stadium? that would take three years. and davis says he is happy to keep playing in oakland until the stadium is built. >> the potential site in las vegas is right next to the airport there. grant lotus is here to map things up for us. not that we really want to know where they're going to go, if they go. >> no we're just playing here. there's the airport in vegas. so many people have flown into there for maybe 24 hours or more. or less. this is just blocks from the street strip. you see the strip right here.
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for a little perspective we throw the mgm grand in there. the site we're talking about is a 42-acre site that is currently owned by unlv. and as dan mentioned, stadium would seat about 65,000 people. it would be a dome for sure. you know how hot it gets in september and october. the roof could potentially be retractable. that could add some extra money for this. again if you're looking for where the potential raider stadium would be, this is the site they're currently talking about, pam. >> all right grant, many at oakland city hall are not happy with what they talked about with officials. the oakland city council approved a lease extension to stay at the coliseum. as teresa asasio said, some are calling it a lease extension.
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>> that extends the lease for the raiders to stay at the oakland coliseum. you can imagine how upset some city council members were to hear that mark davis was shopping around on this thursday looking possibly for a new home for the raiders. >> i don't think the public wants to hear my thoughts regarding mr. davis being in las vegas. but the nfl made their decision not to allow the raiders to go to southern california. they threw another $100 million into the pot for mr. davis to work with the jurisdiction where they play in. which is the city of oakland. >> oakland city council member larry reed who sits on the board who manages the 80-acre complex spoke to me with davis in vegas meeting with officials there. >> and so i think it's disingenerous to all the raider fans and to all of us who are elected who want to keep the
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raiders here to be off talking to las vegas. >> this is city council member noel gallo. >> we in oakland are ready and committed to talk to mr. davis to keep the raiders here. but you know his stance of going to las vegas and until we lay all that out, certainly doesn't help that discussion. >> reporter: the mayor was out of town but had this statement. we remain firmly committed to working out terms that responsibly keep the raiders in oakland. where they belong. police arrested a high school assistant coach who they say was dating a student. 21-year-old loch nguyen was arrested. she is the assistant coach
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there. she faces misdemeanor child molestation charges. she was booked into the santa clara county jail. another bomb shell tonight in the grizzly double murder case we have been following this week in san jose. police have arrested both sons of a couple who were found shot to death in their evergreen valley home last sunday. kronfour was there. >> reporter: and we're getting the latest on the death of a couple, there's shock after their two sons have been arrested. >> they could just not believe this is happening in our community. >> reporter: abdul jaka is talking about the arrest of hosbib golenrobi and his 16-
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year-old brother in the deaths of their parents who's body was discovered in their home on lucas court. police say they were shot to death. abdul jaka says says he knows the boys and they worshiped here. >> i don't want to believe the boy would do it. knowing the family, knowing the kids. but then again anything is possible, i don't know in this time of day and age. >> reporter: the youngest son attends this school where counselors will be available. >> no not at all. that's why it's a big surprise. we have never seen any indication or any signs of any struggle between the family or whatever. >> reporter: hasbib
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goldenrobbie is scheduled to stand before a judge while a memorial is planned for his parents. authorities identified brandon payne. the victim just 16 years old was found dead on the floor of her home suffering from a gunshot wound to the torso. it happened on south 12th street on tuesday. investigators located the suspect near by the residence. shortly after the shooting and made the arrest. police discovered the alleged weapon used in the shooting. payne has been booked into jail. officers were called out to
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san ramon boulevard. when officers arrived they found another stolen car from oakland the suspect had allegedly arrived in. this is the second reported carjacking in san ramon this year. the name of the suspect has not been released. a man threatening a pet owner with a machete was has been booked into jail. a man driving with his sick dog pulled over on the side of the road to allow the pet to relieve himself. police say an area residence saw this and must have gotten upset, grabbing a 24-inch black mechete. walked aggressively toward the man and his dog swinging the weapon in the air. information given by the victim led police to find the man they arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon. three people connected to one of the san bernardino shooters are set to appear in
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federal court on federal charges. >> reporter: the two women involved are russian immigrants. prosecutors say they were involved in a marriage scheme aimed at allowing one of them to remain in the united states. you're looking at aerial views of the corona neighborhood where arrest warrants were served. the two people taken into custody today. investigators say the fight in the mark was with enrique marquez jr. the two are accused of lying in order to get immigration papers. police have released new video which appears to show a sheriff's deputy taking a gold
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chain necklace away from a beating victim. the victim is stanislaus petroch. two police officers beat petroch it happened after he led them on a car chase. the beating left him with permanent disabilities. those deputies were placed on administrative leave following the incident. and last month, a separate deputy was taken into custody after they found he had taken the necklace and tried to bribe two homeless men who had witnessed the beating. how an east bay couple hope to use their play off ticket to help a sick 4-year-old girl. plus the nfl draft is happening right now. coming up, a look at who the
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49ers may select with their seventh pick. remember the little dog named ponch who led the chp in a chase. he's on the move again. we'll tell you where next. >> and we're still seeing windy conditions. plus we're tracking a major warm up as we head right into the weekend. i'll let you know what's in store, this is coming up right after the break. next et. a mariah exclusive. only et is with the diva. >> plus, kevin is on the set of bay watch. next et. ÷h,z/
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month.
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keep calm, your internet's on. a family seeking help to pay medical extensions for a child diagnosed with brain
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cancer. the medical treatments are not offered in the united states. nick marion fond a warrior fan who is helping the girl get the treatment she needs. >> reporter: this is melanie madox jackson. earlier this year her family received the worse possible news. their 4-year-old little girl was diagnose with a rare form of brain cancer. >> on january 15th, we found out that, she has dipg. it's a rare brain tumor. >> here and they don't offer any treatment for it, other than braceically radiation which sort of buy -- basically radiation which sort of buys time. >> reporter: there's a treatment offered in england but the cost is $80,000. too much for this dental technician and nurse from martinez. >> that's like almost double what i make in a year, you know what i mean. >> reporter: the golden state
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warriors season ticketholder ronaldo randives offered a solution. he is auctions a pair of play off tickets on ebay after learning of melanie's condition. >> right now you go on ebay. the latest bit is $1,250 for the two tickets. which are lower level tickets so they're very, very good seats. it's round two. it's game one. so i imagine that they'll go for a lot more. we've been season ticketholders for four years. so we've been to plenty of games and at the end of the day it's just a game. and you know, i don't know how you can compare that to a child's life. >> when something like this happens to your family, and people step up and help you, like this man, you start to feel differently about how good people are. the family has received help from others as well. as you can tell from their go fund me page. if you would like to make a donation you will find all the
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information at it's a big night for football fans across the bay area. one-half keeping an eye on the raiders the other waiting to see what the 49ers will do with their draft pick. >> reporter: and deals are being brokered. much of the offseason headlines actually a ton of the offseason headlines have reinvolved around collin kaepernick. will they trade him, will they keep him. is he healthy. is he unhealthy. all the while there's been a draft to prepare for and here we are today. the 49ers about to select their next crop of young prospects. with first time head coach chip kelly. let's take a look as we break down what the teams needs are.
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you have quarterback, corner back, they need help at inside linebacker. you know defensive line, offensive line. a ton of needs for this team and balki is hoping this time around he hits it big in this draft and turns around this franchise. >> i can't control what the fans say or do. you know i know we're working awfully hard. and the fans deserve a good football team. just like this ownership does. we're doing everything we can to bring this back to a very competitive team. the draft is jury was duly sworn and -- the draft is just under way in chicago. on the offensive side of the ball could be ronny stanley offensive tackle from notre dame. on the defensive side, some
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prospects could be buckner, defensive back. and chip kelley coached him in college. also darren lee, we're going to have to keep an eye when the 49ers go on the clock with the seventh over all pick. when that pick goes down, we'll have a breaking news alert for you on the most popular sport in the country offering young talent tonight. and a young man from the north bay has been selected first in this year's nfl draft. grant lotus is here with all the excitement surrounding jared goff. >> this is what i like to call a double local from marin. played his college ball in berkeley. the guy is bay area through and through. went to marin catholic and was a stud with the golden bears
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posting single digit pass records. you see he's been on instagram and twitter. that's his mom and his sister. he says we're all ready to go. heart -- hard to tell which one is which. and he says thanks red bull for the beverages. you can see he's already making money on the endorsements. there's gillette getting a clean shave before the pick. and he will be the option for the rams. the rams are making a trade to get him. we will continue to monitor the draft. raiders picking 14th. gary will have a wrap up at 6:05. remember the little dog
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that led chp officers on a chase across the bay bridge. that dog has now found a forever home. ponch the black chihuahua got tons of attention earlier this year when the chp posted this video of his rescue on the bridge. the twitter postand the story has been circulating over the past few weeks but no one came forward to claim the bet. since then he's been kept safe. ponch's new owners say they saw it all on television and jumped at the chance to get him. >> we got a ton of applications. staff members went through those app cases and we did interviews with a hand full of people -- applications and we did interviews with a handful of people. his new owners decided to
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remain anonymous but they are very happy to have him home safe today with them. a lovely day around the bay area today. our meteorologist britney ship says it's going to stay this way for a while. >> it is. we're going to warm it up as we head into the weekend. the temperatures will keep climbing. we still have to deal with really strong winds. especially as we go out friday night into saturday. some of our higher elevations it'll be very windy. it's still windy font. you can still see on the back end a few little snow showers and rain showers in the sierra. our temperatures right now at 77 degrees in santa rosa. 77 in napa. 65degrees in richmond. we're in the low 60s in hayward. 63degrees in rich monday. up to 39 degrees, 28 in half- moon bay. 29 in san jose and 25 in fairfield.
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heading into the rest of tonight you'll notice the temperatures stay mild through 8:00 p.m. but we'll see cloudy and windy conditions through the rest of the evening. we'll drop to the 50s at 9:00 p.m. same think as 10:00. 78 in santa rosa. 69 in fremont. 71 in san jose and 79 degrees in livermore. we'll track your three day forecast including what to expect as we head into the weekends, pam. >> also coming up, next. how some northern california prison inmates pitched some big ideas to silican valley investors. and later, the new research that shows spanking your child may do more harm than good. map
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some of the inmates at the solano state prison may never walk out but they do have opportunities to better themselves and even make some money. griffin has the story. >> reporter: behind the barb wire, prison inmates have all
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the time in the world. some spend it working on their body while others. >> all we have is time to think. >> put their minds to work. >> reporter: for months these entrepreneurs have been participating in the program. it comes with mentorship with business execs and a chance to win money for their idea. >> my ask is $5,000. >> reporter: but first they have to wow these entrepreneurs from san francisco. >> video chatting for inmates and loved ones. >> they can connect to us, we'll have a device. >> reporter: and art flipping. >> i get about $500 for this inside. if i can market this outside in a gallery i can probably get $1,500 for that. >> reporter: these inmates are
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turning adversity into opportunity. >> this situation hurts. so whether you're innocent or not. when we're in prison we're thinking about how can we do better. how can we make other people better. >> reporter: for most of them freedom may never come but they at least have a purpose. >> each of us has a desire just to be human. and not to have the obstacles that are constantly in our lives because of our past. we can't change it but we would love to have the opportunity to show our worth. >> reporter: they're accepting their failures. >> they put me in prison for murder. >> reporter: and ambitions of building something great. >> and the winner is. >> steven jones jr. >> reporter: stephen jones jr. will walk away with $500 and he can then apply for further funding in the future. former house speaker john boehner weighs in on the republican field and gets the campaign trail buzzing. the new war of words coming up next at 5:30. and a bizarre stand off at
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a television station between police and a masked man in an animal costume. how it all ended, next. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
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on the presidential campaign trail, the republican
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war of words getting even more intense. a new round of name calling directed at senator ted cruz. catherine heenan is reporting. >> reporter: former house speaker john boehner said the texas senator was nothing less than the devil incarnite. >> reporter: the audience loved it, ted cruz is not laughing. >> what boehner is angry with me is standing with the american people. >> reporter: time is running out for cruz to block trump's nomination. >> she was saying i'm the only one that can beat donald trump. i have proven it time and time again. and i'm saying, oh please. and i'm killing him. >> reporter: indiana has turned into a head to head contest
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after john kasich decided to stop campaigning for next week's primary. two kasich supporters say they are being told to switch to trump or else. >> if this message is for tom i too hope and pray that he dies. >> reporter: thomas jones says he's gotten voice messages and e-mails. >> tom, hope the family is well. your name and info has been given to me on a list that's about to go public. good luck becoming a delegate. we are watching you. >> reporter: another delegate says he's been bombarded with more than 50 threats. >> the last one i got, frankly was the most disturbing to where the person said, if donald trump doesn't get the nomination, we should cleans the delegates. >> reporter: the depo even made an appearance. >> you're a -- a trador you are the true satan. trump's campaign says they
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deplore any attempt at discrimination. and britney shipp here's a live look outside right now. we're seeing a few clouds. breezy conditions will continue not only throughout tonight pwáu as we head into tonight and saturday morning. high pressure is rebuilding so our temperatures are warming up. right now we're at 77 degrees and now the same thing in santa rosa. 67, in san mateo mid-60s. in oakland it was a seasonal day. currently in concord and 67 right now in san jose. our wind speeds like i mentioned still staying strong. especially if you're in fair field, san jose, half-moon bay. wind speeds around 20 miles per hour. we do have this system you can still see the circulation it's going to continue moving away. we'll keep with the offshore
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flow and that's going to help warm up our temperatures. we will also see a ridge of high pressure that's going to build. so no rainfall in store for us over the next couple of days. as we push into the weekend we will start warming things up. afternoon highs for tomorrow 68 degrees in mountain view. temperatures in the east bay should warm to 74 in walnut creek. 72 in vallejo. i'll be tracking your weekend forecast when i see you again in about 15 minutes. pam. vice president joe biden made a visit to iraq. he's there to encourage iraqi unity and continue momentum in the fight against isis. this is biden's first trip to iraq since 2011. the effort to shut down the prison in guantanamo bay cuban got some push back today.
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>> it's a prison known for torture and terror. now after 10 years of attempt, what should happen to the 80 plus prisoners who remain on base? move terrorists to federal facilities in kansas or sacramento. for that state's governor nikki haley, the proposition is not an option. >> there's no amount of money that they can pay whether it be cost or supplement that would justify those detainees coming to south carolina. south carolina is no stranger to high profile prisoners. right now charleston holds the suspect in last year's mass shooting at the ame church that killed five people. >> you can hold a domestic
5:35 pm
terrorist means you have the ability to safely house a very dangerous person who others would want to do harm. >> reporter: for governor haley it's not about logistics or money, it's about an idea that could invite more problems to her state. >> in charleston, what we call the holy city it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: it's still anybody's guess where these guantanamo detainees may end up. but another area is the maximum security jail in colorado. a man walked into a tv station wearing a full costume, surgical mask and what appeared to be a explosive. he was shot after refusing to show his hands.
5:36 pm
police say the man is still alive and that the bomb was a fake. before entering the station, the man may have set fire to his own car once inside the station he spoke to the security guard there glanding that the station cover a story about a government conspiracy. no one else was hurt. a jet blue pilot is facing charges for allegedly flying while drunk. pilot dennis murphy was found to have an illegal blood alcohol content level during routine testing in april of 2015. murphy's co-pilot said that he saw him drinking an unknown beverage from a cup before and during two flights. he flew a round trip between new york's kennedy airport and orlando international. murphy resigned from jet blue after his test only three months after he started the job there. if he is found guilty he faces a maximum 15 year sentence. still ahead at 5:00, could
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prince's personal belief led to his death? what was allegedly found near his body. that's coming up. >> and next, why spanking your child does not work and how it could lead to other problems later. and in wall street, stocks dropped. apple sank 3% its second largest drop. the s & p lost 19. the nasdaq gave up 57 points.
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that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there.
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that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too. a new study is out on spanking. catherine heenan is back and has what this research says. >> reporter: we know there's been a lot of studies on spanking. generally they say it's not a good idea. but this study goes forward that says it produces the opposite effect of what parents want. researchers say, the more children are spanked, the more likely they are to defy their parents, exhibit antisocial behavior, even face mental health problems later. the study says it does not make children better behaved. it does not teach them right from wrong. these findings are published in april's journal of family psychology. for the study the research is
5:41 pm
defined spanks as swatting a child on the behind with an open hand. they say even that is enough to cause long term damage to a child's psyche. >> and i'm tracking a major warm up as we get closer to the weekend. i'll let you know how long these warm temperatures will stick around. that's coming up after the break. there's a do it yourself project sweeping the country.
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will the raiders stay in oakland or head to sin city. we told you about the possibility they would move and that's not sitting very well with many in the raider nation. the continued fall out just as the team is in the middle of drafting new players. >> earlier at 5:00, we told you that a young man from the north bay has been selected first in this year's nfl draft. grant lotus is back with more. this is white an establishment
5:45 pm
with more on this. >> he's instantly a millionaire and he's instantly the face of the los angeles rams. that sounded a little odd a few days ago. but the team in l.a. now has a quarterback they traded up to get him. here is the announcement from the commissioner a couple of minutes ago. >> with the first pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the los angeles rams select jared goff. >> reporter: yeah goff played his high school ball at marin catholic. he's from nevato. starred for cal bear, set records there. set 12pac records passing, a pure thrower. 6'4", everybody seems to love the way he can manipulate the pocket and very accurate with his throws. seems to be a great guy and now he's going to take his talents to los angeles. >> what was that moment like? >> it was well worth the wait. honestly, it was an
5:46 pm
unbelievable moment, once in a lifetime experience. and i can't even put it into words right now. i'm very happy, very excited to move on with my career. >> reporter: he wears the number 16 because joe montana was his childhood hero. he was a niner fan, probably still is. but i guess can't be anymore. he's going to face his old favorite team now twice a year as those two teams the rams and niners are in the same division. speaking of the 49ers, they are going to be picking here in about 20 minutes. we will break in once they have done so. let you know who the newest niner is. and the raiders who may be moving to vegas. we hope not. they will be picking 14th over all. a big night in the nfl. the most popular sport in america. so big night all around the country as all the teams that have picks in the first round are making selections. pam. >> all right, grant. we are inching closer to
5:47 pm
the weekend. our meteorologist brittney shipp is here to tell us what's coming up. >> reporter: sunday is going to be the peak and temperatures will start to cool things down as we head into next week. a live look outside right now, we're seeing clear skies on this camera. although we will see partly cloudy skies as we head into the rest of tonight. we'll still see windy conditions as well. that is going to continue for us into tomorrow. so tonight, cloudy and windy. tomorrow we'll warm up. heading into the weekend much warmer we're talking beach weather. so beautiful conditions throughout the entire area. right now in san francisco, 60 degrees. 65 if you're in oakland. san jose six. warmer in concord it's 76. 77 in santa rosa. so we're a little warmer today versus yesterday. that warming trend will continue for us. the wind speeds right now sustained at 20 miles per hour in fairfield. same thing in redwood city. speeds sustained at 23 in san jose.
5:48 pm
we could see wind gusts upward of 26 miles per hour. temperatures will go into the 40s for santa rosa. 51 in richmond. 49degrees in oakland. it's still going to be a cold start to the morning. our radar is showing us we have a few of these little scattered snow and rain showers in the sierra. it's part of a system that's still off to the east of us that is going to slowly move away. we're also going to see more of an offshore flow move in. that will help bump up our temperatures. we'll see high pressure behind it. we're not tracks any more weather moving through. 78 in santa rosa. 70 in san rafael. in san francisco an average day. 66 in redwood city. 68 in sunnyville. temperatures in san jose at 71. 71degrees will be the high in livermore. your seven day forecast shows that we have a major warming trend as we go into the
5:49 pm
weekend. so our temperatures are really going to warm up saturday and sunday. and you'll note -- notice as we get into saturday, temperatures will be warm all the way from the inland areas to the bay to the coast. we'll start to see more of a cooling trend as we head into sunday and monday. still above average and we don't track another chance of rain until all way next week on wednesday. and that's when our temperatures will start to get a big closer to average, pam. >> the investigation into what killed music icon prince continues to be a hot topic. we have heard and know that he left no will and there's a report that painkillers were found at his home. the insider's is tracking it. >> reporter: did prince' personal belief cause a mess. >> i have lost faith in contracts. i don't believe in contracts.
5:50 pm
>> is it possible that someone take control of the brand? >> i really searched deep within to find out the answer to whether fame was most important to me or my spiritual well being. and i chose the latter. >> remember at any point since 18, he could have had a will drawn up. as a matter of fact, one of his former attorneys who i actually do know personally has indicated that he believes that probably prince does have a will. >> our insider attorney looking into biggie smalls and left eye lopez. >> minnesota recognizes half siblings as well as full siblings as being entitled to inherent. those are the people who will probably end up with the estate. >> though nothing prince did was predictable. especially when it comes to his
5:51 pm
death investigation. with sources saying painkillers were found in the elevator where his body was discovered. some have speculated his jehovas witness face may have prevented him from seeking help for his hip injury. pam back to you. >> kron4's ground breaking original program the back story returns this sunday night with a brand new episode. here's a preview. >> good morning gar. >> you better make it fast i'm heading out to the ballpark as a subject of back roads, back story whatever it is. i'm being followed around today. >> oh behind the scenes. i love it. i do want to say, you would not have won those titles without you. and i really, i really want to just get along with you guys.
5:52 pm
we would not have won those titles without you. >> you have been, you have been, you have been up and down. >> i just lied to. >> i spoke to somebody about this a couple of days ago. >> gary, gary, can i get a picture of you. >> just make sure i look taller and skinnier. >> me too. >> you can catch the back story this sunday and every sunday night at 9:30. coming up, this guy has been standing in this area in the middle of a busy sidewalk rarely looking up. >> everybody is on their cell phones, snap chatting nowadays. that's what it comes down to. >> because of this, some cities have placed texting lanes.
5:53 pm
we'll talk about that coming up on people behaving badly.
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5:55 pm
zombies are taking over the world. no not the type that you see on the walking dead. these zombies may work right next to you or it might even be you. it's gotten so bad that some places are making accommodations for them. our stanley roberts explains. >> reporter: okay, let's watch this guy standing at a corner of new montgomery and mission in san francisco. he's been texting for a very long time and not moving an inch. in fact, he's been there so long, two light cycles passed
5:56 pm
and i was able to cross the street and get closer. and that my friend is what the world we know has come to. phone zombies have gotten so bad that some cities have placed texting lanes. this guy thinks. >> it's actually a good idea. >> why not just look up. >> because everybody is caught up in their ways. it's pretty much what it's come down to. everyone is looking down on their phone, snap chatting. it's what the world has come to. >> reporter: now that is scary. if you own a smart phone, chances are you have done it too. i know i have. but i try to break myself of that habit because well it's dangerous. >> what i'm thinking is going to happen is everybody is going to get hit by cars. >> reporter: i asked if there
5:57 pm
were any plans to add pedestrian signals in san francisco, the answer is no. it would take an act of congress to make that happen here. for now we're going to have to find ways to keep people from walking out in front of buses and cars and remember to walk up while walking and face booking. >> you just shut down everybodies phones. i tell you what, you're not going to get anyone who's going to put their phones down. that's today's day and age. lawmakers in arkansas new jersey and new york are trying to pass laws to ban predecember -- ban pedestrians from using their phone while crossing the street. >> i just got knocked down by a kid who was on his bike while snap chatting. and the new information just released about this latest
5:58 pm
case, oakland raider fans keeping a close eye on their team. they've lined up to see who will be drafted on the very same day the owner takes a look at possibilities in las vegas. the news continues in 70 second on kron4 news at 6:00.
5:59 pm
my father passed away to continue his legacy with this football team and the number one thing is to find a stadium and find home. that's what i'm looking to do. if i find one and find support from the city like -- i'm here. and the raider organization is here. now at 6:00, raiders owner mark davis drops a bomb shell. he seriously wants to move the team to las vegas and is
6:00 pm
intensifying his efforts to do it. good evening everybody i'm pam moore. all of this comes as the raiders are about to make their picks in the nfl draft. fans are dealing with the possibility the team is about to leave town. dan kerman has the story. >> reporter: while they're here for this party, mark davis is in las vegas p -- pitching to move the team there. >> first off the raiders are undefeated in las vegas. >> reporter: mark davis is speaking of a 1964 exhibition game. the first and last time the raiders played in las vegas. >> with your help it won't be another 50 years before the raiders play another football game in las vegas.
6:01 pm
>> reporter: mark davis appeared before the tourism committee and said he wants to help pay for the stadium. >> i think this will make one of the greatest experiences in sports. >> reporter: in the past the nfl has frowned on locating the team in the nation's gambling capital. but davis thinks attitudes are changing and he can get the support of 3/4 of the nfl owners. >> i believe that if we give them an offer they can't refuse, that's what we're talking about here right now, i don't see a problem. >> reporter: even with the raiders half a billion dollars, there remains a $750 million gap. backers want it to come from tourism. with soccer great david beckham at his side, davis told the committee he's ready to make it happen. >> we would put it on the fastest track as we possibly could. we're committed to this project if you're committed to us. >> reporter: now it's possible there could be a special
6:02 pm
session of the legislature in nevada to vote on this increased tourism tax if this moves forward. again, building this new stadium could take three years. day vis told the committee he's happy that the team can continue to play in oakland for those three years while his brand new stadium is being constructed. but a lot of hurdles to cross before that happens. live in oakland. dan kerman, kron4 news. here's the plan for the las vegas stadium it would cost $5.4 million and would not be located far from the las vegas strip and the airport. $75million will go toward the construction. the land is currently owned by unlv and the school in fact, would also use it for its games. the facility could hold other large events there since it would have a dome. plans call for the stadium to seek 65,000 people. many folks in oakland city hall were not pleased to hear about the raiders talking with las vegas officials about this potential move. just a few weeks ago, you might
6:03 pm
remember the city council approved a lease extension for the team to stay at the oakland coliseum. kron4 spoke with officials in oakland today who said they're not happy with davis's approach. >> i think it's disingeneral -- disingenuous not only to raider fans but to us. >> his stance of going to las vegas, san antonio, l.a. and all that certainly does not help that discussion. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby schaaf is out of town but released a statement that says we are working on terms to responsibilitily keep the raiders in oakland where we want them to be and where they belong.
6:04 pm
despite all this las vegas talk, the vegas future could hench on what another las vegas team plans to do grant lotus is here with details. >> reporter: the chargers owner wants to stay in san diego but he would need financial help locally to get a new stadium built. if the chargers do stay in san diego, then the raiders would have the option to move in with the rams in englewood and share that stadium. the raiders don't know if they have the option to move to englewood. we just got a bit of breaking news related to the nfl draft since we are talking football here. the niners have made their pick in the first round seventh over all they pick a defensive end, buckner out of oregon. mark carpenter is at the niners draft party and he'll have more on that in seven or eight
6:05 pm
minutes. pam. is sonoma county health department has confirmed that someone has the zika virus. the person was bitten by a mosquito while traveling. infected mosquitoes have been found in 12 counties throughout california so far. zika is primarily spread through mosquito bites but also through sexual contact. a big story that we have been following out of the south bay still making headlines. two arrests announced in the murder of a couple in their home in san jose. as kron4 reports, family members are having a hard time coming to term that is the couples two sons are responsible for the death of their parents. >> i don't want to believe, i can't believe that boy would to it. >> reporter: abdul jaka is
6:06 pm
talking about this man, hasib golamrabbi and his 17-year-old brother who have been accused of murdering their parents. >> i've seen their children, they always come with their parent to pray, very quiet. the children are always very quiet kind. >> reporter: police say they were shot to death but have so far not confirmed reports the killers left messages at the crime scene. abdul jaka says there is no sign of any family strife. >> we had no indications or no signs whatsoever that there was anything wrong or anything unusual about this family. >> reporter: not named as a suspect if until his arrest, hasib golamrabbi attended golden state while his brother is a student at evergreen high school. >> the community is in a big
6:07 pm
shock. they just cannot believe that this has happened in our community. this family was very nice, very humble. very polite. >> reporter: in san jose, rob fladeboe. three people accused of robberies at restaurants have been arrested. they were caught while trying to hold up a bar in san francisco. the bar was being staked out by police. in all the trio is blamed for 23 robberies since the beginning of last month. nine of them occurred in berkeley. a 25-year-old pregnant woman is recovering in intensive care after getting shot in the head. yesterday morning ricardo calandres is the woman's former boyfriend. he remains at large and is wanted for the shooting. calandres was last seen driving
6:08 pm
a 2003 silver toyota camry. on wednesday, officers received a reports of a shooting in pacifica and they found the pregnant woman with the gunshot wound to her head. the mother will stay in the hospital until her baby is born. but doctors say, both of them are expected to survive. a two car crash in the embarcadero in san francisco yesterday left one woman dead. today we learned the victim was 56-year-old janet gilo of napa. three people were transported to the hospital following the crash along the embarcadero at bryant. you can see, the cars and the footage mangled after the wreck. it happened just about noontime according to officials. police report the injuries of the other two people men, ages 59 and 22 are life threatening. well warm weather today and warm weather expected for the weekend ahead. our meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the weather.
6:09 pm
>> our satellite radar showing us that we're seeing a few little isolated rain showers. mainly near the sierra associated with the system that is already off to the east of us. it's going to continue to pull away from us. and we're going to track high pressure moving in so in between those two systems, that's when we tend to see pretty strong wind speeds. those wind speeds are going to continue as we go into the rest of tonight and also into tomorrow. wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour in san francisco. up to 21 in santa rosa, 24 in half-moon bay. and 24 in san jose. our temperatures right now at 71 degrees in fairfield. 78 in antioch. 68 in livermore. 68 currently in san jose. mid-50s so a chilly night ahead if you're in half-moon bay. 54degrees in you're in daly city. your night planner shows we will see a few clouds sticking with us. windy conditions will remain straight through the evening.
6:10 pm
it'll be a cool night across the board. all in the 50s by 10:00. i'll have a closer look at the weekend forecast that's coming up in about 15 minutes, pam. a startling new report says that stanford and uc berkeley have the highest campus crime rates per student in the state of california. it comes from a report from the u.s. department of education. and looked at numbers from 2012 to 2014. stanford averaged about eight crimes per 1,000 students. uc berkeley was second on the list. it averaged a little more than three crimes per 1,000 students. we reached out to both schools for a response. cal says it is actively doing a number of things to cut down on crime. and that the rate has gone down sharply over the past two years. stanford says statistics are high there because the campus is so large. and many of its faculty and students live on campus. coming up next, find out how an east bay couple is using
6:11 pm
the warriors play off to help a little girl. and costly fall out from a deadly california wildfire, find out how much the state wants to fine pg & e. >> i'm a 10. >> i'm an 11. >> i'm an eight. >> i'm a five, i'm a six, i'm an eight. and now i'm a 10. >> now whatever time is right for you. kron4 news has you covered. introducing the kron4 news at 10:00 p.m. starting monday may 16. >> i'm a 10.
6:12 pm
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6:14 pm
breaking news. it is draft day for the nfl and just a few minutes ago the 49ers made their choice. kron4's matt carpenter is at 49er headquarters in california with news of the newest member of their team. >> reporter: the pick is in and with the seventh over all selection in the 2016 draft. the san francisco 49ers have selected deforest buckner. a defensive end out of oregon. this is a guy that he coached in college, 6'7" and this guy, he has all the great tangibles. knows how to get after the quarterback. he's long, he's rangey. he can get off the end.
6:15 pm
here's some of the highlights. flexible upper body, long arm, great speed play. allows maximum field coverage to tackle. he can hit the shoulders. has side and athleticism for skiing versatility. quick off the snap. in other words he will be a nightmare for the rest of the nfc west. forest buckner joins aaron armstead drafted last year. i have a connection with deforest buckner, he went to hawaii high school. alma mater of barack obama. he was a man among boys. it's interesting to what the draft will do. will they move collin kaepernick. what other positions will they fill. will he try to get some offensive line help. all to look forward to in the coming days but until then,
6:16 pm
deforest buckner, coming up in sports at 5:00. gary radnich will have reaction from the man that got selected, pam. >> reporter: all right, mark, thank you. a child recently diagnosed with brain cancer is receiving help from a warriors fan to help pay for her medical treatment. 4-year-old melody sullivan mussock and her family have to travel outside the country to receive special medical attention for her inoperable brain tumor. a warriors season ticketholder is stepping up to help them pay. the more than $80,000 needed to get her the help she needs. >> i don't feel like i'm very special. i'm just helping a child. life is hard enough to having it this hard at 4 years old. >> it's unbelievable. they've given us hope. and we're going to take her to where we can get the hope that
6:17 pm
we need. >> the ebay auction ends tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon. the family has set up a go fund me page for melody to cover the cost of the treatment and the travel expenses to england to get the treatment. you can find out more about that on our web page all at new license plate surveillance cameras have been installed at an east bay b.a.r.t. station. one located in order to capture the plates of cars coming into the garage the other as those cars exit. b.a.r.t. police say they're here to make the garage safer and to monitor for any possible criminal activity. the cameras have not been turned on just yet. some groups are not very happy about these cameras though. and today, at the b.a.r.t. board meeting they spoke up saying the cameras violate privacy rights. >> there's no reason for this kind of, this kind of intrusive data to be collected and to
6:18 pm
build a pattern of people's lives. that's what's happening. >> b.a.r.t. officials agree to wait to turn on the cameras for now. they want to put together a group to study the cameras and create a clear policy on what will be collected and who will see that information. the issue over access to a popular san mateo county beach is headed to trial. we have been telling you about the fight at martin's beach in san jose. billionaire cosa bought it in 2008 and closed it off to the public in 2009. but this move sparked a heated fight and lawsuit. they've ordered a trial to determine if in fact, there is a right of public access there. both sides are declaring this as a victory. pg & e is being blamed for a deadly destructive wildfire and the utility could have to pay big money as a result. grant lotus is here.
6:19 pm
he has the details on this. >> reporter: state fire and forestry officials are asking for $20 million. they're saying an investigation found that pg & e has negligence. and that caused a wildfire. the report finding that the utility's tree trimming left a weak tree near a power line, when that tree came down the three week long fire started. two people died, more than 500 homes destroyed. the butte fire is the seventh most destructive in california history. pg & e responding saying it's reviewing the report and committed to doing the right thing for its customers. says it will respond in the normal legal process, pam. a new proposed law would make it possible for landlords to prohibit smoking majuana inside rental units. the california bill hopes to add smoking marijuana to a list
6:20 pm
of activities landlords can prohibit to tenants while staying in their property. if the law passes it would apply immediately to medical marijuana users and if recreational use is legalized in november that would also fall under this proposed bill. warm weather in the bay area forecast. our meteorologist brittney shipp is here. >> our temperatures are going to warm up 20 degrees than what we were today. as we head into next week, here's a live look outside right now. it's going to be a comfortable evening out. a bit on the cooler side with our wind speeds still staying strong. our temperatures right now if you're along the coast in the 50s. 54degrees in daly city. 55 in half-moon bay. if you're close tore santa rosa we're at 75 degrees. 71 in fairfield.
6:21 pm
a nice day in antioch. 67 in livermore, 66 degrees in san jose. our wind speeds are still sustained at 15 miles per hour. in half-moon bay, same thing in redwood city. a breezy day again in oakland. so we're in between two systems an area of low pressure is going to continue to push away from our region. high pressure will build back in behind it. that's going to give us lots of sunshine. dry conditions as we head into the end of your workweek and also, into the weekend we do have to deal with some windy conditions especially as we get into friday night. and also into saturday. but a great weekend forecast on tap for us as we go into the next few days. so let's take a closer look at your highs around the region tomorrow. 69degrees in fremont. we'll warm to a low of 70 in san jose. if you're closer to the east bay, walnut creek will close to 74 tomorrow. 72 in vallejo. 69 in richmond. temperatures in hayward at 67
6:22 pm
degrees. 69 in union city. and 71 in pleasanton. closing to san francisco mid- 60s for us tomorrow. 70 in san rafael. 78 in santa rosa. we'll be a bit cooler in daly city at 60 degrees. here's your three day forecast. it shows as we head into tomorrow, most locations in the 60s and 70s. on saturday now we're heading into the 70s and 80s. take a look at sunday, beach weather. some of our inland highs in the high 80s. along the bay 81 degrees. along the coast 75. so it's going to be a beautiful weekend to get outside. i'll have more details in the seven day forecast. it's coming up. and a whale that washed up will now be cut up and sent to a landfill. authorities made the decision when they found that it would be unable to tow it out to sea. officials are still trying to
6:23 pm
determine the cause of death but say the whale most likely died of natural causes. the chihuahua that tried to high tail it across the bay bridge is back on the move today. we have the latest on ponch and where he's headed since his owner never came forward. and the latest on what former house speaker joe boehner had to say about the republican party nominees.
6:24 pm
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6:25 pm
a lot of people any bay area have been rooting for that little chihuahua that led the c hp on a chase over the bay bridge. now a happy ending for the little dog. catherin heenan has the story. >> reporter: the story of a little dog running across the bridge touched the heart of many people.
6:26 pm
today we got to see him off. nobody ever claimed him. he might simply have been abandoned by someone driving across the bridge and today you see him looking a little nervous with all the cameras and the attention. we find out he has found a permanent home with a couple who saw him on tv. decided they had to have him. we also met the woman who has given him a foster home in recent weeks. >> well he's a little bit on the shy side as you can see. but at home he's confident, he's loving. he's really been coming out of his shell. motorcycle, he doesn't care much for motorcycles. i think it was a little traumatic for him on the bridge. he's afraid of loud noises so he does startle a bit but he's gaining confidence every day. >> well the dog saw him on tv. and that just kind of started it. >> that was maryland the new owner as she says ponch will be a little brother to a dog she
6:27 pm
already has at home. and she and her husband will not change his name. you will remember the chp called him ponch after a character on chips. and a war of words. the harsh critique john boehner has more ted cruz. and how the republican presidential candidate is responding. >> coming up, public transportation is just what it means. it's transportation for the public. however, there are some people who believe there's such a thing as a free ride. i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. tonight at 8:00.
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6:30 pm
here in oakland raider owner mark davis is shopping the team around for a new stadium. davis appeared thursday before the southern nevada tourism infrastructure committee. told him he wants his new home to be las vegas. while davis is promising to pony up half a billion dollars, they still come up millions short. supporters want that to come from a tourism tax. that will need approval.
6:31 pm
shock and disbelief that was the general mood at oakland city hall after news that mark davis the owner of the raiders was in las vegas shopping around possibly looking for a new home for the team. i spoke with larry reed who said he thought the whole thing was disingenuous and completely infair to fans who had supported the raiders for quite some time. here at oakland, terisa estacio. >> i can't believe that boy would do it. >> evergreen islamic center volunteer and close family friend abdul jaka is talking about the recent arrest of 22- year-old hasib golamrabbi and his 16-year-old brother. they're accused of the murders of their parents who's body was
6:32 pm
found at their luca lane home sunday. jaka said the boys were quiet but always respectful and said there was no signs of trouble with the family. the republican convention is being held in burlingame. i spoke to one group who's planning to protest the convention in particular mr. trump's speech. they say they have invited hundreds of volunteers and supporters to protest. in berkeley, charles clifford, kron4 news. carl icon says he has sold his steak in apple. icon says he's worried about the company's ability to handle the tough chinese market. he thinks apple is still a great company and he praised the ceo tom cook. icon estimates he made about $2 billion in profits from apple
6:33 pm
stock. it has been a tough week for apple though, the cupertino company saw its stock fly after a drop in iphone sales earlier this week. the california legislature is approving $16 million to help counties throughout the stay deal with the surge of interest in this year's primary. democratic senator mark leno of san francisco says the money will help counties manage all of the new voters. leno says that there are nearly 600,000 new registered voters in california so far. the bill is now being sent to governor jerry brown. former house speaker john boehner says that he has friends in both political parties but it is very clear today that ted cruz is not one of them. katherine heenan -- catherine heenan has what boehner said.
6:34 pm
>> maybe he didn't think that people were going to record his comments, which was naive. but he didn't care. using the words, lucifer in the flesh. >> john boehner had some interesting comments last night. he didn't abbreviate what he said. he was a little more expressive. what boehner is angry with me for is nothing i have ever said too him. i haven't said much of anything to him. what boehner is angry with me is standing with the american people. >> cruz claims he never actually worked with boehner because the then speaker refused his invitation for parks about the partial government shut down three years ago. cruz told an audience today if you want a president like john boehner, donald trump is your man. our meteorologist who says
6:35 pm
the temperatures are going to get warmer every day from now through the weekend. >> we're right at the beginning of a warming trend. so it's really going to feel different as that sunday rolls around. that will be the peak in our temperatures. here's what to expect head into the middle of tonight. cloudy and still windy. it's been windy for days. we've had a number of different systems pushing into our area. moving into tomorrow, we're going the track warm weather. much warmer beach weather for us. mid-60s in san jose. livermore in the high 60s. that area of low pressure is going to continue to push away from us. and we're still seeing a few scattered showers near lake tahoe. high pressure will continue to build. we'll get more of an offshore flow in here and that's going to help warm up our temperatures. heading into tomorrow, it'll be similar to what we saw today. a few spots warmer. 60 through san francisco. 66 in redwood city.
6:36 pm
68 the high tomorrow in sunnyvale. that big warming trend as we head into your weekend. then we start to see our temperatures dropping down as we head into monday. by next wednesday, we'll track mostly cloudy skies by next thursday a slight chance of showers. chrysler and google's self- driving car project are in advance talks to form a technical partnership. the talks were confirmed today even though discussions are private. the partnership would be the first to match an auto maker with google's 7-year-old autonomous car project. details have not yet been revealed but google has said it does not intend to make the self-driving cars and would prefer to license its technology to car makers. chrysler which lacks the cash to make the car will be happy
6:37 pm
to try out the technology. and wait until you find out who landed the role.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
new tonight at 8:00, an east bay community in mourning after a star athlete drowns in a backyard pool in martinez. tonight, loved ones will hold a vigil at alhambra high school to honor the life of 15-year- old andre peria. hear from his classmates who
6:40 pm
describe him as a gentle giant. a movie about ronald reagan is in the works. you may be surprised who has been cast as the former california governor and president. christian brockman tells us who landed the role in tonight's wrap. >> beyonce's formation tour kicked off. when she sang halo she dedicated it to jay z says she loves him. >> brooklyn decker is making news. she was sitting on a plane and told she could get off because she needed to pump some breast milk. so she got off. went to the bathroom and when she tried to reboard her flight
6:41 pm
was closed. so brooklyn had a few drinks and then went on twitter. here's a cast that may be a surprise. will ferrell has been cast as ronald reagan. if hillary clinton wins he will not push himself that far creatively to play her. >> anything goes. that's it for the daily wrap. in sports a local kid goes number one over all in the nfl draft. and the 49ers go big and tall with their first rounder gary has details and all the sports. mr.radnich is coming up.
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something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. all right, good evening everybody. the nfl draft began tonight with a kid from marin catholic. university of california, wow. he's the king of the world
6:45 pm
right now. >> with the first pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the rams select jared goff from california. >> so the rams back into california with their pick of jared goff. he kept throwing and throwing and throwing last year over 4,000 yards. 43 touchdowns. the number one pick in this year's nfl draft. jared goff the second quarterback to ever be chosen number one from cal. the first steve barkowski back in 1975. >> it was well worth the wait. honestly. once in ha lifetime experience. i can't put it into words right now. i'm very happy and get on and
6:46 pm
move on with my freshman career. >> great great stuff. being able to follow this kid as he stays right here in california. just for fun we'll do the other four picks in the top five here. carson wence north dakota state goes to the eagles and jerry boste out of ohio state goes to the chargers. and ezequil elliot number four to dallas and ramsey he's the defensive back supposed to be another di new --dion sanders from florida state goes to the -- >> all right young man who grew up in hawaii, matriculated to oregon. this is the guy that can play every run, can handle the run,
6:47 pm
can handle the pass. second straight year the niners have drafted a big end. everybody pretty excited about buckner. once again the word is he's a complete, complete player. we're waiting the raiders moments away at number 14. we'll go to the war room with grant. you're keeping abreast of the raiders selection. >> that's right. they're on the clock just under five minutes to go until they're pick is announced. and the linebacker from ucla miles jackson still available. might have a knee issue. but he's a great talent. >> yeah. >> i'm predicting. >> thank you everybody predicts on this. he will probably need knee surgery, miss his rookie year. and pam is keeping abreast of the new york giants selection. and we will break in. >> i don't want to reveal that right now. >> i appreciate that. grant and i got a little talking while you're just
6:48 pm
leaning. we're going to keep it close. here's a guy 49ers defensive tackle anthony davis sat out last year. the reason he gave is he wanted to get away from football or maybe he was burned out. speaking of burning he just burned his bridges with the 49ers. he was quoted today where else on twitter, i don't want to work with a front office or anyone else who seemingly doesn't win as bad as i do. would you happily rent your body out to people that blank you and constantly try to manipulate you? trent balky didn't comment on the 49ers. but once again, anthony davis wanted to come back to football. but it won't be with the 49ers. you can pretty much bet on that. everybody talking about mark davis in las vegas today. pretty funny sitting right next to beckham. beckham wants to bring an mls team to las vegas. they would play in this $4.8
6:49 pm
million facile city. the raiders, unlv and beckham's soccer team would all be there. they have a one year lease this season at the oakland coliseum. and davis was in a pretty good mood having fun. >> i'm excited to announce today with the 14th pick in the nfl draft. if this panel recommends to request funding, the legislature passes it and the nfl approves the resulting deal, the raiders plan to contribute a half a million dollars to this project. together we can turn the silver state into the silver and black state. >> maybe i am just continuing to be partial to oakland. but i will believe it when i see it. the city of las vegas is going to open davis with open arms. high rollers the guys who call the shots there they want to put their own brand on a team. i don't know if they would want to partner up with mark davis.
6:50 pm
and there are many other reasons why at least from my point of view having lived there, many many years ago. i think an nfl team in las vegas isn't as easy a fit as people seem to think. we're still waiting for the raiders to pick. but grant has one about a guy speaking on twitter that came out as we like to say, a picture of him taking a bong hit. and he hit the internet three minutes before the draft. >> yeah, this guy, has apologized now. laremi tonsel. a lot of people saying the best available player. here's a little video of him, a gas mask. >> unbelievable. >> he's admitted it's him but he says his twitter account was hacked but it did come from his twitter account and at the end he takes the mask off so there's really no doubt that it's him. >> somebody is taking the picture. i mean he's letting them take pictures of him. >> that's a kid. i don't know why i always stick
6:51 pm
up for a kid. nobody would be that stupid to know that a few minutes before the draft. >> we have the raiders pick. >> carl joseph a safety out of west virginia. >> excellent choice. we'll finish back to pam. the a's lost to your tigers. we'll have more on the bong hit in prime time at 8:00. >> at 8:00. >> during our bong segment. >> thank you. we will be right back.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
reported sexual assault of a frat house at berkeley. when these guys get up, they're not going to be happy that we're here. you're not going to get stopped by -- get stuff from them but we might be able to get something from the people walking by. are you sure, it'll be two seconds. >> no. >> nobody wants to talk about this any way. so that's the hard part. >> kron4 ground breaking original program. the back story returns with a new episode. you just saw the preview there. you can catch the back story sunday night every sunday night as a matter of fact at 9:30. and before we leave. another look at our warm
6:55 pm
weather ahead. >> that's right everything is warming up as we go right into the weekend. sunday is going to be the peak in the temperatures. 87degrees right along our inland areas. and then if you're closer to the bay. 81, the coast mid-70s. so it'll be beautiful. we start to cool down as we head into next week. we have a slight chance on thursday of a little more rainfall. >> okay. that's it for us tonight at 6:00. but we're back at 8:00 with an update on all the day's news, stories. we hope you join us then. have a nice evening.
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that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil.
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that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too. "the insider" -- tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, were prince's beliefs the cause declining health? >> my ins comes from god. >> how religion may have attributed to his estate's money mess. >> i don't believe in contracts. >> one of former attorneys has indicated that prince does have a will. then beyonce drops some daddy lessons. >> are you a slave to the back of his hand? >> her father's firing back. >> i've never in my life hit my daughters. >> his inside take on the lemonade cheatingrumors. and number three, why doesn't julia like dinner with george? >> just shout "quitter" as i'm
7:00 pm
leaving the restaurant. >> our "insider" bonus. the women of "mother's day" share their fitness secrets. >> i don't know w doing. >> i've been doing a lot of boxing lately. >> but who's harassing jen to stay fit? >> you slep two hours longer than normal. and basically shamed me. so get off your [ bleep ] and move around. >> now hollywood from the ininsider out. it's "the insider" together yahoo! keeping up with op we are inside her 26-pound weight and that's even with eating carbs. plus the new role got oprah to return to her tv roots. >> we have much hollywood news to get to. but the investigation into what killed music icon prince continues to be the number-one tracking story. >> there are also reports that painkillers were found a home. >> now a new theory is circulating that prince's personal beliefs cause a money and medical mess? >> i lost trust in contracts. i don't -- i don't believe in contracts. >> critical that someone take


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